i have like 3 more of these shirts

Get to know me
  • 1. Name
  • 2. Age
  • 3. City that you live in
  • 4. What do most people not know about you?
  • 5. What do most people know you for?
  • 6. Hobbies
  • 7. What are your passions?
  • 8. What do you search for in a significant other?
  • 7. What are you most proud of?
  • 8. When was the last time you had a significant conversation with someone you love?
  • 9. Have you ever collected anything? What was it?
  • 10. List 10 things off of your bucket list.
  • 11. What was the last thing you learned?
  • 12. How many relationships have you been in?
  • 13. Turn ons
  • 14. Turn offs
  • 15. Favorite food
  • 16. Favorite drink
  • 17. What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
  • 18. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
  • 19. Do you sleep during class?
  • 20. What is the most expensive thing you own?
  • 21. What is the cheapest yet most useful thing you own?
  • 22. How many times a day on average do you check your phone?
  • 23. Text or call?
  • 24. Opinion on long distance?
  • 25. What is your definition of success?
  • 26. Favorite song?
  • 27. Favorite artist?
  • 28. Celebrity crush/crushes?
  • 29. When was the last time you read for fun?
  • 30. Favorite flower?
  • 31. What is the best gift you could receive right now?
  • 32. Any guilty pleasures?
  • 33. What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
  • 34. What do you search for in a friend?
  • 35. How many times have you said "I love you" in the past month?
  • 36. Where did you last go other than your room/home?
  • 37. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • 38. In your opinion, what hurts more? Being left out or being stabbed in the eye?
  • 39. How many green shirts do you own?
  • 40. Do you like anime?
  • 41. What do you invest the most time in?
  • 42. What was the name of the last book you read?
  • 43. What's the difference between loving and liking someone?
  • 44. Where are you most productive?
  • 45. List 3 things you enjoy doing with friends.
  • 46. List 3 things you enjoy doing alone.
  • 47. Do you believe world peace will ever exist?
  • 48. Do you have any allergies?
  • 49. When was the last time you cussed at someone?
  • 50. What was the last promise you made?
  • 51. What was your last dream about?
  • 52. If you won a trip to Hawaii and you could take 5 people with you, who would those 5 people be?
  • 53. How many countries have you visited?
  • 54. What is your favorite medium of art? (Music, dance, painting, etc.)
  • 56. When was the last time somebody complimented you?
  • 56. If you switched bodies with someone, how would you recognize yourself?
  • 57. Do you consider yourself mature?
  • 58. How many days in your life do you think you have wasted on tumblr?
  • 59. What is your favorite quote?
  • 60. If you started a new religion and you had to create 3 rules or commandments for your new followers to live by, what would those 3 rules be?
  • 61. What is your greatest accomplishment?
  • 62. Do you believe in the death penalty?
  • 63. What are your goals for life?
  • 64. What do you think your soulmate is doing right now?
  • 65. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? The place can be in an imaginary, fantasy, or the real world.
  • 66. What were you like in 2013?
  • 67. Do you have a job?
  • 68. Tell us a story about your childhood best friend.
  • 69. If you could change one thing about society, what would it be?
  • 70. How many all-nighters have you pulled before?
  • 71. Is tumblr your favorite website? If not, then what is your favorite website?
  • 72. What is the craziest thing you would do for a million dollars?
  • 73. Does money equal happiness?
  • 74. How many times have you experienced true happiness in your lifetime?
  • 75. How many times have you experienced true sadness in your lifetime?
  • 76. What is the funniest joke you have ever been told?
  • 77. When was the last time you looked at the news?
  • 78. If you could say one thing to the world, what would you say?
  • 79. What is your favorite animal?
  • 80. If you could earn a million dollars by pretending to be dead for 3 years, would you do it?
  • 81. What is one thing that everyone is bad at?
  • 82. What time do you normally sleep? How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
  • 83. Does age necessarily equal maturity?
  • 84. What is your favorite clothing store?
  • 85. In the winter- beanies or gloves?
  • 86. Would you rather have wings or a fish tail?
  • 87. If you had the power to erase one person from the world so that nobody remembered him or her except you, would you do it?
  • 88. What do you fear the most?
  • 89. How many digits of pi can you recite?
  • 90. If you could travel back to one year and relive it again, which year would it be?
  • 91. Describe yourself in one word.
  • 92. Describe your last victory.
  • 93. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
  • 94. What is something you will never forget?
  • 95. Would you rather forget all of the past or remember everything in vivid detail?
  • 96. Have you ever broken a bone before?
  • 97. Is it harder to love or to hate somebody?
  • 98. Coffee or tea?
  • 99. What are some little things that you do that have changed your life in a positive way?
  • 100. How many hours have you spend on tumblr today?
Glow Up tips

this summer is a great opportunity to glow up on the asses of those who have slept on you. Hope everyone has an amazing come back and that you all get that “ they got hot this summer”

1. drink plenty of water: i know that this is any every “tips post” but it’ll help you maintain a beautiful complexion, fresh breath, help with weight loss, and so so so much more 

2. coconut oil: this is the shit! use it for your hair, your face, your legs ….everything. 

3.exercise: do your squats, eat healthy food. best form of revenge is a super hot body.

4. post so many selfies on social media …. make sure the photos are super dope and look very luxurious and mysterious and fancy and work on getting more followers. i suggest you look through Russian Instagram to find poses and study selfie angles.

