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Was Never Mine (Part 5)- Joker X Reader

Was Never Mine (Part 5/5)-
Leto!Joker X Reader (End)

Request- (I’m including this prompt because I just feel it fits in very well.)

1: “You’re never really ever going to love me are you?”

2:I’m nothing to you, always have been, always will be”

Warnings- Angst?, Weapon, Sexual Tension? (I’m bad at these xD) I think this is the longest part.

Summary- Being an assassin working for The Clown Prince. You are madly in love with him and would do anything to protect him. However, the same can’t be said about him.

A/N- The much anticipated part five is here you guys, I hope you enjoy it.

You rode down the highway on your bike. It had been a couple weeks since the incident you had at the docks. You hadn’t gone into work feeling a dreaded sense of awkwardness every time the thought came into your head. The moon was high in the sky, not a cloud in sight. You wanted to go, flee the city of Gotham before you completely lost your mind to him. Voices rang through your ears, almost yelling at you to go to him. You clutched the handlebars and gritted your teeth and let out a small scream. It seemed to calm the voices for a short time but they soon came flooding back. You noticed a car speeding up next to you. You look and see the vibrantly colored vehicle, immediately recognizing it. You look away quickly but you know he saw you. You begin to slow yourself down and so does he. You pull yourself over to the side of the road and he follows. You sit there on the bike, looking down. The sound of the car door opening makes you shudder and the sound of it slamming shut making you jump. You lift off the helmet and get up. You turn and come face to face with the madman.

“What…?” You finally speak, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Away. Look…sir, I can’t do this anymore, I can not work for you anymore. The last time I let this happen to me it destroyed me in the end-”

“You don’t look so destroyed to me, doll, and believe me, I know destroyed when I see it” he interrupts, a smirk playing at his lips.

“I was left to nothing, I came here and and…I’m being driven right back to where I was because of you! You’re doing this to me!” you scream at him, backing away, holding yourself as if you could shield yourself from the emotional pain and madness you are suddenly feeling. “Why are you here…?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, princess” he speaks, stepping closer.

“You shouldn’t care about me. You have…her. You have her wrapped around your finger, I am just another mind you twist and pollute with insanity-”

“She left. She’s gone” he replied stepping closer and cupping your face in his hands. Your breath hitched. You look up to him, your heart pounding in your chest. You can’t think straight, you just can’t. You pull out a gun from your pocket and place it just under his chin. You see his jaw tense and he glares at you.

“That doesn’t matter” you argue shaking your head. “You’re never going to really love me, are you?” you question looking at him. Him looking into your eyes and you see the pleading look. A look you can’t think the Joker ever gave anybody. You’re shaking and you drop the gun, turning away. “I-I’m nothing to you, J…Always have been, always will be” You hear him growl behind you, his footsteps walking back to his car. You expect to hear the car to roar to life and see him speed off past you, but nothing, just the door opening. His footsteps start coming back to you. You turn slowly and see him holding a packet. You walk over, your eyebrows furrowed. You take the papers and look through them.

Two Years Earlier

The place was quiet. No music, no dancers, no drunken idiots. You were escorted to a back table in the VIP area. Gold beads hung around the couch. You take a seat, looking around.

“He’ll be right with you” the guard that had escorted you in told you. With that the door had opened. You had been home for weeks, heartbroken over a past lover and you just knew it was about time to get back into work. What better way of doing so was to work for the Clown Prince of Gotham. It payed well and also was a guarantee you got protection if you got on his good side. He walked through the opened door and looked to you immediately. He stopped and looked to the guard. “This is her…” the guard replied as if confirming something. Joker looked to you and smirked. He took his seat across from you and gripped the handle on his kane. You glanced at his hand and back to him, suddenly feeling your heart flutter just at his previous action.

“The assassin” he says with a small purr. “There’s something you can do for me, doll, there sure is” you had to cross your leg over the other to help hide what he was doing to you just from the way he spoke his words. “But…” he says silently, leaning closer. “Are you up for it?” he speaks sliding a packet over to you. His eyes on yours. You couldn’t help but shiver. Your heart fluttering in your chest. You nod, still captivated by him and the way he looked at you you felt he as well was captivated by you but that puzzled you. You nodded once more and a small smile went across your lips.

“As you wish, sir” you reply, taking the contract and signing it where it said to.


You looked at your name written neatly across the line. You looked up to Joker. He pulled a match from his pocket and looked down to it.

“You want to be free…? Here” he finished, handing you the lighter. It sat in your hand as did the contract. You flicked the lid open and lit it, watching the flame dance around. You brought it to the corner of the paper and watched as it slowly burned and you dropped both to the pavement and glanced back up to J. He looked to the papers caught in the flames. You stepped around them and took his hands.

