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Peacock and Other Theories

I thought about it on my way home and so I’ve basically jumped off the turtle!Nino bandwagon and jumped on the peacock!Nino bandwagon.

I have a lot of reasons for doing so. 

One, as was stated in my previous post, Nino shares a color scheme with Duusu–that being red and blue–as well as the eye print theme - 

This is important because a majority of the other miraculous holders share color schemes and themes with their kwami - 

Pinks and blacks (cuz Tikki seems more like a deep pink than red), plus, Tikki has freckles like Mari if you look closely enough at the image above. Additionally, Marinette has spots on her clothes.  

Adrien only has a black shirt, but his eyes are green like Plagg’s and his shirt stripes, while also having yellow, are variations of green and purple (the inside of Plagg’s mouth is purple). 

Alya has oranges in her shirt and has a general warm color theme in her hair and eyes. Also, depending on Trixx’s final design, the kwami will either have matching yellow eyes to Alya’s (as it looks like it does above) or purple eyes as was in what was initially announced of the fox design. Either one works as Alya has purple accents in her shirt. Also, she has that beauty spot and Trixx has little spots above their eyes. 

Yellow and black, stripes, blue eyes. Pretty obvious I think. 

Furthermore, I had previously argued that Nino looks more like a turtle than a peacock as far as his facial features, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nino’s nose has always been rather exaggerated and I presumed to think he looked like a turtle because of how his smile turned out, but I think it would be silly not to admit that Nino’s nose is rather beak-ish. 

And while his hair could look rather shellish–in reference to a turtle–it could also be flat like a peacock’s. With the symbolic adornment of Nino’s hat in place of the sticky-up feathers. 

The other miraculous users look respectively like their “animals” too, as I’ve pointed out before. I don’t have comparison pictures of Mari and Chloe, because they don’t look like actual bugs, but their features are small and “buggy,” so that’s worth considering. Also - 

Cat. So much cat. 

Wide smile beneath a cute nose. Fox, fox, fox (I called this one WAY before the spoiler, just fyi. It’s so obvious). 

So yeah, anyway. Peacock!Nino. I know the peacock we’ve seen is clearly feminine, but if it is Mama Agreste, I don’t see her as being the active peacock miraculous holder. She doesn’t fit the age demographic for being a hero and the kids already have their teacher/guide in Master Fu. I would imagine that scan is of the past or a short time period of use, or is symbolic. Whether it’s through Adrien or Mama Agreste, I think Nino has a good chance of eventually getting the peacock, especially with that eye shirt he has as well as being Adrien’s best friend. 

Like usual, this is all speculation and really holds no basis in canon. It’s all based on my observations, as usual, which change depending on the info released, but as of now, this is just an idea I had floating around in my head. I also think it would be really cool to see Nino sporting something as flamboyant as the peacock. He’s so chill, I assume he would pull it off swimmingly, especially since he’s already a performer :D

Oh, also, since we were talking about color and design connections, I’d like to show you this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this guy - 

Next to this cutie - 

Next to this guy - 

Colors and designs sure are interesting, huh (and scarves sure do a good job of covering things up, hmm?)



Orchestra According to a Percussionist:
  • Flute/Piccolo: both obnoxiously loud and high pitched like screaming children
  • Clarinet: y'all chill and respectable & play some mean ass parts yo
  • Oboe: we get it you're special because everyone tunes to you
  • Bassoon: oblong duck? do they even truly exist? has anyone ever seen an actual bassoonist behind that tall nasally pipe?
  • Saxophone: okay you're chill but get out
  • Trumpet: shut up. Just. shut up.
  • Trombone: when they're not playing all their cool passages they're chill
  • Horns: goddamn do they have some fun looking parts props to them man
  • Violin: the goddamn Divas(TM) of the show like we get it you're better than us
  • Viola: the one section that can kind of relate to non-strings because they don't get much attention, also the equivalent of the odd child out in a family
  • Cello: nIce
  • Bass: 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼NICE
  • Harp: ???do you need to learn witchcraft before you can play that thing correctly???
  • Piano: cousin? Friend? Foe? Yet to be determined

I have pen, I have a apple


Apple Pen

I have a pen

i have pineapple 


Pineapple Pen

Apple Pen, Pineapple pen 


Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Dating GD would include:
  • dumb hair jokes all the time
  • “Who wears the pants in the relationship?”
  • “Depends on the outfit.”
  • asking Taeyang for help when shopping for GD because oh my god what would he want do i even have enough money for that shirt
  • Dealing with ‘holy shit everyone loves me hahahahah royalties’ GD 
  • and ‘hey can you just hold me for an hour and a half’ GD 
  • and ‘wow don’t you just love the color of the sky? I’m deep and need constant creative energy, GD
  • and ‘I’m my own problematic fav’ GD
  • “Honey I’m home!”
  • “Is that another fur coat omg it’s so pretty. Thank you, babe.”
  • “I know. It really compliments my eyes, right? Channel is so nice.”

so i have jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do a follow forever/mutuals appreciation! i know that not all of these people are my mutuals, but these are just all the blogs that i really love!
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Mob Psycho 100 Episodes 4-8 as narrated by an 11-year old

So I wish I’d had this idea when I first introduced my lil sis to MP100 because her reactions to anime she loves are fuckin hilarious and she’s jumped on the MP100 bandwagon as hard as I have lmao she customized a Littlest Pet Shop toy for me to look like Mob and she’s gonna try making Reigen because she knows he’s like one of my favourites (she’s too pure omg). So we watched episodes 4-7 last night and episode 8 just a little while ago but here’re her reactions to what happened in episodes 4-8. My dialogue is marked with an H and hers is indicated with a B.

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i have decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a tumblr awards for y’all!

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c a t e g o r i e s ;

jesper fahey award: best url
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if you don’t win anything, you’re still absolutely awesome and amazing and i love you all <3


GW2 Fashion week 1/? 

jumping on the bandwagon a little late but anyways, here’s my shiny mesmer Valariél

↳ Enameled Morning Glory, Wine, Shadow Purple, (Deep Glacial Sky) 

Set 1: Bunny Ears, Trickster’s Light Mantle, Trickster’s Light Vest, Primitive Handwraps, Carapace Leggings, Zodiac Shoes
Set 2: Devil’s Horns, Nightmare Court Mantle, Nightmare Court Robes, Nightmare Court Sarong, Orchid Boots
Set 3: Bunny Ears, Trickster’s Light Mantle, Zodiac Chest, Chaos Gloves, Zodiac Leggings, Zodiac Boots 

↳ Twilight, Chiroptophobia, Whisperblade, Wall of the Mists, The Anomaly, Nightmare Staff


So, I feel like a lot of people are doing this, but I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have aged all the Homily children into toddlers, as I didn’t get to experience them when they were first born as toddlers. They are all insanely adorable, I think Hallie, Dawn and Logan are my favourites! And I decided to do Tom, Willow and Clara as they were in the household I was messing with!  <3