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Even if you aren’t in the Avatar fandom, please spread this. I’m literally crying. My video got taken down from YouTube a couple of years ago and I just found this now. It’s the same exact video.

If you have been following me for a long time, it’s the Aang & Korra video I made. It got a lot of hits and got recognized everywhere. But YouTube took it down due to copyright.

PLEASE. I’m begging all of you to spread this. I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t mind that they posted it btw. I just care they’re taking credit for it.

things that actually happened in my high school

1. in the middle of am homeroom (so like 9am in the morning) a kid just broke out a pint of ice cream and started eating it. and i guess it wouldnt have been that bad except once people noticed, everyone started whispering and pointing until half the class was surrounding the table literally BEGGING for some. the teacher actually had to stop reading the morning announcements and give a speech on how you shouldn’t give death threats over ice cream.

2. this kid i was sitting next to once went home bc he got a massive headache after staring straight into a lightbulb for 2 minutes bc he “was bored and wanted to see what would happen.” he ended up taking 3 advils after that, got paranoid and made the entire table search “how many pills of advil does it take to overdose” on a school computer.

3.  there was a HUGE ASS fly in the room and the teacher thought itd be a great idea to kill it by throwing a folder 4inches thick with papers in its general direction; it ended up going across the room and hitting a poor, innocent kid in the face so hard that the other kids at the table scrammed and started yelling “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF”…and when i tell you that this fly was huge,,it was literally so MASSIVE that this one girl almost started crying when it flew near her, someone actually tried throwing a cup of coffee at it, and another person started screaming ZIKA VIRUSSSS and something about how they weren’t vaccinated. and mind you the majority of the students are dressed in fancy attire bc of the national honor society ceremony that was later in the afternoon. in the midst of all this chaos, this one kid stands up, doesnt say anything and literally just ninja slams his bare hand onto the table and kills the fly all in one fluid motion, all without saying a single word. the entire class just broke out in thunderous applause, including the teacher, and then class continued as normal as if the past 10 minutes didn’t even happen

4. during first period a teacher who lost a ton of weight over a 2 year period was giving serious advice about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while this kid right in front of the teacher’s desk breaks out a FULL mcdonalds breakfast meal and distributes it among the table

5. kids that were in apush and ap spanish held a joint prayer vigil the day before ap exams began, so that ap students could literally hold hands and pray to survive exam season as well as mourn our high grades. everyone who went was required to bring in fake candles and food, while someone else conducted a prayer service. a special invitation was sent using our school emails, you had to rsvp in order to attend, and it was suggested that you wear black. our ap teachers knew about this, and they agreed it was a good idea somehow

BTS having a S/O who gained a little weight


“baby, please tell me you’re ready!” Yoongi yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Yoongi! I’m not going anymore!” You yell back. A few seconds later you hear Yoongi running up the stairs. 

“babbyyy sweetie :) what do you mean you’re not going anymore? I’m already dressed.” says Yoongi sarcastically.

you’ve been getting ready for hours now, but you still don’t feel comfortable in what you have on. You’ve honestly gained a little weight recently, you wanna be so prefect for yoongi you don’t wanna admit that this is the reason you don’t wanna attend his family party. 

“I don’t like the dress anymore.” You simply shrug your shoulders sitting back on the bed taking off your heels. 

“What? You literally begged me to buy it Y/N.” confusion strikes his face. You just shrug again. Yoongi sighs and sits down on the bed next to you. 

“What’s wrong Y/N, you just were just so excited like an hour ago.”

“Yoongi nothing, I just don’t wanna go anymore” You speak looking down. 

Yoongi got up and stood in front of you. He grabbed your chin to left your head up.

“Real reason please.” Yoongi said with a soft expression. 

“Yoongi I don’t feel comfortable that’s all.”

“You don’t feel comfortable around me? My family? What’s wrong? Speak to me babe.” He says almost at a whisper. 

“The dress. Myself. I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I’ve gained weight.” This makes Yoongi smile for some odd reason. 

“Y/N look in the mirror! You look unbelievable right now. Babe the way this dress is hugging your curves honestly makes me wanna rip it off of you. Do you think that a little weight gain isn’t gonna make me wanna fuck you senselessly every other day?” You shrug once again. 

“Well, it doesn’t. I love your body; always did. Now can we leave because if I keep staring at you we’ll be in this bed all night. I’m so excited for this after party in our bed later.” Yoongi winks and bites his lips. 

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It’s finally you and Jin’s date night, you guys go to your favorite restaurant. You’re so excited, these last couple months caused you to gain some weight. You have been stressed with school, family, and friends. 

Finally arriving at your favorite restaurant you guys get seated, talk about life and after a while, your food arrives. You being to eat and eat and… eat. But suddenly you stop. Obviously making Jin confused. 

“Hey, why’d you stop?” Jin asks.

“I can’t eat like this anymore, I need to go to the gym.” you say getting upset. 

Jin laughs “Stop being silly and eat so we can make the movie,”

“Jin I’m serious, I've gained so much weight can’t you tell?”

“Babe, I don’t even care about all that. I love you for you, and always will. You don’t have to impress me or anyone else. Y/N I fell in love with your personality You’re a beautiful person … but I want you to be happy so if you want to go to the gym I’ll go with you. I’ll even make us more food, but healthier choices that you pick. Deal? 

After Jin said all this it made you happy, this was the reason you fell in love with Jin. He always said the right things. “Deal :)”

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Rap Mon

“Namjoon am I getting bigger?” you ask as you stare in the mirror. 

“Well I mean your ass definitely got fatter,” He says walking up behind you, grabbing you forcefully.

“Are you serious that’s not even funny, I need to lose some weight.” you say sounding upset.  

“No baby, you know I like my women thick. I admire your body every day how can you not love it as much as I do?”

“I don’t know babe, you know I’m a perfectionist!” looking at him with your puppy dogs eyes.

“Well, sorry bae. I love it. Now stop looking all sad! Want me to make you happy?” Namjoon winks. 

You thought to yourself, and it sure as hell didn’t sound bad. After all, he was a master with your bra. 

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Jimin is literally the sweetest guy ever. He wouldn’t want you to be sad about something that he saw as beauty. When you told him that you wanted to lose weight, he was ready for being by your side 100%. Although he couldn’t actually see that you even gained a pound. Jimin loved that way you looked, to him, you were a snack! He saw a full course meal every time he looked at you. But he was never the type to tell you what to do so, whatever your decision was he was all here for it. 

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“Y/N I lust over your body on a daily, but if you wanna work out.. fine, come over here and let me work you out.” Tae says while biting his lip and pushing you onto the bed.

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“Baby noooooooooo I love everything about you! Don’t change. You’ve always been perfect.”

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“You’re my hope babe, I want to see you happy. So change for you not because every one wants you to! A little weight gain never hurt anybody!” 

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this is literally all over the place, buuuuutt hope you enjoy. ~ Rae ♥

Update. Still homeless.

I’ve been homeless since June 1st again due to my dad physically assaulting me and getting off Scott free. I’m living on begging for cash, selling literally anything I own, and applying to any job that will take me.

So far I’ve had a couple of interviews and I’ve even had a team in a small business legitimately talk about taking me on, so things could be worse.

Unfortunately I’m living in my car, which means I have to use a lot of gas. I end up having to beg for a few hours in the day (in Florida (in the summer) mind you) just to put $5 in my tank, and it still barely lasts me the day.

Please I’m begging anyone and everyone, please donate. All the money will strictly go towards gas I can even show proof of purchase for every cent that gets donated. I just really really need anything I can get right now.

PayPal: unity.mccanless@yahoo.com

Sansa’s safety is at the forefront of Jon’s mind.

