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Day Seventy-Two

-For Christmas Eve Eve, I wore jingle bell suspenders. Tonight, Christmas Eve, I stepped up my game. I wore a homemade ugly Christmas sweater that my girlfriend Lauren and I had created together. Covered tastefully in pompoms, pipe cleaners, tassels, small present boxes, and more, it went over phenomenally. Plus, it worked fantastically as a deterent. No one could yell at someone who looked this tacky.

-“Here’s this. Here’s this.” A nine year-old girl handed her mother her Starbucks drink and pastry to hold. “Now I’m going to go to the bathroom, because I really need to go.” Moments later, she returned. “Now, where exactly is the bathroom?” Never before have I found a child whose struggles I knew so well.

-A man told me that we were doing the right thing by staying open so late on Christmas Eve. I would now like to cordially invite this man who waited until the last twelve hours possible to purchase his daughter’s gifts to come and do the right thing and work my shift for me.  

-Men continue to find it necessary to throw any even slightly feminine products onto the register, to distance themselves from such a girly thing as hairspray or a greeting card. I continue to find this absolutely hilarious, a very telling display of their fragile masculinity.

-In what seemed to be a sweet act of Christmas kindness, a woman paid for the items of the guest behind her. It was all ruined though, as she then turned and said, “I’m a Christian. Don’t forget that.” This was all fun and games until it turned into a Jesus fan power play.

-A baby, barely old enough to speak, saw me in my sweater and hat and came to the conclusion that I was the present man she had been told about. Her eyes widened, her hand stretched out, and her face lit up. “SANTA???” she shouted in an adorably squeaky voice. I stepped up to the plate and handed her a long strip of stickers, cementing this as the most fulfilling Christmas Eve either of us will ever have.

-After scanning a Shopkins activity booklet, an adorable five year-old girl in the cart asked me if she could hold it. I naturally acquiesced. I then heard both her father and her brother repeatedly tell her, “That’s not yours. That’s not for you.” She acknowledged this, but would not let go of it. I realized to late that she had taken advantage of my naivety and was holding the gift hostage, tearing it up more and more as her father scolded her.

-A woman attempted to use a “rechargeable gift card.” I put that in quotes, because as she found out, it was an actual credit card in the name of a stranger whom she did not know at all. She told me that she had taken a few cards out of her twelve year-old son’s wallet and that this had been among them. She does not know how he got a hold of Kevin Jones’ company credit card, but I am impressed to no end and look forward to hearing about this boy in true crime podcasts to come.

The Easy Way - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: This is basically Negan being a prick to you, Carl’s girlfriend.

You sat on the floor in Judith’s room playing with her hands, making her giggle. When the door opened, you just assumed it was Olivia, but boy were you wrong. Negan walked in with Carl following him closely. Your laughter stopped and the smile dropped from your face, but Judith continued laughing. You instantly looked at Carl, unsure of what Negan had planned or was doing here.

“Well god damn, I don’t know which one of you is more adorable,” Negan chuckled before picking Judith up out of your lap and blowing you a kiss. You almost fought to hold on to Judith, but you knew better. He was going to take her, and it was better to let him have what he wanted the easy way.

You sat on the floor in disbelief, watching as the wicked man who killed your friends cradled the small child, cooing her into relaxation.

“Get up, precious. Join us on the patio,” Negan directed with a smirk. You stood up slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. Normally, either you or Carl would have made some kind of snarky remark towards Negan, but with him holding Judith, you complied with whatever he wished. Negan left the room, Carl following behind him, and you behind Carl.

“So,” Negan began, “this your girl?”

Carl looked at you before nodding, his facial expression remaining the same. It wasn’t how it normally was in the presence of Negan, though. He wasn’t wearing the same scowl his father often did. His face seemed softer; less intense.

“That sucks,” Negan sighed, pausing to taking a good look at your face. “I remember you.”

You didn’t dare respond.

“You’re that little badass who didn’t even flinch when red head took his beating! How could I forget such a pretty face?” he teased. You remained silent, glaring at him.

“I can see why you like the future serial killer so much. He’s a neat guy,” he said, sliding to the edge of his seat and leaning in closer to you. “Your daughter, she’s precious, just like you,” Negan taunted.

Your eyes widened when you realized that Negan thought Judith was your kid. You looked at Carl to see if you should correct him or not.

“She’s not her daughter,” Carl spoke up. “She’s my sister.”

Negan’s face faded back into a smirk. “Oh, goodie! That means you’re nice and unworn down there,” he mumbled, looking you up and down.

You stood up and walked inside, sick of his menacing bullshit. You’re something he can’t have the easy way.

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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 28)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoilers for Day 7 of Jumin’s route.

Exam season is slowly killing me, but I promise I’ll make sure I have a chapter each week at least :P Thanks so much for your patience! Also thank you to Masdevallia on AO3 for Beta-ing this for me :)

You’d thought, what with the extensive security protecting this place and the dozens of guards patrolling the building, that you’d feel safe enough to fall asleep easily at Jumin’s house. Though staying the night hadn’t been the original plan, it was a welcome change not having to return to Rika’s apartment and to all the memories you had associated with it.

