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I've always wondered why you don't want anyone to repost your art? I understand the whole not giving credit issue too. I have just wondered if there is something else that keeps you from letting people repost?

I don’t think is fair. Some pages have reposted my art and haven’t made me aware of it (besides they cropped my signature, not gave me credit, etc). I have to deal with comments that are not directed at me and, personally, I really don’t like it. It feels like someone is talking behind my back. If you have something to say about my art, I want to know in my own page… that’s why I post here - and on instagram :)

People see art on other’s people account, most of them don’t bother to look the source of it. There were occasions where I was accused of reposting my own art. Someone saying “hey credit the artist” and I was like “well, I am the artist”. So you can imagine the reputation “art repost” has and it’s not cool unless the artist gives you permission to do so.

I’m not saying all page do that to gain popularity, but yeah, there are pages that repost art because they can’t create their own material. So they repost material that another person has took their time to create, because it’s easier. But drawing isn’t easy. It’s actually fucking hard and it takes TIME.

if someone’s page has the initiative of helping fanartist to get noticed, that’s awesome! but - in case you have a page of this sort of content and are reading this, please note: - it’s important to ask for permission before reposting. Send a message to the artist before saving the fanart and reposting in your own account. It’s about respecting the art and artist. This whole issue isn’t just the act of reposting. It’s much more than that. If you enjoyed the art so much, a reblog is all you need to do and you are respecting the original source of it: the artist :D

I have asked some instagram accounts to take my art down especially because they cropped my signature (blvnk-art.tumblr.com) and haven’t given me any credits. some excuses were “ I’ve found it on google, I didn’t know who the artist was”. If you respect art, you will try to find the source of it. If you respect the artist, you will ask for permission. You will try to find the information whether he/she allows repost.

I have worked really hard to develop a style, to discover who I am as an artist. I may draw fast, but that doesn’t mean I learned how to do it in a couple of years. It’s been more than 10 years drawing since I was kid and my tumblr has 3. I don’t make any profit off of the fanarts I am drawing. I only ask respect in return, knowing that I won’t be able to control it on the internet. But I know my followers respect me so I decide to keep bringing my sketches daily in this account - this is just a case of a few people, although I am seeing more and more reposting (on instagram).

I don’t like when artists and arts are not respected. Reposting without permission is the lack of it. I hope you understand.

larrie receipts masterpost

This is going to be an very long post. I’m making this for myself and for others to be able to go back and find some of the truly horrible and disgusting things larries on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter have all said about Louis, Harry, Freddie, Briana, Danielle, and more, sometimes directly to them via their social media. Warnings for drama, abuse accusations, rape accusations, wishing for death/harm towards Freddie and Briana, very gross language and insults, ableist language, and stalking. If there’s anything else I should have a warning for, please let me know.

To anyone who wants to get mad at me for including screenshots and links to their posts, your blog is public, this website is public. If you don’t want to have people take screenshots of your posts, try refraining from posting such awful things :)

For reference for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a pretty good post to explain why people believe larry is real and Freddie isn’t Louis’ son. That post sums up the reasons all of these people featured in this masterpost said all of these things. I guess it’s up to you if you think it’s justifiable. Also, if you have anything to add on to this (especially as we weeks go on and larries get grosser and grosser as we’ve seen them do

To start, there isn’t room for screenshots but honestly, search any larrie’s blog for the word Briana. It’s vile. 

Bromanceshmomance accusing Briana of date rape if Freddie is really Briana and Louis’ son. 

Literally hoping Freddie will die.

larryalbum wishing for an entire family to “choke.”

Srslycris accusing antis of all being Trump supporters

Everything about this. Ableist language, horrible insults, accusing Briana of faking her Instagram hack.

The way they’re talking about Briana, saying “she’s a fake mother and an ex beard…even leaving out the fact that she’s the most un-interesting, bland, nothing human being on the planet, her situation makes her utterly unlikeable to everyone.” A ridiculous amount of insults and bullying for just one post. From verily-i-say. 

Much, much more under the cut. 

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I don’t know if someone has suggested this before and I feel like lots of people are already doing it anyway, but I wanted to tell you guys that you can have a lot of fun if you follow the official Netflix twitter account (instagram should work too and idk about Facebook because I’m not active there) and turn on notifications for their tweets and as soon as they post something you answer with something Sense8-related using the latest hashtags. Again, it looks like everybody is already doing it ;), but if you’re not, it’s a great way to piss them off make them aware I’m sure. 

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I wanted to ask how I can become more involved with feminism. I'm rather young and I don't know what should I do to become more involved with feminism, because I really want to.

