i have loved them ever since i read the books

Before you shit on Silver and Madi being together romantically on Black Sails just consider that Long John Silver, one of the single most iconic pirate characters ever written, has always had a wife of African descent!!! and in the 183 years since it was written ONLY ONE other adaptation, not even THE ORIGINAL, has ever shown a Black woman respect before now! If her character is not completely erased or overwritten, it was suggested that there was no conceivable possibility that he actually loved her or that she could possibly be attractive or desirable simple because she was Black. So, nope, sorry, it isn’t progressive to ignore her just to ship him with a man. It’s incredible that Madi Scott even exists as a character, let alone that she is shown to be loved and integral to the storyline and Silver’s character in this show. If you erase that for a ship between two white men you’re literally not more “progressive” than Robert Louis Stevenson, who in the 17th century wasn’t even homophobic, but was certainly racist. Don’t erase Madi as Silver’s love interest, it’s disgusting.  

Learning to read was hard for Cass.  Interpreting the written word is far different from interpreting body language, and Cass’s brain is wired differently as a result of her abusive childhood.  But after Cass had to ask Steph to read a ransom note aloud in order to continue chasing down criminals (Batgirl vol. 2), she realized that knowing how to read would be useful.

[Batgirl #67]

Because of Cass’s learning disability, it takes her a long time to make significant progress.  Babs coaches her and explores different methods of learning, and eventually Cass is able to read full length novels (albeit slowly).  When Cass did learn how to read, she fell in love with books.  A well-written book is far less predictable than a person, and Cass loved how words seemed to make places and characters come alive in her head.  She would read anything from historical fiction to high fantasy, but quickly became able to tell when a story was poorly written.  The characters would seem less real, and the words wouldn’t flow as easily.  Cass began to spend a lot of free time in the library, and Babs would point out good books that she remembered from her time as a librarian.  Tim also had quite a repertoire of books from his childhood, since he needed something to entertain himself with when his parents were away.  He let Cass have free reign of his collection and gave her recommendations.  The rest of the batfamily also began to gift her books that they enjoyed when they learned about her new passion.

Cass never grew tired of how written words could somehow transform into people as though personalities were interwoven into pages.  She marveled at how she could spend hours completely immersed in a story, oblivious to the world around her (or as oblivious as she can get with her skills).  Books had opened up entire worlds for her.  She secretly hoped that someday she would be able to create worlds of her own.    

So I made a weekly planner I truly intend to use!! (It looks so empty but it’s the summer semester and I only have one class!)I just found out about the studyblr community and it is so, so inspiring. I am sharring it with you as my first ever contribution to the studyblr! Yay!

I made four versions on the variation of the tiny deers at the top (I love them, but maybe someone won’t want them there!) and the blanks for the daily objectives. My personal objectives are 1) work on school things 2) read a few pages of a book since I’m doing the “2015 Reading Challenge” 3) write a minimum of 100 words of anything and 4) spend less money!

With the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

Without the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

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EDIT: There is a Monthly Expenses Chart that matches this planner.

Writing Prompts!

Hello Guys! So a while back I was thinking about coming up with some angsty, fluffy, and smutty writing prompts for everyone! And since I won’t be able to do any of these for now, I would be more than happy if you guys want to use them for inspiration or fics/drabbles! 💕 


1.      “I’m not much into books, but I’d love to hear you read for me.”

2.      “My bed has grown bigger, and colder ever since you left.”

3.      “I have been with countless of other women, but none of them have given me the warmth and satisfaction that you have.”

4.      “Your scent gives me life.”

5.      “Well, there certainly is one thing that’s more beautiful than these stars.”

6.      “Do you still remember our first time together?”

7.      “If there’s anything that would make you more beautiful than being naked, it’s that wedding dress.”

8.      “Yes, I may have a cold heart, but that does not mean that it doesn’t burn when you’re with me.”

9.      “You said you wanted us to see the world, but—I am afraid that I am already looking at mine.”

10.   “I am stronger with you.”


11.   “Let me suffer all for you.”

12.   “I have been betrayed, stepped upon, and thrown around like a stray dog…and this is what you came to tell me?”

13.   “You can dream all you want, but to think that I could ever be with a monster like you is beyond fantasy.”

14.   “I am sorry that this has happened to you, but I cannot stay here, not anymore.”

15.   “What part of stay away from me can’t you comprehend?”

