i have like 30 different versions of this

City Living Sweater


Hi, I have another pattern-to-solid texture edit for you, suitable for autumn! They are 30 new solid textures to the City Living sweater for males. All the color options are available to see in the gif above or under read more tag (pictures similar to the 5 above).

I used the inspiring color palettes by @madoof (Vivid Moodlets and New Moodlets Palette, found here). This was my first time using a color palette and I love the bright colors!

I also removed the shine the sweater had originally. This was the hardest pattern-to-solid edit I have done so far and I’m happy to present it to you as finished sweater for your sims to wear.

Download Sweater (Google Drive, no ads)

(Requires City Living expansion pack)

CC creators: I have a .psd base you can use for recoloring, if you would like to use/edit the patternless version for your recolor.

Under read more tag: Pictures of all 30 swatches individually and .psd file

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Realistic Lips for the Sims 4.

I think EA did an awesome job on the skin textures this time, I don’t even need to replace them (for the moment !). The only point that bothers me are the lips : maybe there is something wrong with their color, not pink enough to be realistic. That’s why I created this makeup, available for all age, girls and guys, in 30 different tones. 

There is three version in the archive, one categorized as a lipstick, and another one as a facepaint. 

The last one is a skin detail, so you don’t have to put the lipstick on every outfits, but there is a little issue with it : you can’t use it with most game lipsticks (the texture of the skin detail will hide the lipstick texture). Some lipstick, like this one from down-in-simsland (the only one I use :p), work fine with it. So use the skin detail version on your male sims, your children, and on your female sims if they use no lipstick or only use lipstick compatible with the skin detail (don’t worry if you use a non compatible lipstick, it will just be hidden).

You can have both in your game.

Download : SimFileShare

Looking for more colorful options ? Look at my brother’s work ;)

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !

“There’s a scene, late in the movie, with Kate McKinnon, that made me feel like I’ve never felt at a movie before. (No, it wasn’t the vibrating chair talking, this was real.) I should confess: Some of this is personal. My favorite character, in any big action-ensemble movie, is always the demolitions guy: the mad scientist, the weapons expert, the damage-dealer, the one who just wants to see stuff blow up. I say “demolitions guy” because he’s always a guy; they never cast the mad scientist or gun nut as a woman. But in this movie, he’s Kate McKinnon.

So she gets the scene these guys always get, in a movie like this. She has a wonderful new toy. The film slows down. She starts moving, and sure enough, she just starts unleashing raw havoc everywhere.

Something in my chest opened up. This is it, I realized. This is the thing I never got to see before. The scene where the demolitions guy is a girl. I was right: It actually does feel different when it’s a girl. This must be how guys feel every time they watch one of these movies. This is it, the version that’s for me, the scene I always wanted, and it’s here.

I don’t know what that feeling was, or how to describe it. But here’s the best way I can: For all the talk about “childhoods,” I got exactly 30 seconds in that movie where I felt like I was 8 years old again. Except that it was better than being 8 years old. It was like being 8 years old would have been, if the world had been fair.

I didn’t realize the political implications until I was out of the theater. I didn’t realize that this was also an openly queer actress, playing a more-or-less openly queer character (and we could do with more “more” and less “less,” Sony), that it might have hit other people in the audience even harder than it hit me, and for that reason. I didn’t think about anything, except that a woman was getting the same big slo-mo blowing-shit-up scene a million guys have gotten, and that scene is awesome. I’ve always loved that scene. Women aren’t treated as a big boundary-breaking historic symbol of progress and equality, in this movie. They’re treated like people.

And then you go out into the real world, where thousands of people are trying to hurt Leslie Jones on Twitter, and everyone hates Ghostbusters again. The same world you went into Ghostbusters to escape. But you can escape it, for a little while, in that theater. There’s a reason we need movies like these, after all.”

– Sady Doyle, These Times

cell113  asked:

Quick question: If Chapter 3 does a bunch of reveal stuff that clashes with what backstory you have already put together, are you all going to continue with your original version as an AU, or are you going to retcon for canon continuity? Cause I really love where you have taken this already, and I'd be sad to see everything be rewritten just cause the canon turned out more different than is/was workable.

(im not sure about an AU if it does happen. we will probably throw in any more canon info about the characters if some is revealed in ch 3, but we’ll most likely continue with our usual shenanigans about the studio! we never ACTUALLY were in the time era of the story/game (30 years prior is what we were always going for, yet things like old henry, ink sammy, monster bendy, and the searchers are still relevant on this blog) bc we want the blog to be mostly fun and silly for everyone to enjoy!)

