i have had that first picture on my blog many times

The new girl in the neighborhood.

Hi everyone, i´m Eréndira Fiallo from Puebla,  México. I’m 19 years old and i´m studying the second semester of Textile engineering at BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla).

I start with the idea of making a studyblr since 6 months ago, i saw the cutest blog ever and i fell in love with the idea of making this kind of posts. Back in the time i was very shy to do this but now, in the last 3 weeks i had changes in my life and i decided to be more productive.

A quick about me: I love coffee, reading, taking pictures and solve math problems. I really like to do sports and i hate the cold and the indifference in general. I’m a tall girl (5′6′’) and i have lots of empathy.

I´m very sorry if my grammar and ideas are the worst in he world but english is no my first lenguage (is spanish) and i suck in grammar in general.

I hope many people can read my post. And that’s all.

Thanks for reading and i hope you have a very productive day.

Shopping Centre Blowout

I still have another Bluebell account to finish writing along with a few pictures from it too but thought it best to write up yesterdays over the top mission first while the memory is still clear.

A full on shopping centre incident has crossed my mind many times before and I have actually done it once before a good few years back but it was an unplanned fairly solid poop that happened when I was on my way back from a party the previous night. I’d easily emptied it into the toilet without much staining. Having been inspired by a recent post by enemmauk in which she’d pooped herself in a shopping centre, I decided I needed to do it again too. It turned out to be one of the biggest rushes whilst simultaneously humiliating experiences of my life.

I’ve had a few missions lately as my personal circumstances have been favourable to it. I don’t usually get to go on this many missions but having finally got around to starting a blog to keep a diary of it, there’s been a slightly increased motivation for it this year. Public events are still very scary and it took me a while to leave the house, questioning whether or not I should. The poop was well planned. Three days between but it felt unpredictable. The need was always there but each convulsion was changing in character, like there might be some more solid poop blocking a load of mush. This happens to me quite often when I hold it for a long time. My clothing choice was a preferred simple combo that I’ve used many times before; my favourite light blue stretch jeans by south and underneath, white briefs, cut tights and then on top green sloggi maxi briefs. I also wore a black stretchy tight long sleeved top and ruthlessly decided on no cardigan. The rush of having forgotten it on my second bluebell walk was something that made it more exciting. I’d later really regret that decision.

I persuaded myself to leave by thinking I can pull out at any time and don’t have to necessarily go through with it. I’d just see how it went. I parked close by in a paying space that’s free on Sundays and not in the multi-story that still charges. I felt really nervous. I know myself. If I put myself in a situation and I have the place to myself for cleaning afterwards, I more often than not go through with it. I entered the centre through the multi story car park and went up the stairs to the level that connects to the shopping centre by an enclosed overpass that crosses the main road. The centre was very busy and down below on the first floor were open planned coffee snack bars and a burger king. The ladies were directly to my right so were at least positioned close to the exit back to the car park. I headed into Topshop first and started looking at clothes. I’d envisaged a plan to maybe have a convulsion in a fitting room and as the need grew I just chose any jacket and headed to the back to try it. I went in and drew the curtain. The noise of people talking, laughing and the general public ambience is something missing from the way I mentally envisage such a scenario. It was exciting but as the wave took hold I really had to cross my legs tightly as it brought on some unexpectedly potent farts that needed to stop. All of a sudden, it felt far more urgent than at home and the whole wave lasted a good few minutes. Longer lasting waves usually mean messier poops which was ominous. Eventually resisting and regaining control I got out of there pretty quickly and headed over to Debenhams at the far opposite end of the centre. 

