i have like 3 hours until school starts



Location: 4328, boul. St-Laurent, Montreal

Metro Station: Mont Royal

End of April… marks the end of finals. School’s out!… Well only for about 3 days until I go to summer school. 

Nonetheless, gives me enough time to explore my city without any pressure from my academic responsibilities!

Today, my boyfriend and I were planning on having a lunch type date in the Mile end until our plans miserably failed when we realized our chosen restaurant wasn’t going to open for another 4 hours. We decided to hop on a random bus on the corner of the street since it was pouring like crazy and we didn’t feel like staying out in the rain. We got off a stop when we started feeling like we knew the neighbourhood and ended up in the Plateau… again. 

After finding a place to eat, we decided to walk around some new areas in the Plateau we hadn’t discovered yet. Although it was raining, breathing in fresh air was so refreshing considering we had been locked in our room the past 3 weeks trying to stuff 5 courses worth of information in our heads. 

I felt like I was in a European dramatic movie - walking in the rain with a little umbrella with my favourite person, discovering places with nothing else in mind. Queue the Parisienne music. 

We suddenly stumbled upon an exotic looking shop on the corner of a street. From the outside looking in, while we were dripping with water, we could see plants and wine and bright lights and greenery and comfortable couches and… coffee! Sold.

We went into the coffee shop and was immediately warmed with welcomes from the waiter. A coffee shop - but a different kind at that. The first thing that caught my eye was with no hesitation the lights on the ceiling. I don’t really know what the letters spell out, but they sure look aesthetically pleasing so I rolled with it.

The section next to the windows was very casual with the couches. There were mini candles decorating each table and plants flowing around every corner, making the space extra inviting - battling the coldness of the weather outside. As the Jazz music was playing in the background, we took a seat on the couches, avoiding the tables since we didn’t have laptops since we didn’t have school. Emphasis on the comfort!!! No school equals we can sit on the nice couches and relax. 

I saw students around me on their laptops still working very hard on their studies… accompanied with their glasses of wine instead of the usual latte. I liked it. I love coffee but i live for these different little details in shops. 

Let me explain the wine though, because it is a very important part of this “coffee shop”. It’s not really a “coffee shop”. It’s a hybrid. Half coffee shop, half bar. You heard that right. It’s also a bar. Order food, order alcohol, order coffee - sit at the huge circular bar for a nice glass of wine or beer or anything else, or sit on the couches like me and still order your usual. I got a chai latte this time so I tried to be a bit different than my regular latte. And it was delicious! One of the best I’ve ever had.

I felt like I was in a different country in this cafe. With decorations like mini instruments on the walls, to the candles on the tables, to the vintage looking decor, I also felt like I was in a Jazz club. Everything was so perfectly shaped together. 

I know I say I love all the cafes in Montreal - and I do, don’t get me wrong - but this place is really one of my favourites now. It made me feel like I’m in 1920s Paris and I lived for it. Next time, I’ll even dress for it.

Sometimes, your plans might go awry and your chosen restaurant will open only 4 hours later. However, sometimes… those moments are calls for better adventures and more exploration with improvisation. Let the rain guide you to beautiful shelters.

Reggie Mantle x Reader

This is based of a request I read somewhere. It’s also my first ever published story/imagine so sorry if it sucks :))) enjoy! (also, english isn’t my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes!)


Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager in Riverdale is harder. But being a Jones and living in Riverdale is the hardest. My family had a rough history in this town and the present wasn’t any more pleasant. My father was an alcoholic, my little sister and my mother left my brother and I with said alcoholic dad and my brother and I, well we were homeless. We could go home if we wanted to don’t get me wrong but there wasn’t much of a difference between living at home and not living at home. My brother Jughead and I used to live at the drive-in but when it got sold to be taken down we fled the place and wandered around for a few days before finaly setteling in a tiny closet under the school’s stairs. It barely fit the two of us but hey, we got a roof AND working showers, another thing we didn’t have at home. Besides all that my life was fine I guess, I had my friends and I had my brother so I liked my life. “Hey, Y/N… wake up school starts in 3 hours” I groaned as I slapped my brothers hand away and pulled the duvet over my head “you go shower first” I mumbled and I could hear my brother sigh before grabbing his stuff and leaving the tiny space. I closed my eyes again and decided 5 more minutes of sleep wouldn’t kill anyone. That was until 15 minutes later the closet door opened and I sprung up “Oh Y/N” I could hear a familiar voice say. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Archie who looked at us with a sad look on his face “How long?” He asked and Jug sighed “Since the drive in closed, that’s where we used to live before” “Well, why the hell are you not living at home?” Archie questioned and I sighed before answering “Truth is, things aren’t good… at home” Archie picked up on of the empty cans before asking “With your dad?” “Yeah… he kind of fell of the wagon, after your dad fired him” I looked at the clock and saw that school started in an hour and quickly put on my clothes “He’s been without a job ever since. He keeps saying he’s going to get his life together but our mom couldn’t take that rollercoaster anymore and took Jellybean and went to live with our grandparents” I could hear the first kids approaching and grabbed my bag, phone and school books before leaving the closet. “C'mon” I said and closed the door “Well why don’t you guys come live with me?” I chuckled and shook my head “This is temporary Archie… look we’re going go figure something out. But just please, please don’t tell anyone” I said and squeezed his arm before leaving the boys alone.