5. have a stunning wardrobe: you don’t need lots of money to dress like you’re rich. it’s all about how you combine your clothes together. chose neat, fshionable clothes. velvet is really in this year and so are lace up dresses and t-shirts. Asos has a very wide range of trendy clothes and it’s not too expensive. You also get 10% off if you’re a student. /p>

6.read and watch lots of movies: get educated and informed over the summer. feed your soul with sophistication. read philosophical books or whatever kind you like . watch old movies. 

7. step OUT of your comfort zone: don’t go to bed unless you’ve done something each day that you have never done before. it’ll be a great t boost for your self confidence. i promise!

8.go out, have fun, takes lots of pictures and post them. it doesn’t have to cost much, a simple trip to the beach will do .. just flash that hot hot summer body.

9. be humble, but still, let those bitches know. 

10. meet new people and post selfies with them.

11. get a haircut or change your haircut or whatever as long as you change something, have a makeover.

12. do weekly DIY spa days: you can make your own pedi, amni, body scrub, facial masks with ingredients from your kitchen. 

13.take good good care of yourself and make sure you’re stress free and happy.

14.stay away from people who make you feel like shit.

15. avoid seeing your fake friends and stick to the passive agressive braging snapchat/IG routine.

16.gloooooow from the inside out. 

 17. if you have super dry hair and split ends like me, for the love of whatever you believe in just ditch the hair Iron and hair curler and blow dryer…these are the enemy..I know it’s super hard to do especially if you always style your hair with heat but try to find an alternative and only use heat once a week if you must.

 18. You should probably consult with your doctor(don’t do this if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding/allergic) …I take biotin once a day and honestly my fingernails grow like crazy and they are super strong and long so I don’t put on acrylics…it’s also good for your hair and metabolism.

 19. dry hair ? almond oil and jojoba oil itchy scalp/dandruff ? add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo dull hair ? Mayo . and anything can be solved with coco oil.

 20. tea tree oil is a must for clearing ur acne.

 21. soak your feet in baking soda and water and then use a pumic stone to remove dead skin cells. 

 22. for a deep cleansing mask I mix 1 tablespoon of clay with a few drops of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of cold water. If you have dry skin don’t use tea tree oil and add jojoba oil instead of water.

 23.moisturize your face twice a day after cleaning with grapeseed oil.

 24. for #teamnosleep.. if you have dark circles apply a mask from coffee grinds and almond oil twice a day then rinse witb cold water and moisturize with a good (preferably natural) eye cream.

 25. strech marks ? I’ve got the holy grail. if you have a coffee machine you can reuse the capsules/grinded coffee by emptying it to a container, adding brown sugar and a bit of sesame oil/coconut oil and mix …voila …you have your DIY coffee scrub. leave on for 10 minutes in the shower and use everyday and you will notice your skin begining to repair itself.

26. Your fake friends are treating you like crap and are forgetting your worth?

you are a goddess, you do not deserve to be slept on or even minorly disrespected. Don’t you ever forget that. You should not feel like shit when you are champagne in a crystal glass and they are lukewarm piss in a plastic cup.

do not send them messages wondering why they have changed or start a fight or even send them an angry text, they’ll think they have a worth and actually mean something to you. instead, you ignore them so hard they will even begin doubting their own existence and yet keep posting pics of yourself having fun ( or pretending to have fun) abd be all bougie and uninterested.

 send me your glow up pics dolls and send me more tips🖤🖤

A Eulogy for all the Homestuck ships that didn't make it.
  • JohnKat: Sunk by a meme. Tragic.
  • DadMom: Sunk by a violent stabbing, also Tragic.
  • JadeJohn and DaveRose: Goddamn, Hussie pulled a George Lucas on us there. "You like that ship? Well they're related now, whoopsie!"
  • JohnDave: Well, you'll always have A03 at least.
  • JadeRose: The forgotten Beta ship. You were cute.
  • DaveTavros: You were a thing apparently? Well the fanart was cute.
  • Gamrezi: You'll always have the Shelby Cragg AU's at least.
  • TaVris: Hmmm....
  • GamTav: I have so many sad and complicated feelings towards you. It's hard and nobody understands.
  • GamKar: There was so much unexplored potential and too much offscreen development.
  • JohnRose: Never liked you, but you deserved better than a bunch of people throwing a fit over a t-shirt.
  • Erisol: I'll miss the <3<, and your Sprite.
  • Equara: God remember that anon that really really really hated this ship? Remember the harassment and gore submissions? That shit was wild... and creepy. Don't do this over fictional relationships kids.
  • JasproseJane: Never saw that one coming did we?
  • JohnVris: I will Remem8er You!
  • AraSol: Confirmed? Sunk? Aw well, you had a good run.
  • SolFef: Goddamnit Eridan.
  • EriSolFef: "We coulda had it aaaaaaall"
  • Rufioh/Damara: A foot note in the backstory that could have been explored more.
  • Daverezi: Sunk offscreen no less! A true shame.
  • Karezi: Retconned out of existence and the two don't even talk anymore. Ouch.
  • EquiKar: Fuck all of you this was cute.
  • VrisKan: Sigh. Rest in Peace Vriskan, may the shippers sing you to your grave.
  • Les8fins: Damnit Aranea!
  • Les8fins 2.0: Dammnit Meenah!
  • Meulin/Kurloz: Wow, that was an odd couple wasn't it?
  • Grimluck: I want to believe.

