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I wish there was a way I could remove Mistress Seymour from among my ladies, but I dare not. I think it would anger the King. This is what I mean! If you fret about such little matters then your thoughts may poison the child inside you. It is not a little matter to me. It is for now. Afterwards, when you have given the King his great desire, then you will have all the power to deal with her as you like.

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You said your girl "demanded cuddles" so I "demand" you to write a fic about Maggie "demanding cuddles" from Alex :)

It takes her a while to start wearing her glasses in front of Maggie.

It takes her a while, but eventually – eventually, when Maggie feeds her and Maggie makes love to her and Maggie laughs with her and Maggie tickles her and bakes for her little sister and protects her little sister and beats Winn at Mario Kart during Game Night – Alex learns that this kind of intimacy with Maggie might just be acceptable, after all.

More than acceptable.


So she wears her glasses now, nearly every night that she gets home at a reasonable hour.

Nearly every night when she gets home at a reasonable hour, when she curls up with a dizzying mix of medical journals, classified DEO reports, and Kara’s articles in CatCo magazine.

The first time, Maggie had spluttered and Maggie had stammered and Maggie had kissed her and undressed her – taking off everything except those glasses – and made her moan and scratch at Maggie’s back long into the night.

The second time, the third time, she’d done exactly the same.

The fourth time, Alex had taken control.

The fourth time, Alex had stripped herself of everything but her glasses and held Maggie down while she ate her out. Held her down while she made love to her passionate, desperate, hot.

They’ve long since lost count of the number of times Maggie’s come home to Alex reading in those glasses, now.

Long since lost count of the tickle fights and cooking together and reading together and fucking together that they’d gotten up to with Alex in those glasses.

And tonight?

Tonight, Maggie comes home and smiles and kisses her woman quietly, happily, because Alex is absorbed in Kara’s latest article.

She eats leftovers from last night cold, and laughs when Alex scrunches her nose in disgust.

She tries reading and she tries scrolling through her phone. She tries listening to music and she tries pouring herself a scotch.

Nothing works.

The only thing she wants to focus on tonight is Alex’s skin next to hers.

She lays on the bed next to her and she sighs. Alex smiles at her closeness, but keeps reading.

Maggie sighs again. Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Restless, Sawyer?”

“No,” Maggie defends, but her expression gives her away.

“Just let me get to the bottom of this paragraph – ”

Maggie sighs again, and Alex adjusts her glasses. Maggie gulps, because god, is this woman beautiful.

“What do you need, babe?” Alex asks after another minute or so, and Maggie tries the pout Winn’s been teaching her.


“You need cuddles?” Alex grins, and Maggie nods.

“I’ve given it a great deal of thought, Danvers.”

“Have you?” Alex flirts, tossing her copy of CatCo magazine onto her bedside table.

“Mmhmm. And I’ve concluded that cuddles are something I require.”

“Require?” Alex grins, pushing her glasses up on top of her head.

“Listen, Agent Danvers, you all might have cushy equipment and fancy creature comforts in your James Bond spy lab, but us lowly detectives need other things to sustain us.”

“Is that so, Detective? You need cuddles for – ”

“Sustainability. The safety and future of National City depend on it, Alex.”

“The safety and future of National City depend on my cuddling you.”

“You gonna take your clothes off and hold me or you gonna keep repeating everything I say?” Maggie crawls on top of her, asking with her eyes before unbuttoning her oversized flannel.

“Oh, so now you need naked cuddles.”

Maggie kisses her way up Alex’s stomach, paying special attention to her scars, to her stretch marks, to her birthmarks. Alex hums in delight, and reaches down to stroke Maggie’s hair with closed eyes.

“Objections?” Maggie asks, and Alex shakes her head.

“None,” she murmurs through her smile, and she sighs in relief when her bare skin touches Maggie’s, when they meld their bodies together and hold each other close, hold each other safe, hold each other intimate.

“You’re amazing,” she whispers as she combs over Maggie’s hair with her fingers.

“And you’re perfect,” Maggie counters softly, her fingertips skating up and down Alex’s torso, their legs interwined and their foreheads touching.

Alex pffts and Alex sighs, but she also smiles.

Because right now?

She certainly feels perfect.

LOOK WHAT @hattedhedgehog drew for me!!!!!

I commissioned this wonderful pic for Chapter 6 of Down the Road and Back Again. More specifically:

“They get huge, you know,” Nori warned. “Two hundred pounds, some of ‘em even bigger. You sure you want that in the Shire?”

“Well, I’ll have to think about it.” The hug Bilbo gave the pups suggested he wouldn’t have to think about it very hard, but Thorin declined to comment to that effect.

It was a great deal of playing later (and being knocked on his back like Dwalin) that Thorin thought to check his watch again.

Look. At. Those. Bleps. Given how big pit wargs are, these pups are a few weeks old, except for the one Dwalin’s playing with.

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 12 full translation

Marriage Registration


pages 129-137

6th Division Barracks - Lieutenant’s room.

After they finished submitting their documents to the Higher Order Spirit Rank Administration Bureau earlier than expected, they had quite some time left until the Noble Assembly reception counter was opened which they had to visit next, Renji who was accompanied by Rukia, came to pack things up at his private quarters.

