i have gotten all of them!!!


disclaimer: i might have gotten some things completely wrong lmao LIKE LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED THIS i was like wait…. what are you saying about these official images being divided in half…. i mean you pointed out yourself that the eye line is not really halfway so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? these faces were constructed with thirds weren’t they?? WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THIRDS ((spoiler it’s bc i always use halves then add hair on top (see fig. 5))) and then i was like “would it be worse to spend another day trying to work this out and correct it, or spread misinformation on the internet?” ……and i was tired of looking at this so LOOK AT THE IMAGES FOR YOURSELF AND LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!! 

…or not…. lmao i do swear you can use this method, but although ive been drawing almost daily for over 10 years, most of my knowledge is based on my own observation and not official teaching so take it with a grain of salt. i hope some of the stuff here is still useful to someone anyway.

bc well, over time ive had several people say stuff to me like “teach me how you draw” and idk how serious they were about it, but here’s my answer… or an attempt at an answer? although this is focused less on how i draw and more on (hopefully) developing observation skills.

there is much better facial proportion reference in existence and i highly encourage making use of the wealth of resources that’s out there if you google!

let’s make even more akoyas! happy drawing!!


REY STAFF  and  SOLAS NECKLACES just added to our StoreEnvy!

Please note that as always, these are preorders. We have gotten tons of emails lately about both these items and we finally have time on our hands. Not to mention we’re making molds for new cosplays anyway, so no problem in casting some necklaces alongside our other projects. 

THERE ARE ONLY 3 REY STAFFS. Since its a new thing. And 20 Solas Necklaces. 

All items ship on 9/15, thursday. 

hey guys, i have a huge favor to ask

you might remember me signal boosting a GoFundMe for a friend somewhat recently.  things have gotten much worse with that situation*, they are in a situation where they really dont know how they are going to make ends meet, and if you can offer even the smallest bit of support, that would mean so much to her entire family and also to me


if you cant donate, maybe reblog to help them all out. they need it so badly right now, and this is the most i can do to help. thank you all

*i dont want to share all of their personal details but its very serious and pretty much unfixable

People trying to say that Nikki can wait to be champion because she was a champion “12 months ago” (which was a YEAR ago, just say it) and that there are women on Smackdown who are more “deserving” cause they’ve never held a title. And yet, Charlotte was champion a month ago and now she’s a 2X champ while there are other women on Raw who’ve never held a title or even gotten title shots, but they stay silent on issues like that.

And it’s like, Nikki has people so pressed because she worked her ass off to return from a career ending injury. I hope she becomes champion because she ABSOLUTELY deserves it for fighting as hard as she does, and for being an amazing wrestler.

In reality, ALL of those women on Smackdown deserve it, because they’re all hard working women. But to say that Nikki should have to wait behind the rest of them because she’s already been a champion or because you feel she isn’t good enough is ridiculous.


I don’t understand why everyone is upset, Z was just car flirting and we all thought it was cute, these are single real life people, no matter what we want them to do and be it will take time, whatever was going on with that girl if anything other than flirting is over now, he wanted a piece of hot ass and it looks like he may have gotten it so now it’s time to move on, why else would her friend jeopardize her potential relationship with Val 🤔,

Hey guys!

I know school is starting back up for a lot of us so in honor of this, I’ve created the tag #MyDeskEssentials

I know a lot of studyblrs have posted about their essentials already so don’t feel like you have to join in on this tag, I’m just trying to get involved in the community!

I’ve gotten my study space in order and felt that it would be helpful to get everyone back in the swing of all things school and studying to help make the transition as stress free as possible!

Below is a quick description of my essentials! Don’t forget to tag 5-10 other accounts to join in if you’d like!

  • Bic .7 Mechanical Pencils: I purchase these every school year and prefer them over traditional pencils because you don’t have to sharpen them
  • Stabilo 88 Pens: You could use other pens but for me, these are essential for when I’m making mind maps or flash cards
  • Muji .38 Gel Pens: hands down (in my opinion) the best pens for taking notes with.  The tip is small enough to keep your page looking neat and allow ample room for all your notes
  • Zebra Midliners: I purchased the 9 pack and every single color works as a highlighter, even the gray and brown.  I love these for color coding my notes especially.
  • Bic Finepoint Permanent Markers: I mainly use these for projects when I’m creating posters or charts.  They certainly don’t get the most use out of all my supplies but they’re nice to have in a pinch if you don’t have time or money to purchase poster markers.
  • 2016 Calendar: Keeps my life on track, I perfer it over a moleskine mainly because I don’t always have enough patience to create a spread
  • Lexar 16 GB flashdrive: Honestly, I prefer google drive to save my files but my engineering course for this upcoming year requires one.
  • Binder rings and magnets: In one of my courses last year I used over 500 index cards and the binder rings saved my life.  Also the magnets go to my calendar white board!