SHERLOCK - :Happy Pride Month 2017:
Wacom Intuos Pro 3 in  PSCS3 (new window for hi-res)

Bleh, I’m stupid late with this but better late than never, I suppose.

Have a cheesy Johnlock husbands pic for pride month (no seriously, I made them husbands look, rings! XD) :) It’s not fantastic and it took me 3 weeks to complete, but I love these two so effing much and I just really needed to put them together okay? And the idea for the shirts, I have no idea where it came from… I think it was on a google search for “cute couples” and a similar shirt came up in the images LOL. 

Slowly but surely getting the hang of this digital art thing. I love my marker brush so much. It emulates my traditional style nicely :D

Hope you all like it, and happy pride month everyone <3

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Sugar Travels

One of the greatest perks of being a sugar baby is the fact that we get to see all of these amazing sights all over the world! So to help some ladies out who might be preparing for an upcoming trip, or hopefuls who just want to be prepared, here are some tips that I have picked up here and there when I am about to travel to a new place for a vacation.

Pre-Travel Care

  • Whether you are staying in the same room with your SD, or having one of your own self care is very needed.
    • Depending on how long your upcoming adventure is, a little trip to get a wax might be suggested. Whether it’s to tame the kitty, or just to have legs smoother than a baby’s bottom, getting a wax is one less daily hassle to worry about when looking your best.
    • Nails, and hair should be tended to also for a fully polished look. Look at the expected weather during the days of your trip so that you can plan your hair accordingly and don’t end up spending bucks on a beautiful blowout that ends up getting rained out the first night you’re there.
    • Drink plenty of water every day for at least 10 days before your trip for clearer skin.
    • MOISTURIZE! for at least  week


Checked bags

  • When spending more than two nights, I highly suggest checking a bag. This allows you to have space for gifts and goodies acquired from a shopping trip.
  • Look up the weather for the days you are expecting to be there so that you can get a feel of the clothes to pack for the trip, and cross that with your itinerary plans for the trip.
  • 2.5 Rule- 
    • Pack two and a half outfits per day, to cover any surprise spills or last minute changes. These extra pieces should be versatile shirts and bottoms that can be used with most of your other pieces.
  • Shoes
    • Have at least one pair of heels, and a casual walking shoe.
      • For longer trips add a statement shoe that will pop against any basic outfit (LBD anyone?), a pair of flats and some snazzy sandals so that all shoes can match with at least one outfit, preferably two outfits

Carry on

Personally I like having a carry on, and a backpack/purse

  • In your carry on…
    • Pack a few basics, like clean underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of bottoms. Baggage gets lost sometime, and at least if yours were to get lost, then you at least have a backup outfit to bide some time.
    • Make sure all liquids are under the relegated 3 fl oz limit to save yourself the time at TSA.
    • If you’re traveling on a flight for more than three hours, keep the flashy outfit towards the top of your carry on so that either before you land, or once you do you can quickly make your way to the bathroom to freshen up into a sexier outfit for daddy.
    • A printed copy of your boarding pass
    • Tablet/ Laptop
    • Keep things you won’t need over the trip (like house keys) kept away in a zipped pocket away from hand traffic so you don’t misplace them over the duration of the trip.
  • In your purse…
    • Keep things that are small and more than likely needed over the course of the trip… 
      • Headphones
      • Phone charger
      • Phone
      • A few small ziplock bags
      • Passport/ government ID
      • A magazine/ reading pleasure
      • Spare socks
      • Chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss
      • Empty reusable water bottle
      • And anything else small and important

Getting through security

Personally I think the hardest part about travelling is getting through security

  • Keep your outfit to something simple and comfortable. Stay away from things that a bejeweled, shoes that are hard to get out of and excessive amounts of jewelry.
    • Wear sliders or simple zip boots, and
      • Ie) My outfit of choice is always leggings, a long basic tunic, and ankle boots that slide on and off.
    • Keep your jewelry in one of the ziplock bags in your purse until after you pass TSA.
    • You’re going to be without shoes for a while, so I always have spare socks in my purse, because the thought of my feet touching the airport floor irks me to high levels.
    • Carry an empty reusable water bottle so that you are able to save yourself from getting robbed for $5 water at the airport.
      • Make sure it is empty so that you do not get pulled aside at TSA
    • Headphones with some music playing to keep you in the zone, but not too loud so you can stay updated as the lines move, and for whatever updates come from the officers are over the speakers.

Once you’ve past security it is smooth sailing from there. Check in with the important people, grab a bite to eat, if you’re above age find a bar and stay near your gate until it is time for your to board for your adventure.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are your sugar travel tips?

☆ Brown Sugar NY ☆


okay so I’m late as fuck I know but earlier today I decided to sit my black ass down and watch “I’m not ashamed”. Yes, I am fully aware that the main purpose of that (dumbass) video was Rachel Scotts Journal (R.I.P). But I watched the moments that involved Eric and Dylan and here’s what I found wrong about this shit, so get fuckin’ ready









THE ONLY THING ACCURATE ABOUT THAT WHOLE FILM WAS THE FONT ON THE GOD DAMN T SHIRT, which was something zero hour couldnt achieve, and I bothered me the whole time I watch the 40 minute video



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Straight White Boy Problem #854

girlss.s…….why do you put so much time into planning your outfittss?? like you dont neEd to put that much Time! Into your outfit! Maybe like use that time and…. .um…*thinking*.. and….use it to… to get…uhhh….good grades!

