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Cielois Social Media HC’s

okay so modern!au cielois is fave and also social media is fave so ive combined the two so here we go.

- Alois has a tumblr (i mean ofc he does) and he has more sideblogs than friends at this point, one for memes, one for aesthetics and the other 10 million just of saved urls that hes not going to use but wont let anyone else have

- ciel having a tumblr but rarely using it.

- alois having a special “ciel” tag in which he tags everything he thinks ciel would like so he can show the posts to him when they’re lay in bed on their phones

- ciel being the queen of snapchat filters thoughhhhh

- you thought alois was gonna be the snapchat whore? think again. ciel made a snapchat just to look at the filters everyday

- “goddam thing wont recognise my face- THE EARS ARE ON MY NOSE”

- none of them really use twitter, ciel uses it to keep himself updated on news and stuff and alois uses it to tweet indirects about teachers.

- same with facebook

- they use it for group chats and keeping up with whose got beef with who.

- alois having a youtube channel (which has like 200 subscribers or something, not that many) just where he posts all the videos of ciel doing very domestic or cute things 

- instagram is an eh for them, ciel doesn’t have one. well he does but its private, alois has one thats all him and ciel, lizzy and Doll just mucking about.

ill probs have more of these in the morning because its 11pm and im dying from sleepiness so im going just watch tv, ill make a part 2 if anyones interested

Top 5 Ships

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1. B E L L A R K E

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If you didn’t know about this then you’ve stumbled across me for the first time ever because (as my poor irl friend who followed me on here says) I only really post the 100 and of that it’s all bellarke. SO UH YEAH THESE STUPID DORKS HAVE RUINED MY LIFE, just look at the tears i’ve cried, the posts i’ve made, the dozens upon dozens of hours talking about them with alex and other ppl, the hundreds of thousands of words of fanfiction in just the last year (note: i had NEVER written fanfiction before bellarke, what the frick), and just skldjfslkdjflkdsfjlkds THEY’RE GONNA BE CANON  THEY LOVE EACH OTHER END ME

2. P E R C A B E T H

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Percabeth is my FIRST EVER SHIP YALL, and the longest too at that (they’re also the only ship that equals my love of bellarke AND it proves i have a type kill me). BUT LIKE,,,,,THE BEST SHIP EVER THEY’RE SO IN LOVE THEY’RE THE BEST SLOW BURN THESE NERDS GONNA BE MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES AND BE HAPPY I LOVE

3. Romione

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One of my only high-key ships that I didn’t ship at the start, actually (I was a harmony shipper originally) but HOLY FRICK I’M 100000000% ON THE ROMIONE BOAT NOW. THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS AND LITERALLY MARRIED AND HAVE CHILDREN THEY’RE A DREAM

4. Rebelcaptain

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This ship ended me what the frick when I prayed for hand-holding and a hug I diDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT JSFLKDSJFDL. But like,,,,heart eyes???? Self-sacrifice???? Protectiveness??? Smiles???? Wow

5. Waige

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I’m actually waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on scorpion because some of the plot points and how they were treating walter has been really bugging me bUT THIS SHIP IS WONDERFUL Walter is high-key Ralph’s dad and he loves Paige and she loves him and skdfljsdkfjsdlkfj I love

(i don’t actually know how in order this was besides bellarke and percabeth lol so have sooooooooome)

Honorable mentions:


Mileven – h e a r t  e y e s

Jancy – bed sharing!!!!!!!

Jily – let them live lkjsdjfls

Finnrey – the softest, the purest


I tag uhhhhhhh whoever wants to tbh I feel like this has gotten around <3

razbliuto - Suga (Spring Day series)

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(n.) the sentimental feeling you have about someone you once loved but no longer do

“Jiyoo! Jiyoo! Jiyoo!”

The lights of the arena dimmed as the crowd went wild. Screams from thousands of fans filled the hollowed hall and Yoongi couldn’t keep the small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as pride flared in his chest.

Wong Jiyoo, Korea’s top Hip Hop slash R&B artist, graced the stage for his opening number—official opening his first solo tour.

Yoongi crossed his arms as he watched from the third floor of the dome, nodding his head to the beats he produced himself. Jiyoo oozed with charisma as he worked the stage, making the dome come alive with his voice.

Yoongi smiled, remembering how it felt to have the crowds at the edge of their seats—their collective voices singing every word to their songs that it felt like the world was at the palm of his hands. 

It’s been years since he debuted as a rapper in the popular idol group, BTS. They were considered legends in the K pop scene; known to have broken countless records from the time of their reign. 

But fame never did last forever.

Yoongi knew that. But he was glad they remained in their youth and continued to do what they’re passionate about even after their idol group years. He was also thankful at how their beloved ARMY’s grew with them…stayed with them even through their solo endeavors.

Taehyung and Jin dived into modelling and acting, and were now considered some of the best in the industry; being offered lead roles in dramas and movies from various producers. Hoseok and Jimin became kings of variety shows, bringing joy and laughter to the television scene. Hoseok also became a well-known choreographer and was in demand by several entertainment companies while Jimin went on to becoming Korea’s sweetheart by being the top idol most loved by brands. Yoongi saw his face on everything now and it was unnerving, as he would always joke with him.

Namjoon and Jungkook continued to do music and became icons in the entertainment industry with their versatility and charisma. Namjoon went abroad and released an America album which shot to the charts and got nominated for a Grammy. Jungkook became the most well-known face in the industry and was loved by many. Yoongi couldn’t help but feel proud, considering their maknae managed to achieve his dream of becoming not only a great singer who would be remembered, but a great artist overall. He was the current face for Korea’s tourism board and the boys always teased him about it whenever they went on trips and would see Kookie’s face on huge billboards at the airport. 

And then there’s Yoongi who went on to become what he knew from the very beginning he was meant to be: a producer and owner of his own label. He didn’t only want to continue making music but he also wanted to make young people’s dreams become a reality the way Bang Si-hyuk did to him many years ago.  

Wong Jiyoo was Yoongi’s second artist and his most successful yet.

Yoongi averted his eyes from the stage to survey the crowds and was amazed by their reaction. Light sticks lit the sold-out arena like stars and he could see the elated expressions on each and every one of their faces.

Even if he wasn’t the one performing on stage, Yoongi still felt the same rush as his latest-produced song played through the large speakers, accompanied by Jiyoo’s vocals. 

He scanned the crowd and found legions of fangirls with their banners, light sticks, and other merchandise with Jiyoo’s name or face plastered on them.

Yoongi was shaking his head, amused by a banner that was asking Jiyoo to marry her when something caught his eye, causing his smile to falter.

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Hello Detective Chapter 54 (Sherlock imagine)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29 Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33   Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38   Part 39   Part 40      Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49  Part 50   Part 51  Part 52   Part 53    Part 54 Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60

The two of you rode the elevator down to the lab for Q to prep you for your case.

