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The Last Picture Show

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Request: Hi. Please give me a cute, ep 4 inspired Jughead x reader. Thank you!

Notes: So this turned out a lot longer than I expected whoops. The opening scene is mainly for background and setting, taken pretty much directly from the episode (adding in the reader of course haha). Anyways I hope to be writing more Jughead in the future so let me know what you guys think!

“The drive-in closing is just one more nail in the coffin that is Riverdale. No, forget Riverdale. The coffin of the American Dream. As the godfather of indie cinema Quentin Tarantino likes to say–”

“Please, god, no more Quentin Tarantino references,” Kevin interrupts Jughead, glancing over at you with an expression practically begging you to rein Jughead in from his rant.

“What? I’m pissed. And not just about losing my job. The Twilight Drive-in should mean something to us. People should be trying to save it!” Jughead exclaims, leaning back against the booth with a huff. Veronica leans across the table, grabbing Jug’s hand gently to try and calm him down.

“In this age of Netflix and VOD, do people really want to watch a movie in a car? I mean, who even goes there?” She asks, trying to get him to understand the reason for the tear-down.

“People who want to buy crack,” Kevin responds, and you shoot him a warning glare.

“And cinephiles. And car enthusiasts. Right, Y/N?” Jughead turns to you, hoping that you’ll be on his side.

“Yeah. It’s a piece of town history,” you add, before Jughead turns his attention to Betty on his other side.

“Bets?” he prompts, drawing her out of her thoughts.

“Totally,” she responds absentmindedly, which seems to be enough for Jughead.

“Anyway, it’s closing because the town owns it but didn’t invest in it. So when an anonymous buyer made Mayor McCoy an offer she couldn’t refuse–”

“Anonymous buyer?” Veronica cuts in. “What do they have to hide? No one cares.”

“I do!” Jughead exclaims, and you take one of his hands in yours, interlacing your fingers under the table in an effort to calm him down. You’d known since the start of your relationship that he wasn’t much into PDA so you refrained from it, except for the occasional hand holding and Jughead’s arm wrapped loosely on your shoulders when he felt like it.

Jughead smiles down at you when you take his hand, before addressing the rest of the group.

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Our Story || Jack Maynard

A/N: this is a sad story, you have been warned.

My hand reaches out a takes ahold of Jack’s cold one.

“Do you remember when we first met?” I ask to no one in particular, “At Playlist, I was a fan.” I laugh a single tear falling from my eye.

“Hi,” I squeak out, a grin spreading across my face.

“Hello, Beautiful,” Jack grins, pulling me in for a hug.

“You asked me on a date after a meet and greet. Then we started dating and fell in love.” I smile at his beautiful face.

“I love you Y/N L/N,” He whispers into my ear as we both stare out towards the ocean.

“I love you, Jack Maynard,” I smile leaning up to press my lips to his softly.

I remain quite for a moment, “Do you remember our wedding? Oh, it was beautiful Jack, you loved it.”

The heart rate monitor beeps.

“You looked so handsome in your suit,” A sob racks my body.

My eyes trace him, “Do you, Y/N L/N, take Jack Maynard to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,” I grin at him, excitement radiating through my voice.

“And do you, Jack Maynard, take Y/N L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest says, softy.

“Oh you bet I do,” Jack says excitedly making the crowd of our friends and families laugh.

“Oh, and do you remember when I told you I was pregnant?” I ask a smile on my lips.

“Jack?” I call out when I hear our front door open and close.

“Yes, babe?” He calls back.

“I have a present for you,” I say when he finally reaches the room I’m stood in. I hand him a box.

“Oh?” He says confusedly, “What is it?”

“Just open it,” I say grinning.

He opens the box and lifts the stick up, “You’re pregnant?” He asks softly. His eyes filled with tears meet mine, I nod my head my smile growing. He drops the box and wraps his arms around me tightly.

“And the day that Max was born,” I wipe the tears from my face.

“Congratulations it’s a boy!” The nurse cries. Tears fall from my eyes as my baby is placed in my arms.

“Jack,” I call, He appears beside me tears falling down his cheeks. He presses his fingers to our baby’s cheek softly.

“And now here we are at the end of our story,” I sigh, “You don’t have to suffer any longer my love, you can let go, ill see you soon, I mean I turn ninety next week.”

I stand up and press my lips to his forehead, “I have promised to love you forever, I will always keep my promise to you, Jack.”

