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“Light and Daffodils”
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Well, Mystic Messenger is one of my recents obsessions (all this year xD) and it’s so SO sad that I don’t have any friends who likes this game too!! I’m all alone! :(

Anyway! this Wednesday Cheritz confirmed V route! OMG!!! I just want to save him! >___< I heard the song (kind of) "Light and Daffodils” in the video that they released, and it just broke my heart!! T___T violin and cello, omg T____T
Then I just saw this image of V in my mind while listening it and I had to draw it!! (it was midnight then, but who cares haha)

In the end in of the song, the lyrics says: You can take my all, representing V’s feelings… * cry again * 

I hope you like my illustration! It was made with many, many tears xD


this is what i did today instead of work on that little animatic or answer any ask blog questions: i drew the toons into images i have saved on my lampblack pinterest board… obviously not the humans though, because like… ya know. in my imagination, it’s how things would look. if i had a realistic art style lol. as always, bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge and betty belongs to @131-di  

in order:

  • A Király utca - Kinszki Imre (1929)
  • Montmartre Paris 1930’s by André Kertész
  • 1931. Airship Columbia over Empire State Building
  • Martin Munkácsi :: Dancers in Seville, Spain, 1930
  • Klösz György: A Reitter Kávéház az Operaháznál, Budapest, 1896
  • Art Déco staircase ‘Restaurant Prunier’, in Paris
Finn does not give a fuck about your idols

Star Wars: The Force Awakens established the male lead Finn as an antifascist, anti-authoritarian hero, and he is justly celebrated as such. I don’t think people talk as much, though, about his relationship with authority and legends in general: Specifically, that he does not trust authority and has no use for legends.

This makes Finn a different kind of hero, one who is not only anti-authoritarian but anti-authority. He is not like Luke who was all starry-eyed about the Jedi and his father. He is not even like Rey who filled her starved soul with dreams of heroes, or Poe who grew up surrounded by legends. Finn also stands in contrast to the main villain, Kylo Ren, who turned his back on the heroes of the Rebellion and Republic only to bow down to idols of the Empire and First Order.

Finn’s closest predecessors are Han Solo of the original trilogy and Jyn Erso of Rogue One, especially Jyn who was the traumatized, world-weary outsider before she threw in with like-minded comrades in the Rebellion. With Finn, however, I believe the ambivalence about choosing a side is portrayed as not only a reflection of his trauma but also a healthy reaction to it.

This hesitation about the Resistance puts Finn in a fascinating position in the Star Wars universe and opens a whole new window into the nature of political thought in the Star Wars franchise. Here’s how:

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Better off with you watching over me (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Okay so I finally finished this… at uni in the library. You’re all a bad influence on me. I had a hard time figuring out how graphic to go with this so hope this is what you were looking for? Anyway, here ya go anon ;) 

You were staring outside the window again. It was dark outside. Apart from some outlines and dim lighting you didn’t see anything, you just heard the rain ticking on the window and the warmth of a blanket around you. You gritted your teeth as you were trying very hard not to think of the million things that could be going wrong with Jason right now. After his death he had become more reckless… and you were scared you weren’t going to get him back again if something… happened. You shook your head as you tried your damn best to ban those ideas out of your head. They were no good now and they never would be. It was part of the deal to grid and bear it. You grabbed your laptop and dropped yourself in his couch. Not quite as luxurious as his room at Bruce’s place, but more… anonymous somehow. It felt good to be alone together but at moments like these the place just felt desolate.

You opened your laptop and glanced at the time. 2 am. Damnit, you were lucky you didn’t have anywhere to be the next morning. Not that you wouldn’t be there if you had. You had just had one of those days where you couldn’t get him off of your mind. You sensed something was off, usually when this happened he came back more torn up than usual. You glanced over at the bandages and the disinfectant you put ready. “Jason where the hell are you even at.” You murmured. You checked some texts online, they were interesting enough but not to the extent they banned the worry that clung to you like wet clothes. You decided laying down was an option and started to dose off when you heard someone enter the door and closing it behind him. You opened your eyes. Not sure what you expected to see.

“ Jay… please tell me you’re still alive.”
“ Well, I’m technically undead.” You opened your eyes and saw him standing there in the doorway. Suprisingly, he didn’t seem too badly hurt. Some cuts and bruises at most. Nothing he wouldn’t have been able to easily fix himself. He flung his leather jacket in the general direction of a chair where It flung over the back support.
“ An ungodly hour for a booty call. What the fuck are you doing here at this time?” He asked, sounding tired and utterly done with the world in and of itself.
“ I wanted to check up on you. What happened?”
“ You’re better off not knowing.” He grunted. He looked frustrated and something you could not define as easily.
“ Bad day at work, huh?”
“ Doesn’t begin to cover it.” He walked over to you and you noticed something was really, really wrong this time. “ Jason what happened.” He sighed and sat next to you, legs spread and taking up a lot of space in the couch.
“ I stopped some jackass from killing a woman. “
“ That seems like a good thing to me.”
“ Not the first victim. And she’s alive, but in a coma. Fuck, she looked like you. Same… hair and build.“ You arched your eyebrows.
“ Did you think she was me?”
“ Of course not, I’d recognize your ass anywhere.” He grinned but it wasn’t genuine.
“ Jay.” You were pleading with him not to joke about this for once. He always did this.
“ No. But it served as a reminder. Being with you puts you in the line of fire. I made a fair share of enemies, maybe she was supposed to remind me of you. They could have found out I’m not entirely on my own. Maybe you should… steer clear for a while.” He started to take off his clothes, revealing some cuts and bruises but once again nothing he couldn’t handle himself.

