i have made a very stupid thing

  • Wrench: I'm actually very responsible and mature.
  • Sitara: Yeah sure. Like that time when you acidentally gave away DedSecs important hard drive to Prime_Eight?
  • Wrench: That was one time on-
  • Sitara: Or that time when you were drunk and you made those flirty advances on Marcus and me?
  • Wrench: It was on-
  • Sitara: And that time you thought your own shadow was a ghost following you?
  • Wrench: I was dru-
  • Sitara: Let's also not forg-
  • Wrench: Do you just happen to have a list of stupid things I do?
  • Sitara: Yes. In fact I do.
  • Wrench: Wait wha-
  • Sitara: *takes out long list of paper*
  • Wrench:

I myself have contributed to the Blushing Killua meme for fun, but let’s be honest. Killua is a chill person who is very okay with physical contact and often initiates it himself. I think this is how their dynamics would be. Gon would be openly affectionate with lots of cheek kisses and hand-holding and Killua’s fine and casual with that. Killua prefers simple gestures like touching and leaning into Gon, rather than initiating “romantic” things like kisses. Killua kisses are something of a rarity (and usually kind of sly), so Gon, who is absolutely crazy about his best friend in the whole world, turns into an excited blushing mess whenever he sees one coming. I see him as the type that gets so happy he just starts laughing. And Killua at first is like, “What’s so funny??” and gets mad because he thinks Gon is laughing at him for, idk kissing wrong? wtf Gon! But Gon keeps assuring him he’s just SO HAPPY that Killua loves him.

The second reason this not-quite-a-comic exists is because I wanted to draw Gon in this shirt. Dogs say “WAN” in Japanese, which sounds like “ONE” in English. Killua got him this shirt because Gon is a pup who is Number 1.

as someone with the disorder myself, sportacus DEFINITELY — not “maybe” even a little bit — DEFINITELY has ADHD. it’s all there, trust me: he can’t stop moving, really really loves what he enjoys, Excited™, C A N N O T relax, bored (VERY) easily, overdoes things (like idk eXERCISE), has made some stupid mistakes (like for example, leaving the airship door open and tOSSING HIS TOOTHBRUSH OUT OF IT THATS M E), restlessness, trouble sleeping if there is noise or light (probably why he keeps the airship in the sky while he’s sleeping tbh), talks to himself (really helps with remembering stuff) and honestly there are probably a lot more that i’ve forgotten if you want to argue with me forget it i have all the evidence

Coalface? In the Watch?”

Dink. “Corporal Carrot says there’s some good buried somewhere in everyone,” said Detritus.

“And what’s your job, Detritus?”

Dink. “Engineer in charge of deep mining operations, sah!”

Vimes scratched his head.

“That was very nearly a joke, wasn’t it?” he said.

“It this new helmet my mate Cuddy made me, sir. Hah! People can’t say, there go stupid troll. They have to say, who that good-looking military troll there, acting-constable already, great future behind him, he got Destiny written all over him like writing.”

There are a few things I love about this. Obviously the ongoing friendship between Detritus and Cuddy, very important to my heart and soul. Carrot’s genuine belief that there’s some good buried somewhere in everyone, too. He’s becoming much more complicated as a person, but at his core he’ll always really believe that.

But also, Detritus says “great future behind him.” It was just the last book, I think, that established that trolls think they travel through time backward because you can see the past. It’s a tiny piece of worldbuilding, and here it’s casually reflected in Detritus’s language, and that’s so cool, that level of consistency and thought, I love that

One thing I love is the fact that when a new Pokemon villain team comes out, the old one is seen as totally respectable, no matter how goofy it was made out to be when it was first announced.

Like…you guys do remember how everyone made fun of Team Flare for having a stupid goal and stupid outfits and so on, right? But these days I see posts about the teams and the punchline is “Team Skull is full of ridiculous dabbing memelord babies who no one takes seriously” and…Team Flare is always on the list as one of the “normal” teams that’s meant to be taken seriously like

I can’t wait for the next generation when Team Skull will get to be seen as a respectable threat to the world


Request: 8. Bitch, you better know who you’re talking to. 9. Maybe you should take that excuse and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. 29. I. Hate. Running. With Happy.