“You haven’t tidied up at all!?”

As soon as she opened the (fusuma) sliding screen, Rukia was dumbfounded​ by the disastrous scene before her.

Surrounding the futon that was laid out at the centre of the room, clothes, books, a soccer ball to muscle training goods, every possible item was scattered about in utter chaos.

“It’s because I was occupied one way or another It couldn’t be helped you know!? There’s a box over there, so you can gradually pack everything in however you want”

“It’s okay to do it however we want? But shouldn’t we consider sorting it out……”

“Nah, right now speed is essential! We’ll sort everything out at our new home!”

Whilst wondering whether or not that would be the reality, Rukia began packing things up off of the floor and into the box.

Officially seated members who are 9th seat or above, are given private rooms within the squad barracks. Most people go to sleep and wake up there, however people wishing to live outside the squad barracks are given a class of housing appropriate to their station. No more than one room of a housing complex is rented out to those up to 3rd seat, but when it comes to captains and vice captains, they are provided with detached housing large enough to be called ‘mansions’.

Until now, Renji was living at the squad barracks, Rukia at the Kuchiki mansion, after the establishment of their marriage they will both utilise that system and move into a mansion together built in the central first sector.

“This looks okay! I’ll tidy up bit by bit later myself. Thanks, Rukia!”

“This is……enough? ……alright”

To Rukia, the place still seemed like it was cluttered, but she convinced herself it’s good enough if the person himself says it’s okay.

“There’s still a little time. Drink some tea or……”

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Vicky Holmes Leaves Warriors


What has for some time been a functional state of affairs has today become a somber reality. Vicky Holmes, one-third of the original Erin Hunter Warrior Cats team, has officially announced that she will no longer be writing for the series. The statement came today, April 24th, by way of Facebook, where she wrote that:

“Warriors has been the greatest blessing, the greatest privilege, the sharpest learning curve of my life. But nothing lasts forever. I won’t be writing for the series again. I will keep this page so that I can update you with movie news (oh please let there be some news soon!). And maybe I’ll pop in to share my new projects with you. But the latest series continues to top the bestselling charts, which proves what a fabulous job the new editorial team is doing (with the ongoing brilliance of Kate and Cherith, of course).”

Vicky has long served as the editor and story architect for the series - while writers such as Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry largely wrote the actual books themselves, it was Vicky’s creative vision that inspired them and much of the series as we know it. She has written much over the years about her inspiration for the series, but I’ve found this post from December 10th of last year to be especially revealing:

“It seems strange to talk as if I don’t have complete control over these cats. After all, I could have typed different words for the storyline … but these characters and their stories often seem to exist independently inside my mind, and my task is to watch quietly from the shadows and record what happens.”

Now, I’ve heard it said that Vicky and the rest of the Erins have only continued to write Warriors books because of money or fame. No doubt the success of the series prompted them to write more for it, but I think it’s clear that Vicky’s writing has always been about self-expression. Vicky’s cacoethes scribendi in many cases seems to come from flashes of inspiration. The character and story of Midnight both came after she decided that ‘Midnight’ would be a cool title for a book. I don’t know about you, but to hear a successful professional writer draw inspiration for an entire book and subsequent arc from merely thinking a title sounded good is really validating to me, especially as someone who’s created more titles than stories. Meanwhile, as I’ve chronicled before, it was a split-second vision of a cat disowning her own adopted kits to save them that gave way to the entire Power of Three arc. Her reverence for books like Watership Down helped to shape the series, while her love of action movies has littered the series with quotes pulled from the likes of Rambo, Gladiator, and The Avengers. And it was her own personal experience with being forced to face her own impending death that inspired the powerful conclusion to Cinderpelt’s character arc.

More so than any other person, the world of Warriors has and always will be Vicky’s creation. That being said, her own role in the series has been largely limited, as she hasn’t contributed to the main series since 2014. The latest arc, A Vision of Shadows, has earned much acclaim from the fandom, especially myself, despite being under the control of a new creative team. Her main contributions lately have been novellas, the most recent of which were Pinestar’s Choice and Spottedleaf’s Heart. Her decision to call it quits comes in the waning days of the controversy surrounding the latter’s inclusion of a Spottedleaf x Thistleclaw romance. The new plotline was poorly received as some fans disapproved of additional romantic interests by both characters, since it would seem in principle to cheapen their motivations and feelings in later books. Additionally others were put off by what to them seemed to be an inappropriate handling of a predatory relationship between a child and adult. I myself haven’t read the book, so I’ll refrain from any sort of formal judgement on these matters. I will however commend Vicky for the way she has faced this barrage of criticism. Staying as professional and thoughtful as always, she welcomed and responded to the criticism openly. Vicky thanked the fandom for their passion and thoughtfulness, stating that “Warriors has the best fans in the world - with the loudest voices and (sometimes) the sharpest claws!” Vicky is a class act and here demonstrates the virtues of love and humility, even in the face of opposition, that are all too necessary for this generation of readers to embrace.