“ I know for a fact you’re not self-conscious about how you look so how exactly do you intend to persuade me if you’re gonna run around shirtless?”  That earned you a smile. You followed him into the bathroom as he ran some water of the shower already. He used with hot water, and it took some time for the thing to heat up. He got under the water but you knew he could still hear you and vice versa.

“ I’m serious, y/n.”
“ About the being without me for a while… Indefinitely you mean? You’re never gonna stop being who you are, doing what you do. I ain’t going anywhere. I know the risks and the code to the gun safe.” He looked at you proudly through strands of hair stuck to his face.
“ My little rascal. No, just until I know for sure he wasn’t working for someone or a copycat.”
“ Not a chance that I’m staying away from you Jason. If I’m not around you get even more trigger-happy out there.”
“ How’d you know?”
“ I just do.”

He didn’t even try to contend your statement. This wasn’t a first, but last time you had a massive fight over it. He seemed almost too calm now, concerned rather than pissed off because you wouldn’t listen to his suggestion of steering clear from him. Like he didn’t expect anything else from you at this point. You decided to just let him shower and looked at him. Damn, he looked good, almost unreal. The most attractive zombie you’d ever seen. When he was drying off he looked at you again, with the torn expression he had before.  
You walked over to him and noticed he kept his hands off of you, not even pulling you into a hug. Considering just how physical he usually was, you couldn’t see that as a good sign.
“ Jason, mind telling me why you’re not even touching me?” No response. “Hey, look at me. You’re not going to lose me. I’d crawl my way out of the grave to be with you too”
He looked at you with a sense of guilt in his eyes somehow. “ You might not get so lucky.”

You clung to him, head on his still on his bare chest, and felt his hands slip around you as well. He pulled you close, first carefully as if you’d break then the way you were used to. Old habits die hard.  

“ I’d lose my goddamn mind without you. “ he practically whispered against your hair.
“ I’m afraid you’re beyond that point anyway Jay. “ The fact that he didn’t come up with a quip to counter yours showed just how haunted he was by the thought of losing you. When you backed up a little you noticed the trail a tear left on his cheek. Jason didn’t do bawling, barely did crying, so that meant that it got to him. Damnit.

“ You’d save or avenge me.” He cringed at the word avenge, thinking of what that implied.
“ I love you. I’d rather not have to avenge you.” He said, in a surprisingly clear voice.
“ I know. But I’m dating you of all people. They’d only come after me if they had a death wish.”
“ Some of ‘em do. Hell, most of them do. What have I got to fucking offer you anyway? You’ve got a life, I’m spending my nights hunting monsters down. And I can’t get the damn image of that woman out of my head, but then as you. “
“ Then we have to replace it with another image. Of a very, very alive and safe me.”
You grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed while unzipping your cardigan.  At first he seemed frozen in place but he caved quickly when he saw the look in your eyes, that you weren’t just doing this in an attempt to make him feel less like shit.

Before you knew it he had helped you out of the rest of your clothes as well and you ended up underneath the sheets. His touch, his body felt warm against your skin, that hadn’t changed since the Lazarus pit. He was still hot-blooded in personality and sheer body heat. And you still reveled in both. His kisses were greedy, desperate, like this was the last chance he’d ever get to be with you. You pushed him away but he started kissing your neck.
“ Jay, not that I’m complaining but…” “ Shhh, unless you’re about to tell me what you want just stop thinking.”  He found a particularly sensitive spot on your neck.
“ Fuck you’re good at this.”
“ You’re still looking at me as if you’re saying goodbye somehow. Like you’re trying to get the image of me in your head.” By now you could read the man like a book.
He wanted to get back to your neck but you shoved him off of you and got on top of him.
“ Jay, I’m not going anywhere. And I’m gonna be in more harm’s way if I try to track you down after you decided to move. And we both know I’ll do it. I won’t deal with you being stripped from my life again.” He sighed, still staring at you. He felt his way up from your tighs to your side to your breasts where he lingered before moving to your arms and shoulders when you leaned forward a little, supporting on your arms. You couldn’t help but lean in to his touch. Didn’t help your resistance that he looked at you with a look of amazement in his eyes. As if he couldn’t believe you were even real.
“ You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. “