Jon’s every encounter with men who have had some sort of relationship with Sansa has so far been confrontational. The extent of aggression in each confrontation varies. During the Battle of the Bastards, Jon saw red in his confrontation with Ramsay. Whether or not he meant to murder him or simply lost control in his rage, it is unclear. What Ramsay did to Winterfell, Rickon, and Sansa is unforgivable, and the rage is understandable. 

There is a particular moment specifically about Sansa where Jon bristles. 

“Fine woman, your sister,” Ramsay says. “I look forward to having her back in my bed.”

A cut to Jon’s face, and there is a quiet rage about him. We see his mouth part ever-so-slightly, and he shifts forward on his horse, as though he means to be closer to Ramsay for attack. Or perhaps the horse under Kit Harington’s bum moved just at the right moment. Still, I am grateful that that was the winning shot in the editing room.

Still, the rage at Ramsay could be explained by anything. He was a vile person with a track record of wrongdoings to most of the people in the North.

The confrontation with Littlefinger, however, was more Sansa-centric, and gives more meat to the bone that is “Is there something romantic in store for Jon and Sansa?”

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You know what got me Realizing Shit when I first got into the discourse was ppl saying cishet ace people are “queer.” Because sure, I did think back then that all ace ppl are part of the LGBT+ community, but I knew that queer is a nasty thing ppl say to ppl bc they are attracted to people of the same gender or are trans/nb, and that it was something specifically reclaimed during the AIDs crisis, so aces who have no part in any of that (at least not by virtue of being ace) had absolutely no right to say that word and that it was kind of sickening that they would.

Like people who want to reclaim the word queer for themselves because they have the right to because they experience same gender attraction and/or are trans/nb but also KNOW how much weight the word carries is fine, but the word has been tossed around so much its now meaningless to kids and its just a fun term for anybody with a “abnormal” sexuality or expression because “Well thats what it literally means, queer means weird x3c” and its disgusting honestly.

Just thinking of people crying out “We’re here we’re queer” at die ins. DIE INS!!!! They were protesting the fact that people were literally dying. And then cishet ace people think they have the right to say it too when no one has ever faced something like that for being ace. Its sickening.

Can I please just beg inclusionists please I don’t care if you think asexuals belong in the community but PLEASE don’t say that aces/aros who are cis and do not experience same gender attraction are queer and can say queer and please don’t make ace positivity with the word queer in it for the love of all that is holy its so disgusting and offensive.


Summary: When a friend turns up after a breakup for comfort, will Steve finally take the opportunity to admit his feelings? 

Warnings: Unprotected sex. 


If there was one thing Steve Rogers could accomplish where women were involved, it was being chivalrous to the ever painful T; where you were involved, though, it was an entirely selfish endeavor. If he held a door, it was only to watch your ass as you walked past. If he offered to help you out of one of Tony’s particularly low sitting cars, it was purely to feel the silk of your skin and the velvet of your “thank you” wash over him for however brief the moment. And worst? When he helped you into your coat tonight. God, he took two showers and he still could not shake the scent from your hair as it brushed his nose.

Now he was sprawled out on the couch in the living room area of the Avengers compound with the TV on as a haphazard distraction. A light from Wanda’s room lit up the hallway on the second story and easy melodies from her guitar slowly, slowly unwound the tangled strings of his heart. If he listened hard enough, he was sure to pick out Sam’s snores and Tony and Rhodes bickering from the workshop below his feet.

His phone buzzed on the coffee table and he jumped at the distraction. An audible groan fled his lips when he saw your name lighting it up.

‘You up?’ It said.

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i’m so tired of people begging sm to have ten make a comeback. literally take several seats because i need all of y'all to understand that one of the biggest reasons why he hasn’t made a comeback was because he got INJURED and then had to have knee SURGERY. i don’t know if y'all have done research on knee surgery and the recovery timeline, but it takes about 6 months to a year for a full recovery. i know he said that’s he feeling better, but he would’ve been putting himself at risk to make his injury worse if he would’ve made a comeback with nct 127 like yall keep begging.

so can everyone please stop being selfish, and instead be patient and understanding as to why ten hasn’t made a comeback yet. it’s very disrespectful to put down nct 127 because ten isn’t involved, like i don’t even think ten, himself, would appreciate his fans putting down his friends who are as supportive to him as he is to them.

i don’t know, it’s just bothering me that people are still like this when nct 127’s comeback is so close, because the fandom is becoming divided. we just need to support ten and nct 127 as a whole fandom, and just hope that ten can recover well.

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Lol Steve is furious bc he's jealous and Bucky is furious bc a woman got to tap Tony before he did. LOL. IMAGINE Bucky and Steve slow creepin' up on them in the penthouse just to hear them go at it in bed. Imagine that the soldiers spying on them having sex

You guys… this… got out of control. I’d apologize but I’m not sorry.

“I have never heard Tony make a noise like that”

“Buck this is weird, we shouldn’t be listening to–”

(“Oh goddamnit Di, deeper deeper I can take it!”
“Anthony, you are darling like this. Beautiful.”)

“Shit.” Bucky is pressed up against the door as close as he can get, trying to listen and Steve is trying NOT to listen but absolutely failing because… come on.

“How is it that we’ve never seen him NAKED, but Wonder Woman there gets him in bed within the first hour? I mean she literally has only been in the compound for an hour!” Steve is seething and Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Maybe because she’s WONDER WOMAN, punk. Still, that’s some game she’s got.”

“It’s got to be the breastplate corset thing.” Steve muses. “Can’t look away from it.”

“Yeah but why would THAT have Tony rolling over and begging her–”

“For the love of god don’t finish that sentence.” Steve begged.

“You guys are gross.” Clint’s amused voice jerks both of them away from the door and they both blush furiously. “Listening at a door? Gross.”

“Clint it’s not–”
“Yeah it’s not like–”

“I had Widow drop a camera on the window.” Clint motioned for them to follow. “I’ll even make popcorn if you want.”

“Excuse me.” Steve tried to look affronted. “We are absolutely not–”

“Son.” Buckys voice dropped to mimic Steve’s. “Just don’t. We both know we are going to spy on them. Come on.”
“Do you think it worked? Do you think they left?” Tony asked, from the couch, and Diana smiled down at him, sweeping her long dark hair off her shoulder and dropping onto the couch next to him.

“Anthony. I do not understand much about this world, but hearing a virile man such as yourself shout ‘deeper’ is enough to peak anyone’s curiosity. I can’t imagine your peeping toms are at the door any longer.”

“Yeah.” Tony leaned back into her arms, shifting a little because he was still sore from earlier. “Thanks for being gentle by the way.”

“Darling.” Diana kissed his head, then his lips. “I would never hurt you. There is something to be said for making slow, sweet love to someone so beautiful.”

“Boss, the camera Black Widow dropped in the room is being accessed.” FRIDAYS voice intoned and Tony grinned.

“Come here and kiss me Princess. Let’s give them a show.”

“Ah, my love.” She smiled into his eyes and leaned in to kiss him again as the camera went live. “Are you sure you want them watching? I won’t be as gentle this time.”

They all wanted to be horrified, scandalized at seeing the Amazon Princess pushing Tony into the bed, to her body rolling and moving in a way that had Tony screaming and arching his back.

They wanted to uncomfortable with the sheer LENGTH of the cock on the end of the harness sitting snugly around her trim waist and perfect hips, the amount of everything that Tony was taking was almost… almost…

None of them were horrified.
All of them were blushing and shifting and fanning themselves because… /fuck/.

Steve was the first to break, running from the room to seek some privacy to.. to… well. Anyways.

Bucky wasn’t far behind him.

Clint just reached and traced his hand up Natasha’s thigh and she smirked at him.

“How you feelin’ baby?”

