i have like 5 versions of this

Professor Lupin

  • Ashton's Vocals (ALL STUDIO VERSIONS)

Ashton’s vocals from all the 5SOS songs that have a studio version (UPDATED:  SKH, Safety Pin, Broken Pieces, SKH Alternative Version, & Money ADDED)

Gotta Get Out // Unpredictable // Wherever You Are  // What I Like About You  // If You Don’t Know // Don’t Stop // Good Girls // Everything I Didn’t Say // End Up Here // Long Way Home // English Love Affair // Never Be // Tomorrow Never Dies // Just Saying // She’s Kinda Hot // Safety Pin // Broken Pieces // She’s Kinda Hot (Alternative Version) // Money

masterlist of other vocals


A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here


Hi everyone! I posted a picture of my 1d cd collection a little while ago and as it started gaining notes, I read through the tags it was receiving. It made me realise how lucky I am to be able to own all of their records as many people tagged that they weren’t in a position to buy all the cds. It feels great as a fan to own the products that the boys have made for us. So I have picked up an extra copy of each standard and deluxe album as well as all 4 perfumes; if possible, I would like to pass this feeling on to one lucky fellow 1d trash.  


- All 5 standard One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- All 5 deluxe (Aus version aka square) One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- Our Moment Fragrance (100 mL)

- That Moment Fragrance (30 mL)

- You & I Fragrance (30 mL)

- Between Us Fragrance (30 mL)

Please note: Products used in images are from my personal collection and therefore are unpackaged. Products for the giveaway remain fully packaged :)


1. You must be following me.

2. Likes and reblogs count as entries (no reblog limit but pls try not to spam your followers).

3. No giveaway/contest blogs. 

4. Don’t delete caption pls. 

Winner will be chosen via random number generator on April 2nd. I will ship internationally from Australia. 

Enjoy! :)

having trouble writing?

update: the link should work now! im very sorry abt this haha h

I’m not sure what most you guys write with these days, if the majority of you are still chugging along with good ol’ Microsoft Word or whatever, but let me introduce you to this beauty:

Write! (look at this snazzy sleek website): 

This is my go to program. It’s light and doesn’t have a five minute start up like Word (or maybe my laptop’s just really clunky and old) and it has these features that make the entire story-building ordeal easier. 

Seriously, ever since I started using this I’ve been just spewing shit out.

It has both a free and a pro version. The free version is beautiful and efficient just on its own and is the one I’ve been using the longest, but if you want to have your work on all your devices, have a night theme for all-nighters or just have some stylish documents, the pro version is $5 per month. If you can, please support them!

The layout is simple and clutter free, nothing overwhelming. The navigation has an option to give you a visual look on what you’re scrolling through rather than the normal scroll bar, which has saved my eyes from squinting every five minutes.

Its got a standard formatting options but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. Simplicity matters! It also has a handy productivity counter which tracks word/character count, pages, reading time, etc.

There are three window options: compact, standard (size-adjustable) and full screen. I always use full screen but when I’m multitasking or want watch youtube videos, the window becomes smaller without cramping your work space since it doesn’t have a toolbar.

It’s pretty hard to find this program (at least it was for me haha) cause of its name. Since this is my favourite writing program so I’m going to spread the word and share it, since it deserves more recognition B^)

Highlights from the Bryke Interview

1.  Vaatu is dwelling in Korra; he’s just too weak to do anything.

2.  We are going to learn who Tophs’ baby daddies are before the finale!

3.  Kuvira and Korra were intended to be similar.  "It’s like Korra has to deal with overcoming a version of her past self.“  -MD (That was deep…)

4.  There is going to be two more ATLA comics following The Rift.

5.  "Not really…they moved to the suburbs ;)” was Mikes’ answer to a question about what happened with Sokka and Suki between ATLA and LOK.  (this answer was soo vague that I’m curious as to whether or not it ties into #2)

6.  Kais’ character was developed with the intention of being a little bit of Wan and a little bit of Aang.  "We wanted to have an adventurous kid with a slightly shadowy background.“  -MD
(I knew I had a good reason to love Kai)

7.  Kuvira is an earthbending and metalbending master; Toph would give her a good fight, though.
(yeah…Toph…but Korra needs to catch the buff up!)