I’m young too, so I totally get this. it’s kind of hard to be active in matters important to us when we aren’t old enough, aren’t taken seriously, or need parental permission, but there still are some things we can do.

here’s some suggestions!
• make a tumblr blog or Instagram for sharing your thoughts and agendas, and spreading awareness
• learn up on some feministic matters happening all over the world–you can never have enough awareness
• donate to charities or feminist organizations if possible and if wanted. depending on how young you are, you might not be making money or making much money, and that’s fine! while this option is always available, don’t feel obligated to delve into the financial area
• speak about feminism to your friends, classmates, teachers, family, etc. if you’re comfortable doing so–but don’t shove it down their throats
• if you’re a creative type, you can use feminism as an inspiration for art or poetry or stories or photography or film or anything! from there, you can submit your art/writings/photos/videos to various Tumblr pages, websites, Instagrams, etc. to not only put your work out there, but to also encourage and express some feministic matters
• join a club if your school has one, or make it! this might be a little difficult and scary, so it’s understandable if it makes you nervous. on the bright side, it could be a great way to make friends and share ideas/opinions
• and lastly, know what feminism means to you, and stand by that meaning. not everyone will agree with you, but don’t let them sway your mindset if it’s important to you and you really believe in it. you don’t have to try repetitively to convince someone (especially someone being rude) to be on your side as long as you know why you’re on that side. as cheesy as it is, just listen to your heart :)

Kunpimook Bhuwkakul Scenarios

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I will update this list after writing a new scenario!


  1. Muse (Fluff)
  2. Living In Color (Soulmates AU)
  3. No Language Barrier (Comedy)
  4. Coffee Shop Surprises (Fluff)
  5. Animal Crackers (Fluff)
  6. Work Annoyance (Comedy)
  7. Reckless (Smut)
  8. Missing You (Smut)
  9. Really, Really(Fluff)
  10. Pent Up Anger(Angst/Fluff)
  11. River Flows In You(Fluff)
  12. Fly(Fluff)
  13. Here Now(Angst/Fluff)
  14. Invasion(Comedy)
  15. Piano Boy(Fluff)
  16. Broken Home(Angst/Fluff)
  17. Empty Spaces(Fluff)
  18. Love Me(Angst/Fluff)
  19. Bad Day(Fluff)
  20. Home(Fluff)
  21. Safety Net(Angst, Fluff)
  22. Stand Out(Fluff)
  23. Platonic.(Angst)
  24. Heat(Fluff)
  25. 12 Hours, 8 Minutes, 22 Seconds(Fluff)
  26. Broken Pieces(Doctor AU)
  27. The One At The Fanmeet(Fluff)
  28. Lover, Please Stay(Angst/Fluff)
  29. Distress(Smut/Fluff)
  30. Not-So Bad Boy(Highschool AU)(Fluff/Suggestive)
  31. Thinking And Over-Thinking(Angst/Fluff)


  1. You have… A poster of me?(Fluff)
  2. I’m too tiny!(YugBam)(Fluff) 
  3. You got a dog???(Fluff)
  4. “I didn’t think it was possible for you to get any more gorgeous”(Fluff)
  5. “They’re gone.”(Angst)
  6. Take.It.Off.(Suggestive)


  1. Father!Bambam
  2. Boyfriend!Bambam


  1. Destructive Boyfriend Bambam (Text)
  2. The Other Boys Try to Convince You he Likes You (Text)
  3. Late-Night Risky Texts (Text)


  1. Bambam Trying To Keep Your Snap Streak (Snapchat)

~Instagram Posts~

  1. What he posts when he misses you(Instagram)

~Video Edits~

  1. Fall Together - The Temper Trap
  2. 2 Minutes Of Bambam’s Laugh


Aware Series: Angels And Demons(Part 1) || Aware(Part 2) || Lullaby(Part 3) ||

 If I Tremble(Part 4) || Poison(Part 5) || Private Fears In Public Places(Ending 1)


Left Behind: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3(end)


Skinny Love: Part 1 || Part 2(end)


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Heya! I have 2 cookie ocs that i didn’t really dare to share with here but i guess today’s the day i say it?
The one on the left is coffee roll cake cookie, hes make and he works for pilot cookie and the one on the right is red velvet cake cookie, theyre nonbinary.
Im too lazy to post their skills and pets here rn but if you know me on discord or instagram you may have seen me post the stuff about them!
Also yes i am aware of other red velvet cake cookie ocs out there, ive seen about 2 more? Personally i had no idea it already existed and NO i did not copy any ideas. These 2 ocs were inspired off 2 cakes that i ate and really liked! Theyre really attached to each other aaaa
I have exams starting next week?? So sorry if i “die” haha

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Hi! Are you going to see Elsie? And do you know someone that will do an instagram live? And if you're seeing elsie i hope you'll have fun there

I am going.  Not aware of anyone planning to stream it live.  If anyone is, let us know!  It won’t be me.   Way too distracting.  

Wait For Me.

I was pissed beyond belief currently and I had been uttering every curse word I knew as I paced around my home in every language I knew.

I knew five languages.

Five ways to say I was pissed the fuck off.

Five ways to call Neymar despicable names.

Five ways to say I was close to murdering someone in 5.5 seconds.

Yes, I was that mad.

I tossed my messy curls into a ragged bun on top of my head to hopefully help cool my body down. Not only had my temper rose but it seemed the temperature in the room did as well. I had tried to calm myself down but every time I looked on my phone, my anger just grew tenfold.

The last thing I expected to happen when I logged into Instagram was get mad but that I did when I was greeted with the last thing I wanted to see. I went to the tab that displayed the activity of those I followed, showing the pictures they liked and who they followed. I had originally smiled when I saw Neymar’s icon on the page but that smile quickly turned into a frown when I saw whose pictures he had been liking.