A loud beep resonates through the room. My eyes move to the heart rate monitor. He’s flatlined.

“Goodbye my love, I’ll be joining you again soon,” I say, tears falling from my eyes rapidly.

I Don’t Hate You (Robb Stark)

Sentence prompt

Can you do a Robb Stark x reader using 6, 11, and 42? And can the reader possibly be Theon’s younger sister and a ward of the Starks as well? Thank you!!! - @laurennicole1313

#6 “Could you be any louder?”
#11 “Same time tomorrow?”
#42 “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Word Count: 1685

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Jack let out a small sigh, his body relaxing as he realized that Joe had finally drifted off to sleep, a sleep that would hopefully be uninterrupted.

Glancing out the window, he noticed that the sun was just beginning to rise. Another long night had passed.

Looking back down at his boyfriend, his fingers brushed across Joe’s cheeks, frowning at the prominent marks under his eyes, evidence of the last few months and how hard they had been.

And Jack had just closed his eyes, too tired to even lay down properly in bed, so he remained sitting up, his back resting against the headboard, when the first whimper met his ears.

His eyes snapped open, focusing on Joe, who’s face was contorting into one of fear and anguish, the look causing an ache in Jack’s heart.

“Shhh….” He said softly, running his fingers softly through Joe’s hair, “You’re okay.”

The slumbering body shifted, turning towards Jack’s own body, and the younger man reached out with his free hand, allowing Joe to latch onto it, the grip tight despite Joe still being asleep.

Continuing to sooth the other man, Jack kept running his fingers through Joe’s hair, speaking softly to him, calming him back into a peaceful slumber.

It didn’t take long until the whimpers subsided, and Joe’s face relaxed once again, his grip loosening slightly on Jack’s hand, his body stilling in its movements.

And as the sun cascaded through the window, Jack closed his eyes, sleep finally taking him as well.

The nightmares had been occurring for months now.

Neither of them knew what triggered them, but they were, and Joe was constantly waking up screaming, his body shaking, and his eyes wild.

Jack would do his best to comfort him, to try to calm him enough to go back to sleep, but it seemed as if nothing was working, and it got to the point of Joe being afraid to go to sleep, afraid of the nightmares.

The lack of sleep was taking its toll on both of them, even though Joe had insisted that Jack should just go to sleep and not worry about him, but Jack denied, saying he wouldn’t be able to without Joe. And anyways, he was always going to worry. That was part of being in a relationship.

But Jack was more than worried. He was watching Joe deteriorate in front of him, his body almost unable to function because it had gotten so little sleep. And while Joe didn’t talk about the nightmares, Jack knew that the images remained with him through the day. It hurt Jack, knowing that he wasn’t able to do anything to help, when all he wanted to do was make it so Joe could get a good nights rest once again.

“What’s this?” Joe asked as Jack handed over the wrapped item.

“I saw it today, and I was hoping it’d help.”


“Please,” The younger man pleaded, “Just try it.”

Joe opened his mouth to say more, but closed it, slowly opening the gift. He lifted the dreamcatcher, letting it hang from his finger as it twirled, the blues and greens weaving together, the sunlight catching on the decorations on it.

“They say that it traps nightmares and only allows good dreams in,” Jack blushed, shuffling on his feet, “So maybe it’ll trap your nightmares.”

“I…I don’t know what to say…”

“It’s stupid, isn’t it? I’m sorry. I just, I want to help. But I don’t know how. And I saw this, and thought, hey, worth a try. But it’s fine, I can take it back.”

“Jack!” Joe interrupted the rambling, placing the dreamcatcher gently on the table, pulling the younger man down onto the couch beside him, “Thank you. And no, it isn’t stupid. It’s sweet and thoughtful.”

“Really?” Jack fiddled with Joe’s fingers, his eyes studying the tired ones staring back at him.

“Yes,” The older man leaned forward, placing a simple kiss on Jack’s lips, “And I know you want to help. You have been. I promise.”

“I want them to stop, I don’t like seeing you like this.”

“Me too, babe.” Joe sighed, resting his forehead against Jack’s, “Me too.”

They hung the dreamcatcher in their bedroom, with Jack explaining the best position as told by the person he bought it from.

And that night, when the fear appeared in Joe’s eyes, Jack soothed him, pressing their bodies close together, running his fingers along Joe’s bare back.