“Ah, hello you must be our new 009!” A man younger than what you expected greeted the two of you once the elevator door opened.

“Yes, Y/N Gregson.” You smiled.

“Before we get down to the details of your next mission, I’ll need you both to roll up your left sleeve. Just a tracking device, needs to be implanted. M insisted on it after Miami.” Q said, looking to Bass.

“He still mad about that?” Bass asked.

“Just need to keep an eye on you.” Q smiled.

“What happened in Miami?” You asked as the tracking device was injected into your arm.

“007 stopped a bomb from destroying a Skyfleet prototype that was being unveiled.” Q answered.

“Why would someone want to destroy it?” You asked.

“When they analyzed the stock market after 9/11, the CIA discovered a massive shorting of airline stocks. When the stocks hit bottom on 9/12 someone made a fortune.” Q explained.

“So the same thing was supposed to happen with Skyfleet stock. I’m guessing that someone lost around 100 million dollars betting the wrong way. Do we know who?” You asked.

“Jesus, M wasn’t lying about you being incredibly quick. We think it’s a man known as Le Chiffre. Banker to the world’s terrorists.” Q said.

“Are we certain it’s him?” You asked.

“Well it would explain how he could set up a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale in Montenegro. Ten players $10 million buy in, $5 million rebuy. Winner takes all.” Q said.

“Potentially $150 million. So we’ll know where he’ll be. But you don’t want him dead do you? This Le Chiffre sounds like he doesn’t have $100 million to lose.” You said.

“Has he been playing the stock market with his clients’ funds?” Bass asked, knowing the answer.

“We can’t let him win this game. If he loses, he’ll have nowhere to run. We’ll give him sanctuary in return for everything he knows. We’re putting you in the game Bass, replacing someone who was playing for a syndicate.” Q explained.

“And am I just a tag along?” You asked.

“You’re to keep him out of trouble, learn the ropes, and work as a team.” Q explained, much to Bass’ displeased look.

The two of you were on a train to Montenegro.

“Where exactly is the money coming from?” You asked.

“The treasury will wire it into my account at Montenegro.” Bass explained.

“I suppose you’ve realized that if you lose, our government will have directly financed terrorism.” You quipped. He smirked but didn’t reply.

“I’ve never played poker.” You confessed. “I suppose it’s just a matter of probability and odds. You play the man across from you, not the cards in your hand. I think I’d quite like the game.”

“You’re good at reading people?” He asked.

“You already know that. You’ve read the blog haven’t you?” You rolled your eyes.

“Riveting stuff. Though it’s abnormal for a police officer to upgrade to a double-0, you must have connections. Friends in high places.” He said, waiting for you to confirm his suspicions.

“I’ve gotten to where I am because I’m good at what I do. Much like you. It doesn’t matter where you come from.” You said defensively.

“I knew I liked you.” He smirked.

“Really? That’s surprising since you consider women disposable pleasures instead of meaningful pursuits. Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side Mr. Bass, and I hate losing.” You said. “Your charm may work on every other woman in this planet, but it won’t work on me.”

He only smirked and nodded, he loved a challenge. He didn’t know how truly broken you were, and that no one alive could fix you.

Your train arrived in Montenegro and a car was waiting to take the two of you to the hotel. A contact slipped Charles an envelop before he joined you in the cab. You raised your eyebrow as he opened in on the drive.

“It’s just last-minute details.” He said, while reading it. “Apparently we’re very much in love.”

“Do you usually leave it to porters to tell you this sort of thing?” You joked.

“Only when the romance has been necessarily brief. I’m Mr. Arlington Beech, professional gambler, and you’re Ms. Stephanie Broadchester.” He said casually, hiding a smirk.

“I am not.” You argued, while trying to grab the papers out of his hand.

“You’re gonna have to trust me on this. We’ve been involved for quite a while, hence the shared suite.” He smirked.

“But my family is strict Roman Catholic, so for appearances’ sake it’ll be a two-bedroom suite.” You smirked back, two can play this game.

“I do hate it when religion comes between us.” He smiled.

“Religion and a securely locked door. Am I going to have a problem with you, Bass?” You asked.

“No, don’t worry. You’re not my type.” He answered honestly.

“Smart?” You asked.

“Single.” He answered, looking out the window as the car arrived at the hotel.

The two of you exited the car and approached the reception desk to check in.

“Welcome to the Hotel Splendid. Your name, sir?” The receptionist from the five-star hotel asked.

“Charles Bass. You’ll find the reservation under Beech.” He spoke, arrogantly blowing your cover instantly. Had he no respect for protocol or espionage?

You stormed off the to elevator, leaving him to check in.

“Very funny.” You said, “No wonder M thinks you need a babysitter.”

“Look, if Le Chiffre is that well-connected, he knows who I am and where the money’s coming from. Which means he’s decided to play me anyway. So he’s either desperate or he’s overly confident, but either way, that tells me something about him. And all he gets in return is a name he already has.” Bass argued.

“And now he knows something about you. He know’s you’re reckless.” You spoke as the elevator opened and you entered, quickly hitting the close door button before your partner could enter. “Take the next one. There isn’t enough room for me and your ego.”

That afternoon the two of you met with your Treasury contact, Rene Mathis, for lunch. He was an older man with greying hair and a smooth accent. He informed you and Bass that Le Chiffre had arrived yesterday, and spend the time re-establishing old relationships.

“The chief of police and he are now quite close.” Mathis said. “He’s the one with the mustache over my left shoulder.”

You and Bass both focused your eyes on the man with two woman at his lunch table.

“That could make life difficult.” You said.

“And quite possibly shorter. He’s not a very subtle man. I thought about trying to buy his services, but we frankly couldn’t afford to outbid Le Chiffre.” He replied, and suddenly three police cars surrounded the outdoor patio and you raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“So I decided it was cheaper to supply his deputy with evidence that we were bribing the chief. It’s amazing what you can do with photoshop these days. I think your odds are improving, Mr. Bass.” He said as the police chief was arrested.

Back at the hotel you were in the washroom getting ready in a silk robe when Bass knocked on the door. He entered with a long gown on a hanger and hung it on the back of the door.

“Something you expect me to wear?” You asked.

“I need you looking fabulous. So that when you walk up behind me and kiss me on the neck, the players across from me will be thinking about your neckline and not about their cards. Do you think you can do that for me?” Charles asked.

“I’ll do my best.” You smirked smugly. He exited the room before quickly returning holding up the dinner jacket you had gotten him.

“I have a dinner jacket.” He argued.

“There are dinner jackets, and dinner jackets. This is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table.” You said, returning to applying some mascara.

“How the f–” He stopped himself. “It’s tailored.”