8.  Amons’ motives were fueled by his desire to make the world a better place.  Amon truly believed that bending oppressed others, as was evident in his own life.  "He saw how it made others suffer and he wanted to eradicate it from the world; but he had to believe his own lie in order to execute that vision.”  (my freak-ing heart. Bryke. *tearbends*)

9.  Zukos’ daughters’ name is Izumi.
(I’m soo relieved that I won’t have to keep hearing the gongs of ‘Honora’ anymore)

10.  In the United Public, the dialogue about the representation of non-benders from Amon and the equalists led to the take-down of the non-elected council, of which Tenzin was a member, and to the rise of holding democratic elections.  "Raiko, jerk though he may be, is a non-bender who was elected by the non-bending majority.“ -BK  (Bryan has voiced his opinion of Raiko.  It is 'jerk’, and I am satisfied.)


I designed what Fatal_Error might look like as a kid (~5-year-old version) in @alainaprana’s Momma CQ world. ’Cause I felt like it. While drawing him, I got the idea of him having light up shoes, and I thought it was kinda cute so I went with it.

I also drew a little comic of him meeting Error, because I got this whole idea while lying in bed and I was inspired. Enjoy the silliness!

And so began their epic rivalry…

Okay the ending didn’t turn out like I wanted, but the first two panels make up for it. This ridiculousness is all in good fun.

Bonus: Kid!Fresh_Hell!

(tee hee)

So I’m sure Fresh_Hell wouldn’t really act exactly like Fresh, but I couldn’t resist. This was fun to draw~

Fatal and Fresh_Hell belong to the amazing @fatal-error-blog


At the ripe ol age of 25 I actually prefer my face with no foundation, powder, contour, eye shadow etc. I really do like my freckles, skin tone, the extra 45 minutes of relaxing morning (how stressful is trying to get that shit even and clean like wow why), being able to scratch/rub my face and eyes during the day, oh and just jump straight into bed without having to clean it all off at night. 5 years ago I couldn’t fathom the idea of leaving the house ever without a full face of makeup, fake tan and hair extensions, I finally feel like myself from the inside out. And damn, when I do wear makeup I love transforming my face whenever I feel like it, creating a sassier or prettier version of the face I already have. It’s almost like you have to go through some years of your life with a mask before you build yourself from the inside out and don’t need to wear one anymore. So life is a little easier. Not sure WHY I’m posting this I just suddenly felt compelled to do so. I hope everyone feels or will one day feel this way about their own faces because we are all beautiful and awesome.

okay I forgot to tell u guys this but I was doing some research abt blurryface and I found something kinda interesting

according to Wikipedia, the albums gonna be 40 minutes long, which seems like a really short amount of time for 14 songs right?? and then if we factor in that fairly local is around 3:30, and goner (if they use the original version) is around 2 minutes that gives us around 35 minutes for the remaining 12 songs, which is less than 3 minutes per song. on all of tøps past albums they’ve had songs up to around 5 minutes and truce is the only song shorter than 3 minutes, so theres gonna have to be some super short songs on there

ik this is a lil confusing but the point im getting at here is- what if we get some “look alive, sunshine” style messages from blurryface??


Hello everyone! I apologize for my long absence. Work has become very busy, so I don’t have as much free time these days.

I wanted to share a surprise with you all today–my very first object! I loved this bed when I saw it in the Kids Stuff Pack but was disappointed that there wasn’t a double bed version, so I went ahead and made it! :)

This is just a bed frame, you will have to use separated mattresses for it to work. It is BGC and comes in 5 colors. I tested it in my game and had no issues, but please let me know if you run into any!

Download [Onedrive]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.
I would also like to give credit to @lexiconluthorts4cc for her country bed frame as a point of reference to make my mesh!

TOU: Please do not reupload my mesh and claim it as your own. Please feel free to recolor, just don’t include the mesh. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful rooms!