That’s all for this lame excuse for a post but I hope it helped you guys out! Also, not pictured items include paper, a ruler, tape, my calculator, and some colored pencils because I keep them in my backpack!

I tag…

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Part of me is joking around, but I don’t think it’s too much to wish for them to get together happily.

Leah did mention that Illyana didn’t “reform” with her, so from her standpoint she was probably looking for the version of Illyana that has all of her memories from Siege. I think story wise though, that was written in because if Leah and Illyana had gotten together in the seven year “dream sequence”, Leah would have lost her again afterwards. The writer (Bennett) seemed to be going for a happy ending (especially with so many sad endings for f/f couples) and having these two get together and then be forced apart would have been sort of tragic.

Also, I think the idea of Leah and Illyana starting a relationship again, with Leah knowing she’s been in love with her before but Illyana just meeting her, would be interesting.

So I’ve been having visual hallucinations every now and then for the past like 6 months which I’ve honestly gotten used to and they haven’t even been that bad, but just last night, even though I haven’t had them for over a year, I started having auditory hallucinations again, which can be fucking horrifying at times.

Seriously, if you’ve never had one before, be thankful. Some drove me to tears when I first started experiencing them.

So… Yeah. My night has just been fan-fucking-tastic so far.

Sizzy One Shot: Peppermint and Ginger

As mentioned, I wrote a fic about Sizzy’s second child’s birth, and it got too long, so I split it into two parts. Here is the first one. I feel like I’ve gotten enough requests and written enough fics about them with kids that it would be appropriate to start tagging them. So all fics related to this universe will now have the tag, “sizzy future hc” (head canon). Hope you enjoy.

Oliver is five. What’s more, he knows he is because they actually celebrate his birthday. There are presents and cake and Isabelle and Simon’s apartment has been invaded by what feels like every kid in his kindergarten class, but as far as they’re concerned, it’s a fair trade for their little boy growing up so differently than other Shadowhunter children. They don’t eschew Shadowhunter traditions completely, but they do make a point of celebrating birthdays with more than just weapons for gifts.

Oliver knows his parents are different, that most Shadowhunter children don’t get hugged and kissed and told they’re loved in public like he does. When he asked his dad about it once, Simon simply said that they always want him to know how much they love him, and that was that.

The parents hang around too, probably in hopes of indulging in a slice of Simon’s famous chocolate cake, but there’s none to be had. Instead there’s the same delicate concoction of almond cake and chocolate mousse Izzy had at her baby shower years ago.

Jace takes a bite and rolls it around in his mouth as he sidles up to the breakfast bar. “I’m surprised you got this cake again,” he comments, taking another bite.

“I wanted something different and it sounded good,” Isabelle shrugs.

“I’m sorry,” Jace says sarcastically. “What I meant to say was, ‘I’m surprised you can still get this cake considering Matthew still hates you’.”

Isabelle scowls, remembering how Matthew, a chef at the bakery who made the cake, had tried to kiss her while she was pregnant with Oliver.

“Yes, well, maybe he should think twice about trying to shove his tongue where it’s not welcome.”

“Do me a favour, Iz,” Jace says with a wicked grin. “When Violet gets to the 'kissing boys’ phase of life, teach her how to breaks a guy’s nose the way you did Matthew’s.”

She gives him a dirty look and contemplates mashing the rest of his slice of cake in his face, but settles for stealing his freshly opened beer off the counter and taking a swig.

She gags as soon as it hits her tongue, a rancid taste filling her mouth. She spins around quick and spits it out, dumping the rest down the drain and rinsing her mouth out with water for good measure. “It was spoiled,” she explains when she turns to find not only Jace, but Clary and Simon watching her curiously. “It must not have been bottled right or something.” She throws the empty bottle in the trash and doesn’t give it another thought.

“Where’s your mom?” are the first words out of Simon’s mouth when he comes home to find Oliver patiently drawing at the coffee table, his eyebrows knitted together in concentration. He is seemingly alone.

“In the bathroom,” Oliver answers, his dark eyes wide. “She’s not feeling well.”

Simon drops his bag and shucks his jacket and stalks through their apartment. Their Siamese cat is prowling the hallway protectively. When he swings the bathroom door open he finds Isabelle slumped against the wall across from the toilet – head back, eyes closed. She’s pale and shivering and her hair is plastered to her neck with sweat. She is clearly miserable, and it makes his heart stop.