“It’s like the best porn in the world. The hottest man I’ve ever seen and the only woman besides you who has ever come close to turning my head.”

“She’s amazing isn’t she? Look at the way she moves. All that grace and power.” Natasha murmured, and her breath hitched as she shifted in her seat and she scooted closer, widening her legs so Clint could touch more, further between her thighs.

“Yeah?” He asked curiously and she nodded, green eyes sparking with arousal. “Yeah baby girl, come here.”

“Apologies, love.” Diana pressed soft kisses up and down Tony’s back. “I know we only meant to kiss for you friends, but I am afraid you are irresistible.”

“Its fine.” Tony said though gritted teeth, his voice raw from yelling, and so SO sore he couldn’t even lay on his back. “It’s fine. That was so good. I don’t need to walk for a week, it’s fine.”

“You’re sure?” Her long fingers stroked over his lean muscles. “If you would like, you can have me next. I would enjoy the feel of you inside me.”

“Oh-oh–” Tony breath stuttered but he shook his head. “Maybe tomorrow, Princess. Let’s just cuddle, huh?”
The next morning, Tony limped into the kitchen with Diana following him closely.

“What’s going on?” Tony asked innocently.

Clint and Natasha were all over each other, kissing and whispering soft things because their night together had been AMAZING.

Bucky and Steve were on opposite ends of the kitchen, staring into their coffees and refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

Tony tried not to laugh and glanced up at Diana, who smiled that perfect smile and dropped a kiss onto his lips.

“Anthony, I fear we have broken your team.”

Tony laughed, then flinched, and limped for some ibuprofen.

Steve and Bucky glanced up only long enough to stare jealously at Diana.

She just winked.

Exchange Student -1- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.650

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS. 

“Good morning everyone, please take your seat.” You quickly did what the teacher asked and sat down. “I’ve got some news for everyone. We will start our new program of exchange students. A few of you will be hosting one of the students.” You knew that your mother signed you up for this new program so this wasn’t really a surprise. You were curious though because you didn’t know where this person was coming from. You just knew a few languages which existed out Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese. The reason why you learned Korean was because you loved Korean drama’s, just like your mother so last years she gave us up for night school. We learned Korean together and now we could speak it almost fluently. So I must be a student from either Japan, Korea and a Spanish country.

“Y/n,  I believe that you are signed up for this program right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, could you come over here, I will give you some details about this exchange student.” You got up and your best friend Sophie thought it would be funny to trip you, This backfired though as you saw it coming from miles away. You quickly took a sip from your water and as you passed her desk she stuck out her leg and as you stopped next to her, you turned and spit out the water right over her. At first, she was horrified and then she burst out in laughter and you couldn’t help but follow her and as you both were laughing like crazy, you walked towards the teacher who was just shaking his head. He wasn’t laughing but he also didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was used to it.

“Sorry about that sir.” he shrugged and smiled at you “I’m used to it.” You chuckled because this was true. It was not like you were the only ones who pranked each other but the entire class liked to goof around. Not that it was a bad thing because your class was above average in scores, so this was allowed, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves.

“So the student that will be staying at with you is from South Korea and his name is Jungkook Jeon.”

“If he is from South Korea, shouldn’t you say Jeon Jungkook?”

“Technically yes but this is America, so he should say it the right way.”

“Sure but don’t you think it will be hard for him?”

“He has to get used to it really fast, so please call him by his first name.”

“Whatever, Just know that I’m not going to disrespect his culture.”

“I’m not asking you to but he has to get used to the western way’s.”

“I’m sure he will do that, without throwing away his own culture.”

“I’m not going to discuss this with you. He will be arriving at 11 a.m. tomorrow. You will get two days off, to get him settled, then he has to come to school with you. You will be his guide and you are responsible for him, do you understand this?”

“I understand, thank you, sir.” You grabbed the information and walked back to your seat. You immediately told Sophie about what the teacher had said.

“Wait, what is his name?”

“Jeon Jungkook.” She blinked a few times and you couldn’t help but wonder if you had said something wrong but when she started to blush, you couldn’t stay still. “What are you thinking off.”

“Jeon Jungkook right?” You nodded and that’s when she started to smile but it was her fangirl smile, which scared the hell out of you. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“You really don’t have a clue do you?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking or thinking about.”

“You know that I have been talking about this group called BTS right?” You had to think back but you could remember her saying something about BTS. “Yes, I heard you squeal about them yes.”

“Well, Jeon Jungkook is a member of that group unless there is another Jungkook.”

“Look I really don’t know but I will see this tomorrow.”

“Can I come?”

“No, I don’t think that’s allowed.”


“No, I will let you know if it’s him okay?”

“Ah come on.” she was literally begging you, which was really cute but you had to disappoint her. The last thing Jungkook needed if he really was in that group, was some weird ass fan. “Nope.” you put your finger on her forehead and pushed her back. “Just focus on your assignment.” you chuckled when she stuck out her tongue. “You are too cruel.”

“I know, just deal with it.” She did turn around but within no time she turned back again.

“I can’t focus now.”

“Figures, just go watch bts on youtube then.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I can show you a mv of bts, so you can prepare.”

“Ladies is something wrong?” The teacher stood next to you and you knew it was your own fault for not paying attention. “She can’t concentrate sir.” you didn’t want to throw her under the bus but you panicked.

“Oh really, well I know some things you can do.” Sophie groaned because this usually meant nothing good. You had to pay her back for this eventually and as she followed the teacher. You went back to your work, you were studying music, you had piano lessons and you played the drums in your band. At the moment you were trying your hand at writing songs, which wasn’t that easy but the band was really enthusiastic about it. You kept practicing, which led to one complete song but the song made no sense at all but they still liked it, we used the song for sound check, which was hilarious.

“Y/n, you can go home early today. You probably have some things to arrange before Jungkook Jeon arrives.” You couldn’t help but cringe when he said his name like that but you knew better than to say something about it.

“I do actually, thank you, sir.” You didn’t expect to walk out after only three hours of school, not that you minded because now you could skip Math and chemistry so this turned out well.

“Mom I’m home!” You yelled the second you walked through the door.” She popped her head through the open kitchen door. “Already?”

“Yes, I know. Remember when you signed us up for that exchange student thing?” You asked her whilst walking into the kitchen. “Yes I remember, why?” You ruffled your little brother’s hair before you sat down. “Well, we have been chosen to be a host to a Korean student.”

“Wait, Korean?”

“Yes, his name is Jeon Jungkook and he will be staying with us for at least six months.”

“Really, do you have a picture?”

“No, but apparently he is really famous.”

“He is?”

“Yes, Sophie said he is one of the members of BTS.” You shrugged and grabbed the iPad, you went straight to YouTube and searched them. Apparently, they were really popular as they had millions of views and followers. You clicked on the MV which was called “Fire”. The way it started with them chilling out and then this super handsome guy jumping over a fence and then he just put some guy on fire well that grabbed your attention but then the others came into view and by the end of the video you were deeply impressed and you were wondering how you managed to not know about them earlier.

“So which one was Jeon Jungkook?”

“I really don’t have a clue mom.”

“Aren’t there introduction videos about BTS?”

“I guess there are.” You searched and found a lot of videos and the second you found out who Jungkook was, you were fanning yourself because damn he was hot and around your age. So this would be fun. “This is Jungkook mom.” You showed her and even she blushed.

“He is really handsome.”

“Yeah and about my age mom.” She nudged you gently and you both started to giggle. “Let’s go shopping for this handsome fellow.”

“Let’s do that.” You lifted your four-year-old brother out of his chair and walked to the car.

“What do we need?”

“A bed and maybe a desk?” You suggested when you suddenly got an idea. “Sophie knows what he likes, shall I give her a call.”