When Joe finally closed his eyes, his body unable to stay awake any longer, Jack remained awake a while longer. Watching. Waiting.

But there was no whimpers. No movements. No face of horror and anguish.

Instead, Joe slept. And so Jack closed his eyes, falling asleep as well.

For the first time in months, the two slept through the entire night.

Boredom (Request)

could you write one where harry and y/n go to the movies together and maybe it’s something he doesn’t really wanna see or he wanted to do something else so he starts to like tease and touch her during the movie because he’s bored or lost interest

I’m alive!!


“Do we have to go to this, (Y/N)?” Harry asked, whining a bit. “This movie doesn’t sound interesting at all.”

You were currently sat in bed, leaning against the headboard while Harry’s head was on your stomach. He had an arm slung around your waist and was nuzzling his face into your side. The plan for the day was to meet up with some mutual friends and see a film together. Normally, Harry wouldn’t have an issue with this idea but he had just returned from being away and hadn’t really been able to spend time with you yet. He hadn’t been away for an extremely long time, but he had still been gone and he had still missed you.

“Harry, it’ll only be for a couple of hours,” you replied, running a hand through his hair. “Then we’ll come back and have the rest of the day to ourselves, I promise.”

“We won’t though!” he protested. “They’re gonna want to do dinner afterward and then dessert and then we’ll be talkin’ in the restaurant until late and by the time we get home all you’ll want to do is go to sleep. Won’t get to spend any time with you at all.”

“Then we’ll spend tomorrow together,” you said.

“S’not what I want though, love,” Harry murmured, slowly edging the hem of your shirt up so your tummy was exposed. He started placing tiny kisses to your skin and the sensation caused goosebumps to pop up all over your body. “I wanna spend time with you now; missed you while I was gone.”

“I know you did,” you sighed, closing your eyes and leaning your head back as he continued to love on you. “I missed you too, but you’re home for a while now; we’ll have lots of time. Just come to the movie tonight, hmm? For me?”

You started scratching lightly at his scalp which you knew was his undoing. He paused his lips on your stomach and let out a rather unattractive moan which caused you to giggle.

“Fine,” he said, crawling up so he was level with your lips. “But s’only because I love you so much, yeah?”

You giggled again as he pressed his lips to yours.

“I love you, too. You’ll have fun, I promise.”


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Not Yet

Down the fanfiction rabbit hole I plunge! My first real attempt at Odesta…kinda. Oh lawd, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Canon compliant.

“I miss the waves,” I whisper softly, fingers toying with strands of copper hair. He smiles at me, the soft, adoring smile that the Capitol never got to see. This was something precious Snow could never take from me. Finnick’s mouth then stretches wide with a yawn.

“Dream about them,” he whispers as he twines our fingers together.

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Jongdae + end of Promise in Xi'an

Michael’s hand slid along your waist, down to your hip before he scooted closer to you, his front pressed to your back. “You awake, sweetheart?” he murmured, his lips brushing against your ear.

A shiver ran down your back at his touch, your eyes fluttering open. “Yeah,” you responded just as quietly, surprised he was even still awake. Both of you had finished smoking with the rest of the boys only an hour or so ago and Michael normally passed out once he got high. Moving onto your back, you found him holding his head up with his cheek, his elbow bent on the pillow. “What’s up?”

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Natalia gently grazed her boyfriend’s bare chest, waiting for him to wake up. With a rarity, both of them having a day off, she wanted to spend it completely with him. She hadn’t planed for anything big, but did want to make sure that their day consisted of pancakes and sex. Maybe throw in a movie or two, but today was about spending it with the man she loved. 

“Mmm.” She leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Wake up…I have a surprise. And I promise you can eat this one.”


iv-on-ka  asked:

Hi Diane , I would like to read a about beautiful first fight between Oliver and Felicity, about how they are looking arguments to convince each other with each of them they are right and how they are finaly reach agreement in the most passionate way :) (sorry for my english )

Firstly sorry it’s taken me so long, I sort of struggled with this one, so I need to thank aussieforgood​ and florence-bubbles​ for helping me brain storm… I just hope this is sort of what you asked for? I apologise in advance for the feels in this one, my muse just rolled with it!

Unexpected Plans.

“I cannot believe you just did that Oliver!” Felicity huffed pulling herself out of the pool. Her jeans and t-shirt were soaked, and water was dripping from everywhere. Oliver smiled at her playfully.