“…I can be free from the job but I don’t think I can be free from you” you whispered, leaning up to him, connecting your lips. He tenses under the intimate touch but then lets his lips move to yours, wrapping his arms around you. Your hands find their place in his hair and you can’t suppress the smile spreading across your face, You pull your lips back a little so they at least brush against his and rest your forehead to his.

“Mine” he whispers pressing another kiss to your lips.

I Hate You - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: hey, dearies! I got another Oliver Wood request! hope you like it lovies! :D

Anonymous said: Last Oliver Wood imagine was amazing. Could you write an other for me. (It’s ok if you don’t. I love you anyways ♡♥). Where Oliver always ignores her and treats her rudely but deep down he is mad for her. 

here we go! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter! :D

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I Hate You!

“You’re doing it wrong!”

“I am not doing it wrong!” (Y/N) snapped frustrated.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes holding back an annoyed groan. She didn’t want to be Oliver’s partner. Why? You ask. Well, he hated her. The worst part was; she didn’t even know why. At first, he would always just ignore her but over the years he became a real ass to her. He was always looking for ways to taunt her and insult her and she was sick of it. She honestly didn’t know what she had done to make him hate her so much. But still, here she was making Volubilis Potion with him; or trying at least.

“Yes, you are!” Oliver said grabbing the jar of Syrup of Hellebore from her hand but she didn’t let it go.

“No! Give it!” she said pulling it towards her.

“Ugh! You stuck up, know-it-all drag!”

“Take that back you pompous Quidditch nut!”

Professor Snape came towards them but they both ignored him.  “Mr. Wood, Miss-”

“(Y/N)! Give it!”




Oliver wasn’t prepared for (Y/N) to let it go and he ended up dropping the whole thing on the cauldron making it explode all over Professor Snape’s face. The two students slowly turned to see their teachers face covered in soot. They both waited nervously for his reaction.

“You two. Detention. Tonight. My office” Professor Snape said; the pair resisting with everything they could to not laugh at the change of his voice. “And 50 points off Gryffindor” he said before walking to his desk again.

“Thanks a lot” Oliver snapped at her.

“Me? You’re blaming me? You dropped it!”

“Only because you wouldn’t let it go!”

“Enough!” they heard Professor Snape from the front of the class. “Out of my classroom” he said standing up. “NOW!”

“See what you did?” Oliver said once they were outside.

“UGH! You’re impossible!” (Y/N) snapped before walking away from him.

(Y/N) stormed inside her dorm angrier than when she had left. She dropped her bag smashing it against her bed over and over again yelling frustrated.

“Uh-oh! What did Wood do now?” one of her roommates said smirking at her while the other one tried not to laugh.

“Just because he’s the Captain of his bloody team, he thinks he’s the boss of everything! And everyone!” she snapped frustrated collapsing on her bed.

“Oh, no. What’d he do this time?” another one of her roommates said walking out of the bathroom and seeing the girl in front of her.

“He got me detention with Snape tonight! Me! I’ve never had detention before!” she said angrily. “Ugh! I hate him! I hate him so much! With his ‘Oh, I’m Captain of the Gryffindor team’ and ‘I’m so smart’ and ‘I’m so handsome, all the girls want me’ and ‘I smell so good’” she said mocking Oliver Wood’s voice making her roommates laugh.

“I think somebody’s got a crush on somebody” one of them said smirking.

“What? You’re delirious!” (Y/N) said angrily. “I do NOT have a crush on Oliver Wood. I hate him! He’s an arrogant Quidditch git!” she yelled frustrated.

It was true; (Y/N) hated Oliver ever since their first year. Why? Because he hated her.

“Right, he’s a cute arrogant Quidditch git who you spend your entire time thinking about” another one of her friends said. (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. I’m getting a shower” she said getting up and walking towards the bathroom.

Later that night, (Y/N) was walking through the hallways towards Professor Snape’s office. She had to admit, she hated going down to the Dungeons and it was even scarier at night. She heard footsteps behind her but when she turned around to look she didn’t see anybody. She shrugged it off but she heard another noise. She turned around with her wand out.

“Who’s there?” Again, she saw no one. But when she turned around to continue her route, she bumped into someone. “AAAHH!” she fell on her butt when she saw Oliver Wood laughing hysterically at her. “What the bloody hell, Wood?” she said getting mad. “You scared me to death!”

“That was the point” he said not even helping her up.

“You’re not funny!”

“You’re too easy” he said rolling his eyes. 

“Shut up!” she said glaring at him.

“Come on, let’s go before you make us late and get us into more detention” he said walking away.

“I didn’t-“ she started but it was too late, he was already at Professor Snape’s door. Ugh! This is going to be a long night. (Y/N) thought as she got up and made after Oliver.