“Please.” You immediately pressed her number and after two rings she picked up. “Traitor!” She always cracked you up and this wasn’t any different. “I know but I know a way to make it up to you.”

“Really? I doubt that.”

“We’re going shopping for Jungkook and we need your help.” It was quiet on the other side as she was probably imagining stuff about Jungkook, which was kind of adorable. “Are you still there?”

“What, yes, when are you picking me up?” She was definitely hurrying.

“We will leave now.” Which meant she had five minutes until we would be there and with that, she just hung up the damn phone. “And?”

“She is helping, so let’s go.” You made sure you brother was tucked in safely and after sitting down yourself, your mother started the car and drove off. “So this Jungkook, he is really famous but we aren’t that rich and we don’t have a big house, do think he would mind?”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind mom.”

“I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”

“Mom really doesn’t worry about it, our house is bigger than the average house there, I mean those houses in drama’s, I think it’s like that in real life as well. Sure there are really big houses but overall I think it’s like in drama’s, so please don’t worry.”

“If you say so, I’m just nervous, I never met a famous person.” She was cute when she was nervous but there was nothing you could do about it because to be honest you were also a bit nervous and to think you had to act normal around him. You were wondering why he was coming here though, Aren’t kpop groups really busy all the time? When you stopped at Sophie’s driveway she came running out of the door,  it was so funny, usually, she hated working out but Kpop groups made her do the weirdest things ever.

“Let’s go!” she quickly hugged your mother who was giggling about her enthusiasm. “Alright let’s buy this boy some furniture.” After a few minutes you were walking through the IKEA and that’s when you let Sophie loose, she was running around like crazy, talking to herself, texting people to make sure she was picking the right items. “Why don’t you give Dylan to me, so you can assist her.” your mother nodded towards the crazy person and you quickly handed over Dylan and skipped towards your best friend. “So do you think we have enough, it’s not like we have a lot of money.”

“I do, so don’t worry, this is on me.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I’m not, this is for Jungkook, so there is no limit today.” You shook your head and slapped her arm. “You are crazy.”

“I know, just let me.”

“I will but only because I can’t stop you anyway.” she smiled and stuck up her thumb. “You’ve got that right sis.” you rolled your eyes and after an hour you were finally done. You were going to get it delivered because she really got a lot. They would deliver it tonight, which meant there was no sleep for you, as you were the one who had to put it all together but luckily for you, you were in a band so you texted your bandmate Christian and begged him to help you. He arrived after the delivery guys left and you immediately went to work. You made sure there were snacks and drinks, otherwise he would never forgive you. “So why are we doing this?”

“Ah, we are getting an exchange student tomorrow.”


“Yeah and you know he is from South Korea.”

“Really? That’s awesome.”

“I know right, now I can test my Korean.”

“I already told you this but your Korean is really good.” It was good to have a Korean friend but he had been living in America since he was really young so it was just different. “Yeah, yeah but he lived in Korea his entire life so it’s just different.”

“Whatever, just put that desk together.” he focused on the bed and after six hours you were finally done. The walls in this room were white, so you decided that black furniture went best with it and after everything was set up, you were really satisfied, it wasn’t really your taste but a guy could live here right? “Yah Christian? Do you think a guy will like this room?”

“I think he will like it.” h ruffled your hair and after that, he left. You made the bed and dusted the room before you went to bed. It was already past 2 a.m. and you had to be on time to get him from the airport because somehow you didn’t expect for a thing to go easy as he was famous. Your mother woke you up the next morning and she was stressed out. “I can’t come with you!”

“Why not?”

“They need me at work, there is an emergency.”


“I know sweetheart but they are understaffed in the hospital, so I really need to help them out.”

“Alright, I will take care of everything, don’t worry.” This was going to be awkward because you had to bring Dylan with you as well, what if he thought he would be your son. What would he think of you, this was going to be great and when you saw the time, you quickly buckled up Dylan and told your mom to jump in and after you dropped her at work, you drove to the airport. You had your sign with Jungkook’s name on it and with Dylan, you walked to the arrival hall and waited. You didn’t have to wait long because you recognized him right when he walked out, he wasn’t alone though as a guy followed him. You quickly held up your sign and Jungkook immediately noticed it and pointed at it. He was even more handsome in real life and as his eyes checked you out, a smile appeared on his face and it stayed there even when his eyes landed on your little brother. He stopped in front of you and the first thing you did surprised him. You bowed whilst introducing yourself in Korean. “You speak Korean?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh yeah, I’m Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me.” he bowed as well and after he introduced himself he introduced his manager. “He won’t be staying, he is just here to go over a few things.”

“Ah okay.” He looked around as if he was looking for someone. “Is your mother not here?”

“She is at work, something came up so it’s only my little brother Dylan and me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine but can you drive?”

“Of course I can.” you smiled at him and his eyes lit up a bit. “Can we go then?” he politely asked and you nodded and as you walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but think that he was just a normal guy, there was nothing really special except for his good looks and the fact that he was in kpop group.

You first buckled in Dylan and then you got behind the wheel. Jungkook sat next to you and his manager sat in the back. “Do you mind if I put on some music?” Well, at least he was being polite. “I don’t mind.” Not long after you heard Justin Bieber fill up the car with purpose and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at this. “You’re a Bieber fan?”

“Yes, I like his songs a lot.”

“Of course you do.”

“You don’t like him?”

“I do but I’m not his fan.” That was the best way to explain this. “Why?”

“I just don’t like him. He does make good songs but I don’t like him as a person.”

“Do you know him personally?”

“No, but I don’t want to.”

“So you judge a book by its cover?”

“Apparently I do.” You felt embarrassed as he pointed this out and the thing was you couldn’t disrespect him as he was older, this was not going great so far. “Do you know me?” This threw you off for a second.

“I know you since yesterday.” You felt the blush on your face because you felt like you did something wrong but he just smiled. “So you haven’t been binge watching my mv’s?”

“No, I only watched “fire” and “dope” they were really good!”

“Thank you, you know it’s a relief that you don’t really know me because if you were a big fan then I couldn’t stay with you.”


“Because you might sell information to reporters.”

“Fans really do that?”

“Of course they do.”

“Well, just so you know my best friend is a really big fan and she will be coming over frequently.”

“That’s okay, she just has to sign some stuff then.” You sighed because this could only mean one thing and that was confidential docs. Probably to protect himself. There was nothing you could do though but he was much more business like than you had expected. “Do I have to call you Oppa? I mean you’re a year older.”

“In Korea you do but it’s maybe weird if you do that here. You can call me Oppa in private.” You nodded and as you drove home you kept thinking about why he was sent here but now was not the best time to ask him about it. When you arrived home, you were worried he didn’t like the house, you first unbuckled Dylan, who climbed out himself and ran to the garden to play with his toys. You opened the door but waited till Jungkook got his stuff from the car. “Please come in.” you moved out of the way and as he walked in, you were already trying to make up an excuse for the smallness of your house. “It’s cozy.” your mouth dropped on the floor because this was absolutely not what you expected.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Thank you, do you want to see your room?”

“Yes please.” you walked up stairs and stopped at the door next to your room. You opened the door hoping he would like this too, he better though as you spent the entire evening putting stuff together. You walked in and Jungkook followed you, as you turned around he was looking around and a smile played on his lips, which made him even more handsome. “I like it, are these furniture new?”

“Yeah, My bandmate and I put them together yesterday.”

“Really? Well, it looks really good.” he touched the bed to see if the mattress was good and you crossed your fingers because this was the best mattress they had. “This feels soft.”

“Do you like soft mattresses?”

