i have lost the ability to can with this man


Some more GIFs from “Keep your friends close”.

Yes I did make the top one purely to admire Aramis in his big floofy shirt and his floofy hair:) And the second last one because Athos is in his hot Spanish uniform doing vaguely bondage-like things with a belt is making me all wibbly in the middle regions :) (Also it was jolly nice of those dead Spanish soldiers to all be exactly the right size and shape for the people who stole their uniforms. Look how well that stolen outfit clings to Athos’s dainty little body :) )

I believe I now have made a complete set of the boys using that cable as a funfair ride. Enjoy :)

(Can we also note that this scene is the second time in the same ep that Ratfort looks like he’s trying to kill Athos and yet Athos still doesn’t twig the man is a bad’un. Believing in Ratfort as a character means you have to believe all the other characters have lost their ability to think. At all.)

And please to be noting that in the very last GIF, Athos kills a man dead by smacking him across the arse. Now that’s swordage for you!

This is not something you say to the man you love who just lost his mother 3 months ago. Somebody who you claim you cared about deeply. But clearly you think she deserved to die. That I am not and never will be okay with. This is a prime example of somebody just spitting hurtful things to purposely hurt another. If you have an issue communicate like a grown adult. To stoop as low as to bring my dead mother in this, as you always do. I am baffled. 

Something I will never have the ability to wrap my mind around. How FUCKED UP can you be? But, surprisingly enough this post isn’t to bash this person who said it to me. It’s more of a “what not to do” type of thing. 

Having lost my mother I lost part of my heart and soul. My go-to, my best friend, the woman who gave me life. I am straight up mommas boy. I am struggling enough with the fact that I did not let her know I appreciate her enough. Something I will live with for the rest of my life. Constantly crossing my mind, just like this will. 

This will forever be etched in my memory. You never say this to somebody. You never do that. You are one heartless soul. If you’re hurting tell me and allow it to be fixed, do not EVER ever speak ill of my mother. Somebody who did a lot for you. Saying “I” deserved to have her die, is saying she deserved to die. And I’m not okay with that. I hate to see how much turmoil you go through when either of your parents die. Or sadly, maybe both. I legit have no words for this behavior. And I’m just very sad, that this conversation even happened. I’m very very sad you did this just to simply hurt me. You cannot take words back. So be careful what toxins you let slip through your soft lips.


SO, I had a photo op with Jensen today, and I forgot how to function the second I saw him. Almost lost my ability to stand, and I also barely said THANK YOU… I mean.. he thanked me first and looked me in the eyes, and my mind went blank. It took me a few seconds to thank him back. T.T
To be honest, I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember that special hug. Oh guys, he makes sure you don’t forget this ever. :3

He is THE MOST GORGEOUS man I have ever seen. Oh my God.
(Also calm, intelligent, smart, and full of love for everyone.)

And I still can’t believe he’s real.

I’m signing out of my life.