i have homework and i should sleep. why

  • Book: Read me.
  • Homework: It's 10pm and you still haven't looked at me. You will regret this later, I promise you-
  • Me: Relax,I'll stop after this chapter...
  • Book: HA CLIFFHANGER, I guess you'll have to read one more
  • Me: I actually finished the whole book. I feel so accomplished. I'm tired though...I guess I should start another book then! Why sleep when you can read?
  • Homework: NOO NO NO NO NO AND NO
  • Me: IS IT 3 AM?!?? WHY AM I SO STUPID???
  • Homework: ....
Always Here

Summary: baby sisteriplier x teamiplier, reader basically doesn’t want to sleep because of homework but they come and save the day!

Note: IM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG! But I really hope you all enjoy! Also, please give me feedback, I would really appreciate it!

School for you was hell, you thought that maybe if you looked in a dictionary for the word hell you would actually SEE a picture of all the homework you had to do on a daily and nightly basis; but of course, your too stubborn to ask for help from the gang or mark so you suffer in silence
For some reason it’s hard for you to ask for help on things, especially homework
You were currently in the kitchen at the dining room table and looking through the math problems you had to do, you tried to focus but your brain wanted to do it’s own thing and make you extremely sleepy but you knew you couldn’t let that happen so you tried even harder, you haven’t slept for days because of this and it was catching up to you
You looked at your phone to see the time and it was 2:30 AM you started to mentally curse yourself out for staying up so late but you couldn’t help it, you were too stressed
All of a sudden your mind started to race - ‘if I don’t pass I’ll be a disappointment, I can’t be a disappointment, I have to stay up, I have to stay up, I can’t let everyone down, oh god why are there so many fucking problems fuck fuck fuck’
Soon before you know it, you were crying and you felt everything around you was sinking, including yourself and you didn’t know what to do

Later that night, the gang came back to the house from the office Tyler, Ethan, and Kathryn were offered to stay the night at the house instead of driving all the way back home from Mark, so they did. Everyone is currently in there own rooms sleeping, but Tyler was waking up to go to the bathroom
He walked down stairs on his way to the bathroom, but before he could reach the bathroom he noticed that the kitchen light was on and heard muffled crying
He slowly walked into the entrance of the kitchen and saw you curled up in a chair, with stacked papers in front of you
He was confused at first, but soon became extremely worried, he didn’t know what to do, he wanted to ask you what’s wrong but he felt like you needed Mark more than anything
So he proceeded to head back to the stairs to go get Mark, he knocks on the door, trying not to wake anyone else up by his knocking
Soon he heard footsteps coming to the door and when it opens he sees a sleepy Amy
“Tyler, it’s almost three in the morning, why are you up?” she saids while yawning
“It’s (Y/N), I went down stairs to go to the bathroom and I see the kitchen light on, so I walked in and saw her crying and I wanted to get Mark” he saids in a worried tone
Then suddenly, from the bed they hear Mark get up
“Guys, what’s going on? It’s almost three in morning, did you not see the time?” Mark saids half asleep
“Mark, get up, it’s (Y/N), Tyler found her crying in the kitchen and he wanted to get you” Amy said looking at Mark
“Okay I’m up” he got up immediately, but before they went down stairs they heard Kathryn and Ethan open there doors at the same time
“Guys be quiet, it’s LITERALLY three in the morning” coming from a annoyed Kathryn and followed up from a yawning Ethan
“What’s even going on” Ethan said
“I found (y/n) crying the kitchen, we’re going to see what’s wrong”
Mark was the first one to head down the steps, Kathryn and Ethan followed with concerned expressions down the stairs like everyone else
As they got down the stairs they headed to the kitchen quietly and peaked there heads in, they saw you crying, curled up in your chair with your arms wrapped around your legs and then your head in your knees with so many papers in front of you
They looked at each other with concern
“..let’s go talk to her” as Mark said walking towards (Y/N), everyone followed and sat down at the table

You were still in the same position, and your mind was still racing but you looked up and saw the gang at the table with looks of pure concern
You looked over to your right at Mark who was getting a chair right next to you
“What’s going on bub? Why are you still up? And why are you crying?”
You looked down, wanting to say something but you felt like your throat was on fire and you couldn’t breathe
Everyone was becoming a little more worried
“..I-I’m sorry” you spoke
You sounded like a small child getting in trouble
“Hun, don’t be sorry, tell us why are you up?” Amy looked at you with worried eyes when you finally looked up
“I’m up b-because I have to do homework, if I don’t I’ll fail and I can’t fail, I can’t be a disappointment, I don’t wanna let you guys down and I don’t wanna let Mark down and I’m so stressed but I can’t take a break and I haven’t slept in days, I’m so unbelievably tired and there’s too many problems to work on for this paper and then I have five more assignments to do, it’s too much, it’s all too much and I can’t-” you were talking so fast it seems like you were going a hundred miles per hour but Mark put his hand on your shoulder and spoke “Woah, hey, hey, hey, calm down kiddo, it’s okay, it’s okay. Why didn’t you come to me for help (Y/N)? Or Kathryn, Tyler, Amy or Ethan? We would’ve helped you, you shouldn’t be staying up this late to do homework, you should be sleeping bub” he was comforting you and softly rubbing your shoulder to help calm down, everyone was less worried but still worried because they hate seeing you like this, they all want you to be okay
“I don’t know.. I just didn’t wanna bother you guys, you guys seem so busy and I wouldn’t want to be a burden on you guys..” you spoke quietly and calm
“(Y/N), you can always come to us if you need help, you would never be a burden, we want to help you, that’s what we’re here for” Kathryn spoke with a comforting smile from across the table
“Also another thing too, (Y/N), we’ve all been through this before, we’ve all been in your shoes a bunch of times before, but you should never be over working yourself to the point where you don’t sleep at night. If you need a break, take break. If you need help, ask for help! We’re always here, we’re basically a small goofy family!” Ethan said with a laugh at the end which made you and everyone else smile and have a giggle
“Hey there’s that smile that we like to see!” Tyler said which made you smile and laugh a little more
Everyone sat at the table for a minute after that making sure that you felt better before actually going to bed and Mark sitting by you talking about some jokes that he heard before which making you and everyone laughing and smile, soon everyone settled down again and was ready to go back to bed but you were slowly falling asleep in your chair, the gang watched you and laughed a bit but at the same time kinda happy you were sleeping
“Should we wake her?” Amy said standing up and questioning Mark
Make spoke and said “Nah, I’ll carry her”
“For the love of god please don’t drop her” Tyler said, everyone broke out into laughter once more
“Hey now! I wouldn’t do that” Mark started to laugh also a bit
Soon he scooped you up and headed up stairs while making sure not to hit your head on anything and everyone followed up the stairs too, Tyler opened the door for your room, Mark said thank you and laid you down on your bed and pulled a blanket over you
“Goodnight, (Y/N)” he whispered and left the room and Tyler closed the door behind him
Everyone said there 'good nights’ to each other and went back to bed and had a great nights sleep

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Prompts for a popular high school senior (male) struggling with family, friends, and self?