*looking at my closet* ummmm… bro i don’t have a shirt I can wear with these khaki shorts haha I wore my navy polo tshirt 3 days ago so i am NOT wearing that polo tshirt AGAIN because I’m NOT trying to come off as a preppy dbag!!! ahhhhhhhhhH I need more clothes!!!


Hi guys!

For Pride Month, I have updated my Redbubble account and added some pride stuff.
All the pride designs you see above all come in phonecases, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, and so much more!

To see more, click here (x).

To see my other collections, click here: (x)

Hope you like these!~ 
Please, help me spread these!

Thank you! <3

Tony x Clay x Jeff

How did their relationship start?

Tony totally picked up on the fact that Jeff was crushing on Clay and told Clay about it. Clay was obviously in denial about it. One night, at a party that Jeff forced him to go to and a few drinks in, he asked Jeff about it, who was oddly very blunt and was just like “Yeah, okay, so I’m bisexual. That’s not a problem, right?” and cue Clay’s internal crisis on whether or not he was also bi. He went to Tony then to vent about everything and BAM. Tony ends up kissing Clay. Clay is confused as fuck, has two boys that like him, and is pretty sure he didn’t have a problem with Tony kissing him. He avoids his problems, ofc, until Tony and Jeff both show up at his house and basically corner him. 

“Okay! So, maybe I like guys, but, I… You can’t expect me to choose between you!”

“Maybe you don’t have to choose,” Jeff suggests.

So… he doesn’t. POLYAMORY.


1. Tony lets Jeff and Clay switch off for passenger side in his car when they go out.

2. Jeff and Tony both try to get Clay to be more adventurous because they’re alike in that aspect.

3. Tony teaches Jeff more about how to work on cars. Everyone benefits when Jeff’s shirt gets all greasy and he has to take it off.

4. Both Tony and Clay start tutoring Jeff. Not much actual tutoring gets done, so Clay usually ends up kicking Tony out so they can focus and not have an extra person in the room to distract them (mostly with kisses).

5. Tony fucking loves Jeff’s ear piercings.

NCT Hyung Line Reaction: s/o wearing only his shirt

NCT 127 Hyung Line reacting to their s/o only wearing his shirt *wink**wink*

Umm may contain very little bit of sexual references

{Requests Open}

Listened to this and this while writing. (songs have nothing to do w/ the topic)

This is how it goes down or up ha


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You are spending the night over at his house because you two are going somewhere the next day. Before bed you decide to shower. So as you are getting out of the shower, you notice that you forgot your PJs. Since he isn’t in his room, you go in and take one of his oversized shirts. As you are looking for a pair of sweatpants, Taeil walks in. He’s shocked and he has to double take because he can’t believe how enticing you look wearing only his shirt. 

“ugh, y/n, you look really really good like that”


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Johnny is coming home after a long, tiring day of learning a new choreography. It’s late and he just wants to come home to relax with you. The first thing he sees when he steps into the house is you half naked with his shirt on. Not gonna lie, he’s a little turned on by how attractive you look. 

“y/n, are you trying to hint at something,” he says with a wink as he starts taking his clothes off starting with his jacket. 

“I’m tired though, so, y/n, you’re on top tonight” 


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He is laying in bed watching their comeback performance on his phone. He is too busy watching for mistakes to notice you walk in the room. 

“Taeyong, you hungry? Do you want me to order pizza?” 

You are finally able to get him to look up at you. His eyes widen a little at the sight of you. He can’t even form a proper response. So, you take that as a yes and leave to order the food. But as you leave you hear him say,

“Woah, so sexy!”


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You are sleeping over at Yuta’s house because he claimed he wanted to watch movies with you. You hadn’t prepared extra clothes before going to his house, so he offers to let you borrow some. He tells you to wait in the bathroom while he gets the clothes. However, he returns with only one of his shirts. When you come out, he smirks at you.

“Yuta, I think you forgot the bottoms!”

He chuckles and pulls you into his side,

“Babe, you look great like this”

Later on while watching the movies he whispers in your ear,

“How about we forget about the movies”


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You guys are over at your house for a day together. You guys had planned to stay there and just cook, watch movies, etc. So when he arrives at your house, he is met with you wearing only his shirt.

“Hey babe, isn’t that my shirt?”

“Yeah, sorry! But I like it on me.”

“Me, too!”

Throughout your indoor date, he can’t stop himself from eyeing your legs or from thinking sexual thoughts. 


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You and Jaehyun have the dorm at to yourselves as the boys had decided to give you two some time alone. You tell him that you are going to change into something more comfortable. He is sitting on the couch waiting for you to come back. He looks up once he notices you standing there, and his eyes widen a little. He wasn’t expecting you to come back like that, but hey he isn’t complaining. As you guys do things, like cook, he can’t help but look down at your barely covered ass but every time you turn around he looks up and smiles innocently.

“Please wear my clothes more often, babe”


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

You are sleeping over at his place because you haven’t been able to be together since he is busy. You guys are about to go to sleep, so you decide to change into something more relaxing. So when you finally come out in his shirt, he looks away with a dust of pink appearing on his cheeks. At first he’s a little flustered and shy to look at you. However as time passes, he, like Jaehyun, sneaks glances at your ass for fap material. 