“I sized you up the moment we met. Don’t look so surprised, I told you I’m good at what I do.” You said, and he left the room. Your smile faded and a memory of Sherlock flooded your mind. You missed being constantly outsmarted by him, it was exhausting being the smartest one the in the room with no one to talk to. Alone in the sky with no way to land, and the only man you could save you was dead.


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So I have this band au that I'm writing. So Otabek, Leo, JJ and Seung Gil are in a band. Basically Leo plays drums, JJ the bass, Otabek does digital sounds (DJ stuff idk) and Seung Gil sings (he has an amazing singing voice). Yuri, Ji and Minami are Disney Channel actors. Minami is the main characters, and Yuri and Ji play is best friends who are also disney channels first major queer couple ~Kitten

So, because they are dating on the show, Yuri and Ji are obviously getting shipped. Also, Leoji are childhood friends who are also bffs and peopel ship them. And then there is Ota.yuri, and fuck that’s some shit, like of course it’s getting shipped. And how could people not ship the bandmembers? Oh man… that fandom has some shipping wars… 

Phichit as a YouTuber. He has around 5 Million subscribers, and 2 Million on his vlog channel. His most clicked video is “Never Have I Ever w/ Seung Gil Lee” Because it’s like the only time you hear Seung Gil talk more then two words. His second most clicked video is the boyfriend tag with him. He also is on tour with the band, and vlogs it (even gets paid for that by the management) 

So this is the part where it’s boarderline Crack. So Chris is a pornstar. He is aromantic, and when he got invited to do porn he was like “Why not?” and suddenly he could make a living out of it. He met Yuuri when he was shooting. Yuuri is a singer and was filming a music video in the studio next to chris’. Viktor was a friend of Chris, and that’s how Viktuuri met 


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Aside from Sara, who in the dctv universe do you think len would be attracted to/consider pursuing something with?

That’s really hard to say? 

And attraction is very different from genuinely considering pursuing something. Who he’s attracted to could be any number of characters and we’d never really know, because most people don’t act on every (or even most) passing attraction(s)?

So I’m approaching this from the angle of “who would he genuinely consider pursuing or try to pursue” and my answer is coming up pretty short (sticking to canon, that is, because I can ship a lot in fandom).

Because with Sara, a few preconditions (after basic attraction) were also met? She’s single, she’s a badass who can hold her own in a fight, she’s more morally grey than most of the heroes he’s met so far, and she has her own checkered past and demons that she wrestles with. They’re working together closely and he knows he can trust her to have his back and that she has a huge loyalty to all of the team. She demonstrates (in S1) great emotional insight into others and cuts right through (his) bullshit but she’s typically non-judgemental about it. She doesn’t try to change him but she does expect him to be authentic and a better version of himself.

Aside from shipping coldwave (which I think is super canon-plausible), I can’t really see him pursuing anyone else on the Legends voyage. Jax is too young and too much like a younger brother (or son, given their ages…), Stein is married and their personalities would clash, Len and Rip are too at odds and Len doesn’t trust him, same with Ray tbh?, and Kendra seems pretty uninterested in Len and Mick and sees them as the dangerous criminals on the team. I think Len would find her too sweet for him? And he’d fine Nate too frustrating/annoying. 

Of all the Legends, I can see him maybe having a thing for Amaya, to be honest, once he got to know her. Once she showed her (moral) flexibility a bit and they found a way to joke with each other. But I think he’d find her a bit strict? And maybe not easy to connect with or open up to.

For Arrow…it would be hard to me to see him with any of the Arrow ladies. Thea is too young and he would not at all be her type. Felicity is too… earnest? And would need more from him emotionally than he’s ready to give. Laurel comes the closest, but her moral compass and her being a DA make me think they might not actually get along much. 

For the men… haha, I can’t decide if it would work perfect or be a complete and utter trainwreck to have him and Oliver together. I feel like they are too similar in certain regards, which would leave them often at odds and in competition. And by another token, Oliver has done a lot of killing (low-level) criminals and I think Len would see him as a deadly agent of justice and it would take a while to get around that reputation. And Digg wouldn’t put up with Len’s shit in the slightest (plus Digg is [was?] with Lyla) so… idk. 

Which leaves us with Flash characters. Caitlin is an immediate ‘no’ because she wouldn’t be attracted to a guy like him at all. She likes guys who work out and who compliment and spoil her a little, guys that make her feel safe and protected and talk softly to her and she wouldn’t be comfortable with Len and his coldness. (And yes I ship her and Mick…). Iris seems unlikely because she was pretty scathing of him, and she needs honesty in a relationship, like a lot (with Eddie and now with Barry) and I don’t see that as something Len could really provide her with, and he’d be exhausted even trying to. I can see her lecturing him a lot and him not having any of it.

I can see Len being compatible with either Barry or Cisco though, to be honest. Not that he’d ever genuinely pursue anything with either of them, based on canon. Barry is his enemy, but he’s got most of the same checklist as Sara does: badass, surprisingly morally grey and has plenty of personal demons, has worked with Len and can see through and cut through his bullshit but does so while having rapport instead of being preachy. With Cisco… Len’s straight up admitted he likes Cisco, and he loved the alias Cisco gave him. Cisco is badass, clever, gorgeous, and has his own moral greys that crop up sometimes. He’s also funny and I think Len would really enjoy having him around. I can’t say if it would ever end up in flirting and romance territory, but I can just see them hitting it off.

But yeah, sorry dude, if we’re sticking hard to canon, the answer is pretty much that he wouldn’t genuinely try to pursue any of them (except Mick, who is already his husband).

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If Ferus got one last day with Roan, a full 24 hours, no Empire down their backs, no pressure, what would Ferus do? Would Ferus take it knowing Roan still has to go away?

yes. absolutely yes, no question. even if ferus has no way of getting roan back after the day is up, he absolutely needs to get to say goodbye to him, to just talk to him, to touch him. 

quote from lotj #7:

Ferus again felt the loneliness wrap around his heart. There were so many things he wanted to talk to Roan about, and couldn’t. Not just about logistics, but feelings. One thing about war — there was never enough time.

this is a few days before roan dies. and you have to remember how separated they were and for how long, because they meet only a handful of times throughout the course of lotj (which is like 2-3 months), and before that were separated for at least two or three weeks when they were kept separate in prison and after ferus’ escape.

