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I was thinking about that “Vimes occasionally crawls out of his grave as an angry part-time zombie when someone starts mucking up Ankh-Morpork thing” again and

Patricians get into a habit of doing a ‘state of the city’ address yearly in the cemetery because, well, you’d rather tell him what’s going on than have him come up and check, right? Eventually people forget why that’s the venue; it just is.

People come to the graveside to leave written requests or ask for help. Sometimes they even get it, although not in the way they were expecting. The Watch comes through regularly to pick up all the slips of paper, and they usually have an unobtrusive guard on duty listening. You never know when you might hear something important.

A particularly unpleasant (and short-lived) Patrician attempts to have the coffin chained up. He lives long enough to regret this.

so i need more sam and natasha interactions. because lord knows they’re both pigeonholed into the “therapist friend” and “femme fatale” respectively and i just think they could be so good 

like, even just watching bad spy movies and sam groaning every time natasha points out an inaccuracy, or natasha having to physically pull sam away when steve and bucky start the age old “army versus air force” debate. or them trying to one up each other with bad spots they’ve been dropped into with hardly any warning or preparation. 

sam: yeah the brass sent me into kazakhstan under heavy fire, trying to get out four of our guys. we were bottenecked for almost three days before i could fly them out of there. top that miss russian spy. 

natasha: that’s cute, sammy, but try having your own government burn you in hostile territory. that’s always a good time and little miss russian spy doesn’t have fuckin wings in case of an emergency. in my book, that’s cheating. now shut up and let me tell you why tom cruise wouldn’t last four seconds in the KGB

sam: *muttering* who knew i would miss kazakhstan

and that’s how clint walked in to see his terrifying assassin girlfriend upturn a popcorn bowl over sam wilson’s head

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i have this admittedly bizarre au idea for your headcanon thing: Lena is Death (Grim reaper) and she befriends Kara and watches over her bc she feels guilty about having to take Kara's entire world (just doing her job but still) and slowly ends up falling in love with her so they start a relationship. And Kara finds out via Lillian or some other source and is at first angry but takes solace in the fact that she'll never lose Lena or vice versa

This is so heart-breakingly beautiful.

And when Kara loses someone that she couldn’t save I can just picture them - legs dangling off the side of a skyscraper - 

“Did you take care of them?” Kara whispers softly, breath clouding in the cool night air.

“They didn’t feel a thing, I promise.” Lena squeezes Kara’s hand tightly, trying to offer some modicum of comfort, even though she knows there’s none to be had.

Kara leans her head on Lena’s shoulder, gazing out across the city.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“People die. The least I can do is make their last moments more bearable. Show them memories of the people they loved.”

And when Kara finally passes over, the Kryptonite bullet lodged in her heart too much for the super hero to overcome; Lena is right there with her, holding her hand.

And if she cries a little more than usual as she carries Kara over, it’s because most of the memories that filled the hero’s last moments were of her. 

I miss skam so much, I started watching riverdale and everything is so… fake in that show. I am not saying it’s a bad show but I rather watch shows and movies that are more realistic, and skam set the bar so high! The characters are like the people we know from school. They dress like we do, don’t always have clear skin or the perfct model body. They’re real and that’s what makes the show so special. I wish there were more shows like this and I just want to see the trailer for season 4 now, I miss them all so much

Migration complete.

I swear to God, we’re like Canada geese or something… BUT! Here we are in SoCal. Yay. :| Weird that it’s not much warmer down here than it was in San Francisco… Also, we have slower internet down here, which sucks. Need to see what we can do about that…

Anyway, we actually arrived yesterday morning because we got an earlier start than expected on the migration, but I spent pretty much all day on the beach. :D I only just now put my computer together. So, thought I’d say hi. Maybe I’ll sit long enough to crop some gameplay pics I took before the move… Maybe I’ll play Castaway, since my queue ran out… Maybe I’ll binge-watch Trevor Noah, since he and his dimples are so dang cute… Maybe I’ll just sit and stuff my face with an entire pint of ice cream. WHO KNOWS?!

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Different anon, similar topic. It really is pointless, I have seen a of hate posts that start with "Ugh I turned it off as soon as they had a scene" or something similar where they admit that they don't even watch any Karamel scenes and then proceed to talk about how they're awful even though they just said they don't watch their scenes. How can you possibly make any kind of informed decision if all that you use to decide you hate something is heard about secondhand?! It makes no sense at all.

lmao right? like how can u make any judgement about them if u dont even watch their scenes? 

Ok but I kinda enjoy starting shit so like I will 100% egg a ler on to fuck someone else up, like “oh hey man so they’ve been saying how you can’t get them” or “oh look they’re wearing a tank top” and then just kinda watch it unfold. Basically I’m saying let me be your tickle wingman and set this shit up for you because I’m good at making trouble and also helping friends

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how do you manage to draw several things a day?? often several things a day that are also coloured?? how do you do that and have enough time to watch all these things too??

Typically I only draw 5 things a day. I usually start drawing around 7 pm and stop around 10 or 11 or something. It only takes like 20 minutes at most to draw most of the stuff I post. I guess the other part of that time is me spacing out or being distracted by whatever I’m watching. I watch a lot of stuff because I watch things while I’m drawing and eating (so I basically just listen to everything). And I have all this time because I isolate myself in my room rather than make contact with other people

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How much research do you do on American slang, style of talking or just general day to day stuff like food, clothing, nature and landmarks ect I want to start writing fic but I'm afraid it would sound to much like self insertion

The fights I have with American English, anon. STILL. AFTER ALL THIS TIME. 

Really though, provided you watch a lot of American TV, and, let’s face it, we all do, I think you’ll be pretty okay. And it’s easy enough to get an American beta reader, if you’re really worried about making too many mistakes. 

