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Immortals - pt 7

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Title: Immortals
Word Count: 4.8k+
Rating: M
Genre: Drama, smut, fantasy
Warnings: mild sexual content, language
Pairings: BTS x Reader/OT7 x reader
Summary: Sometimes, you find your destiny. And sometimes, your destiny does whatever it takes to keep you.
Written By: A & B

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going to disney world with tom holland & co.

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  • ok so you’ve been really good friends with tom & harrison for a while
  • but you and tom definitely like each other way more than just as friends
  • as a birthday surprise, he decides to take you to disney world for a whole week
  • you nearly cry of happiness when he tells you 
  • tom won’t quit smiling at your sweet reaction
  • on the trip its basically just you & three boys: tom, harrison & of course paddy!
  • you make tom watch every single disney movie before leaving for disney
  • he acts all huffy about it
  • but secretly loves it
  • especially when you start singing along
  • oh man does his heart do a somersault
  • you sit with paddy on the plane ride & get him all excited about the parks & rides
  • getting a family suite at a disney resort & the boys letting you have the master bedroom since its your birthday week & you’re the only girl
  • watching a movie with tom in the master bedroom & you both fall asleep
  • resulting in you two sharing the bed for the night
  • harrison whistling in the morning afterwards even though nothing happened
  • toms ears still got all red tho
  • you & paddy are the first ones awake & ready every morning so you two go down to the cafeteria for breakfast & talk about all the exciting things you want to do at the parks
  • tom loves how sweet & close you and his little brother are 
  • going to the pool & taking selfies
  • tom gets all moody at all the guys commenting on your pictures
  • but he can’t say anything because you don’t know how he feels which only gets him even MORE moodier 
  • the weather is BEAUTIFUL
  • some fans recognize you all & literally GUSH about you & tom being their otp
  • but for the most part, not many people come up to tom to interfere with his vacation

animal kingdom

  • going on the safari & taking billions of pictures of the animals
  • meanwhile tom is pointing out every single animal
  • “oh shit is that a lion??”
  • “yes, tom. this IS a safari you know…”
  • “this place is amazing.”

hollywood studios

  • tom laughing HYSTERICALLY at your screaming on the tower of terror
  • being on paddys team on the toy story mania team & beating tom & harrison
  • “you cheated”
  • “awww, is someone a little mad that they lost?”
  • “only because you lot cheated! that game is hard..”
  • *snorts* “it was SO easy.”
  • “shut it paddy!”
  • getting excited over all the star wars stuff & tom not knowing any of it because the boy has never seen star wars before
  • which you tell him you will change ASAP
  • & he makes you promise that you will


  • immediately everyone arguing over what country to head to first
  • because there are SO many & it’s a bit overwhelming
  • you & harrison deciding to eat & drink around the world
  • getting a bit tipsy
  • & flirting a little with tom 
  • “oh my god, you look SO cute in that shirt, tommy.”
  • *anxious laugh* “i think you’ve had a bit too much to drink, maybe you should stop y/n”
  • “what?? i still have like five more countries! harrison is fine!”
  • “harrison just said he wants to work here as donald duck in the sombrero hat so….”
  • tom is the only one willing to wait with you for over an hour to meet Mulan
  • and Belle
  • AND Mary Poppins
  • he just loves how excited & giddy you get to meet them
  • he could never say no to you
  • paddy & harrison laughing at the pictures afterwards cause you & tom are so incredibly goofy
  • arguing again over what country to eat in just to go to an ‘England’ restaurant & get fish & chips
  • watching the illuminations & tom & harrison get so pumped up over it that they pull their phones out to video it & themselves (see above gif)

magic kingdom

  • you immediately buy matching mickey ears for you & tom to wear because you love to embarrass the boy
  • but he happily wears it around
  • taking a group photo in front of the castle
  • & one with just you & tom
  • the photographer saying you make a beautiful couple
  • you get all flustered
  • tom literally flashes a smile and says “thank you!”
  • forcing tom on its a small world
  • he wont stop singing that blasted song for the rest of the day
  • sharing a mickey pretzel
  • tom & harrison going to the bathroom so you & paddy decide to just go on a ride together instead of waiting
  • paddy being the little brother he is & tells you how tom won’t stop looking at you
  • being surprised with a reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant
  • ‘cause tom knows how badly you wanted to eat there & the reservations are difficult so he pulled some strings
  • & he gets you a GINORMOUS stuffed doll of your favorite disney animal character for your birthday
  • & he of course carries it around for the rest of the day with zero complaints
  • you could cry because he is the sweetest
  • watching the fireworks & being so amazed
  • something about the music & fireworks just kind of pulls you & tom closer together
  • he pulls you closer by the waist
  • kisses the back of your head
  • and you turn around to find him smiling so freaking adorably
  • it truly is the most magical & happiest place on earth

i hope you guys like this one!! i am feeling super depressed about not being at disney world & thought this would be super cute. let me know what you guys think??