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How many storyboards did the Infinity Train pilot have?

There was only one storyboard and a couple different versions of it. The pilot was about 8:30 minutes long. There were roughly 300 pages and 179 scenes. That adds up to about 600 storyboard panels. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but it’s much less than a regular 11 minute episode of other shows. I was brought up in Regular Show where we always kept really limited on how much we drew in any given scene. OKKO, if I were to guess, is probably much bigger. Same with Steven Universe and just about any CG show.

Basically, any show that has a bunch of cool animation in it that’s really intricate and beautiful has a ton of storyboard panels to go along with it, increasing how much their board artists end up drawing (practically keyframes sometimes).

DuckTales Family Fic Challenge

Hey! So I compiled different lines to use as dialogue prompts. There aren’t really any rules, you can write any length you’d like and with any characters, the only request is that the fics be family-centric. Really, I just hope we have fun and write some Ducktales family fic. 

  • “Tell me you don’t mean that.”
  • “I’ll give you the moon.”
  • “Who’s going to tell you how cold you are?”
  • “I just want my family back.”
  • “I was never angry with you.”
  • “I’ll make you cry out of sheer happiness.”
  • “You used to know that once.”
  • “Will you come home?”
  • “Thanks for cheering me up.”
  • “I’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me.”
  • “I would have followed you.”
  • “Don’t be an idiot all your life.”
  • “We’re all we’ve got, remember?”
  • “That is only funny because you’re still alive.”
  • “I’m in your corner.”
  • “I’ll sleep when he sleeps.”
  • “You’re my happy ending.”
  • “Just let me stay here by your side.”
  • “I didn’t do it for him.”
  • “You would smile and that would be enough.”
  • “I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.”
  • “Stay with me.”
  • “You’ve got the makings of greatness in you.”
  • “You’re not the only one to suffer a loss.”
  • “I learned that from you.”
  • “If that’s not love, what is?”
  • “I’ll make you proud.”
  • “I know I don’t deserve you.”
  • “I would prefer to stay here with you.”
  • “You make me want to go back, back to the best version of me.”

Enjoy! If you do this, please tag them with “DuckTales Family Fic Challenge” so I can read them. 

ea-edit potions   |   I converted my separated potions to TS4. because I liked the marble texture on the bottles in the TS3 version so much I decided to create overlays in different colours for these + I also added my duo-block colours to have some solids as variation. the tray only has some metal colour options, but both textured and solid.

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Number 8

8. A “Spin the bottle” kiss

Dex had known this was going to be a disaster going into it. 

It was the last Kegster before midterms and everyone was drinking like it was the end of the world, trying to get as shitfaced as possible in preparation for the next two weeks of all-nighters. Jello shots were demolished, red solo cups littered the floor, and tub juice flowed freely through the Haus. Everyone was buzzed, and even though Dex didn’t normally like to drink too much at parties, he was steadily approaching “tipsy.” 

That was the first mistake. The second was letting Nursey rope him into a game of Spin the Bottle. 

He’d always sucked at games of chance, and now he was going to have to kiss Nursey, who would probably never let him live it down.

“I regret this party, I regret this friendship, and I regret this,” Dex scowled.

“Yeah, but you’re going to have to kiss me anyways. Suck it up, Poindexter.”

“You suck it up.” 

Nursey rolled his eyes, “Jesus Christ, why does everything have to be an ordeal with you?”

Dex could feel the nervous tension in his stomach build, souring the shots he’d let Holster talk him into taking. “Well, why did you force me into playing thi-” 

Nursey’s mouth was enough to get Dex from feeling like he was flustered-tipsy to feeling like he was devastatingly-drunk. He couldn’t even care that Nursey had interrupted him, as long as they stayed exactly where they were and Nursey was pressed warm and soft and insistent and-

Okay, He was pretty sure that was a wolf-whistle. 

He broke them apart. Nursey rolled with it good-naturedly, but his hand didn’t move from Dex’s back. 

“You kiss like a fucking exhibitionist,” Dex said, listing into Nursey’s side against his will. 

“Yeah?” Nursey said, spinning the bottle, then turning to face Dex. “Well you kiss like you liked it.” 

Dex snorted, leaning away from Nursey. “You wish.” 

