i have like 800 men in mind

Date with the airport guy

I forgot to update y'all on my date with the guy I met at the airport. It slipped my mind because I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave.

Anyway, I met him at his hotel downtown around 12..We had drinks and sushi at this really nice spot. I’m gonna have to go back there because it was some good looking chocolate men in there! Yas Lawd!

He had to be at a meeting at 2, so our date was pretty short, but I agreed to meet back up with him after he was done. So, he gave me $800 dollars and said “Go treat yourself”, then tried to kiss me. I turned my head so fast, kissed his cheek instead, patted him on the shoulder and walked to my car. I can already be a bitch but when I’m on my period I’m “about that life”.

Anyway, instead of treating myself I went home and went to sleep because I just wasn’t feeling good at all. 3 hours later he called to tell me his meeting was over and to meet him back at his hotel. So to the hotel I went with my peace-maker (yes I have a license) stuffed in my purse just in case this fool wanted to try me.

I got to his hotel room, which was very beautiful btw, and he had wine and light hors d'oeuvres set up in the kitchen area. It was cute. We sat on the couch, talked, watched the game and debated on who would win the whole ship. He started getting all touchy feely and I gave him the “Nigga please” look.

Eventually he stopped and walked into the other room. He came back out with a Victoria’s Secret bag full of shit. I started going through the bag realizing that this man actually has taste. I pulled out some of the lingerie pieces I liked and laid them to the table. I guess he thought I was going to put it on or something because he started back touching me. The second time I swatted his hand away he got all pissy. He started complaining about how mean and ungrateful I am.

I stared at him dead in his eyes the whole time he was throwing his bitch fit. Once he was done, I asked him if he was done. He looked like he wanted to smack the fire out of my black ass. I politely thanked him for the gifts and handed the bag back to his ass. I apologized for being “mean” and set him straight. This ain’t that boo boo. If you think $800 and Victoria’s Secret is going to make me hop on your dick then clearly you have A LOT to learn about me.

After setting him straight, I grabbed my purse and headed towards the door. I don’t have the patience for this shit anymore. The whole time I’m gathering my stuff he’s apologizing saying he knows I’m not that type of girl, how he’s just so physically attracted to me.. Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. He ran up before I touched the doorknob and handed the Victoria’s Secret bag to me, then kissed me on the cheek. I just looked at him, gave him the bag back and told him I’ll text him when I get home. I knew exactly what I was doing and it worked.

GOOOOTTTTTT EMMMMMM!!! Long story short. He’s paying for my trip to Paris next month.

This lifestyle requires thick skin and common sense.. If you don’t have it then you’re in for a rude awakening. I’m over it.