I was hoping and praying there’d come a day when she was buried in the past with the other women who came into Neymar’s life but it didn’t seem that was true as she found a way to slither her way into every crevice of me and Ney’s being.

We’d be out and about in Brazil and who would just so happen to be around that same party or function? Bruna.

And all Neymar would do was squeeze my hand reassuringly and maneuver his way around without ever having to bump into her. If she did get too close, he’d just offer a small polite smile and continue tugging me away but now I wondered if that was all an act.

If you asked me, the two weren’t even friends. They didn’t text, call each other, they didn’t even have each other’s phone numbers anymore but now I was thinking that assumption was incorrect because apparently the two were following each other on Instagram and were friends enough to like each other’s pictures.

It made sense why I wasn’t aware of this. I didn’t follow any of Neymar’s fans who monitored these sorts of things. I was quite literally in my own bubble away from his social media activity but now I wished I had been paying attention to this stuff. I just hoped the internet could still provide me with some answers.

I plopped down on the couch and opened my laptop, hopping onto Tumblr immediately. I didn’t use my own Tumblr all that often, especially in fear that Neymar’s fans would use it as just another medium to taunt me with but I knew it well enough to know that that was the site that could probably provide me the most answers.

I searched her name in the tags, watching as images of her began to load. That wasn’t what I cared to see but when pictures of her and Neymar together popped up, I couldn’t resist staring at them for a minute longer than I should have. It was doing nothing to pacify my anger so I scrolled down until I reached a post displaying a screenshot of Instagram.

It showed a picture of a quote that both Neymar and Bruna liked, one they were both tagged in by a fan. I tried not to misconstrue it, tried to think that it was innocent but it was hard not to think of there being some subliminal message behind them both liking a picture that gave the message of ‘true love’.

I didn’t have time to ponder it more or search for any other damning evidence as my boyfriend unknowingly walked into his own demise.

“Hey babe.” He walked over to where I sat and placed a kiss to my forehead, a wide smile on his face while I sat unmoved by his romanticism. “What are you looking at?” He peered over to the laptop screen and it seemed his smile quickly turned into a stale expression.

“What’s this?” He questioned, looking at the screen for a moment longer before looking at me, still leaning and standing above me.

“What does it look like?” I now turned the screen so it could face him but he didn’t dare to look at it, knowing it would only set me off further. “Looks like Bruna, doesn’t it?” I spat bitterly but all Neymar did was heave a defeated sigh and look elsewhere.

I decided to continue my upcoming rant regardless. “I see you two are buddy buddy again, liking each other’s pictures. That’s cute. Really. Liking the same little love quotes too. You enjoy her view of the beach today? Or how about encouraging your little Bruna Neymar fandom that you two may be still messing around?”

He quickly interjected then. “I’m not encouraging it.”

“You’re not exactly putting the flame out either!” My tone and demeanor was the exact opposite of his. Neymar stood deflated with his tone lacking emotion while I sat in a fiery rage that shown through my dark eyes and my rapid hand movements that accented my words. He knew better than to counter my rage with rage of his own. It would just end in a screaming match.

“You know how stupid I look when my boyfriend is going around liking his ex’s pictures?”

“You’re making this way deeper than it needs to be. It was one picture. That’s it. I didn’t know I was forbidden from acknowledging her presence.” My head immediately cocked and my hand flew to my chest in mock surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you two were friends. Maybe I should go call my ex and grab dinner with him tonight. Make this a foursome.”

Ney’s eyes narrowed in my direction, challenging me to continue with my banter. “It was a damn picture.”

I moved my laptop out of my lap and stood up from the couch, no longer wanting to be sitting any longer. Instead I got face to face with Neymar. I knew I was about to ask challenging questions, some questions I didn’t want to know the answer to but I had to. I needed to know for my own sanity.

“Do you still love her?”

“What?” His face screwed in confusion and I could tell his eyes were searching mine to see if I was truly serious in wanting an answer.

“Do. You. Still. Love. Her?” I made sure to spell out every word. I wanted him to know I wanted a serious answer and I wouldn’t accept anything but the truth. The way he paused and licked his lips, looking at me sympathetically told me all I needed to know.

Tears began to stream down my cheeks and when Ney reached out to wipe them away, I simply held out my hand to stop him. “It’s not that easy,” he began to explain. “Do I love her more than I love you? No. Not even close. I just…I don’t know. I can’t let go like I want to. I’m trying. I really am,” he assured but that assurance fell on deaf ears. He had answered my one question and that was enough to trump all the other answers he could provide.

“You still love her,” I repeated to myself more than to have him hear. His hand flew to his hair, brushing it forward as he huffed once more, unsure of what to say.

“Please don’t tell me I’ve screwed this up, Y/N. Please.” His tone had turned to a whine but again, it was on deaf ears. I could find no sympathy or just explanation for him still being stuck on Bruna. I could only feel the sickness rattling inside of me.

I avoided providing a sound answer to his statement and instead answered with, “I just need some time to myself. Just…give me that.” I shook my head to myself and began to walk away, up the sitars, leaving the laptop screen with their picture brightly lit on the couch.

He didn’t follow.