“Think about it this way: in five years, you’ll be onto big and better things and barely remember any of this.”
“I agree, that is a positive outlook, but that does nothing to address my current problems.”
“Just relax a little, then?”
“Have you ever had to deal with responsibilities?”

“Hey, Craig is everything okay? You haven’t been turning in your homework recently.”
Everyone else filed out of the room, unaware of how Craig’s breathing was now forced and his shoulders began to hunch forward. Looking over his student’s shoulder, Mr. McNamara watched the last kid exit.
“They’re gone.”
As soon as he spoke, Craig let out the breath he’d been holding, his shoulders shaking as tears streamed down his face. He raised his hands to wipe at his eyes, embarrassed.
“I don’t have a class this period. I’ll call Mrs. Sherry and let her know I have you. Just sit down and relax for a little while, I don’t mind.”

“Aren’t you coming to the bonfire?”
“Nah, not this time.”
“Come on, it’ll just be the four of us. No Kurt. No Heather.”
“I have to get home. Chores, y’know?”
“Alexander Gates, you are one of the worst liars I have ever met.” June paused, giving Alex time to defend himself, but he didn’t. “I’ll see you next Monday, okay? If anything changes or you need help, you better call me or I’ll kick your ass.”

“I wanna go home.”
“You gotta finish your homework first, Gabe.”
“I can finish my homework at home.”
“You can, but you should just finish it now. That way, when we do get home, we can go out and play, right?”
His younger brother returned his attention to his multiplication tables. Tammy, his little sister, sat watching him when she wasn’t helping Gabriel with his homework.
“Do you not have homework tonight, Tam?”
They looked at each other, an unspoken conversation between them.
Why are you always trying to keep us out of the house?
You know why.

“I don’t know what’s crashing faster, my body or my mental state. I don’t have any friends to deal with anymore, but I barely sleep on the week days and my mom won’t shut up about my future. She only wants to talk about college and career stuff, though.”
“Isn’t that important?”
“Of course it is, but I wish when I brought up testosterone and changing my name that she wouldn’t just… shut down. It’s always a discussion for later, but I’m pretty sure later means never.”


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!”

Word Count: 5737

Warning: Smut

HOMEWRECKER 1! | 2! | 3! | 4! | 5!

You walked into class with a positive outlook. It quickly changed when you saw yourself greeted by two men, Jaebum and Mark. Their faces glowed to see you in the same class. You spotted Jaebum on the left side in the middle rows while Mark sat on the right side near the back rows.

Well, this will be fun! you said to yourself sarcastically. You decided to sit with Mark. “Hey, I didn’t know we had the same class” Mark said happily. “Trust me, I didn’t know either” you replied wondering how the hell this even happened, was it fate? or was life trying to fuck you over?

The professor introduced himself and proceeded to start lecture. You were taking notes, yet you paused for a moment to take a breather and looked down at Jaebum. He turned around and gave you a wink and a smile. He sinfully bit his bottom lip as he turned back around to continue taking more notes. You were left in awe, flashbacking to your one night stand. You remembered how he made you feel, what your body needed, how he touched your skin. You realized you wanted more.

“Hey Earth to Y/N!” Mark said waving his hand in your face. You snapped back into reality. “Class is over, you zoned out on me. Are you ok?” Mark asked. “ Yeah, I’m fine, sorry. My mind was somewhere else” you answered. “I’ll catch you later, I have classes for the rest of the day. I’ll probably see you tomorrow, do you want to get lunch then?’ Mark asked as he was putting his backpack on to leave. “Yeah, sure. That’s fine. See you later” you said still stuffing your notebooks into your bag. “See ya” Mark said as he left for his next class. As Mark made his way to the door, you spotted Jaebum looking directly at him. Jaebum’s face changed to pure anger, he sighed and looked back at you to see that you noticed.

You looked down and hurriedly packed your bag to avoid eye contact, Jaebum chases behind you. “Hey, wait up!” he slightly yells. You decided to walk faster to avoid him, but made it to you. “Didn’t you hear me when I asked you to wait?” he asked as he was walking next to you. “No I didn’t because you didn’t ask, you yelled” you answered sarcastically. “Sorry, I don’t usually ask” he replied. “Well, you should try it sometimes, it would do you some good to be polite to people” you said driely. 

He rolled his eyes at you and you rolled yours in return. “Look enough! All I know is that I had a great time Friday night when I met you and I wanted to see if tonight you were free to hang out” he said. An evening with Jaebum, what could possibly happen? You thought and answered ”Jaebum, you’re wasting your time with me. Find someone else to hang out with” He looked disappointed and replied “Come on, you had fun Friday, didn’t you? I saw the look on your face in class, admit it!” Jaebum insisted.

Damnit, he saw. You didn’t want to confess to him, to give him the satisfaction that he was right. He leaned over to your ear and whispered softly “You won’t regret this baby”. 

Stunned, it sent shivers down your spine. “I’ll pick you up at 7pm, but I need your number” he said as he gave you his cell phone. “Fine, how else would you find me anyway” you remarked as you typed your number. “I have my ways” he smirked. “Well, that’s not creepy at all. But, I’ll see you tonight” you said as you walked away, leaving Jaebum in wonder for what would be in store the evening.

Headed back to your dorm to find BamBam sitting on the couch waiting for Christina. “Hey, I’m BamBam, nice to meet you. You’re Christina’s suitemate right?” he asked as he extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Y/N, the one and only” you answered as you shook his hand. Christina came out of her room in a bomber jacket almost matching Bambam’s. “Ok, I’m ready! how do I look?” she asked while doing a 360. “Dammnnn girl!!!, you look good baby” BamBam responded starting at Christina and got up to kiss her on the cheek. Christina pushed him away slightly and said “You’ll mess up my makeup”. He sighed and said “Ok, well let’s go then.” They actually made a nice couple. “You guys have a nice time” you said happily and waved good-bye. They left, leaving you with the dorm at your disposal. 

You looked down at your cell phone realizing you still have a few hours to spare before Jaebum comes you decided to get a head start on your homework for the week. Focused on your work, your mind kept reverting back to Friday night. What’s so special about a one night stand. But deep down, you were anticipating that tonight would have the same results. Come on Y/N, get it together. You are better than this. You don’t go around sleeping with whoever. Why did I agree to this. I should have just left him standing there. You looked up at your clock to see that Jaebum will be on his way soon.

You wore a loose t-shirt dress with a black leather jacket and ankle high leather boots. Your phone buzzed, it was Jaebum calling you and you picked up. “Hey, which dorm are you in?’ Jaebum asked. “I’m in the International House” you said. “Ok, I’m on campus, I’ll be in 2” he replied and hung up. He texted you, “I’m outside”. You looked at the time and saw it was already 7:00. Jaebum waited outside for you in his car. As soon as you got in the car, “you’re late” Jaebum said sternly. “And your point is?” you retaliated back.  