Ever since Archie found out we were living in the closet things just got worse. I tried living with my dad again but I just couldn’t. Jug was staying over at Archie’s and I told them I was staying with Melody but truth was, I was back at square one. Also it didn’t help that the bullying got worse. Jughead and I were used to some teasing and pushing but lately they’ve gotten meaner and harder on me than ever before. Especially Chuck and Moose, they couldn’t leave me alone for some reason and normally I would ignore them and shake it off but this time they got too personal and everything in me just snapped. “Hey dirty girl” I heard Chuck’s voice boom and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning my back to them, but was blocked by Moose “You know, he would call you a slut but no one wants to touch you so why waste a word that’s too nice to describe you” my heart was pounding in my chest like usual but I didn’t show any sign of emotion “Oh c'mon not even a laugh? Did your mother not teach you how to laugh at a joke? Oh wait, your mom left you I forgot” Wait… how do they even know “Probably because you’re such a huge dissapointment. Is that why daddy started drinking? To forget you? I know I would you worthless piece of flesh” I could feel the tears welling up and pushed past them, hearing the laughter behind me “That’s right baby girl, run to your non existent home you homeless freak” I slammed the door of the locker room shut, threw my jacket and backpack on the floor and fell to my knees as I finaly let it all out. I kicked a locker that was in front of me and suddenly a voice spoke up “wow easy tig- hey… are you okay?” I looked up to see Reggie with his sports bag in his hand and I realised I must have walked into the boys locker room “Can you just… please leave me alone?” It was silent for a few seconds before he stepped foreward and sat on the ground next to me “Chuck and Moose?” He softly asked and I nodded, another tear leaving my eye “It never gets to me, never but this time they said some things that were way to personal and why am I even telling you this?” I said as I whiped away the tears on my face “I don’t know, I wouldn’t probably tell me this” he replied and I giggled “It’s just… never mind you don’t care” I said and went to stand up before he stopped me “Y/N, would I Mantle the Magnificent sit on this dirty ass sweaty floor if I didn’t care?” I smiled and sat back down “Thank you Reggie, you’re really nice” I said and he smiled softly before scratching his head “Is it-is it true you’re homeless?” I bit my lip and waited a few seconds before nodding “How?” He whispered and I shrugged “Just some good old family issues” I smiled and he shook his head “This is serious Y/N, where do you sleep?” “Well where ever Juggie goes I go. We first stayed in the drive in but it got demolished so we moved to the tiny closet under the big stair case but now Jughead stays with Archie and I told them I’m staying at Melody’s… but truth is I’m not. I tried living with dad again but I can’t stand that place so I just roam around” I said and he looked at me with a hurt and confused look on his face “I’m so sorry Y/N… I never knew” I squeezed his hand and shrugged “It’s okay, no one knew” suddenly he perked up as if a light bulb turned on in his head and stood up and lifted me off the floor. “I know where you can live… my house” I opened my mouth to say something but he kept rambling “My brother just went to college, we have a spare room! I’m sure my parents won’t mind, we had exchange students before! Yes you’re living at my house, that’s it! We both get advantage out of this, you get to live in a house with an amazing family including myself and I-” suddenly he shut up and pursed his lips together as if he was going to say something but couldn’t and I tilted my head, smirking at him “What would you get out of this Reginald Mantle?” He smiled innocently and chuckled “I get to wake up with a beautiful girl in my house, even though it’s not in my bed” he said and I burst out laughing and looked at him as he smiled. Before I could control myself I leaned foreward and kissed his cheek “I’d like that Reggie, and maybe we can bring a change in the latter” “Oh count me in”

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When you take on a lot of extracurriculars like I did, stress and pressure is always going to be there. You’re never sure if you’re going to have enough time to get everything done. But here’s a few tips to hopefully lessen that pressure a little bit, and get you on track to getting all your work done as well as your activities.