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I know it's weird and I'm proud of you and happy for you, but I'm jealous of you too. You seem to have everything sorted, you're working towards your goals and bettering yourself and your whole life. I know it's probably just one of those things where you always think everyone else is so much more sorted than you are yourself, but you seem so self-aware.

One of the biggest problems with social media, whether it be Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram or any other platform, is that the poster will only put out there what they want others to read. I think a lot of us often have this perfect ‘ideal’ in our heads of what recovery and life looks like however there is no such thing. I spent years sitting at home, unable to cope with life and my mental health literally taking over every waking hour of my day. University is something that I have always wanted to do and it has been a goal for most of my life. Just because I am here does not mean that I am magically fixed or fine, I find this hard to admit but I am finding the transition a lot more difficult than I anticipated. There have been tears. There have been moments of pure paralysing anxiety. And I am both terrified and excited about what lies ahead for me. Personally I reached a point where staying at home was only going to keep me in the negative cycle that I had been trapped in for many years. I do try to post honestly and show all sides of life and recovery, I know I have been quite distant this week but that is because things have been so busy and there has been a lot of change meaning that I just haven’t had time to be online like I used to (which is probably a good thing). Anyway I’m not quite sure where I am going with this reply but please remember that what someone posted online is never the whole story. This message, which I opened last night, really got to me and made me feel like I was letting you all down and being dishonest. And I am sorry if I ever come across in the wrong way. Please know that whatever you are going through right now, you are not alone. Just because things are not okay right now does not mean that better days are not coming. Take care of yourself anon, your milestones are not lost, they are still within reach and your goals are still very much alive and possible to achieve. Keep fighting x

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hey glooms, hope you're having a good day, and that things aren't too stressful right now! for the ask prompts, i'd love to know incense, roots, bones, the moon, honeybee (: (also, in your blog header your instagram is still your old account name I think?) sending you kind thoughts

thanks pal! i really appreciate that + i wish the same for you!

(i’ve answered all of them except honeybee now!)(and thanks for letting me know about the insta thing, i’ve edited it!)

Honeybee: Name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.

i emailed my dissertation advisor in advance to ask if he was aware of my situation (being autistic) because i know the uni doesnt handle disability stuff well + we had an upcoming meeting. it meant i was able to discuss my needs and preferences before meeting him for the first time/being put in an unfamiliar situation and it sounds really silly but i was really worried about doing it so

thanks for asking! + sorry for taking a little while to reply!)

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Brown Butter Seared Scallops w/ Broiled Elote (magical corn) and Asparagus 

EVERYONE should be able to make at lease one or two fast, impressive meals. You just never know!! What if that studly stud// foxy fox from work or class or wherever calls you because he/she just “happens” to be in the neighborhood (lol yea right)? Or maybe you’re in a dream relationship and wanna REALLLLY impress your new boo by making them dinner but want to avoid the hamburger helper (never had it, looks good tho). Well this is that perfect dish. Anyone can do this. Ok sure, most people don’t just ~happen~ to have 6-8 scallops laying around in their fridge, fine but they are pretty accessible and “fancy” and EASIER and FASTER TO MAKE THAN KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE! Plus, above all, they are high in protein, low in fat and calories yet filling and satisfying as fuuuuu. If you want to keep it 100% healthy use low-fat (greek) yogurt with corn and skip brown butter sauce for scallops.

PS - I am aware that these have already been posted to my Instagram account (@ceciliasingley) but hold tight, I’m playing ketchup (catch up…food jokes lololol)

Serves 2

Ingredients - 
6-8 scallops rinsed and patted dry (four large scallops is enough for one person) — large shrimp work well too!

1 table spoon of vegetable oil, or cooking oil

2 table spoons of unsalted butter

3-4 ears of corn

2 tbl spoons Crema, or sour cream, or plain greek yogurt 

2 tbl sp Cojita cheese or shaved parmesan (us classy folk call it “shake cheese”, cute right?)

1 teaspoon chili flakes 

1 teaspoon cumin or taco seasoning

Asparagus drizzled in olive oil.

Optional: thinly sliced shallots and slightly mashed tomato pieces for brown butter, cilantro for garnish

Turn your broiler on high. Don’t wait for the beep, go ahead at put your shucked corn cobs on the top rack. Same for your asparagus on a baking sheet, which should be drizzled in olive oil, lightly sprinkled w/ some cumin if you’re into cumin. Leave in there for about 10 minutes — or until the corn kernels are yellow and juicy and ready to pop, asparagus slightly charred. 

While the veggies cook, heat a large skilled with your cooking oil. Place scallops onto pan once it is really hot. Don’t touch them for about 2-3 minutes. Flip them, there should be a nice brown crust formed on the newly exposed side. Now turn the heat down to medium-low and toss in your butter (this is where shallot + tomato come in if you went that way) and let the scallops continue cooking in the butter which should be getting foamy and a bit brown and nutty smelling. Remove pan from heat after about 2 minutes. 

Remove your veggies, plate your asparagus. For presentational purposes I shaved the corn off of the cob. Either way, mix in crema, cheese, and chili. Lime juice ain’t bad either. Plate your corn, and then place your scallops on top as seen, spooning brown butter on tops of scallops. 

Prepare to be proposed to and enjoy! 