“ Flattery isn’t gonna get you off the hook, Jason. Promise me you won’t leave.”
He gritted his teeth, looking you in the eyes again. He pushed your arms from under you, landing your upper body on top of him. “ You really gotta learn to shut up from time to time.” He knotted his fingers in your hair and and kissed you, deepening the kiss and making you get lost in it again. He gently put you on your back again and caressed your body and traced butterfly kisses from your collar bone down to your stomach where he lingered for a little while.
When he wasn’t kissing you somewhere the sense of panic of him leaving crept up on you again.
“ ‘C mon Jason. I’m better off with you watching over me.”
He tried to get lower but you put stopped him with your knees, he looked at you with amusement.
“ Babe, we both know you can’t stop me.”
“ We both you know you wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t want you to.” He sighed.
“ I’m just trying to keep you alive.”
“ Then stay. Promise me. “ He got off of you and rolled over to his side of the bed.
“ Can’t.”
You sighed. “You get a week, I’ll work from here for the time being. This place is surprisingly well secured and I got taught how to use a gun by you. I’ll wear a bulletproof vest whenever you’re away. And then we drop this. Deal?” He ran his hand through his still wet hair, seeming to convince himself to go. You put your hand on his abdomen and kissed him, up his body, properly, not lightly.
“ Besides…” You got to his lips and pressed your body against his as well as you could. “ How long can you really go without this? ”
“ Fucking hell, fine.” He grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you greedily again, this time just with the familiar fire that seemed to be running through his veins. He grabbed a condom and got on top of you again. “ If you want me to I can first…”
“ No. I’ve waited long enough.” He grinned and placed the palm of his hand on your chest while he went down on you. After he had you gasping for air almost making you come, you managed to bring out “ You’re fucking evil Jason.”
“ No, but I am about to…” He got in you. “ fuck you though.”
“ Always.” He kissed you again, hard, and as you felt him moving with you. After you came together, he whispered in your ear. “ I love you. So much it hurts to know how much danger it puts you in.”
You kissed his shoulder.
“ Imagine what it’s like being me then. At least I’m not hunting down the scum of the earth.”
“ Just Gotham.”
“ Cause that’s reassuring.”
He laughed, and you could tell he wasn’t faking it. “ You’re glorious. In every way. Looks, personality,.. what the fuck did I ever do to get you?”
“ Come back from the dead? I mean, I seem to have a thing for zombies? “
“ Really, got a history do you?”
“ Nooo… just one. But hey, when you got your hands on the hot one.” He brushed some hair out of your face.
“ I adore you.”
“ Likewise. “
He seemed happy again, demons driven away. At least for a while. But regardless of whether he wanted you to or not; you would be there to do so whenever he needed you to.
Because you needed nights like these at least as much.

Whenever I thought of Anton Yelchin, this was the image that came to mind first. He was such a gentle and sweet soul.

Rest in peace Anton, we’ll never forget you. ;__;

he spent the past 6 years being mobbed everywhere he went, paps were everywhere every time and they followed him everywhere in every club with every person around him no matter what situation. even when he lost his mum and went to the xfactor final after party with steve, they push the entire family in front of paps to get pictures of how destroyed they were and sell his pain to dailymail. he has never lifted a finger on anyone and considering what they shouted at him or how they treated him in the past year he could have had all the time. suddenly he got himself arrested for fighting a pap and will go to court and his team instead of trying to save his image a bit despite the situation or calm fans, who now will think twice before approaching him cause he might hit them or do some crazy thing like he’s some justin bieber or kanye west, sell the details and everything to tmz (and i bet you whatever you want tmz will have the video too for the 10pm exclusive) and the sun for exclusive and ele*nor c*lder’s promo. i see. 

I was searching for a reaction image I saved long ago, and found this screenshot of an actual conversation I had with a “friend” who I thought cared about me and I just … am glad to have both him, and the people I was referring to in the chat, completely out of my life for good.

The Arrangement

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both…

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, general rudeness (from Dean), mild angst?

A/N: so this is my new idea for a series! It’s all my brain will do right now. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m hoping you guys like it. Also the title is terrible but it’s all I could come up with.

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anonymous asked:

It has been more than a week since Orphan Black ended. How are you holding up?

It's always awkward the first time

So I joined a campaign on Roll20, and it’s about our third session. We had gotten to level 4, and our Wizard picked the spell Enlarge/Reduce. He had forgotten to cast it during a battle with the undead, of which my Paladin (Akra, a red dragonborn) is great against. So later, he decides to cast it during a fight with orcs whom are trapped within a cave. Our wizard, casts the spell and our druid is forced to roll a dex save in order to not be crushed. He failed, and the 13’ 4" tall dragonborn (who’s trait is that she must protect her friends) accidentally crushes him a little bit. 


Me (OOC): Alright, Akra’s going to be careful and breathe fire into the hole.

DM: Roll a dex save.

Me: Alright (Rolls a 1) ….

DM: Well, Considious, Kithri, make dex checks, and Akra roll damage.

Considious: I have the most hilarious image in my mind.

DM: Alright, so Akra after you’re done, you get off the ground and realize you had crushed your two friends.

Considious: I’m going to roll for how angry my glare is.

Main Bitch Masterlist

Fair warning, “Red Lipstick” and “Beach Image” are some of the first smuts I’ve written and when my account got deleted they were the only ones I had saved and they’re pretty shit. 

***= Smut

always feel free to hit me up with the requests in my inbox or public

My Favorite Student *** Summery: A certain student gets punished for being late. 

What Happens In The Closet *** Summery: Jughead and Archie have some fun at a party.

Something New *** Summery: Y/N tries to switch up the roles with Archie. 

Relentless Sex *** Summery: Archie inturpts Y/N during a shower.

Kiss and Make Up *** Summery: Archie reminisces about Grundy and Y/N gets jealous. 