AND THEN ROAN DIES, in ferus’ ARMS, in what’s meant to be a last mission before they actually stick together again.

just … he just needs to actually talk to him. he never got to. they never talked to each other quite enough during the war and during the resistance and then they were separated and then roan dies, so there’s absolutely no way ferus would pass up the opportunity to just talk to him and be with him.

and yeah, that’s basically what he’d do. he’d try to explain to roan how much he loves him. how grateful he is to him for everything they’ve shared and done and all that he’s learned from him and for having him in his life. he’d let him know that he regrets not making more time for them. he’d share the last few things he might not have shared so that nothing is unsaid. and he’d let roan say anything he wanted back. he’d listen to anything roan wanted to say.

and he’d hold him, and hug him, and kiss him, and he’d never stop touching him, not for as long as he’s allowed to, even if it’s just brushing their fingertips together. he’d always touch him. afraid to lose sight and hold of him before the time is up. he’d feel roan touch him exactly the same way, and he’d cry, for once, because he knows exactly what he’s going to lose, but he’d try not to think about the time, would try to focus on being in the moment, for as long as it’ll last.

maybe there’d be sex, but it’d be secondary to just lying close together, listening to each other’s heartbeats, talking quietly with long pauses and slow kisses and weaving their fingers together and gearing up to actually saying it: goodbye. 

he probably doesn’t manage to say it in the end, but at least it’d still be there in his heart, and roan would see it in his eyes, and maybe roan would be strong enough to say it and ferus would sob and kiss him and then he wouldn’t let him go because he’d be ready because he’ll never be, but because he’d have no choice. but he’d be so much better for having gotten to just be with roan again. he’d never regret taking that opportunity.


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Callout Post

Callout post for @cisnowflake, aka Joey. Callout for, sorry, being an incredible human being. He’s actually the sweetest and he has a million pets. He likes having sex in weird places and has an adorable cat named Mugan. He’s super nice and literally a babe. If you don’t believe me just browse his selfie tag.

He’s a security guard and probably wouldn’t hurt a fly unless you steal something then nope, here come the claws. Apparently people have been acting super creepy to him so stop is pls. He’s too adorable for this shit.

Laser Tag [ Mercy76 ]

As requested, I have done the thing, @silenthillvisitor!  Hope it’s everything you ever wanted and then some!

Special thanks to @coldmentalitystudentme and @cgreen95 for proofreading and offering suggestions.  Also for the kind comments and encouragement :)

Her brow rose. “Excuse me?” She clearly misheard him and his idea for a fun night out.

“Laser tag.” He repeated again, this time with a growing smile on his face. “You know, fake guns, lasers, a dark room with a million corners, cheesy fog effects.” The blonde lifted his hand up while shaping it like a gun. “Pew, pew, faashoooo!” Playfully, he shot at her. “Laser tag!”

His girlfriend of no more than three months gave him a deadpan look. “That doesn’t sound fun.” Gaze cast aside, Angela slipped her hands over her chest to give Jack one of her ‘you’re going to be the death of me’ looks.

Yes, she was an Overwatch agent. Yes, she knew how to handle a gun (it was required for all Overwatch agents to have gun training-both pulling the trigger as well as safety protocol). But no, she had absolutely no aim.

Up until now, she saw no reason to go target shooting. To up her aim and accuracy, why would she want to do that? She was a medic, a doctor after all! Her focus was on life-saving procedures, not killing. Last she checked, a gun couldn’t heal wounds (heh, if only she knew what Ana was working on!).

“Think of this like target practice,” Jack egged on. “It’ll be easier than using a real gun.” His elbow collided lightly against her side. “Eh, eh?”

“Is it not a child’s game?”

Her words were met with stark silence. She opened her month to rescind her comment and rectify the situation but she could see the damage was already done. The look in his eyes said it all. He was hurt. If she could shrink down into a worm, she would have. She would have crawled right away and vanished forever. But that wasn’t possible, so instead she nervously fidgeted with her golden fringe.

Jack opened his mouth only to pause. She could see his mind working within his transparent eyes. They’d had this talk about, about ages and that so-called judge-worthy difference between them. Every time they spoke of it, he got this way. Silent and sad.

Finally, he broke the silence. “Miss Ziegler, are you saying I’m old…”

Angela chewed her lip. She pulled her eyes off him for just a moment. When they returned, she noticed his sly sideways grin. He was mocking her, which didn’t help the situation whatsoever.

No,” she she huffed. She would definitely pay for this later. Still, she couldn’t believe herself. Did she really just do that? Did she really just accidentally (might I add innocently) call her boyfriend old?

Technically speaking, he was old. Older. Older than her by quite a few years. All of their good friends ignored the age gap difference. Hell, none of them cared. They were just happy that the two were finally a couple instead of giving each other “I want to fucking pound you into the ground and make sweet love to you” looks. Ah yes, the good old days of pent up sexual lust and adolescent hormones.

Granted, there were always those that were against it.

Gabriel Reyes was one of them. His reasoning was two part. One, he liked Angela and wanted the hot, young, blonde doctor to himself. He wasn’t overly fond of the fact that Jack ended up getting the girl, especially knowing that Jack was married to his work. How could he balance the two? And this lead to his second gripe: he thought that a girlfriend, at least for Jack, would be way too distracting. Reyes had big plans for the soldier and didn’t want love to interfere. Not to mention the fact that top brass had their eyes set on the strapping blonde. If Jack continued down the path he was currently on, the board would ultimately promote Jack to Strike-Commander, the public face of Overwatch (a title that would later cause Reyes much angst and frustration).

“You’re doing that thing again,” his voice broke her from her train of thought.

“Wh-what thing?” She tried to play off the wave of guilt and memories as if it were nothing.

“That thing where you lose yourself thought.” Jack was seated at this point and plopped his chin into his palms. “It’s cute,” he cooed lightly.

Her blush spread across her face, adding to her overall cuteness. Twisting her head to the side, she bashfully averted her gaze. This side of him, the side the world never saw, the sweet side that graced her with compliments, this was the side of Jack she loved most. He was a soldier with a soft side. Deep down, beneath the bullets, carnage of war, the ceaseless scars, and blood of the deceased, he was a sweetheart. Her sweetheart.

Fine,” she caved. Her shoulders rolled forward as her eyes sought out his. “I’ll do it.”

He went for the edges of his shirt and hiked them up. By the time he had lifted his shirt up to his chest, Angela caught wind of what he was doing.

Not sex,” she chided. “I meant laser tag.”

“Why not both?” His coy grin in tow. “Sex now. Laser tag tonight.”

She smirked. How could she say no? He was hot as hell and, well, they were still in the honeymoon phase of their juvenile relationship. The part where it was all about pure bliss, sweet kisses, and mad, steamy sex.

When evening came, Angela poured herself a cup of coffee. Breathing in its sweet yet bitter taste, she sent her playful azure gaze over to Jack. Hiding behind the cup, she blushed while a wicked grin crawled onto her face.

“So that was fun,” she stated plainly while putting her cup down. “Don’t suppose you want to skip the lasers and go str-”

WHOA!” Jack’s fist pounded on the table; the echo caused by the gesture vibrated across the metal surface and straight into her hand. The shock it caused Angela to flinch.

