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Protection goes both ways (2/2)

Request: Could you do one where Peter Pan is protecting Y/N from whatever evils there are in Neverland, and then Peter gets hurt defending Y/N? Lots of fluff, forehead kisses, Y/N taking care of Peter, treating his wounds ect. Thanks! - maryatthecomiccon

Warning: Violence, blood, angst. Besides that, lots of sweet romance between you and Peter and few appearances of other characters. Enjoy!^^” - Tiger Lily <3

Protected by you

The lady with the grey eyes showed you how to clean his wounds and cover them with the yellow porridge, so that you could take over. She also gave you a bowl with water and a piece of cloth so that you could dab his face and body with it. He was having a fever the next day, the crocodiles teeth weren’t exactly clean and his wounds were infected. The porridge helped clean them, but they had to work on more medicine to get the infection out of his body. While he was sleeping and shivering, you were handed a soup to feed him and one for yourself but you couldn’t imagine yourself eating right now. You were too concerned about Peter.

 You reached out a hand and softly held onto his upper arm feeling his biceps beneath his burning skin and softly shaking him. “Peter… wake up.”

 You watched his eyes slowly open, he took a while to wake up fully and realize that it was you. You used a few extra blankets to make him sit up and inched closer so that you could feed him. You placed the bowl of soup in your lap and used the wooden spoon to feed him. He was quiet, but you felt his hand on your knee, his thumb drawing circles here and then and it reassured you that he was okay. You kept stroking his while watching him chew and swallow. “Maybe…” You began, “maybe you should do the checkup on Neverland alone from now on.” You said and eyed his reaction.

 Peter just looked at you with an unreadable expression. He urged you to keep feeding him instead of answering.

   “I mean, it’s not good that I am there distracting you.” You continued and dabbed his forehead with the wet cloth. “We’ll stick to the camp and the area around it.” You heard Peter sigh. “Or not?” You asked.

   “It’s my fault, y/n.” He said and looked at you with his green eyes.

   “No, I shouldn’t have asked to go with yo-”

   “Stick to the camp, yes.” He interrupted you. “Can’t have you hurt.” You felt his hand go up to your thigh and he gripped it weakly.

 You took his hand to hold it in your hands. “I can’t have you hurt either. It’s killing me to see you suffer.”

 Peter raised his hand to softly pinch your chin between his thumb and index finger. Slowly he led your face closer to his and you both stopped moving closer when your lips were two inches apart.

   “You’re sick, Peter.” You said with a small grin. Peter smiled weakly at you. You both chuckled. You actually hadn’t kissed yet. So being this close to actually doing it was making you feel like every nerve was buzzing. Peter’s hand slid around your neck and he pulled you close without warning, pressing his hot lips against yours and you moaned in surprise. Then he pulled away, grinning at you while you, all flustered, quickly went back to dabbing his chest with the wet cloth.

  You looked up at him again, expecting a smirk or something but you found him asleep. You chuckled.

 The next day Peter was better. He healed quicker than you expected and were on his feet by nightfall. Tiger Lily came in to check up on him and patted your back with a, “great work.”
Peter Pan was helped back to the camp by two lost boys while you and Felix walked behind them.

   “So did you kiss him or something?” Felix asked, leaning in so that Peter wouldn’t hear him.

 You eyed him, ducking beneath a branch. “Ehm…”

   “You did?” He said in disbelief and chuckled. “That’s why he’s better already.”

 You frowned. “What do you mean?”

   “In Neverland every thought counts. You have to believe and well, you made him want to get better, made him feel good and happy and that heals. Love heals.” He said and pushed up a branch for you to go under. You heard Peter curse at one of the lost boys up ahead.

   “You know an awful lot about love.” You chose to say to cover up how happy that had made you feel.

   “I read.” He said and you both laughed. “Also, I know him well. He seems happy.”

   “I am too.” You confessed and Felix patted your back just like Tiger Lily had done.

 Peter had been helped down to lie in his bed in his tent and you joined him by sitting on the edge of the bed. Fixing up his wounds and helping him with his dinner.

   “Maybe I should stay sick so that you can keep taking care of me.” He said while watching you putting away his empty bowl of soup. You turned around to give him a look of disapproval. He rolled his eyes. “Fine, I’ll get better then.”

 You chuckled and then suddenly feeling awkward because you were unsure if you should leave him alone or stay with him like you did the past two nights. Peter looked at you and then patted the spot beside him.

   “Stay.” He said with a sincere voice and you decided to obey, walking over and crawling beneath the covers, resting your head on his shoulder. He was still warm, but his normal temperature, maybe you were just always colder than he was? He turned his head and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I think I understand him.” He said.

 “Understands who?”

 “Hook.” He said and you frowned. “I think I understand his fear and hatred towards crocodiles now.”

You laughed and looked up at him. “It’s not-”

 “I know.” Peter chuckled. “It’s not the same but… you know.”

You nodded and kissed his cheek. “I understand.”

He looked down at you. “Good, now sleep, I’m tired.”

 “Aye aye, sir.” You muttered sleepily and snuggled closer to him.


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