But truthfully, it’s beyond strange staying here. The blankets and pillows are wonderfully fluffy and smell faintly of lavender, the sheets are warm and cozy, you can hardly hear any noise from the traffic far down in the city below, but still… something feels off. Maybe it’s the knowledge that Jumin is just a room away, going through his infinite pile of papers for the company, and that you’re currently lying on his bed instead of your own or even a guest bed. He’d been rather insistent on it, saying his bed was of better quality than the guest bed and he wanted you to get a good night’s sleep. For a wild moment you wondered if he was suggesting the two of you sleep together in his bed, but then he said he would stay up to finish some work. You can sometimes hear the rustle of papers from somewhere outside the bedroom.

Brrrrring brrrrring.

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We had a family event today, the main component of which was glitter. Now, ‘family event’ generally means you bring your child and you learn together how to do a thing. 

Children have no self-control. So after the two hours were up, all the people left, and I was set to clean up the ridiculous amounts of glitter left. I would need to wipe down everything, sweep, then mop. It would maybe take an hour, but the event ended at 3 and I was scheduled to 6:30. 

At 3:30, a man pops his head in. 

“I’m here for the birthday party.”

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. 

Apparently there was a birthday party scheduled for this room at 4 and everyone agreed that I would be doing it but no one thought to tell me. Every conceivable surface is covered with glitter. I am not ready. The room is not ready. 

I ended up completely just covering everything with kraft paper because we’re supposed to do that anyway, but the paper is seriously just sitting on top of the glitter and kind of shifting around.

The kids get in there and they’re like ‘why is there glitter everywhere’ and I’m just like… don’t tell them. Don’t tell them because if you start it will turn into a goddamn rant. Just pass out all the canvases and try not to cry. 

I get into the actual instruction part and I am on a fucking roll getting these kids occupied. The kids are loud, they are not cooperative, but somehow we make it work for the 14 attendees which is SIX MORE THAN CAN FIT IN THE ROOM BUT OKAY. I missed my chance for a break about two hours ago and by the time this party gets out it will be too late for me to take a break at all. BUT OKAY. Anything for this sardine can of a classroom I guess. 

One of the mothers tells me that I have the patience of a saint. 


This is not patience. This is not saintly. 

I have embraced the chaos.

I am a deeply broken person. 

Here’s some pom poms and tacky glue. 

Go hog-wild. 

#6: Bringing It All Together

I really wanted to have this done before the 25th ended, but here I am 7 minutes past. Thanks for the wait, thanks for the asks and comments and stuff :) so please feel free to send in more! see you for #7 soon!

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“So you made that choice because I didn’t show up?!” He got up again and began pacing. “That’s so fucked up – you had an abortion because I didn’t show up at the fucking coffee shop?!”

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Negan’s Match Part 112

He threw me over his shoulder which made me squeal like a little child.  He quickly and sharply smacked my ass cheek and stood up in one swift move. My feet left the ground and dangled in front of him. I beat my hands on his back gently and playfully all the while laughing as he continued to carry me off. My squirming and kicking had no effect on the grip he had on me.  

“Negan, put me down right now, you know I don’t like to be man-handled.” I squirmed some more and he just laughed.  

“Man-handled? You haven’t begun to see how man-handled you are about to be.  You are going to get your fill of being man-handled as soon as I can find a place that doesn’t have eyes and I can get those clothes off of you.”

“Damn it Negan, put me down or I will kick your ass.” My fighting was no use and all it did was make him laugh and tighten his grip on me. He was a lot stronger than me, especially right now. He carried me with as much ease as carrying a feather.  He made no work of it at all.  

He carried me in to one of the storage buildings.  He shut the door and locked it behind him.  He swung around and finally set me down.  I backed up a bit and watched how his eyes turned as he looked at me.  His eyes almost seemed to darken and his breathing became deep and steady.  I could see his erection growing under his jeans and I felt warmth spread throughout my body. It was almost as if my skin was reaching for him.  To feel his touch.  Something I felt like I had been deprived of lately.  He stepped towards me slowly, he parted his lips and licked them like he was about to devour his prey.  My whole body felt like it was on fire.  What was only probably a mere couple of seconds felt like it was an hour. An hour of agony building in the pit of my stomach. I was anxiously waiting for his lips to caress mine.  Waiting for the feel of his skin against mine. Waiting for his rough hands to explore every inch of my body.  

