i have mad writing skills yo

findsbodies  asked:

okay buuuut your michael ( and all ur muses shhh ) is absolutely everything to me. the way you grasp his voice, movements, aesthetic is so on Point & you just bring him to life so god damn ( Ha ) beautifully. i have so much mad respect & love for you & your writing i just keep being absolutely amazing darling ♥

tell me your honest opinion of my portrayal.  

me????? ME ?!?!?!?!?!?!? y’all ally is tripping, she’s on them drugs ! the first interaction we ever had was on her katherine, ‘  god, you’re hot   ‘ and yo we have been trash shipping ever since then. it somehow always ends up ridiculous. she’s sitting here in my ask box telling me how great I am when she’s the great one. she’s never once lost patience with me and my horrible communication skills ( & my newly busy schedule  ;  which will calm down come the end of november ) and that is something I’m really thankful for. god damn beautifully, what a beautiful pun for such a beautiful person ! she’s the amazing, I’m just tagging along for the ride but no seriously like, I used to ruin my sleep schedule just to talk her aussie ass. and I’m sorry but have you read your things, lydia martin is perfect, cheryl blossom is perfect, all of them are perfect like wow holy cow, I’m Blessed.™