(Scans credit to Lunchbox) 

[eng]20160704- Z.Tao interview on SE Weekly

Huang Zitao: no need to pander to those whom I don’t know

“Don’t say I’m cocky, I’m never cocky, not even with billions of pocket money…..”Huang Zitao used his new song’s lyrics to complete his narration of being embroiled in several controversies. Since his return, there has been several negative reports plaguing him, seemingly coming out all at the same time, from being late to acting like a big shot, being too rebellious etc. At that point in time, Our Taotao was anti-ed and attacked by all netizens alike. The meme packs alone are countless. This time round, Huang Zitao is getting interviewed by SE magazine with his new movie; and Huang Zitao’s words still has a lot of personality. While being anti-ed, Huang Zitao’s been moving ahead. In 2016, he held his own concert, had three film contracts, and his new album is near completion. At this stage, he feels that he still “never thought of trying to win the goodwill of others”, and is determined to concentrate on his career. At this stage, he feels that “dreams are far more important than love.”

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Ally from Melbourne, Australia

Why vegan?
It was somewhat of a three-step process. A few years ago I was really struggling with my skin, and heard somewhere that dairy could be the cause of acne or pimples. At this point, I was a devout dairy lover, eating up to a litre of yogurt each day and thinking it was an awesome, healthy food. Well, for the sake of experiment, I decided to give it up for one month. During that month, I happened to be taking a class called Food For A Healthy Planet at university, which discussed not only proper nutrition for humans, but the workings of sustaining our home. One class, a slide was shown with the water content needed to grow certain foods, including rice, potatoes and meat. When I learned that it takes 15,500 litres (4095 gallons) of water to produce just 1 kilo of beef, I was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand why we were still supporting this practice. At the end of this month, I ended up finding the documentary Earthlings on YouTube, and that was pretty much it for me. I remember feeling distraught, confused, angry and sad. I couldn’t believe nobody had ever told me any of these things that I was supporting.Long story short: I realized I wasn’t living in line with my beliefs (supporting the environment, not harming others), so I changed that :)

Your favorite part about being vegan:
A few things!! I love the health benefits; my skin cleared up (after years of trying serums, creams, potions, pills and antibiotics), my digestion improved, my bone density improved, my hair thickened and I rarely ever get sick anymore. I’ve also made a lot of incredible friends through this movement, as it’s such a great core value to share. It’s incredibly uniting, because you can feel so alienated from the people around you and even the person you used to be, once you realize what is going on. Lastly, I think going vegan has not only opened my eyes to so many more global issues, but made me a more tolerant, compassionate and accepting person overall.

Favorite books/documentaries

  • Docs/videos: Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, 101 Reasons To Go Vegan
  • Books: Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer and The World Peace Diet by Dr Will Tuttle  Download the audiobook online! 
  • I’m also very inspired by Phillip Wollen’s work. Check out his speech on YouTube!

Your favorite recipe book/blog?
I don’t actually really ever follow recipes! I prefer just winging it. However, my go-to breakfast at the moment, which is quite delicious, is as follows:1 cup of rolled oats, 1 mashed banana mixed throughout, add a dash of cinnamon, cook for 90 seconds, and top with goji berries, sultanas and caramelized buckinis. It’s like banana bread in a bowl.
If people are looking for recipes, some blogs I know of are Superfood Siobhan, Minimalist Baker and Deliciously Ella.

Products/brands you use:

  • For makeup I use Inika, Too Faced, Australis, Nude by Nature and Natio
  • For sun protection I use EcoTan
  • and I use coconut oil for just about everything else!

What you have learned since going vegan?
Sadly, just how cruel the world can be. But also as a result, how compassionate so many people are.

Any tips you have for people transitioning
Go easy with yourself. For some people it’s a simple, overnight, cold-turkey switch, for others it might take time to transition. Whatever will work best for you is okay. Know that you’re doing an incredible and important thing. Surround yourself with supportive people. If you don’t have any people like that in your daily life, tumblr, instagram and social media are a great second option.

Additional Information:
Something that makes me smile a lot is looking at the domino effect veganism has. I was first influenced by a couple of friends online, who greatly helped educate me a few years ago. Since then, I’ve helped my family go vegan, all but one of my friends, and even seen my friends’ friends become aware and change their lifestyles too. It’s a really nice reminder of how powerful we all are, how much of an impact we can make and how much we can change the world if we want to.

Sorry this is kinda out of nowhere but, it’s time for me to be honest about this.

I know you’re all here for the images we post and not for any drama but I felt this needed to be said. Something happened last year that keeps lingering over my head. I try as hard as I can to escape it but it’s proven to be difficult. Outside of telling a few friends, I’ve been mostly keeping it bottled up inside for months and I regret not speaking up about it since the day it happened. The last thing I wanted was to bring drama into a fandom that brings me so much positivity and joy almost every day. So I kept it quiet. When I go online, it’s basically an escape for me—a place I can just have a little fun and forget my personal problems for a while and relieve stress and anxiety. But some days, it’s hard because going online can be what actually triggers my stress and anxiety because one person in particular made me feel like I wasn’t even a human being.

