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Cult of Forgotten Shadow + Three Virtues

I’m late for Rainbow BJD Day!  I had the stomach flue and it could not be helped.  Still, two of my very favorites come up for Gender Queer day so, better late than not at all!

Denna [Nobility Doll, Raon], was a bit of a surprise.  I thought she was a woman when I was waiting for her.  (Well, I knew she had a male body, but that doesn’t matter.)  When she showed up, though, and I started fleshing out her character, I realized that she is very aware of, and at peace with, her masculine aspects.  She typically presents female, but not always.

Sloan [Little Rebel, Seven] I knew was going to be a basket of WTF from the moment I ordered him.  He inherited one of my personal tenants, “Gender is a Theme park and I have season tickets.”  He presents male, but he’s not terribly fussed over pronouns and refuses to be headed into anything resembling a gender roll.

In the Overdeveloped Backstory™ that I have for The Horde, the two are close friends and roommates.  They even have a boyfriend in common, though there is nothing sexual between them directly. 

Top 10 BTS Song Tag

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In no order because every bts song is my fave song

Let me know
Cypher 3
Autumn leaves
어디에서 왔는자
I need you
Spring day
Hold me tight

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I did these for a horror magazine…
They have this thing, a parody of “Love is…”, called - “Horror is…”
The first one is my fav, next one - I still had the “The last station” vibe, so, maybe it’s partly a fanart. And the last one is just ugh…
I had to pick lines and draw pictures based on them so, here’s the lines:
Horror is - when you’re embarrassed because your hand fell off.
Horror is - when you’re surrounded by monster with one bullet left…
Horror is - when your wife is a witch.

I will have to make some more, just because they want a list of stickers made out of it. I’m not really happy about it. I have too much work to do, in december too… Sigh.

tfw u just DL this for both of ur 3DS & regretted nothing 8D ♥ 

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“Someone just offered you these fossils in exchange for food? Hmm…” It seemed unusual, but maybe it was a starving fossil maniac that was desperate for food. “Odd, I have to admit… although I can take them if you don’t desire them.” He nods his head and thinks for a moment more. 

“…Alright, I can do that. I’ll take all of them, and you can have one of the Lileep that will be revived from it. Come, follow me.” Taking one of the fossils from his desk, he motions Viola to follow him before making his way to the fossil rehibilitation center. “Are you familiar with grass and rock types, Miss Viola?”

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Fun bee fact: Did you know that bees can recognize faces? They can actually tell us apart, and have feelings about particular people they've met before!

I had no idea. I hope the one I end up petting enjoys the experience, or else I may have an angry horde in my garden this week.

Me playing an alliance character for once in my goddamn life: oh hey I remember this town! I remember… killing all the guards and setting fire to the buildings… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my bad?

Japanese version of KHUX features a special BbS trio medal obtained by merging medals of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua together


“When will you come back?” the pirate asked while Dipper moved back into the sea.

“As soon as I can afford.”

Some more Siren AU stuff ‘cause I’m absolute trash