i have her(

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

Sana is going to end up breaking down at some point in this season. Because she doesn’t fit in anywhere, not even in her own skin. Because other people don’t fit in her equation either, because love doesn’t fit in her equation, because she doesn’t fit in her own equation, an equation she doesn’t even know how to solve. It’s all too familiar. There is only so much hurt you can carry, so much pain to heal before it becomes too much to handle.

I played my singing tutor IDWWMT on Wednesday night and she really liked it and asked me to show her more of Joji’s music?

I wanna send her the 30 min Joji mix that’s on youtube that I love but I’m a lil worried.

She’s a 58 year old Christian woman.

Wh… what if she finds Filthy Frank?

“In spite of her obvious silent tension, she looked—well—beautiful. Months ago, he never would have thought he’d fall this deep into his own impulsion. What started out as a harmless dare by the other bidders became an all-out spiraling to unexpected, but not unwelcome emotions. He knew he felt strongly towards her, but was he ready to label that feeling? Everything leading up to this moment wasn’t planned—he only made it this far because he managed to spontaneously luck out every single time.”

— Paper-Thin Disguise, Chapter 5

commission done by @arthappyneko! Thank you so much for this! It’s beautiful!! Please commission her when she has slots available!!! Her art is amazing and the prices are very affordable :DDD

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“Yeah, life sucks, but do your best to do good anyway.”

My mom often complains that her cell phone battery sucks and it dies REALLY fast, like so fast that she has to charge it at least twice a day. Today I discovered why.

So I had to stay a little later than planned at work today, meaning that my mom beat me home. When I arrived, we sat and talked a while and eventually got around to what we wanted for dinner. Since my mom needed to get gas anyway, we decided to place an order at Pizza Hut, which is literally right beside one of the gas stations she likes. We put in the call and off we go.

On the way, my mom hands me her phone and tells me to text @fini-mun to ensure that he knows we’re out to get food so he won’t make something else for himself in the meantime. After sending the text, I get a song stuck in my head that I’ve been listening to a lot lately, so I wake the phone back up to go listen. Fortunately for this story, my preferred method of listening to music is through YouTube.

I’m not a fan of the YouTube app, so I tend to go through a browser. My mom uses Chrome, so I open it up and go to open a new tab, as I consider that the courteous thing to do when using someone else’s device. However, when I click the tabs button, the phone starts flickering so badly I’m glad I don’t have epilepsy. At first I thought the phone was just generally freaking out, but the longer I watched, the more I realized that the flickering was her tabs loading. Tab after tab after tab after tab. AFTER TAB AFTER TAB AFTER TAB AFTER TAB.

I incredulously ask my mom why the fuck she has so many tabs open, and she disinterestedly tells me she “hasn’t cleared them in a while”. I start scrolling through them, and the more I read what they actually are, the more I realize just how true that statement is. It’s almost been a year since she’s closed any tabs. She had tabs from before the Rio Olympics. There were over a dozen tabs just of the webcam for April the giraffe.

By this time my mom’s pumping gas, so I start closing tabs. Not all at once, though; I had to know just how many tabs she had open, so I closed them one at a time to count them. “But Sally-mun, why not just check the tab button? It’s supposed to tell you how many tabs you have open.” Yeah, it is supposed to, isn’t it? However, my mother had so many fucking tabs open it couldn’t display a number. Sometimes it was just a square, and sometimes it got weird and made a “:D” face instead. I should’ve taken a screenshot just to prove this actually happened, it was fucking absurd.

So one by one I’m closing tabs and quietly counting to myself. My mom gets her gas and gets back in the car. I’m still counting. We coast over to pizza hut and my mom goes in. I’m still counting. She returns with the pizzas and slides them into my lap. Stiiiill counting. Before going home we drove through McDonald’s for fountain pops. I’M STILL FUCKING COUNTING.

When I got to 200, I told myself I wasn’t going to count any higher. 200 was more than enough to evoke the necessary shock and awe this store requires, but after a moment I realized that I couldn’t just leave it at that. I… I had to know for sure. I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t know exactly how big of a mess my mother’s phone had gotten into. I started counting again. We were almost home by the time I finished.

481. She had 481 tabs open in her browser.

My mother works in the IT field. She’s been in that field since I was a little kid. SHE’S the one that informed ME when I got a smart phone that having too many tabs open can drain your battery.

Why, mother. Why would you do this to yourself.