Other than that, when it comes to the day-to-day stuff: google is your friend. Whenever I mention something by brand name, like food, or drinks, or clothes, I go online to an American store and make sure I’d be able to purchase it there. 

As for landmarks, wither pick a small town that wouldn’t have any, or a large enough city with a few famous one. And then go to google maps, check out the street view, and go from there. You really only need a few lines to paint a scene, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t exactly describe how far away things are in relation to other things. 

Again though, you can always get a local beta or ask your readers to point out the most awkward errors and go back and fix them. 

Which reminds me. Several years ago I was co-writing a story set in America, with an American co-writer, and I had one of my characters turn up to the other one’s motel room in the morning with “a flat white.” 

My co-writer: Why is be bringing paint? 

Me: It’s coffee. 

My co-writer: Is this one of those Australian things that probably doesn’t exist in  reality? 

Me: It’s a real thing, I swear. 

Needless to say one Starbucks brought in flat whites, I spammed the hell out of her with their commercials. Also, it was too late for that particular book. In the end they had cappuccinos that day. 

pagetbewbster replied to your post: I actually would kill to see emily’s reputation in…

this is like 80% of the reason I’m sad they didn’t have her hang her entire headstone on her office wall

I’ve started headcanoning that she has a jar of dirt in her office that she collected from her grave. Just like, ominously sitting in a corner and every time she catches somebody she doesn’t like staring she tells them it’s dirt from her grave and refuses to explain any further just to watch them sweat. 

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Okay I have to confess it... I started to watch Supergirl because of your blog, at first I wasn't interested but then I came by your blog and I watched the whole first season like in 3 days. It was because of how amazing you write the muses, it's just so accurate. Eres la mejor c:

reblog if you want your followers to tell you one thing they secretly think about you

{{Omg!! I just saw this message now!! 

Thank you so much!! Really, this means the world to me x.x

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Tell us about yourself, Falcon. Where you from, your school/job etc etc. :D

(Let me just copy and rewrite my old post…)

1. I am from Hong Kong (If you can locate the yellow star on the map, you can find Hong Kong lol)

2. I am a science student. 

3. I’ve just graduated from university last year.

4. I have been playing Pokemon Go since July 2016.

5. I have been staying in the Snk fandom for nearly 3.5 year.

6. I started to watch the Snk anime on September 2013 and I started to read the manga in the same month (i.e. chapter 49).

7. A few years ago, I wrote a fantasy novel “Natural Forces” (English version not available, oops), which is about a group of teenagers gifted the power of the natural elements (Wind, Fire, Water and Earth) and use them to defeat the bad guys and save the world blah blah blah, and then I feel so awkward that one of my female OCs, Topaz, has a design so similar to Mikasa Ackerman:

And then when I tried to draw Mikasa with my pen, it just looked like Topaz to me (and this was embarrassing urghhh). Eventually I asked my friend to draw a new version of Topaz and this is the finalized version:

8. tbh I’m not good at drawing (especially humans), but I still draw doodles occasionally, perhaps something like fantasy creatures:

9. I’ve just got a new full-time job last month and become a trainee in a testing company. Basically it’s about testing goods, yet I am not experienced enough to work in labs at this moment—maybe later.

10. So after the period of probation, it’s also the time of Season 2 of Snk being aired! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the ask~!

Any very addictive tv shows  to recommend to me?

I’m looking for a new tv show to start. I’m not looking for anything specific(drama, suspense, action, etc) but I’d like to know what are some of the tv shows u could not help but binge watch? Or if you could not binge watch it(because it was still airing or because unlike me well…you actually have a life…), just some tv shows that you find/found very addictive to watch?


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I was just watching a compilation of animals freaking kids out, and this one little boy started bawling because a butterfly landed on his car seat and he was frightened by it. I feel like that's how Jonathan's little boy would be: absolutely adorable (literally the cutest kid anyone's ever seen in their lives) and an absolute marshmallow. Jonathan would always remind him that he doesn't have to like sports or rough things like the other boys, it's okay if he's more soft and sweet than them.

i’m the one bawling at this hc because i love it so much jesus christ

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Hey Matt! Have you done your RWBY rewatch yet? I just did mine yesterday and it was amazing!

Not yet, though I fully intend to very soon. I really want to watch volume 4 in succession too with no breaks. I might save it for a little while longer - probably before I start on my next fic :)

of all the shows and fandoms i am involved in…

ouat is awful when it comes to spoilers… and any form of mystery when it comes to what will happen on the show… the past two seasons, in particular, have been the worst. From the leak of Killian being the DO to Gideon being under the hood… to the new spoilers going around NOW.

like, you don’t even have to watch the show anymore. you have all these people taking pictures, posting them on tumblr, half of them not even tagging for spoilers. or the rebloggers not tagging for spoilers… and you already know what’s going to happen before that season airs…. its so damn frustrating. i just miss having MYSTERY from week to week.

it’s why i’m happy there aren’t so many ppl on set for my other shows to ruin any and all surprises for them as well.

A&E need to just start filming fake scenes just to fuck with people.

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Do you think Kylo Ren's redemption is just a red herring? They're not making it subtle at all, which is worrying me more than not. My fear is that I'm going to feel so much for this character with all these sympathetic things that if it turns out to be a red herring, I'm going to start crying while watching 9 and leave the theater all depressed lol

Please don’t worry too much about this! I just replied to a very similar ask and I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. They’re not out to trick viewers with the wider canon - if anything, they’re establishing clues and foreshadowing to manage people’s expectations. At this stage, I’d be very surprised if Kylo ends the sequel trilogy on the side of evil.

listen i don’t think i’ve even watched yoi since 2017 started and i just watched the last episode and i’m extremely emo over it wtf