I’d told myself before, if you’re going to do this, do it in Debenhams while browsing the underwear section. It would maximise my chances of possibly being near a girl and would also mean forcing the rush of a long walk in public. On the way another wave hit and there were people everywhere. All I could do was stand by the first floor barrier that overlooks the shop alley beneath and cross my legs in not too much of an obvious way. There were groups of teenagers standing nearby and it was worrying. It was another heavy wave and I knew I was getting close to losing it. Unable to fully cross my legs and resist with all my power, some poop started coming out. It was quite solid and I didn’t want to let it continue and briefly, really crossed my legs tight to try and regain control which just about worked. Not much came out but I could smell it. I headed on to Debs and had to go up one level on an escalator. That’s been another possible fantasy for me, getting on an escalator in clean pants and then getting off it in full pants. But I continued to the underwear section in the large four level store and again, people were everywhere. 

To my nervous surprise the underwear section was extremely busy. It’s a large area with some full height displays and also a maze of head height displays with many women and girls looking. My heart was pounding now as I let the need dominate and start to prompt another wave. I was looking at some nice expensive frilly edged underwear when I let out a few uncontrollable farts and started to walk away from the area of those minor crimes. I felt my bum and I could feel a small lump from before but nothing anyone would have noticed. The smell was already quite bad though and possibly noticeable by anyone close by. As I was walking around the underwear section, within a minute of letting the deciding wave take hold I suddenly felt strangely serene. I can’t explain it, my mind is usually raging. It would be short lived however and as the wave started to hit, my pace slowed. I’d decided on an aisle where amongst others, two girls were browsing, one thin and shapely, the other slightly larger but very pretty. They looked in their 20’s. The thin girl was in shorts and she looked nice when she looked at me briefly. As the pressure became too much for walking I came to a forced stop near to them on the other side of the aisle and started looking at whatever I’d happened to stop by. Sizes 18 - 24 big pants! Nothing I could do about that. And then it started to happen. I grimaced and leant over, one hand on one of the product hangers and the other on my stomach. From here on out it was a genuine accident, apart from the slight purposeful delay in going to the toilet of course. My eyes sort of went blurry as I pushed and it started coming out quietly and semi solid. The solidity didn’t last long and then farts joined the party as the whole mess turned mushy. I have a slight amnesia about those moments. My mind was in such an overloaded state I’m not sure how long it lasted. I’ll say about ten seconds in and now visibly bulging, the poop took a feared turn for the worse and really got a lot messier and noisier. I could feel it spreading out quickly and crackling between my legs. The gassiness of the way it was flowing made it totally audible. I heard a brief silence behind me and then a little laugh and I’m sure I heard one of them whisper to the other, did she just.. followed by another silence and other little intrigued laughs to follow. The first of many witnesses. By now I was trying to brake as I needed to get out of there. The smell was revolting. I tried to make it look like a genuine accident and held my bum, crossing my legs in an attempt to get back in control which took another 10 seconds. I walked away from them as soon as I could even though it was a longer detour to leave the store that way. I still needed to go and had probably done something the size of a large mushy grapefruit so far. When I’d touched my bum I could feel a worrying wetness already. I hadn’t peed myself but the poop was messy enough without any more liquid. The light jeans would do nothing to help and any stains would appear dark against the light material. 

Pooping myself noticeably in the underwear section of a store was exhilarating and would have been the climax of any normal mission but this was only just beginning. As I left Debenhams the feeling inside was almost diarrhoea like and crampy and on top of the rush of just losing it and having had witnesses, a seriously nervous worry came over me about the severity of my predicament and the possible diarrhoea that could happen at any moment. I didn’t know how much was left but there was still an increasing urgency. On the escalator the halt was enough to bring on another serious wave. Genuinely trying to resist with people ahead of me and now behind me I was in a predicament; totally sandwiched. I couldn’t cross my legs enough and even as I resisted some very loose poop started coming out adding to the already terrible smell. Full brakes did nothing. I couldn’t hear it this time at least but the people behind me whom I still hadn’t been able to look at would have smelled me. Another five seconds or so of losing control and I had to walk off the escalator as I was still pooping. I managed to bring it to a stop by again standing by the barrier. I’d pooped a lot more and the need was starting to subside.