Additionally, Vicky’s departure comes after criticism surrounding her personally anointed ‘super-fan’ Su Susann’s role in communicating Warriors information hit a crescendo. Many have taken issue with her ideas being considered series canon, claiming that they contain contradictions and baseless, needless assertions about the characters. I personally haven’t given her too much thought since I rarely use the Warriors Wiki and focus more on the text of the books themselves and my own reactions to it than any other source, but if you’re interested in learning more, my friend butterflyidentity has written a heavily-detailed piece about her on Warriors Amino.

Despite these recent controversies, Vicky maintains that they were not the reason for her sudden announcement. Quote:

“I’m not leaving because of the Spottedleaf furore. I won’t deny it’s been painful, but I’m tougher than that! I would know when I had written all the cat stories I had inside me. That time came with Pinestar’s Choice. I know there are a thousand more tales from the Clans to be told, but other people are doing a great job of that.I had hoped to go out with a triumphant bang rather than a clatter of outrage, but I guess we don’t always get what we wish for.”

Regardless of the quality of this series, nobody can denounce the content of Vicky’s character. I hope all of you make her exit as graceful as she offered it; leave her all the kind comments on Facebook and Twitter that you’ve ever thought and wish her the best on her future writing endeavors. She’s currently working on a new adult book series called Hope Meadows, with the first book Summer at Hope Meadows scheduled for release this June.

Vicky has already received many gracious and grateful comments from fans. Among others, butterflyidentity stated:

“I would like to thank Vicky for her tireless work on the series, running around the world on book tours, signing books with her iconic purple pen, and bringing joy and happiness to the fans.”

Blixemi, my friend and co-founder of Epic Rap Battles of Warriors, said:

“I’m so incredibly appreciative of her time she dedicates to her work and her fans. It is the most surreal experience to have spoken to someone who’s, quite literally, shaped and inspired all that I’m doing today. Her love and passion will be passed down through those she continually inspires.“

Tom, my occasional CatCast co-host and other good friend, added:

“Through the writings of Vicky I was able to establish dear friendships, some of which have lasted well over 10 years. I’m forever indebted to the joy I get from not only her creativity, but the creativity that she has inspired in others.”

Fellow Warrior Cats analyst Tennelle Flowers remarked that:

"I can’t thank Vicky enough for the world she has created and fostered through years of love and hard work. Warriors has shaped who I am as a person, and I would not be the same without her writings. In many ways, Warriors has given me more inspiration than any other form of media, and continues to inspire me to this day as an artist, and I hope Vicky knows that she has raised generations of artists who have found their calling through her books. I wish her the best in life and look forward to seeing where she goes next.”

And finally, fandom animator and comedian Moonkitti said:

“There was a time in my life when all I needed to hear were Midnight’s words of reassurance to three cats who had recently lost their abilities. I want to thank Vicky for not only Dovewing’s Silence, but every warrior cat book she’s worked on, because without them I would be a completely different person. I wish her all the luck in the world as she moves on to "adult books” from one of the most mature and thoughtful children’s series I’ve ever read.“

Personally, I owe Vicky a great deal of gratitude for creating Warriors, a series that got me through some of the loneliest years of my childhood and today has served as the basis for my current YouTube channel and more importantly many wonderful friendships. Going forward, this decision likely won’t have much of an effect on the books themselves, but now is as good of a time as any to reflect on the series and to share your gratitude and prayers with a person who has given us all so much joy.

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If you had written it, where would the "don’t think for one second that I am one of them" line have led us?

When Sherlock says that line it wasn’t supposed to be treated like a shameful confession that needed to be disproved. It’s a very open and upfront disclosure of a perpetual truth that’s not going to change. He didn’t mean it in a “social outcast/doesn’t fit in” kind of way, but in a “I human differently than most people human” kind of way, which includes some terrifying traits he knows are simmering right under the surface.

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Love is hard - Chapter seven

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: You have to decide if you’ll go on the date with Josh or not. What will it be?

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2400

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/n: Maybe a bit of a filler? I’m not sure. I felt the chapter belonged here, but it might be a bit ‘slower’ than the others. Anyway, have a great day tomorrow, even and maybe especially if you don’t have a valentine! It’ll be my first valentines day as a single in 8 years 🤔. Have fun reading and love you all.

The ride home was unpleasant. You attempted to make light conversation, as to not let Chris catch on to what was happening. Maddie mostly ignored you, only answering if she really had to. You felt the argument still lingering in the air and you hoped Chris wouldn’t notice. “Do you know if this is the school for you yet? And do you have an idea about what courses you’d like to follow?” Chris asked you. “I really liked the school. The whole campus is beautiful. There are so many courses to choose from, but I particularly liked the English Literature and New Media and Communications ones. I’m not entirely sure yet.” You answered. “I still have two months to enrol, so I just have to think about it for a bit.” You added, smiling at Chris. You did really like the school and the courses, but after what happened with Maddie, you weren’t sure if you still wanted to go to that school. Obviously, you had other things to think about right now. “And you Maddie?” Chris looked at her in the rear-view mirror. “I’m not sure yet. It’s a nice place I guess. And I’ve always said I wanted to study English Lit, and their course seems to be amazing. But we’ll see. I have to think about the whole thing; the school, the housing… everything.” She said, giving you a side glance. “Well, you have the whole week to yourselves to talk about it. Kelly and I are leaving tomorrow morning for the basketball tournament, and we won’t be back until next Monday.” O, right, you thought, I forgot about that. “Tyler will be at the house a lot, and I asked Jay to keep an eye on you two, so don’t think you can party all week.” Chris added, laughing and you smiled back at him. Somehow, I don’t think it’s gonna be a fun week.