“I thought you were already out here” he said while having a firm grip on the steering wheel. “Don’t expect an apology, you should have gotten here at least 5 minutes before 7:00” you said  turning your head and saw him smirking. Why does he keep smirking every time I fuss at him. You rolled your eyes. He drove off to a destination you weren’t expecting.

You and Jaebum arrived to a restaurant. You two entered, the hostess was checking for available seats for the next guests. “Alright, how many will it be tonight?” the hostess asked. “Just two” Jaebum answered. The hostess seated you and Jaebum at a table. “Your waiter will be right with you shortly” as she handed out menus. You look over the menu, everything looks good. You look around your surroundings only to spot Christina and BamBam two tables over. 

“Ahh shit” you whispered. “What?” Jaebum asked looking up from his menu. “Nothing, my suitemate is here with BamBam” you answered. Jaebum turned his head, his eyes grew wide when he finally spotted them. “I know BamBam, he’s a good kid.  Although, I wonder why he’s with her.” Jaebum said under his breath. “What do you mean? they make a nice couple to me. They’re practically matching.” you pointed out. 

“I’m gonna go say hi to Bambam, I’ll be right back” he said as he got out of his seat. You saw Jaebum walking over to them. Christina looked up and her face looked terrified. You could hear him and Bambam speaking loudly and constantly dabbing with each other. Jaebum turned around and pointed you out from their table. You waved back at them, BamBam dabbed at you but Christina had a disgusted look on her face. What’s her problem all of sudden. Where is the waiter? Jaebum returned all smiles. You looked over again to see Christina still staring at you and Jaebum.

“Hi, I’m Mark, I’ll be your waiter for tonight” you heard, you quickly spun your head around to see Mark hovering above you and Jaebum. “Oh my God, Mark. You work here?!” you asked in shock. “Yes, I do” Mark says he looks over to Jaebum staring blankly back at him. There was a slight moment of silence. Jaebum looked back at you, you looked at Mark who stared back at Jaebum. Oh, this is awkward. “What would you guys like to drink?” Mark asked. “I would like water, please” you answered while Mark wrote on his notepad. “And you?” Mark still staring at Jaebum clenching his jaws together. You could see Jaebum becoming angry again, but he was trying his best to keep it subtle. “I would have water as well, Thank you!” Jaebum looked back at his menu. “Ok, your drinks will be out in a moment” Mark said and quickly left you two alone. “What’s wrong with you?” you asked curiously. “Nothing, I’m fine” Jaebum said smiling back at you.

“Alright, here are your drinks” Mark said as he settled the water down on the table and asked “Are you guys ready to order?”. “I’m ready, I would like bulgogi bibimbap, please?” you requested politely. “Sure, anything for you.” Mark said sarcastically back at you. Taken by his comment, you narrowed back at him. “And for you?” turning to Jaebum. “Yeah, I’ll have kimchi jijigae” Jaebum said quickly closing his menu and swiftly handed back to Mark so quickly, it hit Mark on the arm. “I’m sorry” Jaebum said to Mark. “It’s ok, your food will be out soon” Mark said swiping the menu from your grasp. You looked at Mark to see his face turning slightly red, he clenched his jaws as well and quickly left.

 “Now that we are alone, let’s talk about us” Jaebum said. “There’s no us, ok” you snorted back. “Your body says otherwise” Jaebum smiling seductively. From afar, you spotted Mark staring at you. He shook his head in disgust to see how you’re with a guy like Jaebum. Mark was hurt by the sight of you two in the restaurant. “Oh Lord, give me a break” you said under your breath. “What?” Jaebum asked. “You are terrible at conversations, I hope you know that” you answered. “I am really good at it, actually” he said leaning back in his chair. “I know you want me, I know you can’t stop thinking about it, can you?” he asked earnestly.

 You became quiet and uncomfortable, you didn’t want to boost his ego and quickly said “NO!”. “Don’t lie to me” Jaebum said. “I’m not!” you snapped back. “Ok fine, I’ll leave it alone”.Jaebum said spotting a waitress who came by the table recognizing your table didn’t have any side dishes. “I will go get your side dishes for you” she said nicely. “Thank you baby” Jaebum said winking back at her. She blushes and walked away swaying her hips. Jaebum turns around to look at the shape of her ass. “She’s sexy” Jaebum said to himself. “Wow, you are something else. Really you are! why are you like this?” You wondered. “I just am. Why? Is Y/N not getting enough attention from me?” Jaebum said teasingly. “Trust me, if anything you give me enough, I can’t handle” you replied as you took a sip of your water. The waitress return with your side dishes, as she slid them on the table making intense eye contact with Jaebum. He smirked gladly back at her. She took a napkin out of her apron and wrote her number with a drawn heart. She handed the napkin to him and winked back before leaving.

He stuffed the napkin in his pocket as if it was nothing. What is his deal? Why is he like this? “That was interesting” you said. “Yeah, I guess, I’m not going to call her though” Jaebum said. “Why?” you asked munching on kimchi. “She’s not my type” Jaebum quickly answered eating bean sprouts. “Oh….ok” you said, sipping more water. You saw Jaebum look over to Bambam stuffing his face in his food, while Christina was secretly texting underneath the table. Jaebum let out a slight laugh thinking it was funny. You looked as well, Christina looked up from her phone and narrowed her eyes at you. What is her deal? “Isn’t that funny?” Jaebum asked chuckling as he looked back at her “I’m not sure, we’ll see. I guess” you replied. 

You looked past Jaebum to see Mark coming with your food. Mark tried his hardest not to look upset, but you knew something was wrong with him. You wanted to speak with him but it was neither the time nor the place. “Here is your food” Mark placed the boiling hot bowls on the table. “Be careful, it’s hot Y/N, try not to burn your mouth” Mark said trying to smile back at you. “Thank you, Mark” you said smiling back. He slightly bowed to you and Jaebum, as he was about to leave Jaebum swiftly puts his leg out and Mark tripped over it creating a loud thud on the floor. Christina and Bambam peeked over to see what happened. 

“Mark!” you called getting out of your seat to see if he’s ok, you help him up. “I’m ok, apparently I tripped” Mark replied angrily dusting himself off, he looks at Jaebum who acted as if he hadn’t done anything wrong but says smartly “I’m sorry, my leg slipped out ” turning around to eat his food. Mark was about to rush towards him with his fists balled up, you stopped him in his tracks. You pushed him back before any damage was done. “Mark, now is not the time” you said anxiously. “Yeah, you heard the lady” Jaebum said while eating his stew.

