i have had enough of your shenanigans

You know what...

i know you spammers are not going to probably see this (and once the reports are in you wont for sure)…. but today i have had enough off your shenanigans so you know what i’m gonna do

I’m gonna revive the Rebels tag by tackling you WITH GIFS!!!

i don’t care if it doesn’t change anything

but at least it’s Rebels!!!

So here’s to all you Spammers!!

and get out of our tag!!!

(gifs are not mine)

Anonymous asked: skimmons AU prompt: “You’re a police officer and I’m constantly in and out of holding/jail and we get to know each other well so sometimes you give me my favorite treats when no ones looking.” troublemaker Daisy(Skye)? __________

“Here,” Jemma says, sitting down at her desk and eyeing Skye. She’s sitting there, cuffed yet again, in her chair with a scratch running over her cheekbone and a tired look in her eyes that light up when Jemma hands her a Twix.

“Thanks,” Skye mutters and rips the wrapper open with her teeth before biting off a chunk, “want some?”

“No, thank you. Tell me why you’re yet again sitting at my desk with a cut on your face?”

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