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‘Six Degrees’ of ‘Cats’: Allison Janney, Andrew Lloyd Webber Talk ‘Cats’ Movie
For a group of ultra-wealthy New York theater snobs, the characters in “Six Degrees of Separation” sure do spend a lot of time talking about “Cats.” In “Six Degrees,&#…
By Gordon Cox

Is a “Cats” movie even a possibility? Andrew Lloyd Webber, the ultra-successful composer who created the show (and who currently has four productions running on Broadway), has the answer. He wasn’t at the “Six Degrees” opening, but he talked about the prospect of a “Cats” movie in a recent interview with Variety.

“There is a screenplay which I think is remarkable because it actually preserves, and in fact enhances, the T.S. Eliot ingredient,” he said. “I must confess I never thought I’d live to say that, given some of the drafts of ‘Cats’ that have gone around over the years.

“I think the key to the ‘Cats’ movie is going to be: What do they look like? There were many versions of ‘Cats’ proposed. At the time — and we’re talking 25 years ago — it was going to be traditional animation, which I thought probably would be a very good idea. But now I think that you can’t do ‘Cats’ with a great deal of CGI. Part of the thing is seeing that they are human beings.”

Day Three (One exception au): “Everything is the same except we had the Library AND the Campfire ;)”

Word Count:1,820

Rating:SH for Should’ve Happened! A.K.A PG!

Author’s Note: My exception is PAPPY JOE! You’ll see why. ;)

“You couldn’t watch him because you were afraid something would happen to him because you like him. You make fun of him because you like him. And you’ve never told me that either. Well, you’re right. I love him like a brother.” Riley looked off into the distance as her heart collapsed. “That’s how I love him.”

Before Maya could say anything, Riley ran off. In that moment, it was clear that her little Ray of Sunshine was lying. She kicked the ground hard. The words she spoke were true but not all at the same time! Yes, she liked Lucas and yes, she thought Riley liked him as a brother, BUT Riley also had never really spent time with a boy that wasn’t a brother, a dad, an uncle or a Farkle, so who was she to say they were like siblings? On the other hand, they acted very much a like and he did call her a blonde beauty and really showed some passion when it came to the art program being cut. BUT he was passionate about all of his friends. BUT he did have a fiery side that really got her going. BUT he didn’t like that side of himself and was striving to change, to be more like Riley… BUT- 

She jumped up and started kicking the nearest thing to her which was a tree stump. WHY WAS THIS ALL SO CONFUSING!  Why couldn’t she just speak what she was feeling?! Why couldn’t someone just tell her what to do!

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Forced revenge: Try to get me fired and blackmail me twice? No no no, f*ck YOU

(warning: very very long story)

TLDR: At the top because this is a f*ck long story: A manager I didn’t even work under prevented a raise and bonus one year, I forgave her 2 years later, got blackmailed twice by her in relation to a dumb c*nt coworker who tried to prevent me doing my job, and made out with a great paid vacation, filing an HR case against her, and ending up in the best job of my life.

So a lot of backstory to appreciate this one. I use to work in another company where I worked with 2 of the worst women I ever met in my life: A manager (lets call her Erin) and a Senior (lets call her Jenny).

Erin’s Backstory: Erin is/was a 40 year old divorced woman who just entered a second marriage to a dude she was always b*tching about leaving. Literally, once a week I would hear talk about how he’s an a**hole and she was going to move out. Erin was the office type of person who was nice to your face but would stab you in the back at first chance to make herself look better (or think it would get her ahead). Literally, not only did she do this to me but to peers at her level or above thinking it would make her look better. Real two-faced c*nt.

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The Princess and the Grand Warrior (Part 16)

Title: The Princess and the Grand Warrior  

 Summary: What starts as friendship soon becomes love. Everyone knows that classic story. But what happens when self-esteem affects the relationship, when one feels unworthy of the other.  And the other doesn’t understand…can love survive that?  

 Warnings: Angst.  

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

Story Master Post

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Part 16

“Lady Drina?”

“Hello, Bofur. I think we need to talk.”  

Bofur could only watch in shock as the older woman gave his a quick nod before stepping into his home and looking around.  What was she doing here?!