“Are you bailing on date night?” His judgmental sapphire stare bore into her. “Are you standing me up…” Cute little wrinkles formed beneath his lids and across the bridge of his nose. He was joshing her and it made him all the more adorable.

“Why I would never stand you up.” Her hand slipped away from the coffee to adjust her bra. An action his eyes were quick to lock onto. “I was just suggesting that we could do something a little more…intense.

Uh, excuse me.” His voice was dry, judgmental. Jack’s hand went across the cool surface to steal her mug. Dragging it toward his body, he took a sip. It was sweet, just the way he liked it. He had another gulp. “Laser tag is intense.” Again, his nose crinkled as he set the now-empty mug back down on the cool surface. “Do you even know what it is?”

“Grown-ass men hiding behind short walls attempting to shoot each other with colorful guns that shoot lasers and make ridiculous noises. And to prevent eye damage, you wear goggles. Yes?”

Grown-assed men?” Jack scoffed. “You do realize there will be sixteen year olds pining for you.”

“Wait, what?”

“Whaaaa?” He tried to play off his comment like it was nothing.

She glared at him. “Jack…” She reached across the table to steal back her coffee. Of course it was empty. She now-annoyed glare flickered up to Jack. “Jack what is this talk about sixteen year olds…”

“Uh…” He bit his lip. He forgot to mention it was Discount Wednesday, the day when all the youngsters would flock to the arena to pawn n00bs. And Jack, being Jack, wanted to kick some serious ass and show those punks that he was still the king of laser pointers and ridiculous sound effects.

“You’re not serious.” Her face void of all emotion.

“I…am…?” His brows furrowed as his sheepish grin appeared. She was going to kill him. “Heh.” He felt the sweat beads forming just above his brow. He really needed to learn to talk less.

Jack Morrison,” she was now coming to him. She slinked like a lioness hunting her prey. With each step corner, Jack felt the hairs on his neck rise. This was it. He was a goner. She was going to eat him-and not in the sexual fantasy kind of way he was hoping for!

Closing his eyes, he braced for impact; he was done for.

But nothing came.

Slowly, he peeled open his baby blues to spy himself staring down the slope of her fingers. Her hand. Her gun-shaped hand.

“Pew, pew,” she smirked. “Plashooooo! Aaaaand you’re dead.”

“Plashooo? What the fuck is that supposed to be?” He tried to hide his laugh.

“Is that not the noise you made?”

He broke into a fit of laughter. “No, it was not 'plashooo;’ it was faaashoooo.”

“Close enough,” she quipped before a smirk drew up the edges of her lips.

Lips falling apart, they quickly reformed back into a into a smile. She was damn cute.

Ang,” he tried to contain his amusement. “Are you, are you saying…” His eyes sparkled much like the snow on a sunny day.

“I’m saying let’s go kick some ass and get your name back up on that leaderboard.” She smirked before holstering her fake hand-shaped gun. “We’ll show ’m why no one can match the peerless might of Jack Morrison!”

The ride over to the arena was full of Jack giving Angela tips. Do this, don’t do that, avoid this. Always go for a kill-shot but, if you can’t, aim for a limb. Make them crawl. Make them suffer.

“Wait, I thought this was laser tag?” She blinked at him with a deer in the headlights look. “Since when does shooting someone in a limb help?”

“This isn’t just laser tag. This is extreme laser tag. If you get hit, the gear you wear alters your condition. So if you’re shot in the leg, the leg armor will become stiff and lethargic, making it ten times harder to walk. Making you any easy target.”

“Oh jeez,” Angela’s hands fell around her face. “I’m going to die.”

“Nonsense,” Jack flashed her a grin. “Stick with me, and you’ll never go hungry again!”

Jack,” Angela flipped to the radio; she was sick of listening to Jack’s old mixed tapes. He had a knack for hinting Disney songs in the middle of some good tunes. “Why are we listening to the Lion King?”

“That was… uh… Fareeha?”

“Uh-huh. Because Ana would let you take her precious little goddess in this death trap.”

“What! Old Blue is no deathtrap.” He pat the hard edges of his Jeep Wrangler’s steering wheel. “She’s just… seen… better… days?”

Ang smirked. He was a cutie. “Admit it, you’re a kid at heart and you know it.”

“I’m a kid at heart and I know it.”

See,” she wore a warm smile, “that wasn’t so hard was it?”

“No,” he flicked the station back. “No it wasn’t.”

Pulling into a vacant parking spot, Jack undid his seat belt before sliding out of the Jeep. One of the few perks of having no doors meant never having to unlock the doors! And, since it was ancient as fuck, he didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing anything. What was there to steal? A hard, cushion-less bench? The junker radio? The steering wheel from hell? The doors-oh wait, he took those off already.

It was a good thing it was a warm summer night. Then again, if it were any other season, he’d have bolted the doors back on and flipped to the hard top. He had no interest in freezing his lovely blonde.

“We’re here,” Jack could barely contain his excitement.

“I supp- wait a minute.” Her eyes shifted over to an all too familiar car. “Jack…” She pointed toward the vehicle. “That better not be who I t-”

“Angela!” Jesse rounded the truck and rushed up to the couple. “Jack said you’d be joining us tonight.”


She wished she’d said no. Had she known that other Overwatch agents were coming, she would’t have signed up for this. She had absolutely no desire to show off just how bad she was at aiming, at shooting. Besides, what’s this supposed to be date night, as in just Jack and Angela…?

“Angie! Jessica!” A familiar child’s voice came from behind them. Seconds later, the blurred figure rocketed into Angela’s stomach where she buried her head. Ang gave Fareeha’s head a good pat; the kid was growing up to be quite the beautiful young lady.

Jessica?” Dare she even inquire?

Jessica. We had a tea party this morning and I painted his nails. He is now Lady Jessica.”

Ang shot Jesse’s nails a look. Sure enough, they were a pretty, sparkly pink color. “Charming,” she smirked.

“Reyes said I could!” As soon as she stated it, the tanned man appeared from behind her.

“No, I said you could if Jesse said it was fine.”

“Oh.” She rolled her eyes. And Jesse groaned. Clearly she relayed a different message to the cowboy.

“Well, kiddos,” Jack flashed the crew a wide grin, “are we ready to-”

“Daaaamn, look at these losers!” A bunch of young punks exited a mini-van.

“So old…”

“Dude, you think they can even see?”

“Oh snap, hot fuckin damn, check out Blondie.”

“You mean legs for days.”

Ang turned her head to Jack. It was his cue to do something.

“You do realize,” he quickly bridged the gap between his party and the thug-like teens, “she knows about a dozen different ways to kill you without leaving a trace behind, right?” Every word he spoke was done so in a way that would send a shiver down the spine. Didn’t help that he had this dark, shifty look in his eyes.

