i have lots of doom feelings

so fun fact I called the show’s thematic use of Hamilton all the way back in 2x03

but it seems like people are still missing the very blatant symbolism they used in 2x13?



Supergirl went so extra here I don’t even know where to start

they splurged on a location shoot and period costume rentals

just so they could literally dress up Mon-El as Alexander Hamilton–

a dude who meets his downfall via the winning combination of his own ego and a chronic inability to listen to his wife

a dude who is followed around by a spectre of death, in the form of a human bullet, for the entire fucking play

–and then act out the scene

where he dies

Wouldn’t it be nice?

The only form of light currently available to the Losers was Bill’s crummy car interior light. They had impulsively decided to take a night time drive (for an adventure! Bill had explained) and the seat upholstery was currently making the back of Eddie’s legs itch. But he didn’t voice his complaint as in the past half hour they’d been driving, Stan had passively expressed a desire to escape the horror that was the back seat of Bills car. Stan was not good at dealing with being squished between Richie and Ben. Eddie blamed claustrophobia or whatever it was called when Richie Tozier just became too much for you to deal with. So Bill suddenly took a hard lane switch to pull over at Stan’s 90th complaint. Eddie had been regretfully kicked out of his place in the front seat to take Stan’s deserted space. The car beeped annoyingly as Eddie hopped down and his shoes hit the ground. He looked up briefly to  give Stan a glare, who replied with a pleased shrug. Eddie tried to give Beverly a pleading look to switch for the middle row seat but she shook her head. Mike was a no-go, he liked to be behind Bill so he could give him directions. 

So Eddie slunk down in the middle of the last row, Richie giving him a shit-eating grin the whole time. “Bite the big one, Rich.” he grumbled as he buckled and Bill finally pulled back onto the road.  Eddie could barely hear the radio from his current spot but caught a very static rendition of  ‘Miss You’. He huffed and leaned back into his seat. He only glanced up when he heard Richie start to softly giggle. Her scrunched up his nose and raised an eyebrow. Richie pointed across Eddie at Ben who was taking a good, long look at Beverly. He snickered again but Eddie smacked him on the arm. 

“Y’know it’s funny Eds. He’s lovesick.” 

Eddie glanced to his left to observe the lovesick boy in question. He sighed and leaned closer to Richie, chin tilted upwards. “How do ya think this is gonna end up anyway?” he asked. They didn’t talk about the tension that existed between Bev, Ben and Bill often. Mostly because there really wasn’t tension visible but they all knew it was there. 

“Well, I’m sure if it’s the way Ben hopes, he’ll be losing his virginity.” Richie chuckled again and Eddie rolled his eyes, annoyed and smacked him again. 

“ow, jeez Eds, you know you’re stronger than you look?” Richie titled his chin down only to catch Eddies irritated look. “ahh, I don’t know Eddie. None of us do…i’m sure they’ll figure it out when they’re older.” Richie shrugged. He did that often, pushing all the answers to his problems to being an adult because by then they’d be mature enough to  just know, right? Eddie seemed to cringe at the mention of adulthood. 

“Wouldn’t it be better to figure it out now? They’d have more time together that way.” Eddie whispered back. Richie shook his head, glasses catching a glare from the yellowy car light. He took notice of the puzzled look on his friends face and chewed on his cheek. Richie himself didn’t have a positive outlook for adulthood either but he couldn’t help but feel Eddie felt it was impending doom at the moment. 

“It might not be so bad, Eds. They’ll work it out and have a nice life and I see you having the pretty boring domestic future of your dreams!” He toned his chuckle to a softer whispered giggle again. Eddie huffed, rolling his head back. 

“You really think that’s what I want?” Eddies whisper seemed a lot more offended and insecure and Richie worried if there was a double meaning to the question. He cleared his throat. He was about to reply when Eddie spoke again, picking at the hem of his pants. “I don’t even know if I’ll get married.” 

“Really? I think you’re tailor made for marriage. Girls love guys who’ll be whipped enough to do whatever they want.” He laughed loud enough that time that Bev turned her head. He faded it off at the sight of Eddies still offended face. “That was a little joke..ha…’bout that big.” Richie held up his pointer finger and thumb with barely any space between them to show how small and cornered he felt. 

“That’s not what I meant. I just don’t think it’ll happen for me…I’m not that lucky.” Eddie sighed and sounded heavily upset for someone who’d not but moments ago told Richie to ‘Bite the big one.’ 

“Well. If neither of us are married by the time were thirty, we could get married.” Richie had started that off like a joke but as he got further into the sentence, it started to sound more like a genuine offer. Eddie head snapped up so fast, Richie could’ve sworn he got whiplash just by looking. 

“That’s a lame joke, Rich. even for you.” 

“So maybe it wasn’t a joke.” Richie shrugged, turning to look out the window like he wasn’t thinking himself to death. He heard Eddies breathing hitch, he focused on the blurs of the street instead. He was expecting a classic flustered Eddie response but was pleasantly shocked. 

“Why do you think I won’t be married when I’m thirty?” Eddie bumped his shoulder, tongue poking out of the corner of his smile. Richie pretended to be thinking up a list of possible answers, counting his fingers. Eddie smacked his hands down that were now up to eight. “You’re high maintenance.” he stuck his tongue out at him. 

“Oh so are you!” Eddie whisper shouted. Richie chuckled again. 

“That’s why we’re good together, Eds.” He shrugged. Eddie gave him a look as if to say ‘Is that so?’ so Richie kept going. “Wouldn’t it be nice, us annoying each other until we die?” He giggled again, Eddie’s giggle driving him into more. They went quiet again, listen to the static radio,the tapping of Bevs shoe, Mikes directions, Stans loud wondering as to where they were going, Bills constant reply of ‘somewhere Fun!’ , and Bens quiet snores. 

“You think we’ll still know each other when we’re thirty?” Eddie suddenly whispered. Richie knew he’d meant all seven of them but he still said his answer.. 

“I’m telling ya Eds, we’ll be married!” 

Eddie couldn’t stop laughing, leaning back into Richie’s shoulder.