“I like how you look in my shirt, babe”


I’m so bad at writing things that have even a little bit of sexual reference so yeah sorry this sucked. guys omg Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is so fucking good! I only have 3 more episodes left ㅠㅡㅠ. UMMM yeah anyways requests are open! have a good day/night ~

I made a 30 day drawing challenge.

Hey. This is a month long character drawing challenge. I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now so I can finally learn to draw my OCs consistently, but I never got around to it and I thought maybe I’d be a bit more motivated if I made one myself.

I’m probably going to do this for July because it’s the only month I have nothing planned. Feel free to use this, in fact I encourage you to! Also, If you’re willing, I’d really like it if you could link back to this or something because I’d love to see what people do with this.

Thanks for checking this out! Have fun!

Draw a character:

1. Blushing
2. In “formal” clothing
3. Cooking
4. Laughing
5. Working out
6. With/ Without glasses
7. Stargazing
8. Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt
9. Eating their favourite food
10. Crying
11. Singing
12. With a cold
13. Losing (at anything really)
14. Wearing a big hoodie/sweater
15. Playing video games
16. In a different pallete
17. Arrested (or bailing someone out)
18. In a swimsuit/summer clothes
19. As a child
20. In pyjamas
21. Caught in the rain
22. Frightened
23. Wielding a gigantic weapon
24. Bloody/ wounded
25. In an AU
26. Sleeping
27. Playing a sport
28. Wearing horrible 80s fashion
29. In very hot/cold weather
30. Drawing a picture of you

Last Assignment (#1)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV) 

Warnings: None for now

(Y/N) = your name; (Y/L/N) = your last name; (Y/N/N) = your nickname

a/n: This story turned out to be MUCH longer than I was intending. As of right  now, I’m not sure how many parts it will have, but I’ll let you know as we go along.

I rush down the hall towards the classroom. Class had started 5 minutes ago and last class the professor had warned that she would be giving out the last assignment of the semester, and it would have a lot of weight in the final grade. I reach the door slightly out of breath. Pulling the handle, the cool air hits the beads of sweat that formed on my forehead and neck. As quietly as my bag will allow, I walk towards my easel and set my things down besides my chair. The professor hadn’t gotten to the classroom yet, thankfully, so I take out my sketchbook out of my bag and begin doodling. A little while after the door opens and the professor makes her way through. The classroom quiets down and everybody turns to pay attention to her.  

“Okay guys, good afternoon. I know you’re all excited that the semester is almost over, but I’m going to need you to NOT slack off in this final assignment because, as I’ve said before, it will be 20% of the final grade of the class. Now, I’ve been lucky enough with this class to have only 15 students, so I was able to find everyone a model. They are my students from a couple of past semesters, and they gladly volunteered.” She spoke gesturing towards the door.  

The group that was waiting outside the door started pouring into the large and mostly empty classroom. They made their way to the back where they sat on the empty chairs, making themselves comfortable. When the noise died down, the professor continued. 

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A quasi-Machiavellian guide to a happy healthy workplace

Look, for those of us who are socially awkward, the only way to Do Social Well is by intention. Unfortunately, our society often conflates Being Social By Intention with manipulativeness, so fine. Here it is. The vaguely manipulative list of tips for happy coworkers and positive interactions. Go forth and intentionally be nice for your own personal gain (and also because Nice is Nice).

Note: by no means do you HAVE to do any of these. These are recommendations and techniques, not rules. Some are more directly social, and some focus on workplace etiquette that will cast a positive light on you.

1. Bond with co-workers by asking about their lives. The simplest! Most people love talking about themselves. If you’re trying to create a social connection with your coworkers (and yes, we’re all aware that having social connections in the workplace helps your career), a great way is to ask about their free time and what they’ve been up to. I know this sounds too basic, but seriously, just occasionally ask about their lives and remember tidbits. Even just a quick hello and a smile in the morning helps. If you’re already doing this, awesome.

2. If you’ve had a negative interaction with a coworker that day, follow up with something positive and casual. All workplaces have conflict, and occasionally you’ll need to disagree with someone, or find yourself looking back on an interaction and realizing it may have been a bit negative. That’s fine! If you’re concerned that something didn’t go well, follow up an hour or two later by complimenting their shirt or asking about their weekend. Everyone knows that this type of social interaction isn’t about the shirt or weekend but is a way of saying you have a workplace relationship and reaffirming it. 

3. When replying to an email chain in different colours, don’t use a red font when you’re angry. I know — it’s so tempting. But by slyly using a calm colour like blue or green, your annoyed replies to the chain will suddenly seem calmer. Ditto goes for the exclamation points, bold, underlines, and emphatic hyperbole; leave them out for the most part. It’s one more small psychological trick to keep you looking level-headed even when you’re telling someone in writing that they’re wrong.

4. An overall positive attitude will make them take you seriously when you’re not positive. It sucks to have to put on a positive attitude when you’re not feeling it, but not only will it help smooth things in the workplace, it will also make coworkers sit up and pay attention when you’re not positive. On the flip side, if you complain frequently, they’ll get used to tuning you out and ignore you when it’s really important. Just self-monitor and assess whether the complaint is bonding, necessary self expression, or just saying something for the sake of saying something. The latter can be left out.