A/N: Kind of short but fluffy. Warning: cursing.

You have a daily routine that you follow very closely. A very stupid routine that you hate. Especially running. Every morning, you and Happy go running at 5. Which is one of the worst things you have ever done. But you couldn’t just quit. It was just something you did to keep healthy. This morning, Happy woke you up after taking a shower, causing you to groan as you slumped to the shower. He chuckled at you as he made his way to the kitchen to start cooking.

20 minutes later you made your way into the kitchen in your running gear and grabbed a cup of coffee.

“Morning, babe.” You said as you made you drink the way you liked it.

“Good morning.” He said.

You made your way to his side and kissed his cheek as he leaned into it.

You sighed as you leaned next to the stove and sipped your coffee. “Do we have to?” You whined to Happy as you pouted.

He chuckled before replying. “Yes, you said we needed to get into a routine.”

“I. Hate. Running.” You emphasized on your words.

“Maybe you should take that excuse and shove it where the sun don’t shine.” He teased you as he started putting the food onto plates.

“Oh, fuck you.” You jested to him.

He raised his eyebrow before jokingly threatened you. “Bitch, you better know who you’re talking to.” He laughed as you scoffed at him.

“Oh, I know. And I don’t care.” You told him.

He turned the fire off as he reached out and wrapped his arms around you to pull you to him. You giggled as he pinched and wiggled his fingers on your sides.

10 things about me

@what-hos-there tagged me, and I just wanted to post something to let you guys know I’m not dead, so gonna do this real quick!

1. I made a very stupid decision last week. I bought a Nintendo Switch and Zelda, when I 1) don’t have a lot of money right now and 2) have very little time. So all I do now is play Zelda instead of things I should be doing.

2. I have Type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease, and this year it’s 10 years since I was diagnosed! That’s 10 years of 4-6 insulin shots and 4-6 finger pricks a day. Not even gonna do the maths on how many times I poked myself with a needle since then. 

3.  Speaking of anniversaries, Final Fantasy and I both have our 30th anniversary this year!  

4. I don’t swear much. I just never got the habit to do so. I don’t mind people swearing though, just not very good at it myself.

5. I love metal of almost every kind. And I’m talking about music, not the hard stuff you use in swords and spoons!

6. I love kids and also work with kids, but have never wanted my own. Growing up, it never crossed my mind that I might be a mother one day. Ahhh just reading ‘I might be a mother one day.’ sounds crazy to me. I have the deepest respect for the people who are parents though. It’s something I’m not tough enough to do.

7. I love animals and can probably make myself cry just thinking about animals. 

8. I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft. Started at launch and stopped in 2012 or so. Never a PvEer, but a true ganker PvPer at heart. I loved all kinds of PvP, but my favorite was world PvP, like ganking in Orgrimmar, taking over Booty Bay, Bear Bombing, Wars in Tyr’s hand, Southshore, ganking at summoning stones, dueling etc etc. And I was fairly good aswell, got to rank 13th with the old honor system and usually had a 2100 ranking in 2v2 and 3v3 when arenas were introduced. I’m pretty sure I could have gone higher aswell, but my partners didn’t have the time to play arenas as much. As the community died and everything got more instanced I slowly stopped playing too. But it was great fun. Oh and I played Nighelf Feral druid, sometimes Resto aswell as a Draenei Shadow Priest. I also loved doing weird things like exploring and wall climbing into forbidden places and grinding rep with useless factions, collecting mounts and pets and so on. I was one of the first to get the Alterac Valley Ram on our server, alliance side. That was great fun. Also grinded for Baron Rivendare’s mount for ages (and got it!), aswell as any other mount I could grind for. I obviously loved it when they introduced achievement points.

9. I very rarerly drink alcohol because it messes up my blood sugar and it’s easier to just not drink than deal with that. Having seriously low blood sugar, and I don’t mean just a I-didn’t-eat-all-day-and-my-blood-sugar-is-low-:( kind, but the kind of low blood sugar only people who have taken too much insulin knows, is a lot like being drunk. Now imagine being drunk x 2, and at the same time you have to eat or die. Then the next day when the alcohol drunkness goes away, the low blood sugar stays for most of the day. So now you are hungover but also feel drunk still. Oh and you still have to eat or die! So now you are hungover, drunk and full, but still gotta keep stuffing yourself with sugar or die. It’s a lot of work I tell you, and super exhausting. People will often think I have something against drinking alcohol which is not the case at all. I think it’s pretty fun to get drunk and there’s a lot of good drinks, but it’s just not worth it for me most of the time.