Doomed — Min Yoongi (06)

Words: 3,000+

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + angst(?) + fluff (a lot of fluff, because I know you guys need a break from angst sometimes ;)

Description: After you kicked Yoongi out, he never returned. Would he ever come back to you? Or do you have to go to him?

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06]

You never knew that living without Yoongi by your side would be so painful. You were so used to him always being here. Whether it was making you feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, or annoying the hell out of you, Yoongi was always with you.

You missed him. So much.

It’s been 2 weeks since you kicked him out that day. He hasn’t come back since then. You secretly wished that he would. At least, just once.

You had to cope with the emptiness in your heart. You tried to cope by thinking good thoughts instead of bad ones. Maybe Yoongi hasn’t come to check on you because he wants you to have some space first? Maybe he’s too scared to confront you again?

Maybe he’ll come today.

You thought that everyday. “Maybe he’ll come today.”

But he never came. He never did.

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Families we choose (on SG 2x19)

Imma gonna wade in here: I’m already annoyed at people saying Kara has more ‘claim’ to Alex than Maggie, that somehow just because Alex and Maggie have only been together a few months, that somehow it’s only length of time that is meaningful.

Us queers have always been about the families we choose, not the families we are born or forced into. In lots of ways, Supergirl tells a similar story. People saying that the Danvers’ sister relationship is the core of the show, but are acting like it’s not a problematic relationship at times. Kara is not Alex’s blood, but Alex choose Kara, more, I would argue, than Kara has chosen Alex. Under RedK, Kara tells the truth about how she feels about the true familial bonds between them, ‘We have never been sisters, we don’t share blood.’ And Kara was willing to leave Alex so she could live with her family, Kal-el at the beginning of season 2. I think, for Kara, her definition of family is more tied to blood than choice, and while she and Alex have bonded, she hasn’t embraced her Earth family as much as they have embraced her. 

I’ve always written the relationship dynamic between Alex and Kara as unbalanced, in Kara’s favor. I’ve always found Kara a little selfish in the way she takes Alex for granted, especially in season 1. There’s been a few moments in season 2 where Kara has started to unpack this and realize that she expects more of Alex than she has given to Alex. I’m not saying this to minimize their clear, loving bond, but point out that emotionally, Alex hasn’t received as much support from Kara as Kara has received from her. Kara even said, “All those years… they were all about me and my secret.” And Alex doesn’t contradict her assessment. Alex tells her she didn’t do anything wrong, and Kara didn’t, but the characterization is fair. 

So back to the families we choose, we choose our relationships, our communities, especially if we’re queer, because we often form stronger (and quicker) bonds with other queers than with people who have ‘known’ us within a blood family for years. Known is in quotes there because usually, after coming out, we find that the people who really get us are not the people who have known us as a child or a sister or brother but who know us as as part of a larger community, who understands our struggles and our fights on a deep, visceral level. I’ve run up against this recently, as I’ve tried to explain to my generally supportive dad, that his vote for Trump was a vote against me and others similarly marginalized. My sense of fear aligns me more closely with the muslims I work with than my own family who betrayed me. 

Which brings me to Maggie. To me, Maggie has very few strong emotional bonds, no family to speak of, very few friends that we’ve seen, and actually so few friends that the time she spent with Alex was so important she was willing to hurt them both just to keep a friendship because she was sure a romantic relationship was doomed. She too has been chosen by Alex; the difference is, she doesn’t have a mom, Alex’s mom, who dotes on her, a wide circle of friends, a sister who looks after her. But she has been shown to, like Alex with Kara, put Alex, and even Alex’s relationship with Kara, in front of her own needs and feelings. She’s been incredibly supportive of Alex, and she is only now starting to open up and let Alex return the favor. She does have a lot to lose if she loses Alex, I think moreso than Kara. Alex and Maggie have a deep, caring bond, and one more equal, or growing more equal, than Alex and Kara’s. I am tired of people trying to drag Maggie and say that her and Alex’s relationship isn’t on par with Alex and Kara’s. I like the Danvers sister bond, but it isn’t without its issues and hurts and problems. 

But the point here is, Alex choose them both. They are both important to her, they both have strong, emotional bonds to her, and neither one has a larger, or smaller, claim to Alex. I’m excited for the episode to play this out and I hope this is how the dynamic plays out, where Kara learns that other people can care for her sister as much as she does and that it doesn’t take anything away from her. Maybe she’ll remember her family slogan, stronger together? 

Ezra Fitz, Lolita parallels, and a hero complex

I just wrote this up in response to an ask, but I wasn’t sure when, or if, I ever wrote this up before, so i decided to give it it’s own post.

 Ezra Fitz has a “type”, and that type was influenced by his first love, whom he lost at a young age.

This is one of the Lolita parallels. Humbert was locked in a fantasy of his “Nymphet” because his first love passed away at the same approximate age, and he’s been trying to replace her. (Let’s pretend for 2 seconds that’s not the worst bullshit ever.)

Ezra’s home is littered with book and his classroom littered with lessons, all dealing with the subject of a tragic romance. Ezra Fitz is obsessed with doomed love stories because he lived one.

I think Ezra may have suffered a terrible loss at a young age, and he couldn’t save her. Like it was an accident or something and he failed to keep her out of danger. So now, as ‘A’ or ‘A.D’ or Ezra, he keeps creating the same (similar) circumstances over and over again until he gets it right. Until he really feels like he’s the hero.

He’s got a hell of a hero complex. But it also helps that a lot of the things he sets up make for pretty good books.

I think he’s responsible for the dollhouse, and he’s responsible for Nicole’s disappearance, and a few of the other dangers the girls have faced. That’s why so many of their big events feel so staged. Because they were intended to make the girls feel like they were in danger, while they never were. Thus making the girls view him as a savior when he inevitably shows up to save the day.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Defenders stablished Elektra is the person Matt loves most in the world and how far he is willing to go for her but also bought again into the temptress women of color that brings the hero to his Doom as opposed to the pure angel white girl who is Good™ and yet Elektra wasn't evil just lost and used and abused and manipulated and the show showed this while it also managed to distance Matt from Karen without having to vilify yet another female character and I don't know how I feel about all this but I have a lot of feelings.

all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

No, the blog isn’t dead!

