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what i love about u is that u have great fashion sense, but seem like the kinda person that hangs out in tshirts and old sweatpants most days. i relate maybe a little too much.

oh this is actually me. i pride myself on my fashion sense but everyday i’m in a rock tshirt w holes in it or a muscle tank and my favorite sweats. ya pegged me. you can ask @toomuchducky this is all truth

The signs as vampires
  • Aries: Reckless™. Doesnt know how to cover up their tracks. Ends up hiring someone to do it for them. Skilled at speed walking.
  • Taurus: turns humans into vampires out of boredom. Accidentally creates a huge clan. Ends up a leader. Nice.
  • Gemini: the vampire that messes with everyone just because they're immortal. Gets in trouble lots because they can get out of it easily. The vampire who accidentally ends up well known among other vampires by doing something stupid as hell.
  • Cancer: feels guilty all the time. Likes the perks though. Living forever is cool.
  • Leo: the vampire who thinks they could be part of the Avengers or some crap. Thinks they're some kind of vampire superhero. Actually ends up being some really lonely vampire who longs for another half.
  • Virgo: always thinking of ways their kind can blend in with humans. Misses being human. Probably binges because they avoid eating for a long time.
  • Libra: the preppiest vampire ever. Who cares if we're undead? Doesn't mean we cant party and have a great fashion sense, am i right? Lets go become undead models in high fashion.
  • Scorpio: intensity increased by a million percent. Falls in love with a human. Appears like the stereotype but occasionally wishes they were human.
  • Sagittarius: no guilt whatsoever. Feels as if they're the superior race so who tf gives a damn about stupid humans. Plays with their food.
  • Capricorn: always coming up with ways to take over the world. Vampires should be in charge. Humans are so dumb and temporary.
  • Aquarius: uses their abilities to help people. Mostly wishes everyone was a vampire so they could all look after themselves. The vampire that was shunned from their clan for being too "human like".
  • Pisces: the coolest vampire ever. Uses their abilities to have fun. Thats it. You live forever so you might has well be eternally amused.

Rafaella’s Friend Is My Girlfriend (Neymar imagine)


“That looks nice but don’t you think too much under-boob is a bad thing?” I asked

Rafaella looked at herself in the mirror, and then turned towards me, “But this looks cute” She said

I chuckled, “Your brother won’t think it’s cute” I said 

She groaned, “You know at times I forget you two are dating” 

I chuckled, as she went back into the closet to find another outfit. It didn’t take long for Neymar to come into the room as well and take a seat next to me on her bed. “What are you two doing in here?”He asked

“She’s showing me different outfits” I said 

Neymar nodded, “Y/N I really can’t wait it’s going to be so-when did you get in here?”Rafaella said

I chuckled, as Neymar looked her up and down. “I don’t think this one is a good one” He said

She chuckled, “Well brother, I need Y/N’s opinion because this is her specialty” 

Neymar looked hurt, and raised an eyebrow, “So what are you trying to say?I don’t have good fashion sense?” He asks

Rafaella nodded her head, “Great you got what I was saying” She said

I held back a laugh, and she turned towards me. “So what about this?”

I nodded, “This one is nice, I think the top would look better with the jeans from last time though” 

Rafaella looked at herself in the mirror and nodded, “You’re right, God I love you” She said

I smiled, I noticed Neymar staring at me and turned towards him. “What?” I asked

“Where are you two going that she needs your opinion on her outfit?” He asked

Before I could spit it out Rafaella poked her head out from the closet, “We’re going to Jennie’s birthday party” She said

Neymar raised an eyebrow turning towards me, “So you weren’t going to tell me you were going?” He asked

I nodded, “I wasn’t, I was just going to lay out some clothes and tell you to get dressed” I said

Neymar chuckled, when Rafaella came out of the closet with the recommended outfit she smiled giving me a hug, “Neymar I’m so glad you chose Y/N” 

I chuckled returning her hug, only for it to be short lived as Neymar removed Rafaella and held my hand bringing me up, “I know I’m great at picking, but I need to borrow my girlfriend now” He said walking out of her room with me

“What-Wait Neymar  we weren’t finished” She shouted

“You are now” 

I shook my head at the two, and we went into Neymar’s and I’s room. “Okay now it’s my turn” 

~The Party

As the three of us walked into the party, the music was blasting loud. Neymar looked at both Rafaella and I, “You guys like this stuff?” He asked