I Need You- Ch 1 (M)

Summary: After a rough day at work, you reach out to the boys for some solace, and end up falling asleep in Taehyung’s bed. When you wake up the next morning, things escalate more than you ever thought possible. 

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: A little bit of fluff, Smut

Word Count: 10k

TW: A little somnophilia, dom/sub undertones, switch!Taehyung, dirty talk, morning wood, erotic dreams, mentions of boners, teasing, spanking, oral, sex.

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write, I love the idea of Taehyung being a switch. I hope you all enjoy this one!

It had been a long day. That was an understatement. It had been the longest fucking day of your life. You have to get up early for work, but your alarm doesn’t go off, so you miss your train, causing you to be late and arrive halfway through the important meeting; earning you several pointed glares from your boss.

After the meeting, your boss asks to see you in his office for what you were sure was going to be a stern talking to, and on your way, you bump into a coworker who spills their coffee all down your front, that you don’t dare try to take the time to clean up in fear of incurring the wrath of your boss any further.

Sure enough, your boss chews you out for being late and then proceeds to present you with a mass amount of paperwork he needs done by the end of the day as your punishment.

He gives you so much work that you don’t have time to take your lunch break, and by the time five o’clock rolls around you’re so happy to be done that you practically launch yourself out of your chair and into the elevator, causing you to smack into someone else who, thankfully, doesn’t have a drink in their hands. As you collect yourself, you pull your phone out of your bag and message the groupchat, knowing that, if anything, the boys could at least cheer you up.

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Rivals pt 1

Pairing: Jaehyun x fem reader

Genre: smut

Word Count: 5.3k

Warnings: thigh riding, rough sex, 

Author: Admin Yugyeom

A/N: so yeah this is most likely gonna end up a series please tell me if you like it and want it to continue.

A/N: Just saying when I had to come up with law firm names I legit just went into the map of Seoul and saw a national park and was like why not name a law firm after that bc I cannot think of anything else, so if you’re wondering what Bukhansan is, its a national park.

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“You were seen!” The dark mahogany of Yakov’s desk shuddered under the force of his fists slamming down onto it. “You were seen. Have you no shame? No regard for the consequences of your actions?!”

Victor stood before the commodore, his shoulders squared. He had returned to the ship with pockets robbed empty, uniform in a state of disarray despite his best efforts. Being the last one to come back on board meant there was no avoiding all the gazes that trailed after him when Yakov barked his name. 

“I did not think that it was frowned upon a sailor to enjoy a night in port,” Victor replied, posture straight, his hands positioned formal at his sides. “It is habit for the rest of the crew. I do not see why my–”

“They were not consorting with known pirates!“ 

Victor bit his tongue. He was not going to admit that he had never gotten the man’s name, having been more interested in sharing the drinks between them, the smooth exchange of implicit lines, and later the taste of alcohol coming straight off those lips themselves. Perhaps, however, he should not have done it on the streets, a bit drunk and dumb, unwanting to wait for confirmation as they had made their way toward the inn. "I was not aware.”

“It is your job to be aware, to know of every scoundrel on these waters! So that your recklessness does not get you killed!" 

His nerves burned under his skin, itching to fire back protests. Victor was not the first on board to have had his pockets picked in port, not the first to have made regrettable decisions after a drink too many. No other had come back to the ship to punishment other than bearing the damage of their pride. Victor kept his tone as steady as he could. "Yes, sir." 

"Consider how your decisions would reflect on the navy,” Yakov growled, his face fully red in his anger. “How it would look on Her Majesty if your gallivanting with men had endangered the reputation of her crown.”

Victor bristled, fingers curling into his palms. “Lilia told me she didn’t–”

“She isn’t your mother, Vitya, she’s the Queen!” Yakov rounded on him, jabbing at the royal insignia stitched into his uniform. “Everything you do, every decision you make, is in her service. You owe her your entire life. You’re not her son. You’re her servant. Get that through your head, and consider it the next time you want to sleep with a pirate. Understood?”

If their relationship was indeed so thin, then Victor felt that a single indiscretion on his part would not affect her. How could it? Just another lowly ranked officer in her expansive military. It had been three years since Victor had seen her. She would hardly blink at his name if it were given to her.

