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Warren Worthington iii x non-binary!reader headcanons
  • This boy is confused about what non-binary is
    • You have to explain like three times and he does a bit of research before he understands
    • He’s still a bit confused but accepts it because he loves you.
  • He beats himself up whenever he messes up your pronouns
    • He gets you a little set of bracelets in different colours to correspond with your gender so he knows what pronouns to use
  • Alternating between ‘baby-boy’ ‘baby-girl’ and just plain 'baby’ depending on your gender and pronoun preference that day
  • Wrapping you in his wings when your dysphoria is bad
    • Him just whispering 'it’s okay baby. You’re alright. You’re perfect’ while kissing the top of your head
  • Him getting ready to fight whenever someone uses the wrong pronouns
      • If it’s by accident he lets its slip
  • But if the did it on purpose, that person better run fast than Peter otherwise they’ll be in so much trouble
  • He’s so caring and just wants to make sure you’re comfortable
  • If anyone says shit about you being non-binary he gets so pissed
    • You trying to calm him down, explaining it happens all the time
    • Him getting more angry because you don’t deserve that
  • Him just loving you unconditionally
    • Him being like 'this is my s/o and they’re non-binary and i love them so much’ all the time

Notes: This was totally just to help me with my dysphoria because I literally picture this whenever I have it. This was kinda bad and short but still better than nothing I suppose
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i hate so bad when people say they have a shit figure etc etc but then flaunt their body on social media practically naked. there’s literally nothing wrong with having self confidence, posting them pictures is great do what you want with your body, but don’t follow the trap that it’s more attractive to say negative things about yourself because believe me there’s some girls out there (me being one) who would love to love their bodies but don’t. 

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You are such a hypocrite. You posted about people looking at the leaked images of certain celebrities and yet you do nothing but drool over actors/other famous people. I keep seeing you post images of Neymar without a shirt and now talking about that guy from outlander. I think its obvious that if they had leaked images, you would be one of the first to look at them

this is one of the most astonishing asks I have ever received wow I am wo w w OWOW???? objectifying men is so bad!! me saying that an actor is hot is totally equal to literal sexual assault. pictures of athletes who gave consent to be photographed?? totally the same as stolen private photographs of women!!! not to mention that power dynamics and instutionalized patriarchy don’t play a role in anything ever. wow w ow wo wow ow wow

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