I chuckled, “This is only the beginning” 

Throughout the crowd we’d lost Rafaella, and I shook my head when I saw her a few feet away dancing with Laurie. Neymar and I headed to the drinks, “I think I saw Rafinha over there I’ll be right back” Neymar said

I nodded, “Go have fun” I said

Neymar nodded placing a kiss on my cheek before going over to his boys, I chuckled and grabbed a Coca-Cola from the cooler. As I stood up someone was standing in front of me with a smile, “Hi” He said

I nodded, “Hey” 

He smiled more, which made him even more creepy, “I was just over there when you walked in and I though I’d come over and say hey” He said

“Thank you” I said

He extended his hand, “I’m Justin” 

I didn’t get to say anything else because Neymar came back a very pissy look on his face. “And I’m her boyfriend” He said

Justin stared at Neymar, “Look I don’t think her brother needs to lie for her” He said

I chuckled, “I’m her boyfriend, not her brother but you have a good 20 seconds before I beat your ass down” Neymar said

Justin turned right around and walked away, Neymar turned towards me. “Didn’t they tell you stranger danger or something?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Did you forget that you were once a stranger in my life?” 

He smiled, “I love you” 

I chuckled, I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw it was Ben. I smiled and went to give him a hug but was pulled back to Neymar. I raised an eyebrow, “It’s Ben” I said

“Who’s that?” 

I chuckled, “He’s a friend swear, Ben this is Neymar” I said

Neymar reluctantly let me go but kept an eye on Ben, who just smiled. “It’s nice to meet you Neymar” Ben said 

Neymar just nodded, and stood close by as I spoke with Ben. Afterwards Neymar was so close I could literally feel his breath on my neck, I turned around, “Ney I’m gonna go to the bathroom” I said

Neymar nodded, and as I went to walk I felt him behind me again. “Ney, I’m going to the bathroom” I repeated

He nodded, “I heard you, so I’m going with you” He said

I chuckled, “It’s the bathroom one person allowed only” I said

Neymar raised an eyebrow, “Why? I’ve seen everything already and on multiple occasions too” He said 

I looked at him, “Yeah but I can go to the bathroom by myself” I said

He sighed, “Alright go but I’m waiting right here”He said

I nodded, and went into the bathroom. As I was washing my hands the door opened and in walked a guy. And he just continued giong towards the toilet, unzipping his pants my eyes were covered and I hit the person.

Once their hands were removed I turned around to see Neymar holding his stomach, “Really? Is that what I get for trying to help you?” He asks

I chuckled, “You could’ve stated who you were before placing your hands on my eyes” I said

“I should’ve”

I smiled, “But thank you”

Neymar smiled down at me, “Anytime, can we go home now?”

I chuckled, “Let’s go Jr.”

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Can I request fashion hcs for Nekoma? Like, do they have a great fashion sense or are they a fashion disaster? Good luck with your blog!!!

(This is my shiteu. And thank you so much!!)

Tetsurō Kuroo:

  • Kuroo is not dressing to impress, but he isn’t careless about his outfits either. You could say he has a balanced sense of style, which he uses to adapt to different situations.
  • His closet has many V-neck blouses and shirts. He rarely wears a tie though, unless it’s for school.
  • He totally rocks the casual style and looks hella good with the tight ripped jeans and t-shirt with a simple monochromatic vest over. x
  • He totally has one of those shirts with the cats showing the finger, you can’t convince me otherwise. He bought one for Kenma as well to have matching outfits. Kenma hates him for this, but loves the gift nonetheless.

Nobuyuki Kai:

  • Kai is aware that people usually judge each other by the way they dress, but he doesn’t try excessively hard when it comes to his outfits.
  • His style smoothly oscillates between the smart and casual one. As long as he’s comfortable with what he’s wearing and it’s not offending everyone, he’s content.
  • He probably has these three pairs of pants that he uses most of the time because he loves the material and the way he looks in them.
  • Kai’s not who knows what talent when it comes to fashion, but his outfits are so nicely put together, students in younger years come to him for advice.

Morisuke Yaku:

  • What is fashion sense? What are clothes? This kid wears his volley jersey most of the time, unless he’s attending classes and he must be in his uniform.
  • Otherwise, you can usually see him in sport clothes, such as cotton t-shirts and shorts, as he fills most of his hours with volley practice.
  • Yaku is totally the guy you’d catch with socks and sandals in a mild summer day, or the guy that has terrible sense of color. His shirts and pants don’t often match.
  • He refuses to take advice from anyone, especially when Kuroo is teasing him with every given opportunity.

