i have like... 24 more of these lmao

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

basically, two years ago i spent a ridiculously long amount of time on this (ttotd to last christmas):

and i had almost eradicated it from my memory, but then i found it on my desktop and remembered that i had actually written everything down for s9, and all i had to do was thors, for tonight we might die and doctor mysterio, and i was very bored yesterday so i thought ‘eh, why not’

turns out i could have just copied and pasted the script, since wordle gets rid of common english words anyway. i changed my rules about 20 times in this about what words count as common words and what don’t fml, which is why ‘hello’ is so small but still there. ah well.

might add s10 on too when it comes out, because i know i can copy and paste the script now. yay.

you know that one video,,, is Michael’s Squip


Hello there binch baguettes! After one anonymous question (such popular demand) I have put out my skin care essentials for no one to give a shit about!

Before I begin, I have a few disclaimers. Numero uno: I am not a board-certified dermatologist (although you should pray for me because im trying to get into the system) so this should not replace anything that your doctors’ have recommended for you. 

Numero dos: I used to have acne just like everyone else in this damn world! Yea it fricken sucks but you know what it goes away especially if you’re patient. I actually never went to a derm and I waited till my hormones balanced out..boom it started un-flaring lmao. 

Numero tres: whenever you want to buy skincare i highly suggest to do a patch test of it before you put it on your face. I do this buy putting a small amount on my wrist and if i see a reaction within like 24 hours (obviously like leave it on for a few min and wash it off) i throw that shit out! **this is how i found out i can’t have any products with honey in them!

Numero quatro: I love to change up my skincare products everyday, I don’t use the same thing everyday and I highly suggest you do the same thing! 


Morning: I do not wash my face in the morning! My mom always told me not to wash it in the morning because it actually dries out your face more?? So i don’t lmao. i tone my face with some witch hazel that i buy on amazon (its like william thatcher or something). Then I put on either Niacin B3 serum (also on amazon), rosehip oil (amazon), or the ordinary’s buffet serum (deceim). After that I use glossier’s priming moisturizer.. its actually not bad and it prevents any dryness that comes with using serums… Then i do my makeup and spray some rosewater to make it look like i sweated a lot 

Nights: Ok i like to do a peel every 2 weeks and by that i mean an actual acid peel! I do this to keep the pH of my skin balanced out! Your skin actually prefers acidity over basicity (umm how do you think it kills all those microbes) so shit with benzoyl peroxide is literally like putting ammonia on your skin lmao. I love Makeup Artists Choice to get my peels because they are trustworthy and they actually make their own stuff in labs!! NEVER BUY PEELS WITHOUT READING REVIEWS!! Their stuff is super affordable and I actually buy the sample sizes and they last me months! My favorite peel is the Radiance peel and it literally clears me up within a day. I love their Argan oil because it’s 100% virgin with no additives and its the best for people with oily skin! i use it after peels because you need something moisturizing without any acids in it! If im not doing peels (theres also lactic acid and mandelic acid) I use their gly-uronic serum which is actually great for any breakouts or even smoothing out wrinkles and of course I wait a few minutes and slab on that moisturizer!! 

Thats pretty much it.. i tried to keep it short 

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Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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Hey! So I'm literally taller than every RFA member could you do some headcanons of MC being taller than RFA+ Saeran?? Thanks :)

Woahhh you must be pretty tall! I’m pretty short lol. I added V as well, I hope you don’t mind^^

RFA+V and Saeran react to a Tall MC

-Zen is SHOOK
-The beast is unleashed
-He’s use to being taller than most other people
-Power couple lol, you are taller than everyone
-Both of you fight over who gets to be the big spoon
-Zen wins usually (more like the beast wins)

-A bit shook
-He’s use to smaller women
-He didn’t expect you to be his height
-He doesn’t care for the most part, height doesn’t really matter to him(personality does!)
-When you guys are out in public, you are legit giraffes compared to everyone