Most people who know me know that I’m a modest, nice person. I’ve even gotten multiple messages on tumblr from followers who have complimented me on how nice I treat everyone. It’s just how I was raised. Even on the internet, I try to be kind to everyone. I’ve never sent a malicious message or suggestive comment to anyone because that’s just not who I am. Being nice is what I pride myself on. But it’s also what I fear let this particular incident go a little too far.

So, this guy and I began talking after being brought together by our mutual interest of Channel Awesome–a site that hosts some web shows that I love very much and enjoy discussing online. At first, everything started out fine, we were twitter and facebook friends and talked a bit about videos and movies and random stuff. He’d submit memes to my blog and it all just felt like any other online friendship at first. But then, things started to get…weird.

Practically out of nowhere, he starts to flirt with me over facebook chats. He asked me out [which confused me since he lives on one side of the country and I live in the middle so how would that even work…] and I politely turned him down, giving him reasons like I was too old for him, he deserved someone better and the distance was too much. I just wasn’t interested and hoped he’d drop it and treat me like a friend again. But then, he’d tell me odd things about feet. My gut instinct told me to just block him right then and there. I really should have listened to it. But, wanting to be nice and not seem judgmental, I tried to ignore it and eventually tried to change the subject whenever he’d get creepy, hoping he’d get the hint but he rarely seemed to. I’d kinda laugh off the creepy comments at first and tried to just tell him what he wanted to hear to avoid drama [even though I was awkward af and he couldn’t see it or probably did but didn’t care] and even made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal even though behind the screen, I just felt embarrassed and gross and it got to be too much. I couldn’t keep pretending that it was okay. After realizing the hints I gave him weren’t working, I finally spoke up and told him certain things he was doing made me uncomfortable and I asked him not to do it again. He said he was sorry but it didn’t stop him from trying again multiple times.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was saying yes to a video chat after feeling pressured into doing one with him. I think I went along with it because I wanted him to see how boring I was and hoped he’d lose interest and leave me alone and also because, well, I didn’t want him to get mad at me. I knew how well-liked he seemed to be in the fandom and didn’t want to piss anyone off because if word got out I was mean to anybody or caused drama, I feared no one would want to talk to me again. I’d warned him that I was awkward and shy and probably wouldn’t know what to say if we talked but he insisted we try anyway. Plus, I think it was his birthday so I wanted to be nice to him and went along with it. The video chat was rather short and there was literally no point in doing it since neither of us spoke aloud and just typed. I remember his creepy eyes looking at me and I just felt so awkward and once it was over, I promised myself to never do it again. Later on, he repeated the same thing I had asked him not to bring up and then he tried to pressure me to video chat again on twitter messages and I declined, saying there was no point because I knew neither of us would talk aloud. Then he sent me a message asking if he could see my feet. That was when I’d had enough. I didn’t even reply and decided to block him without any more hesitation. It was clear to me that this guy saw me as an object and something to gawk at. I had probably never felt so low in my life. I feel sick right now just recalling it. Things got worse when I found out he was talking to one of my mutuals on twitter [someone I care about very much and is like a little sister to me] who was underage and he’d asked her to skype with him and I advised her not to since I had a feeling he’d try to gawk at her as well. I really wanted to tell everyone about this but wasn’t sure if I should since many people I knew seemed to like him and I was afraid something bad might happen if I spoke up. And the longer I waited to confess this, the more angry I feared people might be at me for not saying anything earlier. I also felt ashamed I’d let it carry on too long and pretending I was fine with it and felt like I had let myself down by not acting more bravely sooner. I don’t know how many other girls he’s done this to. I don’t know if he still treats women like this. I have no idea. But I do know that I did the wrong thing by allowing it to go as far as it did just because I was afraid. That fault was mine.

This isn’t the first time I’d felt objectified online. It’s happened before. But it was the first time I’d felt dehumanized by someone I thought I was friends with and trusted. I think that makes it all worse. You never know who someone on the internet really is. Hell, sometimes in real life it’s hard to tell what people are really like and how they might treat you. The fact that this guy wouldn’t listen to me or have any regard for my feelings just felt outright disrespectful. It feels like these people don’t care about who I am, just what they want to get from me and it just feels terrible and demeaning to me. I just have no idea what I did to ever receive that kind of attention. Not everyone online is looking for someone to hookup with or flirt with or date. I just want to be friends with everybody. :/

There are days when it’s difficult to go online because I’m afraid I’ll just see his name on a twitter or a blog I happen to visit and feel bad about myself all over again and torture myself in my mind for being such a pushover and a coward. So I usually stay off my tumblr dash, most blogs and twitter pages so I won’t have to. I’ve even considered leaving the fandom altogether a few times just so I’d never have to see his name again. Whenever I do see his name pop up somewhere, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut and sometimes I can’t even breathe and I start shaking and feel anxious and angry and upset at myself all over again. It just hurts because all I want is to be treated like a human being. And when things like this happen, I don’t feel like one at all.

I know that these things happen online quite often and it’s sad that it’s come to the point where it’s hardly surprising anymore. But just because these things happen it doesn’t mean they should. There are sites you can go to if you feel like talking to girls in that manner who don’t mind it. I simply do not happen to be one of those girls. I wish he’d gotten that message after the first time I asked him to stop.