This was getting really serious. Much more than I’d bargained for. I was sweating badly and I knew my bottom was bulgy and stained through and the smell was so bad. This was a proper public pants poop that I dream of but never actually act out and I was totally out of my comfort zone. I suspected my escalation of public pants pooping recently would eventually get me into trouble. With a more solid poop and a cardigan to tie around my waist I’d have gotten away with it much more. It was like tunnel vision on my way to the ladies. I had no chance of getting a picture anywhere else and I’d wanted to see how badly I was stained. It was so busy I didn’t know who saw and who didn’t. Those walking behind me must have had a pretty good view and I hope they weren’t too disgusted. But the smell was revolting, moreso somehow than usual. It takes about 5 minutes to walk the distance and I was doing my best to be stealthy but it was nearly impossible with eyes everywhere. I had to walk carefully as there was a slight squelching noise whenever I sped up. 

Eventually and after various little laughs I heard on route that I can’t definitely put down to me although they probably were, I reached the ladies. Typically, there were a few teenage girls on the bench outside who’d have had full view of me going in. The witness count must have surpassed 100 by now. I walked all the way down to the end stall and went in. The light above wasn’t working properly so it was a bit dark and atmospheric. These toilets are huge and probably have about 40 stalls. It was very busy. I breathed out a sigh of relief that I was now out of public view but was hoping that no one who’d saw me enter with a stained bottom would ask if I was okay or gone to call someone. Now in private, after standing there for a little while and listening to the ambience of the room, calming slightly from the chaotic headspace of walking like that so publicly, I knew I needed to finish a little and a wave wasn’t coming so I waited for a hand dyer to come on and then I pushed forcefully. In one movement which was loud and bubbly, I pushed out what felt like the volume of an apple. It wasn’t liquid but nearly. Such a messy poop. It would have worried me on a more secluded woodland mission, let alone a busy shopping centre. I felt behind and my hand got dirty so the stain was going to be obvious. I had to flush the loo onto a bit of toilet paper to clean my hand but I didn’t touch any of the toilet or the water base in doing so.

There was no coat hanger to hang my bag on so I hung it on the door lock and positioned my camera and mini tripod in it to take a photo on timer. Looking at it, all my fears were confirmed. The stain was silly and covering nearly half of my bottom. I really should have taken the cardigan. And what if I bumped into someone I knew. It was a terrible situation but it was maybe the biggest rush of my pants pooping life. Probably moreso than the bad stain on supermarket day. 

And now I needed to wee but that would have been impossibly messy to attempt so I held it and prepared to face the music. I couldn’t stay around for much longer as the smell was getting out of hand. I heard a woman in the stall next to me mutter under her breath ‘disgusting’. She was just weeing and didn’t stay long. I left and luckily this side of the toilets had no one at the basins. I just had time to have a quick glance in the mirror at the horror, which did amuse me slightly and I pulled an unhappy face quickly, then rinsed my hands more and tried to sort out my hair a bit. I then left and the same teenagers were still there. Like they were waiting for one of their friends who must have been taking ages, or to see me again. God! I just bolted past and heard someone say excuse me. I wasn’t sure if it was directed towards me or not but I just did an arms slightly out with fingers stretched ‘not now’ sort of gesture as I walked without looking back and they went silent. 

Although the toilets are close to the exit, it was still crowded. Probably at least another 40 witnesses. Walking back across the overpass I was being followed by a mother and her children and various others. I made a mistake here. Somehow I’d missed the car park stairs entrance and walked into the car park thinking where the hell is it! I was avoiding the busy ticket machine by default and I think the stairs entrance was next to it. I saw back through the doors as I turned around that one of the children, or early teenagers was staring through the door window straight at me. I had to head for another exit the other side as I didn’t want to pass them like that again. The poop felt terribly messy and I wasn’t sure that cut tights were enough for this one. The need to wee was bothering me and I was really wanting out of it all now.