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Marquis de Lafayette from Hamilton
by Rebecca
requested by anonymous

Extraverted Intuition (Ne)
“Watch me engagin’ em, escapin’ em, enragin’ em!”
Lafayette seems to exude energy, whether he speaks about his plans for the future or jumps off of tables in the middle of a song. Despite meeting a great deal of challenges during the American Revolution, he continues to find new paths to pursue and makes certain to continue moving forward. In “Guns and Ships”, he describes his war tactics in a way that seem to reflect his ability to hop from idea to idea when it comes to fighting the British. He wants excitement in all he does, and would prefer to have the many opportunities in his life in order to have choice.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical brilliance!”
As a major military figure in the American Revolution, Lafayette proves himself to be capable of solid logical thought. He takes pride in his intelligence but doesn’t let it overwhelm him, which makes sense as it is an introverted function that does not show clearly in an outward appearance. His wit comes out throughout the show in the form of humor, such as when he says “Immigrants, we get the jobs done.” While he has many emotional motivations through Fe, he tends to use a logical lens first and combines this with Ne for a solid creativity in his strategies.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
“I bring freedom to my people if I’m given the chance.”
Lafayette is, in more or less words, a charming man - he is shown as having a great deal of friends and cares much for the people of America and France. His concern for the people and society of France have created a major goal for him: he wants to help aid a revolution in his home country to help free them. Much of his motivations are related to the emotions of other people instead of personal desires. However, he is not an extremely open person in terms of his emotions, as his thoughts tend to take the highest amount of prevalence.

Introverted Sensing (Si)
“I dream of life without a monarchy. The unrest in France will lead to ‘onarchy.”
Lafayette desires to break free from the confines of tradition and the past that seem to hold back America as well as France. He certainly has an affinity for revolution, which shows a dislike for the status quo and having the ways of the past carry forward. One would think of him as the type of person who would get bored doing the same thing day in and day out, and the excitement found within a young nation must appeal to him. He does not loathe the past, but it seems that he would be best in trying to move away from it rather than embracing it.

Parts of this will probably make y'all mad...

My thoughts on the deaths from the 2hr finale:

Hunter Mary Killed
-it was sad. Given the murder weapon, he must’ve suffered a great deal and Mary will probably have ptsd from the kill if she remembers it.

Everyone at the BMOL Base
-FINALLY!! Sam leading the group, and most of the group surviving was great. Also, Jodi was her badass self and survived!!!

-I wanted Sam to kill her, but I’m glad she’s dead. I do feel bad for her son and wish he had had a better mom

-the timing of his death, and how it was Mary that killed him, was satisfying

-……….I honestly don’t know if I have anything to say about one of my queens dying, and in such a brutal way. While I hope she comes back, I doubt Luci would make the same mistake twice. I was absolutely speechless and was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open

-for the longest time, I wanted Crowley killed off. Though I never forgave him for certain things he’s done (ex. torturing Kevin), I enjoyed watching his relationship with The Boys. His sacrifice showed how much he’s grown and changed

-though I’ve enjoyed Cas, and Misha does an excellent job of playing him, I never thought I’d be particularly upset if he were to get killed off. But, especially given 12x21 and 12x22, I was not at all expecting it. And I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for Sam and Dean’s reactions. The way Dean collapsed, and Sam seemed like he was about to pass out, was heartbreaking 💔

-did I particularly like her or the Luci Jr. plot? No. However, I definitely give her props for CHOOSING to carry the baby and give birth to him. I know everyone has been focused on the fact that Luci is the father, but a child won’t necessarily be like their parents. Do I have reservations where Jack is concerned? Absolutely. Do I think he could turn out to be the most evil person/angel ever? Yeah. But I also think that he could turn out to be good

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your writings are so good! i know you really like ignis and gladio! how do you think they would deal with a significant other who didn't know how to fight?

I do really like Ignis and Gladio. I wonder what could possibly have given that away? *scrambles around frantically as pages and pages of notes fly off my desk, all covered in Gladio and Ignis drawings, doodles, drabbles and ideas*

More seriously though, what a great ask! I hope you like my thoughts on it…


Gladio loves that you aren’t anything to do with work. He spends all damned day in the training centre with a bunch of (mostly nice) people, whose entire focus is fighting. He focuses on technique in the morning, doing patterns and kata, and then spars most of the afternoon, so when he comes home, the last thing he wants to talk about is unarmed combat stances or the best way to block a dagger strike. He loves that you give him a break from all that. He loves that you are more often than not there with a meal for him, even if it’s just Cup Noodles (because we all know a Cup Noodle is the way to this behemoth’s heart), and even though you’re not into martial arts, you still have the strongest, sneakiest hands on Eos, and can work out the knots in his back like nothing else. He’s so grateful for that, and honestly, who would complain about being able to rub their hands over him at the end of the day?

He also loves that he doesn’t have to worry about keeping you safe in combat, because you just won’t be there. If you go with them on the road trip, then you’ll stay in the Regalia and out of the way. Of course, if you get ambushed by imperials, he’s completely torn between his duty to Noctis and keeping the love of his life safe from harm. He feels awful that he protected Noctis and that you got hurt, and even though you told him you knew that’s what he had to do, and would have been mortified if he’d tried to protect you over the crown prince, he still spends the whole evening while you’re recovering waiting on you hand and foot. He’ll run you a bath that’s the right temperature, carry you into the bathroom, bathe you and then curl up beside you in the bed and stroke your hair until you fall asleep. Don’t tell anyone, but he’s secretly a huge cuddly teddy bear.


Ignis, like Gladio, likes that you’re not like so many of the Crownsguard and Kingsglaives. He likes that your focus isn’t on training, building muscle, and beating personal bests. He can cook you anything you like because you’re not on a particular diet, which is excellent, and you can spend those rare evenings when he’s set all work aside sharing a bottle of Lucis’ finest wine and distract that quick, deep mind of his with talk of anything but work.