The majority shuttered at the comment; not really fans of death. All but one. And that one seemed impressed. “Well then, I look forward to meeting her kiss of death.”

“Kiss of…?!” Jack hiked up his sleeves. “Why I outta-”

“Jack,” Fareeha was holding on the man’s black t-shirt, “why don’t we do this the right way.”

“The right way?” His curiosity got the best of him.

Jesse stepped forward, loving the idea. He knew exactly where the kid was going. “Winner gets the girl, duh. Whoever has the high score gets to take Angela home.”

“Oh dear lord,” Angela muttered. “I am not a prize!”

“Worried your old man will lose you to me?” The kid cracked a smirk.

Jack,” her head snapped to him.

“Don’t worry, hun.” His arms fell boastfully on his hips. “I won’t lose.”

Once in the arena, the crew was given their gear. The rules were read in perhaps the most monotone, lackluster voice they’d ever heard (really, it made the rules drag on and on and on). And the scoreboard served as a taunting reminder as to what their goal was.

“Old man,” the kid from before stepped forward, “you’re going to need this. Good luck because,” his finger pointed up at the score board, “I’m JACK1N0FF-007.”

Jack gagged before pinching the bridge of his nose. “Oh yeah, kid? See those scoreboards?” He pointed to the ones from previous years. “I’m SKIPPY76.”

The raven’s jaw fell on the floor and lingered there just long enough to collect dust.

Yeah,” he recovered with complacent grin. “Still, thanks for the luck, kiddo.” He winked before moving to the weapon’s locker. It was time to load up and move out. “You wanna pistol?” He grabbed one for Ang. Before passing it to her, he fiddled with it. Not overly fond of the design, he put it back and picked up another one. It looked identical but this one had a better weight to it. That and it was white and gold instead of green and blue.

“Preferably. Unless there’s a minigun or rocket launcher.”

Jack cocked a brow. “Why would you want one of those?”

Fareeha laughed and answered for Angela. “Because you don’t need to aim with those, silly!”

“Exactly. Because I can’t miss.”

The darkness ate her. It swallowed her whole.

Despite her best attempts, Angela couldn’t get the flashbacks out of her mind. She knew all of this was fake. For fun. To help the guys relax. But the bang-bang-bang and the wisps of smoke just brought back ghosts. Horrors.

Clinging to her pistol for dear life, Angela tried to find her way out. She’s holed herself up in a corner underneath the stairwell to the upper level. Thus far, no one had spotted her. And although she was grateful fort his, she was more concerned with leaving here. Getting back into the light. Away from this. Away from the memories.

Crawling on her stomach, the blonde moved like a snail across the concrete floor. A few times, she lowered her head too much, which caused her chin to bear a few cuts, similar to rug burn. Nothing major, all minor nicks, but enough that it looked like she was having a terrible time.

She was, what, nineteen? She lost her parents when she was a kid and ever since that day, she’d been taken from the war. Ran from the darkness. She forced herself to learn. To become a scientist, a doctor. She sought to save lives, rather than take them.

And then, one day, Overwatch came knocking. They promised to help her dream become a reality. They spoke of peace, of justice.

They had one wish for her. To smile.

She had one wish for them. To save.

Together, they would bring about a change.

Each day spent with Overwatch, Angela grew closer to a medical breakthrough. She spent countless hours hunched over a desk, a petri dish, ceaseless amounts of data, endless hours of graphs, charts, and research notes, the occasional db (dead body). She was glad to be safe, behind closed doors. Welled up in some state-of-the-art facility.

And then, then the riots happened. The uprisings. The attacks.


Her hand was forced. She was put on the field, but not as a soldier. She was a medic. She was there to help.

To kill, to hurt? That wasn’t her. She hated violence. Loathed it.

Why did I agree to this? She kept asking herself that question. Even though this arena was fake, the guns were fake, she couldn’t stop the bombs her mind dropped on her.

The blood. Her mother’s screen. Her father’s final words.

It all…


She jumped from her skin. Gun fumbling from her hands, those panicked blue eyes looked up at the voice with the utmost sense of fear. Her face flushed of all its color. Her wide-eyed, frightened stare made her look small, weak. Sheer terror controlled every aspect of her form. She was petrified.

Angela,” his voice broke down her walls. His arms wrapped around her. Reminded her that she was safe. That this was all just a game. It was for fun. To relax.

“Shhh,” he continued to hold her, coddling her face against his chest plate. “I’ve got you,” he holstered his gun. They were safe, out of laser point’s way. For a moment, he could hold her. Enjoy her.

“Shhhh,” he cooed again. “I’m here. I’ve got you.”

At this point, Jack realized the game of laser tag was no longer top priority. Angela was shaking to the core. She felt numb, cold. Something was definitely wrong and, despite wanting to get the high score, he knew catering to Angela’s needs far outweighed his own boyish desires.

“Ang,” his cheek pressed lightly against hers. Slowly, through contact, he felt his own flesh cool. Each second he kept his cheek pressed against hers meant an exchange of heat and much needed comfort. His warmth into her frozen, scared body. He’d get her back. Push away the fragments of darker days, bitter nights.

Hands completely engulfing her, he tugged the woman down into his lap. They were literally sitting ducks. Anyone that came down the stairs would have a clear shot at them, Jack knew this. But, again, his need to help Angela cope with the darkness overcame all other needs.

It also helped that Jesse was on top of things. High up in a tower, he kept a close eye on the pair. If anyone got too close, he’d begin suppression fire and convince them to turn their sorry asses around. As much as he hated to admit it, seeing Jack with Ang did make him happy. Jack was the right choice, when push came to shove.

“Jessica,” Fareeha tugged on Jesse’s vest, “why aren’t we moving?”

“New mission,” he retorted. “Need to protect the fallen angel,” he gestured down to Angela.

Eyes wide, the raven puffed out her cheeks. “We’ll protect them, just like they always protect us!”


Slowly, her color returned. She felt warm again. Whole again.

Who knew a few long minutes sitting in the dark could do this? She always hated the dark and yet, with his arms wrapped firmly around her, the dark didn’t seem so bad.

“J-Jack,” her voice cracked as she fought back her frustrated tears. She was ruining date night. She was ruining his chance to get the high score.

“Nope,” he blew a puff of air against her cheek. “You’re not allowed to say it.” When his lips made contact with her taut flesh, a farting noise jiggled her cheek. In that split second, both burst into laughter.

“Jack Morrison,” she swatted loosely at him, “that is not the kind of behavior a soldier like yo-”

Again, he pressed his lips firmly against her. This time, it was her neck. Forcefully blowing into her skin, another gassy (well this time more airy) noise escaped from her folds.

“Jaaaack,” she fought to keep that laugh in her throat.

He huffed in another big gulp of air. Burrowing back into her neck, he recreated that tender, juicy, farting noise from before.