Mark calmed himself down and was proceeded to leave, you grabbed his hand to see if he was truly ok. He swiped your hand away and said “I’m fine! I’ll see you later” and left. Before you could sit back down in your seat, you saw Christina eyes wide with her hand covering her mouth, BamBam was trying to figure out what was wrong with her. But she just stood there in shock as if she seen a ghost. You looked back at Jaebum and asked “What the hell is your problem?! You didn’t have to be an ass to him!”. “No problem at all, sit, eat your food. I’m enjoying my time here” Jaebum replied happily. You sat back down but you had already lost your appetite.

You glanced back at Christina. She hurriedly put her jacket back on leaving, with Bambam following behind her. You shook your head regretting everything even being seen with Jaebum. “Why aren’t you eating?” he asked almost finishing his stew. “I’m not hungry” you answered feeling bad for Mark. “Well, you should, you need to eat” Jaebum continued. “I don’t need to do anything” you snapped back, “Why are you acting like an ass?”. Jaebum shifted his attention back to you and said “Because I have a right too”. “A right?, he’s just doing his job, Jaebum” you said defensively. “Why are you defending him?!” Jaebum yelled. 

“Because he’s my friend” you said sternly. “Oh yeah! Well, I guess he did you a great service. I wonder what he did to make you feel this way, how many times did he spread your legs?” Jaebum said getting in your face. Your anger was reaching it’s limit and you looked at him with a death stare. “What? did I hit a soft spot?!” Jaebum said eyeing you up and down. Highly offended, you grabbed what water you had left in your glass and threw it in his face and slammed the glass to the floor shattering it to pieces. “Fuck you Jaebum!” you said angrily. The entire restaurant drew their attention on you and Jaebum. You stormed out, leaving Jaebum frozen in his seat with dripping wet hair.

You made it halfway down the street before he grabbed your arm. He pulled you back and even though you struggled he got you into his car.

“Jaebum Let me out! I’ll walk back to my dorms.” You yelled. But he was silent as he started the engine and started driving. Immediately you noticed he was going the opposite direction of your dorms. “Jaebum where are you taking me.” You asked. He was still silent. You looked over at him.  His jaw was clenched tight and his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.

You sighed buckling your seat belt as he sped up. His hair still dripped down his shirt. You had only the slight amount of guilt. You only regretted making a scene in front of that many people. You should have  just walked away. But thinking about what he said made you angry all over again.

“How dare you!” You started fussing again. He kept silent, not even flinching when you began talking. “You’re just trying to get in my pants and you try to call me out?” You questioned angrily.

You huffed “I don’t know why I came out with you! You’re rude! and such a hypocrite! Everything is all fine when you’re flirting with other girls right in front of me. We aren’t dating but you could have some kind of decency! Then you throw a tantrum after you were wrong!” You ranted until he stopped the car.

“Get out.” He said coldly. Your head whipped around to glare at him. “I’m not getting out with you until you explain yourself, Jaebum.”

He took off his seatbelt, looking out the window.

You crossed your arms, your foot tapping impatiently. He looked at you. “You’re really not gonna let this go and come up?” he asked. You nodded slowly, with a serious look across your face.

He leaned back with a deep sigh, closing his eyes. For a few moments he was silent. His hands ran through his hair, and his chin poked out in obvious anger. After calming down enough he spoke up.

“Mark cheated with my ex. I honestly don’t think he knew but it still pisses me off to look at his face. “ he said roughly.

You looked down at your lap. You toyed with your fingers, a bit guilty that you made him reveal that.

You looked up when he reached over placing his hand on your thigh. “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just go inside and forget okay?” he said with a smirk smoothly stretched across his face.  You looked him up and down, telling he was just faking. “Are you sure you’re okay, Jaebum.”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N. My past isn’t your business.“ he said sternly.

You nodded quickly looking at him. He squeezed your thigh before stepping out of the car. He opened your door, and after you got out he lead you inside his building. Before hitting the elevator he lifted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. “It has to start in the elevator uh?” you looked into Jaebum’s eyes. “I wanted to build some momentum” Jaebum smiled and quickly kissed you. “As nice as that sounds, you forgot to press button to move the elevator or we can just stay like this” you started kissing him back. He moved and pressed five. His hands roamed your thighs lifting your dress to grab a handful of your beautiful cheeks, he pushed his weight on you to feel that he was ready. He was ready to give you what you waited for. He slowly pulled away from your soft lips to gently kiss your neck letting his tongue twirl against your skin. You let out a soft moan and softly spoke “Don’t bite”. Jaebum replies teasingly “I can’t make any promises”. The elevator finally came to a stop as the door opened, Jaebum puts you down and held out his hand. You grabbed it allowing him to lead the way.

Jaebum came to a halt and pulled out his keys. “Well, this is my apartment, I’m sure you wanted to see it” he said as he opened the door and clicked the light on. You stepped in to find everything neat and clean. Jaebum took your jacket off and set it on a hook. “Thanks” you said seeing he was being a gentlemen for once. Jaebum didn’t want to waste another second he pushed you against the wall, diving into a kiss. You couldn’t utter a word, it happened so fast. “Jump” Jaebum whispered past the kiss. You didn’t hesitate, you jumped and had your legs wrapped around his waist again continuing what he started in the elevator. He carried you to his bedroom. He sat on the bed with you still around him. His hands traveled throughout your body, you thrust your hips slowly, his bulge was turning you on. He groaned in your ear and quickly lifted you off his waist to place you on your feet. He removed your dress, you removed his shirt. He planted you on your back on the bed. 

He stood above and looked down to say “Ohh, baby. You look so good”. He pulled you closer to the edge of the bed, he slowly removed your panties. He kissed your thighs, his breath against your warmest place made you shake. You looked down at him, he looked up at you and smiled. His smile was genuine, as if he wanted you to enjoy all he had to give. He opened your moist lips and his tongue swirled around your clit. You gasped. His tongue flicked at the clit and moved downward to the opening of your pussy. His tongue moved up and down slowly and stuck it inside licking the juices that came out. You couldn’t hold it in, you grabbed his head to bury it deeper. You heaved and moaned as Jaebum alternated between your clit and pussy. He finally came to a stop and he kissed you on your lips. 

“You taste amazing” he said grinning at you. He laid next to you on the bed to remove his pants and underwear. You stared at his full erection, you placed your hand there to jack him off. He steadily entered his fingers in you. He moved them in and out each time he did; he kept going faster and faster simultaneously you speedily jacked him off. You looked into each other’s eyes, you were close to cumming but Jaebum stopped and licked the juices from his fingers. You leaned over to put his whole erection in your mouth down to the shaft. The tip of your tongue swirled the tip of his dick, Jaebum let out a low moan. You sucked and jacked in unison. His precum spilled out from his opening, you licked it off. Jaebum buried your head lower to continue, he thrust his hips upward into your mouth enabling him to feel the warmth of your mouth. 

“Oh Y/N, damnit!” he whispered breathlessly. You went faster and felt his cum, “Oh baby” he said softly as came into your mouth. You sat on top of him, his length was between your legs, you rubbed your pussy against it triggering his erection to pulse again.