1. Prioritize


  • Figure out which classes you need to do the most studying for. If you’re really good with math but you’re terrible at history, do your Euro readings before you get done with your math homework.
  • Have a system for figuring out in what order to do your homework:
    • Sometimes, I would do the assignments I wanted to least (like calculus) before moving on to more fun things.
    • If I was in the mood to change things up, I would do shorter/easier assignments first to get them out of the way before diving into longer assignments/projects/papers
    • If there’s another system that works for you, that’s great too! Just have something figured out.
  • Have a set time you’re going to sit down and start your homework. Usually for me, that was between 7 and 10pm (because I hate myself), but I would recommend getting started as early as possible.
  • Use due dates to plan things out; obviously, the thing that needs turned in tomorrow needs to be completed before the paper that’s due two weeks from now.
  • Familiarize yourself with your teacher’s late work policy. I had some super understanding teachers that would give me full credit for assignments turned in two weeks later; other teachers would have failed me immediately. If you have a lot of assignments pressing down on you and you’re on the verge of burnout, knowing what absolutely has to be done and what can wait a few days is an absolute life-saver. Just don’t abuse it and talk to your teachers about it when you do need a few extra days. They’ll appreciate it and your grade will be less likely to be in for a nasty surprise if they decide not to be so forgiving.


  • There are some activities you can’t skip; others that you can. For me: choir, theatre and marching bands were practices I could not skip or I would face the wrath of my directors. Forensics and ASL were things I could miss some weeks or practice on my own. Thus if something had to be missed or I had to be late, I knew what I could miss.
  • If you have something that overlaps, talk to coaches/directors/leaders/whatever and find out some way to share yourself between activities. If that doesn’t work, find out if you have a club that you can put the work in by yourself.
  • If that doesn’t work out, you do have to figure out which clubs are most important to you and decide that way which ones you will

2. Write Things Down

  • I used a planner for this; other people use bullet journals or Google Calendar. Either way, have all of your activities written down somewhere
  • My system involved long term assignments (tests, papers, projects) and extracurriculars going on a monthly spread. A weekly spread had my day-to-day tasks with their due dates next to them.
  • Find something that works for you that you can reference when trying to make plans and look at while trying to do your homework

3. Make Lists and Hold Yourself Accountable

  • In a similar vein to the above, making to-do lists really helped me out during weeks where I had a lot to do. Just seeing every task laid out in front of me really helped figure out when I had time to get everything done.
  • However, what really helped me was actually posting my to-do list online (usually on my tumblr). This way, not only was everything laid out in front of me but everyone would know whether or not I got everything I needed to finished. You don’t have to post your list online, but sharing it with a friend or family member who will check up on you could help keep you on task.

4. Judge What You Have to Do and Make Trade-offs

  • If you’ve ever studied micro-economics, you’ll know what I mean. Trade-offs are exactly what they sound like; they’re the things you give up in exchange for what you do. Spending a day writing an essay over the weekend means you might be giving up binge-watching Netflix, spending time with your friends and family and studying for other classes.
  • This goes back to prioritization as well. If you’re going to have to spend all night finishing that essay instead of going to bed on time, you might decide you’d be better off getting it done or getting that extra sleep. It’s a decision that you have to make and it might change every time, but it’s something to think about.
  • It might mean that you have to give up an activity or drop a class that proves to be too much. That’s something you have to think about and talk to your parents or counselor about, so they can come up with a game plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

5. Use Any Bit of Time You Can Get

  • There’s a lot of time during the day where you aren’t doing anything that you can (and should) take advantage of if you’re a busy person. If your school day ends at 3:30 and your activity doesn’t start until 4, take that extra half hour to get your English reading started.  I used my bus ride to study vocab on Quizlet. Moments like that really add up.

6. It’s Okay to Take the L Sometimes

  • Sometimes, things get to be too much and that’s okay. It’s okay to take a mental health day from school or skip a practice (of what you are able to skip without issues) or turn in a homework assignment late. You sometime have to give something up to keep you sanity and that isn’t a bad thing.
  • Just don’t make a habit out of it and figure out what in your schedule you can adjust to give yourself more times to get everything done.