Of course, because you’re not a fighter, that means he worries endlessly and hopelessly if you go out with your friends in Insomnia and he isn’t there to protect you. What if something happened to you? He’d be devastated. In fact, one time when you got mugged, even though all you ended up with was a black eye, he enrolled you in a civilian self-defence class just so that you would at least know how to defend yourself if anything like that ever happened again. He practised with you at home as well, which led to lots of giggling from you, trying to coerce him into an entirely different kind of game. Annoyingly, his will-power is a million times stronger than yours, but he did promise to reward your progress later. Shrugging, and knowing he’s a strategist you’ll never beat, you complied. You actually turned out to be pretty good at it in the end, and took up martial arts as a fitness hobby. He didn’t object, and it became something you could do together for fun. It gave Ignis a way to practise as well, and spend some more time with you.

You only just managed to make him promise not to put a GPS tracker in your car and on your bicycle, and you’re not entirely sure he’s not enabled it on your phone so that he can find out where you are, if you’re safe, if necessary. You know he doesn’t mean to be controlling, and it’s not because he doesn’t trust you, it’s just because he wants you safe. That’s all he ever wants. And for you to be happy.

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Hcs and thoughts I have had🤗😇 Veri spoilery so yeah don’t read if you don’t want to! These are pretty random and deal with any random to angsty thoughts I was given. I hope you like it and it would be great if you could reply with what Hc number was your fav or which one held to much angst!


1.V knows Arabic and gets through Seven’s door with ease so I think he has probably had an influence in Seven learning the said language

2. This is just a nice little thought but at the final day at the party  when I was doing Zen’s route Jaehee’s necklace was pretty much glowing and wouldn’t it be nice of it got brighter the more you care about this lovely lady

3. Saeran and Saeyoung aren’t really brother’s I will be explain this in a later theory/hc post thingy-_- watch me!!!! (P.s there’s more to this trust me and know this is just a thought​ and will be going into some lore shit)

4. Saeran basically has the reverse Teddy bear🐻hairstyle from nameless. This is because our little yandere teddy bear has been given life when he was originally abiotic….. While our poor Saeran is losing more and more of himself and his life

5. V tells us that we are pretty much the chosen one which is probably a major slip up due to his true wizard self. YOU IS THE CHOSEN ONE LUKE SKYWALKER…. SHIT I MEANS MC!

6. Okay so there’s times when right before a character will enter the chatroom someone else will pretty much call that they will be entering the chatroom and this isn’t just with 707!!! So after mulling over this I think it’s because this game has been played so much this deja voo is quickly being turned into an instinctive gut feeling for the rfa….

7. If you take V’s blue eyes and Rika’s green eyes may I ask what is the color you can get none other than mint (I’m 90% sure on this one)

8. Driver Kim is a saint and I can sort of just picture him being a giant part of Jumin’s life perhaps a father/grandfather figure at times. He’s probably been working the job since before juju was born and probs also would know some stuff about this boy’s mama (I think she is either deceased or never really in the picture) Either way this man probably had a large and benevolent role in shaping Jumin Han.

9. What if instead of Yoosung dying his hair blonde to honor Rika’s memory, He actually finally stopped dying it brown because she made him gain confidence in himself? (She has had some moments this is one of them)

10. Wizards from what I know on them are so so obsessed by all the possibilities for a story so if Sevens a wizard it’s easy to see why he treats you badly in his route. Since to him it’s another game end he hasn’t unlocked yet and once he’s done he will be continuing to the next one and so forth

11.  Jaehee Kang cannot stand death and this is one of her major fears she can’t even read or watch t.v with graphic death scenes it reminds her too much of parents

12. If Saeran was the one who made the wish I think that he is probably paying with his life force instead of his memories and this may be why some of them could possibly be manipulated as well.

13.  Since being locked inside an abusive house and joining a cult has taken up most of Saeran’s life I would say the times he has had ice cream are extremely few (if he has even been given the chance at all……)

14. Yoosung only gave up his lololol game account and even though he doesn’t get to play a lot of the time due to his job as a vet he still finds time in his day for Mc, work and games which include pokemon and mario kart~ (Yoosung is too deep of a gamer like bye Valentine’s day yoosung route 🤕 made me kind of sad if I’m honest)

15.  Okay so there’s some controversy over if Zens the only human in the game and in April fool’s dlc I was just amazed how some of the objects while humorous fit the character’s personality so well it was sad like some of the hints in Jaehee’s messages broke my heart💔 which got me to this theory that needs a lot more thought into it but I’m just gonna throw it out here let’s just say the pocket universe is created from the objects/organism’s in Zens house and our handsome man himself.  This makes up the whole mysme world besides V and Saeyoung.


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Characters: Cas x Reader, Sam and Dean breifly 

Word Count: 1373

Warnings: Fluff, Confused Cas, Saucy Language, Swearing, It’s a crack fic

Summary:  Cas is oblivious, so the reader turns to less than orthodox methods to get his attention.