5. Acknowledge the successes of others and give credit where it’s due. Whether you’re talking to your boss or your coworkers, if you’re an honest person who lifts up others in the workplace and gives credit where it’s due, you’ll be seen as someone with integrity. If you have an eye on management, this is especially important, and something a good boss is actively looking for. Not only that, but it will contribute to a positive work environment. Win all around!

6. Maturely acknowledge your mistakes… when necessary. You don’t want to go around constantly telling people you screwed up, but a mature concession that something is your fault once in a while will also show that you have integrity. Strategically used, this is especially great because people then know that if there’s a big screw-up and you say it’s not your fault, you’re being honest.

7. Don’t get too involved in a coworker’s personal life/politics. This isn’t to say you can’t make friends at work, just that you should choose wisely. When carrying out tip #1 it can be tempting to get really personal or start talking politics if a coworker starts steering the conversation in that direction… but in the long run, getting into personal lives in the workplace is risky and can cause a lot of tension if stuff goes badly. Keep it light, don’t go into politics or drama. 

8. If something’s gone wrong, strike “you” from your vocabulary. If you’re talking about a problem — to a coworker, boss, or client — the passive voice is your friend. People have a tendency to hear “you” as accusatory, even if that isn’t your intention. An email that says “The file we received did not include section” is better than “You didn’t send us that section” or even “The email you sent didn’t include that section”.

9. On the flip side, if it’s good, make it about them. “We really appreciated your email” is stronger than “This email was appreciated”. “Your team would benefit from my experience in this field” is better than “I am experienced in this field”.

10. Pay attention to how often you interrupt coworkers. Interruption is part of the natural flow of conversation and not always a bad thing, but it’s important to pay attention to who we’re interrupting, when, and how often. For example, studies show men interrupt women more frequently, so if you’re a guy, it’s worth biting back the urge to add your say and waiting until a coworker is finished their piece. This small action can really improve workplace relations.

11. Employ the one-two punch. If you have something negative that needs to be said, follow it or preface it with something good. This works especially well in emails: thank them or compliment them on something, then bring up the issues (or the other ay around if that’s better). This keeps your work emails more emotionally neutral and makes it harder for people to dismiss you out of hand.

12. Don’t gossip.  Again, gossip can be a habit that’s easy to fall into when trying to follow tip #1. The difference between regular small talk and gossip is that gossip shines a negative light on people or shares unnecessary things about their personal lives. Remember #7: don’t get too personal. While it’s great to share positive things about a coworker, boss, or client, negative talk should be reserved for when you’re trying to solve an issue.

13. Don’t send that angry email just yet. It’s okay to feel it. It’s okay to write it. Take a step back and let yourself cool off, then send a fabulously well-planned email using the above points. It’s much more satisfying to both get your way and be seen as a paragon of virtue, anyway. And if you do trip up and send that angry email — see tip #2.

14. Everyone is too busy. The clearer your emails are, the more likely they are to be understood and responded to. Writing emails to bosses, coworkers, and clients is always a challenge, and half the time they don’t respond with what you need anyway. I could write a whole post about how to get people to respond appropriately to your emails, but it boils down to three tips: a) keep it short and simple, including short sentences and using bullet points where necessary; b) try to keep emails to one or two main questions/things you need from someone; and c) end with a prompt for reply, like “When can we expect this?” or “Does that work for you?” (If you’re wondering why this tip is included, it’s because clearer email communication creates a happier and healthier workplace.)

15. If you’re having a problem with someone, calmly discuss it with them first. I know; it’s hard. But if you’re trying to be seen as a positive employee with integrity, it’s essential to talk with coworkers when there’s an issue. Just calmly state the issue in a non-accusatory way (see tip #8) and what effect it’s having. If there are multiple problems, choose one and focus on it; no one likes a laundry list of things they’re doing wrong. That should be reserved for special circumstances.

16. One problem, two solutions. Problems always arise. Instead of just saying “here’s the problem and I can’t do more work until we fix it”, try offering them a choice of two different solutions. This will make things move faster, make everyone happier, and give you a reputation for being a problem-solver. It will also allow you to guide things in the direction you want (after all, you’re the one coming up with these solutions). People sometimes use problems to avoid doing their work, so being a solutions person will also make your coworkers feel you’re doing your fair share.

17. Eventually, your internal opinion of someone will always become clear. We all like to think we can keep our opinions to ourselves, but if we let ourselves think of someone as an idiot, it will always eventually be reflected in our actions and tone. Try to find something positive in your coworkers, bosses, and clients. If you can’t find anything at all to mitigate your negative opinion, then you might want to try finding a different workplace.

At the end of the day, two things are true: one, that people who get on well in the workplace tend to do better in their careers — and two, that not everyone can be effortlessly social. For some of us, it takes effort. I hope this helps!

Jason Todd x Reader - Is that my Shirt?

Request from this prompt list for @foodlover133, I hope you enjoy! <3

#57- “Is that my shirt?”

#180- “You have no idea what you do to me.”

Warnings: NSFW themes, Suggested NSFW

A/N: Please request more of these guys! I love doing them!

You woke up to feel Jason’s arms wrapped firmly around you, his chest against your back. It was a feeling you felt you could never grow tired of. The two of you fit together like puzzle pieces, and you always felt the safest when he was in bed with you.