7. Leave Some Time for Yourself

  • Sleep is important; so is eating. While you might have to sacrifice some of that (mostly sleep) to get everything done, you also have to take care of yourself. Even if you have to write that into your planner, make sure you take care of yourself, or else you’ll end up struggling with everything else.
  • Put some time in your schedule for fun things; whether that’s giving yourself an hour every night to read a book for fun or taking a day in a weekend just to do nothing and catch up on your sleep and hang out with friends. Your social needs are important as well.

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REALLY URGENT:: I wore my binder for 6 hours at school then took it off at around half 3. I wore nothing but a sweater until 4:45 then I put my binder back on. I took it off again at 11:30(pm) so that's like 6 hours and 45 minutes I think? If I have a break like I did does that mean I can start the 8 hours again or did I wear it too long? I do this kinda often because school and friends but I haven't had any pain. Help??

Take a deep breathe. You are fine. I’ve worn my binder for 12 hours before, as long as you respect your body and you are able to breathe, aren’t in pain and having bruising it is okay to wear your binder for more then 8 hours, it won’t kill you.

If you wear your binder for more then 12 hours and it hurts you to the point you cannot move your binder is probably too tight. Not all men are flat chested, I really encourage people to bind to be comfortable, being able to breathe is good.


EXO’s Reaction To You When You Work A lot

@lovelygroovywerewolf requested:  Hi! Can you please do an exo reaction… One when you are their girlfriend and you do charities until really late hours because you cant say no, and they start to get worried about you, because you dont get any sleep and you almost dont eat anything?I really love your reactions! <3 

Heyy💓 I hope you like this request😀 Hopefully we get in more reactions cause I have all week currently to work on some before school starts and my time becomes limited with everything.😭 - Admin Joey 💕


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*Has deep concern for you although it may not look like* “Don’t you think taking breaks would be fun? I’m busy but I still take breaks… maybe you should start learning to say ‘no’ so you could start taking breaks?”


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*Is worried to death but instead gets mad* “Why aren’t you getting enough sleep?!? Why are you barely eating?!? I get that you help with charities and can’t say ‘no’ but really can you just say ‘no’ next time?” When you look up at him as he’s talking you see the pain filled eyes that look like tears have built up in the corners.


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*Thinks to himself all the time* “What can I do to make her eat more and sleep more but at the same time let her do her charity work?”


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*A mix of emotions really.. sad, worried,angry* “Jagi… Look at me… Do I look happy? Wanna ask me why I’m not happy?” he speaks his voice getting louder and louder but not in an angry way. When you finally ask him why is isn’t happy he sighs. “I’m not happy cause do I even need to say it? look at you now. I know you aren’t eating and sleeping that much and I’m crazy worried about you.”


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*Purposely eats and buys extra food as a plan to get you to eat* “Oh! Jagi you came right on time! I just bought some food and it seems like I overestimated how much I would eat… can you be a darling and help me eat some? I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer that would be wasting…” Later  when you choose to eat cause you know how he is, you could see him pump his fist in the air and scream “yeah!” to himself thinking that you couldn’t hear him.


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*Looks at you* “You shouldn’t be eating less cause of charities and you can always take naps during the day… if you don’t have time to go and buy food just come to me and I’ll cook for you or just call me…”  the worry showing upon his face and in his eyes.


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*Zones Out* “What can I do? What can I do? Y/n… What can I do?” these questions are the only things that go through his head every time he sees you. The way you seem tired all the time and when your hungry you don’t really eat makes him really wonder how he could do better for you.


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*Puts out your favorite food on the table in front of you* “Omo! Jagi look!” points at the plate of food sitting in front of you. “Isn’t this your favorite food on the table? I know you like it… you should eat it.” Cutest gif I’ve ever seen


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*Lies on the couch* “Come y/n-ah, this couch is so comfortable. come lie down and take a nap with me” he speaks as his tries his best to make the couch look like it really is super comfortable and once you join him on the couch you knock out in to slumber.


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*Scolds you lightly* “You. Look at yourself, you’re beautiful but you shouldn’t be doing this to yourself because you can’t say ‘no’ to charity work. If you want to keep on doing charity work then don’t eat less, eat more and at least sleep you know? or else… I won’t let you do charity work anymore and I will say ‘no’ for you” his worry just comes out as his telling you what you should do. He was angry, angry at himself for not caring more about you.