16.   “Look at you, walking this road all alone with no family nor friends to help you. I am deeply touched.”

17.   “You’re a dead man walking, nothing’s left in you but drying flesh and brittle bones.”

18.   “If it is my life you desire, then take it already.”

19.   “There was one thing she/he told me before she/he died, and it was that she/he wanted me to suffer. And I fear that it’s happening.”

20.   “So, you’re trying to tell me that…everything I have believed in, was nothing but a lie?”



21.   “I’ll be back to finish you off. Stay here.”

22.   “Do you think that you could just wear that and get away with it?”

23.   “Let me put this belt to good use.”

24.   “You’re making me want to do things to you.”

25.   “This bed won’t handle what we are about to do…”

26.   “I just want to bend you over this desk.”

27.   “You never struck me as the dominant one, but please don’t stop.”

28.   “Let me feel your hands in my hair, as you scratch my back.”

29.   “Oh this? Guess it’s just another one of your bruises.”

30.   “If you can still walk after this, then I’m not done with you just yet.”

Root is my favourite character of all time. I have read so many books and fallen for so many shows, related to so many characters, hoped for them, struggled with them, smiled with them and hurt when they were hurt. but Root is my favourite character of all time. my tag for Root is #love of my TV life.

today, for the first time in my life, I cried watching a TV show. I cried because Root died and Root means the world to me.

I don’t want to make her death political but it will be made political, and in a way, rightfully so. I also don’t want to discuss the narrative choice, one I do understand. I don’t want to do it right now because this is my memorial to Root.

this is the space that I’m choosing to share how much I love Root.

this is my love letter to Root.

I have loved Root since before I knew I was watching Person of Interest. one of those lazy days at home, nothing else was on TV and I saw this flashback-looking cinematography. I was curious and I stayed. now I know that the episode that made me stay, two years before I became a fan, was 2x02, Bad Code.

I loved Root because she was pretty and a little on the crazy side. I loved Root because of how passionate she felt about humans being bad code. I loved Root because she became ruthless and misanthropic but she became that way because her best friend (her first love?) died at the hands of a paedophile. one she dealt with because Root, for the five seasons we’ve seen her, has always fought for what she believes in.

I love Root because she’s one of the most intelligent characters I have ever met. she knows so much about so many things, she adapts to all types of environments and people. I love Root because the show set her up in the role of the Prophet - the voice of reason, that people refuse to listen to with grave consequences. the Prophet, such a mythical, central figure, who until now had always been played by a man, usually a white man. 

the Prophet always dies, so I should have known. but love makes you hope. Root made me hope.

I was raised in a Catholic school and, despite not identifying at all with the Catholic church anymore, I am a spiritual person, I am a person of faith. I see Root believing and I understand. maybe I don’t believe in an all-seeing AI with good intentions and admiring morals, but I do believe in something greater than myself. I also believe in Nature. unlike Root, I believe in people.

but what we believe in doesn’t matter so much as the fact that we are both believers. that we walk this earth with the skip on our step brought upon by faith.

I love Root because she had every reason not to, but she opened her heart to the Machine and to the team. I love Root because she’s so self-aware, she is so in tune with who she is and what she’s done, that she respected the space needed by every single member of the team to accept her. it was an acceptance that came at a different pace for Harold, Shaw, John, Fusco, but one she earned with the power of her perseverance, and of her respect for their needs.

Root is so so funny and she is funny in a witty way. her jokes, her comments, her interventions are fucking smart. but Root also has a darkness within her, one born entirely out of pain. we’ve seen it here and there. in Root Path when she’s faced with a number that is now a janitor because she killed everyone he loved in her time as a killer for hire. in Prophets when she shows she understands that she’s lived a more than questionable life, that a good death would be a privilege. in MIA and Sotto Voce when it was made clear that there’s no point for Root to live without Shaw.

you see, Root understands herself so well, but she doesn’t quite love herself all that much.

so I’ll love her for all the love she didn’t give herself.

I’ll love her for that time she was locked in a mental hospital and she doubted herself.

I’ll love her for that time she could have chosen to flee Harold’s prison, but she stayed because it was the right thing to do.

I’ll love her for that time she was tortured and lost her hearing, all for her Machine.

I’ll love her for all the philosophical and theological debates she had with Harold, debates that had me on the edge of my seat, debates that made my brain light up with challenge and awe at conversations on a show that were finally, finally up to my intellectual needs and abilities.