Quiet *** Summery: Archie and Y/N try to sneak around Fred.

Daddy *** Summery: Jughead send Y/N a few naughty text messages inspiring her to come over.  

Tease *** Summery: Y/N teases Archie at Pop’s and Archie gets some revenge. 

Fun at The Theater *** Summery: Jughead decides to have some fun with Y/N at the theater right next to Archie. 

I’m Yours *** Summery: Chuck slaps Y/N’s butt in the hallway; Y/N shows Archie she’s his. 

“I Can Last Longer” *** Summery: Jughead and Veronica challenge Y/N and Archie to see how long they can go without sex. (Might do part two)

Caught You *** Summery: Y/N sneaks out to go skinny dipping and gets punished by her teacher (Harry Styles).

I’m Home *** Summery:  Y/N is gone for two weeks and has to find a way to get Calvin’s attention.

Blog *** Summery: 

Michael finds Y/N’s old 5SOS Tumblr smut blog and she tries to find a way to get him to shut up about it.

Virgin *** 

**Summery: Bad boy Luke takes nerdy Y/N’s V card. **

Prize ***** Summery: Luke wins a bet and has sex with Y/N.**

Red Lipstick *** Summery: Luke hooks up with Y/N after spotting her sexy red lipstick.

_ Beach Image _*** Summery: LeafyIsHere and Y/N have sex on a beach.

Personal Stories:

First kiss and other things


_Buy Me Love: _The reader is married to a man she doesn’t love and is having an affair with a male prostitute that makes her feel alive. 

Part One

Part Two

Just Best Friends: Elise is dating an abuser and she and her best friend are falling in love but he’s taken. 

Part One

Home Town: Lois must move back to her home town and face her ex and the reputation he left for her.

Part one

Part two

Part three

One Night Stand: Francis thought she just hooked up with a hot stranger. It turns out that that hot stranger is her new boss. 

Part one

Part Two

Part Three


An anon asked me if I ombred the hair in my icon, and I did not lol. Another anon asked me to make a tutorial for how I made the ombre in the icon, so I am making a tutorial for it for the 3rd time cause the other two times I tried the images broke and i didn’t save them so I had to redo the photoshop process :/ this time I saved them

Step One:

A). Go in game and make your sim. Find the base hair color you want and I recommend downloading some recolors of that hair so that you have more options for the ombre. 

B). Go through some poses and find the one you want, then pause CAS using the ‘cheat’ casclockspeed 0

C). Now find the angle you want for you screenshots. I normally just do the basic front angle. After this, click on the hair and it will zoom you in to the sims face, zoom out to however far you want, but make sure the hair category stays open.

D). Take your first screenshot with the color you want the base/root/natural color of the hair to be. Then (without clicking on anything on the sim) go in the hair category and find the recolor or the other color you want your ombre to be. DO NOT CHANGE ZOOM, CAMERA ANGLE, OR ANYTHING.

E). Select the 2nd color and screenshot, you may want to take a few extra screenshots of a few different colors so you have more options.

I am choosing these two:

Step Two:

A). Open both screenshots together in photoshop, with one layers ontop of the other.

B). Delete the backgrounds and add a new layer on the bottom with anything u want it doesn’t really matter okok:

Step Three:

A). Using the soft eraser tool(with 100% opacity), erase the top of the hair and keep going down until you get to where you want the ombre to stop.

B). (Optional) I turn the opacity down to 20% and go over the area where the ombre needs to fade to give it a slightly more fading effect. But it is fine without it imo

C). Merge the two sim layers and do whatever normal editing you would do to your photos

lol the end

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Kill Zone - Part 6: Haunted

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Dean Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak, Cindy Stevenson (OC - mentioned), Ella McKenzie (OC - mentioned), Helena Spencer (OC - mentioned), Lisa Braeden (mentioned)  

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Warnings: minor character death, mention of past character deaths, hinted ptsd, couch sex is complicated, oral sex (female and male receiving), unsafe sex (because I was to lazy to work in a condom - let’s asume she is on the pill but wear them always!)

Word Count: 5900ish (whooops)

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You let yourself fall down onto the bed and you hid your face in your hands as you finally felt it. Your entire body started shaking, as the image of the frightened girl running through the valley played over and over in your mind.

You kept thinking you could have gotten to her, had you not stopped in the clearing, to search for the sniper like Dean had taught you to do. Had you not stopped for those few brief moments, maybe you would have been able to get her to safety before the shot rang through the air, and she fell face first to the ground; dead.

You heard the scream, but you hadn’t realized it had been your own until you were halfway into the clearing, doing the exact opposite of what Dean had ordered you to do. You needed to check on her, clinging on to a small strand of hope that she was still alive, even if you knew deep down that she wasn’t. All it had taken the past two times had been a single shot to the back of the neck, and it had been all it had taken this time.

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I’ll be there

I admit I teared up a little bit while writing this! It’s not too much related to Dunkirk but I hope you’ll still like it! Leave your comments behind, I appreciate it! (Pic is not mine, found it on Google)

It was one of those nights where Alex was woken up by a few hits on his leg because his wife was shifting back and forth constantly. He rubbed his fingers over his eyes and turned on the night lamp next to him. As his eyes met her face, he discovered a layer of sweat covering her forehead and small whimpers of distress left her mouth. He knew she was tormented by nightmares again, something that used to happen a lot recently. Alex also knew which dream it was about, (Y/N) had told him thousand times how she tried to save him but failed over and over again.