This is a long-time coming buuutttt I guess I should finally say something. So first off- no, the blog isn’t dead forever! I’ve just been taking a very long, very unplanned hiatus due to personal reasons that I’ll touch on a bit.

Putting it under a readmore because it’s a lot but TLDR version:

EQP is not dead! It’s just on impromptu hiatus until I figure some real life things out.

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When you date Joshua

Words: 2314 lmao this is so long

Fluffy af i love this idea too much to not make it fluffy af, sorry y’all

Not requested

i just wanted to do something warm and fluffy~ i hope y’all enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it and tell me what you think about it! also JISOO IS SO SOFT IDK HOW TO FEEL ABOUT HIM AND HIS ADORABLENESS? YOU ARE RUINING ME AND MY BIAS LIST BOY, STAY IN YOUR LANE PLEASE

Originally posted by shua

”Good morning,” you greeted the staff that walked past you and they greeted you.

You worked at an entertainment company and did this and that. You liked your job at the music program the most, though. Especially when a certain group was promoting.

“Hello,” a few idols greeted you and you bowed to them politely and smiled a little.

You always got comments on your personality. You were pretty bright, at least according to your co-workers, and everyone said they enjoyed seeing you. Today you felt especially happy.

“Oh, hi _____,” a familiar face greeted you.

“Long time no see,” you smiled widely and he smiled too. It was Mingyu. Seventeen’s Mingyu to be more precise.

“Are the others in the waiting room?” you asked and he nodded.

“Everyone was pretty sleepy so I can’t promise you that they’ll be awake if you go there,” he said.

“It’s okay,” you said. “I’ll go check anyway.”

“See you later then,” he grinned and you both continued to your own ways.

You knocked on the waiting room’s door. “Can I come in?” you asked, trying to keep your voice down just in case they were sleeping.

It didn’t take long for the door to open in front of you. Again, a familiar face greeted you.

“Of course you can come in,” Hoshi let you in. He looked very sleepy and you felt bad for him, thinking you had woken him up.

“Did I wake you up? I’m sorry,” you apologized and he shook his head.

“I couldn’t sleep anyway so don’t worry,” he said and walked over to a sofa that looked like the place he had been resting on.

Most of the members were sleeping in either the chairs or the few sofas in the waiting room. The room was filled with people even though there wasn’t anyone else than the members, you and their manager. That’s why you visited them so early in the morning. It would be even more packed before their recording. You would visit them again after they finished recording.

“Hi,” Dino greeted you, looking a lot more awake than the others.

You greeted him with a smile. “You seem to have slept well.”

“Not really,” he laughed a bit. “I didn’t sleep well at all. I guess the nervousness is making me feel this energetic.”

“Please don’t overwork yourself,” you reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I know this group will be doomed if I’m absent,” he said and almost immediately a few members who had heard him came over to you two. They bickered for a while and you chuckled at the sight. You had missed them.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time,” S.coups stopped next to you and you greeted him. “It’s nice seeing you.”

“I feel the same way,” you said, still smiling.

“Ah, I missed that smile,” Jun said.

“Yah, don’t mess with hyung’s girlfriend,” Woozi said, nudging Jun.

“Jisoo hyung doesn’t get angry even if we say things like that,” Mingyu - who had just returned from the bathroom - said.

“Oh hi!” The8 greeted you cheerfully even though he looked like he was still half asleep.

“Hi,” you chuckled at his cuteness.

The room was quite loud. That was the Seventeen you knew. But you couldn’t feel too happy about it since you were worried about them. They never got enough sleep during promotions so you wanted them to get all the rest they possibly could.

“Where is Jisoo?” you asked Jeonghan who was standing next to you.

“Here,” he led you to a corner which was pretty isolated from the rest of the room. There, in the corner of that isolated corner was your boyfriend, Hong Jisoo, more commonly known as Joshua. You smiled, happy to see him but also felt a little bad for him, looking at the way he had to sleep on the small sofa. Jeonghan left you alone with the sleeping boy and went to join the others. He probably told them to be a little quieter because it didn’t take long before the room was quiet again.

You smiled, adoring the sleeping figure on the small sofa right in front of you.

“I missed you,” you whispered, not wanting to wake him up. You leaned closer to him and gently kissed the top of his head and the familiar, comforting scent of his shampoo made you smile even wider than you already were.

You two didn’t see each other often and when you did, you didn’t have much time. Still, your relationship was going strong. You knew what you got yourself into when you started dating him so the lack of time spent together didn’t surprise you. You were actually surprised because you got to see each other a lot more often than you had thought you would. Whenever they announced they were going to release a new album, you got super excited because their promotion periods were the time when you could hang out the most.

You placed a drink - his favorite drink from the vending machine - on the floor next to the sofa and glanced at him once more before going back to where the others were.

“You didn’t wake him up?” Hoshi looked at you.

You shook your head. “I don’t want him to miss this opportunity to rest. You all need more rest. Try to get some more sleep, huh?”

They all appreciated your concern for them. “You’re really sweet,” S.coups said and went back to where he had been resting.

“Don’t overwork yourself,” Mingyu patted your head while passing by you.

“You too,” you said.

“See you later,” Vernon smiled and you smiled back, walking over to the door.

“Work hard,” Woozi said when you opened the door and turned to look at him.

“You work hard too,” you smiled. “I’ll see you all later,” you said and they hummed in response, a few of them giving you a smile before you exited the room and closed the door behind you.

You stood in the small hallway. In the corner where the smaller and the bigger hallway’s walls met, there was a camera attached to the wall. Idols stopped by it to answer questions written on the cue card that had been taped to the wall and some just stopped by to say hi to the camera. Your job was to keep an eye on the camera and help the idols if needed. Doesn’t seem like an important job but it actually was quite important. The camera wasn’t in too good condition and sometimes the idols had questions so you were there, answering their questions and helping them if needed.

All of the idols greeted you before greeting the camera and you greeted back with a smile like you usually did. You enjoyed seeing all the hardworking idols even though they probably didn’t think the same way about you.

“Work hard,” another group finished answering the questions on the cue card.

“Fighting,” you said to them and they were delighted by your response. A few of the members smiled to you before walking away.

“YO!” a loud voice came from the bigger hallway and soon you saw Seungkwan and Dokyeom walk up to the camera. They sent you small smiles.