I’ll love her for how she despised John so, but grew to rely on him and trust him and consider him a part of the family.

I’ll love her for how Bear couldn’t care less about her for the longest time, but even the dog she took the time to conquer and love.

I’ll love her for being a queer woman who didn’t have an arc about “omg I’m gay what do I do??”, who didn’t have an arc about how it hurts and/or sucks to be queer. or how it sucks and hurts to be neurodivergent. I’ll love her for being a queer woman who could be literally anything else, but who is a queer woman. the one I never thought I’d get to have.

I’ll love her for falling in love with Shaw for all Shaw is. for falling in love with competent, neurodivergent, ruthless, loyal Shaw. I’ll love her for teasing and flirting with Shaw but never once disrespecting Shaw’s boundaries, never once crossing the line of what Shaw is willing to accept. oh, she played with the line a lot, of course she did. she pushed the line farther and farther back, but she did it with Shaw’s consent.

I’ll love her because Root and Shaw, despite all odds, have showed me what a healthy relationship looks like between two women. one that grew with time, patience, respect, playfulness.

I’ll love her because she’s so fucking extra, with her two guns, and her awkwardly-timed flirting, and her recklessness with her own life.

I’ll love her because she tilts her head when she smiles in a condescending way. I’ll love her because her voice goes ridiculously high-pitched when she’s scared for the people she loves. I’ll love her because she can’t wink and I’ll love her because she doesn’t roll her eyes, even when she’s annoyed.

I’ll love her for her black-painted nails and her love of purple and black. I’ll love her for her beautiful hair and her infinite wigs. I’ll love her for how hot she looks in glasses. I’ll love her for Mr Berenstain and Barbie Nanny and Alien Fangirl and Wedding Crasher.

I’ll love her for her relentless defence of the Machine, of her own beliefs, regardless of Harold’s preferences and morals, and for her unshakable respect for Harold’s decision and point of view. 

I’ll love her for the absurd heart eyes she throws at the Machine (every now and then) and at Shaw (all the time).

I’ll love her because she’s grown so much and evolved so much and she did it in front of my own two eyes, with me rooting for her the whole time (yes, even when she was a villain).

I’ll love her for that smile, you know the one, the teary-eyed one. I’ll love her for going from calling Shaw Shaw to calling her Sameen and sweetie and, maybe someday, beautiful girl. I’ll love her for defying Harold’s Ms Groves with her good-spirited Harry. I’ll love her for how big lug and helper monkey went from insults to pet names.

I’ll love her for how unique and remarkable she is as a character. one I’ve never seen, one who’s made me fall hopelessly in love.

I’ll love her for giving me so much joy and so much hope and so much love. I’ll love her because I don’t know what else to do.

Root is my person. and Root will always be my person.

Oasis pilot review (spoiler-free)

Hi! So, I will be posting a spoiler-filled review on my main blog in a moment, but I wanted to post this here for those who might want to read my thoughts without actually getting spoiled. I feel pretty overwhelmed, to be honest. In a good way. I have been looking forward to this ever since I first heard Richard would be a part of the project last year. I read the book, which I loved, and I was really eager for this.

And the episode met my highest expectations and exceeded them, by a long shot. This is like the most beautiful, well-done, well-acted pilot episode of any show I have ever seen. It’s interesting, it’s emotional, it’s thrilling, and it’s so different from anything else on TV right now, which is always a plus. I can’t think of a single reason why this show wouldn’t be picked up for a full series, but to make sure that it does, please take the Amazon pilot survey and express your thoughts. 

But yes, about the episode, I can’t go into much detail, but I have no complaints, really. Filming in Namibia and South Africa was clearly the right call, since the planet looks exactly like I imagined it. Nothing feels faked, rushed or forced, even though the pilot had to do a lot in a short amount of time. It’s just so good. I think even if you’re not a fan of sci-fi, you will enjoy this. It’s just good TV, plain and simple. 

And now Richard. He’s always been amazing in everything he does. I think his acting skills just keep getting better and better every time, and he proves that yet again as he delivers an outstanding performance. He makes Peter feel exactly the way I imagined him. Compassionate, down-to-earth, calm, and just a genuinely good person who is deeply religious without pushing that religion upon other people. He is exactly the kind of character he should be, and Richard just plays him flawlessly. He is by far the sexiest priest to ever exist, I just have to mention that. Richard gets to keep his Scottish accent (though perhaps a bit toned down from his natural dialect) and his beautiful curls, along with the grey streak. He’s just beautiful in the role, inside and out. I think this might be his best work so far, which is saying a lot after watching projects like Medici and Klondike, and considering that this is just the first episode. I’m blown away. In every way.