-A bit disappointed, he wants to be the taller one XD
-Uses you to reach tall cabinets sometimes
-When you get into fights, you sometimes hold his controller to one of his consoles to annoy him
-It’s nice sometimes though, because if men hit in you, you can intimidate th m with your height
-No yandere yoosung(thank god, please stay pure Yoosung)

-Likes being smol
-Is usually the small spoon
-Laughs because one time you hit your head on the doorway to the cafe(but then quickly makes sure you’re okay)
-Feels really protected when you’re around, so tall^^
-When she won’t stop working, you threaten to put her coffee on a shelf she can’t reach, she stops working
-Sometimes you carry her bridal style when you go up to bed, Baehee.EXE has stopped working

-Piggiebacks for days
-Likes you to carry him bridal style lmao
24/7 he’s like “I don’t wanna walk, can I have a piggyback?”
-Lowkey more like highkey brags about you in the group chat, “Did ya know, my MC is 6 feet tall” Seven, you’ve told us that five times

-He thought he was tall, but nope
-Sometimes when he’s taking pictures, you lift him up to get him the right angle
-Boi, he’s flustered
-You guys are around the same height but you say you’re bigger
-Sure MC

-Like Jumin he doesn’t mind height
-Except when you hold things above him, MC GiVE tHe Ice CrEaM
-Hates when you hit your head on doors, one time he threatened the door, no joke
-He loves when you hide things from Saeyoung
-You guys are master prankers when it comes to hiding Saeyoung’s things

~Mod Saeran
Wooooo we finally get to write stuff!!

I really like that Spencer doesn’t have the same ending as the other girls romance wise. I think Spoby will do fine, but I’m glad she didn’t have the same ending as the others - especially because they’re about 24 years old and not ALL of them have to be married with a kid. To have Spoby be a couple completely and jump right past the weirdness - Yvonne, Alex, etc. - that would be too much. It feels more realistic to have her and Toby be going back to each other and starting this up again and despite my complaints I rather like that.

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MayuImaHimu sex hc and family hc (anything about their teenage children, if i'm allowed to be more specific)

Thanks for requesting these side characters ♡ So many people are asking for sex headcanons lmao yall thirsty

✿ - Sex headcanon


  • When he has sex his mouth runs like a fucking mo t o R with all the filthy dirty talk he has up his sleeve. Like seriously, expect him to be very descriptive. He might spare you his words if it’s only your first time together (instead using his words as a means of encouragement) but once you get used to being intimate with him, he has no filter
  • “You like it when I lick here? *licks* Haha, you have such a lewd body, __________, look at your hips wriggling like that… Do you want more of that? Mm-mm, no, you have to ask nicely. Say it.”


  • He lives for foreplay, like if only he can better control his desire to fuck you, the foreplay will go on and on and on. This is mainly because he loves seeing you lose your mind under his touch, it gives him a serious power surge. Plus he gets to hear your voice become louder and louder until you eventually beg him, which is probably the best thing he’s ever heard.
  • He loves basking in the glow with you, both right after sex and the morning after sex. The morning after always overwhelms him with so much love for you, seeing you peacefully lying next to him… to the point where he gets turned on and initiates another round.


  • This guy is some sort of god when it comes to getting you in the mood. He uses subtle methods, like rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt and unbuttoning the first two buttons, light touches here and there, etc. etc. and the fact that it’s not obvious makes you wonder if he’s really trying to seduce you or he’s acting completely normal (you almost always become turned on). He’s good at doing this thanks to his poker face.
  • LOVES SEEING YOU IN FRILLY STUFF, he won’t even try to take all of it off because he gets off so much by seeing you in it as he fucks you, and all of a sudden this boy just turns into a carnivorous freaking beast??? Takes you hard and fast so prepare yourself ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

♥ - family headcanon


  • OMG imagine him having a teenage daughter who’s so hot that everybody wants to bone but whoever tries anything with her Imayoshi just *snap* send them a look from behind his glasses and the boys will piss their pants and scram….. poor girl is having difficulty with her love life despite her great looks and personality thanks to the rumor going around school that her dad is part of the yakuza
  • which may or may not be true lmao
  • He hates coming off as an overprotective parent, but he knows it’s for the wellbeing of his child, so he takes it anyway, although it hurts the most when his daughter throws jabs at him for being overprotective. If he has to be the bad guy to keep their heart from being broken, so be it.