“Chill, dude.” Nursey said as the bottle slowed to a stop in front of a brunette. He smiled like the cat that caught the canary when she started making her way across their group’s loose, lopsided circle towards him.

Dex got up to fill his drink. If he didn’t come back to the game, that had nothing to do with how much he didn’t want to see Nursey kissing other people.  


It’s been like million years since I uploaded something so have some eyes. These are conversion + million recolors of RemusSirion’s Tyrosine eyes, there’s two versions of each colors, one with the shine thingy on the iris and one without. I meant to do them as separate sets but I was around color 20 when I remembered that again so in one set they are. Preview sim wears both versions in different eyes. The shine was very slightly edited smaller than in the originals.

Download RemusSirion-Eyes-74-Tyrosine

Credits & other info:

  • Gorgeous eye texture by RemusSirion (http://remussims.tumblr.com/)
  • Sclera by Ephemera
  • Colors are the 30 originals from the eyes and tons of recolors with the usual colors I use, rounding up to 126 colors overall. 
  • Contains custom and geneticized versions, only install one version.

These work in Sims 2 only!

stormraiser2452  asked:

Hey um what did you think about MLP-FiM movie? When I look critics: It has got very bad points... And because of that: I start to think about going to watch it on movies... Is it really worth it or are the critics lying?

my advice is if you’re gonna watch a film for entertainment purposes read the audience reviews and not the critic reviews. They analyze films differently and will sometimes give films that are fun and entertaining bad reviews.

Personally I really enjoyed the film the music was great, the visuals were amazing, the story was decent, its a more epic version of an MLP episode

I did have an issue with the films pacing it felt like they tried to insert too much detail in a short amount of time I wish they gave it at least an extra 30 minutes to allow for more development in each location and to answer some of the questions that I had at the end

but overall I thought it was great I dont regret paying for the tickets. I took two non pony fans with me and they enjoyed the film as well

I will probably watch it again if get the chance

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What's a twin flame? How does this manifist in santis relationships with molly and Lou?

me preparing to answer this question that i’ve been neglecting for like two months now (i’m sorry)

first of all i wanna thank @rabbitmaze for introducing me to this concept because it made me realize so many things about my story!! i love this sh*t

SO. there are soulmates………….and then there are twin flames. the two are similar but also very different. soulmates are rare but still easier to come by than twin flames, and i believe that you can have multiple soulmates in one lifetime. twin flames, however, are as easy to pinpoint as one star in the entire galaxy, and often you’re lucky if it even comes once in your lifetime. if you miss it or are too scared to endure the trial of your twin flame, that chance might be gone.

(i love writing a novel about these things at 1:30 am, “longwinded” is my middle name thanks for asking)

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i’m about to go out to dinner in a few so mobile but i will sell my soul for this:“ i’ve always wanted to a plot where a small group of people in their mid 30s meets up in their high-school/college reunion and after it’s all over they go home… and wake up the following day as the teenagers/young adult version of themselves and quickly realize they’ve been thrown back in time.” throwback to high school y'all. i already have a few characters in mind, we can use different fcs, honestly just give me?? like this or im me !

In response to some comments speculating whether Kenneth Branagh’s version of Murder on the Orient Express will change the identity of the murderer because the solution to the case is well known.

It would be truly shocking if they changed it and I doubt Ken would go that route. The solution to the mystery is what made the book famous. By altering the ending, you take away the shocking twist.

Ken did mention twists and surprises and that the movie won’t be what people expect, it’ll be scarier for one thing, he’s approaching it like a psychological thriller. Hopefully he won’t change the solution. If he did anything too crazy with the movie, the Agatha Christie Estate would never have allowed it, and their comments about his take have been extremely positive. :) They are executive producers on the movie, James Prichard is Christie’s great-grandson.

The average moviegoer knows little about Murder on the Orient Express beyond its pop culture significance. They might know the ending but not the particulars about the story, and they have no clue who Poirot is. There’s more to MOTOE than the solution. The plot structure, the characters, the red herrings, the “locked room mystery” aspect, etc.

That’s why I disagree with people who say a MOTOE remake is “pointless” after the 1974 movie version with Albert Finney because “everyone knows the solution now”. That was 40+ YEARS AGO. Are we supposed to wait decades still for a new Poirot? :) Why can Sherlock Holmes have countless adaptations (like 30 for The Hound of the Baskervilles alone) but not Poirot and MOTOE? :) Same with superheroes and other famous characters. Just because people know Superman’s origin story, it doesn’t mean it can never be adapted for the screen again.

