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I've been following you for a few years now and I remember when you used to put up at least 3 maybe 4 poems a day. Did something happen?

I know anon, I know. I just haven’t been as inspired to write poetry lately. I still very much enjoy it, though. When it comes to waxing poetic, I seem to have peaked around 2014-2015, but 2016 was still a year for writing. I wrote several stories and began work on a novel (soon to be a series) and I somehow managed to amass 110k+ written words last year! Poetry not included! I have some stuff queued up that hasn’t already been published (I know y’all are sick of my reblogs, and trust me it’s not some act of righteous self-importance but more of an attempt to keep this blog consistent… not sure if that’s what I’m actually accomplishing, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops).

But anyway, thanks for caring, anon :)

Pike’s poem

Here lies Scanlan the Bard,
a gnome who sang soft but died hard.
To anyone who hears us, both far and wide,
bring us back our dirty friend,
at least one more time.

He may not be tall or brute or rough,
he may be little, but his heart is buff.
We are a party, and every party needs a clown;
without our friend to rein us in,
we’ll burn down your whole fucking town.

You see, I love this gnome very much,
he’s small like me, but he’s touched.
He’s raided and slain,
he’s pooped while he sang, but if he’s gone
forever, I won’t be the same.

Now that he’s learned he’s a dad,
the journey that all of us had,
cannot be in vain–will not be in waste.
Please, Scanlan, open your eyes,
and see your daughter’s face.

Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs

a super fast doodle with shitty, dead markers. side angle practice with ouma + amami because I’ve been neglecting practicing it

also where is all the oumami art!! i cant find much :(

You’re not the mistake. You’re just the byproduct of a…big mistake. No, that’s not- I… I just never thought of this as you. None of this is your fault. You didn’t build this place.

Parts I-IV | Part V 

“He could never hide his humor. You always knew when he was about to pull a funny. He struggled for a dead pan but couldn’t hold it; the devilish twinkle of his eye and the quirk of a mouth tempted to grin betrayed his forthcoming quips…

[Now] the devilish eye, the betraying quirk of the mouth are gone. And nothing is funny about their departure.

But there was much to laugh about in his life, which was greater for that fact. God keep you, Jack, and your smiling Irish eyes.”

-Gene Graham of the Nashville Tennessean, November 1963


Parks & Rec meets Arashi, feat. Aragaki Yui.



@ the anon who messaged me abt allena in their outfit from the cover, look; i did it! i also drew laviyuu bc i only ever draw memes w/ them


Fenway Park, A.K.A. Diamond City. Not surprisingly, no one was there to let Piper in. Maybe if the survivor had been around, we’d have been able to trick Danny into letting us in … sadly, no dice :(

Alone- Tony Stark

First post in a while, but I wasn’t in a great mental state since September. But I’m back and have 3 imagines queued up and I’m working on a series. Steve Rogers fluff imagine up on Sunday! Requests are open!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Requests: Open

*’s are time jumps

Italics are dreams

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Tony thought Steve was joking. That when he called while on the mission that it was some sick joke you were playing on him. He didn’t believe Steve when he said you were dead. Mission gone wrong.

He didn’t believe it until he saw you laying on the table. He didn’t see the bright (Y/E/C) eyes he had come to love, or your delicate, warm hands. He only saw a white sheet over your pale, bruised body, your clouded eyes looking straight up at the ceiling, all the life drained from the figure in front of him. The last bits of hope left his soul when he reached for your hand, only to find a cold, rigid limb.

He broke down then, collapsing in on himself as he realized you were gone. There was no bringing you back no matter what he would try. It was a horrible scene for everybody to watch. Tony sank to his knees, shaking and trying to move, only to coil into himself as he struggled to stop the tears from running down his face and breath steadily like you used to help him with. He could only focus on your hands, your cold, lifeless hands. Every fibre in his body hurt, and he knew there was nothing anyone could do to make it go away.

Bruce and Steve were the ones who went to help him. They lifted him off the floor, and as he tried reaching for you again, held him back, as he ran off, stopping halfway to the lab, trying to catch his breath and sinking to the floor again.

Everyone knew this was Tony’s undoing, they knew this wasn’t going to get better. He was broken without you, a man without purpose, and it was with a heavy heart that they knew as they watched him struggle to the bedroom you used to share, that they had lost their friend.


Tony really did try in the beginning. He would try to eat regularly, sleep the best he could, and wouldn’t even look at the large wall of liquors in front of him. He wanted to do better in your memory, he wanted to make you proud, wanted to be the man you made him. But he couldn’t. Not when he would accidentally make two cups of coffee in the morning, putting cream in he one next to his before realizing no one was there to drink it. Not when he would reach for a hand in the middle of the bed, only to find a cold, empty space where you used to lay. Not when the only thing that kept you out of his mind was bourbon and whiskey.