He reached me and wrapped his hands around the back of my neck and pulled my face to his.  He inhaled deeply before he pressed his lips to mine.  He parted my lips with his tongue and proceeded to explore my mouth and lips like it was the first time he was tasting me.  He kept one hand firmly on the back of my neck while the other moved down to the rim of my shirt.  He teased the skin around my waist a bit before he finally lifted my shirt so he could have easier access to my sensitive skin.  With the slightest touch of his hand the skin underneath would raise with goosebumps and it made him chuckle in my mouth.  His lips never left mine.  Every time I thought he would torture me with breaking the seal our mouths had created, he would kiss harder and heavier. It was almost like a drug, he just couldn’t give it up.  All the while the pool of my desire was gathering in between my legs. The sweet torture was almost to much to handle.  I ran my hands in to his hair and pulled his hungry lips away from mine.  “I need you now Negan, quit teasing me please.  I need you to take me now.”

His kiss swollen lips wickedly twitched into a smile.  “Hmmm, we must be hungry for daddy, are you sure mommy is ready for daddy?” He pulled his shirt off and then pulled off mine.  He bit down on his lips and started with my shorts.  He dropped to his knees in front of me as he pushed my shorts down and let them drop around my ankles.  He wrapped his arms around my legs and pushed his face in between my thighs and inhaled deeply.  He looked up at me, his eyes still dark with desire but somehow a touch softer now.   I waited for him to speak, I could see the wheels turning in his head.  His eyes changed again to dark and sinister like before.  He was dripping with desire, I could feel it coming from him.  He raised an eyebrow, “Push your panties down for me, do it slowly, I want to take all of you in, right in front of my face.” His words almost cost me the control of my legs.  They came at me like thunder and I felt like I was about to lose my virginity to him. My hands shook a bit as I did as I was told.  I pushed them down slowly and listened as he moaned at the sight of my action. I let my panties fall and kicked them slightly to meet my pants. Negan rubbed his mouth and kept his eyes on me.  

“Now, let me clean a nice place for you to sit.” He continued to wipe his mouth and I laughed.  His eyes lit up as I laughed. “There she is, there’s my girl.  I knew you would come back to me.” I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his neck which knocked him back on his ass.  I wrapped my legs around and straddled his waist.  He smiled and pushed the hair away from my face.  “You are so beautiful.” 

I smiled and kissed him.  I bit on his lip gently and pulled away. “Enough chatter, pull that cock out and give it to me.  Mommy is definitely ready for daddy now.” He almost bucked me off his lap trying to get out of his pants as fast as he could. He pulled it out and it was hard, thick and glorious. I almost couldn’t control myself.  I felt him press against my opening and felt a slight twinge and sting of pain.  My face must have said it because he paused and looked at me.  “Maybe you should take control, that way you are comfortable and I don’t hurt you. I am going to be real honest sweetheart, if I take control, I won’t be able to control myself.  I will fuck you hard and fast.  I don’t want to hurt you baby.” His lips nipped at my neck and that alone almost threw my in to the brink of orgasm.

“I’ve got this Negan.” I kissed him and slowly lowered myself on him.  I took my time and let myself adjust to his massive size.  The twinge of pain seemed to ease off after a couple of seconds.  His breathing quickened and I could tell he was anxious. “It’s okay Negan, it’s not that bad, just give me a couple of minutes to adjust and we should be fine.” He sighed and pressed his index finger against my very swollen clit.  He slowly rubbed it knowing it would ease it even more. The pleasure took over and I started slowly riding him.  It was a very tight fit but with every movement it felt better and better.  I could tell Negan was holding back as much as he possibly could. His face contorted from the feeling of pleasure mixed with the animal instinct to take over my body. “Jesus Christ babe, it’s so fucking tight it feels like I am fucking a virgin.” He buried his face in my chest trying to control himself as I began to ride him faster. The pain becoming non-existent the longer time went by.  I could feel him getting close. The muscles in his legs tensed and he threw his head back. I felt him shoot his hot load in me, filling me up to the brim.  Sweat poured from his face and he closed his eyes and let the feeling take over him.  I slowed my pace and finally came to a stop when he started to soften.  He sat there for a minute and finally opened his eyes.  A look of confusion crossed his face.

“Um, did you get off?” He tried to catch his breath as he looked at me.

I pressed my lips against his.  “I didn’t, but I was a little guarded, so that is probably why.”

He sighed.  ‘Well, give me a couple of minutes and then I will take care of you.” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“No, we need to get back.  I need to feed Jackson and I am getting pretty tired.”

I could sense from frustration from him. “Wait, what? I have never not made you orgasm before.  Why…. No that’s not right.  Did I do something wrong?”

“No Negan, it was fantastic, I just concentrated more on being as comfortable as possible that’s all. It is not a big deal.”

He watched me as I got up and started putting my now tattered shirt on.  

He shook his head.  “It is a very big deal.  I have never not made a woman orgasm before.  Usually, I hand them multiple orgasms.”

I scoffed as I put on my shorts.  “Well, how many women have you had sex with that just gave birth to your baby?”

He pursed his lips.  “Well, don’t worry baby, now that you are doing better, I am going to wear your ass out.”

I flipped my hair off my shoulder and winked at him. “Let’s hope so!”

