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After the concert they the platinums with sendoff wristbands hang back while everyone else exited the floor. You could tell everyone was trying to catch a their breath from the AMAZING performance that YB did while also eyeing the staff. Eventually everyone started to group together. I found one of the girls that I bonded with during the concert so we stood together and she made sure to hold me close so that when they were trying to slim the massive horde into sort of a line. 

They probably checked our wristbands like… 50 times while we waited to go downstairs to the send off. Concert buddy and I ended up being in the first middle half of the line it seems? Luckily there wasn’t too much pushing, they handled this way better than presoundcheck. They made sure everyone was walking and staying in place, all the way down and lined us up in this U shaped fence and we ended up on the right side front row ajsfkldsjafklsdajfdsa!!!!!

There was a total of 2 rows, about ~200 people.  Waited about 10 minutes? And then Godbae came down and everyone was cheering!!He actually went onto the left side first and with how slow he was going…. omg no one was trying to push or shove cameras or hands in his face because we realized he would get-to-every-person. 

GUYS, HE IS SO CUTE 😭😭😭😭He let everyone in the front row (and some on the second) get a selfie with him. Now that I’ve seen a couple of other send offs, he’s gotten to interact longer with some fans and accept gifts and whatnot but it wasn’t our case here for some :( I saw someone with letters before me and they got taken by the guard vs getting to give it to YB personally, one even dropped her letter and YB picked it up, gave it back to her and she tried to give it back but the guard ended up taking it T_T 

I was no different…  😭😢😭😢 If you guys remember the letter I made… Ahh I was so focused on tell him about my letter and if he had time to read it but the guard took it and then I drew a blank when he was right infront of me!!!!!!!! I accidentally photobombed my concert buddy’s picture- I felt SO bad but she said she didn’t mind 😣

Um. I don’t even know where to begin describing meeting him… so here you go!

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(I have video evidence! One of the line ladies I met filmed me! lmao ><)

Since I didn’t have the letter I didn’t have anything else prepared to say so all I said was Hi and thank you a bunch and he said thank you and I said thank you agian jfskladfjkasdl what the fuck Sam!!! Point out your letter that the guard had and maybe you could have shown him!!! Shout VIP until whenever! Ask him to comeback with all of Bigbang! Wish him well with the rest of his tour! Tell him that we’ll support and wait for them always! Tell him to tell TOP that we love him and we will wait for him! Actually, my concert buddy actually ended up telling YB that if you heard in the video… My stupid ass didn’t record it but YB said, “Yes, sure” and as he was about to focus onto the next fan he turns back and said “He will be back!”  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 AHH I hate myself for not recording it!!! 

I basically moved out of the way after that because I needed to breathe like holy fuck~ I JUST TALKED TO YOUNGBAEEEEEEEEEEEFJKLSDJFA I ended up trying to film the end of his send off, he went back to this family and he picked up the little boy!!! SOO CUTE. We all screamed and he was waving, and then he took out his phone and recorded us!! Excuse my dumb self…

I added all the times of the footage and it was a 20-25 minute send off guys. It was wonderful to be able to experience it. And I felt so incredibly lucky to end up with the opportunity to. I have to thank all the people I met that day.


You know I had to draw some Steven fan art eventually! 😄 I love Steven and Connie 😊 They’re so pure ✨
The original sketch is on the right and the digital finished drawing on the left. Both are by me! 😊 if you like my art, please follow my tumblr and/or reblog :D it means a lot! and if you REALLY like it, maybe even check me out on Instagram @langston.draws! I have much more of my art on there, but I’ll be building my tumblr too as I’m able. :) including making a profile picture 😅😂

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pls write short descriptions of your favourite mutuals/friends and then tag them (but not next to their descriptions) and try to make them guess which one is theirs!

I have a lot of favorites so lets just say this is part 1

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Some oldish pics I never thought I’d share, but then I went why the heck not!! ^u^; (I said I’d post more anyway, so these should’ve been up long time ago)

(The amount of unfinished pictures I have is unreal!! XD)


In just about one month and a few days, on February 6, Moon Jongup of B.A.P is turning 21. So we will be celebrating it around the social media community! For I am a huge Jongup stan ignore my u/n, I will be proudly hosting this project for him and it would be a whole lot to me if he is more appreciated on his birthday. So please spread around the word with this caption and picture on all the social medias you’ve got because that is the whole point of this! Share this with the hashtag #21YearsOfJongup so it is more organized. 

Overview of The Project: Their are two options I have for this because you can do one of the other or both; both is loved! The first one is regarding you and Chris Brown, aka Jongup’s favorite idol. Whereas, the second option is just a little message you should mention while wishing Jongup a happy birthday. 

Option One: The only way to make this work is for EVERYONE to get involve! Basically, we want Jongup to get a birthday tweet from Chris Brown because who wouldn’t want to see him so happy and who wouldn’t be happy to have their idols notice them? Anyway, to make this happen, let Chris Brown know about Jongup and how happy he would be if Brown tweeted him. Tell him to wish Jongup a happy birthday on February 6! 

Option Two: This just involves you and Jongup! All you have to do is write him something for his birthday on his Instagram and/or his Twitter. Just include that he is handsome, talented, etc. Let him know he is as good as his members. Praise him for what he has achieved and done. Tell him anything you want him to know and just be positive on the day of his birthday! Note: If there are any questions regarding this, feel free to message me on these social medias ONLY: Tumblr, Instagram, and Asianfanfics! My Tumblr is ’ junho-s ’ ; Instagram is ’ reallynaega ’ ; Asianfanfics is ’ phokyu ’. Thank you and wish you all the best!