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*is hella worried about you but won’t show that much so you don’t feel bad* “y/n. Jagi. Let’s go out for dinner and then you can go home and sleep okay? Wait. Don’t answer. You can’t say no.”


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*Acts chic and cool* “You eat well and sleep more. Okay? I don’t expect you to not listen to me.” He spent all his nights staying up thinking about you.



So for the people who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know that I was really hyped up about visiting Seattle since the day I confirmed it. The reason was because of her. Her name is Maria, she was my very first girlfriend (such a total beauty amirite?) We met in the oddest of circumstance and place, which was Omegle on a randomly boring Saturday night in April 2011. We hit it off and decided to exchange Facebook. Throughout the next 8 months, we constantly video chatted at least once a week. I just gradually fell for her throughout those months. On December 2011 we officially became a long distance couple. Those raised a lot of eyebrows from both the people that knew us, and sadly we only lasted a month as a couple. 

The breakup was a dark process (for me especially), I mean I just didn’t know how to appropriately handle it and I was selfish, I was inconsiderate, and every time we tried to fix it and attempt at building a friendship, I just always messed it up with my selfish motives of winning her back. So we lost connection throughout the months and I was bitter. 

6 months later I entered a serious relationship with another girl. About a month into my new relationship i received an email from one of her friends about how Maria wanted to patch things up, me being scared that it could affect my current relationship I decided to deny her of that. I tried to forget that she existed, and pretended that our relationship wasn’t real, which I deeply regret. 

So we lost connection for a year and half until one day when I made a tweet about how my connection flight to Alaska is at Seattle and she saw it. Out of the blue she messages me and there we reconnected. She asked me if I wanted to hangout while I was at Seattle, but unfortunately it was only like 3 hour layover, so that would have been impossible. At that point we were in better standing– we would occasionally talk.

So in May I decided to finally accept the admission offer from one of the schools in B.C. (which was pretty close to Seattle). It wasn’t until this December when I really started looking into visiting Seattle. My main deciding factor was that I realized this was my one and only chance. She was going to college next year and her options are limitless; from the other side of the country to Europe. I then asked myself “This is your one and only chance to answer your "What ifs?” do you really want to know it bad enough to go through with it?“if I was going to ever do it, it would be now. I did wanna know that bad. So I messaged her and asked her if the offer of hanging out from a year ago was still on the table, I’d love to take her up on that. She says yes, I officially book it for my reading break plans, and the date was set. I was pretty excited since it was only a two month wait, but at the same time I had doubts and thoughts of just not going through with it. 

So when I got the text from her telling me she was already at our meeting place, I was as nervous as could be, palm sweaty, shaking crazy, etc. Then there it was, that moment where I finally saw her for the first time. I was just shocked, starstruck in a way, like this was almost 4 years in the making. We ended up going for Japanese crepes, bubble tea, and walking around the international district. Not once did we bring up the past, we focused on the present, our goals for ourselves. I could listen to her talk for hours, uninterrupted. She was very passionate about Asian culture, very passionate about travelling and seeing/living all around the world, and especially her love and idolization of Lady Gaga. At times I just caught myself thinking "She’s just a one of a kind person”. Over all it was a just genuinely fun day where two people who are meeting in real life for the first time are getting to know each other. 

Five minutes of saying our goodbyes, my emotions overcame me. I started crying. Crying not because I was sad, but because I was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. Meeting her was a dream come true that I never even knew was a dream of mine. That day made me see how much I’ve grown up since I’ve met her. For once in my life this chapter of my life completes a full circle. It was a moment where I was able to close out a chapter of my life satisfied and  feeling complete. From then I was finally able to let her go of the title “ex-girlfriend” and I can proudly say that she is my friend. I admire Maria for everything that she is and I am proud of the human being she has become. Her passion to living unconditionally and unhinged just sparks something in me. I will always see Maria as the “Star that stands out in the night” though that star is far away from where I am, it shines so bright that it just catches me. That’s the reason why I admire it so much. So as I close this letter with tears uncontrollably running down my face and I am a mess, I just want to say: Thank you, Maria. Thank you for letting me have this moment, thank you for making me realize how far I’ve come.  If that was the first and last time we meet, I hope you know that you’ve impacted my life in a way that I will forever cherish and appreciate. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and I admire you for every bit that you are.

