i have lots more pictures to share *u*

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My day was okay. Testing started so yay to that. How have you been? Btw is there any chance exid may come to the U.S? And if you're going to the concert in Toronto TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. Please XD

Good luck on your tests! I’ve been ok. been playing Prey recently and its hard! but fun! EXID said they wanted to do more North Am touring so hopefully they do! (and hopefully toronto doesnt leave a bad taste in their mouth) I will try my best to take some photos and vids to share!!


Some oldish pics I never thought I’d share, but then I went why the heck not!! ^u^; (I said I’d post more anyway, so these should’ve been up long time ago)

(The amount of unfinished pictures I have is unreal!! XD)


In just about one month and a few days, on February 6, Moon Jongup of B.A.P is turning 21. So we will be celebrating it around the social media community! For I am a huge Jongup stan ignore my u/n, I will be proudly hosting this project for him and it would be a whole lot to me if he is more appreciated on his birthday. So please spread around the word with this caption and picture on all the social medias you’ve got because that is the whole point of this! Share this with the hashtag #21YearsOfJongup so it is more organized. 

Overview of The Project: Their are two options I have for this because you can do one of the other or both; both is loved! The first one is regarding you and Chris Brown, aka Jongup’s favorite idol. Whereas, the second option is just a little message you should mention while wishing Jongup a happy birthday. 

Option One: The only way to make this work is for EVERYONE to get involve! Basically, we want Jongup to get a birthday tweet from Chris Brown because who wouldn’t want to see him so happy and who wouldn’t be happy to have their idols notice them? Anyway, to make this happen, let Chris Brown know about Jongup and how happy he would be if Brown tweeted him. Tell him to wish Jongup a happy birthday on February 6! 

Option Two: This just involves you and Jongup! All you have to do is write him something for his birthday on his Instagram and/or his Twitter. Just include that he is handsome, talented, etc. Let him know he is as good as his members. Praise him for what he has achieved and done. Tell him anything you want him to know and just be positive on the day of his birthday! Note: If there are any questions regarding this, feel free to message me on these social medias ONLY: Tumblr, Instagram, and Asianfanfics! My Tumblr is ’ junho-s ’ ; Instagram is ’ reallynaega ’ ; Asianfanfics is ’ phokyu ’. Thank you and wish you all the best!