i have limited editing skills really


Hey guys! You may have heard, on one of my blogs or not, about a rewrite of Newsies with a queer lens! Well, here’s what you need to know about it- how to join in, our main focuses, and what we need to get it written! (And maybe recorded?) 

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bashfully-alien  asked:

Your pixel art is amazing and a huge insp to me! Do you have any tips n tricks for ppl just starting out??

thank you!!

aa the best advice is the Basic Advice™ - just draw. the unfortunate thing about art is skill doesn’t happen overnight and it really does only come with practice.

more Personal Advice™ is use art programs that are actually good for pixel art. ms paint is ok but super limiting. i like to use sai for lines and colours and then photoshop for any colour edits/filtering. also

clean lines are good lines

Sometimes I wrestle with the limited scope of fanfiction, especially because it’s so different from writing original fiction. As I work on my original fiction, I realize that fanfic has given me only limited practice in creating new material, even after so many tenuously connected AUs. It feels like I’ve been wasting time.

But I got some feedback today on some professional (nonfiction) writing, which was really positive about my overall strength as a writer–and I realized that that’s all from fanfic. Fanfic is where I have taken the time to hone my skills, even when I was writing the laziest most id-indulgent stuff. I wrote and rewrote and edited it because I liked it, because fanfic is the only place where I really enjoy the process of writing instead of just the finished product. And those skills translated.

So keep writing fanfic, even when you feel like it’s going nowhere. I promise you, none of it is wasted.


“Who do you think I am? Tell me! Who do you think I am?”


Hello! Im an aspiring design student and fees are really heavy orz so im trying to acquire as many odd jobs as possible ^^ my mom also has a lot of stress financially and is saving up for my college and I want to help a little bit.

Ive been thinking of commissioning some skills such as editing photographs, making custom themes, pages, and misc things like apparel, notebooks, wall posters, etc! basically id have custom orders and designs available for purchase. Pricing will be determined if i get enough requests~

My skills dont really match up with what i have on tumblr because what i have here is very limited, and I’m capable of more. id make anything of any style and for any occasion!

If anyone is interested in this would you send me a message telling me if youre interested as well as what youd like to see?

If i get around 20 messages ill consider it and put up samples of my non pastel work + my portfolio if anyone requests for it.

please spread the message even if youre not interested in buying anything! Thank you so much~


Pyaar Actually

Starring: Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahid Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu, Hrithik Roshan, Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan & Arjun Rampal

Happy birthday to the lovely Brooke!

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2,000+ Follower Event :D

So I figured out how to treat you guys for all the fun, loyalty, and dank memes for the however long I have had this blog and been fire memebleming it up on this crazy website!

So this this Wednesday (10/26) I will be wearing my Marth cosplay for a Halloween event as well as on Monday Evening (10/31).

SO what’s in it for you?

You guys will be able to request photos/poses of me in Marth cosplay!

Always wanted to see Marth dabbing? Sticking his leggy out real far? Or really wanted to draw Marth but did have a reference pose?! Now you can!

Side note: If my camera works then there will be nicer photos otherwise I may have to work with phone cameras. My photo editing skills are limited as well, but I know some basics.


  • Prefer not to have anonymous requests but if you are too anxious then I totally understand
  • Please start your ask with “Cosplay Request” or “CR” so I can tell it is for that and not a general ask. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise I may misinterpret or ignore your ask!
  • Request must be SFW. I am not taking off my pants. The general public will not appreciate that.
  • Falchion requests will be limited to a few, as I will be on a school campus when I wear my costume for the events so idk if my sword prop is allowed
  • You don’t have to be following to make a request!
  • I have ever right to deny any request as these will be for free for use kinda thing.
  • Please don’t edit my photos without permission. You are allowed to trace over for a drawing or use as direct reference however.
  • I will be accepting requests until Sunday (10/30). That is your last chance! Last time to send in anything

So yeah! Send in your requests! Thank you guys for such a wonderful fandom and experience!