  • This guy probably takes the approach of being friends with his kids. He tries his best to instigate discussions and conversations with his kids since young, so that they get used to telling him things that are going on in their lives. Because of this, if for some reason his kids refuse to tell him about something particular that is happening to them, he will be very sad about it because he thinks his kids don’t trust him/are scared of him.
  • Bans phones and other gadgets during family meals together. I imagine he thinks that actually spending time with the family matters way more than just sitting together and not paying attention to each other. Normally, most teen kids hate this kind of house policy, but since his kids are buddies with him, they’re totally chill about it.


  • The mysterious quiet dad that sometimes pop up in animes lmao like literally poker faced 24/7, chills in the living room reading the newspaper while having his coffee and all that. He’s very observant, though, so he will notice if anything is going on in his child’s life, and will bring it up very casually, like if his child likes somebody or not. His child doesn’t know why they’re still surprised at how their dad figured it out… it’s always been that way.
  • Mayuzumi isn’t much of a talking person, but he cares so much for his loved ones. His child would be the type that asks him for advice, but in a very vague and disattached way so that they can probably fool their dad into thinking that it’s not that big of a deal. Mayuzumi, of course, catches on pretty quickly, and answers with an equally vague yet very powerful advice that enlightens the child so much. Overall, they look out for each other with little to no words exchanged, which I think is beautiful.

Happy Holidays Madie! Sorry it’s mega late! You were probably expecting a cooler au lol but, yeah, this is Tokyo Ghoul in Hollywood! Basically, Rize (hotshot talent scout) discovers amateur Kaneki and pulls him into the crazy bustling industry. I imagine the Kirishima siblings as international supermodels/fashion icons and Hanbee pesters his idol, Juuzou, 24/7 for acting advice and Tsukiyama and Arima are bitter rivals that always somehow end up having to work together. I wish I could have added more people, still, I hope you like it! 

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I already published it so too late I guess? XD but I like, have a request for everyone in mysme (including minor trio) as vampires... I actually did the whole minor trio + Seven, so I'm gEtTiNg ThErE;;

✨Yoosung: he’d HATE being a vampire omg killing creatures to survive just ain’t for him. Because of his job he’d have access to blood sacks and that’s how he gets his food. Sun isn’t an issue since he plays LOLOL 24/7 anyway also no sleep = more LOLOL

✨Zen: honey the first time I saw zen I was like “ is this boy a vampire?” No one could know. He’d probably drink blood from criminals

✨Jumin: he doesn’t care tbh, he lets people order the finest blood on the planet. Would probably turn Elizabeth into a vampire cat if that’s possible

✨Jaehee: she’d be sad af but would be able to handle it bc lets be honest what can’t she handle. She’d mix blood w coffee and also now she doesn’t need sleep she’ll have more time to work lmao work it girl

✨Seven: he’d be into it like OWOW A VAMPIRE WOWOW. He doesn’t go outside and since he doesn’t need sleep he can work on his missions ( vanderwood approves) he doesn’t need food so cooking isn’t an issue, getting blood is hard tho he probably orders it off the deep web or some shit

✨Saeran: when he was with mint eye he had to do every mission since vampires are hard to kill now that he’s free he doesn’t know what to do tbh, seven would find out and help him go through it and with that I mean seven would be Saerans walking meal

✨V: He’d be a chill vampire, he’d probably drink animal blood ( so he’d be like a vegan vampire yanno lmao) he’d be able to take photos of the earth until the end of time and he’d think it’s great. Doesn’t get attached to others tho since he can’t stand the pain of seeing them die