“Understood?!” Yakov repeated.

Victor lifted his gaze to meet Yakov’s straight on. “Understood.”

“You’re dismissed. Make yourself proper and get to work.” Yakov growled and waved him off, returning to his desk.

Victor remained where he stood, his hands in fists, quivering at his sides.

Yakov glanced up, expression still twisted. But instead of anger, what Victor read behind his eyes was disappointment. “Do you have something you want to say to me, Lieutenant?”

Victor clenched his jaw, taking a slow and steady breath through his teeth. He held back the scowl, the fight in him that was so close to breaking through. He kept control. Like a proper officer. “No, Commodore. Not one word.”

“You really shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to H.” You stated with a pointed look.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Harry’s confusion was evident in his expression and tone.

“It means,” you paused to toss another gummy bear into your mouth. “That I can’t lie to you and you aren’t going to like my answer. So you shouldn’t ask questions that may have an unpleasant answer and save yourself the headache.”


The one where there’s been a bit too much to drink, Harry’s best friend is a little cynical and brutally honest, and Harry is slightly offended.

*Please note that this one-shot contains content that is not appropriate for those under the age of 18.*

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Not Happening (Pt.5)

Summary: An online dating site clearly makes a mistake when it matches you with the one person you cannot stand. 

A/N: I am so excited about this chapter! It was so hard to wait until today to actually share it with you guys! I really do hope you guys enjoy it. Its a longer chapter.. longest one I’ve written!!! Thanks so much for reading, as always. You guys are the best!!!


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“I think whosyourmate.com is onto something. Don’t you?”

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Chestburster Mimic

*Context: Parties involved: Krosh (orc barbarian who’s player is replacing him with another cleric) and Quierk (Aarakocra Cleric played by me). There had been a plague 10 years ago, where Quierk helped to fight the plague. Therefore, my birb wants to save lives at all costs. We just finished fighting a pair of mimics. This happens*


Everyone: Krosh no.

DM allows it. Krosh succeeds.

DM:So Krosh, you swallow it and it is fine. Then you have a thinky bit: Wait. These things have acid on their pseudopods. At that moment, you start feeling very sick. It is acid damaging you from the inside. Krosh collapses.

Me, ooc: I rush over to Krosh. I am not having a patient die on me. I start performing CPR. I don’t care if it won’t do anything.

DM: Do I want to be a dick? Yes I do. So you know it won’t do anything but you do it. Roll Dex for me.

Me: Nat 1.

DM: Get ready to take some damage.

Me: WAIT INSPIRATION! *Rolls an 18*

DM(dick): Okay, so you duck to the side just as this mimic in its amorphous form bursts from his chest. You just avoided a LOT of damage.


Cue laugh break, and me yelling at the DM ( who is my bf) for being a dick. Still love you hun, you are my DM. Being a Dick is in your job description.

#ministry parties #healers #flangst

Prompts: @secretlycrazyhummingbird
Author: @queenofthyme

“Fancy seeing you here.”

Draco didn’t have to turn to know the whispered voice belonged to Potter. It was always Potter.

“Yes, what a surprise we’re both at an event our whole division was invited to,” Draco responded as drily as he could manage. He was not doing this again. Not tonight. Not here.

“Can I get you another drink?” Potter asked with an irritatingly charming smile as he eyed Draco’s half-finished glass of champagne.

Draco lifted the glass to his lips and downed the rest, ignoring the sting of the bubbles at his throat. He shoved the empty glass in Potter’s hands, careful not to make actual contact. “No.”

Potter’s smile dropped. Thankfully - it wasn’t helping Draco’s resolve. “Are you in a mood?”

Draco’s fists clenched stiffly at his side. If he were still holding the glass, he might have broken it. “Great detective work. Perhaps you should have become an Auror after all.

“You are in a mood.”

Perhaps I just don’t need another drink,” Draco retorted in the snottiest voice he could manage. If he was in a mood, it was Potter’s fault anyway.

“Did something happen?”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Things tend to constantly happen, Potter. It’s called the progression of time.”

“Did I do something?” Potter asked. Like he didn’t know.

Draco scanned the room as an excuse not to meet Potter’s eye. “Well, I certainly hope so. You were on duty this morning. If you were just standing around doing nothing, then I can only imagine the fate of your patients.”

Potter made a small sound like he wanted to laugh but was holding back. “You know what I mean.”

“Do I?” Draco asked, observing a trainee healer grinding up against a senior member of the Wizengamot with distaste.

“Why are you acting like this?”