10. I read a lot of fantasy books, but have never read Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.

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I’m a self diagnosed autistic woman who has been in the psychiatric field for the past almost 10 years. I was wrongly diagnosed with two different mood disorders at a young age which caused me a lot of physical health problems due to all the meds I was put on (3-5 meds at a time, many different combinations), all of which made me 100x worse. I have never had a psychiatrist or psychologist that has actually listened to what I had to say and everything has always gotten brushed off to the side as if I’m stupid and have no clue what I am talking about… for 10 years. I am now in the process of a receiving a professional diagnosis from a group of people who have been working with autistic individuals for years, so I have faith in this. My purpose of writing this was to explain, self diagnosis can be a very good thing if it helps lead you down the right path for yourself (getting a professional diagnosis, helping you figure out tips to live your life more comfortably even if you don’t want a professional diagnosis, etc) and that not all professionals are wonderful and willing to learn and listen. If you are truly worried you have any mental issue(s) and it is impeding on your life in a VERY negative way I would highly suggest getting professional help, by all means, but do not stop self-diagnosing because other people think it’s “cringy” or “disrespectful to doctors” because it’s NOT.

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how do you start off to be a famous blogger?

lmao ok

1-realize theres no such thing

2-this is tumblr everything here is irrelevant its all made up


i kid i kid

if you really want advice about how to be like, idk, tumblr successful or whatever you should probably ask someone other than me

the major reason i have any followers at all is i have a tendency to do fucking stupid ass things like calling children dinosaur goats or giving blind kids menus in restaurants and then making tumblr posts about them

im not even very good at tumblr in november i made a post that said i was taking a few days off of this shithole and i didnt come back for three months and im pretty sure only like 4 people noticed i left or came back so thats spot on

people really respond to original content so i guess if you want followers i would say post a lot of original posts (they dont have to be funny they just have to be something people enjoy or relate to or something)

or if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a hot face you could always just post a lot of selfies and drag in thirst follows 

the realist secret to tumblr is literally just be active like send asks play games reblog shit make friends post your own things make shitty attempts at being funny and dont take any of this nonsense seriously we all hate this place anyway

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what's the best pun you know dudeman

You know, I love puns.  Like seriously love puns.  They are my favourite things ever… and yet, I’m stuck.  The only one I can come up with is the stupid one in German that I came up with (and I’m sure that I’m not the only one because it is so obvious)… I’m just proud of it because it was the first word play I made in a foreign language (that I still have yet to learn omg)

Anyway.  There’s a road called the Franken Schnellweg (Franken for Franconia) (Schnellweg for speedway basically)  – It connects some of the bigger cities in Franconia.

It is also always backed up with traffic…

So, I like to call it the Franken Stauweg. (Stau is German for a traffic jam)

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I really really love your "spotted on twitter" posts pleeeease do more!! Also are there any french twitter accounts you would recommend we follow?

Hahaha thank you! I get them from my actual liked tweets! I had planned to do one every wednesday (and one “joke from tumblr” on sundays), would you prefer having those twice a week? 

French twitter accounts, hm hm hm. 

- drawers : @penelopeb, pretty famous (just made two comics called Les Culottées where she told the life of powerful women!) / @ohhmarion, memes, feminism / @prof_moustache, explains sciency stuff, v funny and interesting (also wrote comics (Tu te coucheras moins bête (aka “you’ll get to bed less stupid” which is a v famous french punchline)) / @maureenwingrove, very delicate work, art, old things, feminism

- ‘companies’ : @lesnews or @lemondefr if you want to get some national news / @artefr, I don’t know if the rest of the world knows about them? It’s a tv channel that basically shows documentaries and art stuff, v interesting and often political / @simonaemag, a feminist online magazine / @sexysoucis, a specialist answers all kind of Qs about sex (v including)! / @franceculture 

- peeps : @loicprigent as I already told you to : quotes from rich, unrelatable peeps / @laurastrozyk, myself! / @adrienmenielle, funny lad / @jackxparker, queen of darkness and cats / @antigonexxi, french reference in veganism (some of you were interested) / @carofrancdesage, journalist and blogger / @jehanlb that person tweets using old french spelling!