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Okay so my least favorite thing that anti-Snape people do is that thing where they're like "you'll understand if you reread the books when you're older and more mature :)". I'm over here like bitch I am older and more mature and I can still tolerate ambiguity better than your dumb ass. The assumption that moral absolutism is a good thing just drives me up the wall. Anyway, you're doing the Lord's work here. Snape is love. Snape is life.

this is so frustrating to me because it tail-spins back into the idea that you can’t like “problematic” characters on anything more than a superficial level. that if you really REALLY thought about that character, then you’d obviously hate them (because they’re soooo evil and bad) so obviously since you like them, you must not have thought about them too deeply. 

which is bullshit! i can guarantee i’ve given more thought to snape’s character and motivations than a shit-ton of the anti people i’ve seen on this hellsite. refusing to see a character as anything other than evil can be just as blinding as only seeing them as good or ignoring their flaws and yet no one…. seems to fucking realize that……..

but yes, i agree with you - requiring moral absolutism from every character is ridiculous and yet if a character dares to have a little moral ambiguity going on they’re vilified and the people who like them are treated terribly. like…. sorry i like amoral characters lmao. just because something isn’t to your taste doesn’t make it inherently Bad karen.

also i’m 24 and i still like snape so it’s not a question of “oh those silly teenagers who have no brains and just like anything” (as if that’s not a gross argument in itself that devalues young people’s ability to analyze books critically, esp since those books were written specifically for young people). shockingly enough, adult people still like snape. it’s almost like…. people like snape for more than shallow reasons………… Shocking

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lmao y'all mind if I slide in w some a/b/o trash???? alright so bonded alphas feel a strong need to protect their partner even tho in the 21st century it isn't necessary 24/7 but after being on the run Bucky's feeling of needing to protect you is indeed a 24/7 feeling so even when u get a little cold or have allergies he's like quick get in bed here are 5000 water bottles to stay hydrated and chicken soup and 200 blankets and are u comfy should I get more pillows and he's a sweety pie ok

I love everything about this ask

Fluffy Friday™

RFA + V and Saeran with a touchy MC.

Thank you for the kind words anon!! Sorry requests have been slowing down recently, I’ve been super busy and it’s been awful weather where I live so my internets been screwed up. Hopefully I’ll have more time to write and that will be fixed soon!


- you wanna play that game? he’s down

- he’ll match you with PDA 24/7

- no shame

- but if you grab his butt in public that’s when he gets super flustered and blushes like crazy

- butt = weak spot

- he loves it especially when you play with his hair or give him little hugs

- he’s like a puppy and adores all this attention from you

- he’ll even ask for touches when you’re not being feely enough for him.


- ehh

- at first he’s just like lmao what are you doing

- but he’s quick to learn and will eventually love every little touch you give, especially hugs from behind when he’s stressed or running your thumb across his knuckles when you’re holding hands

- major PDA gets him flustered and he doesn’t really like it there, only at home

- he has an image he has to keep up >:|

- but he misses your touches especially when he’s away on business trips, lots of PDA in the airport when he’s too tired and jetlagged to mind.


- he gets so flustered and giggly whenever you tickle or touch him he’s not used to it so his whole body is sensitive as heck

- practically drinks every little touch because he loves it so !! much !!

- he’ll get whiny and pout when you don’t touch him more, it makes him feel good don’t stop he’s begging you

- blushy during PDA but definitely not against it

- he’ll become more touchy around you without realizing it

- accidentally grabbed Sevens butt in public thinking it was you for some reason and couldn’t live it down for weeks.

- does yoosung kim gay?