The Edge of Everything

Okay so here’s chapter 1 of my Nessian AU. It’s a little slow (sets everything up) and gets you familiar with how I might have changed a few things. It’s set in our world. I’m really excited for feedback since when I started this I had no idea where I was going with it. So thanks for reading =)


Chapter 1

Rey’s little giggle echoed through the house. I couldn’t believe she’s already two. I can’t believe it’s been three years since the worst night of my life. And yet even though circumstances could’ve been different, I got the greatest gift of all. My daughter.

Having a child out of wedlock is hard. But becoming pregnant as a result of assault is even harder. My pregnancy wasn’t magical. It wasn’t everyone touching my belly and asking me how excited I was to become a mother. It was filled with fear and indecision. Did I want my baby? The baby that could possibly remind me of the man who hurt me?

I knew I could never give her up. The day she was born she came kicking and screaming into this world. My heart snapped back together and I knew she was my daughter. She had my eyes, my golden hair. Cassian even said she had my fire, my stubborn will. She was perfect, not a trace of her father inside her. I felt guilty for thinking of giving her away.

Rey’s giggles turned into squeals as I stood in the kitchen. I would’ve been worried If I hadn’t heard his deep voice. He was always there, always a heartbeat away from us, helping and willing to offer a hand. I brought my cup of tea up to my mouth. I took a sip as he came walking into the kitchen. I was surprised he was awake this early and not heading to work.

Cassian wasn’t a morning person. He was barely able to function without at least three cups of coffee.

He looked put together this morning. His dark hair was shorter, his dark eyes sparkled as he held my daughter in his arms. He was smiling, that was always my favorite sight to see. He smiled no matter what, his laughter had pulled me through the hardest days. He was wearing a black tee shirt that hugged the muscles on his arms. Maybe it was because he was holding my toddler, but something about him seemed different today.

He looked even better than I remembered.

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Yes, I am queen of procrastination so here are the promised Stage Door photos. =)

Just look at these amazing people. We enjoyed ourselves so much. I managed a short chat with each of them this time cause the queue wasn’t too long that night. They are all so incredibly kind. Let me know if you want to know anything specific cause I can talk about the HPCC cast all dayyy! =D

Click on the photos if you want to read my squealing random comments from Stage Door with the cast =)

Dawning Light

Riz woke to a silent glove covering his mouth and nose, one foot stepping on his hand and something sharp at his throat. He knew he shouldn’t have touched the conclave’s cache.

Dark Dawn was aptly named considering the sun had not quite yet crested over the sea. He was older than Riz by a few years, but smaller, his normally jet black hair was covered with a dark blue pirate like bandana with little brown paisley and leather gear to match the colors. It was way too early for this and there was a child in the next tent. One Riz knew could get him killed if Killian suspected he’d been the reason for the assassin looming above the monk now.

“What’re you doing here Reed? This is nowhere near your assignment.” He hissed, so low the lapping waves outside were louder.

Riz just looked up at him. Mouth still covered.

“Right…” The other man slowly lifted his fingers from Riz’s mouth as if expecting him to scream out, focused. Too focused.

Riz opened his mouth as if to cry out, getting Dawn to cover his mouth again, leaning his weight forward and just a tad off balance. The monk used it to his advantage and kicked up hard into his back, his free hand swiftly snatching at the dagger burning into his neck. The pair fought without hardly making a whisper of noise. A gentle breeze through the palms was a din in comparison as they spilled out of the tent in a tumble of grapples and kicks… and then just as quickly looked about themselves and lept back into hiding of bed and blankets.

That’s when the monk decked him and glared down at the smaller man. “Really Deedee?? Light dagger. On me. On me!”

“Hey! I didn’t know who was out here! All I knew was the gear was disturbed and I was told to end whomever touched it.”

“Who? Who sent the order.”

“Delliah. Fuckin hook you have there… Ow.”

“Medallion? Not Hidden?”

“No… Hidden’s been busy with recruitment and cover ups. Why don’t you know what your handler is up to? What’re you doing out here with a kid? You didn’t run off and start a family did you?”

That’s exactly what he had done, but it was so much more complicated than just family. Riz took a deep breath and looked his former comrade in the eye. He said nothing, but the wilt in his ears declared it all. He wasn’t just finding a bit of peace or family time between jobs. He’d completely deviated from his mission.

“Right… I’ll handle it. You signed in, taking what you needed in… pursuit of Shade right?”

“I… yeah… Deedee?”

“Nope. Don’t ask. Don’t want to know. If we’re down an Unbreakable Reed, who are they going to send against him? Against Shade? Not to mention what will happen to Hidden.”

“What about him?” Riz perked, he’d never thought much about how his escape into Sunspire might effect his previous boss.

“You never wondered why he kept you so close?” Now it was Dawn’s turn to stare at him, concern that the obvious had escaped such a keenly trained operative. “Rumor has it, he chose you as his successor.”