A/N: *pushes glasses up nose* To the best of my scientific knowledge, this is not a thing, not really.  So maybe, just tell someone you like them.  Or, idk, maybe chocolate does work on most humans.  

Today was the day.  

You’d been lusting after Castiel forever with not even the slightest notion that he was aware.  Today was that day that changed.  You’d made a list, done your research.  All you needed was a false pretense to get him in the bunker, and another one to get the boys out of the bunker.

The second part was easy enough.  You’d always had a good eye for finding cases.  It wasn’t long before you had a case for them.  The only hang up was explaining why you would be hanging behind. 

 Luckily for you, neither Sam or Dean really understood the concept of what “Lady Problems” included.  They were all too happy to let you sit this one out after a little melodramatic overreacting.  

(“Are you okay,” Dean asked, watching you limp around the bunker like a sad penguin.

“Yeah, why?”  You said woefully.  

“You don’t look so great,” he said, taking in your baggy sweatpants.  

Cue the fake tears. Adios, boy!)

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“Y’know what? I actually love the Great Outdoors. I feel like this trip has given me a whole new perspective on life – I mean, bugs aren’t even as bad as I thought. And have you ever just, like, spent a minute breathing the air? Isn’t it actually crazy?”

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ToT for Chizuru-chan, Sen-hime, and Kimigiku-san: Can you describe your dream mate?

“O-oh, ah,” begins Chizuru, starting. “I haven’t thought about it too much for myself, since I’m just a doctor’s daughter and I’ve never been the kind of girl people look at like that, but I think I’d want… someone who needs me.” She smiles. “Someone strong, but with a kind heart, who knows me well and cares for me the same way I would care for them. That’s all.”

Sen looks momentarily crestfallen. “I do not have the luxury of being selective,” she says. “Given my situation, all I can ask for is a demon at least as pure of blood as myself. All the same, I cannot deny that I have thought a great deal about what I would like in a mate, even knowing it to be impossible.” She sighs. “If I must marry, I would prefer a man who keeps things interesting and is not afraid to challenge me, but still treats me with kindness and respect. I would like someone able to support me—and willing to let me support him.”

Kimigiku smiles faintly, but looks troubled all the same. “My duty is to serve the Princess,” she says. “I will marry if and when she gives me leave to do so, but my life belongs to my lady.” She pauses. “In my case, lineage is somewhat less important, but I would appreciate a husband who can respect my authority as leader of my clan, understand that my loyalty will always lie first and foremost with the Princess, and treat me with kindness.” She smiles, more genuinely now, but wistfully too. “That is all I can ask.”

Some Things I Need to Say...

I’m back from vacation and trying to recover (although my body feels like it’s going through some kind of weird upheaval right now) but there are a few things I wanted to say:

First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. I got way more than expected and they were all really sweet. Secondly, I somehow gained nearly 40 followers in the week I was gone - holy shit! Hi to all the new people! I don’t know how you found me but I hope you stick around.

Now onto a more serious topic, and something I’ve thought a great deal about lately. In the past I have had occasional fights, disagreements, or confrontations with other Tumblr users. Some of them have been resolved because it was literally just a case of two headstrong, opinionated people meeting in the verbal equivalent of a head-on collision. Time passed, apologies were given, and all was good again. Some conflicts, however…they were never resolved, or the attempts made at patching things up were very shoddy or strained.

Just this past year, I have had some very nasty and public war of words with other bloggers here. Some of these feuds I didn’t initiate, some of them I probably did even though I didn’t realize it at the time; I was probably mouthing off about a music industry issue or a social justice issue and someone got offended. In at least two of these feuds, I was told that I “enjoy scaring people” because in the other person’s eyes I was an imposing figure that liked to control others’ opinions (they almost word-for-word told me the exact same thing even though these two bloggers didn’t know each other). Even with some bloggers here who follow me, people I have a good standing with, some of them told me privately that they were afraid of following me at first because I “intimidated” them.

The more I think about this, the more it makes me feel like shit. What exactly do I do to “scare” people? I’m strong in my opinions and the few moral convictions that I have, but I don’t bully people into thinking the way I do. I rarely call people out on this blog or start fights. The few times I have, it was because someone did something really shitty to me or a friend of mine here and I felt the need to address it. I don’t go around picking fights, but I’m not afraid to to jump in the ring if I have to. That’s just standing up for myself or for others being unfairly dumped on. I don’t spew out an onslaught of slurs or four-letter words or threaten people or resort to petty insults, I’m just honest. Maybe my honesty and my inability to sweep things under the rug makes people uncomfortable. I really can’t say for sure.

Regardless, I need to share some advice with my followers, and this is something I have mulled over for a long time - if you’re following a person on social media who you feel like you “have” to because they’re popular or influential, or if  you’re actively afraid of this person in some way and following out of fear - don’t do it. Seriously, don’t follow bloggers, users, or internet personalities whose content or opinions make you upset or who make you feel threatened in some way. I’ve had to tell myself this regarding one person in particular who nearly decimated my reputation here a few months ago and it still upsets me to think about what happened. Even if we apologized to each other and made up, they’re still a person who gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

You shouldn’t “have to” follow people who evoke feelings of fear, guilt, or submission in you. You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells to appease another person because you fear them coming after you if you anger them. Leave that shit behind. Be free. Unfollow, block, clear out your search history, do what you have to do. Out of sight, out of mind. This goes for online communities or “fandoms” too - if you feel “trapped” into still belonging to a toxic online environment, get out. Leave that shit behind. Still enjoy the band, TV, show, artist, etc. in private but keep the hell away from fan communities that marginalize you or who negatively affect your emotions. That’s why I’m jumping out of a fandom here that I used to belong to in gradual stages. 