- this boy needs all the love and hugs he can get

- hug him 24/7

- he calls it sizing him up like a python lmao

- loves it so much

- you two have tickle wars constantly and he usually wins, but sometimes when he’s feeling generous he’ll let you torture him with tickles

- he’s pretty touchy feely too as long as you’re okay with it

- lots of shoulder kisses and he’ll make it a point to nibble on your ear in front of Jumin to give him flashbacks from when Seven would sneak in and bite Ellys ears

- Jumin WILL square up asap


- he’s embarrassed but he loves it, just doesn’t think he deserves all the love and attention you give him :’)

- the biggest sweetheart, he’ll get so blushy when you kiss his forehead or hang onto his arm.

- he’ll always smile and do something equally as adorable back to you.

- especially when cooking together, lots of exchanged kisses and light touches back and forth in the kitchen.


- he’s not used to it at all so he doesn’t like it at first

- he’ll tell you to stop but when you do he’s like,, why’d you stop :(

- he likes your back scratches especially, it feels good

- feels like a baby when you’re touching him so much but secretly loves it, don’t stop no matter how stubborn he is about it because hooboy he honestly couldn’t make it an hour without your attention.

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Do you have any HC's for how Akainu and Kizaru would act with each other if they were in a relationship together?

I do now! :D

Relationship headcanons:

Akainu & Kizaru:

  • Omg, R I P Akainu, because ANNOYED 24/7.
  • More like R I P Kizaru. LMAO
  • Kizaru is TOTALLY the cuddler between the two. LOVES it.
  • Akainu, on other hand, is like, “WHY ME?” every time it happens. 
  • Or he’s like, “Now? REALLY? I got shit to do.” Kizaru: *doesn’t let go*
  • Kizaru would totally try to spoil Akainu, who isn’t having any of it. 
  • “Stop it.” “But I love you~” “…. But I don’t need it.” “Yes you do~” “Kizaru, there’s already 50 of them. ENOUGH” “No~” *gives it to Akainu anyway*
  • Kizaru totally gives him the most ridiculous shirts, too.
  • Akainu wouldn’t be able to bring himself to get rid of them.
  • But he’ll only wear them once. When Kizaru gives it to him. And only when it’s the two of them. LMAO
  • Cooking is split between the two. Though when they do cook together, Kizaru sometimes decides to be a shit and make a mess. Which Akainu makes him clean up of course. Kizaru thinks it’s totally worth it. Akainu, not so much.
  • Kizaru uses the lamest, cheesiest, most nauseating nicknames/pet names in existence for Akainu, regardless if there are others around or not. He gives no fucks.
  • Magma butt is not amused. (He also does NOT use nicknames/pet names.)
  • Kizaru also uses lame pick-up lines and puns around Akainu. Especially when drunk.
  • Again, magma butt is not amused. But he would be flustered, particularly when Kizaru is drunk.
  • Because a drunk Kizaru is a no boundaries whatsoever Kizaru. Even though he barely had one to begin with. R I P

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Psssht, I only have like 35 WIPs Kat, come on... (I need impulse control plz save me) ANYWAY, squeal to me about 25 and Love Potion, I'm curious.

35 is t o o  m a n y yami,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just finish them,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or at least like 5 of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As for my fics… 25:

  • it’s the sequel for 24. I like you
  • yes, Lance will have one paper slip more… he can’t resist one upping Keith, ya know :P
  • what happens is basically that he’s cleaning his room sometime in March and he stumbles across Keith’s box. Then he has flashbacks and feels guilty for never having told Keith 24 things he likes about him (even if it wasn’t really his fault; it was a misunderstanding, after all)
  • so he just immediately gets to work. He doesn’t wait for a special date or anything, he just immediately creates a present for Keith
  • some of the things he’s gonna tell Keith are:

1. [I like] your honesty
2. [I like] your awkward apologies after you blow up at someone
3. [I like] your bedhead
4. [I like] your quick replies to my texts
5. [I like] the way you smile after you kiss me
6. [I like] how you never do things halfway

Love potion:

  • a canonverse AU where team Voltron gets invited by the local aliens to stay for a week after they defeated a Galra fleet
  • they get “potion presents” from the aliens. these were the ones they picked out for themselves:

