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(1) What pisses me off the most as a very old army is that armys always fall for this kinda shit like billboard. It's so clear for everyone to see they're just fishing for attention YET armys go all "oh my god, they noticed bts!" without taking a second to think as to why the fuck they didn't pay attention to them back in the days when people were already talking a lot about an uprising group.

(2) then, armys always make posts/tweets about loving members equally, but whenever they have the chance they go around voting for this kind of bs to clearly show how theyre not ot7 biased. like i get yall dont have to equally love everyone but just dont vote for that shit. play it cool. dont give western media attention when they are clearly using a group to gain more followers.

(3) billboard has been doing it to seventeen claiming they are “their favs” and boosting nct out of nowhere. but when these groups had previous shining moments they werent there. armys have to grow the fuck up in this area, honestly. yall keep feeding shitty media just for a tiny bit of attention and then going crazy when you find out they werent so good. it’s right there for everyone to see

also those asks werent redirected to u, but i just needed to vent a bit! <3

im with you !! its a really immature fandom… i get so frustrated. and then ofc maknae stans are really just the absolute worst…. ew

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In light of the Jaia stuff this ep, I wanna say I'm a Saia/Jimon (+Clizzy) kinda girl, but I would do ANYTHING for them to not get Clace back together. Their dynamic is amazing, but this whole incest thing is always gonna be weird, especially if they get back together (their romance wasn't the most exciting tbh) So if Jaia gets to be a thing at least for a little while, that would be really cool.(i'm not saying I'm a Climon fan though) Jaia is interesting. I see you're a fan <3 ^-^

Yes I really liked Jaia! Clace is whatever… I’m not going to complain every time theyre on screen or when they eventually get together, because I can spend my time on more productive things. If the show wants to have 3+ seasons, there will be so much content.

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your art is really cool! could you give me some tips on hands (cuz theyre literally the bane of every artist ever)

The hands I draw are all really 3-finger cartoony type hands and shit so I mean if that’s what you’re looking for I’ll give explaining it my best shot:


Basically I just make squares and lines as a base and then just make my lines around it. It’s really not as hard as you’d think. You just have to practice it, is all.


I also like to use more 3-Dish squares and stuff to help me figure out what angle I want to draw the hand in (But i always end up changing it in the end so… oh well)

When I start to draw the thumbs, i usually put them 1/3rd away from the base of the square. It find that it helps a lot when it comes to figuring out how the fuck to place the thumb in the lineart.

And then placing the other fingers is pretty self-explanatory.

And then you have a hand (with an accompanying glove).


Also all of the fingers are sausages.
You might want to add some curves too, because making them too blocky is just weird. But also giving them TOO much curve is also a no-no. Find a balance that works for you.


Sometimes I find my self not always needing to use square bases. The more you practice at it, the more you can just do it on the fly. Or even just draw a hand without a base at all. Whatever fits your skill level I guess.


I don’t have many pictures with super prominent hands, but this is the best one I could find:

If you do a basic skeleton sketch over the picture you can easily tell how I probably sketched it out when I was drawing it in the first place.

So basically just do whatever feels right for you and don’t listen to anything I say because I’m not good with tutorials.

hi so i hope u enjoy the banner i made it myself – how many ppl put their face on their banner???? more than i can think of probably.

anyway i hit 30k yesterday and that’s absolutely crazy!! like when i started my blog almost 3 years ago i never even imagined i’d get to 100 followers and now i have more followers than people in the town i grew up in (it’s literally double wowowow) so that’s truly amazing tbh

oh yeah i’m just gonna thank some cool youtubers even though theyre not gonna see it but w/e it’s the thought that counts

obviously @danisnotonfire​ and @amazingphil are here first because without them idk what i’d do tbh which sounds terrible but when my grandma passed away i was super sad and depressed bc i was so close to her and then i started watching their videos and they made me smile like for real for the first time in months and now my life is dedicated to these two nerds and i couldn’t be happier about it i love them a lot and they’ll always have a special place in my heart and that was cheesy sorry

@benjpierce thank u so much for being so creative and making me smile and your videos are honestly hilarious and original and ur like one of my favorites and u just keep bein u, u lil flop. (also the highlight of my year was when u dragged me about my tater tots tbh)

@doddleoddle thank you for making me smile. when i am sad i find myself listening to absolutely smitten bc it always cheers me up no matter what because u always look so happy in it and it seems like ur smile never leaves in that video and u sound so happy and it’s my go to video when i’m sad tbh and youre so talented and beautiful and youre the reason i started learning ukulele and yeah i love u lots


i have met so many great people on here and i guess now is this time to recognize them!! thank you for following me & i love you so much :’)

under the cut imma write cute lil messages for everyone !! if you’re not on here it’s either bc i couldn’t think of anything to write for you or i forgot you but there are sO many ppl on here also keep in mind i love everyone so uh yeah check out my blogroll if you’re looking for hella cool blogs to follow

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Whenever I draw stuff Im like, oh but it has to make sense and I dont know how to make it make sense because I dont know enough… but then my favorite costumes and drawings and photos on pinterest all demonstrate that its often cool to just have a bunch of stuff that doesnt necessarily have a good explanation for it. Like just having a bunch of weird components mixed in a not necessarily stable way. Gonna try to make use of that more haha

starting late but Even Mehl Amundsen and Kim Il Kwang and others are making me wanna do that daily sketch thing :) they look like theyre having too much fun, I want in :3 Ill catch up over time~