Jaebum reached over to his night table and pulled a condom out, you removed your bra. He slid the condom on. Jaebum grabbed both sides of your hips, you made yourself comfortable as you slowly inserted him inside you. You moved up and down on his dick. You looked at Jaebum leaning his head back enjoying the feeling of having your pussy again. You moved faster wanting him to penetrate the deepest reaches of your body. Your breasts bounced in rhythm each time your thighs smacked against Jaebum’s. Jaebum couldn’t resist, he grabbed a handful of your breasts and pulled himself up for his tongue to work it’s way around your nipples. You leaned your head back, letting him have full advantage.

 “Jaebum!” you whispering breathlessly into his ear. “Get on your back for me, baby” he says. You got on your back, Jaebum entered slowly, he put his weight on top of you and thrust his hips forward. He kisses you. He pushed his thighs up further to go deeper. You were starting to feel dizzy. “Jaebum….” you said. “Shhhhh” as he put his finger to your lips. “Don’t speak, just feel” he said continuing to kiss you. 

He held your hands tightly wanting you to feel every inch of him. You melted underneath him, you were seeing stars, he deepened the kiss. You notice there was something different about Jaebum this time. As if he wanted to feel something, you couldn’t put your finger on it. You felt a tightness in your abdomen, you knew you were about to release, Jaebum could tell as you wrapped your legs around his waist to hit your G-spot. His thrusts became faster and faster, you were losing all senses. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he kept going. “Jaebum! I’m about to cum” you said out of breath. Your words gave him ammunition to keep his pace. He murmured “Cum for me baby”. You screamed his name as you lost control of your body and let everything go, you came while Jaebum kept going. You screamed more as your body violently shook. Jaebum kissed you trying to keep you quiet as he kept going. “Oh my God, yes Jaebum, yes” you muffled. “Call my name. Damnit you feel so good baby” Jaebum said. His thrusts got sloppier, he was close. “Y/N!” Jaebum groaned as the condom collected his semen, his thrust began to slow down as he was finishing his moment of ecstasy. He removed the condom and threw it in the trash.

 You both were out of words, you looked at each other in silence clueless about what took place. Did you fuck or made love? Jaebum looked content and relaxed. He pulled you over to his side and spooned you with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You could feel his breath on your shoulder, you couldn’t stand the silence you spoke up “Jaebum, about tonight?” your voice quivered. “Shhhh, I don’t want to talk about it, I want to enjoy this with you” he said softly and kissed your neck. “Get some sleep” he said as he turned the lamplight off. Left dazed and confused, you wanted to talk about tonight, but you guess there will be another time to discuss it. Feeling warm and protected underneath Jaebum’s arms, you fell soundly asleep.  

You woke up in a hurry , the next morning. you looked around quickly seeing that you were still in Jaebum’s bed; but he was nowhere around.  You lifted yourself, searching the room for your clothes. After dressing yourself, you stepped out of his room. You saw Jaebum leaning against the counter, devouring a bowl of cereal. His shirt was off and he wore a pair of blue shorts. “You’re up~” he stated with a mouth full. You nodded quickly, pushing your hair back. “Need a ride home?” asked you. You raised an eyebrow. “Last time you were ready to send me off in a cab as soon as we finished” you teased, walking towards him. He shrugged “That’s before I figured out we could make this a regular thing” he said. He placed his bowl in the sink before closing off the space between you too.

“A regular thing? Like us hooking up?” you asked biting your lip. He smirked nodding quickly. He pulled you closer, his hand wrapped around your waist. You giggled, turning your head. “I’ll think about it Jaebum and I’ll walk home. I need fresh air.” You pulled away and walked to the door and just that quickly you were leaving.

 You took the bus halfway to your dorm and walked the remainder of the way. Your jacket in your hand and your hair still a bit messy, you obviously rushed out of where you slept. Your head tilted back as your groaned. If you wanted to avoid anyone while you looked like that, it was Mark. Anyone else seeing you like that wouldn’t be a problem; but after last night…it just seemed like it would make it worse.

When he saw you, his expression turned cold, his jaw clenched tightly. You started down the hall to your hall to your door. Mark passed your right up, like he never saw you. If you weren’t so tired you’d call his name and make him greet you. At that moment, you wanted to take a nap. Mark didn’t seem like the type to hold a grudge, so you decided to fix things after a shower and some rest.

For the next few months you and Jaebum continued to see each other, you called him when you were stressed, or on weekends when neither of you had anything to do. Mark was cold towards you. He couldn’t avoid you completely, because you had the same circle of friends; but he didn’t talk to you.

It was annoying; because you didn’t understand why he was angry with you. You defended him against Jaebum. He should thank you for being on his side.

One day your group of friends went to the went to the park, it was about nine people including you and Mark. You sat on a blanket, eating some of the fruit that was bought along. It was a nice warm day out, until you made eye contact with mark. He glared at you before he stood up and walked away heading down the walking path.

You groaned, standing up to follow him, when you caught up to him he was sitting down by against a tree.

You sat down right next to him and watched him as he scooted away from you.

“Mark…stop being this way to me.” You say, looking over at him. He scoffed, pushing his hair back. You watched him play with his fingers, as he ignored you. You groaned loudly scooting close to him and snaking your arm through his, hanging on tightly, your shoulder lying on his shoulder. He tried to ignore you even though you were that close to him.

“Mark~” you sang cutely, “I don’t know why you’re mad at me but it’s annoying.”

He looked at you, “You seriously don’t know why I’m mad at you?”

You shook your head, “I understand why you’d be mad at Jaebum; but not me.” You looked back at him. He pulled his arm away, standing up and walking away. You followed him, annoyed but trying settle this quickly. “Mark!” you said angrily as you followed behind him.

He ignored you.

“I didn’t do anything! Why are you so mad at me?” you yelled. You watched him whip his head around to you, “You didn’t sleep with him Y/N?” 

It caught you off guard and it took you a moment to answer. Was that really what he was upset about?

“M-Mark, I…it’s not like that.” You said; but his face was still filled with anger.

“Did you?” he snapped.

“Once,” you lied, “but it didn’t mean that much.”

You didn’t understand yourself. Why were you suddenly lying to him?

His face softened a bit, but there was still obvious anger. He suddenly groaned, “God damn, why is this bothering me so much?” he asked walking closer to you. It was the softest he looked at you since the restaurant incident. You were asking yourself the same thing. Why did it bother him that much who you slept with?

“Mark, I still don’t know why this so important to you, like what’s going on with us.” you asked him, scratching your head. His arms wrapped around you in a tight hug. “You’re the smartest person I know, you pass your classes with flying colors, and you can’t figure out that I like you?” he asked

You felt yourself starting to relax in his arms. It was nice and gentle. In the months, you spent hooking up with Jaebum, he never hugged you like that.

