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I have watched 121 episodes of OUAT and never felt as disappointed

As I am right now, and this is even after my expectations were as low as can get!

1) Hook being a shadow of himself, all calmed down about Regina finding Emma, while he sits and wait? When was he ever like that????????

2) Princess Emma was the worst thing I ever seen, and for me this is not the version of Emma that we would have got without the curse. Total waste of potential.

3) With all the talk about Hook in the AU we didn’t even see him, how wonderful.

4) Regina being to Emma what Hook was to Emma in 3x12? Really? Why don’t you just hand over the show for SQers to write it? (They actually used the same lines to convince her…)

5) Even the captain charming scenes were bad. How did they manage to ruin also that?

6) Neal being the ultimate hero, with his picture hanging on the wall? Really?

The potential was so great with that “what if” thing and they just throe it down the trash.

And the worst part is that my expectations were so low, I thought it could only get better, well they proved me wrong. I never felt a bigger desire to throw up during an episode. At least I have 2 months to recover because right now I’m too angry to even want the hiatus to over.

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Top 5 Jitzu moments?

I have too many ; u ; my pure otp

5. Jihyo’s “sexy-cute” version of Cheer Up as her punishment

4. Jihyo wanting to get the lightsaber for Tzuyu 

3. LOOK AT THEM!!! HOLDING HANDS!!!!!! so cute I die

2. the squishiest birthday kiss that Jihyo gave Tzuyu


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Is there something like a reference sheet for partially transformed GB!Sans / Sans at 5%?

Yep! Not really, no. 5% Sans is the version of Sans I think is most commonly depicted in BOTWOT fanart though :) I’ve linked a bunch of examples below to show a range of different styles.

In terms of a “style guide”, I think the only things to note are:

  • He’s still short, probably only an inch or two over his starting height
  • His legs are digitigrade, but not… fully? Like, if he wanted to, he could walk on the flats of his feet but it doesn’t feel quite right for him to do so. His toes are longer and it’s more comfortable to not press his heel down.
  • He does have a tail, but the tip only just brushes the floor. I.e., it’s not stupid long. Yet.
  • His skull is round and distinctly Sans-shaped. Bumps and ridges have come through and his teeth are more pointy, but if he has his hood up and someone doesn’t look too hard, they might not notice anything different.
  • Having said that, some people do draw him with a more developed blaster-shaped head and that looks cool as hell. I’m certainly not going to complain.

Reference pics

I hope that helps!

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i was tagged by the amazing @spicyenjolras thank you so much <3

Last movie you watched: I’m afraid I have to say Ice Age 5 with my nieces.

Last song you listened to: Well I’ve been listening to this one on repeat for a while now so “We Know the Way” from the movie Moana. It’s beautiful and brings back childhood memories of my mom dancing and massaging to this song sung by Te Vaka (this version is actually a remake according to her lol)

Last TV Show you watched: The new Norwegian Advent Calendar, “Snøfall” or smth like that.

Last Book you read: This comes as no surprise, but: “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo

Last thing you ate: A banana.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Hawaii or New Zealand. 

When would you time travel to?: To a time where everything wasn’t explored, I would love to go to, again, Hawaii or New Zealand. Live with them. 

First thing you would do if you won the lottery?: Buy a heckton of art supplies and a flat, live with my friend in the flat. Either that or travel so so muc, again with my friend (Frida I’m looking at you)

Character you would hang out with for a day: Lilo, from Lilo and Stitch

Time right now: 08:31 AM

i tag: @its-better-than-an-opera @imsorryfortheinconvenience @sassytimemachine @lel-moriarty @mon-d-i-e-u @kirschteins-delivery-service @bibliophile-extraordinaire @enjoltairemyass @grantaire-the-drunken-artist @anescapistatheart

if you’ve already done it or don’t want to do it, feel free to not do it. this is a no pressure zone😊

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What's the name of your old/new art program? I'm curious! Thank you for your time!

Hi there! My old program, which is what all the previous comics have been drawn with (and probably will continue to be until I can find some setting to match the old ones) is Manga Studio Debut 4, and the new program I just got is Clip Studio Paint EX (the alternative title of the pro version of Manga Studio 5).

I wouldn’t really recommend MSD4, it’s hella basic and doesn’t give you a lot of freedom. Clip Studio is a lot more like Photoshop or SAI from what I can tell and I’m looking forward to learning how to do ‘proper’ digital art.