“Let’s see what today’s questions are,” Seungkwan looked at the cue card and his excitement made you feel happy.

Slowly the other members arrived too. The hallways were basically blocked because of the group of people standing in front of the small camera. Everyone was there except for Jisoo. You were worried about him for a second.

Is he still sleeping? I wonder if he’s okay…

Before you could get too worried about him, a familiar face popped up behind the members. You only saw a glance of your boyfriend but you saw him so you felt relieved. He pushed his way past the members to stand on the side of the group of people and turned his head a little to look at you. You smiled and so did he.

The members stayed there for a while, talking about random stuff and answering the questions on the cue card. Once they were finished, they came to say hi to you before heading to the stage to record their performance.

They let Jisoo be the last just because they knew he had the most to say to you.

“Hi there,” he said with a sweet smile and hugged you quickly.

“Hi,” you greeted him with a smile too.

“Thanks for the drink,” he said and pecked your forehead. “I enjoyed it.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Joshua!” a staff member called his name.

“Got to go,” he said and ruffled your hair a little.

“Fighting,” you said, lifting your fists in the air.

He chuckled a little before disappearing behind the corner.

A boy group that had already been promoting for a few weeks came to the camera. You were pretty familiar with them but didn’t know the members personally or anything. You had just seen them a lot. They answered the questions and talked about random stuff, just like other groups. After that, they left to go to their waiting room to wait for the last recording to begin.

“Hello,” one of them stayed behind, came over to you and greeted you.

“Hi,” you bowed to him slightly and smiled.

He seemed a little nervous, which made you a little confused.

“Did you want to ask me something?” you asked.

“Kind of,” he said. “It’s sort of personal. Do you mind?”
“What is it?”

“I was wondering if you are single,” he said, leaving you surprised. “Are you?”

“Oh…” your mind went blank for a few seconds.

“I think I like you a little,” he blurted out, nervous.

You just looked at him. You didn’t want to hurt his feelings but you still had to tell him you were dating.


“What’s going on?” a voice asked, making you both turn to see who it was. Jisoo walked over to you two, unaware of what was going on.

He stopped next to you, making the boy in front of you look really confused.

“This is my boyfriend,” you introduced Jisoo to him.

“Oh,” the boy looked embarrassed and a little scared too. “I’m sorry sunbaenim, I didn’t know you were dating her if I had known I wouldn’t have confessed, forgive me,” he disappeared fast as a lightning, probably feeling really embarrassed.

No one knew you two were dating. It had been revealed to the fans and everyone that Jisoo was dating but they hadn’t revealed your identity thanks to Jisoo’s request to keep your identity secret at least until the worst hate calmed down. So, not many people knew it was you who was his girlfriend. Only a few idols apart from the members of Seventeen knew.

“Did I interrupt something?” Jisoo asked.

“Kind of,” you answered, feeling bad for the poor boy.

“Sorry,” he apologized.

Jisoo wasn’t too concerned about other people flirting with you. It did make him a little jealous but he didn’t feel the need to be rude to those people or anything. To him, the fact that you were with him even though you met maybe once a month, was enough proof of you loving him and being loyal to him. He trusted you a lot.

“Did you do well?” you asked him about the recording.

“My best,” he replied and brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Are you very tired?” you questioned.

He shook his head. “Not really. I got to sleep a lot last night and this morning. Also, I got to see you.”

“That’s good,” you said, glad that he was feeling okay.

“Do you have a lot left?” he asked, referring to your work.

“I think I’m done for now,” you said with a smile. “All of the day’s groups and soloists have already filmed their parts so…”

“Come to our waiting room? I’m sure the others would love to hang out with you too.”

“If you insist,” you said with a smile and looked at him.

“Yes I do,” he said and you two walked to the waiting room.

“I saw the music video,” you said to him as he opened the room’s door and you walked in. “The choreography seems tiring.”

“It is,” Jisoo sighed. “We can thank Soonyoung and rest of the performance unit for that,” he playfully showed his tongue to Hoshi.

“The choreo is fantastic,” the performance unit’s members said.

“Yeah, it is,” you agreed with them.

“Just tiring,” Jisoo added.

“Are you hungry?” S.coups asked you. You were sitting on one of the sofas with Jisoo.

“No,” you lied. You wanted the members to eat as much as possible. You weren’t that hungry anyway.

“Are you sure?” Jisoo asked. “I think I heard your stomach make noise just now.”

You nudged him. “It was probably yours.”

“You should eat properly,” he said. “We worry about you.”

“I worry about you more,” you argued. “So you eat all that food. You can pay me back later.”

“Hyung how did you get her?” Hoshi asked, making you and Jisoo look at him. “I want someone like her too.”

You smiled. “That’s sweet, thanks.”

“Geez, everyone is trying to take you from me,” Jisoo wrapped his arms around you. “What is going on?”

“It’s because she’s just so… fitting for you hyung,” The8 said. “Everyone would like a relationship like yours.”

You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face.

“Well, for your information,” Jisoo started. “She’s my girlfriend and I hope you all respect that just like you have up until now.”

“It’s not like we are going to snatch her away from you hyung,” Wonwoo said. “We’re just envious.”

“Good,” Jisoo said. “Because I’m going to keep holding onto her for a long time.”