You suddenly felt guilty for lying to him; but to be honest with yourself, Mark was the relationship type. Jaebum was good to hook up with; but it was honestly all he wanted from you. His ex-girlfriend hurt him so much he didn’t want to date…and being honest you two were hardly friends at all. You didn’t know much about him at all. It had never been in your interest to know much about him, so you never asked.

You watched Mark as he leaned in for a kiss, and your lips connected for only a second. Yugyeom, a younger friend of yours (that you met through BamBam), ran up to you.

“’Noona, there’s someone here looking for you.” he said excitedly. You had to stop yourself from hitting him for his bad timing, because it wasn’t his fault.

You walked back to your friends, casually holding Mark’s hand.

First your eyes landed on Christina who was, giving you the same stank face she had been giving you since the restaurant, and sitting on BamBam’s lap.

Next your eyes landed on Jaebum, standing, and staring with dead eyes at your hands.

You stared back at him, gently letting go of Mark’s hand. “Oppa, let’s go talk.” You said walking towards him. He didn’t say anything; but he followed your lead.

He let you explain why you decided to date Mark; before he spoke. Nothing could have shocked you more or made you angrier.

“Fine. Date him, have fun…but just know I plan to take you away from him. He can’t just take what’s mine again.” He had a smirk across his face.

Your attitude changed quickly, your eyebrows raised, “I am not ‘yours’ Im Jaebum.” You said.

He pulled you close by your waist.

“Don’t forget how I made you feel Y/N,” he whispered into your ear, “I’m just warning you before it happens, and I’m letting you know I’m going to get revenge on those two.”

“Those two? Your ex has nothing to do with me.” you said angrily.

He nodded, “Oh yes she does. She’s your roommate babe.“ he said. Your eyes widened and you stared at him.

“See you later.” He slowly kissed your cheek before walking away.

You stumbled back a bit. Your eyes were still wide opened, when you turned around to see Mark.

Thank you for waiting patiently. We hope you guys enjoyed Part 2. This one was much longer. Part 3 will be coming soon. Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate it!!! :) 

I mean, you wouldn’t tell a child with a prosthetic leg to run a mile at the same speed as a child without. I mean, they could do it, if they tried harder than the other child, if they did the extra training and committed every fiber of their being to the point where they weren’t just physically exhausted from running but mentally exhausted, but the thing is, its harder. It’s harder and youre forced to work harder and you’re forced to put extra time into things and told to get over the shit you’re going through and get on with it but the thing is, once the kid with the prosthetic leg slows down and everyone tells him him to speed up and he says ‘hey I can’t this is hard’, and people ask him why but don’t listen to him and tell him to get over it and run faster so he swallows his complaints and runs faster and gets to the finish line and then what? He’s treated exactly like the other kid, yet he knows its not fair, he knows there should be something more because it was so much harder for him but there isn’t. Like, you wouldn’t do that, why do it with someone with a mental illness?

Because instead of physical exhaustion leaking into mental exhaustion its the other way around. When I’m told to do something I can’t wrap my head around I’m PHYSICALLY exhausted. I want to cry because I can’t understand why I’m the way I am and I want to sleep because its easier than having to spend an extra one hour on homework when it only takes other kids ten minutes.

—  hamtordy explaining ADHD and mental illness perfectly, and its struggle
things i’ve said/heard at school

( lbr i said all of this, ri pm e )

“the universe can’t get any bigger, it’s already biggest!”
*loud, terrible singing of defying gravity from wicked*
“i could reenact the entire opening scene from the lion king RIGHT NOW if i wanted to. i just need a cat & some funky face paint.”
“dick pics? how about dog pics?”
*googles pictures of funny dogs*
“look at this freaking dog, look at him, he has a freaking PEANUT BUTTER JAR STUCK ON HIS NOSE!”
“oh my god what is happening, i’m so confused, someone hold me.”
“ ____, get off the floor.”
“the floor is my kingdom now, you can’t tell the queen/king of the floor to do anything!”
“i literally wrote in the essay ‘do you even read these’ & got a 100%.”
“( place completely ridiculous nickname here ) IS A TOTALLY VALID & GOOD NAME TO GO BY.”
“he looked at me! he LOOKED AT ME, & I LOOKED AT HIM! we looked at each other, WE’RE IN LOVE!”
“you can’t just go up to the money guy at taco bell & ask for his number.”
“well look at that, apparently you can go up to random guys at taco bell & get their number.”
“they …. ran out of mac ‘n’ cheese the minute i got to the front of the line … EVERYTHING IS FOR NAUGHT, MY LIFE IS OVER, GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!”
“it’s literally just macaroni, i could go home & make you some right now & bring it to you tomorrow.”
“please, please, please bring me mac ‘n’ cheese. please.”
“why is this a daily thing in our lives?”
“wait …. if theodore isn’t after franklin roosevelt … who was president after him?”
“was theodore roosevelt even a president …?”
“the entire time we were taking that test, i had fergalicious stuck in my head.”
“let’s braid our hair together! it’ll be like tying each others shoe laces to each other, but instead it’s braids!”
“no, no — that’s a terrible idea, how about we tie our shirt sleeves together!”
“why not both?”
“sometimes i think about dinosaurs & what it would be like if they weren’t extinct & how it would be to ride on one.”
“can you imagine it??? in zoo’s, the signs would be all like, dinosaur rides, $5 each! & you can just fly around or run around with your dinosaur pal!”
“we should bring dinosaurs back, why did they just fade out?”
“dinosaurs didn’t fade out, they exploded from a meteor ….”
“please, just get some sleep. maybe you’ll stop saying stupid stuff if you do.”

Best of Wives and Best of Women

(A @hamil-tots fic. Originally I was going to make it so that Alexander was switching schools completely, but that was too sad even for me. (And I love sad stuff) So instead Alex is just going away for a week, which is hard enough as it is when you’re a kid. I’m not sure how it is when you’re five, but my baby cousin is 2 and you can tell him all you want “I’m leaving, I won’t see you again” and he’ll say OK, then five minutes after you’re gone he’s asking where you are. So anyways)

“Dear Betsey,

My family is going on vacation for a week upstate and we’re leaving today. I’m leaving school early and won’t see you for a long time. But I don’t want you to be sad without me, so remember that in seven days I’ll be back. We can count the days together.

You are the best girl I’ve ever met,


Alex balanced Philip on his lap as he wrote out his note on construction paper, with a blue crayon. He wanted to write the note in Eliza’s favorite color. He knew that he should’ve told Eliza that he was leaving in person, but he was too scared that they would both get sad. He was just signing his name when he heard someone stir behind him. The rest of the class was napping and Mr. Washington let him stay up to write a goodbye. Alex flipped the paper over and turned around quickly to see who was getting up, and stood up when he saw it was Eliza.