“Of course I do.” you smiled and walked to the door. “I will leave you so you can get settled. I mean your manager is waiting for me anyway.” you bowed slightly before leaving the room. You walked to the kitchen where his manager was waiting. “Sorry about that, do you want some coffee?”

“No thank you, I’m in a slight hurry.”

“Ah yes, I’m sorry, what do I need to sign?” He pulled out the documents “I’m sorry for doing this but it’s really necessary.”

“Ah it’s fine, I understand.”

“You’re mother when does she get back?”

“I really don’t know, she is a nurse so she works a lot.”

“I see, well then you are responsible for now.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Jungkook will be staying with you for six months, this is the time he is allowed to stay away from Korea. You are probably wondering why he is coming here, well it’s simple. He needs to finish school and his schedule allows it, he has a comeback scheduled in October and he needs to graduate this year, without any distractions.”

“I understand, well this is a private school and it mayors in different music classes but also in math and chemistry, he can even take lessons in English or Spanish.”

“That good to hear, he will be attending the music classes and he can choose what he wants to do besides that.”

“Okay, I will notify the teacher.” you smiled and as he pointed where to sign, you didn;t even read it and signed the papers, it was not like you were going to tell anyone that Jungkook from BTS was staying at your house. “Thank you and please get your mother to call me.”

“I will.” you bowed again and as he said goodbye to Jungkook, you quickly made something to eat. You decided on something he knew and as you were making the fried kimchi rice, you couldn’t help but think there was something more to this whole moving countries thing. Dylan came back into the house and ran towards the tv and this time you decided to just let him watch it. “Dylan do you want to watch Mickey?” he nodded and started jumping on the couch. “You immediately put on Mickey and friends which made him quiet for at least thirty minutes but this gave you enough time to go check on Jungkook. You walked upstairs and without thinking, you opened the door but you stopped when you saw him without a shirt. He noticed you right away and he couldn’t hide the smirk.

“You like what you see?”

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The Case for Jonsa: Why Jonerys will be one-sided at best

First, yes this is very anti-Jonerys and it is pretty brutal. I understand why Jonerys shippers will have a problem with that so there’s no need to call me delusional or pathetic. Please keep in mind, we don’t choose who we ship.

Also, I am spoiler free. If you know something from a leak that negates one of my theories please keep it to yourself.

So, why do I believe Jon and Dany’s relationship will be almost entirely one-sided? While I do believe that a Jonerys marriage is inevitable and that the writer’s have attempted to show physical attraction between the two, I do not believe that any romantic interest will be equal on both sides. I think it’s clear from this episode that Dany has already fallen hard for the brooding King in the North while Jon… not so much. For clarity’s sake I’m going to include the evidence I discussed in my post The Case for Jonsa, but there are definitely some new scenes to examine. Let’s begin:

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A little push from the universe. (part 1)


Author’s note: so this is just a quick little scenario I came up with because I drank a little too much champagne and when alcohol flows through my veins, the beauty that is Kang Daniel keeps popping up from my subconscious. So there you are. I know the last 2 scenarios I’ve posted were pretty short but I’m slowly getting back into it. Don’t hesitate to send in requests!

Genre: neighbors!AUfluff kinda, cringe a lil bit, very soft cursing

Word count: 923.

Summary: Ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, your mind had been elsewhere. But when you forget your keys and have no way to enter your apartment, the cute neighbor makes you forget about everything.

Originally posted by wooijn

          “I swear to god.” There you were. Stuck outside your apartment. Again. It wasn’t even the first time. That week. Lately, you had been so out of it, you couldn’t seem to remember to take your keys with you before leaving the apartment. You couldn’t even seem to remember to put on your shoes before leaving your place. Ever since your boyfriend had broken up with you because “I love you so much but… I just love her more” you couldn’t seem to catch a break. And so there you were again, stuck on the other side of the door, locked outside of your apartment. You cursed at yourself, at your ex and at your roommate for being out all night long. She had told you beforehand you’d have the entire apartment to yourself. Which made you ecstatic. Apparently, she needed some alone time with her boyfriend and he did just move into his new apartment. You were expecting a nice relaxing night. Just you, some nice jazz music and a warm bath. But the universe had decided otherwise. Your back against the cold, uninviting door to your apartment, you slid all the way to the floor, staring at your phone waving you goodbye as your battery died in front of your eyes. The universe had decided to fuck you over. 

          And that’s when you heard him arrive. From the corner of your eye, you saw a tall figure approach, clumsily trying to open the door to the apartment next to you. You could feel the tall man’s eyes on you, the pity he had to be feeling for you seeping through your bones. You felt like you had to explain yourself. Or at least try to get yourself out of this situation. You propped yourself back up, slowly moving towards the blond haired man as you saw his tall figure freeze in an instant. You moved towards him, stopping about three steps away from him. “Hi.” you realized this might have just been the most awkward introduction you had ever graced anyone with but you couldn’t really help it. Let’s say you didn’t know anything about your neighbor except for the fact that he: 1. was extremely handsome 2. was an amazing dancer (you had once seen him with a group of friends perform on the street) 3. he seemed to make the few women he took home very happy. And as you stood a few meters away from him you couldn’t help but remember their voices. You couldn’t help but remember those high-pitched screams, desperately crying out for his name like he was some sort of god who’d only grant them orgasms once they’d screamed his names enough times. You shook the thought and tried to cover the slight blush crawling up your cheeks. “Hi, so sorry to bother you, I promise I’m not some creep, I just got locked out and my roommate is at her boyfriend’s house because she hasn’t seen him in way too long and my phone also just died and I literally have no way of getting into my apartment so I was just wondering if I could borrow your phone to call her and piss her off by asking her to drop off her keys. Maybe. Please. I’m begging.” You spoke so fast you weren’t even sure he understood a single thing you said but then you saw that half-smile grace his face and you started to relax. You may have been a complete weirdo but at least you made him smile so it couldn’t be all that bad, right? He reached into his pocket and handed you his phone. It wasn’t locked with any kind of password, which kind of shocked you. You thought that a guy like him probably had a lot of secrets to hide from all the girls he was seeing but maybe, just maybe, he simply was a straightforward kinda guy.

          You called up your roommate and explained the situation. She cursed at you. A lot. And then she told you to figure it out yourself. “Just ask the neighbor to sleep at his place. Surely a good fuck couldn’t possibly hurt you.” You handed him the phone back as the monotone beeping kept ringing in your ear after your roommate hung up on you. Shit. you whispered to yourself. The tall blonde seemed to catch that as he raised an eyebrow and you explained the whole situation. Your explanation made him erupt in laughter as he shoved his phone in his back pocket, finally opening up the door to his apartment. You had omitted the last part about your roommate casually urging you to sleep at his place in order to get a good fuck and opted to simply mention her insane idea of letting her best friend enter some stranger’s house which earned a low chuckle from him. He stepped inside, leaving you in the hallway for a couple of seconds before his head popped back outside, a slight smirk tugging at his lips. “Well, aren’t you going to come in?” Your eyes widen slightly as you stood there frozen in place before suddenly your body started to move before you had even made a decision. As the door to his apartment closed behind you, you were left with a feeling of excitement and apprehension. Maybe the universe wasn’t trying to fuck you over after all.


When People Say Spock’s Reaction to Kirk’s Death in Into Darkness was Over-the-Top, Unbelievable, or Out-of-Character…

I have to ask, but have these people seen The Original Series?

Because while Jim and Spock of AOS haven’t known each other for years the way they did in Wrath of Khan, Spock was always exceedingly emotional whenever something threatened Jim and terribly protective of him.  Even early in the first season of the television series.

Did they forget about Shore Leave, where Spock protects Kirk as they run from a tiger?