Draco turned back to Potter and fixed him with what he hoped was a murderous glare. “If you really don’t know, Potter, then maybe that’s the problem.”

Leaving Potter gaping at him, the clueless asshole, Draco strode away searching desperately for a waiter. He really did need another champagne. He just didn’t want Potter to have the satisfaction of giving it to him.

Potter, clearly not getting the message, approached Draco again at the end of the night, where he stood by the bar. Draco might have had a few of glasses of champagne but he still had his head, even if it was a little fuzzy.

“There’s another party next week,” Potter said by way of opening. Draco was a little miffed at the lack of pleasantries. 

“I know.”

Potter smiled - a shy, half smile that made Draco want to forgive him. “Did you wanna go?”

Draco held back his excitement at the question, his rapidly increasing heartbeat the only tell. Potter would have to work harder for a more obvious sign. “It’s expected I attend, Potter. Of course I’m going.”

“No, I meant - do you want to go together?” Potter said, swaying on the spot ever so slightly. “I’ll pick you up in a car - or we can apparate together. Maybe we can have dinner beforehand? I can’t stand the fancy stuff they serve at these things. I end up drinking firewhisky on an empty stomach all night and getting a lot drunker than I should and saying things I don’t mean.”

“Like now, you mean?” Draco countered. He was only teasing really - Potter had softened him up with his drunk ramblings - but Potter must not have picked up his change in tone.

“No, no, Draco, not now. I mean it - I’d like to -“

“You only call me Draco when you’re drunk,” Draco pointed out, not adding how much he enjoyed it.

“I’ll admit I’m a little bit tipsy,” Harry said with an apologetic smile - just as delightful as the previous one. “I needed the courage to ask you out. But if we’re going to start dating instead of, you know, just having sex in empty operating rooms, I think I should be able to call you Draco all the time.”

Dating. The word rang in Draco’s ears. He couldn’t help his lips from curling into a smile. “I don’t think that would be appropriate at work,” he said, maintaining some of his cool.

“Fine, Healer Malfoy,” Potter agreed with a wave of his hand (that seemed to put him off balance and start him swaying again). “So, is that a yes?”

Draco thought carefully. He didn’t want there to be any miscommunication about what Potter was suggesting. “You can pick me up at 6pm and we will apparate, not drive, to dinner. You can pick the restaurant but please make sure it is an establishment with real silverware and tablecloths. We will enter the party together, arms linked, to make our courtship known, and we will leave separately to avoid a scandal.”

Potter’s half smile split into one that covered his entire face, making him look a bit giddy. “But then we’ll meet up afterwards at yours and - “

“If you just want to have sex again, choose someone else,” Draco interrupted quickly, his recent uplift in mood taking a turn in the other direction. Sex with Potter was great but it wasn’t enough anymore. And if that’s all Potter wanted… “I’m sure there are plenty of people here who would jump at the opportunity.”

Potter’s face turned serious. “I don’t want anyone else.”

Draco felt instant relief as the tightness in his chest ceased. Potter didn’t want anyone else. “Good. Then I’ll see you next week.”

He made his exit before Potter could convince him to have sex right then and there - which Draco wasn’t so certain he’d be able to refuse with the state of his head what it was and Potter…being Potter. But he couldn’t help but glance back as he walked away, just for a quick, innocent look.

Potter was leaning against the bar, alone, smiling to himself. Draco would have made fun if he hadn’t been doing exactly the same thing too. Well, he could hardly help himself. A date with Harry Potter - that was something to smile about. And maybe, just maybe, Potter thought the same about a date with Draco Malfoy.

more like this l @queenofthyme

We Need To Talk

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request: “Hiii, love your writing!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader over hears Chris (Evans) say that she’s too clingy so the next few days she distances herself from him including talking to him/texting him over the phone ? Don’t know if that makes since but basically she’s ignoring him and being short answered and he doesn’t know why.”

summary: after hearing chris say some hurtful things, you go out of your way to avoid him completely.

pairing: chris evans x female reader

warnings: a few curse words

word count: 1.7k

A/N: after the vote off, chris angst won w/ 11 points !!!! the ending is awFUL but it’s nearly 2am and I’ve work for nearly 7 days in a row and im not getting a break for another two days so im a tad dead inside.


as always, feedback is greatly appreciated, come yell at me and tell me your secrets here!


It wasn’t like you to eavesdrop on a conversation, you were never one to listen in or poke your nose into someone else’s business but when Chris sat talking to Sebastian and your name popped up, you couldn’t help but listen in.