After the wrong stairs fiasco I ended up leaving the large car park in a far more public place by the main triple bus stop on the one way system beneath the overpass. The worst place possible to have left apart from maybe the highsteet. There were people everywhere and I missed a step as I exited the building and would have looked clumsy. I pulled out my phone as both a distraction and to centre my focus down toward my path ahead through the people and nothing else. I looked no one in the eye. Panic levels weren’t healthy and I was walking much faster than usual. It was a stupendous rush despite the stress. I had to pass the main cinema entrance next and ignored my peripherals but there were at least 20 people; I don’t know who saw but no laughter. And then as I finally reached the corner to turn into the road that led me to where I’d parked, I clearly heard someone casually shout from a passing car, ‘Shitty Bum!’ I uncontrollably burst out laughing. I was so tense that something needed to give and I couldn’t help but see the funny side of just how unreservedly direct he was. And the tone of the way he said it was definitely teasing rather than venomous. The laughter dissipated my panic a little. It was a far better reaction than genuinely shocked disgust. Or maybe that was a subconscious trauma defence system kicking in. The sudden laugh made me wee slightly however.

I managed to reach my car without any further witnesses apart from a Woman smoking a cigarette just outside a backstreet pub. I was so relieved to be back at the car and had to carefully position a bin liner over the seat as this one was messy. Sitting down as usual amplified everything. The smell was gaggingly bad and the weather was quite hot. 

I got home and it took a while to come to terms with it. Such an unbelievably public poop compared to most my missions and I was seen by so many people. I’m not sure how I feel. The rush was next level but that would have been destroyed if I was seen by someone I knew. And none of this was bravery. More risk taking. I’m maybe getting a little better at not overthinking it but next time, definitely a cardigan! And amazingly, the jeans washed well and aren’t noticeably stained. Thanks for reading K x

I don’t know why I got so emotional today. But when it hit me that so many of you wouldn’t even be here had I not decided to continue drawing, I almost cried. But it was because of some people, both on this site, and some off, that I kept going. Drawing ponies and posting them on a blog feels a little silly sometimes, but when I see all of you liking and enjoying my work, it makes me so incredibly happy. I love having all of you taking time out of your day to view what I do, and appreciate it.

I would never have made it without a few people, though.

@askprosecutie was a blog that I instantly fell in love with. The art style absolutely inspired me, and the characters were so well developed. They were my very first follower. The mod quickly became a close friend of mine, and even though we haven’t talked for a while, I’m still so happy to have them as a friend.

@chippedtune was a blog that was another early follower of mine, but the mod is a person that I have only recently become friends with. Not only are their art style and characters amazing, but they are absolutely lovely, give good advice, and have become a sibling to me.

@askneonflight is another blog that is very close to my heart. The mod is such an inspiring and comforting person, helping me through panic attacks, and aiding me with their advice. Their characters are so colorful and diverse, and they are someone I look up to very much.

@ask-the-french-olive has always been a delightful ray of sunshine, with adorably sweet characters, a wholesome story, and bright color palettes. Their soft style never fails to cheer me up, and I hope to become closer friends with them. Their style encouraged me to try different and new body types, and despite this still being a challenge for me, I welcome it with open arms.

@askstarlightsong has a mod with a heart of gold. They have a wonderfully streamlined style, elegant characters, and a sweet personality. They manage to capture so much in a single profile, and it’s incredible to see their finished work. It has been my pleasure to speak with them, as well as befriend them.

@wingspiral has become a pillar of hope in my life, with extremely relatable storylines, characters, and events. Their storytelling is something that I can only dream of achieving, but I will continue to work on bettering myself. I haven’t been able to read the story as of late, but in moments where I needed it most, the comforting dynamics of their characters reminded me that good is still out there.

There are hundreds of other creators out there that have inspired my art, work ethic, and goals. Many of you viewing this have brought joy into my life, perhaps even without you knowing.

Thank you.

Sup it’s been a year once more.

But I wanted to say good bye once last time, epecially since homestuck is now over. 

I know I fell out of homestuck a few years back, but about 90% of my highschool life really surrounded itself on homestuck and I think I need to give it some final words or something. 