In her dream, Alex was back off to war and he was drowning. Their ship had been hit by a torpedo and was sinking fast. (Y/N) was there too, everything took place right in front of her eyes. She perceived desperate cries of horror and help all around her but one specific cry always let the blood in her veins freeze. And that specific cry escaped from her husband’s mouth. He was stuck in the sinking ship, the room where he stood filled with water. He hammered against the heavy door and no matter how much she tried to open the fucking damn door, it wouldn’t budge. It seemed like it was glued to the doorframe. She did everything in her might but something prevented her from saving her man. Something that didn’t want her to help him. The ship was drawn into the depths of the ocean, along with Alex, along with the love of her life in no time.

Seeing her in this state, all vulnerable and helpless, broke his heart in two. He would do anything to keep her away from those dreams but they were something neither he nor she had control of. He sat up and crawled closer to her moving body. He shook on her shoulders plenty of times and caressed her wet cheeks. A few tears already dropped onto the cushion she was resting her head on.

She finally tore her eyes wide open, her body shivering terribly, and a small sob escaped her lips.

“C’mere, love.” Alex said, inviting her into his arms. He rested her back against his bare chest, one hand running soothingly through her soft hair while the other hand was lying on her small bump. He kissed the spot behind her ear and her temple numerous times, knowing exactly this was the way she would calm down.

“I’m sorry.” (Y/N) whispered with a trembling voice, very much affected by her dream. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”  No matter how much she went through the same dream, it always affected her badly. She couldn’t imagine a life without Alex. Losing him would mean the end. She would go out of her mind if she had to live without him.

“It’s okay, darlin’.” Alex responded understandingly. “The same dream, huh?”

(Y/N) nodded quietly, the mention of it caused terrible jolts through her body. What did she do to deserve seeing those horrible images all over again? What did she do to deserve watching her love leaving her?

“Every time I have this dream, I think it’ll be different. I think this time I’m going to save you but-“She hiccupped now, new streams of tears flew down her cheeks. “-but it always ends the same, Alex. I can’t take it, can’t take it anymore.”

“Pshh…love…Everything’s fine… It’s fine, okay?” Alex started to massage her shoulders so she could relax from her nightly experience.

“I can’t lose you, Alex. I already did once and I can’t deal with another one. How would I be able to raise our children? I need you so much. I can’t do anything without you.” Panic started to build up in her body.

When she started to talk like this, Alex knew how much she was affected even though it was a dream, created by her own subconsciousness. How many times had she told him that she was no one without him? That she wouldn’t get anything right if it wasn’t for him? He hated when she talked very low about herself when it was quite the opposite. She was a great mother to their three year old son and she managed being a mom and doing the household at the same time perfectly. Even Alex wondered how it was possible to do two things simultaneously.

“(Y/N), my love, you need to calm down. Can you do that for me, beautiful?” He noticed her ragged breathing. If she wouldn’t calm down, she would have a panic attack which had happened often in the past and he couldn’t allow himself to see her in this state. He ordered her to follow his breathing and together the couple inhaled and exhaled at the same rhythm, filling their lungs with oxygen.

He put another kiss on her temple.

“You’re not going to lose me.” He said, caressing her belly. “You three are not going to lose me. We have a good and long life ahead us and we’re going to take those steps towards our future together. You and me and our children. I’ll be there when you bring our daughter to the world, holding you and supporting you and when she opens her eyes for the first time, I’ll still be there. I’ll be there when we take her home and I’ll be there when she meets her older brother. I’ll be there when Luke visits school, I’ll be there in his first day. I’ll be there when our baby girl takes her first steps and saying her first words. I will protect them, protect you with everything I have.  I’ll be there, watching our children grow to a strong man and a woman and having their own families. I’ll be there when our grandchildren run around our house and we’ll be watching them playing on our backyard together.  I’ll be there, every day and night, in our ups and downs, in our good days and bad days, I’ll be there in every single step that we make. I promised you when we married, right?”

He took her hand with her wedding ring gently into his, kissing her knuckles. “And besides you’re not going to get rid of me that easily, you’re stuck here with me forever, no matter how much you try, I can assure you that.” He laughed softly and (Y/N)’s tensed body slowly began to relax in his arms.

“I’m the luckiest man in this entire world, beautiful, and I’m never going to let go of you. I love you. More than you’ll ever know.”

“I love you too.” (Y/N) whispered, wiping away some tears with her thumps. With her pregnant state, she was over sensual than ever. But she needed to hear those words. He told her so many assuring things and she couldn’t get enough of it.

“We’ve come a long way from where we began and look what we have achieved. We have survived war, we have survived a very long separation and lot more. Do you know how much I had to fight to get your fathers blessing to marry you?”

(Y/N) laughed at this statement. Her father had tortured him for quite a long time and Alex had to prove that he was the right guy for his daughter.

“No matter what happened, we always found our way to each other. You’re the one for me, my love, always and forever. I’m not lettings this go. I’m not letting you go.”