Taketora Yamamoto:

  • You know those kids who are trying really hard to be hip? That’s Yamamoto. He has those baggy pants and loose T-shirts with a cap covering his head.
  • Most of his style is influenced by the 90′s American movies or bands, just like his taste in music or books.
  • Once, he came to school with one of those golden chains necklace and sunglasses, but some girls commented on how he looked like a total loser. Never again.
  • He reads women magazines for tips on what girls like in boys’ dressing style to pick up tips and advice.

Kenma Kozume:

  • Kenma doesn’t struggle too much with his outfits. He’s trying not to attract too much attention on himself, so his clothes are not unusual or flashy.
  • He’s pretty much content if he has a hoody and a pair of jeans, or probably a T-shirt that he enjoys wearing.
  • He once tried to change his wardrobe and look more “fashionable”, putting different clothing pieces together, but he just ended being ridiculous.
  • I can bet Kuroo helps him dress up for important events, claiming that a good first impression is made through the way you arrive dressed at an activity.

Shōhei Fukunaga:

  • Fukunaga might not get observed much and neither does he talk with others a lot, so he tries to express his likes through his outfits.
  • He has a bunch of fandom shirts, either from movies or TV series, which he secretly hopes people notice and that he’d find someone with the same interests.
  • He also has these band t-shirts he wants to wear because he loves their music. People wonder how comes he wears a new top every single day.
  • He’s not very picky when he goes shopping. If clothes look nice, if he feels good in them and if they have a reasonable price, he’d get them.

Sō Inuoka:

  • His wardrobe is full of colorful blouses or T-shirts with cheerful prints, be it animals, cartoon characters or even abstract images.
  • His color themes are bright and energetic, almost like matching his joyful personality. Although, seeing him first thing in the morning might be kind of an eyesore.
  • He gets hot faster than other people, so he starts wearing shorts even from the beginning of spring. He just can’t stand the sweaty feeling on his legs through the material.
  • Certainly not between the people with a fashion sense. If he feels comfortable with what he’s wearing, he’s pretty happy and goes with it.

Lev Haiba:

  • You might look at this giant and go “Haha, what a dork! He probably dresses like one too!” but how wrong you’re right there, my friend.
  • Even if Lev himself didn’t know much when it came to fashion, a lot of his knowledge comes from his older sister who tried to rub her tips on him as well.
  • If you didn’t know how tall Lev is, you might see him in public and wonder who’s that nicely dress guy over there. He puts Kuroo to shame.  This boy should have his own show.
  • His wardrobe has many patterned shirts in pastel colors and pants in light nuances who go well be it summer or winter. He totally knows a hella lot of fancy names of different colors and palettes. 

Yuki Shibayama:

  • Shibayama is in possession of a large number of ugly sweaters with those complicated patterns because his grandmother gifted him one at every single occassion. His heart won’t let his get rid of them.
  • He secretely enjoys knitting as well and has made Inuoka a very cute sweater with a dog on it as a Christmas present. Protect this child.
  • He has some cute t-shirts with floral designs, but he’s ashamed to wear them in public.
  • He might not know much when it comes to fashion, but he’s ace if asked about anything to do with accessorizing. 

oftd featuring. tezri propie

Dating Blues (Bias x Reader) Pt.1

Name’s Hadya. Twenty years old. I enjoy listening to music in almost every language. I practice yoga. I work as a fashion photographer and having a good fashion sense is very important.

You cringe as you read your mini biography aloud. Your friends had talked you into creating a profile on a dating website believing you were simply wasting your youthful days away. You hadn’t dated in nearly three years and work was so hectic that you found no need to. Why was it necessary to have a person in your life? You were doing quite fine on your own.

You read over the paragraph once more which resulted in a loud face palm.

“You practice yoga? Really?” But it was true. You did practice yoga of some kind. Except it involved more body movements that could have a man on his knees in pain and bleeding in a matter of seconds.

You also lied about your occupation. You chose a fashion photographer because, well, you liked photography. Also your real job would have you single forever if any man found out.

You also lied about your name, for various reasons.

You didn’t bother to think it through. You saved the information and patiently waited for a response.