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Good lord your style is clean - and you speak like 3 languages (unless I'm mistaken of course) like damn you must work hard. How do you make time in between your other commitments?

Well, I would say 2 and half… French, english and I started learning Hiragana and katakana some months ago! :3

How I make myself free time? That’s pretty simple: 

Draw during classes, ditch all my homeworks, get detentions, go to my detentions, draw during the detentions, go home, draw, avoid every socialization, draw draw draw until it’s midnight, go to bed, wake up at 5 am so I have 2 hours to draw during the morning before going to school… And so on!! 

( Don’t worry, the teachers don’t hate me and I still get very good grades at school ( Around the 90%, that’s equivalent of a A or a A- I think.. )

 even tho I never study… (⊙_⊙ )  )

Thank you very much your comment! :3

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9!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf i wish he was younger because i want more time with him!!!

i thought he was 7 until i just counted then omg

we got him in 2005 when i was in year 6 and he was 6 weeks old when we got him. he wasnt even as tall as a photo and he couldnt get up stairs or even into his kennel we had to put a piece of wood so he could get in but he didnt even use the kennel for like ages because he was too tiny to live outside also he would escape through like every single gap in the fence then he would dig out and we had to put concrete under the fence everywhere cause he would dig out always omg

anyway then he ate his kennel

and everything else we’ve ever tried to give him

and couches and outdoor furniture 

he was literally the biggest little shit of a dog until about 3 years ago when he started calming down 

he caused me so much stress for like 6 years because i was so scared he would have found a way to escape overnight or while i was at school omg or the amount of times ive spent hours walking around the streets screaming out his name

mum would walk him to pick us up from primary school and one time she came without smithers and i was like wtf and she was like he ran away i cant find him and i basically sprinted the whole way home

also i was late to my first day of school in year 9 because he ran away and i refused to go to school without finding him

i hate him so much

i love him so muCH

After. //N. Maloley Blurb//

After that night or evening,because it was never planned,Nate would spoil you rotten,he would cater your every need whatever and whenever you want it.

Sometimes he’d wake up minutes before you and cook you something that you’ve been talking his ear off about,may be you would be craving pancakes before or may be the famous bacon and eggs combo and Nate would make it for you and sometime during that time he was making the mix or making sure he does what you want your sunny side up would be,he would be thinking about what would be like if this was permanent.

He would smile at how he thinks about that time when you’re gonna be laying on your side because lying on your back is not possible anymore,given that a big belly is nestled between your pelvis.He’d smile when he thinks about how your hand would be over your belly when you sleep.

But then he would come back down from his daydreams when he feels your lips against the nape of his neck,your lips would be hot against his cold skin,he lets himself suffer of the coldness in your tiny apartment because you never want to turn the heating on.

“Why’d you leave me in bed.”

“I was making your favorite,besides,you’re not supposed to leave the bed.”

And after that,they’d eat in the sofa,her legs rested against his lap while his feet rests against the coffe table.They’d be talking about stuff,disconnected and useless stuff.

But then she’d notice the way Nate’s hands seems to go upwards little by little,and she doesn’t know when it happened,may be between them talking about what would happen to the next episode of whatever shit they’re watching or the way Nate compliments her and tells her a joke,but sometimes they end up making out in he couch or even farther.

Or may be then he’d notice how the light in her eyes seems to flicker out of tiredness the entire week has been.He’d let her rest her head against his lap whilst he rolls a blunt,you hardly ever smoke,always getting the high secondhand but he insist that she needs it because it has been days since she let loose and she needs it now.

And he’d take care of you while you were high,getting all the munchies you want and sometimes,probably most of the time,you’d just get aroused at how he moves,even may be when he is carrying you to bed,too high to climb up the stairs,you’d get turn on as you feel his biceps flex when he carries you.

He would be tucking you in and be with you,but you’d have a plan and just straddle his lap,make out with him until it leads to that and somehow the after always repeats.

____________________ Hi. I think my laptop is broken.Idk.Now I can’t put this in the masterlist so if you want to view the things I would be posting it’s gonna be under the tag (in ny blog,click on the search) #NMaloley. I have been very busy with school (I started school last June.) And I have been procrastinating with writing bec. I was watching teen wolf like everyday as much as I can. But I’ve got my grades(The 3 hour sleep week has paid off) and now I’m gonna be posting more this month surely. BTW.I also can’t link my ask and masterlist(I’m using my phone) but ad always make sure to request some imagines.