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This was a work on progress, and I HAVE 2 WOUNDED FINGERS BECAUSE OF THIS AND I REGRET NOTHING KJLRFNKLV I wanted to draw Sangwoo but I don’t want more blood lol (I still need my fingers to study ;;)

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As I promised, here’s the Jaylos gif redone! Still couldn’t find a good quality clip, so this will have to do.

(previous version: HERE)

Quick overview

Ike’s CYL appearance certainly is something. 36 base attack is HUGE along with 35 defence and considering the skills he comes with it synergies nicely but what makes him different from regular ike you say, despite being a Axe unit. Well first is that he has slightly more res, its still not good res but still more, and yet has worse speed. 28 is below what you want and means  if you invest in speed its not going to be that worth it besides increasing his life span. However his weapon does compensate for this with a flashy damage reduction on consecutive attacks. However Ike faces problems in what to inherit and if its worth using Urvans effects and like I said SPEED. Still he’s one of the best green units out there.

Base kit

So Ike has Urvan his fathers axe which gives a reduction on his charge time meaning his Aether for example is actually a 4 turn cool down rather than 5. Its pretty nice but also comes with a passive which reduces damage from consecutive attacks. The attack from the second one onwards will deal 80% of the actual damage. Aka its a brave weapon counter. It may stop reinhardt but your res is so low certain builds will OHKO him. And tbh His defence is incredibly high as is, so it may actually be for naught. Still its a nice extra to have. He then comes with Steady breath which grants +4 defence when attacked and a reduction on his special. This makes Ikes defence 39 on enemy phase meaning he will take very little damage.Not only that, that 4 turn aether? Now 3 turns when attacked and if you include the combat actions he will always proc aether in a round of combat.. This is incredible if used with another skill I’ll mention later. Beorcs blessing regardless of if it makes you a super effective threat to beast rider and fliers alike, ignores their buffs. Not going to lie its a really bad skill for the most part, the idea is cool but for the most part you’ll want something active 9/10. Finally threaten defence is threaten defence and the best one for him.

Since he comes fully Jacked out the best assist to give him is reposition or swap. Theres not much more I can say.

Suggested build(s)

Two for flinching

+Atk/def -res/hp

Urvan, Reposition/Swap, Aether,Ignis

Steady breath/Close defence 3, Quick riposte 2/3, Threaten defence 3

So this set aims to make a tank, much like Lukas except Ike comes with Aether and Steady breath, (tho I guess you could give them to Lukas) but essentially the added defence from steady breath and Aether make him into a devasting unit who with quick riposte can Get of a Aether every single round of combat he’s initiated on, and the best part is, Aether recovers his Hp so he’s able to keep himself topped up. However if you want something more standard Close defence + ignis works the same way. You can use Ignis with Steady breath but you essentially waste a turn of charge. So the choice is yours. Threaten defence ensures Kos on many of the cast. This sets only real weakness is too well mages. Keep him away and he’ll do fine

Brave mercenary

+atk -res/hp

Brave axe +, Reposition, Bonfire/ Luna

Death blow 3, Axebreaker 3, Threaten defence 3

A set designed to make him double and make ike a nyoomike (was that a bad joke I know someone will find it funny) however it means giving up his legendary weapon. You may find this better if you want a more offensive green unit. Deathblow compensates for the lost mt and axebreaker gives him the most KOs over, including beating Hector. He’ll also still be able to handle physical threats well. Bonfire is the best special due to his high defence but if you have no bonfire Luna is a solid option.

Just l-ike Hector

+Atk/def -res/hp

Urvan, Reposition/swap, Ignis

Distant counter, Quick riposte 2/3/Vantage 3, threaten defence 3

THREE SETS? lucky you right, well anyway probably the least viable of the three and a budget version of hector which requires.. hector. Distant counter kinda stops some of Urvans ability in two range weapons may not feel the effect since ike can interrupt but like I said before, Mages will normally kill him in two hits, or he’ll receive very little anyway from arrows. Quick riposte or Vantage is your choice. However you can only have one so pick which you prefer. ignis is the best special due to a reduced cool time and insane damage output.