“Alex? You should be napping.” she said, rubbing her eye sleepily.
“I’m going home early today, my mom’s going to pick me up.” Alex replied.
“But…it’s still nap time.” Eliza said.
“I know.” Alex said quietly. “I was just writing something down.”
Eliza looked over at the table. “Why do you write so much? We don’t even have writing homework tonight.”
Alex pulled Eliza into a hug with Philip squished in between them. “Shh.” He said quietly.
“What’s wrong with you? Just come back to sleep.” Eliza said.
“I’m going home early.” Alex repeated.
Eliza shook her head. “Well, I’m going to go back to sleep.” She said, pulling out of the hug.

Alex hesitated then stepped forwards. “Hey wait!” He said. Eliza turned around and Alex handed Philip over to her, letting her take him. “Keep him for me.” He said.
Eliza looked down at Philip and held him by a paw. “…ok.” She said.
“I wish all girls were like you.” Alex said.
Eliza smiled softly. “Really?” She asked.
“Uh huh. You’re the best one I’ve ever met.” He said.
Eliza smiled and got back under her covers, cuddling up to Philip. Alex turned around and flipped his paper back over, finishing up his note. When he was done he folded it in half and stuck it in Eliza’s cubby, on top of her backpack, and then Mr. Washington walked him outside to wait for his mother with him.

nct as texts in my class chat
  • Taeil: #whyareyouallsogay
  • Hansol: that was my plan and if you steal it i will break a coconut with your head
  • Johnny: *at 1am* what was the homework and did anyone do it and can you send it to me. *1:50am* please?
  • Taeyong: you all should be studying instead of writing here
  • Yuta: *only ever writes happy birthday and happy new year*
  • Kun: oops sorry, wrong chat
  • Doyoung: wow! great! i would've never! ever! thought of that!! you! deserve! a medal!!!!
  • Ten: *only ever sends dog pics captioned 'look how cute, just like me'*
  • Jaehyun: i just met my old teacher, should i fuck him?
  • WinWin: why did i even get up
  • Mark: i'll explain the homework to you but you gotta do it yourself i'm not THAT nice
  • Renjun: *the one who always sends the material*
  • Jeno: *uses fish and noodle as insults*
  • Haechan: Guys…I have to tell you something…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT
  • Jaemin: Shirts do weird things sometimes, you never know what they’re up to in your closet
  • Chenle: i'll bring watermelon. or some other fruit. fruits are great.
  • Jisung: *8pm* good night, i'm going to sleep

I think what’s really sad is just how much guilt can be involved with school as it is right now. For example, tonight I didn’t have a lot of homework so I finished it early and I can go to bed at 9 and catch up on some sleep. But I feel bad about going to sleep early. I should stay up until 11 and work on some stuff I have due later this week. I won’t do that because I need the sleep more, but I feel bad about it. Why do people feel so guilty for putting things off? Why can’t students take advantage of a light day to catch up on sleep or their favorite tv show or just to relax? We’re living in a system where we feel shitty and awful when we’re doing all of the work and guilty when we finally say “fuck this, I’m going to do what’s best for me and my mental and physical health.” This has to stop.

Why is there so much hate for straights in the gay community? I have had a few people go off on me for no reason at all. Once a girl got pissed at me because I said “aaaaand?” when she said she was a lesbian. Shouldn’t you be happy I don’t care about you sexual orientation and want you to introduce yourself with something else? Another time I joined in on a joke with a lgbtq+ group and someone mumbled “Ew no straights allowed.” At first I thought that was how they joked so I played along and laughed, but then they started to slowly excluded me from the conversation. I’m not saying its everyone (my friends have shown me lots of accepting people) but jeez if I haven’t came for your throat why come after mine? I still have mad love for everyone though even the ones who don’t like me

I still feel like somehow this post will go wrong but hey everything usually goes wrong anyways

What they think about before bed

Aries: “Should I go to the party on Saturday?”

Taurus: “I’m so hungry!! No one will hear me…let me go get a snack…”

Gemini: “Why am I still awake!?!”

Cancer: “I have to get invited, don’t stress! Saturday is in a few days, I’ll get invited”

Leo: “who else should I invite on Saturday?”

Virgo: “Should I wear my black pants or my jeans tomorrow?”


Scorpio: *singing lyrics*

Sagittarius: “what homework didn’t I finish?”

Capricorn: “I have to get up in x amount of hours”

Aquarius: “If I think sweet dreams, they will eventually happen”

Pisces: “Does he like me? He has to…he’ll definitely text back.”


baby!jily. Thank you eternally to Dee (bobandsmallbob) for beta-reading! 

“So you’re a Muggleborn?” he asked, pushing his too-large-for-his-face glasses up the bridge of his nose. They were standing outside the Potions classroom one scorching afternoon. Professor Slughorn was obviously running late, and Lily was standing outside with the rest of her classmates, waiting with the other Gryffindor girls, because Severus had somehow ingested some Doxy droppings, and was not in class. And somehow, Lily had ended up leaning against the wall next to James Potter.

Immediately, Lily tensed, her fingers fumbling on the clasp of her bag as she went to snap it closed. At thirteen, there were still a few things about the magical world that were relatively new to her. About to embark on her third year at Hogwarts, she still considered herself to be learning, but she still knew enough to know that being a Muggleborn these days was not exactly anybody’s first choice.

She nodded slowly, eyeing the boy warily. By second year, James Potter had a reputation that preceded him, but he was okay, thought Lily. He was close with the nice girl in the year above, Marlene, and Marlene McKinnon had a good judge of character. Despite being in the same house, Lily didn’t have too much interaction with James Potter, except in big groups. But in her head, that didn’t count. She still knew enough about him to know that his blood was as pure as a spring of fresh water, and that girls liked his hair.

But, even as she waited for a dig at her blood (even a relatively soft one, like a snort or a sympathetic pat on the shoulder), the boy started grinning like she had just told him he’d won his own ice cream truck.

“So you grew up with the … uh,” he paused, his eyebrows knitting together.

“The what?” she prompted, not knowing whether to laugh, or to press her books protectively to her chest and march away.

“The box, you know the box, with the pictures,” he chattered, tracing a rectangle in the air with his fingers. Lily looked at him for a few seconds in silence, gobsmacked, just long enough for him to look uneasy. Here was a well-respected Purebood – from ancient, wealthy lineage – who didn’t seem to care that her blood was tainted or ‘impure’. She didn’t know where he was just playing with her before making a rude comment, or if he really was interested in the ‘picture box’. Lily smiled weakly, allowing herself to hope.

“The television?” she supplied quietly. To her surprise, he nodded so enthusiastically Lily thought his head would pop off any second.

“Yeah,” he chirped, grinning. “How do those things even work?” he mused, and Lily, who had limited knowledge of the exact way electricity worked, merely shrugged.

“You just plug it in.”

