i have had this song on repeat for two hours

And your teeth are two white smears that cut the gray
Like light behind the clouds
And my heart is flapping like a bird that’s trapped inside a wire cage
I hear you laughing, saying:
“Darlin’, there’s no need to fear. You know how to swim”

i doodled the Outsider
it may have gotten out of control

I’m completely obsessed with reputation to the point where it’s just on a constant loop at all times. I’ve gone two hours and realize I had the same song on repeat the entire time. Sometimes my brain thinks, “oh no what if this is the time I get sick of it?” But then I realize it’s Taylor Swift and she’s literally the only artist I’ve listened to for the past 11 years on repeat every single day of my life and it’s just not possible to get sick of her. Because honestly thank god for never having to worry about that irrational fear ever again.

If you had asked me two hours ago if I thought any song could be better and more emotional than “The Moment I knew” I would have scoffed. Well it turns out I was wrong. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it was released and I have yet to not get the goose bumps during every replay.

I’m so happy @taylorswift is happy. Her happiness makes me happy.

If this is what true love sounds like I will never settle for meritocracy again

To Be With You

Author: lapetitejeanes

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Romance, 90s Music

Shot/Word Count: one shot, 1200 words

Summary: OK I have an obsession with 90s music at the moment and this is inspired by “To Be With You” – Mr BIG. You and Sebastian have been friends for years and when you break up with your boyfriend he decides to show you his feelings. Insert adorableness. (I highly recommend listening if you don’t know the song)

Dedication: I dedicate this to my downstairs neighbour who had the pleasure of overhearing me listen to this song on repeat for a good two hours. Soz not soz!

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Dearest taylorswift,

I wish I had the time to plan out my outfit and make a great sign for when I see you this Saturday the 11th at MetLife, but I work 40+ hours a week and I’m on a tight college student budget so unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for me. 
This’ll be my first time going to one of your concerts, and I know this will never reach you but I wanted to thank you for a couple things (or, moreover, for a couple of songs in particular:

  • Thank you for Teardrops on My Guitar, which got me through my middle school crush telling me I was ugly and that I didn’t have a chance with him.
  • Thank you for Last Kiss, which will always remind me of the boy I loved and hung out with for the first time on July 9th.
  • Thank you for Mean, which helped me get over the 8+ years of bullying that I went through.
  • Thank you for The Moment I Knew, which got me through my 18th birthday when that same boy didn’t call.
  • Thank you for Out of the Woods, for releasing it two days before my Accounting midterm. I had it on repeat for 6 hours the night before.
  • Thank you for every song, every interview, and everything you’ve done that has helped me with my self harm/depression issues for the past 7+ years. Thanks to you, I’m finally clean.

I dream about meeting you every week (like literally dream, to the point where I wake up and start to believe it’s real for .2 of a second). To be given the chance to thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me would be mean the world to me, but even if I don’t, seeing you live this weekend will be enough. I’ll be sitting (with one of my best friends). I’m at work right now so I don’t exactly remember where my seats are, but I’ll reblog this again later to add it.

Love (forever and) always, Lexi

(also: here’s what I look like!):

We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been
We just try to keep those secrets in our lives
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
I never know, no one wants it to

So I could take the back road
But your eyes’ll lead me straight back home
And if you know me like I know you
You should love me, you should know

Friends - Ed Sheeran

I just had to. I just listened to the song like, two hours ago. It’s been on repeat. I can’t. I just. MAYBE THIS IS HOW THEY DISCUSSED IT? I DON’T KNOW. But enjoy!! 

Thanks for 3k follows and I’m sorry for the lack of art. College is eating me up. 

I’m Worried About My Brother

My older brother stays in his room all the time. Like, all the time. He doesn’t even come out for dinner anymore. My mom started leaving a plate in the hall for him a week or two ago. When I walk past his room at night before bed, the plate is still there, full of food. In the morning, the plate is there, but empty.

I never hear him use the bathroom, but it smells in there. I asked my dad if Damon is pissing in jars, but he acted like he didn’t hear me. That’s the same thing I would do if I had a kid who was pissing in jars, tbh, but it’s still pretty seriously subpar parenting.

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