Homestuck impacted mylife in so many things. I gained friends over tumblr that I probably wouldn’t have ever talked to, it inspired me to make fan art and grow as an artist, and hell, Aranea was the first cosplay i ever had the courage to cosplay! I started out a fan of homestuck as a sophmore in Highschool, and here I am, a sophmore in college looking back at this stuff.

God it was a ride, I remember going to cons and people recognized me and asked for my pictures and signatures it was insane! Peope told me how much this blog and my art actually inspired them and god it made me feel on top of the world!

Thank you so much Hussie and those who helped him for creating a comic that helped me branch out as a person and a n artist, and thank you everyone so much for supporting me and sticking around for so long.

It’s been a blast! 

I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

Become a backer, help fund Spies Are Forever, and you’re definitely gonna unlock more of these gems from The Vault! (plus you get awesome perks so come on, join!)

HEY LOVELIES! So, one year ago today I started Grump Quote of the Day as a sideblog from my main blog, hunt-trophy-hunters. I swear if I had any idea it would have gotten this big one year later, I would have taken about 10 extra minutes to think of a cooler name.

At the time, I was working at home, writing my first novel: Hour 23. It was a daily ritual to stop what I was doing and eat lunch with the afternoon episode. Then, at the end of the day, I’d call it quits and watch the evening episode. I learned what many, many, many (3 million to be exact) others learned: Grumps episodes are hilarious, ten minute escapes from reality, where you can just kick back and watch two genuinely funny and nice dudes shit all over a game for a little bit. 

                           (Pictured Above: The Very First Post)

I started the blog for the same reason I keep it today: just as a place to keep my favorite grump moments. The early days were mostly text, but then I’d find some truly funny moments don’t translate well to text and are even better as audio, and some make as a funny video, and some are great as gifs…so the blog has evolved into a hodgepodge of all of those things. I insist on keeping the lame name, though, despite the shift away from only text posts. GQotD has just stuck with me.

So, here we are, one year and 25,000 followers later. This blog continues to be a favorite hobby of mine. I’ve gotten to know some very cool people here. Some of us are friends on PSN or Nintendo and play games together. Some of you have read one or two of my books. We’ve talked about favorite good times, bad times, jokes, and nonsense. I never get tired of logging in, finding some great artwork to reblog, posting a favorite moment, or just browsing the things others have posted; and, even though life is getting busier I will always try to update at least once a day. Thank you all so much for following and sharing in the good times; now grab a slice of cake and have a great day, lovelies. You deserve it.


Every now & again.

I’ve had some people write in, more recently, about some of my posts sparking debate & I’ve watched some amusing arguments unfold in reposting wars of my pictures. At first, depending on the subject matter, I might have chimed in [via messages] and kindly asked people to stop using my content as a soap box. 

Along the way though, I realized that my blog / posts were a soapbox of their own, though in a different manner all together. There is so much left up to interpretation and even more left out of many of the quotes I post. Often times they’re fractions, segments, excerpts of larger pieces. Some of them I shorten to help illustrate how I’m feeling at a given moment, some I have interpreted & applied in my own way to what I’m going through, feeling, or thinking at the time. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that though my content is created with something in mind, for me, out of a certain necessity, that once I release it online… I actually release it. Despite my desire to protect my creations and the spirit in which they were created… they’re only partially mine now. The fact that seeing my works can spark emotion, debate, even fighting… well these quotes and emotions didn’t start inside of me, they started inside of the authors they came from. 

While I may disagree with the sentiments expressed in others interpretations, in their reactions, and expressions… well the quotes moved me to do something as well, so I cannot fault or deny the validity of their emotion or response. Do I like it when people twist the statements to fit their own argument or cause? Often times no, but occasionally I do the same thing, to fit my need for expression at that given moment. 

All of this to say, words are powerful things, words move people. They aren’t responding to my content generally, they’re responding to the quotes and words within. If you disagree, let them be. Don’t respond out of anger, but if you must disagree do it eloquently, with conviction, from a place of knowledge, and a place of understanding. 

As for me though, I’ll just sip my whiskey, content to watch.