so apparently i’ve been using the super outdated like, 2015 version of fire alpaca to do digital art so i finally updated it and… learned that u can do animation on it???? SO HERES THE FIRST ANIMATION IVE EVER DONE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!! it took me a whole 30 mins lmao, It’s kind of addicting tho… I need 2 practice…. IM RLY EXCITED I KNOW IT’S SHITTY BUT IM EXCITED OK LET ME HAVE THIS

Let us begin this fic by wishing georghiousophia​ a very happy birthday! And also, I think I owe you an apology. This is a birthday fic - as requested - but I sort of strayed from the fluffy request and made something a little darker. I have a bad habit at the minute of trying to suit the story to the character and this is one of those times where it sort of got away from me. I hope you still enjoy it but I would totally understand you making the same request but for a more fluffy version. If you’d like I’ll do a part 2 to this one where he comes back the next year - that was he’s more actively remembering the birthday. Either way, enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ???

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 1)

Your presence within the Avengers was not one that you boasted about. As someone who had made a name for herself in crime and villainy, your companionship with Earth’s mightiest was not the best badge on your brownie sash. During the Battle of New York, however, your intentions were alike and thus your allegiance formed.

One opportunity you never thought they’d give you, despite the fact that you were working together, was to interrogate Loki, the trickster God after his capture.
“Well, well.” He cooed upon seeing you arrive next to his glass prison. “They send the beauty to tame the beast.”
“They sent someone who’d really would rather not be here – so the quicker you refuse to give me any information, the quicker I can leave.”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you anything?” A sneer spread across his lips as his eyes lowered. “A foreign flower such as yourself might be able to charm even me.” You hummed quietly, dragging a metal chair across the railings to sit by the glass between you and the Asgardian. The screech it created caused Loki’s cheek to hollow as his teeth ground together.
“I’ve heard of your silver-tongue…” You mused, lowering yourself onto the seat. “But I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.”  
“Let me a little closer and you’ll receive it in a much different way, if it pleases you.”

“The only thing I want your tongue doing is shedding secrets. If you don’t intend to spill any then I’ll be on my way.” You sighed, leaning back in the chair and propping your feet up on a nearby railing.
“Alright… I shall make you a deal.” He began but you shook your head and held up your hands.
“Nuh-uh. No. No deals, not with you.”
“I see that you’re a little more intelligent than your teammates.” Your mind whisked back to Tony in front of his computer.

“Intelligent? No. Stubborn, absolutely.” You grinned. The God returned your smile, though with a little more malice than you might have liked. His eyes wandered about your figure, not perversely, but more analytically – he was assessing you, sizing you up as an opponent. With a deep breath, you began interrogation.

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now THIS was super fun to make. Each sequence in the final version has 15 frames. Originally the 2 Puppetry segements were like 68 frames each so I had to carefully analyze which 15 frames together had the most movement (for dramaticness

There was also some math to figure out how many frames I could fit. I did try to put 2 punch sequences one between both puppet segments but unfortunately it was too big, In order to make it work each part would have to be 11 frames which is cutting it a little too short. 

All in all these are a blast so I’m pretty much going to do whatever scene I can find that works for it. You can see my other combined gif here


The character is another concept art Bendy nicknames Wip, he’s another mute friendo of Dotty in my Concept Art Bendy AU
((there’s gonna be a bunch of different Concept art characters and different versions of actual characters in this Au ._.””))

I got a different animation program that’s by Kdan and it’s much easier than the other one for some of the tools, but both have pros and cons.

This is the first actual animation I’ve finished that’s not a crappy blinking thing and I’m so proud and happy with this since I’ve improved in my skills ;w; I really want to be a cartoonist animator in the future and make my own animations for YouTube along with an actual animating job if I’m lucky. THIS IS AWESOME BECAUSE ITS SELF TAUGHT PROGRESS!!!