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Bending the rules on that Pokemon ask prompt a little, instead of sending u just a type to work with I am sending some alternatives: Legendaries, Single-Stage No Evolutionary family monsters, Pokemon based on non-living objects, and Version Exclusives

Geez okay, these are tough


  • Favorite: The Regis are all tied for first (including Regigigas)
  • Second-favorite: Darkrai
  • Cutest: Hoopa Confined is cute in a way that doesn’t seem forced, like so many of the “cute” legendaries do
  • Least-favorite: All those fucking palette-swap genies from Gen 5 are tied for last

Single-stage mons

  • Favorite: Turtonator
  • Second-favorite: Hawlucha
  • Cutest: There’s a lot of cute one-offs, but I’m gonna have to go with Dunsparce
  • Least-favorite: Miltank lol

Inanimate object Pokemon

  • Favorite: Palossand
  • Second-favorite: Magnezone
  • Cutest: Probably Magnemite tbh.  Luv that big goofy eyeball
  • Least-favorite: Honestly all the inanimate-object Pokemon are great but I’ve never been a huge fan of Klinklang

Version-exclusives (for which I’m just going off whether they were exclusives in the gen where they were introduced)

  • Favorite: Turtonator again (it’s really good)
  • Second-favorite: Braviary
  • Cutest: Ledyba
  • Least favorite: Probably some version-exclusive legendary, like Palkia or some shit

Professor Lupin

  • Ashton's Vocals (ALL STUDIO VERSIONS)

Ashton’s vocals from all the 5SOS songs that have a studio version (UPDATED:  SKH, Safety Pin, Broken Pieces, SKH Alternative Version, & Money ADDED)

Gotta Get Out // Unpredictable // Wherever You Are  // What I Like About You  // If You Don’t Know // Don’t Stop // Good Girls // Everything I Didn’t Say // End Up Here // Long Way Home // English Love Affair // Never Be // Tomorrow Never Dies // Just Saying // She’s Kinda Hot // Safety Pin // Broken Pieces // She’s Kinda Hot (Alternative Version) // Money

masterlist of other vocals


A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here


Hi everyone! I posted a picture of my 1d cd collection a little while ago and as it started gaining notes, I read through the tags it was receiving. It made me realise how lucky I am to be able to own all of their records as many people tagged that they weren’t in a position to buy all the cds. It feels great as a fan to own the products that the boys have made for us. So I have picked up an extra copy of each standard and deluxe album as well as all 4 perfumes; if possible, I would like to pass this feeling on to one lucky fellow 1d trash.  


- All 5 standard One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- All 5 deluxe (Aus version aka square) One Direction albums (UAN, TMH, MM, FOUR, MITAM)

- Our Moment Fragrance (100 mL)

- That Moment Fragrance (30 mL)

- You & I Fragrance (30 mL)

- Between Us Fragrance (30 mL)

Please note: Products used in images are from my personal collection and therefore are unpackaged. Products for the giveaway remain fully packaged :)


1. You must be following me.

2. Likes and reblogs count as entries (no reblog limit but pls try not to spam your followers).

3. No giveaway/contest blogs. 

4. Don’t delete caption pls. 

Winner will be chosen via random number generator on April 2nd. I will ship internationally from Australia. 

Enjoy! :)

having trouble writing?

update: the link should work now! im very sorry abt this haha h

I’m not sure what most you guys write with these days, if the majority of you are still chugging along with good ol’ Microsoft Word or whatever, but let me introduce you to this beauty:

Write! (look at this snazzy sleek website): 

This is my go to program. It’s light and doesn’t have a five minute start up like Word (or maybe my laptop’s just really clunky and old) and it has these features that make the entire story-building ordeal easier. 

Seriously, ever since I started using this I’ve been just spewing shit out.

It has both a free and a pro version. The free version is beautiful and efficient just on its own and is the one I’ve been using the longest, but if you want to have your work on all your devices, have a night theme for all-nighters or just have some stylish documents, the pro version is $5 per month. If you can, please support them!

The layout is simple and clutter free, nothing overwhelming. The navigation has an option to give you a visual look on what you’re scrolling through rather than the normal scroll bar, which has saved my eyes from squinting every five minutes.

Its got a standard formatting options but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. Simplicity matters! It also has a handy productivity counter which tracks word/character count, pages, reading time, etc.

There are three window options: compact, standard (size-adjustable) and full screen. I always use full screen but when I’m multitasking or want watch youtube videos, the window becomes smaller without cramping your work space since it doesn’t have a toolbar.