What about Devil in the Dark?  Spock is truly distraught that they may have to destroy the Horta, describing its destruction as “a crime against science.”  The moment Jim says it’s ten feet away from him, though (and not even threatening him), Spock is pleading with him to “Kill it!” and although Jim says that it is not making any threatening moves, Spock says “Jim, your life is in danger.  You can’t take the risk.”  The idea that Kirk could be killed completely overshadows Spock’s logic and his love of/passion for science.

Not to mention how he freaks out earlier when the tunnel may have collapsed and starts calling for Kirk, saying “Captain, are you alright?  Jim?  Jim!”  Despite his best attempts to be logical, the mere thought that Jim could be hurt completely overwhelms that.

And then there's Amok Time

Where Spock, believing he’s killed Jim, says (in response to the traditional Vulcan “Live long and prosper.”): “I shall do neither.  I have killed my captain and my friend.”

Spock basically said that he no longer intended to live after what had happened on the planet’s surface – even though he wasn’t in his right mind, even though he had no control over himself and the proceedings, even though he had entered plak tow (and thus according to T'Pau shouldn’t have been able to speak at all) he had still begged T'Pau to let Jim out of the combat as Jim didn’t understand and “his blood does not burn.”  He literally begged T'Pau to put a stop to it.  And yet, in spite of all that, Spock saw no defense for what he had done.  And he in no way intended to either live long or prosper…because Jim was dead.

So was Into Darkness over-the-top?  I say no.  Certain elements (such as the KHAAAANNN scream) were, but Spock’s overall rage and despair at Kirk’s death is well in keeping with how he reacted in The Original Series.

anonymous asked:

Do you need to spam my dash with begging for money?

Originally posted by think-imfinally-clean

Asks like these are why anonymous submissions have been off until now. 

This is the ONLY time I will indulge in a message like this, so pay attention.

Patreon is an exchange of pledges and services, just like any other art gig. It’s the farthest thing from “begging for money”, considering I work my ass off for the food on my table. 

You pledge money to support me, I give you a crap-ton of artwork. That’s literally how this works, ask any of my Patrons.

I pay for university myself.
I pay my bills by myself.
I pay for my transition by myself.

I don’t beg. 
I NEVER beg.
I work.

This post ain’t meant to be a “oh, woe is me, starving artist” like.. pity party. It’s a reminder of my reality and my frank response to this message I honestly shouldn’t even be indulging. 
Still, I need to make this perfectly clear.
If you’re sick of me promoting my Patreon, unfollow. It’s as simple as that, pal. 


Three years ago I was dealing with a bout of depression. It was not unusual, I’ve had depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. But this bout followed my thirtieth birthday. I was not upset about turning thirty. I did not think my life was over or that my youth was behind me. Rather, I was in the middle of an amazing year full of the freedom that came with stepping away from religious oppression, finding my own faith and defining what that meant to me, and coming off of a year of painful fertility drugs and the decision not to continue treatment. I’d honestly never felt better.

And yet … depression.

I got that apathetic kind of depression where nothing seems fun or exciting or even remotely attention grabbing enough to pull me out of bed. I was just … stuck. I was missing something. 

As I do when I’m in a depression, I binged watched things. On a random Saturday, I stumbled upon Deathly Hallows Part One playing on ABC Family, likely during one of their marathons. 

“God I forgot how much I fucking love these movies.”

I’d seen almost every one in theatre. He-Man had read the books religiously (and even worked at a book store during the release of the first few). I knew the general plot because he is utterly incapable of NOT sharing things with me when he’s reading. So when the movies came out, of course we went. He fumed and fumed in his seat over missing characters and twisted plotlines, and I laughed and laughed until some random kid behind me loudly whispered to his friend “That’s the one that dies at the end” when Cedric Diggory first appeared on screen. (Seriously. WTF, you little brat?)

Rather than read the books, I’d spent time playing on Pottermore and the wiki pages learning ingredients to potions and the etymology behind the spells. I loved the world that JKR created, but I suck when it comes to reading fiction. My attention span (especially in my twenties) was garbage. 

So in the last week of June 2014, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s DVDs of the movies and binged them all. I laughed, I cried, I FELT something for the first time in weeks. Emotions. Feeling. Life. Magic. 

“I want to read the books now. I need to read the books.”

So I read them. I read several chapters every night out loud while my husband played video games. I laughed when he cried. He laughed when I cried. I did voices, and we argued over exactly how pompous Lockhart should sound. I gasped during parts that were not in the movies. “Why is Molly being such a bitch to Sirius?” “Wait, who are all these other elves?” “Dumbledore’s a shit. I’m glad he’s dead!” “OMG Tonks. OMG Fred. OMG Remus. OMG I hate this so much.”

And I loved it.

I loved it so much. 

I felt like an addict waiting for my husband to get home each night so I could keep reading. I begged him, “Just two more chapters. I’m almost done with this book!” even as I LITERALLY lost my voice in the middle of Deathly Hallows. 

Then, like magic, I remembered that the story didn’t have to end. I’d been RPing written stories with friends for two decades, and I’d stumbled into fanfiction from time to time. So I knew what sites to go to.

I read epilogue continuations first. I wanted to know what happened after. Then I thought, “I wonder what if …?” And I fell head first into the deep end of Dramione, Marauders, and a crap ton of Marriage Law and Time-Turner fics.

“I have an idea. I want to be apart of this. I think I have a story in me.”

And three years later, I have a life. A hobby. A PASSION. I’ve made amazing friends, rebuilt a really fucked up self esteem and sense of pride, learned a lot about grammar and story structure, and helped to add building blocks to a fandom that saved me. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Thank you all, for some of the best three years of my life.

♥♥♥ Shaya ♥♥♥

anonymous asked:

Elena was smart to take the money. I don't get why you think she deserved that. She doesn't owe anything those idiots nothing.

Elena was smart to take the money? 

She is on the BLOCK. The same block that has been making her scared of being seen as expendable and sent out the door. 

Elena was smart to take the money?

She technically won the comp and could have taken the veto to save herself.

Elena was smart to take the money?

She literally begged people to keep her in the house last week because she’s broke and jobless. Then turns around and picks $5k that would probably only last her…a month or two in the real world.

Elena was smart to take the money? 

She picked $5k over guaranteed safety and another week closer to $500k.

Elena was smart to take the money?

All rise for your Heda. This is it. It’s finished. HOURS- MONTHS of my life have been devoted to this piece. I’ve lost sleep over this drawing. Please, please, please if you think it’s good give me a like and a reblog. I don’t normally desperately beg like this but when it comes to fanart this is my pride and joy. I don’t care if I never get another like in my entire life as long as this post does well. If all goes well Eliza Taylor is going to see this and sign it for me which would literally complete my existence as a fan. 

Anyway, one last time, if you like it, please share it. Legends never die and Lexa is my ultimate favorite character. This drawing is an embodiment of that. Every ounce of feeling I have in my heart come out through the tip of the pen while I worked on this.

Lots of love x


‘cause when you walked into the room just then

theatre au collab with @alrightpotter. here’s her part.

a/n: lucie, my love!!! happy birthday!!! i’d want to know you if you reached peak gay or became buffy summers dog or could only eat car tires. i love you badly. id probably give up weetbix for you. have the best day in the world.

Godric’s Post                                                                              8th February 2009

Film: The Wind In the Whomping Willows
Director: Bathilda Bagshot
Plot Summary: 4 friends go for a picnic. Boredom ensues.

I’ve never liked Bathilda Bagshot, and yes this may have been because of an incident at one of my parents’ house parties where she literally hissed at me when I reached for another baked potato, but the point still stands. She continues rely on prolonged dialogue scenes that don’t move the plot along and stretch to the point of absurdity, until the viewer is begging for a change in scene, shot, anything, only to presented with (unbelievably) yet more boredom.  