- french politics : if you’re interested? @gouvernementfr / @elysee / @fhollande / @jlmelenchon, rebellious presidential candidate who has a (popular) youtube channel and used a flipping HOLOGRAM during a meeting bc he had to be somewhere else (lots of youngsters love him, he’s not as neat as Bernie though)

like i understand why idk the Netflix Grandma Staying In Proud Introvert aesthetic is a thing and i don’t begrudge people for not having fun the same way i do. i don’t think im like, Too Good for anything like my boredom isn’t me feeling like i’m above anything it’s literally a physical sensation that i have very very little control over.

 also i feel like a lot of people i know who are like “im a proud grandma lmao so boring” (and like i don’t blame anyone for self deprecating or having pride in this kind of thing esp if people are implying they’re a loser for it) actually have a lot of cool fun quirky productive hobbies, and have just been made to feel bad for not doing stereotypically Cool things as opposed to literally doing nothing like i do. like i don’t have cool hobbies because im incredibly stupid. so i’d probably be more okay with not having plans every day if i did cool things on my own but i don’t i don’t do ANYTHING except literally physically feel the time passing, myself aging, myself getting fatter, and it feels like nails on the chalkboard of my consciousness 

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I had to tour a bakery and it was close to Christmas so they had lots of cinnamon items so I had to wear a facemask and long sleeves to help. Didn't work 100% but it was better. And one time my bf accidently bought me a chocolate dessert.... made with cinnamon. He forgot to ask for ingredients. Very horrible when your exposed to some thing that could kill you. And places have no respect for your allergy.😢😢😭😭😭

Allergies are stupid, damn stupid human body not being able to cope with random things! My allergy isn’t bad enough to kill me, just verrry uncomfortable luckily but I can’t imagine having to be so careful with food it must be horrible!

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beck finds out that mark was using Vicodin as a condiment for his potatoes :O


Three days of silent treatment and Mark was about ready to smash his head repeatedly against the nearest airlock until he could watch all the stupid still in there fly into space.

Because he was stupid. So, so stupid. He’d thought he reached the pinnacle of Mount Stupid when he blew himself up in the hab, but nope.

‘Breathing inside Hydrogenville’ had officially been downgraded to ‘small oversight’, as ‘Mentioning Mark’s appalling Mars seasoning choices while in Dr Beck’s presence’ took the ‘Greatest Stupid Move in Mark Watney’s Life’ award home. Well done.

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It’s an interesting and equally terrifying thought to ponder what the world would be like if you didn’t exist. True there might not be any particularly large changes but think smaller. Your existence is a world in its own. May of the people I know are good friends with one another…and they met each other through me. Would they still have met if I didn’t exist? What would they be doing now? An example, let’s use Sil. I highly doubt my existence has had any particular great intact on his life, maybe a few more chuckles. But I was the one who suggested Meido Squad. I also made that stupid little discord. What would Sil be like without those things? Probably not very different. It’s possible that my existence might have had no effect on him at all. Or maybe the few chuckles my actions have granted were worth it.


Eyyyyy time for some sharing because I’m happy about this! 

So recently I’ve started playing D&D again! The Critters Helped me find a nice group and everything was great. 

Then, mostly because of sleepless nights, the GM flame lit up in me once again! It has been a long time. And my group was nice enough to volunteer as players!

Sooo I guess I present you the first group of Fools entering FoolBurg (My stupid setting)

Yes, I made tokens for them because I’m STUPID!

From top to bottom we have:

Captain D. : A very relaxed sailor/captain who arrived on his own ship ! (got cursed first game *COUGH*)

Festus : A very joyful … something. He plays instruments, dances and punches things. He arrived on a different boat.

Morthos : A very …… mmmmm. He didn’t arrive on a boat because the one he was on crashed for “unknown” reasons. *cough* *cough*

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Did you know you'd be arrested for it, or didn't particularly care? Or thought you'd get away with it?