Allura - when she drinks her potion the paladins will be able to hear her voice from anywhere
Coran - he will be able to sleep well, no nightmares 
Lance - he gets the love potion… it’s supposed to help him find his “true love” :P
Keith - he will get a better memory - he won’t forget anything anymore which is useful for battle strategies etc
Pidge - she gets a lie detector potion. she’ll be able to tell when anyone lies~
Hunk - the potion makes everything seem like… home. alien food will finally taste normal again :’)
Shiro - he will be able to sense it when one of the paladins is in emotional distress so that he can help asap

  • ok so…….. naturally Lance is absolutely head over heels for Keith
  • Keith can’t deal with the shitty flirting - especially since he’s wary that Lance only picked him because he was the first person he saw after regaining his consciousness after drinking the potion :’D
  • cue lots of annoyed/worried Shiro because of Keith’s emotional distress lmao

  • anyway there’s quiiiiite a bit more to it but just in case I’ll still get around to writing it I’ll keep silent :P

tell me which of my fic WIPs you want to know more about | the titles

i just went to the gym and worked out for the first time in a reeeeeeally really really long time (like. i’m talking years since i properly exercised) and i am FEELING it let me tell you but i also forgot how happy exercise makes your brain feel, wow :’) i know it’s dumb but I just had to tell you guys bc joining a gym and then actually going has been something i’ve been super anxious and insecure about for a long time and I’m kind of proud of myself for finally fuckin doing it, i can’t wait to be hot af with my one-pack abs lmao


1. Who asks the other on dates:

Probably Amber since Krystal is too lazy to go out lol

2. Who is the bigger cuddler:

Amber since Krystal probably says something like “I’m cold” and she would have automatically a llama hugging her.

3. Who initiates holding hands more often:

Krystal. Amber is probably walking and looking at the background. It’s most likely to be like this since Amber would be running or trying to take pictures and Krystal will take her hand like “can you calm your shit down”

4. Who remembers anniversaries: Both. Krystal would be waiting for the day and Amber will probably forget it but actually she has been planning how to spend the day with Krystal. 

5. Who is more possessive: do I have to say it? lmao.

6. Who gets more jealous: Krystal lol since everybody is friends with Amber and Amber is like “Hey, Krystal, I bring Ellin to sleep with us. R u ok with it ”

7. Who is more protective: they both. Amber is like “have you sleep?” “Have you took your medicine” “do u want me to go with you” and she probably will give her life for Krystal. Soojung might look as she doesn’t care about Amber but actually she is 24/7 looking for her and reading fans comments in ambers ig to know who is she gonna hit up. She’s like “do what you want”, but if something happens to Amber, she will be the one to run and hit and kick the one who hurt her. She’s also trying to cheer up Amber when she’s sad and probably feel not enough to make her happy but actually Amber loves to have Krystal next to her.

8. Who is more likely to cheat:

I don’t think any of them will do it tbh. Amber is likely to get rumors since she’s friends with everybody and she’s like “lol Eric lets have a ship name lmaOH KRYSTAL SORRY I WAS JUST PLAYING SKDKSDKSSK”

9. Who initiates sexy times the most:

Krystal since Amber is to shy to have “the thing” lmao. Krystal will be like “HEY AMBER ;)))” and Amber is like “OH FUCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING *tries to cover Krystal with her shirt*”

10. Who dislikes PDA the most: both love PDA, but probably Soojung is like “wait until we arrive home”

11. Who kills the spider: At first I thought “Amber is gonna be like telling Krystal the animals rights and talking with the spider” but I remember that she’s the one who has to deal with spiders when she’s with f(x) because they get scared af.

12. Who asks the the other to marry them: Krystal and she probably say it everyday as a joke but lowkey actually mean it since Amber is too shy to ask her. Amber probably have been planning the day but when the day comes, she’s like “oh fuck, I forgot the speech” and Krystal is like “as I expected”

13. Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Amber since she’s Krystal’s sugar mommy. She would buy a whale for her if Soojungie ask her to. 