He looked at her as if she had spoken another language, but was delighted that she had done so. Lily took in his bewildered expression with a small inkling of excitement. As much as she loved the castle, and she did adore it, occasionally she felt a pang for her home, for the simplicity of her Muggle sanctuary. Sev, who hated his home, spoke of the ‘mundane’ Muggle aspect of their lives with disdain, something like a myth, or at the very least, something that made his stomach turn. And most of her friends weren’t Muggleborns, or lived a very different Muggle life to hers. So she had no one to help her bleed out the pangs of homesickness when they did strike her.

Except James Potter, she thought to herself, with whom she shared nothing but a cordial relationship – friendly, pleasant, but hardly a deep one by any means – and he didn’t seem to mind standing with her and asking her about a television, a contraption most wizards would have found dull and far from illuminating. His whole face seemed pretty illuminated as she explained as best she could how a television worked. It felt nice to talk about something she was absolutely sure of, and James listened, rapt.

He seemed like an entirely different boy from the one she saw around Severus.

“Do you think I could build one?” James asked her, drumming his fingers on his leg as his eyes darted around.

“I’m not sure,” Lily admitted, her cheeks going pink as she laughed. “You could always try, I suppose.”

“Ah, I reckon me and Sirius could figure it out. We’re looking for a new hobby…”

Lily shook her head, smiling at him. “And then, of course, there’s the cinema.” He motioned for her to elaborate. “Well, those pictures that you see on the television, the programs?” He nodded. “Well, sometimes people make much longer ones, and they’re called films, and whenever a new one comes out, they put it on the cinema – er, it’s sort of like a theatre, but instead of a stage, there’s a massive screen where the picture plays.”

He was looking at her now like there was pure gold flowing from her mouth instead of words. “How do I not know any of this?” he hissed, more to himself than to her.

Lily smiled timidly, nudging his elbow. “The Pureblood is lost.”

He blinked at her for a second, and then broke out into a brilliant grin – a smile made of pure sunshine, that somehow had the effect that made everyone feel warm and accepted and cheerful. “Hey, let’s not start with that, yeah? I don’t have much time for that start of thing. Blood is blood. The only thing you really need to worry about is not losing too much of it.”

He didn’t seem to think that much of what he’d just said, but to Lily it was a miracle. It was sweet, and it was said so simply, as if that should have been obvious. He’d probably not contemplated the differences in bloodlines late at night when he couldn’t sleep. He probably didn’t think about it all. Because to him, there weren’t any differences. It brought her a little faith, somehow.

James had already moved on. “So can you help me with my Muggle Studies homework? I don’t know why, but there aren’t a lot of books in the library about it, you know? They keep telling us, “Go find Muggle inventions and do a report” and “Explain the circus culture” but how am I supposed to do that if there aren’t any books on it?”

Lily blinked over at him and grinned. His eyes lit up with fascination. “Yeah. Yeah, I can help you.”

“And you know what me and Sirius really love? Motorcycles! We found some magazines this summer, and they were so wicked!”

Lily just laughed quietly. “Yeah, they are pretty cool.” She sat back, happily listening to James jump from topic to topic, Muggle contraptions the focal point of most of them. Here was the real difference, she thought, between the people in the wizarding world. She’d never been more proud. In years to come, she’d remember that moment, before James Potter had grown his head too big, when he would babble on with her about things from the Muggle world. She saw more and more of that James Potter in later years, and it was that moment that reminded her just how much she liked that boy, the one who liked motorcycles and couldn’t care less what blood she had. This James Potter was someone she liked to have around.

Stereotypes About INTJs

We’re Bitterly Sarcastic All the Time

Not necessarily true. I’m only sarcastic 90% of the time. 

Truthfully, sarcasm comes naturally to me. It’s easier, and more amusing for me than simply saying giving a simple statement. For instance, during a final, a friend of mine asked how to divide 230 by 25%. I shot him a look. We were in college. Now, I could’ve texted:


But it was much more fun to say:

It’s not like we’ve learned fractions yet, us still being in kindergarten. 

As of late, I’ve realized other people find sarcasm annoying. It doesn’t particularly bother me. I think of it as a gentler alternative to calling someone an idiot, which isn’t socially acceptable either. But sometimes, you have to call someone out for asking a dumb question so they don’t waste your life with more dumb questions if they’re an adult (children excluded). I think LMGTFY was invented for the INTJ who’s probably been used as the personal database for far too many of their classmates in an effort to be nice. The ISTJ is another type who, I’ve noticed, is pretty astute with sarcasm. Severus Snape is a prime example. Low Fi and high Te are why we’re so outspoken and not quite aware of how it effects others. Condescending comments however, piss me off, particularly when you’re trying (or not) to belittle me. Condescension /=/ Sarcasm. 

We Don’t Have Emotions

Oh, but we do. And they’re probably tied to jealousy, feeling left out, feeling ignored, or being (once again) condescended to. We take our competency very seriously. If you’re ignoring us in favor of someone we consider inferior (again, not a tasteful word, but that’s what it feels like in the moment), we’re probably pissed. If you forget something we consider rather important, our opinion of you is going to go down.

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I don’t think I see myself clearly like I don’t know who the fuck I am and I know that if I close my eyes and try to imagine myself, my face, I know that I can’t and I do find that rather weird. I don’t know what I am going to do after I graduate this summer, ha well I don’t know what to do right now, I know what I have to do, homework, but I never do because I am so absolutely devastated with myself, so I just rot away watching films and stuff. I can’t be 18, I don’t want to go any further. Let me be, I wannaaaaa sleep. (Agh why am I so devastated???? I’ve got everything, I should be happy and excited, you’re an arsehole Anna) 

When teachers ask me why i don't do my homework
  • Me: I believe in the separation of church and state.
  • Teacher: what does that have to do with anything?
  • Me: Church should not govern the state. State should not govern the church. I don't come here to sleep and eat all the poptarts, I disagree that School should interfere with my home life.
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher: do your homework
To my fellow high school students:

Have you ever wondered why nearly your entire existence is dedicated to school? We spend our days worrying: “will my SAT scores be enough?” “Did I spend enough time on my homework?” “Should I have woken up at 4 this morning to finish those notes?” Our education system teaches us that our lives are defined by a grading scale, and that our self-worth isn’t determined what kind of personalities we have, but by the answers we get right on a test.

I just now realized—this mentality is not okay.

Not sleeping for days on end to do your homework as perfectly as possible is not okay.

Students having panic attacks out of fear of not completing an assignment or messing up on a test is not okay.

But you know what is okay?

Getting a B. Missing a homework assignment so you can get some sleep. Not knowing something. Not being perfect. It’s all okay.

Listen up.
You are powerful. You are smart and funny and strong. People love and respect you, no matter if your GPA is a 2.9 or a 4.0. There is someone in your life that glows a little inside when you smile at them, and they don’t care if you get a 100 in your government class. You are worth so much more than any grade a teacher could give you, or any college you get accepted into.

Please. Put down the pencil. Close your laptop. Go to sleep. You and your health are more important than any project due tomorrow. Never forget—you are brilliant, and it has nothing to do with your grade in any class.