Planned on getting away with it, but the whole thing was very impulsive and I made a stupid mistake. If I hadn’t been so damn impatient I would have gotten away with it

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Hope you dont mind me asking but what do you like about her and how did you realize you started crushing on her?

I don’t mind at all 😊

It’s basically physical because I don’t know her that well. She is just very pretty to me, with long thick eyelashes that touch her naturally blushed cheeks every time she blinks. She has a very gentle soothing voice, and she’s not from my country so she has a very charming accent. She also has a nice body and dresses nice even if it’s very simple.

But the thing that made me like her is that our eyes always seem to find one another in class, and my stupid heart makes me hope that those glances mean something.

(I have a feeling that you like someone too 😉)

Legit Worried Here...

For the first time in Game of Thrones, I’m actually scared for our favorite, scheming badass Petyr.

D&D’s bonehead decision to have Petyr sell Sansa off to the Boltons is gonna bite him in the arse. First, for all of us book readers, we know Petyr has never been that stupid. Petyr is probably the smartest character in the series in how he handles things. He didn’t get where he is without that intelligence. Petyr has made risky moves but they have always been very calculated. He has contingency plans for his contingency plans which is what makes him fascinating character and a true wild card in what is going to happen. You never know what is up his sleeve or his true end game.

Given that Petyr pretty much only cares about himself. I’d say it’s very safe to say that he genuinely does care for Sansa. In his unguarded moments, is when he shows a true part of himself and they are always with Sansa. I don’t see him risking her to the Boltons. Even if he didn’t know about Ramsay, he sure as hell knew what kind of man Roose was. I guess keeping Sansa in the Vale was too boring for D&D and instead subjected her to violence and rape. Because, that is more exciting, right? UGH.

Now, we have a confrontation in the next episode with Brienne, who Sansa has taken on as her personal guard. Brienne doesn’t trust Petyr and will counsel Sansa to do away with him. Plus, one of the first pics released of Petyr in the snowy woods is speculated as the Godswood outside of Winterfell. Then the trailer had him looking scared for the first time ever in the series. I thought that might have been when he and Sansa reunite, but now we know that isn’t the case.

I think Sansa is going to use him and the Vale army to take back Winterfell… and then what? That’s what has me worried. If she has Winterfell back and Jon, what does she need Petyr for? She can negotiate with Robin. Another thing, if Petyr takes Royce with him to command the army and THEN he finds out Petyr lied to him about what happened to Sansa AND then if Sansa sells him out in regards to Lysa’s death, Petyr is so dead. The Vale and Robin will turn against him.

Yeah, I’m scared shitless this season. When will WIND OF WINTER be released damnit???? I need some canon Petyr. Poor Aidan. They’ve totally ruined his character.

i want you || julian&sophia

He couldn’t believe he was back here. It had been nearly seven years since he’d been in his home town of Brisbane and though he probably would never admit it, he was glad to be back. He spent close to a decade in the United States doing things that his parents would be less than proud of, but he didn’t care and sadly neither did they. It was tough having parents that were stupid rich. He was basically raised by his nannies and house keepers and being an only child made his life a very lonely one. His parents were always traveling here or there, never really caring about his well being so he felt extremely blessed to have a friend who actually cared about him. He was very grateful to his old friend from high school, Nate that he had kept in contact with for all those years to have offered him a place to stay over the holidays while he looked for his own place to live. Granted, his buddy still lived at home with his parents, but it was better than sitting up in a hotel by himself. As the two of them walked into Nate’s family home that he could remember spending a lot of his youth in, Julian hung his jacket in the coat closet and as he moved to walk down the hallway, his eye caught a photo with a face that he almost forgot. Sophia. Nate’s little sister had always been pretty cool, never telling on them when they were smoking pot on the roof or trying to sneak in drunk off their asses. He wondered to himself momentarily how she was. The last time he’d seen her she was barely thirteen years old and now she had to be at least nineteen going on twenty. It was as if the universe could read his mind as he entered the living room, his eyes locked with a pair of familiar caramel ones. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but the man’s breath hitched as he gazed at her. He knew he must have looked ridiculous as he stood in the doorway, his mouth agape and this eyes locked with Sophia’s.