  • friend: are you ok?
  • me: Samwise Gamgee was a simple gardener who was violently ripped from his comfortable life in the Shire, who braved orcs, spiders, balrogs and treacherous conditions just for the sake of his best friend. It wasn't his duty to drop everything and follow Frodo to the ends of the earth to save Arda, nor was it his responsibility to ensure the destruction of the ring. Although he doesn't seem like the bravest Hobbit, it turns out he was stronger than Frodo in some ways. He had to see his best friend fight for not only his morality but his life, all because of the ring. He was the one who stopped Frodo from putting the ring on, from ruining everything and becoming corrupt, just like its previous wearer. He volunteered himself to go to Mount Doom after he thought the journey would be done in Rivendell. He thought he could go home to his Rosie Cotton and live a peaceful life, but instead he gave it up for Frodo. Samwise Gamgee had to suffer through Gollum manipulating his friend and himself. Frodo sided with Gollum towards the end, shunning Sam and telling him to go home, to forget all about his sacrifices, and the months of fighting, climbing, walking, and falling he did, all for Frodo, the very Hobbit who abandoned him out of jealousy, anger, and mental illness caused by the ring. What was once a happy Hobbit merrily drinking and dancing at Bilbo's birthday party was now reduced to a shell of his former self, and for Samwise to see that must have been heartbreaking. All the time and effort he put into helping Frodo had been lost. But Sam never gave up. He went back for his friend and when he thought Shelob had killed him, he cursed himself for not staying. He rescued Frodo from orcs and made sure they could cross safely across Mordor to Mount Doom. When they arrived and Frodo was no longer competent due to the ring's power, he carried him. He had hope that this final act of strength and love, to bring Frodo to the door of Mount Doom, would save the world. And when Frodo chose not to throw the ring into the fire, the devastation of failure was written all over Sam's face. Everything he gave up in the Shire was lost once again in that moment of defeat. Finally, after the ring was destroyed and Gollum was killed, he saved Frodo once again, asking Frodo not to sacrifice himself, to take his hand and never let go. And when they sat on the rocks of Mount Doom, lava rising around them, death imminent, Samwise the Brave finally got his best friend back, and after everything they had been through, there was no one he would rather be with than his Frodo.

anonymous asked:

Question, why is Alex Wilder death and villainy from Runaways is important? I mean don't black people get enough of being killed in real life (Trayvon Martin, Emitt Till and many others) . I mean yeah it suppose to be "feminist" and a turn on the geek guy (although BVK never said it), but it looks racist and problematic.

It has to be admitted there are some very unfortunate implications here. However, it needs to also be acknowledged that Alex as a villain was a rare case of a non-stereotypical black villain (and I know there are vocal parts of the black community who want more of that in the media), on top of being a compelling and complex character. @ubernegro had put it more eloquently in the past, but it really stuck with me how he once described Alex as having ambition rivaling that of Doctor Doom (correct me if I’m wrong, buddy). This is, I feel, also what draws to him creators like David Walker, who does a pretty good job (in my opinion) with him as an antagonist in Power Man & Iron Fist right now.

As for his death, I feel it’s not really that important. It was his betrayal that left the mark on Runaways, so a lot of character development (especially Nico’s, who really matured and rose to leader position after his death) could still happen if they don’t instantly forgive him and don’t welcome him back on the team. 

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I don't think I have ever encountered a show runner like Bryan Fuller who is so enthusiastic and supportive of the couple I like in the show, but at the same time will make comments (like a lot of the stuff about Will) that makes it sound like the relationship is doomed. I kind of feel like I got Hannigram whiplash. I expect angst and complexity, and I want to enjoy all of the Hannigram goodness he shares, but I also don't want to set myself up for hopeless disappointment. How do you cope?

Honestly, I don’t really think about the ‘ending’ of their relationship, however it goes. I mainly focus on the material we have and the fandom works that come from it. 

Season 4 is still an ‘if’ situation, no matter how optimistic we are, it’s still ‘if the show comes back’ as much as we may want it to be a ‘when the show comes back’. There really is no point in worrying over something that may not even happen at all, for years, even if the show does return.

It’s also important to remember what the show is apart from the fandom we have built around it. It is a dark, bloody, violent, tragic, angsty, incredibly complex love story. It’s old school romance. And that means a happy ending where Will and Hannibal are in a little house with eight dogs and a white picket fence living happily ever after is probably not going to happen. 

(But maybe that is how it ends, I don’t know, and the only one who does is Bryan Fuller and who knows what’s going on in that fluffy head of his.)

If it doesn’t end happily, does that mean Hannibal and Will never loved each other? That the first three seasons didn’t happen? Does it erase their relationship completely? Not at all. They do love each other. The ending, no matter if it’s happy or sad, is a result of the journey and in this journey Will and Hannibal chose each other and loved each other more than they had ever loved anyone else.

Hannibal and Will’s relationship is full of angst and violence and death, but it’s also filled with tenderness and understanding and acceptance. It’s complex. It’s twisted. It’s fucked up. It’s romantic. It’s sweet. It’s epic.

The show has always been dark, there’s always been angst and there will be more angst. This is Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Two men who are mazes of moral grayness and violent dispositions with the tendencies to push buttons people shouldn’t push. 

Will season 4 and season 5 (and season 23) happen like we’ve thought and hoped and dreamed and written and drawn and collaged and meticulously planned via powerpoint? Probably not. And there will be disappointment. And sighs. And angry posts with angry gifs. But that’s okay. 

It is. 

Don’t let it scare you or worry you because it’s okay

Remember, no matter what happens in future seasons, Will and Hannibal love each other.

You Like A Snake //Draco Imagine//

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Requested by: fairiesandfeathersandtom

Request: Hmmm, I’d want him to be really mean towards me. But it was just a front so i wouldn’t notice that he fancies me a lot. Then one day we got locked up in a doom or something. I would like something to happen in that room tho HAHAHA
Something naughty 😂😂😂 but not too explicit since u dont write smuts hahaha
Then he suddenly confessed and I’ve been feeling the same way towards him.

Pairing: Draco x reader

Warnings: no smut but stuff close to smut and swears

A/n: this was really fun to write.. Hope you enjoy!!

“You should have seen how he stuffed his face this morning Y/n,” Hermione giggled as she accompanied you to your Charms class with Professor Flitwick. “It was as if he hadn’t even seen food in weeks. Poor Ron, this huge Potions test is really hitting him hard.”

You giggled softly. “This is what he gets for not paying attention and trying to copy off of us.” You both turned the corner and your jaw clenched slightly as your eyes met the gray-blue ones of your long time enemy.

“Oh this should be good.” Hermione mumbled as she pushed closer to you and you both quickened your pace, looking down at the ground and hoping to avoid the trouble that was almost guaranteed.

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So the scene where dean tells cas to get out of his ass.. and there's that awkward moment where cas says he was never in... and then they just look at each other.. haha. Theories? Thoughts? Explanations?

Hmmm so my personal thoughts are that early Destiel was a lot of ‘fun’ on the part of the writers and actors, it was great chemistry, something that they wove into the story to add zest, potentially to make into a real love story but also potentially not, so it was lots of innuendo, physical flirting etc.