You stood outside the door of Chris’ trailer, trying your best to stay hidden as he chatted away to Sebastian inside the trailer. The three of you were on the last week of shooting for the next Captain America movie and as everything was drawing to a close, you felt that you had gained two very special people in your life, those being Chris and Sebastian.

Chris ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily as Sebastian chugged down half a bottle of water, the Atlanta heat getting to them both as they continued to talk.

“D’ya think you’ll ask Y/N out for a drink once filming is over?” Sebastian asked, wiping his lips on the back of his hand as Chris let out another sigh.

“I don’t know, she’s incredible but my God she hangs around a lot.” Sebastian raised an eyebrow at Chris, a bit taken back by his statement. “She’s just everywhere! I don’t think I could handle a girl that, what’s the word? Clingy!”

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Genre: Vampire!BTS, BTS AU, Fluff

Pairing: Vampire! Yoongi x Witch! Reader

Warnings: mentions of blood, needles (for donating blood)

Summary:  Y/N was an ordinary witch with an ordinary life. That is until one night she meets a mysterious man who turns her life upside down.

Authors Note: I hope you all enjoy soft vampire Yoongi<3.

Post Date: 12/11/17

Next: Chapter 2

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You watched as the nurse pressed the needle into your arm. It wasn’t pleasant, but you’ve donated enough blood to be mostly unfazed by it. The nurse was a plump woman with curly brown hair and deep skin. Her almond shaped eyes crinkled as she patted your shoulder.

“I’ll check in on you in a little bit hun.” You nodded and picked up your book with your free hand. Usually donating blood took half an hour so you needed some way to pass the time. You were sitting on a reclined bed, in a private room. The room was mostly white, decorated here and there with informative posters. Honestly, it was a rather cold and impersonal space, but you needed the money.

Before diving into your mystery novel, you eyed one of the posters closer to your bed. “5% of the US population are vampires. Donate today to feed the hungry.” Your eyes traveled to the IV in your arm, watching the dark liquid following through the tube. Does your blood taste good? Grimacing, you shooed the thought away. It doesn’t matter.

You’ve never met a vampire in your life, as far as you know. Five years ago, the vampire community went public. This didn’t come as a shock to you. Being a witch meant you were familiar with all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night. It was a shock to the supernatural community when the vampires pushed their kind into the light, pun intended. Many feared hatred and man-hunts. Of course, there was opposition but otherwise humanity has been rather amicable. Perhaps it was their long fascination with vampires that made their debut that much easier.

It wasn’t long after their reveal before donation centers popped up all over the US, promising monetary rewards. These centers didn’t let just anyone donate. There was a strict screening process. You had to be healthy, free of disease and drugs and keep a strict diet. The healthier you were, the more money your blood would fetch.

Your phone dinged in your pocket. It was a text from your best friend Bethany.

‘Hey, I’m going out to that new club in the cities, wanna come?’

You groaned, being rather introverted. Your free hand awkwardly typed a response.

‘I’m donating blood. I can’t drink tonight.’

‘You don’t have to drink! Just come out with me! It’s been so long.’

‘I guess I could use a night out.’ You had to admit it sounded a bit fun.

‘GREAT! I’LL MEET YOU AT OUR SPOT!’ You laughed gently to yourself.

Later that night you stood in front of your closet, sighing. Usually, it was easy for you to pick out a cute outfit, but tonight you were struggling. With a flick of your hand your clothes moved on their own. A dress stuffed in the back of your closet caught your eye. It was a sleeveless knee-length number with a maroon collar and skirt. White lace made up the torso portion and a bow dangled from the right hip. You nodded with a gentle smile forming on your face.

You stepped out of your apartment building all ready to go. Excitement bubbled in your tummy pleasantly. You always loved seeing Bethany and going out with her always proved to be a fun night. The spot you would always meet was a bus shelter that was equidistant between both your houses.

It wasn’t long into your walk before you spotted a cute kitten sitting near the sidewalk. A hardcore animal lover, you immediately outstretched your hand and made kissy noises. Your efforts only made the little fluff ball take off. Stubbornly, you followed.

“Wait!” you called, as if it would stop for you. You were so caught up in chasing the alley cat that you didn’t notice it quickly approaching a figure illuminated under a streetlamp. It wasn’t until you were a mere two feet from the stranger that you looked up. The cat immediately tucked itself around his legs, purring loudly. The man before you stood a few inches taller than you. He was dressed smartly in dress pants and a silky black shirt. His hair was dyed a light blue. It dangled above his sharp ebony eyes. You swallowed slowly, taken aback by his ethereal beauty. He kindly scratched the cats head before fixing you with an intense stare.