The guy’s name is Kimani Wilson-Hunte [kimaniwilsonhuntencfan on tumblr, spooflover94 on instagram/snapchat, kwilsonhunte on twitter and this is his youtube]. If he [or, hell, if anyone] tries to flirt with you or goes too far in messages and it’s not what you want to hear, back out as soon as you can. Don’t make the mistakes I made. I said all of this because I’d feel even worse if someone else was being treated like this because I hadn’t spoken up. I hope that being aware of this person will spare more people from having a similar experience. I’m also not sure if I’ll ever forgive him for trying to use girls like this or myself for being too scared to end it sooner. I probably never will.

Some days can be difficult but I’m trying to move passed this. I have some really patient and understanding friends I can talk to when I need them and I can’t even express how much they’ve helped me with this. Without them, I’d still be keeping this inside completely. Perhaps this guy saw how nice I was and wanted to take advantage of it. I was a little too naive and blind by fear and cared more about keeping peace than demanding respect and that was wrong of me. Luckily, I’ve learned from this and won’t make the same mistakes again. If someone mistreats you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to end it and block them out of your life. It doesn’t make you a mean or awful person to shield yourself from anything that makes you feel bad and to want respect for yourself. 

Here is my secret - will you discriminate?

I’ve never written about this before but I am going to say it on my blog and on social media for the first time, and I’m not going to be ashamed about it either. Ready, set, go! Along with ADHD, I have depression. I’ve battled it on and off for most my life and I’ll tell you that it’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. I’m not some feeble victim. I don’t need to be institutionalized, and if I was, there’s nothing wrong with that either. 

 Mental illness is ACTUALLY a thing. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for those of you that live in a perfect world and deny that mental illness exists or that it is a real illness. However, The Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s facts & statistics state that Major Depressive Disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. So, I can guarantee that you are one of them or that you know a handful of those individuals. Perhaps you’re suffering in silence or maybe its well known; undiagnosed, untreated or maybe the opposite. Regardless, many of us are juggling a mental illness along with our busy day to day lives. And, that’s the thing. 

We’re coping with it and going about life, trying to do the best we can - just like everybody else. There’s really no difference other than a chemical imbalance. It certainly doesn’t make us less capable of being contributing members of society. I actually believe quite the contrary. People with mental illness are quite bright and extremely creative. Those of us ADHDer’s are extremely creative, inventive and are amazingly successful when it comes to multitasking. 

 Sure, there are many arguments out there that ADHD doesn’t exist and that we’re just lazy scatter brains. To those, I will put this most eloquently as possible; go scratch. 

 And as for my ADHD’s best pal Depression - that exists too. We’re not just sad. Like I’ve stated before, it’s a chemical imbalance and only those that are uneducated and ignorant aren’t aware of that or don’t want to believe it because they’re intimidated by the unfamiliar. 

 I’ve decided to say this now because this is the second time in my life that I’m being publicly shamed by a large organization for having depression. 

 Upon arriving in Italy, yes, it was beautiful and picturesque. Maybe you even liked a few of the photos I posted on Facebook and instagram. But a picture can only tell so much. It’s been difficult. It’s been difficult because obtaining my medicine in Italy has been nearly impossible. I’m not allowed to have it shipped over, and so, I have to see doctors here. Having to do that means I had to expose myself to my school in Italy, ALMA. I had to jump hurdles to get someone to comprehend what I was saying, not only because of the language barrier but because of the lack of education on this matter. That being said, I had to speak with a number of people before actually taking steps towards getting things I needed. Pretty much every one of the faculty and staff members are aware of my condition, as well as most of my classmates. Why my classmates? Because the school wouldn’t allow me to schedule my own appointments, nor would they support my request to schedule doctor visits on the same day… instead, they made me miss many classes due to a lack of their organization and thoughtlessness. It was difficult and it definitely hurt my stride in terms of passion in the kitchen but I shrugged it off and did the best I could anyway. I ended things in school with a smile on my face and good grades behind it. 

 But now things have gone too far. I’ve recently been told that because I have depression… I’m not fit for a work environment. This was said by one of those extremely educated and supportive gems back at ALMA. Stunned. I am beyond shocked.. Not only am I disgusted and offended, but I’m so disappointed that an educational institution would believe that and furthermore, go so far as to say such a thing to one of their own students - International students at that. International students of whom are supposed to act as ambassadors when we leave. Ha! 

 The last time a large organization did this (to me) I filed a lawsuit and then dropped it in order to maintain my peace as I was about to set off on a 3 month journey across the world in hopes of spreading kindness through volunteerism. But a second time? I’m not dropping it, and that’s why I’ve decided to say something on my blog. It isn’t right, nor is it legal on US soil, to make such a discriminatory offense like that. It is in no way okay and if anyone has ever done that to you then please know that I’m with you, I stand behind you. 

 People battle, juggle, cope with, whatever you want to say - people live with mental illness every day. It isn’t easy but we should never be shamed for it, discriminated against because of it, and we should never ever be thought less of a person for that reason. Call me a bitch; tell me that my smile is crooked or I am a pain in the ass; tell me that I’m ugly or that you hate my soul. But don’t you dare ever try to make me, or anyone else with a mental illness, feel ashamed for it. I will not feel ashamed because I know better but that doesn’t make it right. Just because I have a good attitude, am informed and because I am strong doesn’t make it okay to make judgmental and discriminatory remarks like that. It will never be okay. 