Their lips found each other to a passionate kiss. (Y/N)’s senses were overwhelmed with so much love and affection for her husband. Nobody could ever make her feel like this except for him.

“I’ll be there until our final breath. I promise. I’ll be there.”

Their little moment was interrupted when they heard tiny little footsteps on the hallway, following with little sobs. The door to the bedroom was opened and a little crying boy entered the room, his cheeks stained with uncountable tears.

“Daddy!” Little Luke cried, holding his teddy bear against his body.

“Aye, buddy, what’s the matter?” Alex asked, getting on his feet immediately. Luke opened his tiny arms for him and once Alex pressed him against his chest, Luke nestled his face in the crook of his neck.

“What happened, poppet? Couldn’t sleep, huh?”

“Nightmare.” Luke mumbled sleepily.

“A nightmare? Like your mummy, eh?” He weighed him back and forth in soothing manner. “What do you want me to do? Should daddy fight those monsters again?”

“Want to sleep with mummy and daddy…” The little boy said, holding firmly onto his father.

“You want to sleep with mummy and daddy? Then you’ll sleep with mummy and daddy.” Alex went back to the bed where his wife was waiting for them with a smile on her lips. (Y/N) always loved the way he treated their baby boy. Alex positioned the young child in the middle of their bed so Luke could lie between them. Once Luke made himself comfortable and Alex also lied down, the young boy cuddled against his body.

“He really loves you.” (Y/N) remarked, smiling. She reached out for her husbands hand and intertwined their fingers.

“I love him too.” Alex replied. “I love my family so much.”

And with that, they drifted to a peaceful slumber. Save and secured in each other’s arms.

Headcanon time:

Whenever Dorian tries to make little Felix look more presentable all effort goes to waste literally minutes later if Vax is there.
All because every playing session of his Amatus and son ends up with them both covered in dirt, with messy hair and scruffy clothes.

Dorian gives up.

Bts gif reaction of when you die in his arms.

Credits to gif owners.

Request: Im such a sucker for angst and you write them so good😭 can i have a bts reaction please where you die in his arms and sorta write how it led up to that moment. Thank you so much

Warning: this scenario contains a lot of sensitive topics such as cancer, and I took a lot of time researching about all these topics please don’t think I’m trying to disrespecting anyone, thanks.

(Before I started namjoon’s I would like to explain what lung cancer is, lung cancer is the uncontrollable growth of an abnormal cells that start in one or both your lungs, they do not develop into healthy lung tissue, it rapidly divides and forms tumours.)

Ever since you were young, you suffered from lung cancer, so when you started dating namjoon, that’s the first thing you told him, you had tried all types of treatments from drugs to chemotherapy and radio therapy however nothing seemed to work.
Every breath that you took was even more painful, soon your cancer started to develop even more, not wanting namjoon to worry you didn’t tell him that your cancer had now developed to stage 4, because you were so ill you spent most of your time in the hospital, so when namjoon wanted to take you to the park right outside your hospital, it made you smile.
“Is my princess ready for our little date”
Namjoon always smiled no matter how tired he was, you smiled and nodded.
Being wheeled In the wheelchair to the park was not how you wanted to picture dating namjoon, you wanted to be able to freely go to a cafe, go to the amusement park without worrying, but you didn’t want to make namjoon feel bad so you kept smiling.
Since the morning of that day, your breathing was heavier, much worse, and you knew you had to be ready for something, it had been years of just so much pain.
“Baby, your breathing so heavily are you sure your fine”
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m really happy, that your here”
“Aww how sweet”
He pinched your nose and told you to wait there for him, he had to use the bathroom, that’s when the unbearable pain started, you knew very well, that this time you wouldn’t be able to survive, that this time, was the last time.
It had been almost a full 2 minuets of the pain, you were by now clenching onto your chest for dear life, you didn’t want to leave namjoon without saying goodbye, you didn’t want him to feel guilty for your death, you didn’t want to burden him even after your death.
He screamed your name, almost half scared, you tried to look up, you tried but failed and fell onto the ground.
“Namjoon… I love you.. I really do…”
“No don’t do it, don’t say anything, let’s take you back to the hospital, you’ll be okay, you’ll be be….”
“No… I don’t want to… not anymore… I can’t do it anymore… I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry… promise me something.”
He shook his head and teared up.
“No I can’t let you go, not yet, not now, why, why, let’s go, let’s go back to the hospital, let’s go, you’ll be fine, you can get better, the doct…”
“No…. promise me you won’t blame yourself…. promise me… that you’ll find happiness in someone else…. I don’t want to see you…. alone…. because of me”
“No I don’t get it, let’s go,”
“I won’t get better… it won’t get better…. please….. promise me”
He slowly nodded his head, tears streaming down so fast that it was now dripping on you, you closed your eyes, you felt at peace, at peace, it was nearly impossible because of your cancer.
It took namjoon years, years to get used to your death, he walked past your old hospital room, he smelt the light scent of roses and the thought of you likeing roses, and how many roses he got you for your birthday and Christmas and even Easter.
He walked out, wanting to keep your promise.
“You’ll always be in my heart, and I don’t want to break your promise”