Riz rolled his eyes back at him, “No one retires in our line o’ work. ‘Freedom isn’t fair’ an so on an so forth,” his Sunspire accent creeping back in little by little almost as a defense mechanism now.

Dawn smirked at him, taking the moment to enjoy having information the lanky information digger didn’t posses before telling him. “He picked a face dancer that doesn’t use illusions to do his job as his assistant. You don’t think he did that on purpose? He could vanish without a name, without a trace if someone else stood in his spot doing his job.”

“…Meanin he’s never gonna to stop huntin me…”

“And any freedom you think you’ve found with this little family? It’s just surrounded by a very loose noose. You’re not off mission yet, my friend. So get the kid out of the crossfire before casualties start to fall.” Dawn hissed a little louder in annoyance. He backed up a step, and flicked the tent flap open again. The sun suddenly broke across the water, glaring right into the unsuspecting monk’s eyes, blinding him to the other assassin’s escape.

Dark Dawn was very aptly named. And Riz might be very aptly screwed.

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I’ll Protect You.

– requested.–

“ We’re just going to keep you here until Klaus decides to make the right decision.” The blurry figure said to me.

“ He won’t give you anything.” Bitterly, I spit the blood from my mouth.

“ Don’t be too sure of that dear.” 

What I said and did had obviously angered him.

I fumble with the ropes that are tied around my wrists, feeling the knot slowly come lose.

“ And what is the right decision?” I try to stall the man so I can have more time to untie the ropes.

“ We want her. We want the child.” The man sits in the chair across from me and cracks his knuckles.

“ You won’t touch Hope, I can promise you that. Even if it is the last thing I promise.” The thought of him touching Hope, angers me immensely. 

He gets up and sends a slap across my cheek. He then goes behind me and see’s me fiddling with the ropes in my hands.  

He grinds his teeth and pulls on the ends so they tighten beyond belief making me bite my cheeks in pain. 

“ You little bitch.” He sends a big shove into chair, sending me to the floor. I land on my shoulder harshly.

Oh god I can’t move it without a sharp pain going through my whole body.

“ That will be the last thing you promise.” He spits in my face and turns to the wall behind him.

“ I wouldn’t be to sure of that one.” A pissed off British accent says from behind the man, making him turn on his heel.

Klaus puts one hand on the mans throat sending him up the wall, choking him.

“ Did you, a pathetic human worth nothing, think that I would be blackmailed?” Klaus raises an eyebrow, seeing this almost comically.

“ That would be correct yes.” He swallows hard and looks nervously at Klaus.

“ And you thought I would co-operate when you captured someone I love very much?” He nods his head in my direction where I am now being held by Elijah, who is trying to nurse my wounds.

The man just nods his head and looks down.

“ Shame.” Klaus says sarcastically and then snaps the man’s neck, killing him instantly.

He walks quickly over to me, and Elijah hands me to him.

“ Hello love. I’m sorry we couldn’t find you sooner. Little weasel had witches cover his tracks and Davina wasn’t in the mood to co-operate as usual.” He lets out an annoyed sigh and tries to help me up.

I scream out in pain at the feeling in my shoulder. 

“ WHOA, whoa whoa. Tell me where it hurts.” Klaus tries to comfort me and sets me down gently.

“ My shoulder, he shoved me to the floor and I fell on my shoulder.” 

He bits into his wrist and holds it up to my face, blood dripping from his wrist.

I bring my mouth to his wrist and feel the war, blood drip down my throat. 

I feel no relief. My wounds are still there. 

“ The witch placed a hex on (Y/N) and our blood won’t work. She just has to heal naturally.”

My eyes slowly blink open to find Klaus laying next to me. He had an angered look on his face, gazing at his phone.

His fingered rapidly tapped all over the screen, obviously texting someone angrily. 

“ If you have to go somewhere I’ll be fine here.” I mumble out still in my sleepy haze, letting Klaus know that I was awake.

“ Good morning love. We’re fine, it’s just Kol being an insufferable idiot as usual.” Klaus rolls his eyes and sets his phone on the bedside table.

He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his warm body.

“ How’s your shoulder love?” He presses a kiss to the top of my head.

I attempt to roll my shoulder and still feel pain, making me hiss. Though the pain had gone done considerably, as had the swelling.

“ Still hurts but i’ll be okay.” I give him a weak smile and look up into his eyes.

“ I should never had let you out of my sight. This is all my fault and i’m so sorry love.” He looks to his legs in shame.

I use one hand to pull his face to look towards me.

“ Babe this was not your fault. He was a bloody lunatic who wanted Hope and I would never let anything happen to her. Or you for that matter.” 

He squints his eyes and gives me a smile, looking at me with a mix of confusion and joy.

“ What’s that look for?” I rest my head on his shoulder, still looking at him. 

“ It’s just… nevermind.” He shakes his head, red tinting his cheeks.

“ Come on babe! Just tell me!” I use my hand to shake his chest slightly.