 So if you’ve been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness, wave that flag high and to hell with the ignorant assholes out there that think something is wrong with you. I think you’re rad and I’m sure you know it too. If you think you’re suffering from depression, anxiety disorder or something else and curious about getting a better handle on it - reach out. There are tons of organizations, doctors and groups that diagnose, treat and monitor those battling mental illness and you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed to use those tools and lifelines to your advantage. Just do it. You’ll be happy you did. If you have any questions about my diagnosis or my experiences - again, reach out. I’m happy to share, as I am no longer ashamed to say I have depression. Wow, I just said it again! Big night for me over here. Ha. But, in all seriousness, I’ve lost a friend to suicide. Never do I take mental illness lightly and if you want help in finding the right help for you then I’ve got your back. 

 If you would like to donate and help the mission to one day live in a world without suicide; then go ahead and donate to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (link below) in remembrance of my friend Kati who never got the help that I was lucky enough to receive. If you can’t do so at this time and want to show support and that you’re not down with discrimination then please comment with the hashtag #willnotbeshamed 

 I’ll leave you with a quote that my mother, the notorious Lynn Fuschillo, shared with me: “Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” -Martin Luther king 


Ahh, Disney.

Everyone grew up with it.

Everyone loved it.

Everyone got older.

Everyone should have grown out of it.

No one did.

It gets on my nerves when people OBSESS over Disney and treat him like some sort of god. Yes, he was the gateway to animation, but he’s not the godlike figure that everyone makes him out to be. 

I liked Disney up until around age 11. After that, I started getting into other films like 17 Again or whatever. Obviously I’m past that stage too, but some people never made it past the Disney stage.

I’m aware that everyone has a childish side to them and that it’s okay to like Disney films and go to Disney World if you want to.

But you know what isn’t okay?

Blogs and Instagram pages dedicated only to Disney.

These piss me off so much. Honestly, you love Disney so much that you have to dedicate a blog to it and post thousands of pictures showing off every character there is?

Quite often, the owners of these blogs are pretty fucking rude as well. Not all of them; if you’re the owner of a Disney blog, don’t get offended. You’re probably pretty nice if you can accept my opinion.

I just hate the ones where if you say one measly comment about how “their drawing of Ariel could’ve used a different color for the hair but is otherwise good”, a fucking shit storm will come your way:




Just. Fucking. STOP.

Disney is the reason for your life.

“The Little Mermaid saved me. If it weren’t for that movie, I’d have committed suicide by now!”

“Rapunzel is the fucking best. She is literally the reason I live.”

“Imagine if Brave hadn’t been released…I’d be dead.”

I’m sorry. I know that some people are suicidal, and there are things that have “saved them”. But if it was a Disney film, I have two things to ask of you:

1) What are the fucking special powers of this movie that prevented your suicide?

2) Why are you sitting around watching Disney movies? Get help! If you want to commit suicide, you need a bit of help. And don’t worry, it WILL get better.

When people ship two Disney characters to the death.




I get it, you ship them. But if I don’t ship them, you hate me? (I’ve gotten this a lot)

“Rise of the Brave, Tangled Dragons”.

Well, way to go on the worst fucking crossover name EVER.

Second, you’re taking two Dreamworks films and clashing them with two Disney films. I don’t know why, but that pisses me off.

Third, the characters’ personalities wouldn’t even match! Honestly, Rapunzel and Merida wouldn’t get along. Neither would Jack or Hiccup. It WOULDN’T WORK.

Anyways, I’m sorry for taking so much time. 


Generally I like to post every day M-F. But after my last post I felt the need to take a beat. Reflect. Go for a walk. Continue my self-care routines. And stock up on deodorant. (Some things won’t wait.)

I spent a lot of time thinking about all the things I’m grateful for. I’ll start with the people on this page. On Instagram and Twitter too.

Some have been here, sharing their time/thoughts/energies, holding space while I grow my awareness and practice self-expression. I have been and continue to be grateful for you. Deeply.

Some are new. I’m grateful for you too. Deeply.

I’ve read a ton of the comments to my last post. And will read more.

What amazes me - humbles me - is how fantastic people are.

Again and again, someone claiming to be struggling themselves, out of gas by the side of the road, took time to offer support. To speak life. Modeling grace and hope and compassion and generosity.

I don’t take that for granted. You guys have given me many, many gifts.

If anyone feels like they’re alone in the battle against depression, anxiety, what have you… one look at this page proves the opposite is true.

To everyone walking a road that looks like mine, or kind of like mine, or nothing like mine but still made an effort to comment, share, “like,” and care, I say thank you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

anonymous asked:

I'm unfollowing because all this self-promotion is getting really annoying. I'm telling you so that you are aware it might be starting to be too much. I don't want to be rude; I respect you.

yes I totally understand, I have been self promoting way more than usual and it’s really super lame and I’m gonna way super bring it down but I’m trying to get as many supporters and followers as I can on every social network for when my EP comes out. I’ll try to bring the twitter and Instagram stuff down tho I’m sorry guys