“We were meant to be sunbathing remember?” He teased.

“Yes sunbathing not throwing me, fully clothed, into a pool!” She let her anger take over as he carried on smiling at her. “You’re such a jerk sometimes.”

“Hey, you were the one that came down in jeans and t-shirt…” She shook her head at him.

“Yes well I didn’t feel like sunbathing!” She shouted as she pushed passed him. It was then he realised she was genuinely angry.


“Just leave me alone Oliver.” She didn’t turn around as she walked off, but he couldn’t leave her so he chased after her.

“What is going on with you? And don’t say-”

“Nothing.” They said together, he raised an eyebrow as she stood waiting by the lift. She placed her hand in her pocket and pulled out her dripping phone.

“I am so angry right now Oliver…” She whispered not looking at him instead staring at her phone in her hands.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly, placing his hand on her arm she recoiled away from him.

“Well you should have thought about that before you got us into this mess!” She shouted it so loudly, her bottom lip trembling slightly. He frowned as the elevator doors opened and she marched in slamming the closed door button. He stood there staring as the doors closed and his mind was in shock. He’d never seen her that angry before, and yes he knew how precious her electronics were but there was something else. He could see it in her eyes, the way her lip quivered there was something she wasn’t telling him.

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Fic: Wait Til I’m Home

anon prompted: a fic where Kurt usually comes home late (around 9 or 10) but one night Blaine waits and waits and he doesn’t come home and it’s past midnight and Blaine starts worrying and then panicking that Kurt was hurt again while walking home, and by 1am Blaine finally decides to go out looking for him but he opens the door and to leave and Kurt is there, completely oblivious

~980 words, PG, sappy as hell.

“Perfect,” Blaine said quietly. He straightened up and surveyed his handiwork, pleased with the table display he’d managed to pull together on short notice after deciding he wanted to surprise Kurt with cheesecake from the fancy bakery a couple blocks away as a nice midweek treat. They’d already had some fresh flowers from the stand at the end of the block, and their artfully mismatched vintage plates shone in the light from their silver candlesticks, making the dessert look even more appetizing than usual. Blaine couldn’t wait to dig in.

Unfortunately, he had to wait at least another fifteen minutes for Kurt to get back from his rehearsal, and that was only if everything went smoothly. They were ironing out staging and sound issues, so even though Kurt was supposed to be home around 9:30, it was likely that he’d be closer to 10:30.

Blaine wasn’t too concerned, though. Kurt had sounded optimistic about their scheduled run-through, and there were plenty of DVRed episodes of Face Off for him to watch until Kurt got back. Dessert would keep.

One episode turned into two, which turned into Blaine getting up to refrigerate the cheesecake and blow out the candles. He tried to ignore the rolling feeling in his stomach as he bustled around the kitchen.

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sydneymikayla  asked:

Can you do a mix of sexual 54 and pregnancy 10 for Ashton and if not a mix than maybe one of each ? Thank you love !

There’s someone I’d like you to meet.“ You whispered into the phone, your voice was rough with lack of sleep and he was worried. Why would you be calling him at this time of night about meeting someone? “Can you come over?” And those were definitely words he’d never thought he’d hear again.

“I’m on my way.” He’d never driven so quickly in his life, usually he was a law abiding citizen but when your ex-girlfriend calls you in the middle of the night with a voice that was a mixture of complete exhaustion and badly concealed fear, you rushed over.

You had the door open before he could even turn off the car and you met him on the front stoop. He took in the bags under your eyes and the way your loose sweater fell off one shoulder. You looked a little worse for wear but still just as beautiful as he remembered.

“Are you alright?” Was the first question he asked and you gave him a defeated and tired smile.

“I’m fine. I guess. I just, I just couldn’t hide this from you. I’ve been thinking it over for the past few days and I know you made it clear that you wanted nothing to do with me,” He tried to interject, he loved you but he had to do what was best for you. The stress of him being gone was too much for you so he did the only thing he could. He chose your health over his happiness and let you go. You held up your hand with a sigh. “It’s alright but like I was saying, I can’t be so selfish. Not with you.” You had whispered the last part but he still heard it, eyes sad as he wondered if breaking up with you is what you had actually needed or a delusion he decided was the best. “Do you have time to come in?”

He drove to your house at three in the morning of course he had time.