I highly encourage you to watch this show, and to take the survey and rate the episode, so we’ll get to see more of this wonderful project that really outdid itself. It’s just awesome, and I would think that even if Richard wasn’t playing the lead. But fortunately, he is, because he was meant to play Peter Leigh.

Here’s hoping we get more episodes, and that we get them soon!

Dear Cassandra Clare,
Your books are great. I hadn’t read any of them in about a year, and thought I might have grown too old for them. I finished CoHF in tears. Now I’m eagerly anticipating TDA, but I do have a question:
It’s about relationship equality. The thing I love about Clary and Jace’s relationship is that its pretty equal- not one of them is better than the other/more useful/more in love. Jace may be the best traditional shadowhunter ever, but Clary’s rune powers are out of this world (literally). Neither of them give up on each other ever, and both have significant relationships outside their romance. I probably shouldn’t even be writing this since the book isn’t even out yet, and yet some of what I’ve read from CoHF and released snippets from Lady Midnightalmost give the impression that Julian is sort of useless in the face of Emma’s awesomeness (which is definitely not a bad thing, and I love how she excels in a more male-dominated field of fighting prowess). I get that Julian isn’t a super warrior like Will/Jace (which is only one way to be awesome) and I guess I was just wondering what is he good at?

There’s more to this letter actually but it deserves a separate post!

It’s interesting, actually, because I got the same questions before Infernal Devices came out. People knew Tessa had a supernatural power and that Will didn’t, and they were afraid he would seem useless.

Now I get questions in which Will is described as a super warrior, which is kind of funny because he’s not. Jace is a genuine super-soldier of the Captain America kind. He’s a science experiment. He can mow down whole armies and does in CoHF. He can jump off buildings. He can do things no Shadowhunter can do.

Will was a fine Shadowhunter. He had a good strategic mind, but unlike Jace, who is possibly the best Shadowhunter in the world, Will was just pretty good. No better than Jem, if Jem were healthy. He is good at his job, but he is not the best. There is nothing super warrior about him. I don’t think anyone ever refers to him as exceptional. Mostly what he is good at is mouthing off. So why do people think he’s a super warrior?

I suppose because he is forced into situations where he has to be clever and brave and determined because he is one of the two male lead protagonists. The fact is, he’s a normal Shadowhunter paired with a warlock girl who can shapeshift and who has an angel who protects her life. Yet I don’t think Will ever seems useless — to the point where people imagine him to be something he is not — because not every situation calls for the same strengths. (Julian is good at art, just as Jem is good at the violin, but I understand those are considered talents, not strengths. :)

It’s true that Emma’s physical prowess is superior, but Julian has his own strengths. I don’t consider him to be weak at all. Emma has thrown herself into training with an intensity that has pushed everything else to the background of her life. Not everyone can afford to (or would want to!) do that. Julian certainly isn’t in a position to, but he’s far from useless. Both of them lost their parents, but their reactions are very different. Emma is bent on revenge, at any cost. Julian is bent on keeping what remains of his family together, at any cost, and the cost is high. It requires sacrifices and planning and cleverness and determination and even some immorality. He’s had to be strong in order to do everything he does. I can’t go into details without getting spoilery, but be assured that Julian’s strengths are an important part of Lady Midnight and that the full extent of them are shocking even to the people who thought they knew him best.

Julian and Will are about the same level, Shadowhunter-wise. I wouldn’t want to bet who would win in a fight. It’s just not the most important thing about them. I wonder sometimes if I get questions about Julian like this because the idea of him caretaking his family runs across prescribed gender roles — it seems like “girl work.” I guess I can only say that I actually think that Will’s main strength is loving. He loves like nobody’s business. That’s what makes us think he’s “super” at anything. It’s worth considering that even things we don’t immediately think of as “masculine” markers of power can absolutely be markers of strength.

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Yay! I’m glad you found stuff when re-reading it :3 I personally love having that experience when I read a book, so that’s why I do it in my own stories too!! :D Thank you so much for saying that *hugs you* it means so much to me!!