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(So this one was inspired by the her highlight reel)
Jin always knew how clumsy you could be, how everything you did ended up with you having at least one scratch, he seriously loved you and your clumsy ness.
He was on tour for so long, that going on an ice cream date with him seemed like a dream.
You dressed up, in your skirt that he loved, and you waited on a bench near the park, you saw jin walking towards you with a Bouquet of flower in his hands, it looked so beautiful, without thinking, you sprang up and waved towards him while shouting his name.
He turned and smiled and waved back, you ran across to give him a hug, but before you knew it, you were hit by a car, you fell to the ground and the colourful flower fell too and jin came running towards you.
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, please say something, please tell me something.”
He held you in his arms, you were looking so fragile and your skirt and blouse was all bloody.
“Ji…Jin I’m cold……I’m so sorry………I’m so…”
You stopped mid sentence, Jin sat there, blank not saying anything, but screaming and crying, his words were incoherent.
The ambulance soon arrived, and took you to the hospital where you were shortly pronounced dead.
Jin sat there for hours, grabbing any doctor that got in his view.
“Please save my Y/N, please, please tell me she’s okay”
“I’m sorry mr kim, we cant do anything”
He sat there, until he had to go, his members and manager came to get him.
Years later, he still couldn’t get the image of your smile out of his mind, and he always got the same flowers for the day and placed them on the side walk, and left it there.
“If I could turn back time, I would protect you with everything I have”

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Suga knew how much he meant to you, he knew that you would die for him, and he would do the same, you meant the world to him, and you were always there, so he decided to go public with you, the last thing he expected was for his fans to absolutely hate you, he couldn’t Understand why they would hate someone that made him so happy.
“Hey baby, my manager just called, said something about needing to practice more, do you want to come or do you want to just wait here?”
“Mmm, I’m really tired so I’ll wait here, hurry back I’ll miss you”
He smiled at you, pecked you on your lips and left, not even an hour later he left, someone was banging on the front door, thinking it was suga, you ran to it, and looked through the peep hole, it wasn’t, it definitely was not suga, and it wasn’t one person, it was multiple of them, you ran for your phone and dialled suga.
“Baby? What’s the matter? Why are you still up?”
“Oppa there’s someone at the door, their screaming and banging and I’m scared”
“Baby, are you safe? Tell me your safe can you hide in the bathroom and lock it?”
“I’m gonna call the police, I’m scared”
“Just hide and don’t come out, I’ll be there”
You ended the call and called the police, the police saying they’ll be there in no time, but that no time was more than 10 minuets enough time for them to break down the door,
you hid in the toilets trying to not make a single sound, Just then everything went quiet thinking they left, you opened the door and walked out.
Until you felt a sharp pain in your chest, it was a knife, they pulled it out and ran away, you fell to the ground, in pain, suga ran in not long after, holding onto you for dear life.
You were coughing up blood trying to keep it out of your throat so you could breath,
“Suga oppa… I’m tired… I’m cold….. oppa…..I’m sorry”
You closed your eyes for the last time and suga cried, he cried all his tears and he screamed, the police came in and brought an ambulance, they wheeled you into the hospital, but you were pronounced dead on the spot, suga felt dazed he didn’t know what to do.
A year had passed, he had just gotten out of the court after a long trial trying to get justice for your death.
“I’ll always remember you, I’ll always be here for you, even if your no longer here”

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Hobi was a bright sunshine and he lit up anything he came in contact with, his laugh was contagious and so was his smile, you loved him with all your heart.
It was only 10pm when the fire started to blaze, he loved you, but his fans didn’t, they found where you and hope lived, and they set fire to it all.
Jhope was at the front door when he saw a fire blazing from his home, he instantly went in without thinking twice and got you out.
You constantly coughed, finding it hard to breath,
“Oppa……. my lungs…… they hurt….they hurt so much”
“No no no don’t say anything, I’ll get you safe, you’ll be fine”
You stopped, the uneven heartbeat no longer existent, jhopes heart seem to stop as well, it felt like, he had stopped.
The ambulance arrived and tried to resuscitate you but it failed, and you were pronounced dead on the spot.
Jhope was not active with bts for a while, before he had to have a comeback, but each time, he wouldn’t smile.
Years passed and the people who burnt you and the memories away from him, turned themselves in, because of how Jhope was hurt, still even after years.
“Does you coming out, make her comeback because then I would’ve looked for you even till my death, now tell me why you would do such a thing to my only world.”

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Jimin was like a small Hamster, he was always cute and wanted your affection and your love and all your attention.
You were never ill, so when you were sick for a week to the point where you hardly called him, he was worried, he visited your house and rang the doorbell atleast 10 times before the door finally opened.
You walked out of the door, and fell into jimin arms,
“OMG y/n your temperature is so high, what’s going on?!”
“I’m just ill, I’ll b…”
You fainted, he picked you up and ran back to his car, he opened the door and put you in, he couldn’t see you breathing, so he stood you up and tried to wake you up.
“Hey y/n, please wake up, please say something, anything please”
You didn’t respond, he didn’t care, he laid you down and drove as fast as he could to the hospital.
He ran in with you on his back
“Please, someone help my girlfriend”
“What’s the matter sir?”
“I,.. my… SHES…. not breathing… she was ill and now she’s here”
He was chocking up words, in between his little sobs.
He was made to wait for at least 30 minuets without anyone tending to him, his members came to comfort him and tell him you’ll be fine.
That was until the doctors came back,
“I’m sorry mr Park, Miss Y/L/N was pronounced dead 10 minuets ago”
Jimin dropped to the ground, he started to throw a fit, screaming at the doctors for not trying hard enough, he burst into where your body laid, and tried to get you to wake up, he wished and begged for it to just be a dream, for him to wake up to you rubbing his back and let him cry into your neck.
That didn’t happen, days, months and years passed and he still couldn’t get over you, the image of you kept playing in his head, wherever he saw a couple on the streets he turned away crying.
“I can’t bear to stay here, without you, without your shield without your protection, why didn’t you take me too”