“Are you okay?” he asks, alarmed. She barely gives him a glance.

Her hand scrabbles around blindly and then she flings the pink plastic pregnancy test at him. It smacks into his chest and then drops to the floor with a clatter that makes her wince.

Simon picks it up gently, a little plus sign clearly visible. And then he just stands there, staring at it. That is, until Izzy moans and lurches toward the toilet again, and his brain kicks back to life. He holds her hair back and helps her rinse out her mouth and then leans her gently back against the wall again.

“What can I do?” he asks nervously. Truthfully, it’s kind of terrifying seeing Izzy so sick.

“Just, um, take care of Oliver. Take him to a restaurant for dinner,” she says, her eyes slitting open to plead with him.

“No,” he says immediately. “I’ll cook here, I don’t want to leave you alone.”

“The smells… when I’m like this, it will just make it worse,” she groans.

“I’ll call Clary, have her take –,” he starts and then cuts off as soon as Isabelle starts shaking her head.

“He needs YOU, Simon. Right now, this is how you help: you take care of him when I’m too sick to, even if it means leaving me alone.”

“I don’t like it,” he grouses.

“I don’t like puking my guts out, but we’ve all got our problems today, don’t we?”

They go back and forth a little while longer; he grumbles and she pleads, but in the end she wins because she’s the one who’s pregnant and sick and there really isn’t any argument Simon can lodge that will trump that. So, he does what she asks – takes Oliver to dinner, and lingers over it so she has time to let the nausea pass.

When they get home she’s curled up in bed, asleep, and the bathroom smells like her soap instead of the bitter, acidy scent of vomit like it did when he left. He and Oliver tread lightly and whisper quietly, and miraculously, Simon gets him in bed without waking Isabelle, though Oliver clearly isn’t happy that his mother isn’t there to tuck him in too.

Izzy stirs awake when Simon sits on the edge of the bed and brushes her shower-dampened hair out of her face. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired… Thirsty,” she adds as she starts to sit up. Simon presses her back down.

“What do you want? Water? Tea?” he offers, because this he can do.

“Tea, I think.”

He brings back a cup of peppermint and a cup of ginger, unsure which is best for her sensitive stomach. She takes the peppermint and he adds enough honey to the ginger to make it palatable.

“So, you’re really pregnant,” he says in wonder, more to himself than to her.

“I still have to go to the hospital so we’ll know without a doubt,” she says off-hand.

“Yeah, because a positive pregnancy test and throwing up everything you’ve ever eaten isn’t confirmation enough,” he scoffs.

She playfully nudges him with her leg. “Are you happy?”

“I am,” he smiles.

“Me too.”

He falls asleep that night with his hand over her stomach, a father cradling his child for the first time.

dandraco  asked:

First of all, HEY, we played a Axi rescue mission together a couple times. Second of all, since the Nekros Prime set is in new relics that will need to be farmed, things have gotten a LOT harder for prime farming. Now I just need plays to farm for new relics. Would Hericon still be a good location for farming these specific relics or have you found better places or techniques to get them?

the second i saw you i immediately thought “huh, small world”

anyways i found that lategame interceptions (xini, berehynia, mithra, cerberus) drop Axi and Meso relics quite oftenly, and derelict defense (or mid-game defense like jupiter) drops Meso pretty often

xdefinitelynot-punkrockx  asked:

u said the tickets were really hard to get like what did u have to do//go through to get them??

I have NEVER gotten so frustrated over a pair of tickets. Some other people had a worse experience then me, but this is what happened:

SO, all the fucking presale tickets sold out within minutes every single fucking day. I was in school, so I had to wait until the General Public release the Friday. I literally had to lie to get out of family event and other shit (This was Good Friday and my Christian ass family wanted to do events for once. Fucking Brian is my Jesus so i didn’t give a flying fuck)

FRIDAY comes and my ass goes on ticketmaster at 9:50am EVEN THOUGH they don’t come out until 10am. I wanted fucking tickets, I wanted to see my hoes. TEN FUCKING MINUTES LATER it’s finally 10am, and I put in that I want 2 GA pit tickets and I put add to cart. You know what this fucking hoe told me?


WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT?! These tickets haven’t even been out for a minute, and they are already sold out!? BUT I DON’T TAKE THEIR SHITTY “NO TICKETS LEFT” as an answers. Those hoes be playing, I know there is tickets.