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I think Wolverine and Storm are a much better pairing than Wolverine and Jean because Jean Grey belongs with Cyclops

Me too. I’ve always though Wolverine being with Jean was weird. It feels like Jean is cheating on Cyclops. I especially don’t like it in the movies. Cyclops really loved Jean so when he cheated on her with Emma Frost it felt so out of character for him. If they were going to break up Scott and Jean just have them break up like normal people. No need for force couple drama.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve shipped Storm and Wolverine together before I even known about shipping. Watching the 90s X-Men cartoon made me ship it. Than I read Chris Claremont’s run of the X-Men which made me ship it harder. I haven’t finish his run on the X-Men yet. They had good Chemistry in that book. I was surprise Chris was trying to push Wolverine and Jean together in it. For me stories and characters come first before shipping .Story wises it was weird. Jean was with Scott at the time than she died. He was very heart breaking when she died.

Storm and Wolverine still have good chemistry even when there friends. I wish Marvel had them be a couple soon. They are cute together. Storm is a more interesting character than Jean Grey. I wish Marvel would stop trying to push her and Black Panther being together. They barely interacted with each other before they got married. The only reason why they made them be together is because there both African. Storm and Black Panther being together is forced .There the Superman/Wonder Woman couple of Marvel. If I couldn’t have Storm be with Wolverine I would have her be by her self. And if Wolverine can’t be with Storm I would have him be with that girl from Japan. I forget what her name was but she was in one of the Wolverine movies.They don’t have to be together but Storm and Wolverine should be together if they had to be with someone.

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4. Lysaedion

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5. and Agnieszka/Dragon
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You know, I absolutely love Alice Miller’s work and since I’m currently reading a book about her life, I get excited about rereading her classics… I was 17 when I read them, so it’s been a long time.

For everyone who doesn’t know her: She was a luminary in child trauma psychology and one of the first people to study the serious impacts of psychological abuse.
If you ever have the chance to pick up one of her books, please do. Next to Erich Fromm I consider her work as a standard for self education.

The Black Sheep Book Review: Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Publisher: Penguin Group

Year Published: 2011

Number of Pages:349

Genre: Fiction

Target Audience: Young Adult ages 12-16

      Sunny Nwazua is albino, but that part was obvious. Her bleach-blonde hair, pale skin, and bright hazel eyes attracted plenty of stares and unwanted attention. As if this weren’t uncomfortable enough, Sunny soon finds out that she’s a witch! Now she and her new friends Orlu, ChiChi, and Sasha, must use their magic to save their home from Black Hat Otokoto, a murderer intent on bringing about the destruction of the world.

       Dear readers, please excuse me while I sing “Akata Witch’s” praises from the top of my growing mountain of books.

       As you all should know by now, I absolutely love fantasy novels - I’ve been reading them ever since I was a little girl. I always dreamed of being a witch, of casting amazing spells, of one day attending Hogwarts and having the sorting hat put me in Ravenclaw where I belonged. But the more fantasy books I read, the less I saw fantasy stories of black girls like me; and to be honest, this hurt me so much. There were hardly any books with black (or African) characters who had magical powers, who had enchanting worlds all their own, whose magic wasn’t seen as “bad” or “backward” or “evil.” I internalized the lack of representation and thought that magic simply wasn’t meant for characters who looked like me. This is why I needed a book like “Akata Witch,” and why stories like these are so necessary.

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I want to talk about Remadora.

No, I don’t like Remadora, but this isn’t a hate post. I really want to discuss it, get my feelings off my chest and hear what others (including Remadora supporters) have to add. So please, feel free to get a conversation going here, just be civil.

Warning: extreme tl;dr to follow.

So I remember the first time I ever read the scene in the hospital wing where Fleur insists she’ll stand by Bill in spite of his werewolf injuries and Tonks takes the opportunity to profess her love to Remus, and I remember being bothered by it at the time and not really able to understand why. I also remember every time they cropped up as a couple in the books after, I /wanted/ to like them, especially since Remus is probably my favorite character in the entire series and Tonks definitely makes the top 5, but for some reason I wasn’t able to articulate at the time… I didn’t.

Re-reading the later books and writing some marauders era stuff in my spare time had lead me to think about it some more and I think I finally understand exactly why I don’t like them, and more specifically why I kind of wish JKR had never written the relationship at all.