He never left the bedroom. Never went to the lab. Only left to do 2 missions, both of which he spent mindlessly shooting HYDRA agents in a rage, realizing they were the ones who killed you. Then returning to his isolated spot in the quinjet before returning to the bedroom when it landed. They had all tried to reason with him-  not even Rhodey or Bruce could get him out- the only company he had was alcohol, FRIDAY, and his own.

It had been three months since he saw you on that table, and it went on with no interruptions to his new schedule. He woke up unsure of where he was after a short hour and a half of sleep, ate a few pieces of bread that Wanda had dropped off every morning, downed a bottle of water, and started drinking again. Everything between 9 am that morning and his present time, was a blur. He only knew that it was now 2 am, and that your side of the bed was still- as it had been for the past three months- too cold.

He knew he would be riddled with nightmares, happy memories of you the two of you before you ended up dead again, and he would wake up, in the midst of a panic attack, unable to breath until he almost passed out and to repeat the process until he was physically too exhausted to even move. But he fell asleep anyway, almost begging for the numb pain in his chest to stop.

You stood in front of Tony in a pair of black sweatpants and an extremely large Black Sabbath shirt he knew you had stolen from him. He didn’t mind it though. You were smiling, your white teeth shining as you laughed, your eyes crinkling at the sides as you bent your head down to look at the floor, something you always did when you laughed too hard.

The words left your mouth in a euphonic voice as Tony stared.

“I love you, Tony.”

Tony reached out to you, cupping your soft cheek in his hand as he watched you raise your head again, your eyes bright with happiness and content. He felt the same feeling fill the emptiness in his chest, and mirrored your smile as he watched you reach your hand out to hold his free one. Everything was right, nothing was out of place. There were no bad guys destroying the world, no fights between the two of you, no one to disrupt the perfect moment. It was only you and Tony, enjoying each others presence.

Your smile faltered only slightly as he cupped your cheek, as you shivered gently and looked up at him. The words that left your mouth next were the ones he had dreaded in the past few months, the ones that always pulled him out of his perfect fantasy.

“I’m cold, Tony.”

It was when you looked up further, staring him directly in the eye when everything started falling apart.

Your eyes clouded over ever so slightly, the happiness being replaced by worry and fear as Tony stared at you falling apart in his arms. Your skin started to flush, leaving you with a blue and grey tone that made Tony uneasy, he knew what was happening, and he knew there was nothing he could do to save you.

“Tony, I’m so cold.”

Your temperature dropped suddenly, and that’s when the tears started spilling from your eyes, making Tony try and push you away, not wanting to see the hurt and pain that you were experiencing, feeling his own eyes water.

“Stop.” He said simply.

“Tony, it hurts! I’m so cold!” You yelled, dropping the floor in a heap, screaming out his name, complaining about the cold, yelling for him to come back.

He woke up screaming, with tears rolling down his face and his breathing erratic. He couldn’t see properly, the tears obstructing his vision making the blurriness that always accompanied his panic attacks even worse. He was used to it by now, but that didn’t mean it hurt any less.

As he cried and screamed, he thought he was falling back to sleep when he heard the voice.


Your voice. The voice he loved so much, it hurt. He wrapped his fingers through his hair as he rocked himself back and forth on the bed, crying and trying to control his breathing.

“It’s not real…” He got out, knowing that you were gone there was no way he was hearing your voice. You weren’t real.

But you were. Standing by the door of his room, you were watching as the man you loved was being torn apart by the memory of you.

Not being able to stand it any longer, you walked forward, finding your way in front of him, so that you were next to his side of the bed, about to touch his shoulder when you pulled your hand back and decided you needed more time to get to him before you scared and hurt him even more. Fighting back tears that you didn’t even think you had left in you, you opened your mouth and spoke again.

“Tony… Tony calm down, you’re okay. You’re safe.” You said, slowly sinking down to the carpet, watching as it only got worse.

It was killing him. He really thought you were dead. It was killing you too. Taking a step back, you went to your side of the bed, and gently placed your right hand on his left one, which was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to take in enough oxygen to calm himself down again.

“You’re okay… You’re safe.” You said, gently stroking the top of his hand with your thumb, feeling him calm down slightly.

“Tony, I need you to look at me.” He wouldn’t. Probably couldn’t, but you weren’t giving up.

You moved closer to him, until you were sitting right beside him as he looked up, vision clearing slightly, as he comprehended what was going on at that moment.

You were beside him. The warmth of your hand on his, and the sound of your voice was real.