“You’re both late” Professor Snape said in his usual monotonous tone.

“Sorry, Professor, it was (Y/N)’s fault” Oliver said before (Y/N) could even process what was happening.


“I do not care whose fault it was, Mr. Wood” Professor Snape told him. “10 points from Gryffindor” he told them. “You two are cleaning every single cauldron in this room” he told them.

“That seems fairly easy” (Y/N) muttered to herself, knowing that couldn’t be it.

“Without magic” he added.

“There it is.”

“And later, you’ll clean the Storeroom down the hallway to the right” he finished.

“Yes, sir” Oliver said with his perfect smile (Y/N) loved so much. No wait- hated, hated so much.

“No funny business” Professor Snape said before leaving them alone.

“So, you take that side, I take this?” Oliver told her.

“Whatever” (Y/N) said glaring at her as they both parted ways.

A couple of hours later, they had moved on to the Storeroom down the hallway. (Y/N) was still on one side of the room while Oliver was on the other one. Not a single word had been spoken since Snape had left. She was dusting off a top shelf, standing on a table when a bunch of Pixies came flying off of it. (Y/N) let out a scream making Oliver turn around to look at her. She walked backward as she tried to get rid of them but she tripped over her own feet and fell off the table. Luckily for her, Oliver caught her. Once he had her in his arms, he quickly drew out his wands and got rid of the Pixies in no time. (Y/N) stared at him in awe as she realized he was still holding her with one arm. She felt her cheeks getting red and she was about to thank him when, of course, he ruined the moment by dropping her on the floor.


“You’re welcome” he said walking back over to where he was cleaning.

“For what? For dropping me?”

“You’re in sixth year, (Y/N) and you can’t even get rid of Pixies?” he mocked her.

“Ugh! You are so… so-“

“Charming?” he said smirking and raising his eyebrow at her.

“Annoying!” she snapped getting up from the floor.

“Really? Well, you’re no ray of sunshine either!” he glared at her. “’Oh, look at me, I’m (Y/N) a patronizing know-it-all who thinks is better than anybody else!’” he said mocking her voice much like she did earlier that day.

“Ugh! I don’t talk like that! You’re infuriating! Thinking you own everything and everyone because you’re the Captain of the bloody team!”

“Come on, love. Don’t hate on the team” he said smirking at her. “Everyone loves the team!”

“Oh, yeah, I have such a deep admiration for guys who fly around in sticks with other guys” she said with a sly smirk.

“Hey!” Oliver snapped at her. “You know what? I hope you fail all your NEWT’s!”

“Yeah? I hope you go bald!”

“I hope you end up an old maid!”

“I hope they cancel Quidditch!”

“Take that back!” Oliver snapped walking towards her.

“Make me!” (Y/N) said smirking at him.

Oliver was about to say something when the two of them heard something coming from the closet that wasn’t too far away from them. They turned around to see the wardrobe moving.

“What is that?” Oliver asked getting closer to it.

“Probably a boggart” (Y/N) said walking in front of him.

“Of course you’d know nerd” Oliver said rolling his eyes. (Y/N) let out a frustrated sigh but let it go. She was about to open the wardrobe when Oliver stepped in front of her. “Step aside, love. I’ve got this” he said arrogantly.

“Don’t call me love” she glared but Oliver ignored her.

(Y/N) had to admit that she was a bit intrigued as to what the famous Oliver Wood’s boggart would be; probably Marcus Flint with the Quidditch Cup on his hand. She was surprised, however, when the wardrobe opened and revealed… herself?

Apparently, Oliver wasn’t expecting that either because he was frozen in his place with a tight grip on his wand. (Y/N) was waiting for him to get rid of it but he was unable to move. The boggart version of herself, stepped out of the wardrobe with an evil smirk on her face as she laughed at Oliver.

“Well, I believe this is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard” (Y/N) heard her boggart self say. “The mighty Oliver Wood has every girl at his feet… except the one he truly wants” (Y/N) looked confused at her boggart self. She had no idea what was going on or why Oliver wasn’t even moving from his spot. He just looked scared and… defeated.

“Ri- Ridik-“ Oliver tried his best to get rid of it but he wasn’t succeeding.

“You’d really think someone like me could be with someone like you?” she heard the boggart taunt him. “I HATE you!”

(Y/N) stepped in front of Oliver making the boggart face her instead and soon enough her boggart version transformed into a huge spider. “Riddikulus!” she said making the spider burst into a million bubbles and disappearing into the air.  

(Y/N) turned around to see Oliver was still frozen in his place. She didn’t really know what to say. She had basically witnessed herself telling Oliver that she hated him. But that was something the two of them did on a daily basis. She had no idea why this was his biggest fear.

“Um, O-Oliver uh-” she said rubbing her arm awkwardly.