“Uh, sorry, is she yours?”

“No,” he said with a light smile. His voice was deep, and he had a bit of an accent. You opened your mouth to say something, but you heard Bethany shouting your name from a distance. She had spotted you from down the road and was waving you over. You awkwardly nodded at him before jogging over to her side.

“Who was that?” she asked with a smile. You shrugged.

“I don’t know. I was following the cat.” Bethany snorted, throwing her head back.

“You and cats, I swear.” You grinned, wrapping yourself around her arm before pulling her down the road.

“Let’s go, Beanie,” you said, purposely using her nickname to rile her up.

“Hey! You better not use that around a cute boy tonight.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” you said chuckling.

Minutes later you were snaking through a crowded bar, holding onto Bethany’s hand as she led you. While she ordered a cranberry vodka, you ordered water. That way you would at least blend in with the rest of the drink-holders. A popular song came on and Bethany fixed you with a knowing smile. She quickly backed herself onto the dance floor, pulling you with an invisible rope. Laughing you followed, allowing yourself to dance a bit.

 A few drinks later Bethany had moved from dancing to flirting. She was chatting up some guy who kept eyeing her up and down. You sat in a bar chair not to far away, sipping on your drink. You might be flirting with some stranger too, but you were glaringly sober. The drunk antics of others kept you entertained, however. Your eyes would always wander over to Bethany, making sure she was safe and comfortable.

The cute guy she was talking to left after putting his number in her phone. She was about to join you when different man blocked her path. He was excessively drunk, fumbling on his words and grinning stupidly. Bethany’s face said it all; she was not interested. She politely rejected his advances, doing her best to remover herself from the conversation. Drunk man wasn’t getting the hint and kept prodding her. You watched with daggers in your eyes, chin propped on your one hand. You muttered under your breath and flicked your free hand. The drunk man’s drink suddenly coated the front of his shirt. You stifled a laugh. Bethany took the opportunity to slip away.

An old friend of hers called her over before she could reach you once more. You smiled at her, encouraging her to go say hi. Satisfied with your work, you turned your chair and took another sip of your drink.

“A bit risky to use your powers in public isn’t it?” a deep voice murmured in your ear. You jumped and turned to face the voice. There, smirking at you, was the man from before. He looked even more handsome up close. You swallowed thickly and blinked at him, lost for words.

“What?” you finally uttered.

“I saw what you did there. It was pretty funny.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You fixed him with a confused stare. He laughed lightly and leaned closer.

“Your secret is safe with me. I’m not exactly human either.” Now a genuine look of confusion washed over your face. The man leaned back grinning, exposing his fangs. He delicately licked one before they retracted from sight.

“I’m Yoongi,” he said, sticking out his veined hand. You hesitated before putting your hand in his.
“Y/N,” you said quietly. His dark eyes traveled down your frame to the small puncture in your arm.

“Oh, you donate?”

“Y-Yeah.” You found yourself blushing for no apparent reason. He sees your flushed cheeks and smiles.

“It’s nice of you,” he says gently. Is he trying to comfort you? Perhaps he can hear how nervous you are with your heart beating so fast.

“Why are you talking to me?” you bluntly asked. It would be a lie if you said you weren’t a guarded person. Yoongi looked at you with a shocked expression that quickly melted into a coy one. He shifted his stance and looked down at his hands. Your lips parted, was he embarrassed?

“You…you interest me.” You internally smacked yourself for being so prickly.

“Sorry that was bit harsh of me. I, um, find you interesting too. I’ve never met a vampire before.” He raised his head to look at you with parted lips.



“How come you donate then?”

“Honestly, I need the money.” Yoongi bit his lip and if he could blush you’re sure he would be.

“They better be paying you handsomely. You smell really good.” He ducked his head a bit. You couldn’t help but smile, blushing yourself.

“Th-Thank you… I think.”

“It was a compliment,” he quickly assured. You laughed wholeheartedly, giving him cause to grin himself. “Do you want to get some fresh air?” he asked. Heart fluttering, you nodded. As he led you to the patio you quickly texted Bethany, letting her know where you’ll be.

The cool air was a sharp contrast to the stuffy air of the bar. Yoongi settled in the far corner of the patio where it was quieter. You joined him gladly, excitement lighting your eyes. The two of you settled into pleasant conversation, slowly sharing bits and pieces of your lives with each other. The flow of words and smiles came to a halt as Yoongi’s whole body stiffened. His eyes flicked behind you and he quickly grabbed your arm.

“What is it?” you asked.

“It’s a long story but someone who doesn’t like me just showed up. I need to hide.”