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Tae was always dorky, everything he did would make you burst into tears laughing, he loved seeing you healthy and took you to monthly checkups with the doctors Just so he could be sure, every time you went, you were fine.
So when you got back and was out of breath and was extremely pale, he got worried, worried wouldn’t be the word.
“Y/n are you okay? You look really pale, come here let me feel your head”
He placed his fragile hands onto your head and it was hot, you had a temperature.
“Come on I think you have a cold, let’s get you to bed”
You got up to get to bed, but fell into v, if you thought v wasn’t strong, think again, he managed to hold you up still, and he tried to shake you.
“Hey, y/n wake up, let’s get you back to the hospital”
“I can’t… breath…….”
Your heart felt like it was being ripped out , you dug your nails into tae’s shoulders, you tried everything to breath, but it stopped.
“Y/n” he asked cautiously.
He panicked and called the ambulance not knowing what else to do.
“Y/n please say something to me, please”
He pleaded your lifeless body, and it seemed so painful for even strangers to watch.
It took hours of struggling, until you were finally put to rest and pronounced dead.
“You were meant to check her, I kept bringing her here because she kept complaining about her chest pains, you brushed it off and you killed her”
It took him years to stop crying whenever he went through your phone, he saw all the selfies you guys shared, and it broke him.
“Your smile lightened my world, your laugh was like music in my ears, now what do I do without the light, I’m scared in the dark all alone, with no music, why?”

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Jungkook was funnily enough the only source of happiness, his laughs made you so happy his smile, his eye smile it mesmerised you.
You lived to see him, to make him smile, to help him through life.
Until the fans found out, nearly 2 million women hated you, threatening you, to leave him, to kill yourself and saying how you don’t deserve jungkook.
To make jungkook feel less burdened you kept smiling, you told him “I’m fine”.
He constantly asked you how your days were, and the more days passed the more you said “I’m fine/ it was fine”
Everything felt so heavy, so long and painful, your childhood wasn’t the best, and fighting with jungkook made it all the more worse, you fought about something dumb, he left the house, and didn’t contact you for days.
Each day that passed, it made your ill mind manifest itself and you ruled that he didn’t love you, that he never meant anything he said, and how you’re just a burden to everyone.
Jungkook was worried, worried sick and wanted to check up on you but he didn’t know how, so he checked your Twitter, maybe you’ll be out with your friends drinking coffee, what he didn’t expect was a message that read
‘I don’t want to continue this anymore, I can’t do it, I want to breath again’
He was scared, scared and angry, he ran as fast as he could to your house, where he found you lying on the front door.
“Baby, I’m sorry, please I’m sooo sorry, look at me”
“Why? Why? It’s all over now, I can breath again”
You started bubbling from the mouth and you fell into his arms, he lifted you and ran to the hospital.
He sat on the bench alone, his hyungs got there to support him,
“Mr Jeon, please would you come through”
“Is she okay? She’s okay right?”
“I’m afraid not, she has overdosed and unfortunately passed away, I’m sorry”
His heart sunk, he ran out, to your home, anything that could indicate why and what caused this.
When he arrived, your home was a mess, the state that he left it when he was angry and fighting with you, he started crying, he couldn’t control his feelings anymore, DING.
his phone dinged to suggest that he should look at it.
It was from your Twitter, a long note.
This is Y/N and if your reading this now, it means that I succeeded, I’m sorry to those who loved me, I’m sorry to those who supported me, I’m sorry, but I can’t anymore, when someone tells another to die enough times, that persons heart starts to turn black, I guess that’s what happened to me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, and i love you jungkook oppa”
He fell to the floor, now balling his eyes out.
Many months later, he had a comeback with his group, he really did not want to, you weren’t there to listen to his singing and call him beautiful, you weren’t there to say how amazing he was, his fans went crazy, the fans that once told you to die, said “I’m sorry for what happened” and moved on.
Jungkook wanted to kill everyone that killed you, he felt nothing, he felt sick having to laugh and smile to him everything was all fake.
“Your all fake, your the exact ones that told my only hope and light to die, your the exact ones that told my girlfriend who’ll never come back to go and die, she is gone and now your sorry”

“Why would you leave me, I’m cold, your side of the bed is still there, I don’t want anyone but you, I’m so sorry…”

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Oh lord, writing this took me forever, especially because I cried while trying to reread them, Anyways hope you enjoyed anon who requested this, or maybe not enjoyed but this is what you wanted.
Keep requesting and byeeeeee.

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