I hope y’all think it’s good for my first time actually trying to do a thing, I know my drawing skills are better than my animating but I hope they’ll both keep improving >w<

I know I didn’t animate the arms as much as the legs and that’s just cause I’m about to go to bed so I’m short on time and I wasn’t planning on posting this but it turned out better than expected so I thought I would share it with y’all ^w^

Feel free to like, comment, and ((hopefully)) reblog this post! ^w^ ((or all three cause me and lots of other artist most likely love reblogs and comments more than likes lol))

((I made it into a gif on here so it keeps looping like I wanted it to, plus there’s no audio))

I basically always have Panic! songs stuck in my head but here are the top ten songs I’m vibing with currently in no particular order

1. Across the Universe - The Beatles

2. House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots

3. Stupid For You - Waterparks

4. A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me - Fall Out Boy

5. The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know Alternate Version - Panic! At the Disco

6. Talk Too Much - Coin

7. Man On The Moon - POWERS

8. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

9. Attention - Charlie Puth

10. If I Could Change Your Mind - HAIM

Lemme know what songs you like if you want

Bit of a short version than I’d have liked but I managed to fit in all the ideas I had. This one is again for @georghiousophia (who has perhaps one of the most difficult to spell URLs that I’ve ever type). I hope you enjoy it - I should be uploading a couple more one-shots today because I’ve been writing them over the course of the week. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Omg I loved it so much THANK YOU ❤️🔫 PLEASE DO PART 2

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 2)

Part 1

Your wooden dining table took up a lot of space in your sitting room. The dimly lit apartment was cramped and untidy but it was home. 2 windows let a little evening moonlight into the room and it complimented the yellow glow of the candle that sat in front of you. The solitary cupcake sat on a plate in front of you – gloating. You quickly blew out the candle protruding from the top and sighed as the wonderful smell of a freshly extinguished candle filled your nose.

Happy Birthday, you thought to yourself.

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In the short time that I’ve started using tumblr again, I have recently reached 2k followers! For 1k, I did a giveaway, but honestly I feel that this for milestone I should properly thank those who have put up with my bad gifsets and my constant rants about necessary things (like really why do you follow me haha, I’m so sub-par at everything)

Just know that I appreciate every single one of you who follow me and you all have such beautiful souls inside and out no matter what people say! Without further ado, please follow these amazing people who will make your time on tumblr worthwhile just as they have done with mine💕: 

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…I really don’t have any excuse for this, I just don’t have any giffing self-control where Tybalt is concerned…

I’m sorry for not being on here as much… at least on Saturdays.

Those have become my busiest days of the week. So I’m sorry if you have been trying to contact me… I’ll be right offline after I post this until later tonight due to a live stream happening somewhere *coughcereusbluecough*. 

But thank you @sugartalesans… I’m now in the mood to do one of these…


And when I’m done with this that’s when I’ll be active on the RP blogs again! Consider it as a ‘thanks for waiting so long for me to get crud together’ video! It’ll mostly be focused on PJ (due to my main RP blog) but it will cameo other characters and RP blogs!
Like here it’s @siren-hatane and @askinfresh! (I am sorry if this is OOC…)

But seriously… I really want to animate this whole thing… I think I have… um…let’s see… it’ll have about 20 or so characters in it. Give or take 3…

But yeah… I really want to cram as many characters into this but I think that would be very difficult. O_O

Anyway… Like I said I’ll be offline for the rest of the day from tumblr… sorry! I’ll be more active tomorrow. 


I THINK IT’S THE RIGHT TIME TO CELEBRATE. Because the boys have worked so hard on this album, and so have the fans; so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally decided to do this: I’m putting one 花样年华 pt. 1 album up for grabs. It’s simple, really:

1) unlimited reblog is cool, go ahead and knock yourself out. but i won’t be counting any likes (you may still like it if you want to)

2) definitely no giveaway blog, and you have to be an ARMY (of course)

3) nope, you don’t have to follow me, but heyyyy if you’ll like to hit me up ;-)

4) yes yes yes, i will be shipping internationally, and for free

5) that said, please make sure you will be able to receive the album (e.g: let your parents know)

The winner will get to choose either the pink or the white version. That’s all! This giveaway will end in on June 5, 12 am KST, and winner will be chosen by some random generator. I will announce on June 7 and message the winner. If there’s no reply from the winner within 24 hours, I’ll choose another winner.

So now go on and celebrate their 1st win /clinks campange glass like some classy ass/

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instead of studying, I just spent an hour learning how to make gifs with cs2..

god it’s such a process.

but yeah, I think I’m going to practice making gifs when I get some spare time (like in 2 weeks I swear) soo if you have any pointers/tips, requests (maybe??) or even encouragement I’d love to hear it lol


Triple H jamming to each other’s songs

from Triple H Fun Agency Episode 5