So put aside whatever resentment you’re harbouring that I just name dropped Bathilda Bagshot and that she used to come to my house, and wallow in how wasted my Friday night was watching this garbage. My personal highlight was the closing credits, because it meant I could at last be free from this endless hell of four people sitting in a wood, talking about sandwiches and grass for two hours straight.

Naturally I imagine some people enjoyed the film, (Bagshot does know her way around a camera, I’ll give her that, the cinematography was flawless.) however dear, cherished, hopefully-subscribed-and-not-reading-this-on-the-free-trial-reader, I must ask: who doesn’t like a little during movie commentary? Before Friday I would have said no one, but after Friday I would have to say no one, with the exception of uptight, haughty gingers.

Rather like Penelope Clearwater’s unfortunate character in The Wind in the Whomping Boredom, I too found myself being falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. In Clearwater’s case (she shines in the film, despite Bagshot’s insistence she be holding a mirror in every scene) it was of stealing the picnic sandwiches. Mine was the slightly more serious charge of ‘injuring’ a fellow reviewer.

I want it stated for the record that no such injury occurred, and that as far as I am aware popcorn is rarely classified as an assault weapon, but I am willing to hear argument on the matter. However I could be wrong because the reviewer in question seemed to genuinely enjoy the Wind In the Whomping Waste of Time, so maybe it wasn’t her eye that should be examined, but her brain.

In summary: this film has done the impossible and been even more tedious than Bagshot’s last effort, A History of the Snake Inside Me, which I didn’t think possible. My nine-year-old criticisms rarely stand up to scrutiny but I think my judgement of Ms Bagshot being The Worst has proven correct. Furthermore, I want it noted for no particular reason at all that if at any point I am contacted by a lawyer about paying medical bills for a non-existent injury, I will do something else ‘ridiculous’ and ‘childlike’ like toilet papering a Certain Reviwers house or broadcasting my witty and hilarious movie commentary over a loudspeaker during each and every film I will ever attend from this point on.

(the editor Remus J. Lupin wishes to clarify for legal reasons that comments above are aimed at no particular individual, all wishes views presented are the writer and the writers views alone, and to please not sue the paper)

Godric’s Post                                                                                  3rd March 2009

Film: 101 Fantastic Beasts
Director: Newt Scamander
Plot Summary: CGI animals have a good time. Audience have a good time.

Scamander has always had a talent for animation, even his questionable films like Beasts Which Are Fantastic If Only We Knew Where To Find Them (nonsensical, long-winded title) and The Porpentina Goldstein Story (thought it was going to be about hedgehogs. It was not.) should be seen purely for their onscreen beauty alone.

Thankfully, 101 Fantastic Beats wasn’t a repeat of the Hedgehog Incident but rather exactly what it says on the tin, 101 Fantastic Beasts romping around the city and having a jolly good time, until one of them dies and the entire world becomes a bleak hell-scape that you are desperate to escape because you can’t stop crying.

Unfortunately my screening experience of this charming film was somewhat hindered by the near constant stream of insults and accusations of ‘eye assault’ from a Certain Reviewer which culminated in said reviewer tipping popcorn that Was Not Hers across The Innocent Victims Lap.

The reviewers in question needn’t have ever spoken again but because a Certain Reviewer had slandered another Wholly Blameless Reviewer in her paper, which the Wholly Blameless Reviewer’s Mother reads, some things had to be sorted out. And those things were trying to get the Certain Reviewer to print a retraction so the Wholly Blameless Reviewers Mother would stop bloody going on about it.  

On top of this Wholly Blameless was mocked mercilessly for showing emotion during what ranks as one of the most heart-breaking scenes of all time, next to such movie moments as the ending of Dead Poets Society and the shooting of Bambi’s mother in Bambi. Obviously a Certain Reviewer needs to borrow a heart so she doesn’t have to poke fun at others for having what she does not: feelings. Wholly Blameless would be happy to lend her some of his, as he’s just good like that and not at all the ‘slice of expired a*shole’ he’d previously been accused of being.

101 Beasts has heart (unlike Certain Reviewer’s) and is appropriate for the whole family excluding twelve year olds, because obviously they’re terrible and you’d never want to take them anywhere anyway, so it’s a win-win.

(The editor wishes to clarify that the writers list of saddest movie moments is flawed because it has left off the Jack death scene from Titanic because the writer thinks ‘Cameron clearly emotionally manipulated the audience’ and ‘there was plenty of room for both of them on that door’ because the writer is an imbecile. The editor cannot believe he is the film critic.)

Godric’s Post                                                                                  11th April 2009

Film: The Cupboard Under The Stairs
Director: Gilderoy Lockhart
Summary: You really don’t want to know.

Gilderoy Lockhart has won two Oscars, and yet every time I watch one of his films I have to forcefully remind myself that it wasn’t shot by a nine-year old with a camcorder who uses their dog as a sound assistant. The dullness of the film will stun and bewilder all who see it, as it defies reason why such a thing should be made.

True Hairy Chins Shouldn’t Be Seen By The Public was wildly funny (despite meaning to be a serious documentary), but aside from that I can’t think of a Lockhart film I’ve ever enjoyed aside from classics like Gadding With Ghouls and Travels With Trolls which hardly look like Lockhart films at all, despite him having directed them.

Cupboard Under The Stairs is so mind-blowing ridiculous, from the wooden dialogue to the extended shots of director and star Lockhart doing mind-numbingly boring tasks while smiling garishly, that when I found myself sitting next to a Certain Reviewer I didn’t even bother to move but rather stayed if only to have something to do. A slight physical fight broke out, and by fight I mean a Certain Reviewer hit me for a comment I made about the twenty second long director credit, so obviously I pinched her, and then before I knew what was happening we had been thrown out.

I don’t want you to think, dear reader who has clicked on this review and therefore pays my rent, that I might have acted unprofessionally by getting thrown out a movie twenty minutes in. I want to clarify: I absolutely acted unprofessionally. There is no ‘might’ about it. But my point still stands: the film was garbage, and that fact that I could tell this from only the first twenty minutes is further evidence of its garbagery.

Now I know at this point you’re all clambering to hear more about the two hours I spent alone with a Certain Reviewer, as for some bizarre reason, you’re all incredibly interested in our relationship built off pure loathing and irritation. Well, prepare yourselves readers, because a Certain Reviewer’s favorite filmmaker is not only Wes Anderson (!! There should be a limit to the amount of pastel on a screen at one point). But she also hasn’t read the best novel of all time, The Great Gatsby, and then told me that that ‘wasn’t that weird’ and asked me to ‘close my mouth’ because ‘its been two minutes’ and its ‘getting weird’.

However she did earn points back by liking Star Wars (if she hadn’t, I may have committed a crime worse than Cupboard Under the Stairs’ acting) and she also noted that Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet was her sexual awakening, and I to felt a deep attraction to DiCaprio and still do despite his insistence on growing a beard every few years. She laughed at this, but I think it was a laugh of agreement, so therefore it wasn’t bad.

Cupboard Under the Stairs was one of the worst atrocities committed to film, but a Certain Reviewer agreed that Han shooting first was an important part of his character, so all is not wrong with the world.

Text from James Potter to Sirius Black: do u think i look like leonardo dicaprio

Sirius Black: no

Sirius Black: is this bc evans said she liked him

James Potter: absolutely not

Text from James Potter to Remus Lupin: do i look like leo dicaprio

Remus Lupin: firstly, dont call him leo

Remus Lupin: and secondly, obvsly not

Remus Lupin: no two people have ever looked more different

James Potter: fuck u

Text from James Potter to Peter Pettigrew: do i look like leo dicaprio

Peter Pettigrew: no u look like u have a thing for evans

Peter Pettigrew: sirius told me to say that

Peter Pettigrew: whos evans

James Potter: do u not even read my fuckin column pete

Peter Pettigrew: it costs four pounds a week to subscribe to ur shitty paper i don’t have that kind of money

Godric’s Post                                                                                     3rd May 2009


The Godric’s own Sirius Black, gossip columnist extraordinaire, was sent to the Red Carpet premiere of A Streetcar Named the Knightbus and reported back to us on all the hot gossip and glamour of the night.

