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2017.08.16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHUKASHUU!! (இ⌓இ )ゞ

Every time I watch you dance, your energy and enthusiasm are so overwhelmingly refreshing, it was like you were born to perform. You’ve taught me, many, many times over, that simply watching someone enjoy doing what they love most is magical. Good luck at Kobe this weekend! We’ll be cheering for you. Thank you for inspiring me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


even after pearl got her a glass of milk AND sprayed out her mouth with the sink sprayer theres STILL peanut butter stuck between her fangs!!! unbelievable! 

Design trade with @lebazardesmondes ~

Meet Blush Rose, the world’s most awkward runway model with a keen eye for design. She may be a cousin to a certain pink hair stylist of mine~ 

Hope you like her Moon! <3

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hey - a little bit of an awkward question i guess but i have prosopagnosia and i honestly cant tell if you're one person cosplaying as the twins or if there's two of you, either way i adore your cosplay(s)

(OOC: It’s two!

My sister ( @findingfandomwithafangirl ) has joined me on quite a few adventures on this account! We are identical twins, so any confusion is understandable) 

“Cat toys?! No you must be mistaken, these are dog toys!”

I just got one of those cat backpacks from amazon with the bubble window so they can see out because I travel a lot and it’s making me think abt how Prentiss would feel bad leaving Sergio at home on cases so what if she got one of those and just. Fuckin brought him everywhere she went with the FBI in it

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Meg/Ron = The only good character in Family Guy, 98% of the time.

sorry to pop the bubble, but i think i’ve glorified meg a little too much on this blog

she’s a good character, and she has the ability to be saved, but… as wikipedia puts it?

In the episode “Chris Cross”, it’s strongly hinted that Meg is working with Dutch neo-Nazis when she orders Chris to retrieve mail she receives from the Netherlands at a private post office box, saying she’s “sort of part of a group that trashes the Anne Frank house every spring." 

i watched the episode in specific to see what it said, and

so that part’s true, meaning that everyone in this series is complete garbage

though i root for meg and i want her to be a better person, it should be noted that she’s still Pretty Garbage Too and we can’t excuse or forget that.

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More were-plaidypus! Maybe Wendy.

Were-Wendy seemed like the easiest thing to do with this pallete, since it has lots of fur colors and green.

*had heard rumors about heart wrenching season ending*
*kirsten seems to lose her memory and doesn’t remember anything*

me: well that wasn’t as bad as I thou-

kirsten: “I will never forgive you for what you’re make me do to him”

me: “OH MY GOD”