It was still pretty decently early in the morning, and you decided to sneak yourself out of bed to go make the two of you breakfast. You were always making food to make sure Jason was eating and taking care of himself how he should be.

You gently rolled out of his arms, until you freed yourself from his grip. Your body was covered in goosebumps once you were out of the covers and Jason’s grip though, as you were wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. This resulted in you moving to the closet to grab one of his t-shirts, which fit bigger on you and fell down to your mid thigh.

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To My Naturals,

Here’s a thread where you can post your hair care routine, what products you use, what products you hate/cant use, what hair type you have + (like 3a of whatever ad if you have is thin, coarse, etc), what vitamins you take for your hair, etc.

I, along with a lot of other girls (and possibly guys too), need help!


-I take 10,000 mcg Biotin daily (I started wit like 3000/5000 mcg Biotin September 2014 and I have used 10,000 mcg for almost 2 years tho)

- I wash my hair once a week ( I don’t wear my curls out often because EVERYONE and their mom likes to touch my hair)

- I have like 3a/3b/3c hair (Lord I don’t know)

- My hair is thin, the biotin helped with length and strength

- I have always had long hair, but it was poorly color treated in 2013 so I did a big chop in April 2014

- My hair is currently bra strap length (the longest it ever was, was waist length in 2011/2012; I'm 4′9″/4′10″)

- I used Mane and Tail from September 2014 to November 2015, It was good but it didn't define my hair good, it has sulfates in the shampoo, lots of slip for detangling

- I used the Organix Brazilian Keratin shampoo and condition from April 2014 to September 2014 (I didn’t like how it made my hair hard)

- I currently use: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo”, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus “Curl and Shine Conditioner”,  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner”, Coconut Oil for sealing (I used to oversaturate my hair, it works really good for moisture)

- I use a silicone scalp massager (not the vibrating one, I bought mine for less than $2 on eBay)

- I deep condition before i flat iron my hair ( aka twice this year) and like rarely beyond that [ I KNOW I NEED TO DO BETTER, I don’t know….]

- I did a pure ACV deep condition for my dandruff/dry scalp and so far no flakes (did it on 8/10/16), apparently it’s really good for acne, losing weight, dry/itchy scalp, getting shiny hair, pH balancing your scalp, etc)

- I want to do pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil massages on my scalp (you just pour some of it on your hands and massage it in every day using your fingers or the scalp massager thingy for like 2-5 minutes)

- I want to do some deep conditioning (im very cheap so like… I have ACV, Coconut, eggs, and water, what can i do with that? I also have honey…)

- I used the OKAY Shea Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner but it left my scalp drier than it has ever been and my hair very tangled

- I want to wear my natural hair out more often instead of combing it out and stretching it. I would probably have to wash my hair twice a week for that tho)

- I do not use gel or like gel. I do not slick down my hair

- I use t-shirts for drying my hair

- I only use a wide tooth comb, no brushes

- I only flat iron my hair 1-3 times a year ( only special occasions)

- I don’t eat healthy ( I barely drink water and I only eat during school bc homework takes forever. I tried eating vegatables and I realized that I aint about that life)

Any tips for me??? Please leave your routine and what you do for your hair!

anonymous asked:

Would you mind doing Reaper, McCree, and the brothers Shimada asking their crush out but they just look sad and say something like "you don't have to pretend to like me" or "don't pretend I'm worth anything" before turning to walk away. (It's up to you if they let the crush walk away or not)Feel free to ignore this.

Ohh Darling that’s so sad! D: Let’s give this a more happy tone <3


“So, what do you say?”, Jesse asked and gave you a demanding look - he was really nervous!
But not as nervous as you! You fumbled at the seams of your shirt and looked down at your feet. 
“No… Thank you.”, you muttered and took a deep breath. “You don’t have to pretend to like me, you know.” Oh great, here are the tears! Right on time!
“Pretending - what now?”, his look became puzzled but then he gave you a wide smile. “That’s bullshit! I like you a lot! Man, I thought that was pretty obvious!”
“So- You really wanna go out with me?”, you digged deeper and he nodded. 
“Of course!”


Genji peeked around the corner, watching you from afar. You had rejected him two times already but he couldn’t help himself. Something was wrong. He saw your unsettled side glance when he asked you out and that bothered him. A lot.
So he bought some flowers - with a small hint from Angela what flowers you might like. Now he was hiding behind the corner, trying to calm his heartbeat. He was so nervous!
“Oh. Hi Genji.”, you said as he finally talked to you a few minutes later. “Flowers, huh?”
“I know you rejected me yesterday. And that day last week.” His voice was not as confident as usual. “But please go out with me!”
Your eses widened a bit and fear prevented you from answering. But you plucked up all your courage and nodded. You were glad he asked a third time, actually He didn’t know you rejected him because you were afraid he wouldn’t like you. Maybe… Maybe he really liked you!
“Um- Okay!”


Hanzo sighed but he didn’t move at all. Your eyes set on the ground you shook with discomfort.
“Please don’t be mad.”, you muttered weakly. “It’s not that I don’t like you… It’s just that I don’t think I’m the one you should ask for a date.”
“Why is that?”, Hanzo asked. 
“I mean… Just look at me.”, you whispered and teared up. “I’m not good enough for you.”
He went silent for a few seconds, then he shook his head and gave you an encouraging smile. 
“I think you’re just perfect the way you are. I don’t want any other person to go out with me.”, he stated and winked at you. “I’ll be picking you up at 7 pm.”