Thank you!

the doctor's ever changing opinion of gallifrey/timelords
  • one:fuck dese guys I'm out
  • two:wow my life's great now, can't believe I spent 200 years on that god forsaken orange rock, without jamie too!!
  • three:you know what idc that u pompous arseholes banished me to earth, I got da brig with me and let me tell you something they don't have moustache's like that on gallifrey
  • four:first u accuse me of treason and now you want me for president,oh my daze you guys are such nerds, jelly baby?
  • five:wtf omega!?!
  • six:you killed peri! then fragmented her in to 5 different versions of herself, you guys are fucked up, stay away from my humans!
  • seven:shit man... me, the master and the rani, used to be so cool back at the academy, like the ultimate squad y'know, now we all so damn fucked up, that's what gallifrey does to innocent childrens
  • eight:take the master's jiggly sperm back to gallifey they said, it'll be fine they said
  • war:haha GALLIFREY STANDS bitches, totally keeping this jacket as a memento
  • nine:well I'm just going to have to cover up my severe psd with immense sass, any way it's not all bad at least I have rose she's great, although somehow she reminds me of the time war and why am I still wearing the jacket that I wore when my planet burned?!?
  • ten:well the thing is martha its like every story about a kid who wants to get out of their small town but then ends up missing it, except the kid is 900 years old, the small town is an entire planet and the kid ends up committing the genocide of his own species
  • eleven:yay!! my people are back they are actually alive and I can go home, this is the best thing ever!! two tics clara I need stand on a cloud with me, myself and I and stare at this beautiful planet full of my problematic faves
  • twelve:the bae is dead and its probably your fault!! my hybrid valeyard arse has smashed on some glass for two billion years to get here and get my revenge, I told you to stay away from my humans!! and clara and peri both have scattered lives, way to rub it in. jeeze I can't believe I was so thirsty for you two hearted cunts to come back
Thomas being protective over Newt in tst movie

gifs&pics collection post~ all made by me~ 

credit if you use or repost~

(and pls dont blame me for posting those same gifs I have already posted )

(and tbh i first made these just to share my newtmas feelings with my followers on weibo, so, sorry about the bad quality of these gifs :P)

1. seems like newt enjoyed being protected lol

2.thanks tommy

3. holding hands~

4. When they first met Brenda. Watch what Thomas was doing with his left hand.

↑the text means “Thomas’s left hand.”

and they just glanced at each other (to confirm  the other’s safety)

5.Again~ Watch what Thomas was doing with his left hand~

Bonus~Newt version~

little mix are so… majestic. i can’t believe they don’t get the recognition they deserve. they’re one of the best musical artists out there now, they are in some adele level, and i’m not saying this as a fan, but as someone who took vocal classes for 5 years. their voices have a harmony that is UNREAL. many bands don’t have that, like they can sing well but sometimes their voices just don’t fit together. but little mix, oh my god, little mix sound just like they were MEANT to be. like it was some sort of fate/destiny shit. and, man, those girls sing EXACTLY like the studio version WHILE DANCING some hard ass moves. they are so, SO, talented. you can FEEL the emotion in her voices. you can feel the POWER. every single one of them can do massive high notes. massive vocals. they WRECK as opening acts. they WRECK their concerts. and yet… here they are, always in the shadow. always being asked if they write their own music. always getting comments saying they lip sync. and never getting the amount of praise and recognition they deserve.

the other day i was looking through interviews on youtube to make a gifset and i was really wishing i had a masterpost like this to look at so i wouldn’t have to sift through the bullshit videos so hello i am tumblr user clemmiings and im here to bring you a very very large 5sos masterpost.


this masterpost includes:

  • music videos
  • covers
  • acoustic versions of their own songs
  • interviews
  • vidz they did on their birthday
  • and other things i don’t know what to sort under lol

this is gonna take a while lol







5SOS (before ashton) COVERS:

5SOS (with ashton) COVERS:

#5SOSBDAY 2013:


5SOS MONTH (by sugarscape):

  1. The Serious Lyrics Game
  2. The Totes Emoji Game
  3. The ‘He Looks So Perfect’ Game
  4. The Puppet Game
  5. Heartache on the Big Screen Game




  1. miami
  2. 5 countries 5 days (i guess i can put this here??)


  • london 1 2
  • australia/new zealand 1 2
  • la 1 2
  • nyc




well i guess thats it for now! ill try to update as much as possible and sorry if i missed any videos!!!!!!!! ive been working on this for days and after going to 8 pages of youtube under the search '5sos interview’ night after night i got a little tired!! but i covered most of the necessities soooooo yeah!! message me if you want me to add anything to the list and ill do so!!