It’s only since end of season 6 portrayed them as the doomed lovers with Cas’ death and his resurrection that I really see that it became more of a real, true endgame love story. I mean, it could for sure have been planned since forever and a part of me thinks it was definitely planned that Dean would have a love interest in an Angel and I can’t help but think it was therefore planned since season 1 (faith) and definitely since season 2 (houses of the Holy) but I can’t say for sure, this is just a feeling….

So yeah, early Destiel is fun, zesty, adds a layer to the story and therefore moments like this are supposed to be an innuendo moment of fun and to make us contemplate them together without being really really serious about it, I think for a long time they also had a “Get out of jail free” card going, that it was written in but they could of they wanted to, back out any time of actually following through… they kinda threw that out of the window in 7x17 though imo.

This is partly what I love though and why I have a #the evolution of destiel tag because it really has evolved. We have seen it grow from lust, abundant eye sex, fun in brothels and innuendo about sex and a generally fun idea to being an actual full blown long drawn out serious and gorgeous love story, with so many romantic tropes and mirrors thrown in but also really having gone from this more jokey, fun version of itself to such a serious and deep love and devotion, always trying to protect one another, putting themselves in danger for the other, making each other better versions of themselves through their love and devotion… 

It’s like a metaphor for Dean himself dealing with his emotions on this, how he started off sublimating by making a joke of it but then fell deeply in love with the devastatingly handsome, dorky little guy in a trench coat…

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Meanwhile Cas has gone from being intrigued by this rebellious human with the pretty eyes and a drama queen streak, who is just a blip in time to his millennia of life, to falling for him, rebelling for him, dying again and again, trusting in him, putting his safety and happiness before his own, but also being frustrated when he doesn’t love himself enough to be able to show it to others or accept that he is a role model, a righteous human and that he deserves good things…

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Basically they’ve gone from being flirty and awkward to married and I love it :D

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River Song for the character thing?

  • First impression

See, Time of Angels was like, the second episode of DW I properly watched bc I was being shown the Weeping Angels, so with my bad memory I’m assuming it was confusion, but “she seems cool”. 

  • Impression now

I think she’s genuinely my favourite character in the DW universe other than the Doctor. She’s my morally questionable but good at heart wife and I adore her more than words could ever say. 

I think a lot of people don’t appreciate just how much of a standout character she is when you look at female characters in general. 

For a start, she’s an outlier in the ageist/sexist tradition of casting any woman over 40 as a bitch/villain or a mother (River could have been played by a 25 year old with zero difference to the story, but it wouldn’t have been the same, we all know that, they cast Alex and she’s perfect). She’s mature and badass and owns her sexuality. 

And then you have the fact that you just… can’t put her in a box. 

She’s allowed to take charge and flirt and lie and cry and make mistakes and grow, and she’s cruel and kind and cold and warm and playful and lethal and determined loves fiercely and would murder certain kinds of people without a second thought, and she’s able to be all of those things at once and have it still make sense. 

She’s stripped of her agency from birth and spends her life taking it back and creating herself, living on her terms and being no less than the woman she wants to be. 

Also, she’s a great example of a bi/pan character being in a committed relationship and being no less committed for being bi/pan. (Like, alright, anyone with sense knows that it’s an open marriage and that River is obviously very poly, something the show itself does lowkey acknowledge, but really it’s just about as plausible to consider that the marriage IS monogamous as it is to consider that it isn’t, so she’s kind of simultaneously poly representation and committed bi/pan representation,in a way, especially since being poly doesn’t make her less committed anyway, since her devotion to the Doctor is never in doubt.) 

  • Favorite moment

Oh god, there’s far too many. I think her speech from Husbands of River Song will always win, though, the “[loving the Doctor] is like loving the stars themselves, you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back”. 

In addition to just being beautiful in the moment and the reveal that came after, it also sheds a whole new light on her character that had only been hinted at before, the realisation that all this time, she’s never believed he loves her back. That she has, in words of a later episode, without hope, without witness, without reward, loved him all that time, because that’s her truth. 

Her moment of realising it’s him, realising that god, maybe he does love her back, is just so incredible. 

  • Idea for a story

Anything about Darillium is always fun, or things that involve her flirting with ladies. I’m working on a thing with her and the Doom Coalition audios companion Helen, because they’re really beautiful and gay together and I have a lot of feelings. 

  • Unpopular opinion

I mean I know a lot of people have dumb opinions about River but I’m pretty sure most of what I’ve already said goes against those, so… yeah. Haters can hate but they’re missing out on one of the best female characters to ever exist in Doctor Who ever so… their loss, really. 

  • Favorite relationship

Her and the Doctor, obviously. What a fucking power couple did you see how quickly they jumped into action in THoRS once she knew who he was? 

I’ll never be over them, frankly, because they’re heartbreaking from the beginning but also fun and silly and adorable and passionate and devoted and I just…. they cover almost all the bases you could possibly want, they’re hot and cute and silly all at once. 

(Runners up are River and her parents, and River/Helen(/Liv) in Doom Coalition bc g a y c u t i e s

  • Favorite headcanon

Her numerous wives, including Benny, Clara, Helen, Liv, and Quill. (I’d say Missy but like, they’d just murder each other probably imo, lmao)

She 100% helped Helen Sinclair come to terms with being a lesbian and is very soft with her 1960′s wife okay that’s very important to me. 

this got super long but I love River Song so so so so much like fcuk there will never be enough words she’s so important

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what were your thoughts on 117 do you think our ship sank permanently? I mean I expected Pin to reject her and not giving her any "wait till you graduated" hopes, but still a part of me just died. Pin is really one hell of a good complex character, a insight chapter would do wonders haha.

Thank you so much @lov-lymj for reaching out to me about my thoughts! I agree that a chapter from Pin’s perspective would be the best thing ever (actually can we get a whole spin-off series of Kimi ni Todoke from his point of view? Please Shiina?). 

I’d been meaning to write out my thoughts on Chapter 117 for a while, but then I thought the moment had passed, so thank you for giving me a reason to get everything out. Unfortunately, you asked someone who LOVES to talk, so your answer is about 4 pages worth of word vomit and feelings.