“That serious?” you whispered. He nodded and led you into the alleyway just behind the bar. He set you against the wall, standing before you with his hands planted on either side of your head. The intimate position made you blush and look to the ground.

“Try to blend in,” he murmured, fixing you with an intense stare. You nodded and grabbed the back of his shirt, making it look like you were a couple drunkenly flirting behind the bar. You heard his breath hitch in his throat as you got closer, shyly looking up into his eyes. He licked his lips and looked from your mouth to your eyes. You felt a magnetic force pulling you forward. A man suddenly entered the alleyway, shouting at the two of you. Yoongi quickly hid you behind his back.

“Let’s not do this here,” Yoongi said.

“Oh, sorry did I interrupt your little date?” the man sneered. He wasn’t much taller than Yoongi, but his muscular build scared you.

“Leave her out of this,” Yoongi snarled. The man suddenly produced fangs and growled at him. A deep rumble erupted from Yoongi’s throat. Before you knew it the two collided in a flurry of teeth and fists. You watched horrified at the sudden display of violence. A harsh upper cut connected to Yoongi’s face, putting him off his feet. The other man cruelly kicked him while he was down. Yoongi coughed up blood, clutching his stomach. The other vampire positioned himself above Yoongi as if he was about to rip his throat out.

“Stop!” you shouted, throwing your hands in front of you. A strong force erupted from your palms, throwing the man across the alley. He hit the opposite wall with a thwack, falling unconscious to the ground. Yoongi stumbled to his feet, looking at you astonished.

“That…that was awesome,” he said, grinning. You smiled meekly before your vision began to cloud. You felt something warm trickle down from your nose. You watched as blood dripped from your face onto your open hand. Legs turned to jelly, you fell to your knees. Yoongi rushed to your side, holding you up.

“Y/N?” he asked, panic rising in his tone. Then everything went black.

taylor!!! hehe hi it’s alex (right) w/ my friend gabby (left) &&& we are sosososososo excited to see you @ mpls n2 in less than 2 weeks!!!!!! we’ve been friends since first grade but have grown closer the past few years bc of our shared love for you and your music!!! she was the only person at school that actually thought it was cool when you followed me & has been by my side ever since !! as soon as the tour was announced she texted me that she wanted to go with me && so here we are!!! we thought of the ideas for the signs one night listening to NYD on repeat over facetime && i couldn’t stop drinking water so !!! we came up with these !! they’re a bit cheesy but we had so much fun making them !!!!!! sending so much love !!

we can’t wait to see you minneapolis n2 section 127 row 2 seats 22-23 !!!


A/N: Jack really needs a hug. (I volunteer!)

3rd October: Bonfire night. 🔥 | feat. Captain Jack Sparrow

Words: 1337
Warnings: none

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World Building Tips

Worldbuilding can be tough, especially for new writers. You may be thinking, “It can’t be that tough, right?” You’d be wrong. Building a world takes a lot of effort because YOU’RE CREATING A WHOLE FRICKIN WORLD. Luckily, I’m here to save your life.

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So, where do you start? I actually like to use the GRAPES technique, you know, that thing they taught you in social studies to learn about countries. Well, it actually works to create places too.

Geography: What’s your world’s terrain like in specific places? Are there cities or specific landmarks? Making a map helps with this step. It just has to be a quick sketch, not a masterpiece, so slow down there Da Vinci.

Religion: What are your world’s religions? How many are there? Are there specific people who practice certain ones? Are there any legends (dragons, Bigfoot, etc)? And don’t say, “Oh, my world doesn’t have any religions.” No one wondered how the world was made, really? Religions are a part of every society. I also place magic in this category, because fantasy worlds usually have just a little bit of magic.

Achievements: What has your world/country accomplished? Any wars won or lost? Famous people from there?

Politics: What is your world’s government? Who rules over the people? Are they respected? Unless anarchy and chaos are what you’re going for, this is a crucial step.

Economy: How does your world gain money? I’ve heard many descriptions of places like, “Genericfantasycityname123 was so rich, all the people had to do was sit around and drink the blood of their enemies.” How are they so rich if they just sit around with a nice tall glass of blood? I don’t think that’s a business.

Social Structure: What type of people does your world have? What prejudices are there about those people? Make sure all you people don’t look the same, kind of like these things called human beings. Heard of them? 

Even if just a fraction of these will be used in your story, they should still be prepared to avoid plotholes and general inconsistencies.

Congratulations! You’ve just made your world!