“Don’t talk to me” he spat out glaring at her.

“E-excuse me?”

“You heard me. Don’t ever talk to me again!” he snapped before he walked out of the storeroom. (Y/N) didn’t even hesitated on following him out.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” she said following him into the hallway. “I am not finishing that storeroom by myself!” she said catching up with him and standing in front of him. “And I am not letting you leave without telling me what the bloody hell was that?”

“That was nothing!” Oliver said trying to walk past her but she stopped him again.

“Really, Wood? Because I thought I just saw a boggart version of myself telling you that I hate you!” she snapped back at him. “I’m your boggart?” Oliver opened his mouth to say something but closed it when he realized he didn’t know what to say. “Oliver, I- um” (Y/N) wasn’t sure what to say. That she didn’t hate him? She told him that every single day. She did hate him, right? “I’m um- sorry-?”

“Please, don’t flatter yourself, (Y/N)” Oliver said angrily. “I don’t need your pity!”

“Is not pity!”

“Oh, what so now you’re going to tell me that you don’t hate me? Because you’ve been telling me that every single day for the past six years!”

“Ugh! Do you even know why I hate you?” (Y/N) suddenly asked making him speechless. He wasn’t expecting that. “I hate you because you’re the most arrogant person in this entire school! Even now! I’m trying to understand what happened back then and help you and you won’t let me! I hate you because, from the first day of school, you’ve made my life miserable! You’re mean to me, you tease me, you’re rude to me and you always, always get your way! I don’t understand what I did to you to hate me so much, but you know what? I’ve had it! If you don’t want to talk to me ever again, that is fine by me!” she yelled out the last part. She turned around and was about to leave but Oliver stopped her.

“(Y/N), wait!” he said grabbing her arm, spinning her around.

“What!” she snapped before Oliver grabbed her face and pulled her towards his with all his force crashing his lips against hers.

To say that (Y/N) was surprised would be an understatement. She placed her hands on his shoulders trying to push him away but when she realized he wasn’t letting her go, she melted into him and into the kiss. Oliver knew he had to take this chance. It would probably be his only chance to kiss her. The girl he was in love with. The girl he was in love with since the first day he met her. After a while, he pulled away from her but never let go of her. (Y/N) was shocked and speechless looking up at Oliver waiting for answers.

“I hate you” Oliver whispered making her heart break into tiny little pieces before he continued. “I hate you because you are the most precious person in this entire world” he told her making her look straightly into his eyes. “I hate you because from the first moment I saw you I knew you were perfect. So perfect, that someone like me could never have you” he continued. “I hate you because it was easier to hate you knowing that I could never have you other than loving you” he said seeing her eyes fill up with tears. “I hate you so much, (Y/N) because you have no idea how madly in love I am with you and the thought of you not loving me back… it’s unbearable… and that’s why I have to hate you” he finished sadly looking down.

(Y/N) cupped his cheek with her hand making him look at her. She had no idea what to say. She didn’t know what just happened. She just knew exactly what this meant. Love. She pulled Oliver’s face towards her and kissed him once more. Oliver quickly wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Guess what?” she said smiling when they pulled apart. “I hate you too” she whispered making him laugh as he leaned down once more to capture her lips in his.

The End

A/N: hope you guys liked it :D

plans for tomorrow (3/22/17)

reading selections in the morning for my 300a class

have breakfast/drink coffee

go to morning classes (cause i have to turn in my draft of my paper for my ww2 class)

2 hour break (where ill work on the reading sheet info for both 300a readings

-also i want to work on writing tf…and brainstorming some details for that paul x ava x eric singer oneshot XD

-also might be able to edit last week’s weekly vlog (cause i was hella busy writing that paper draft today…) :p

go to 300a

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come home around 4pm

-plan out the videos that i want to film on thursday since next week is spring break and i will be too busy to film anything for next week…

-also plan out future part of TF (cause its been AWHILE…like a couple months since i’ve done that…and theres alot of ideas that im accumulated that need to find a spot in the timeline…

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Replace VI Ch 3 旅立ちの時 (Time of Departure) English Translation Part 2 of 3 (Yosen’s graduation)

Yeah yeah yeah I know I said I’d finish this in two parts, but since I won’t have any free time to translate at my seminars this week on top of being sick, I decided to post what I have finished, otherwise it’d feel like a long time between updates. Also since many of you were overjoyed about hearing Himuro being the new captain I felt why not keep up the Yosen hype? XD 

This part features Yosen’s graduation!

Next part will be the last for this chapter and will feature Rakuzan and Shuutoku’s graduation. Sorry guys you’ll have to wait a bit longer for them! D: (I think these two schools are the ones that everyone is waiting for the most)

Now onto “prepare for the feels part 2″

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