“Oh come on - don’t be so melodramatic!”, Reaper snarled and crossed his arms. “I asked you to go and grab a coffee with me, not to marry me!”
The blush on your face reached your ears and you started mumbling incomprehensible things. He sighed, shook his head and grabbed you by the shoulders. 
“Just say yes.”
“But, Gabriel-”, you insisted. “I just don’t get why you would chose me-”
“Ahh! Shush!”, he stopped your sentence and gave you an annoyed look. “Let’s go.”
“Uh, I- Okay… I guess…”, you whimpered and let him drag you to the coffee shop.


Yep, another picspam review. I mean, with this episode, how could I not? I was broken for a full two days, so of course it warrants me repeatedly smashing my face into the keyboard… which is pretty much what this entire post is. Face smashes and screencaps. (And boy howdy, do I mean screencaps. There’s a LOT. *rolls around in all of the caps*)

I actually did not have all that much time to get online yesterday, so this time around I don’t believe I’ll be unintentionally quoting any of you guys. \o/

First, I will share this… I get my legal digital copies from Google Play (I have Android everything, including a fucking television that’s running Android… of course I use Google Play and also ‘cuz fuck a whole lot iTunes). Someone at Google knows exactly what they’re doing because THIS is the picture they decided to use as the thumbnail of this episode. And I am DYING because this exact moment is when Cas says, “get out” and Sam is just staring like, “omg mental note do not fuck with Cas right now.”

Yah, that’s perfect. YOCKEY: I am Cas. Get the fuck out, you broke me. I am also Sam. I cannot believe you just did that jesus fuck.

(Side note: that picture is taken with my Android phone of my Android TV.)

That said.

Number of Obligatory Dean Wall Slams: TWOOOOO!!! Yockey, you speak to my heart.

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Down 0.2 pounds

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

This is some grade A bullshit.

I’m on my period, but I usually have pretty good losses on those weeks anyway. Sooo once again, I get to wait another week to hopefully see everything balance out and give the scale a chance to catch up. I know I keep saying that lol but it really does seem like every few weeks there’s a big *whoosh* on the scale and it catches up. I’ll try to control myself a little more than usual this weekend to try to help it along, too.

BUT I put on a shirt this morning that I used to have a major muffin top in aaand it looks awesome :) So there’s a NSV to make me feel better!

HW: 225 lbs.

CW: 180.8 lbs.

Total lost overall: 44.2 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 195 lbs.

Goal weight 2: 190 lbs.

Goal weight 3: 185 lbs.

Goal weight 4: 180 lbs. (0.8 lb. away)

Goal weight 5: 175 lbs. (5.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 6: 170 lbs (10.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 7: 165 lbs. (15.8 lbs. away)

Goal weight 8: 160 lbs. (20.8 lbs. away)

How fast should technology & clothing trends advance in Legend of Genji?

Hello all!

Here’s a question - looking back on Avatar:the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, it seems that technology advanced INCREDIBLY fast in both shows. (Aang’s time saw the invention of hot air balloons and blimps, Korra’s time saw the invention of airplanes and GIANT MECHANICAL FRICKIN’ ROBOTS). We also seemed to jump in time quite quickly when it comes to fashion, manufacturing, etc. (Minus the robots etc. I think this DOES reflect the rapid modernization of Asia from 1840 - 1920. Take for example the images of Seoul, Korea before and during Japanese occupation).

Originally I wanted Legend of Genji to be in a 60′s - 70′s era (I saw Korra as happening in the 1920s), but I wonder how far I can stretch it. I also think a lot of 1960s/70s clothing is ugly and I don’t want to draw it haha~ But also I was worried that it might be too similar to Korra if it has the same worldspace/technology really. I.E. I’m tempted to be VERY liberal with technological advancement. My thoughts:

1) advanced manufacturing akin to the 1970s / 80s that speeds up global trade / capitalism / global inequality

2) widespread color tv, new television shows, televised probending matches, and the start of tv pop culture except to the poorest communities (the reason Lao’s shop has a shitty black and white tv, why Genji’s family can’t afford a tv)

3) Rudimentary computers

Most companies could have these old massive computers, but I also think these kinds of 1972 computers will just start to circulate:

4) more boisterous cities, urbanization, lights light lights! (Genji’s city is old and poor, so it looks like the cities in Legend of Korra. Republic City will be more like this)

Fashion-wise, sneakers were widespread in America by 1917, and converse were around in the 60s. Sweatshirts have been popular since the 1930s, and hoodies became more popular in the 1970s. The 1960s also saw the popularization of jeans, t-shirts with brands/symbols/bands, more decorative buckles/buttons/belts/zippers, etc. But if I go with 60′s - 70s fashion… flare pants and disgusting patterns.

God it burns my eyes I can’t


I like women’s fashion in the 60′s & 70s, but I cannot subject my poor little Genji to those clothes. I’m thinking I’ll update the Legend of Korra fashions style to incorporate women’s 1960s/70s dresses and simple versions of modern fashion with Avatar touches (the “asian”-esque accoutrements)

So yeah, I’m probably going to be VERY liberal with technological advancement - fashion development.

What do you guys think?