Unable to contain her laughter any longer, she burst into both tears and a fit of laughter. Each chuckle caused her stomach to ache. This was too much. He was too much. The feeling-like the buzz on your lips when you hum-tickled. It fought the darkness and drew forth the mood she needed.

After snorting a few few more times, she eventually pulled away from him. Panting, Angela ran a hand across her forehead. With weary eyes, she gave Jack a once over. “Just how old are you again?”

“According to you?” There was that devilish grin of his. “Old.”

“I…” she was flustered. Her face completely red. She did call him old…but… ugh!

His spryness caused her to gleam. Despite having a good few years on her, he was still as young as she was. Hell, probably younger. Mature in the mind (and bed), but all goofs and giggles when it counted.

“Jack,” she rose with the help of his extended hand. “Thank you.”

“For…?” His head cocked to the side.

“This,” she leaned forward. A kiss landed square on his lips. “For being you.”

One kiss wasn’t enough. Hands falling around her hips, he yanked his woman in close. Their noses butt against one another as their lips became familiar with each other’s.

There was no forcing. There was just doing.

Twisting his lips, Jack plunged in deeper. His tongue twirled around hers, which caused her heart to skip a beat. He was always so smooth. So perfect.

His kisses? Ugh, they were to die for.

Melting into him, she began to purr.

“Jaaaack,” she half-moaned, half-pleaded ,“you’re the devil.”

“Uh-huh,” his lips separated from hers. “Because I sometimes run around in this red and black Devil Suit. Yup, you got me.”

Chewing her lip, she flitted her lashes up at him. “It’s only a prototype.”

“And it’s only for my eyes. In my bed.”

“Ooooh?” Her sweet breath kissed him right in the face. She loved to see him get jealous. Get clingy.

In for another kiss she went. This time, she put her tongue in his mouth. She liked the feel of his teeth. Smooth, polished. Even though they weren’t perfect cosmetically speaking (they weren’t in a straight line all the time), she loved them. They were like a game to her. She loved the dips and turns. The cracks, the crevices. The way his-

She pulled back. “I think I owe you,” she flirted.

Jack’s smug mug sat flat on his face. “You won’t hear me c-”

The tail end of his comment was drowned out by the whirl of the alarm. Sixty seconds remaining.

“You better get out there,” Ang commented, noticing that he was just a handful of points behind first place.

“Eh,” Jack shrugged, “I’ve got something better right here.”

Her cheeks pulsed a raspberry color.

Forcefully yet gingerly, he shoved her right into a corner. There, he allowed their lips to crash into one another yet again.

She moaned into his mouth. He thrust his hips forward just a bit.

They wanted each other. And bad.

Too bad they were surrounded by young punks.

Still, once they got home-assuming Jack could last that long in the Jeep and not pull over on some side road-they’d have their fun. Hash it all out. Between the sheets.

Her hand fell in his soft blonde locks while the other one copped a feel of that mighty fine ass (who cares if it looked flat-he was just bad at picking out decent butt-fitting pants).

In return, Jack’s hands slipped beneath her shirt. So what if the straps of the breast plate complicated things. He figured out how to fondle her breasts in the darkness. Even if only for a second.

“Twenty,” a countdown began. “Nineteen.”

Angela’s heart raced. Jack’s thundered within his chest.

Each kiss grew sloppier. Wetter. They needed to bust outta this popsicle joint and get down on each other. But the moment, the darkness, the risk-oh was it tempting.

“Ten… nine… eight…”

“Pew, pew, plashooooo!”

A blinding blue light pushed all the shadows off her face. Her chest flickered. It pulsed. It glowed.

Eyes furrowing, she patted at the flashing lights.

“Three… M3RCY down … one…!”

The lights came on. The entire arena was a mess of smoke and painfully hideous decorations that were to server as 'walls’ and 'bushes.’

Blinking, she looked up from her chest and over to Jack.

There, plastered across his face was the biggest, most devious grin she’d ever seen.

“JACK MORRISON,” she stepped forward to smash the hell out of him.

Hands up, he turned quickly on his heels.

“And that’s my cue to run like hell!”

As she bolted after him, her ears picked up the announcer’s words.

“SKIPPY76 takes the top spot! SKIPPY76 is the winner!”

Despite hating him for using her as his final set of points, she was secretly happy to know that Jack had won. That and the fact that he chose her laser noise sound effect to finish her off.

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Let me get this straight. Private sam will have his bff co-star post a pic that includes him and his girlfriend putting it out there for public consumption. And don't tell me he doesn't know thatbwveryone knows who she is. But, then can't muster up a good luck tonight tagging her in regards to charity event? Jiggy what?

I don’t know that “everyone” knows who she is…

The show’s viewership is roughly about a million or so (roughly 1.2-1.4 million average per episode).

Out of that only 330k care enough to even follow him on twitter.

My guess (based on the # of average likes on IG) is that only about 50-80k might follow enough to have an idea of who she is and only about 10-20k (based on size of Tumblr shipper and Anti fandoms) “know” who she is and care enough to discuss it.

In other words…meh…lol lol lol

What If? Sims OC Tag

I was tagged by @simalienn like 10 million years ago and finally got around to finishing this thing

Chosen OC: Taz (obvs like seriously is anyone surprised by this) 

It’s a fairly long one, so I’ll put it all under a cut! 

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Keep the Change Pt. 2 // Jacksepticeye Imagine

Originally posted by rainyplier

Submitted by  honey-fandoms <3 check them out!

A/N: I’m very sorry if this gets annoying quickly, I honestly got this idea today. I just love this account so much so why not submit to it? Anyways, if you didn’t read part one you can go read it. Or don’t. Enjoy my friends. Also I switched like..point of views once so just - just bare with my suck writing. ALSO IM SO SORRY BUT IT’S SUPER LONG


Y/N sat in her best friend’s apartment, looking at her phone to find more clues as to what exactly Jack did. “Did he give you his channel name?” Her best friend said, sitting down next to her. 

“Nope..just his name, Jack.“ 

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Can you please update the bad boy Derek tag? Btw, I love you, my go to fic page :D!!!

aw thank you!!

Double Life by a_slave_to_love (13/? | 15,450 | PG13)

Derek Hale is the most powerful man in the United states. A snap of his fingers and he could have a million dollars in his hand. He radiated power. Men and Woman a like cowered at his feet. There was no one who didn’t fear him except for his Husband Stiles, who thinks he’s a big teddy bear. But will their marriage suffer when Stiles finds out who Derek really is?

Don’t Judge a Derek By His Cover by captaintinymite (augopher) (1/1 | 4,510 | R)

Stiles doesn’t care about the rumors surrounding Beacon Hills High School’s resident bad boy, Derek Hale. In fact, he thinks the rumors are total crap. Of course, being secretly in love with someone has a way of clouding one’s judgment.