“ It’s just. After everything with Hayley, Hope, our families many foes; I never thought I would find someone who would want to be with me.” He looks deeply into my eyes, making me feel like warm pudding inside.

“ Oooh someone is feeling extra cheesy today?” I poke him as a joke.

“ Oh shut up.” He laughs, embarrassed at his previous statement.

“ Nik those things are what I love most about you, well maybe not your enemies.” We both let out a small laugh, “ I love how you are with Hope and would never get in the way of that. And Hayley? Hey everyone has a past. You thought you wouldn’t find someone and niether did I, but look where we are now.”

I give him a sweet smile, savoring the moment.

Nik never likes to talk about his feelings and where we are going with this relationship is going, so when he does I take advantage of it.

He leans down and pulls me in in for a sweet kiss. It’s like every bone in my body gets chills and are shaken to their core when we kiss. His light scruff brushes gently against my skin, making me wrap a hand through his hair pulling him closer.

Or at least that’s what I thought I would do, until my shoulder promptly reminded I couldn’t do shit.

I hiss in pain making Klaus pull away and look at me in alarm.

“ Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” He looks over my shoulder and scoots away from me, as if to not hurt me again.

“ Don’t be dramatic babe. I just got a bit too, um excited, and forgot about my shoulder.” My cheeks tint pink as I try to explain it.

“ Glad I make you excited love.” His famous smirk falls onto his face making me want him near me.

I pat a place next to me where he had previously sat.

“ OH shut up and get your cute ass over here.”

– I hope you all enjoyed! sorry this one is a bit short! i’ve been helping my friend deal with home problems and i have been getting ready for school (FML). Anyways, requests and ships are open! thanks for reading and i love you all! :) –

Chanwoo the Type...

(boyf edition)

!!! it’s finally here!

I am so sorry it took me forever- I have been super sick with the flu and had no energy to get up and think and write… the drabble series is next! Xx

also this is obviously later in life not current chanwoo

  • big bear hugs the minute you walk through the door
  • “i missed youuuu,” in the most child-like whiney voice
  • “I missed you too, chanwoo,”
  • him grabbing your arm and clinging to you the whole time
  • trying to change but him clinging to you still
    • aka give me a kiss please
  • kissing him lightly on the lips before pushing him off to change
  • video games before dinner
    • beating him everytime
  • finally letting him win the last round
  • him announcing he’ll cook dinner
    • an actual disaster
    • eats cereal instead
  • is actually super romantic
  • plans out super nice dinner dates at a nice restaurant
  • brings you flowers
  • is a gentleman and pulls out your chair
    • this kid isn’t even nervous
  • goes elsewhere to get dessert
  • three scoops of ice cream
  • actually the most caring man ever
  • buys you a lot of destress teas 
  • makes sure there is always healthy food in the house even though he can’t cook any of it
  • forces you to go to bed at a reasonable time
  • weekend mornings at the gym together
  • tries the best to live a healthy life-style together
  • gets really involved in his work all of the time
  • puts 2000% percent into everything he does
  • tries his best to juggle his idol life and his personal life
  • wants to see you at least once a week
  • sometimes fails to do so and feels really bad
  • cares so much about your happiness
  • tries to make you laugh and smile every chance he can
  • is actually so witty and funny
  • you want a cuddle buddy? you got one
  • loves to play with your hair and fingers
  • kisses on the nose
    • cute little giggles
  • shy but meaningful “i love you”s

31 days of Muse
Day 28 - Appreciation post: Matt Bellamy

“Introverts probably have a higher degree of sensitivity to outside stimulus and tend to back off. In your quiet shyness as a child you end up with an accumulation of thoughts and ideas, building up big, imaginative worlds. You have to get it all out somehow, so it goes into your work. Being from a small town, no one else was going to breathe life into my ideas other than me, so I had to go out there and do it. Even now, I would probably be more inclined to just play the guitar and look at Dom and Chris, rather than face the audience, but that’s not really an option. Those big productions helped push me out of my comfort zone. There’s an element of the band that’s been a great personal journey for me, coming out of my shell.” (x)

a small sample of my next fic I hope to have up soon:

The mystery shack was his favorite place in the world to be, he couldn’t believe his luck when Mr. Mystery himself had hired him. It didn’t make much or really anything at all (to keep law officials off Mr. Pines for using ‘Child Labor’) but it was like a fun after school and weekend activity that even Abulita approved of him coming to.  

It didn’t make it perfect here mind you, there was plenty that made Soos on edge and maybe even a little afraid.  

For one, he was pretty sure the man who delivered the mail was a werewolf and a shudder always made its way down his spine when he came to the door, that dour expression always on his face and the way he snarled at Mr. Pines.

Next there was Carlos, Mr. McGucket’s ugly pet dog. He was a hairless little demon that enjoyed snatching Soos’s tools when he wasn’t looking and scurrying away from them into Mr. McGucket’s room upstairs.