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Jamaica (Part 1)

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You guys are amazing. The fact that anyone likes my writing makes my heart so happy. Was gonna wait to post this, but this is my way of saying Happy Halloween! Send me requests, message me, I’d love to get to know all of you. Many, many parts of this will be coming. You go to Jamaica, meet Harry, and he gets inspired. Hope you love it. xx - L

Warnings: mentions of smut

Word Count: 2,106

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It's a miracle!

I was taking a two top’s drink order.

Woman: I’ll have a small [beer],please.

Man: I’ll have a small [beer],too, and a Malteser [short for a certain akvavit; a Scandinavian spirit made from caraway].

Me: Okay,great. I’ll be right back with the drinks to take your food order.

As I had just placed the drinks in front of them, the man pipes up.

Man: This is a Malteser?

Me: Yes, it is. 

Man: Really? Normally, it is served differently [it was served in a shot glass just like the ones the company gives out with their logo on it].

Me: *looks a bit puzzled*

Man: Well,normally you serve it in a larger and much wider glass and.. *starts gesturing* 

Me: Oh, no. What you mean is a Martini, not a Malteser. That’s a different drink altogether.  

Man: *laughs* Oh God, I am so fucking stupid. Guess I’ll have the Malteser then. Serves me right if I can’t order what I actually wanted.

Every now and then, a customer will realize on their own that they fucked up without having to throw a tantrum and getting chewed out by their date,relative or friends. Let’s not lose faith in these rare occurrences. 

scamanderboys  asked:

hey maggie i'm struggling a bit at college. i've never really had trouble making close connections to people but everyone here seems just to want to drink and all the conversation seems really superficial. i'm worried that i'm shutting myself in my room too much and not meeting the right people, but i also don't really like drinking and have added academic requirements which means i can't drink each night. i was wondering if you'd have any advice for a lonely college kid x

Dear scamanderboys,

I feel as if my refrain for 2018 is going to end up being COLLEGE IS NOT THE END. I’ve written before about drinking (I don’t), non-party friendships in college, how weird being 18-19 was, remaking yourself in college, and what I cared about in college

One of those might actually be the answer you’re looking for. But in case it’s not, I’m going to go back to the COLLEGE IS NOT THE END refrain. If you don’t have to worry about being hooked into your college’s party scene, it frees you up to ask yourself instead: what will I still be doing after college? Then carve out some of your precious time for that instead. Don’t worry if it’s with older or younger people. Join a community orchestra, volunteer at the local SPCA, put in time at a community thrift store, take free classes in pottery and bread baking through your local arts or library scene. Don’t have time or transport to get off campus? Hit up interest-specific forums online.* I spent much of my youth on arts forums (I was on WetCanvas, though I don’t know if it’s still the same as it was), learning how to do portraits and meeting art people. The first eventually became my post-college job, and I’m still friends with many of the second, both online and off.

Campus can be claustrophobic. Campus can make it seem like college is the most important thing. Don’t be fooled. College is a thing you’re doing, but it won’t be for always. COLLEGE IS NOT THE END. If you’re not finding what or who you’re looking for on campus, look to the person you’ll be in the future instead, and point your ship that-a-way.



*in the distant past when I was on forums, nearly all were password protected and moderated. I highly recommend this model if you’re going to get extremely emotionally invested online. Don’t make real friends with anonymous ghosts; they can turn into noxious fumes faster than you can source a gas mask.

Lucky - FP Jones x reader | Sweet Pea x reader

Request: Can you write a fp one where the reader tries to get closer to him but he tells her she’s too young for him and he’s not interested so when she starts dating sweetpea he thinks she’s trying to make him jealous but she’s falling for pea and fp beings to regret his chance with her

Word count: 2837

Warnings: cursing, some angst, age gap at some point, implied sex

A/N: Loved this request! also not very edited oops ily

Forsythe Pendleton Jones, the second. A man you had admired since you were five. The man who you held in your heart since you were thirteen. Back then, it was a small crush, one nearly every girl had experienced at some point. Normally, that crush would dissipate quickly, but yours never did. The thought of pursuing your long time crush had never passed your mind until you were eighteen and a senior at Southside High. You had been a serpent for three years, following in your father’s footsteps much to the dismay of your mother. Your best friends were Toni Topaz, Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty, you were the Southsides ‘core four’ who truly just caused trouble and kept the life in the town. When Jughead came along, he slipped into the group with a struggle since Sweet Pea wasn’t a huge fan, but he eventually was welcomed into your group. Jughead was a great guy, but you felt uncomfortable being close to him when you had a crush on his dad. Yet, you were well aware you would either have to get over the crush, or just let your feelings out.

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