It’s pretty hard to find this program (at least it was for me haha) cause of its name. Since this is my favourite writing program so I’m going to spread the word and share it, since it deserves more recognition B^)

i feel rlly bad for the people who are just entering this fandom bc they’ll never know what it was like when there were like 3 keeks a day and daily follow and tweet sprees and when they didn’t even have 1m followers on twitter and when there were only live versions of songs and i feel bad bc this was the best time

Highlights from the Bryke Interview

1.  Vaatu is dwelling in Korra; he’s just too weak to do anything.

2.  We are going to learn who Tophs’ baby daddies are before the finale!

3.  Kuvira and Korra were intended to be similar.  "It’s like Korra has to deal with overcoming a version of her past self.“  -MD (That was deep…)

4.  There is going to be two more ATLA comics following The Rift.

5.  "Not really…they moved to the suburbs ;)” was Mikes’ answer to a question about what happened with Sokka and Suki between ATLA and LOK.  (this answer was soo vague that I’m curious as to whether or not it ties into #2)

6.  Kais’ character was developed with the intention of being a little bit of Wan and a little bit of Aang.  "We wanted to have an adventurous kid with a slightly shadowy background.“  -MD
(I knew I had a good reason to love Kai)

7.  Kuvira is an earthbending and metalbending master; Toph would give her a good fight, though.
(yeah…Toph…but Korra needs to catch the buff up!)

8.  Amons’ motives were fueled by his desire to make the world a better place.  Amon truly believed that bending oppressed others, as was evident in his own life.  "He saw how it made others suffer and he wanted to eradicate it from the world; but he had to believe his own lie in order to execute that vision.”  (my freak-ing heart. Bryke. *tearbends*)

9.  Zukos’ daughters’ name is Izumi.
(I’m soo relieved that I won’t have to keep hearing the gongs of ‘Honora’ anymore)

10.  In the United Public, the dialogue about the representation of non-benders from Amon and the equalists led to the take-down of the non-elected council, of which Tenzin was a member, and to the rise of holding democratic elections.  "Raiko, jerk though he may be, is a non-bender who was elected by the non-bending majority.“ -BK  (Bryan has voiced his opinion of Raiko.  It is 'jerk’, and I am satisfied.)


Trouble: 5 full body tattoo sets (+ seperated tattoos) by Valhallan

* Found under Tattoos
* Enabled for all genders, age teen - elder
* Disabled for random
* Come in the colour black
* Custom thumbnails for all versions (full body, left arm, right arm, legs, chest and back)
* 5 full body swatches
* Seperated tattoos from each full body swatch in 5 categories
* Slightly transparent, so blend in with skin nicely
* For screenshots of all the tattoos in detail, click here

Credits: I own none of the original artwork that I converted into these tattoos. I have sources on every single piece of artwork I used for these tattoos - so if you would like to know where a specific design came from, please send me a message and I will gladly share! I did however edit these pictures and traced over them in Photoshop to make some of them better quality. Made with Sims 4 Studio.

TOU: Please do not re-upload or repost without my permission, and do not claim as your own. If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it! You are free to recolour this item if you so wish, but do not include the original texture file and data, please, and link back to me!

Simfileshare (ad.fly, thank you so much for supporting me!) | Mediafire (no ad.fly)

DOWNLOAD SEPERATED TATTOOS .ZIP (contains 5 packages for all categories)
Simfileshare (ad.fly, thank you so much for supporting me!) | Mediafire (no ad.fly)

I saw a while ago a video about how unnecessary gender products have big price differences in stores. So I went to walmart to buy shaving cream and razors since it’s too damn hot in Florida now, and turns out the video was right. I never go into the mens section but I just wanted check out for myself. I bought the men’s version of each product and I saved a difference of about $8 than I normally would have bought the women’s products for each. What surprised me the most is that it’s a more bang for your buck. Like the men’s shaving cream here is 10 oz cost about $3 while the cheapest women’s shaving cream cost about $5 and it was only 8 oz. The men’s razors brings so many replaceable razor heads cost me $4 while all the women’s razors were all about like $8 and they brought like 2 replaceable razor heads. So yeah, if you normally buy toiletries aimed towards women check the men’s section and compare the prices. Sure you’re sacrificing the pretty colors and nice scents of the products, but at the end of the day you want products that’ll last longer and cost cheaper.


I designed what Fatal_Error might look like as a kid (~5-year-old version) in @alainaprana’s Momma CQ world. ’Cause I felt like it. While drawing him, I got the idea of him having light up shoes, and I thought it was kinda cute so I went with it.

I also drew a little comic of him meeting Error, because I got this whole idea while lying in bed and I was inspired. Enjoy the silliness!

And so began their epic rivalry…

Okay the ending didn’t turn out like I wanted, but the first two panels make up for it. This ridiculousness is all in good fun.

Bonus: Kid!Fresh_Hell!

(tee hee)

So I’m sure Fresh_Hell wouldn’t really act exactly like Fresh, but I couldn’t resist. This was fun to draw~

Fatal and Fresh_Hell belong to the amazing @fatal-error-blog

Don't Let Me Go (2014 version - audio edit)
  • Don't Let Me Go (2014 version - audio edit)
  • Harry Styles

So I edited this and made it sound like Harry’s voice now aND I HAVE NO REGRETS SO YOU’RE WELCOME!! 

(follow me for more audio edits that I will be posting soon!) 

UPDATE 6/26: 

I uploaded a new audio edit, go check it! :)