1.) The initial scene in the hospital where we learn that Tonks loves Remus is incredibly inappropriate. Remus had rejected her for very valid reasons, and while her reasons for why they should be together aren’t bad, she’s basically manipulating him in front of people who are close to him. She’s throwing a fit and guilting him into giving her a chance, which is SO unhealthy and manipulative and honestly… kind of creepy. This could have been handled better on her part, and more importantly in private, where Remus wouldn’t feel pressured.
2.) Tonks’ patronus changes while she’s mourning (for lack of a better word) Remus’ rejection. Now by the lore of the series we know that patronuses can change to reflect true love, or in the case of Snape, obsessive love/lust. This, at least to me, feels like Tonks is pining after Remus so hard that she becomes obsessive and starts to change who she is just to be with him. This is so unhealthy and so incredibly creepy and such a bad example for young readers. It’s like saying that if the guy you like rejects you it’s a normal and acceptable reaction to obsess over him for years, fall into a deep, desperate depression, and change everything about yourself and what makes you unique and special to cope with the pain. Unhealthy.
3.) Remus was extremely vulnerable when Tonks made her big public speech and confessed her love. He just lost Dumbledore, the first person who ever showed him kindness and gave him the tools to actually be a functioning member of society instead of a wild animal in the woods, and Sirius a year before. There are a lot of people who ship them romantically but even if you just take them as Jo wrote them, best friends and practically brothers, you have to keep in mind what an intense loss this is for Remus. He has lost every single person that he has ever considered family, he’s living with a crippling medical condition in a society that sees said condition as vile and disgusting which means he had terrible self esteem issues, and he’s in the middle of a war. He’s scared, lonely, depressed, and grieving, and in no place to enter into a relationship. I’m not saying that I think Tonks took advantage of his vulnerability, I don’t think she’s a malicious character, but regardless of intention the ramifications are the same.
4.) What we actually see of their relationship is miserable, at least for Remus. Tonks seems perfectly content and happy when she’s telling Harry that she and Remus got married, but Remus looks miserable in every scene we see him in from there on out. Every time his marriage is mentioned he has nothing good to say, he dodges the question, or he seems actively uncomfortable and unhappy and several times he comes right out and says “I’ve made a mistake”. He actively regrets his choice in being with her. Now it’s entirely possible that he IS happy, that he does love Tonks and that when they’re alone together he’s just euphorically happy. But we have no reason whatsoever to think that. This is a prime example of being told one thing, that Remus is completely smitten with her and married her happily (according to his entry on Pottermore), and being shown something completely different. I have no reason to think that Remus loves Tonks based on how we see them interact in the books, even though what we know of Tonks’ personality seems like someone Remus could love, especially if you buy into the Wolfstar ship because she had a lot in common with her cousin.
5.) Remus /tried to walk out on his wife and unborn son/. This is a HUGE one for me because I remember reading this scene and just feeling like it was SO out of left field and completely against his character. Now obviously Jo is his creator and if she says its in his character then who am I to argue, but I remember being so upset by this scene that I had to put the book down and walk away for a while. And if this isn’t a clear example of Remus being unhappy in his marriage, I don’t know what is. (Yes, I’m well aware that the reason he wanted to run was out of fear that Teddy would be a werewolf, but it doesn’t negate the points made above)
6.) This one is admittedly more about my personal preferences, so take it with a grain of salt. Remus and Tonks are the two characters most frequently portrayed as gay by the fan community, probably second only to Sirius thanks to wolfstar. Now we know that Jo supports homosexuality in her books because she’s admitted that Dumbledore was gay and hinted heavily that he was in love with Grindlewald. But having more openly gay characters, especially ones as beloved as Remus and Tonks, and ESPECIALLY showing one of them in an actual homosexual relationship, is a whole other step in celebrating the lgbt+ community. And I personally would huuuuuuugely prefer if one or both of them was gay because representation is so important!

In short, I feel like their love could have grown into something admirable, if they had lived. They could have been a couple that started out as a mess and grown into healthy, whole people with a healthy marriage. That’s what can happen when you love someone and support them and help them work through their emotional baggage. But as it’s written, this is not a beautiful love story. Theirs is a really tragic romance that never should have happened, was potentially damaging for each of them, assassinated Tonks’ character (in my personal opinion) and should not under ANY circumstances be presented to impressionable young readers as desirable as far as relationships go.