Still, I hope you and any other ayapinners who are worried about our ship sinking will find some encouragement in my analysis. Obviously these are just my opinions and interpretations, and you are totally free to disagree.

Let me start off by saying I also felt like a little part of me died when I first read the chapter summary for 117, and based on what I was seeing in the Japanese forum I follow, a lot of people felt let down or disappointed with the outcome. Like you, I wasn’t expecting him to “accept” her feelings in this chapter. I thought he would probably reject her, but that we would be given at least a hug or some sort of real indication that they’d get together in the future. When I was reading the Japanese summaries and poring over people’s comments, there seemed to be very little hope.

But then I saw the chapter.

Our ship, far from sinking, has new wind in its sails.

The big event in Chapter 117 is Ayane’s confession, and Pin verbally, formally, rejects her. He says to her roughly what he said to Kurumi at the beginning of the manga, that she’s too young (paraphrasing), and deflects her attempts to draw out his true feelings. Ayane thinks to herself that she’s been utterly defeated, and resolves to make the best of things and move forward; while her eating the cough drop and resolution to become an adult that Pin will be proud of are preferable to seeing her broken and devastated, they do seem to give an impression that things are finished for ayapin.

If we only look at this course of events, it is easy to believe that we have witnessed the bittersweet end of a doomed pairing that, nevertheless, had lovely development.

But there’s a lot more to the chapter than Ayane’s confession. I would even go so far as to say this chapter invites us into Pin’s perspective for the first time, and that if we look closely at that, there’s so much going on under the surface of his rejection.

When Pin thinks she failed, he bends over backwards to comfort her however he can; he makes them coffee, he very gently places her mug in front of her (before carelessly slamming his own on the table), he prioritizes her feelings over his own health, he compliments her efforts and encourages her (using a variety of tactics), and he is visibly distressed when she starts crying (he even moves closer to her while she’s inconsolable).

Then when she tells him she passed the exam, he gets so riled up that he nearly tells her he was waiting for her all day. His reaction as he cuts himself off is very interesting – for some reason, he doesn’t want her to know that he was waiting for her. He almost gets carried away with his feelings, but pulls back at the last second; he then denies it with an immature expression. When he finally admits that he was waiting for her, he doesn’t just say, “Yes I waited a while” or “Yeah I waited a little, I guess” – he fervently declares that he was waiting for her the entire day. This poignant moment is filled with tension, and from the shading and his expression, it seems to be one in which he is releasing very pent-up feelings (kind of a confession in its own right).

The next moment is equally revealing. When she cries again, there are sparkles around her (in fact, there are sparkles around her almost every time she cries in this chapter) – and we seem to be seeing her from Pin’s perspective. He smiles at her affectionately (which she doesn’t see), but his face is partially obscured; the panel has an air of mystery, and is reminiscent of certain panels of his in other chapters (87, 93, 97, 112). I get the sense that something is hidden from us in moments like these. During the toast, her tearful smile really surprises him, and in the next panel he is at a loss for words; I don’t think it’s making too big a leap here to say that, if he hasn’t already (he totally has), this is the moment when he thinks, “She’s cute.” He frantically leaves the room to dry his hair, despite the fact that they were in the middle of celebrating…

(Aaah, nothing like a lot of hot air blowing in your face to deflate the sexual tension!)

When he comes back and notices the box, Ayane asks him if he knows what day it is. Pin, the guy who is always very conscious of Valentine’s Day / romantic holidays (and how popular he is), says, “It’s the day your results come out.” He has been so focused on Ayane Ayane’s exam result that he has entirely forgotten Valentine’s Day! That’s huge!

And during her confession…

He gives her an out. But she refuses to take it. Even knowing that she won’t be accepted, she is completely honest about her feelings.

His expression when she looks him in the eye and tells him she loves him is probably my favorite in the chapter, and maybe even the whole series. I honestly don’t know how Shiina got the lines so soft…He is completely blown away by her. Pin knows Ayane better than any other person in this series; he realized her feelings at Christmas, but he probably never expected her to admit them. He thinks very highly of her, but I think he believed she would always keep her feelings to herself, because that’s what she’s done with her emotions throughout the story. He isn’t allowed to return her feelings while he’s her teacher, so he tries to spare her any added embarrassment by discreetly letting her know that he already knows. So to see this girl he thought he knew so well bravely and defiantly confess to him, to witness her fighting for him despite her fear – there’s such a beautiful sense of wonder and surprise on his face.

And his answer is far from straightforward, despite his line about her being “10 years early” and “out of range”; even though he verbally rejects her, he eats every last chocolate in the box. Not just one out of pity, or two to appease her. The man who makes a point of complaining about how much he dislikes sweet things eats them all, and even says they taste good.

I believe that in eating all of the chocolate, he is actually accepting her feelings. He can’t return them at this moment (concern for her future, age gap, professionalism, all of the above, whatever it may be), but he can accept them in his heart. After eating the chocolate, there is a heavily shaded partial close-up of Pin’s face, and he doesn’t speak to her immediately. He seems to be considering something… If he didn’t have any feelings for her, I don’t think he would need such a long time to formulate a rejection. I don’t think he would keep her waiting in suspense that long for no reason. And he stares at her so intently. In these panels, I see an inner struggle – he wants to formally accept, but more than his own happiness, he wants her to be free to pursue her dreams without a guy (who will probably always live in Kitahoro) holding her back.

So he gives her a genuine smile and tries to reject her with as much levity as possible.

And if we were still in doubt that he’s holding something back, Shiina goes out of her way to give us another telling moment.

When Ayane asks Pin if he ever thought she was cute, he is initially surprised. Looking at her eager, hopeful expression, he seems somewhat wistful, and his face has that meaningful shadow. We know that he thought she was cute in this chapter (before he left to dry his hair), and there have been moments in other chapters when he might have; but he playfully taps her head and denies it with a smile. So what we can infer is, if he’s holding that back, what else is he hiding from her?