Mr. McGucket was always nice but he was very odd, very quiet and he always had a far off look in his eyes. Soos didn’t know what to make of him, so he often just stood outside his room listening to him play his banjo until he finally left, knowing he wasn’t going to get back his missing tools.

(This is part of my Third wheel AU, I will explain more when the actual story comes out)

So here’s a thought I’ve been having:

Sanji Vinsmoke, amoral child-assassin and spy, brought up with his siblings, all of them with no sense of morals or ethics or empathy, all taught the family business from birth. Uncannily good with knives, killed multiple men before his 8th birthday and felt nothing, because nobody ever told him that it was wrong, and all Vinsmoke children get taught that the only life that is precious when it’s your own.

Here is how his story differs from Robin’s: Robin had to make herself cold to survive, and remembers kindness. Sanji is born into cruelty and thinks it is the norm. Vinsmoke children are turned into charming sociopaths.

Occasionally he helps the cook in the kitchen, and dreams about All Blue because it sounds like a fairytale, but he stubbornly insists its real, and hey, kids fixate on weird things sometimes.

This escalates until he feels the need to prove All Blue’s existence. So he sneaks aboard a ship, and then another ship, and then another ship until he’s working on a cruise ship in east blue. It’s easy, he’s been taught to be self sufficient and blend in from birth. And of course he’s the kitchen boy, because he’s always liked working in kitchens.

Then the storm, and Zeff, and the sacrifice.

And this is Sanji’s first rude lesson of what kindness is. 

And here is what Sanji learns: being in debt hurts. Kindness is as sharp as a knife and warming as a fire. Here is where he makes the decision not to return home, because this is when he realizes that bth he can’t return having learned what he has, having been changed as he has, and that he owes Zeff a debt. He’s going to pay the old man back if it kills him.

Does Zeff know about his past? A little. He realizes quickly that the boy is too quick with the knife, to quick to jump to lethal injury, has a warped sense of morals - or rather, a lack of them. But Sanji also laughs easily, tries smoking to act older, grins wide when he talks about All Blue or someone praises his cooking. And kids on the open seas are always a little weird, and when he asks Sanji about his family he just shakes his head firmly and says “I’m not talking about that, shitty old man!” So Zeff lets it go.

And the years past, until he’s 19 and Sanji Vinsmoke feels like another person entirely. He’s spent ten years at the Baratie, ten years as the Old Man’s adopted son, ten years hurling insults across the kitchen and breaking up brawls in the dining room smooths off most of his edges. He flirts with women and falls in love with every single one. He tucks Sanji Vinsmoke neatly away, folds down the corners crisply and when he looks in the mirror as he gets dressed in the morning all he sees is Sanji, second-in-charge of the Baratie, occasional waiter, never uses his hands when he fights, chef, lover, fighter.

He hasn’t killed anyone since he’s met Zeff.


Part two pending.

Do I think this is going to be anything close to canon? No. Do I think this is vaguely ooc? yes. Do I think this is going to be jossed in the next few chapters? Yes. Do I think this is rly interesting conceptually? also yes. 

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Behind him the woodland throne, twines of branches, vines and flowers, sat forgotten, abandoned in favour of the far more interesting sight which had wandered into his glade. Myde had given just a single glance to his attendants in lieu of a dismissal. Clad in light fabric which hung loosely to his frame, the Faerie King was quiet and still as he looked Aoba over. Once. Twice. 

Well, he certainly had grown up well. When last Myde had laid eyes on the man he had been but a babe, notable only for the beginnings of bright blue hair. It had almost saddened the king to send a child of such colour to the realm of humans: always he had held a fondness for blue. Though, eternally youthful as they were, Aoba certainly was no longer a babe. Yes, he was glad this faerie had returned. 

“I was starting to think you weren’t going to come back,” he said with a touch of coyness, a smile turning the edge of his lips. More than once his changeling children had been lost to the human realm, ties to the fae severed beyond his sight or control. But the man before him, he had proven his instincts well enough, managing to seek out the Faerie King himself in all of Faerieland.

Project Melting Ice: Looking Not Hooking! Detroit Red Wings (4/30)

Here are my top picks ;) (if you know what I mean lol). Just a reminder that these players are based purely on physical (for some of them personality too) looks, not hockey skills and popularity. Also you can look for your team (once it’s up) with  the hashtag (#project melting ice: looking not hooking) + your team (ex: #Pittsburgh penguins).

This one was very hard to narrow down. These guys are all about the same level for me, so it was very hard to number them. 