Personally, I think that Remadora was forced specifically so that Teddy could be born since Jo had actually said he’s meant to be a parallel to Neville. The outcome was more important than the journey and that’s why I dislike this ship, even if I freaking love Daddy!Remus

my eight year old sister and i made this cake today (31.7.15) in order to celebrate harry’s 35th birthday.

i started reading the books when i was 7, and they have been a huge and important part of my life ever since (which is close to two thirds of my life). a couple of weeks ago i started reading them to her, and witnessing her falling more and more in love with them and experiencing that world for the first time is such an amazing experience, and no words can explain how happy i was when i reminded her that it was harry’s birthday today and she wanted to do something to celebrate <3 - so happy birthday harry james potter, and jk rowling of course, and thank you!


Photo courtesy of the Gates Archive

“One great thing about reading with your kids is that you don’t ever have to stop,” says Melinda Gates. “I’ve been reading to them since the day they were born, and I still share books with them today, even though our oldest is in college.”

When the kids were very young, I loved reading Guess How Much I Love You with them. It’s about a mother rabbit and her baby, and once the kids could talk, they would do the baby rabbit, with baby rabbit voices, and I would do the mother rabbit. As we went on we’d embellish on what happens in the book and talk about the different ways we loved each other, which meant that reading the book was always a wonderful voyage of discovery for all of us.

Bill and I both loved reading Love You Forever, the kids’ favorite bedtime story. It’s about life from birth to death, about the continuity of generations, and as we read we could see the road ahead for our family. The kids never understood why we were always crying by the time we finished.

As my two younger kids got older, we started reading Jacqueline West’s The Books of Elsewhere, about a girl who gets transported inside mysterious paintings on the walls. We’d pull up to school a little early every morning and read these silly, fun books together, as a way to start the day with our priorities in the right place.

Then there’s the Philip Pullman series His Dark Materials – The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. My son Rory and I went through a phase in which we read a lot of dystopian fiction together, and we loved the writing and the imagination in these books so much that we talked about them at family dinner and went around the table figuring out what our daemons would be if people actually had daemons.

I always enjoyed Ray Bradbury’s short stories when I was growing up, and I thought Rory might feel the same way. When I started reading Fahrenheit 451 aloud to him, we were both struck by its specificity – not just the specificity of the language but also the crispness with which he brings the world and its issues to light. We did a little research and were astounded to find out that he wrote it in nine days, at a typewriter he rented for 10 cents/30 minutes. It cost him $9.80 to write that book, or at least the story it was based on.

And the book we read most recently is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. After my sister saw the play in London she thought we’d really enjoy reading the book, and she was right. The book gives you a different perspective on a kid with Asperger’s. His family really loves him but they’re also under a lot of stress and it takes a real emotional toll on them. So we all enjoyed peeking into the mind and heart of somebody who looked at the world a little differently.

Looking back at this list I see so many books I’ve left out. I could probably make another dozen lists of books I loved reading with my kids just as much. But I guess that’s the point. Ultimately, sharing stories is a way to connect with other people, and that’s what I love about reading with Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory: it a magical way for us to connect with each other.

(She’s a Philip Pullman fan!  Hooray!)

Interview: Loren Reed Smith

This month’s featured artist is lorenreedsmith. A street photographer from North America!

Be sure to follow lorenreedsmith and support his work!

Full name

Loren Smith

City and country where you live

Dallas, Texas, United States

How you started with street photography?

I have been interested in images ever since I was a child. I remember looking through books for hours, not reading them, but simply looking at the pictures. As I grew older I wanted to do more than look, I wanted to make images too. I took some black and white photography classes in college and really loved them; however photography was still very topical for me. The light bulb moment for me was a couple of years back when I watched a documentary on Vivian Maier. I was really inspired by her images, especially the way her pictures seemed so introspective.  After that I bought a digital camera and began shooting and studying images as much as I could.

Why street photography?

In the “street” things are dynamic, the light, the subjects, and even the background. This flux that the street provides makes photography an endless game of sorts. Also, I love to be out discovering new places. Street photography gives me another reason to go explore.

What and/or who inspires you?

I am inspired by other photographers (Nikos Economopoulos, Alex Webb, Lee Friedlander, Henri Cartier Bresson, Vivian Maier, Constantine Manos, Abbas), as well as other visual artists.  Although, I am interested in many aspects of visual art, composition is what I find most inspiring and interesting in other’s work.

If you could go back in time and save yourself some time with composition techniques, which techniques would you have rather known when you started off? This is some sort of advice for people starting with composition techniques.

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