However, he knew for a fact that Derek liked books. So when the two paired up for a final English project, he was excited (but also a little terrified).

But you know what they say…never judge a book by its cover. The same goes for people.

The Black Knight, Sourface Derboo And The Nerd. by LeatherAndRed (1/1 | 1,744 | NR)

“Are you just gonna stay in there?” Stiles jolted, knocking his head against the metal shelf. Who the fuck— “who’s out there?” He demanded, rubbing the back of his head which lead for his elbow to bump against the wall beside him.
or where Stiles is alone in the locker room, locked in Greenberg locker with only a rotten cheese sandwich and a smelly sock. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Serious by AlexTheShipper (1/1 | 2,135 | G)

Derek asks Stiles out on valentines day, but Stiles mistakes it for a prank. Leaving Derek confused, and Stiles hurt, can their friends fix it?

Finstock’s Wilderness Camp for Boys by rainsoakedshoes (1/1 | 12,179 | PG13)

“What happens if I don’t go?”

“You get charged with breaking and entering, and you will probably serve time in a juvenile facility,” the sheriff said matter of factly. “That’s if you’re lucky enough to be tried as a minor.”

“You’d send your own son to jail?” Stiles asked in disbelief.

“You broke into someone’s home, Stiles!” The sheriff took a breath to compose himself and ran a hand across his face. “And this isn’t the first time. I can’t keep bailing you out of trouble. I don’t have any favours left to call in. Either you agree to go to the camp and clean up your act, or you risk getting tried as an adult.”

In a Moment of Vulnerability by cloudsarefluffy (4/4 | 87,097 | NC17)

While in New York City to visit his aspiring and success-hungry friend Scott, who left for an internship he fought for over several years ago, Stiles runs into an alpha with a devilish reputation and a dark, tantalizing look that precedes him. Couple that with horny loneliness and failed suppressants, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a one-night stand that will set the bar forever.

But what if forever isn’t something that the one person you’ve given yourself to wants? What if a forever is somehow growing inside of you after a few months pass and a planned heat is missed? What if you don’t know what to do and there’s only so much chocolate that can soothe an aching heart before you feel like you’ve got morning sickness all over again?

This is a story about how Stiles loses his virginity alongside himself, and somehow, he manages to find something he never thought he’d ever have along the way.

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Hey I made my first drawing of Thomas sander and I don't know if I should like tag it bc it's shitty and also I'm kinda setting myself for disappointment of him never seeing it ( I know I said it was shorty but still I want to show my support ) I also drew Joan what should I do?

Well i am sure its not that bad. And no matter what the picture is, thomas always loves everything sent into him. So of course you should tag him. I feel like the only reasons why mine where seen was because instagram is a lot easier to notice then tumblr. And you shouldn’t be disappointed if he doesn’t if he doesn’t see it. You have to keep in mind that there are millions of fans who send him stuff everyday and its hard for him as just once person to sort though everything. But keep your chin up about it.

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I just realized that the "I see no difference" moment didn't happen here. If it did, would Harriet have forgiven him? And did Hermione not shrink her teeth in TNER, since that catalyst wasn't there?

another anon asked this, too, so i’l answer you both together (it was like a million years ago; sorry, anon – or maybe it’s the same anon? idk! anyway, trash-ask answerer me is finally on it!)

hermione hasn’t shrunk her teeth, no. i like big teeth!hermione, so she’s stuck with them for now c:

harriet would have been all up in his shit if he’d said it, but he isn’t going to, because he’s not “that” snape anymore. however, on the scale of What the Fuck Were Ya Thinking Snape My Boy, being an unbelievable shit to hermione is behind accidentally getting her parents killed; so if she can forgive him for that, she’d forgive him for this. luckily, she isn’t going to have to. snape is never gonna be the kind of guy you’re happy to bring to a party, but he’s already treating people better than that. 



“I saw the light” One Shot. (Anyone asked for this?)

Inspired by: “ Imagine: Being a crew member in “I saw the light”. You’re standing behind the cameras while Tom sings in a scene. He mischievously looks at you. “ [ X ]

Written by: arelyhb


Ugh… another early morning in Tennessee. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here but hate getting up so early.

I’ve been here for almost 3 months, between pre-production, rehearsals, yadda yadda yadda.

I work in the movie industry. Right now I’m a crew member of “I saw the light”. It’s safe to say, discarding the ridiculous mornings… that i love my job.

I got to the crafty service area in a rush to grab coffee and a muffin since I was already late. Which was unusual;  i guess the late nights + early mornings combo was finally taking its toll on me.

I headed to my trailer.

I went in as I chewed on my “breakfast” and started picking up things, and pulled the clothing rack out.

-Let’s see… -I mumbled to myself.

I checked the shooting schedule to see what scene was being filmed first, so I could arrange everything.

I fixed the first outfit and tagged it with the scene number. I like to keep things organized besides it’s an obvious must in this job. I arranged several others with their respective tags.

I was doing everything at a very fast pace and immersed in my thoughts, when something startled me.

-Good morning, sunshine!

I turned around.

-¡Jesus, Hiddleston!

There he stood, smiling big.

-It’s 6:30AM how can you be smiling like that? Here- I handed him the hanger with his first outfit.

-Millions of reasons, darling. ¿Why are you rushing today?

-¿How long have I been getting you dressed for this film?

-¿Counting dress rehearsals?

-Exactly… a long time. And not once have I been this late, I can’t even find a few pieces, there’s a tiny hole in that coat that i’m gonna have to sew, and don’t even get me started on…

-Darling, darling… -He cut me off and got closer to me. He held my face between his hands- I don’t think I’ve ever spoken that fast in my entire life or anyone i know…You need to relax.

Okay. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tom thanks to this film.  The man is a dream. Incredibly attractive, incredibly polite and caring.

And I am lucky enough to fix his pants and shirts every single day. We’ve bonded a lot and we’re both very comfortable working together. He loves joking around, of course, and makes all these insightful comments about Hank Williams’ clothes. It’s actually really helpful, i come up with a few ideas that he and the director end up liking, even though the wardrobe’s pretty basic.

-Ugh, fine. Just change your clothes and don’t touch my face. – I said smiling.

He kissed my cheek.

-GOOD MORNING.-He exclaimed triumphant.

I rolled my eyes.

-Good morning to you.

-Much better. You’re doing a marvelous job, don’t panic so much.  – He said walking behind my panel screen to get dressed.

He came out and I took my script annotations.

-Alright, rolled sleeves, shirt completely buttoned up- I narrated the list as I checked each thing. He was just staring down at me, the tall man… and I wasn’t short at all.

-¿So what about my invitation? –He asked but I kept fixing his clothes.

-¿What invitation?

-To the play I told you about…

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