That wait lasted for a week. You faithfully checked up to the third day until you grew tired of this pettiness and forgot about it. Your friends blamed you for not uploading a photo to let people know what you looked like. You thought they were insane for suggesting. Didn’t they know better? 

On the seventh day you receive a notification on your phone signifying someone had not only checked out your page, but had sent you a message.
You decided to view his profile first. 

You skimmed over his biography, sneaking glances at his profile picture. It was a full body photo which wouldn’t let you zoom in to see his face. He was from South Korea but was doing business in Italy for a few months. He was in Italy, of all the places for you to visit at the moment. Too ironic.

“Gil,” You speak into your phone. Gil was your closest friend/co-worker. She was the best person to run a background check, as she was one of the best hackers in this part of the world. She was also the one who talked you into doing this.

“I’m already on it.” she says without you requesting anything.

You take this time to read his biography. 

He enjoyed traveling. He was a book publisher. He enjoyed the simple things in life and was looking for one that was interested in the same.

You roll your eyes. So basic. You move to the message instead.

Dear Ms. Hadya. My name is Jae, as it says in the far corner above my picture,” you smile at the subtle humor. “I would like to get to know you better, since you have no picture for me to see. I also think your biography is great. Blunt and no beating around the bush. By the way, I happen to have a great fashion sense, so don’t worry.” 

“Anything on him yet?” you ask Gil. 

“He’s clean, except for violating his parking meter.” 

You never hit the reply button so fast, “Let’s do this.” you say to yourself. 

You reply saying that you’re up for it. 

A few hours later he responds with, “Good. I’ll meet you at the SpearMint Cafe at 2:00pm in three days. I’ll be the man with the royal blue scarf freezing to death.” 

Your eyes bulge at his forwardness. He was serious about this. You briefly gave him your physical description and that you’d be wearing a light blue coat that you couldn’t miss. 

So this was it. You were finally going on a date after how long. But you couldn’t believe it. Internet dating, were you insane? Apparently so. 

Three days later you were dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, gray loafers, a white turtle neck sweater with a long baby blue coat that blocked out majority of the cold. 

You stepped into the SpearMint Cafe and took in the interior. It was a large cafe that also had a second floor. It had charcoal walls, almost like a chalkboard where the menu was written in chalk. It also happened to be a Japanese cafe. They had a line of sushi, sandwiches, and other foods settled behind a glass window. A bar was set up but it was mildly crowded. 

You scanned the cafe searching for a man with a blue scarf but to no avail. You check the time on your phone. 1:50pm. You weren’t all that punctual, but you made an effort today. You take a seat by the window, casually glancing at each face. But there was no one with a royal blue scarf. 

Thoughts entered your mind. Were you being stood up? Were you too easy about this? You practically agreed the first time he asked without having a full conversation? He’d never even seen your face, why was he interested? What if you’re being catfished? Oh he better not. What if -

You’re in the midst of battling with yourself when you see someone stand in front of you. You glance up to see a man dressed in all black with a royal blue scarf tucked around his neck. His ears and the tip of his nose is red. He removes his hands from his coat pocket, “Are you Hadya?” 

“Yes,” you say standing. 

You find that he towers over you by almost a foot. I should’ve worn heels. You thought to yourself. 

He removes his leather gloves from his slender hands and extends one to you. He smiles and so do his eyes, “I’m Jae. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” 

His hand is still holding onto yours and your gaze is still fixated on his brown eyes, “I think we should sit,” you say with a laugh. 

He nods in agreement. “Would you like coffee?” he asks. 

“No.” You shake your head. Your emotions are tying your stomach in knots. You need something solid and heavy to combat your nervousness. “I’d rather eat something.” 

He raises his eyebrows a fraction of an inch, “A woman with an appetite. Now I feel stingy for wanting coffee,” 

The waiter comes to your little table asking if you’d like anything. He sees Jae and automatically starts to converse in Japanese. Jae is unfazed. Your Korean is better than your Japanese, but it’s enough to get you by.

Jae turns to you, ready to translate, but you help yourself, “I’ll have the Philadelphia roll, please. And instead of asparagus, could you add in cucumbers?”