“Take your shoes off and be quiet.” He was confused but he listened to you, following your lead. You led him to the back room in your house, the guest room. But once you opened the door, he realized that was not what it was at all. The walls were a light blue and the furniture was a soft white colour. A rain machine was quietly filling the room but his eyes were more drawn to what was in the back corner. Or rather who was in the back corner. His eyes went wide, snapping to your face but your head was down. You were nervously playing with your fingers as you could feel his stare on your face.

“Is this- Look at me- Is this what I think it is?” His voice was barely a whisper but you could feel the emotion behind it. You nodded your head, you put your head back down as tears began to fill your eyes but you refused to let them fall.

“He’s your son.” You replied and you could hear his sharp intake of breath. He had a son.

“Can I- Can I get a little closer to him? Will he wake up?”

“You can get closer. He usually wakes up around this time to be changed.”

His movements were slow as if he stepped the wrong way or too fast the image in front of him would shatter and he would wake up from a dream. He reached the edge of the crib, his hands gripping the edges as he could make out the small baby laying there. He couldn’t be more than a few days old. Like clockwork he let out a small but audible yawn as he stretched his small frame. His cries started up soon there after and you were taking him into your arms. Cooing at him as he worked himself up. You walked him to the changing table but a hand landing gently on your arm asked you the silent question. You laid him down and let Ashton take over.

He was so gentle, easing the small child with a grace you’d never seemed to be able to achieve. But the best part was when he lifted him up afterwards, the small baby barely bigger than his hands and you’d never been more in love than you were watching Ashton lull him back to sleep.

It was about ten minutes later that you found yourself back in your living room with Ashton standing in front of you. And maybe it was hormones or maybe it was all too much but you burst into tears, sobs racking your body as you tried to keep quiet and not wake the child. He was holding you before the first tear made it’s way down your face.

“I’m so sorry.” You cried but he shushed you, rubbing your back and hair as he rested his chin on top of your head.

“It’s alright.”

“No, it’s not! I should have told you. You deserved to know.” You argued but it was so weak and so very, very broken that it sounded more like a plead but for what you didn’t know.

“I did but I also broke up with you. I was the one to do that. You were scared and I don’t blame you.” He was so sincere and you believed him from the first word.

“You really aren’t mad at me?” You whimpered and he pulled back and looked down at you with a fond look. The same fond look you’d seen him give his child.

“No, of course not. I need to explain something to you though.” You nodded for him to go on. “I lied to you. I didn’t break up with you because I stopped loving you.” You furrowed your eyebrows. You could still remember the words he’d said to you over the phone. It’s just not working anymore, I just don’t have the same feelings for you that I did. I’m sorry. You remember the fear you felt in your very soul as you clenched the sonogram in your hand. You remember the feeling in your heart that only grew with each passing day that you weren’t with him or at least calling him.

“What are you talking about?”

“I broke up with you because I could see how tired you were when we would skype. I could see the pain in your eyes as you would tell me you missed me. I was breaking you apart and I knew I had to do something. I had to help you. So I let you go.” You stared at him for a good twenty seconds in silence before an absolutely hysteric laugh broke from your lips. And he had no idea what to do.

“Uh, should I call someone because you look a little joker like to me right now and I’m not quite sure what to do.” And that only made you laugh harder as you clutched your stomach in one hand and his arm in the other. When you finally got yourself together you gave him a look.

“Ash, I was tired because of work. And I the ‘pain’ was just a mild fear of trying to figure out how to tell you I was pregnant. And while I missed you, you weren’t breaking me apart. I was doing that on my own.” You promised and he stared at you this time.

“So you’re telling me, I broke up with the absolute love of my life who was carrying my child because I’m an idiot?”

“Well, I wouldn’t have worded it quite so nicely but yes.” You shook your head with a smile on you face. You weren’t sure why this amused you. You blamed your hormones.

“So what would you say if I asked you on a date?” He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment and you could so clearly remember him doing that the first time you met.

“On one condition.” You held up your finger with the raise of your eyebrow.


“Come with me.” He followed you back into the baby room and smiled as you held up a box with what looked like a stroller in it.

“You put this blasted thing together while I feed him.”

“But he is asle-,” A sharp cry pierced the air and you grinned as he gave you a surprised look. “How?”

