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Happy Birthday to @oh-my-fancan !!! I know you requested a drabble inspired by this prompt, but it kind of had a mind of its own. Hope you enjoy my take on it.  💜 🍰

Hey. (continued under the cut or on ffNet)

Draco transfers to Hogwarts for his final two years of college. He is pleasantly surprised to fall in love.

  • Draco/ Harry modern muggle AU (college)
  • The prompt mentioned above.
  • Pining Draco. Or pining Harry? Not sure who is pining anymore.
  • Oblivious Draco is oblivious.
  • FLUFF.

Thanks to @unknown-authoress and @ash-castle for alpha reading this story for me.


June. (Now)

Draco wasn’t sure how it happened.

Hell, he didn’t know when it happened.

It was just one of those things that just did.

As if falling for Harry was avoidable.

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