In what may have been my favorite red-carpet to date, not in the least because Rita Skeeter was thrown out for badgering guests only ten minutes in, but because the greatest thing in the world happened. It was so great in fact, that I managed to look past the colossal injustice of me not being invited to walk the carpet myself, which was clearly a mistake (the editor Remus J Lupin would like to clarify it was not) and have a roaring good night.

May I just clarify that by roaring good night I mean I got absolutely plastered (The editor wishes to state that The Godric does not promote drinking) so the night comes back to me in bits, and from what I can remember everyone looked great. I can’t remember what the film was about, or even if they let me in (editor: they did not.) but even if it wasn’t I’m sure the film was good too. (editor: it was average)

But as I mentioned above, the best thing in the world happened, and that was that The Godric’s very own film critic James Potter got to walk the red carpet. He will tell you this is because his insightful and poignant columns are finally getting the attention they deserve. Any sane person would then loudly talk over him and say the real reason is because he’s become rapidly more popular with the introduction of a Miss Lily Evans, also a film critic, into his weekly reviews. Or, as James calls her, A Certain Reviewer. (editor: for legal reasons the editor must assert that A Certain Reviewer could be any individual and to please not sue the paper for defamation.)

Turns out Miss Evans had a popularity boost as well, because she was also on the red carpet, looking ravishing in a backless teal ballgown, and honestly, readers, it was a sight to see Evans in that dress. Potter obviously thought so to, as he spent the entire night staring. And not subtle staring. Obvious, in-awe, I-can’t-believe-a-person-can-look this-good, staring.

Now, once I’d gotten over the fact that not once in our ten-year friendship had James ever given me that look, I was absolutely thrilled. I had a thirty pound bet going that they’d be together by May and I’d just won, if that look was any indication. (the editor: it was twenty pounds.)

Furthermore, Evans and Potter spent the entire night talking, not even noticing how the cameras had utterly latched on to them despite having no idea who they were, purely based on the looks they were giving each other. It was a sight to behold, seeing two utterly oblivious people in formalwear hold a conversation probably about the merits of dressing gowns (they talk about weird stuff like that) while what felt like the entire world took photos.

Now I’m aware I’m meant to be discussing the gossip and glamour from the whole night and not just two D-list celebrities who happen to both be my friends. But consider this: I do not care. These photos are modern art. Both so clearly have a crush on each other it’s embarrassing. Even Moony would have to agree (the editor: I do.). Anyway, in summary of the night: I bet everyone reading this that they’ll be screwing in a month. Mark my words.

[image: a man in a suit and a woman in a dress, against a while backdrop with A Street Car Named the Knightbus film logo printed across it. Her head is turned towards him, laughing, holding a delicate purse. He is looking at her, mouth parted, like she is the first girl he has ever seen. Something to be looked at just to make sure she didn’t disappear, blown by the wind, like in a dream. A dream girl- except not. A real girl, in a real dress, in a real place. He can’t quite believe it. A hundred camera flashes go in the background.]

Text from Sirius Black to James Potter: so whens the wedding

James Potter: i fuckin hate u

Sirius Black renamed the group james’ got the hots for evans

James Potter: this is cyber bullying

James Potter: im calling netsafe

Remus Lupin renamed the group netsafe cant help the fact that ur in love with evans

James Potter renamed the group stop now

Sirius Black renamed the group not a chance mate

Sirius Black created the Facebook Page Lily Evans and James Potter should get it on

This page received 17,798 likes.

Text from Lily Evans to Sirius Black: im going to fucking maim u. take it down.

Sirius Black: sent a link

Lily Evans: if that’s a link to the fucking page i will cut your balls off

Sirius Black: its not

Sirius Black: on an unrelated note do not click on that link it is a virus I just remembered

Remus Lupin created the Facebook Page Lily Evans and James Potter should get it on part two because lily made us delete the last one

This page received: 21,104 likes.

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anonymous asked:

Okay so, I was thinkin' a Robert/MC request. And it sort of touches down on something more emotionally touching? Him opening up about his feelings and the MC knows its hard for him to do. Maybe toss in some sweet cuddles if ya need but yeah. That'd be totally neato.

This was a pretty tough one, I couldn’t think of anything that’ll get the emotionally touching feeling on so I’ve decided to make a little jealous robert thing if you don’t mind. Hopefully you all like it!

I won’t say (I’m jealous)
Robert Small X MC Daddy              

Robert said he needed to work on emotional things first before committing into any romantic relationship, which I really respect and I am more than willing to wait till he’s ready. He’s been going through a lot and I know that as a father you’d want focus on family matters first. His relationship with Val has definitely improved these past few months. Also, no more daily dose of whiskey shots at Jim and Kim’s. I’m really proud of all the progress he’s made. And as promised, I remained by his side as a friend.

“I like you, I like you a lot.” He said as he held my hand, we were sitting our tree by the backyard watching guests leave the party we held for Amanda.

Those words are all I could hold on at the moment. And if loving him means holding on to those words for as long as I can, hold on I will.

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Top 5 of 2.20

Clace at the party: So when I watched the first time I was slightly disappointed because I really wanted them to be completely happy after everything but when re watched with all expectations gone I realized how great this scene is. Something was off when Jace the entire party sequence. I really like that Clary immediately picked up on it. Jace tried his best to reassure her that everything was okay but you could tell by the way she was looking at him in that last frame before Luke showed up that she’s concerned. I hope we see this continue in S3 & she picks up on  whatever is going on.

Clary Freaking Fray: Now if you know me you Jace is my all time favorite & always will be but I love Clary. Through the course of S2 I have struggled with her because something was always holding her back from reaching the full blown heroine. In this episode she completely surpassed everything I can possibly want from the lead of the show. She’s compassionate & loyal but when you cross her she will kick your ass & not apologize The fight scene with Valentine was brutal but beyond amazing. Katherine McNamara killed it in this episode. You felt every single thing Clary felt & it was epic.   

Clace vs the Circle: So after the traitor is revealed he decides to would be great to hold Clary & Jace down & chop their heads off. Dom & Kat were great in this scene. You could feel the fears coming off them in waves as they just looked at each helplessly. Thankfully Jace was able to activate his powers & we got to see them kick ass together. I love how they ran to each other after. Its great that we have finally got to this point in there relationship & everything that happens between them is so emotionally charged

Jace’s death: The entire sequence from the moment Valentine stabbed Jace until Clary makes her wish was the best & most emotional thing the show has do so far. Jace apologizing to Clary & using his last breathe to tell her he loves her nearly broke my soul. I love that they gave focus to both Alec & Clary. They are the two most important people to Jace who were the most impacted by his death. Bravo to Dom, Matt, Kat & Alan who were all amazing. Clary crying over Jace’s body begging him to to leave her had be sobbing.

I don’t want anything else in the world: So of course Clary wishes for Jace & he is brought back. It kinda hurt my heart that Jace was so floored that anyone would choose him over everything. I also loved that he literally woke up asking Clary if she was okay. I am so beyond happy that they used a direct quote from the books.It was everything. You could feel Clary’s joy in this scene & that kiss was beyond words. It was so soft & pure. This is the moment I have been longing for between them. It was emotional & you could feel how much they mean to each other. I couldn’t ask for more