The praise he gives her as she’s leaving is also, to me, a sort of confession. We learn that he hasn’t forgotten about the time she gave him chocolate in Chapter 45 – the moment that has been of recurring importance to Ayane throughout the series has not only been remembered by Pin, but treasured. He tells her he was happy when she did that, and showers her with praise for her kindness and personal growth. To me, it sounds as if he’s telling her all the reasons he loves her without being able to use those words.

And that’s what I think this chapter confirms. Pin does love her, and has for a long time, whether he fully realizes it or not. And I think Shiina is telling us not to give up hope, even if the timing is not right at this particular moment.

Looking at the chapter from a narrative point of view, it makes no sense to show us so many reactions from Pin if this really is the end of the line. We see him worry and get flustered over her – what would be the point if this was it? In fact, if her only intention was to give Ayane a bittersweet first love, I don’t think she would have so carefully and gradually built up all of their moments together. Why show us any reactions from Pin at all? He’s technically a supporting character, their chapters are always in Ayane’s perspective – if she was planning for an ending where they can’t ever be together, why have so many scenes that illustrate their mutual closeness? She could have just had Ayane pining for him and shown us a kind but disinterested Pin. Their interactions do not resemble those of Chizu and Tohru early on in the series, where there is a large degree of distance on one side and a childhood crush on the other. Pin clearly cares for Ayane deeply, and time and time again we see his very personal investment in her aspirations and feelings.

As far as what will happen between them going forward, I’m really not sure.

I’ve strongly believed for a while that we will get a pretty heart-pounding interaction between them after graduation, and I’m still hoping for one (why not? lol). Again, thinking about things narratively, and keeping in mind that Shiina loves her ayapin foreshadowing: why have Ayane’s results come out on Valentine’s Day? Why have Ayane confess on Valentine’s Day? She’s given Pin chocolate on the last two, so it rounds things in her arc out nicely. But I think it’s more than that. If her confession happened any other day, there wouldn’t be a follow-up…but what if White Day happens to fall after the graduation ceremony? Pin is, at the very least, “obligated” to give her something in return for the Valentine’s chocolate he accepted…and if it’s after graduation…well, maybe they won’t date, but I’m hoping we get some sort of encouraging interaction since he’ll no longer be her teacher (maybe he’ll give her his number and tell her to keep in touch, or finally admit that he does think she’s cute). I really do believe we’re in for a surprise after graduation, and that some of the depressing “finality” in this chapter is to mislead us so that we’re really surprised later. I think Shiina is building us up for a sweet, unexpected pay-off down the road…

I also think the graduation photo album could have an impact on Pin at the ceremony – in Chapter 115 Chigusa mentions that she’s taking pictures for the album, and Shiina might be foreshadowing a slideshow or something. That picture of them having a great time together really affected Ayane, so maybe it could make Pin realize something too…

And if that doesn’t happen, I’m 95 percent sure we’ll see them either dating, married, or running into each other and connecting in a 10-years-later epilogue (even Pin’s rejection hints at this). I would love to see one of the first two options especially (because after waiting this long it would be great to see them finally together as a couple), but I could also see Shiina doing the classic “What?! It’s you, Yano?!” mix-up (slow-burn til the end, haha).

Having said all of that, I could be wrong. There’s a new chapter coming out this week that may render all of this analysis completely irrelevant, or we may find out in a few months that this chapter was indeed the end for them. But until Shiina is done with this wonderful series, I think we should keep our heads up, because anything could happen.

I personally believe she won’t disappoint us. Ayane and Pin are always featured with the other two couples on magazine and chapter covers (115 spotlighted the 3 couples a ton even in the chapter itself), and after 12 years of slowly and carefully building their relationship, I can’t imagine Shiina just throwing ayapin away at the end; if this were a one-shot manga or a story that had only 50 chapters, I would be a little more concerned. Plus, Ayane has been through so much and endured and grown – I think Shiina will give her a happy ending, ultimately, because she really, really deserves one. If the other two couples are still together in the final chapter, I think Ayane and Pin definitely have a future together.

This was a very long way of saying to you and all ayapin shippers, “Please don’t be discouraged or give up hope!” I’m also anxious to see what will happen, but given the way their relationship was portrayed in this chapter, I’m inclined to believe that this is only the beginning for them. :) 


We have a BBRae oneshot. It’s rare for me to write a solely BBRae oneshot but I do love them dearly. They’re my second fave otp and it’s nice to explore outside of RobStar sometimes.

Hope you like it!

Her dark eyes were penetrating. She was staring daggers at him and he, as usual, didn’t know how to react other than to sheepishly grin back at her.

“Explain. Right now.” Raven breathed, tapping her foot against the floor.

“Um…” Garfield stammered, trying to look anywhere but in her direction. He was genuinely quite afraid that she’d be sending him to the netherworld before the night was out.

Her lips twisted further into a frown and her arms fell from being crossed over her chest. With a huff, she shrugged her jacket off of her shoulders and hung it up in the hallway of their apartment.

Raven stomped back into the lounge, acutely aware of music playing from the stereo. She began picking up her books from the floor before clearing the cushion pieces from the sofa.

“Look at the mess, Gar. What were you thinking!?” She grumbled, turning to scowl at him.

“Rae, c'mon… he needed me.” Garfield murmured, quietly following her around as she started cleaning the newfound mess.

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Morning After II -  GRAY

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Part 1

 Mornings weren’t her thing.Whenever she could, she stayed in bed for as long as she could, often sleeping ‘till noon on the weekends. On weekdays, as an office worker, she had to be up at an ungodly hour. Therefore sleeping in on the weekends was her recompensation.

 She knew today’s plan was ruined when the doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing. Someone must’ve really wanted to see her, she thought.

 A look at the watch on the nightstand and she cursed the person who’s finger got glued to the doorbell. It was only 9 in the morning.

 “I’m coming!” She shouted groggily on her way to the entrance while also trying to pull on a pair of sweatpants. She couldn’t greet the unwanted guest wearing panties and an old t-shirt, after all.

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Bucky Barnes (Part 5)

Bucky Barnes x Reader (soon)

Warnings: Language, Violence, ex boyfriends, angst, Bucky to the rescue

You can stop being a jerk at any time, you think, crossing your arms as you listen to Stark address everyone. All the Avengers, or at least the ones on earth, are gathered in the conference room, surrounded by glass walls and expensive electronics.

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