He turned to look at you and took in your state. You weren’t deadly pale, you looked slightly sick, with red eyes and cheeks, eyes puffy as if you had been crying. You weren’t looking as lively as you used to, your shoulders slumped slightly, and your hair a bit of a mess. But you were there. Your eyes were still open, and your hand was on his.

You were warm.

“How- what,” he tried to speak, but having still not fully recovered from his last attack, you shushed him and moved forward so you were embracing each other, arm tightly wrapped around his shoulders.

“I promise, I’ll explain later. But right now, I just want to be with you.” You said, and he nodded into your shoulder, burying his face into the crook of your shoulder as you sat there.

And that’s what you did, you lay there not saying a word as you held each other. By the time either of you were ready to speak, the sun was starting to rise, and Tony had his head on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair with one hand, and held onto his hand with your own.

You took a breath before speaking, knowing you owed him an explanation.

“During the Reshkov mission, Nat and I found some files that detailed a capture and torture mission that would end with me being killed. I brought them to Fury right after the mission and he started working a plan that would make it seem like I was killed on a mission so that I wasn’t a target or worry anymore, and it would give me time to shut the entire operation down on my own.” You started.

“I was only told the details the day we were going to fake it. Fury told me that I couldn’t tell anyone, not even you what was about to happen. He told me that there was an undercover in there that would inject me and make it look like I died, but I couldn’t tell you, because there was surveillance everywhere, and they had eyes in the tower as well.”

“You still couldn’t tell me somewhere else?” He said, voice breaking in slight anger and severe hurt.

“I tried to, I wanted to tell you what was going on, but they did it before I could.” You started to choke up, remembering all the video footage you had seen of Tony since the incident.

“I didn’t see any of the footage until 2 days after, when I woke up. They showed me everything. Tony, I wanted to come home so bad, I saw how it was killing you and it killed me. Fury had a hard time keeping me in containment. They said as soon as I wiped out all of Reshkov, I could come home. So, I did, and the minute I was done, I told Fury to send me home. I’m so sorry. I never want to be the cause of your pain Tony.”

You didn’t care that you were crying at that point. You didn’t care that as he pulled you down to eye level, he could see how much of a mess you were.

He slowly leaned in and kissed you gently, which you returned happily as you took the moment to relish in the time you were back together. Every emotion you had felt was poured into that kiss, until he pulled away and held you close to him, both of you slowly drifting off as you both realized that everything was going to be okay now.

You were half asleep when Tony spoke up again, quietly as he didn’t want to startle you.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. You made a sound of acknowledgement, and he held in a breath as he asked the question.

“Are you cold?”

You took a moment to respond, shaking your head against his chest as you started drifting off.

“No. I love you, Tony.”

3rd ARMY Interview ~ [TRANS/J-Hope]

Q1: Your position in BTS?
A1: I am the bridge between the hyung line and the maknae line.

Q2: If you were going to change/reset your stage name?
A2: J Young.

Q3: What I think are BTS’ strengths and weaknesses?
A3: Strength = The members are all very passionate about music. We cherish           each other and are all very lucky.
      Weakness = “Right now, we still don’t know what is our weakness” - that           itself is our weakness, right? I’m not boasting but we are always changing           and growing while finding our weaknesses. 

Q4: A side of me that fans don’t know?
A4: I’m very serious…haha

Q5: Are there any habits that you have or things you say often?
A5: Eeeyaa ~~~ Waaaa ~~~~~ these have become my reaction habits. High five, thumbs up, and so on. 

Q6: A weakness that completely destroys me?
A6: If my family members are unhealthy, I’ll be defeated. If I’m without ARMYs, I’ll be defeated. If BTS disappears, I’ll be defeated. If any of these happen, I won’t be able to go on.

Q7: The word that you searched recently on portal sites and why?
A7: I read quite a lot of social or economic news lately since I want to know “ah, so this is the current situation in society.”

Q8: Your phone wallpaper right now is?
A8: A full-body shot of J-Hope fashion. 

Q9: A product that you’ve recently purchased and why?
A9: I’ve recently become interested in organizing and arranging things so I bought a display shelf.

Q10: Are there any new resolutions now that you’ve become 23 years old?
A10: For Me - I want to think more thoroughly about everything. Rather than               making a decision right away, I want to think more before making that                 decision. 
        For BTS - To carefully think and act since we need to be professional and           mature with more and more people watching us. 

Q11: Is there a promise you want to make sure that you keep for ARMYs?
A11: We will always continually convey our heartfelt emotions through our music.

Q12: Is there something you’re curious about and want to ask ARMYs?
A12: What is BTS to you guys?


Rap Monster / Jin / Suga / Jimin / V / Jungkook