14. Who would bring up possibly having kids: Amber since Krystal is like “are you saying i need to have the baby in my tummy? Hell no, that space is for food. Amber is gonna have them.”

15. Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Of course Amber. She probably has been practicing her Korean in front of the mirror “hi, I’m the one who kiss and shake your [daughter] (br)ass.” 

16. Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Krystal would kick Amber off and even when the one who is angry is Amber, Krystal is like

Jsj: oh ok, then go to the couch

Ajol: OK *amber leaves*

Also Ajol: HEY!

17. Who tries to make up first after arguments: we have been thinking of Krystal as the princess and stuff, but actually when she does something bad, she will recognize it, but will not ask directly for kisses or stuff. She’s like “hey, im here and I know it was bad, come and kiss me”

18. Who tells the other they love them more often: both would do it equally. Amber say it loudly and Krystal smiles and in a whisper says “I do too, stupid” , maybe is like she doesn’t need to say it because it’s pretty obvious and she feel embarrassed to say it out loud.

King of the Squirrels Headcanons

Along with what I have stated before, here’s more. 

-As benevolent as he appears, The King is actually not that soft on his subjects

-He rules over his squirrels hardcore with an iron fist

-Like, he works them really hard and threatens them 24/7

-By threatens them I mean he threatens to cut back on food supply and shelter and w/e

-Don’t ask why he has so much power over his subjects, but he really does. And he legit creates like a community/society of working squirrels among them for him to rule over, with infrastructures to complete it lmao

-His squirrel talk is honestly really helpful in running his subjects

-really they can overthrow KotS anytime the squirrels wishes, but for complicated reasons, they don’t.

-He’s almost like a tyrant

-However, KotS isn’t looking solely for power. Oh no, the truth is, he really does love his subjects

-He works them v hard because he wants them to thrive and live a good [albeit short] life

-He’s really like a strict and firm parent in that regard

-He may be strict, but he’s fair and actually wise for being the king of rodents

-With that being said, he has a sharp tongue and an even more explosive temper than even Mark

-Whereas you can insult Mark and he’ll wave you off, if you disrespect him or his subjects, prepare to be served a royal assault (verbally)

-He’s really a giant softie. He cuddles and snuggles with his subjects when they sleep

-His subjects are sometimes confused by his change in attitudes a lot but they eventually know that doing what he says = love and hugs

-Also thanks to Mark and the rest of the other egos, he gets involved in affairs of the egos as well as his kingdom

-The squirrels are his top priority, but he does have a duty of sorts to the egos as well (not that they think he’s of any merit to them). 

-He tries not to be partial to anyone in serious matters

  • fp: im kind of tired. i think im gonna go to bed. is that okay?
  • me, internally: oh my fucking god no stay please stay i feel unstable and i want to die and i just want to talk to you please don't leave me alone i dont know how im going to make it through the night without you telling me that it'll be okay we barely talked today and i miss you so much please don't leave me alone
  • me: :) sure! sleep is important and you deserve it!!

malec-go-to-hogwarts  asked:

Snippets!!!! Yay, I still love this idea btw so I'm gonna say kiss because I'm cliche and I know you must have written kiss at some point lmao

I love doing snippets this way, honestly. It’s so much fun. XD Ah, you know me too well. Of course, I feel like certain people ( @female-overlord-3 ) would riot if I didn’t use the word kiss in a chapter at this point… <3


Alec reached out, grabbing Magnus’ shirt and pulling him close, eyes drifting shut once more as he kissed Magnus.

There were just so many options, it was hard to choose… 

If you want a snippet of Chapter 24 of Paparazzi, send me a word and I’ll reply with a sentence it’s used in! I’ll probably only do a few more though, can’t give everything away. The chapter should be up Wednesday at the latest! <3