The waiters eyes widen in surprise and he smiles with a bow of his head, before saying “Yes,” 

Jae has a small smile on his face, “You’re good. But don’t you think that’s going to be too spicy?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You asked instead of asparagus, to add extra spicy sauce,”

You gasp standing up, “No, I meant to say cucumbers,” 

Jae laughs and calls out to the waiter, yelling something in Japanese as to what you take to mean ‘cucumber’. He nods, and proceeds to making the sushi roll. 

You guys continue to talk as he sips his coffee and soon your sushi is in front of you. You offer him some and to your disappointment he accepts. There’s nine pieces in total and he leaves the last two for you. Just to be sure, you ask if he wants one more, but he declines.

The date is going smoothly. The uneasiness has left you which made you aware of its absence causing you to observe your surroundings even more. You’re deep in conversation when something catches your eye in the reflection of Jae’s sunglasses that was hooked on the front of his shirt. You don’t dare turn around. Instead you feign discomfort, claiming an eyelash is in your eye.

You open your small make-up mirror from your coat pocket and use it to catch the images of the people behind you. Scattered around the tables and bar are men dressed in black, some dressed in winter casuals. To others this is completely normal. If it wasn’t for how each of them were seated, not entirely conversing with one another. Right at that moment one of them sneaks a glance at you and you stared back for a full second before snapping your mirror closed. 

“Everything alright?” Jae asks, pulling you back to the matter at hand. 

“I feel restless. Can we go for a walk, work off this sushi?” 

He looks confused for a moment before complying, “Sure. But it’s freezing outside.”

He pays the bill, despite your protest of wanting to pay for your sushi since he only ordered coffee. You stand up with him and loop your arm through his when he surprisingly offers it to you, “Paying on a date shouldn’t be a big deal,”

You both walk through the door and you find that the men also get up a few at a time behind you. Not subtle at all. 

Your date is completely unaware of what’s happening behind him. You walk down the street with the crowd hoping you’ll blend. But you know you won’t. Why did you choose to wear a light blue coat today, of all days? 

“Why are we walking so fast?” Jae asks. You slow down but only for a moment. His long strides should outpace yours. You steal a glance over your shoulder to find that the men are more obvious now. They’re bumping into people, trying not to lose you. 

Jae glances behind him, “What in the world…? We should move out of the way before they run us over,” he takes your arm guiding you into an alley. The stone walls reveal doors to different shops and restaurants. 

You move the latch of one door and the both of you move inside before the first of your pursuers can spot you. You release a breath you didn’t know you held in. You find that you’re in a kitchen that smells of baked bread. You stand on a box looking out a mini window at the street outside. 

“As much as I’m up for adventures, I’d really like to know what’s going on here? Why were you rushing like that? Are those men after you?” he asks behind you.

You press on the tip of your toes to get a better view, “No. I just can’t really stay in one place for too long." 

He chuckles, "Believe me, I’ve noticed." 

At this you freeze. How would he have noticed that if we just met? You jump back off of the box and turn to face him, but to your unpleasant surprise, you find Jae, your blind Internet date, rolling a silencer onto his gun.

This is only part one, if you guys are feeling this story, I’ll add more ^-^

How Leo sees the signs

Aries- fuck you for being perfect and amazing. I have fallen in love with one of you and it hurts a lot but I love you.
Taurus- you have such a great fashion sense and you literally make everyone want to be you.
Gemini- we are supposed to be compatible? But you talk a lot and you always get me in trouble, because the teacher thinks I’m the one talking. BUT ITS ALL YOU
Cancer- you are the most precious thing on earth, never ever change who you are.
Leo- you are still a badass sign but cmon I know you can show your true self a little more and not be scared of what other people think.
Virgo- you make others around you feel very loved and worth it.
Libra- you are one of the most romantic people I have ever met. Don’t stop being romantic.
Scorpio- you give the best advice, you never once gave up on anything unless it was math.
Sagittarius- you are so fucking blunt I love it.
Capricorn- you need to realize that other people are independent and don’t always need your help. Take time for your self.
Aquarius- you truly do care about anyone that’s close to you, and will defend anyone. I appreciate that a lot.
Pisces- never stop being the rays of sunshine you are, because you are making people days by being your self.

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i was a girls gay 'best friend' once and she said it was because she wanted fashion tips and yet here i am, sitting in front of my computer in a hot dog shirt wearing neon pink underwear that says twink on the ass

yeah that’s what i mean like most gay guys don’t even have that great of fashion sense i feel like you’d get better tips with other girls when you go to forever 21