6. Teemu Pulkkinen (23) is the actual dictionary definition of cutie pie. His smile is the sweetest thing and he’s just a precious child too cute for this man world that he is in. (FIN-LW)

5. Again, another case of a goalie that I had not seen without his helmet. Umm…Petr Mrazek (23), where have you been hiding? Clearly he deserves a spot. Too bad basically all the non hockey pictures were with his girlfriend. (CZE-G)

4. The thing about Tomas Tatar (25) is that I’ve always heard his name. On the radio, tv, etc..however, I had never actually seen his precious face. He is the definition of masculinity as far as the Red Wings go in my opinion. Enjoy.(SVK-LW)

3. Darren Helm (28) is gorgeous. Long Hair. Short Hair. Shirt on. Shirt off. That’s all. (CAN-C)

2. Danny Dekeyser (25) looks like a Disney Prince. His glasses bumped him up to second place. The flow just got gave me all the feels. If his personality is just as beautiful as his looks, I will be following his every move (in the non creepy way). Well deserved second place. (USA- D)

1. It was SO hard to find a picture of Luke Glendeling (25) where he was NOT smiling. This man just loves his life as far as I can tell. He is SO attractive to me you have no idea. Smiles = all the feels. My favourite Red Wing. And as of this second I have no idea what his points are in the league. I don’t care. 

So there you have it. My top 6 BEST-LOOKING all encompassing Detroit Red Wings. They lightened up my day and they should yours as well!

Quick Stats
Average age: 25
Country of Origin: Sweden (NONE shockingly), Canada (1),Finland (1), Slovakia (1), USA (2), Czech Republic (1).
Position: Defense (1), Centre (2), LW (2), G (1).

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? Let me know why you love these guys as much as I do!

This quote isn’t from a child and, it’s not really a quote at all. instead, it’s a song sung from a dad to his four children before bed. I have had the pleasure of doing several pieces of art for Monica Cooley of Dallas, TX and this is one of the sweetest. Here is what she says about the song:
“This is a song my dad would sing to Brahms Lullaby: Go to sweep, Wittle peep, Go to sweep in the forest, Where the birds are, And the bumblebees, And the grizzly bears are, too. My dad is a tough man, but has a soft side that would come out at bedtime when he would sing his made-up songs about Montana (where we grew up) and the mountains.”
She goes on to say that her father is a cross between the Marlboro Man and Clint Eastwood. He played college football (for Nebraska! Go Huskers!), was in the Air Force and built their mountain home with his own hands. So to imagine this song being sung by a man like that is even sweeter than it sounds.
Thanks so much, Monica!

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She could do this, she had to do this.ღ

Kil had been ordered to assist in yet another pickup, doing her normal job of distracting witnesses while Fatima kidnapped a child, except this time there were multiple children. The area they were in, a park down town, often had children playing unattended however in this case Maader had thought it the perfect moment to strikeout. There were a few of them and from the look of it they seemed like runaways. There was just one passerby, who seemed to have nothing to do with them, however if she didn’t distract him he could stumble upon Fatima and they’d all be arrested or worse Maader would find out their failure and punish them.

Walking up to the young man, she jumped in front of him and hoped he would stop as she tried to get his attention.ღ

Hello there sir, my name’s Samantha and I’m taking donations for Margarite’s home for girls…it’s an orphanage a few towns from here, this is our pamphlet see?

If she was scared she didn’t show it, though she couldn’t help but imagine failure as she handed him the pamphlet that they’d faked that morning. If studied closely a few discrepancies would likely be mentioned, however as long as she kept him distracted long enough for Fatima to nap the kids, it didn’t really matter if this guy was a bit suspicious.

I was tagged by @a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city who puts up with me and I luff very much! I love all our stories (so many stories!!) and geeking out over all our HC’s. Anyway…so here it goes!!

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1. I had 4 major head injuries as a child. One of which resulted in a concussion, coma, and later seizures until I was 7 years old.
2. I have hearing loss in my left ear and can get auditory overload very easily.
3. I’m the most tattooed librarian in my county.
4. I hate rubber bands… HATE THEM!! The texture, the smell, they’re awful!
5. I watch almost exclusively true-crime forensic shows on television.
6. I own a rare-breed dog. She’s a 10 year old tri-color Basenji named Mali.
8. I worked and lived in Alaska for a time. I loved it there and wish I was still there sometimes. I found myself there.
9. I love cold, wet weather. Colder the better. It makes me feel alive.
10. I’ve been able to swim since I was 13 months old.
11. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Mad Max but tend to downplay my obsession around people at work or in public because I don’t want to seem annoying or crazy.

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“No, what are you doing?! Go back! You’re not supposed to be here!" 
"But you’re always gone. Always! Why can’t I be with you, father?” his daughter begged.
“This isn’t a place for my child.”

Finished my OCs finally! Story is about my character, Von Hastus and his daughter Sophelia. Von is a captain so he leaves his daughter behind everytime he goes out on a mission. He would be missing about a few weeks, sometimes even half a year. Sophelia gets fed up one day and decides to follow him but she ends up lost to another dimension. Von tries to dive in and save her but his comrades grabbed him back because they couldn’t afford losing their only captain. Ironically, their actions resulted in his retirement after losing his daughter.

The story would be about him still in-denial and tries to find Sophelia again after hearing a rumor that a man survived going back-and-forth from the said dimension.