SO I KEPT REFRESHING THE PAGE AND THEY KEPT GIVING ME THE SAME BULLSHIT. Did I stop? Hell fucking no! These fucking cuntbags need to get their shit together though jfc

7 minutes later, I WAS FUCKING BLESSED WITH 2 GA PIT TICKETS AND I CRIED! I have never brought anything so fast in my life, and I will probably never buy anything so fast again (Unless Brian becomes a prostitute, then I will buy him faster but that’s a different story)

BUT other people couldn’t buy them off ticketmaster for the same website, so they had to go on stub hub and buy them for outrageous prices.

anonymous asked:

Omg so my mom has a friend who literally all her sons are good looking 😂 Her oldest son's eyebrows are on fleek man and he's so handsome! And then she has identical twins and they're so so cute omggg!!! I've never talked to them though 😂 I've never gotten the opportunity to :( But I will attempt to charm them 😉 hahah I'll give you some imagery, we're all Mexican so they have dark hair and are their skin is kinda like an olive tan and they're all really tall and lean. How should Talk to them??

damn get those boys !! all of them ! start with “hey how you doing do you listen to nct?” that’s how you’ll charm them when they realize that your taste in music is amazing they’ll fall in love with you ~

All right, I’m gonna take a break on the readings for a while. If I don’t continue again tonight, I’ll get to them tomorrow!

this is really fun, not gonna lie

I hope those of you who have gotten readings so far enjoyed them and found them to be relevant!

“Everyone says how pretty I am and how much they want to be like me. I thank them. But why can’t I believe them?” (r.i.d)

I love how in the second task before harry rescues ron and gabrielle he waits around worrying about hermione and cho for a bit until krum and cedric turn up, like u can bet ur ass if they hadn’t shown harry would’ve tried to haul out all four of them out of the water at once and PROBABLY would have gotten the shit kicked out of him by a merperson in the process i love my son harry james potter

Meeting @thatsthat24 was so amazing!!!!! I cried a lot. Only happy tears, I promise!!!!! Leo was so nice AND SO TALL!!!!! He called me baby girl and hugged me while I cried again only happy tears. Jay and Terrence were fantastic I loved everyone so much and I haven’t even gotten to the musical aspect of it. THE VOCALS WERE SO AMAZING. EVERY. ONE. WAS. SO. TALENTED. I CAN NOT GET OVER THIS SHOW. I HAVE THE CD AND EVERYONE IS AMAZING.
Even after the show and the very next day this night has changed my world. The very next morning Jay had found my Twitter and called me unforgettable and I lost it in my Econ class again only happy tears. This night has changed me forever because I have found the best huggers on the planet. I love them all so much.

I can’t believe I’m doing this again... Q A Q

Hey guys, I honestly really would rather not be doing this but I just need to gather all the attention of ML artists out there due to a Twitter reposter.


DO NOT HARASS THIS PERSON. First of all, more conflict will get seeded and they might just block you anyway. Here is the report form for Twitter: https://support.twitter.com/forms/dmca. ONLY COPYRIGHT HOLDERS, meaning the artists (or authorized people) CAN DO THIS.

I honestly hate to do this. I really do. But I’d already asked nicely before I ended up getting blocked (this is exactly why I have that “report now, ask questions later” policy). Some artists have already gotten blocked as well and a part of it may have been my fault cuz I tried to tag them in their respective art pieces so that people would at least know who the art pieces belonged to. I was hoping we’d have a bit more civil reaction than this but sadly, this isn’t the case. 

I’ve already had my own piece taken down but it seems like the others havent been reported. Please, I implore artists to exercise their rights as creators and have their art taken down legally (especially since no credit is ever given to the pieces). Unfortunately, this isn’t Instagram so you’ll have to do quite some scrolling to get to your stolen art piece. Its just upsetting that they’d react like this but I know we can’t control people :(

Artists whose pieces have been stolen: @taylordraws, @toriitorii, @eicinic, @findoworld, @thatpsychoraccoon, @toriitama, @ceejles, @spatziline​, @gabzilla-z​, @thebirdfromthemoon-art​, @jyaco7777​, @i-wadako

Unfortunately many of the other artists are Korean and right now they are pissed (dare I use this word in internet public ; A ;).

So I’d rather we deal with this quietly and you guys please just report your artwork. 

I’m sorry guys. :( I really am. I don’t like conflict but this..is getting a bit too much even for me.

PLEASE BE GRACIOUS. I apologize for any hullabaloo :(



It’s been almost a solid year since I started posting my art online and putting myself out there. I’m just so happy that I’ve gotten so much support and love from all of you over these past 12 months. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am, if it wasn’t for the support from all of you. <3

I did this quick Pricefield as my way of giving back to all of you! I’ve got some big plans coming as I made some goals to meet once i hit the 2k milestone mark. I’ll announce them on my twitter over the coming days as I start setting things up!

Interested in having it as your phone lock screen? Find the clean version here