“He may only be a week old but he made a schedule.” You gave an air filled snort of laughter. “Just like someone I know.” You winked at him as you picked him up with a coo. “Mama’s got you.” You unbuttoned your shirt enough for him to begin feeding and Ashton just watched the two of you in amazement.

God, you’re amazing.“ Ashton whispered and you didn’t look up.

“He is isn’t he?” You smiled, looking down at him with a grin.

“I meant you love but yeah, he’s pretty amazing too.” You blushed as the baby finished up, too small for a lot of milk yet. “Here I’ve got him.” He said, holding out his large hands.

“I’m going to hand you to daddy now, alright?” He looked up at you with squinted eyes and you smiled. “Yeah, he’s here. Daddy’s here.” Ashton couldn’t help the grin on his lips as he took him in his arms again. You buttoned your shirt back up and squeaked when Ashton’s arm that wasn’t holding the tiny child pulled you in closer to him. He smiled at you before leaving a soft kiss on your lips.

“I love you. Always have and I always will.” He promised.

“I love you too.”

“And I love you little one. You know that?”


“What?” He questioned and you gave him a smile.

“His name is Killian.”

“Please tell me you did not name our child after your favorite TV show character.” He whined and you bit your lip as you looked up at him shyly.

“Not completely. It’s a cute name.” You argued, “And his middle name isn’t Jones.”

“I swear if it’s-.”

“David.” He groaned quietly as he stared at you with those fond eyes again.

“Only you would name our child after Once Upon A Time fairytale characters.” He teased and you leaned up to peck his cheek before leaving one on Killian’s as well, the sight of your family together making you feel warm. “Killian David Irwin. I kind of like it.”

“Look on the bright side. I could have named him Gordan Thomas or Michael Fletcher. You’re both welcome.”

Blurb Request List here.

I tried to end it on a happier note but I’m not sure it worked out. Hope you like it lovely. I made it a bit longer because I wanted to put both lines in there! Much love. @sydneymikayla

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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Harry Styles Imagine - You Found Me

based off the song “you found me” by the fray, send me suggestions for more imagines/preferences! 

Two months ago Harry left for tour, since then only very little exchanges between you had occurred. He was suppose to come home for a week between legs. Time meant for spending with you, however he used it to party and spend time with his family.

“Hello?” his raspy voice answers,

“Hey, Harry. How’ve you been?” you answer, biting your lip.

“Good, erm.. I have to go I’ll stop by later, I promise. Ok bye.” before you even had a chance to reply the beeping started bringing your phone back to it’s homescreen.

A few days ago you had found out your grandfather had died, being so close to him it was a major loss to you. You hadn’t even told Harry yet because, when could you? he was never home to listen. You decided to watch some tv to hopefully take your mind off of everything that’s been occupying your brain.

Before you knew it, it was a quarter past midnight. Sighing, you picked up your candy wrappers and headed into the bathroom. He hadn’t shown up, breaking his promise as usual. When you got into the hall you saw a picture of you, Harry and your grandfather at his last birthday before he passed. Tears filled your eyes as you sunk to the floor, cradling the last you had of the two of them. Sobbing your dog ran up the stairs and into your arms, attempting to comfort you, shortly after he headed back downstairs to sit by the door.

“(y/n)?” Harry asked coming up the stairs, “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay, Harry? Where were you, I haven’t seen you in months and whenever you’re available to see me, you don’t want to. I feel like I don’t even know you..”

“Oh baby.. I’m so sorry, why are you holding that?” he asks taking the picture from your hands, “oh no, he didn’t… did he?” he asks knowing how bad your grandfathers condition has been these past few months.


“Oh my god, and I was here too. (y/n) I’m so so sorry, I should’ve been here.”

“Yes Harry, you should have, but you weren’t. You were too busy partying with your friends. Too busy to call, too busy to text. nothing. Nothing is what it has been for months Harry. Do you love me anymore?” You sob.

“(y/n).. Of course I love you, I always love you, no amount of no communication can change that. I’ve been a shit boyfriend I know that. I just need you to forgive me, please. I promise I’ll call every night, and text ever time I’m available.”

“Harry..” I interrupt,

“Please, (y/n), please forgive me.”

“Of course I forgive you, I love you.”

“I love you too, so much more than you’ll ever know. I’m so sorry.” He says taking you into his arms.

“Please just, don’t leave me all alone like that again.” You whimper into his chest.

“I promise babygirl.”