Why is it “too soon after David Suchet”? I love David, he’s my Poirot but the different The Hound of the Baskervilles adaptations have been only a few years apart, surely the same can work for Poirot? David’s MOTOE version was in 2010 and it was for tv. His last ep was in 2013. In my opinion it’s about time the character was on the big screen again where he’ll get the most exposure and bring new fans to the Christie universe. Ken said if the movie does well, he’d love to do more.

Sorry for the rant! I’m happy by all the activity in the MOTOE tag since yesterday. :) An exciting time for our Poirot fandom! ♥ Hello, fresh new faces! :))

[interior monologue: “Stop taking pictures of yourself in such flattering light, dingbat.”]

348 days later, same shirt. Then, I was in week one of a two week jury trial. I don’t know what my excuse is now. Aging gracefully? Meh. At least I’m not an appreciably different weight, and I appear to have about the same amount of hair.

15 had a friend over Sunday night. They were going through pictures and must have found one of the ones where I had peaked at 30 extra pounds. And this kid, who only knows this version of me, was like “Wow, he had the complete dad-bod, with the double chin and everything.” And 15 piped up and said, “Yeah, but now he’s ripped.”

Now, I’ll never be ripped. During my several month hiatus from legal practice in 2013, most of which I spent exercising and only eating twice a day, I got down to my lowest weight since I was in school. But I still wasn’t ripped. More lean and hungry, like a distance runner. I’m just a motivated striver that likes to use exercise as a fig leaf for how much I like food. Someday I’ll be old, and I’ll need a better plan. For now, I guess I’m holding my own.

Coming to you live, from the land somewhere between dad-bod and ripped, your faithful correspondent.

Ok, I’m gonna to rewrite my impressions about Kaisoo EXO Pepero CF, because I did some research about Pepero Day and I have so much feels to dispose to tell!

Pepero Day it’s a day that resembles Valentine’s Day. It’s celebrated on November 11th and it’s a day a person can buy a Pepero and give to someone they like. It doesn’t need to be a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush. You can choose a friend or someone in your family or work colleague. It’s a big commercial day in South Korea, but I won’t talk about this.

Anyway, first of all, I just love how Lotte loves Kaisoo. I think they see the chemistry between them something that SMEvil ignores most of the time tbh and puts them together at every oportunity they have like

Before you bash on me, I just want to say that I know this isn’t from Pepero CF, but Pepero is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery, so do you think it’s a coincidence? Because I don’t.  

But the pictures/gif below are actually from Pepero and it’s interesting how they end being paired up together or put side by side in advertisements. Probably it doesn’t have any ulteror motive, but, as I said, I don’t believe in coincidences. And I’m desilusion as fuck, deal with it.

CF Pepero 15s Version

CF Pepero 30s Version

Now, talking about Pepero CF.  It’s getting closer to Pepero Day (everybody must remember that it’s a day compared to Valentine’s Day in SK), so the CF’s theme (both 15s and 30s) is basically about EXO boys having fun with each other and with other people they like (as friends, colleagues, whatever). But they have a difference, that’s important to be noticed! Lotte’s 15s CF title is basically this: “Don’t you smell the sweet fragrance coming from somewhere?! A romatic Pepero day just like God EXO-K’s warm hug. We will be happy if we share!_15s". They start hugging each othet, what’s a ordinary thing to do. “Okay, let’s hug my buddies and let a lot of strangers come to us! Yey”.

But, after the message (“Be closer to people you’re close with, be close to people were once close with again and start being close to the people you want to be close with today”), something “weird” happens. We can see some random female girl feeding Sehun the pepero, the elder couple with the Pepero boxes heart and… Jongin feeding Kyungsoo. It’s okay, like, it’s not the first time this happens and, FUCK, KAISOO, but I want to be rational for a minute or two, because I think Kaisoo’s appearance wasn’t random (like nothing Lotte does). What I want to say, is that Kaisoo’s appearance has a meaning. 

I think Lotte’s objective is to show three types of couples at this 15s CF: the young and straight one (Sehun and the girl), the elder couple who appears next and Kaisoo as a new type of couple that can’t be just ignored: the same sex couple. This theory can be controversial for some, because “oh, they’re Korea, Koreans are homophobes and conservatives, etc, etc”. But it kind of makes sense, because 1) if you compare this CF with the 30s one, you will see that the first one has a romantic feeling on it. Even the video titles bring this feeling (the one who appears in 30s is just: “The official Pepero Day countdown! You will be happy if you share a pepero with EXO-K who fire shots to the heart!_30s”). The 30s CF brings a bigger meaning of what friendship and companionship means. It’s interesting as well, but not in the same way as 15s CF.  2) I think that, even in a conservative country like South Korea, homosexuality is a reality. Same sex couples there are kind of opressed if compared with other countries across the globe, but they exist! So, maybe Lotte thought that Kaisoo scene could be a way to motivate same sex couples to buy their products and give them to the person they love, like straight couples do, without being too obvious. 3) It’s subtle, but intimate at the same time. It can show some brotherly affection, but the entire 15s video didn’t pass me this impression. The viewer can see affection in the small details, from the way Kyungsoo eats the pepero to the way Jongin looks at Kyungsoo and gives him the pepero. It’s intimate even with Chanyeol and Suho on the background. Did you notice that, even with they appearing on the scene, neither of them stare much at Kaisoo? They didn’t even feed each other like Kaisoo did, and it was something they could have done easily and it would be explanable enough. But it would ruin their moment somehow and don’t pass the real meaning of it. I dare say that Chanyeol and Suho were just there to not make Kaisoo’s part in this CF more obvious than already is. Just to make everything to seem normal and nice to see on TV.

I don’t mean that this CF is Kaisoo’s way to tell the world that they’re a real couple even if I wanted to, tbh, or that they’re gay or something like that. My point is that, for some reason, Lotte sees Kaisoo the same way as their shippers. Probably, not like a legitate couple like some shippers do, but they see… Something. If it’s a spark or connection of feeling between the two, I don’t know. They just have this feel that every interaction with them is full of happiness and so carefree that looks like they’re enjoying this moments with each other.

And it’s one of them most beautiful things about Kaisoo and one of the reasons that made a lot of fans and Lotte fall in love with them.

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I don't think you got my message.... Since I didn't send it really early.... But hi!! I'm new and I love Pale and Template! I also shared your problem in thinking that people would think you're copying off of Reboot and Eraser.... But I actually gave up on the idea 😫

Nope, I saw the ask but uhm… I’m slow with replying. Right now, I still have like 30 asks floating around in my inbox and overall, I’m really slow with replying. Mostly because I wanna answer some asks with drawings. orz

What I can say about this is just: Remember the two cake thing.

I was scared about this, too, but that didn’t stop me to do it anyway ^^;

As long as you don’t copy characters straight off, it’s fine. Besides, you can always give them different names if you still wanna make your own versions. Like, how about Bleach and Sketch instead? There a plenty of names you can use. If you have concept and ideas that go beyond design and a name, I’m sure they are going to become unique and cool characters. It’s never too late to be creative!^^

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My biggest far is that some of my favorite writers(you as well) will just stop writing for Captain Swan all together in favor for the new pairing and all of the sudden hate CS. IDK, i just feel this way.

Look noni noni, I won’t stop writing CS, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write something else… if you check my page, I have written TinkerHook, both AU and canon versions of them. I don’t know what is going to happen, tbh, but I think you also need to understand and respect a writer’s want/need to explore other options as well.   I have systematically written CS for more than 3 years at this point.   3 years,  20 multichapters, 90+ oneshots, and I think at least 20 or 30 gifset/picsets. I think it’s been a good run… don’t you? I might want take a breather for a while.  It doens’t mean we don’t like the ship anymore, it’s just that sometimes people want to explore something different, especially after years of writing the same ship.

In all fair honesty, chances to make me despise  be relunctant to CS lie more with some portions of the fandom than with the show doing a new LI for an alternative version of Killian.

I’m also sure that you wrote this message with the best of intentions, but I have to be honest, it came off as if I owe you (or others) to continue writing CS fanfiction and I don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to my writing. It’s mine to do for fun and to give to others if they want… but I’m in no obligation to keep on writing something. 

i think deadpool should show up in every marvel movie now, kinda like stan lee. and he’ll be disguised too; a pedestrian, taxi driver, bar tender. only difference is he should have his entire dead pool costume on underneath his disguise: mask, weapons, hello kitty back pack and the rest of it. but because he’s kinda in a different version of marvel no one would fucking notice. like he’s dressed up as peter parkers fucking gym teacher and he does not notice the bright red suit. he’s dressed as a waiter at tchallas mansion and no one FUCKING NOTICES. @ marvel, this is what i need