Last thing: If I’ve ever evoked those kinds of fearful or negative feelings in others, I’m truly sorry. I’m human and I fuck up. Sometimes people are just not good for each other, and I guess I haven’t been good for a lot of people around here. My focus is going to shifted towards the people who I clearly AM good for, who really do like my content, reblog from me, talk to me, lift my spirits, etc. I’m so grateful for that kind of support from people who I’ve never even met in person.

I’ll share some photos and funny tidbits from my NYC trip over the next few days and hopefully can get back to scanning things soon (my scanner is messed up AGAIN so I’ll likely have to buy a new one). In the meantime, I’m going to try to recover my health a bit and do some more reflecting on what kind of lessons this vacation taught me. Feel free to message me anytime, although I might not get back to you immediately. I’m cleaning cobwebs out of my head and my heart.

Ne Creative Process

My recent discussion lately with someone over Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus put me in mind of talking about Ne’s adaptive skills. I think a good example of being able to innovate on the fly (Ne) is in a discussion on writing approaches. I enjoy figuring out others’ processes and discussing mine, which is very Ne. Not in the sense that I start in the middle and write helter-skelter (as some Ne’s do) but it’s effortless for me to revise “on-site,” change an entire scene’s tone, and change tactics when I reach a problem in the narrative.

One of my Ni-dom friends said she can spend up to a year internally constructing a story before she even writes it down; once it’s all in her head, she puts it on paper and moves on to the next project with very little revision, because all the Ni-scheming happened before she picked up a pen. She also does this with papers for school; she’ll think them out fully first, then write and turn in a first draft. Done! (C.S. Lewis also wrote this way.)

Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind; other times I have an impression that I “want to write about this topic” but will figure it out when I get there. (Ni: future internal planning, Ne: wing it on the spur of the moment.) This is more likely with short pieces than longer ones; writing a novel is different than writing an article. For an upcoming article, I want to talk about power dynamics within the Catholic Church of the Renaissance, why there was corruption and immorality within the upper ranks, and which several cardinals I’m focusing on from history, but I’m not doing much “advance thinking” about the project; when the mood strikes or the deadline nears, I’ll read the information necessary, decide what my focus will be, and write it then. (Often the focus shifts while I’m writing it, because I start ‘organizing’ the information and moving it around. OR… I might start watching HBO’s Young Pope and get a BETTER idea than this one. ;)

Novel-writing is different; I plan in advance, I have an idea of where I’m going, I’ll be thinking about the ending working on the beginning and the middle; I’m structuring things in my mind, trying to see where and how separate plot lines can connect together in a cohesive whole by the conclusion, and discarding ideas that might go nowhere or derail the main focus. A book starts because an idea comes into my head, tied to a specific thing I want to reach or explore – a conversation, confrontation, plot twist, big “reveal,” an idea, a moral concept. It gets bigger as it goes along; I’ll spend some time fretting about problem-solving (I inserted this plot, how can I later resolve it?) but know the answer will present itself as I continue to write – and it does. I know what to do when I get there.

Writing unlocks bigger ideas as I go along and I’ll discard older ‘good’ ideas in favor of better ones. I didn’t know until I got there that my “villain” (he isn’t, he’s just misunderstood but people will hate him – silly people) was going to be in a different place, in order to carry the narrative forward, than I’d planned. This shifted ALL the subplots in the second half of the novel; I didn’t bat an eyelash, just kept going, letting them shift / re-focus in the back of my mind, connecting them in advance while working on the current thread (okay, so he’s here, which means he can resolve this plot thread, so she is free to do this instead, which changes this, and makes that resolution possible…).

(I have a panic attack about ¾ths of the way through every book, when I melt down thinking I can’t possibly tie all of this together and resolve everything in the amount of pages I have left – but I don’t know WHY I do that, since I’m the queen of logical resolutions/creative ideas in the moment; I literally deal with things as they happen, and get ideas as I go, so future planning in depth is a total waste of my mental energy, since it’s going to change.)

Yesterday, the solution to a subplot presented itself, and also decided that this character has great future potential and may be important later in the series; I hadn’t given them a second thought until I realized it ‘fit’ and then my Ne started creating outward around them, reaching forward and backward to tie threads together, and give them ‘Importance.’ Ne immediately saw ‘greater potential.’ Of course, there is a downfall to this – Ne writing means going back and clarifying a position earlier, or dropping more bread crumbs, or weaving an idea more into the narrative to support a later event – characters can become important or unimportant, meaning I have to rewrite – and take them out or insert them in, erase ideas that didn’t work, deepen the ones that did.

(A lot of Ne’s get bored with this process. I don’t. It’s fun to see things ‘change.’)

It’s common when I conclude revisions for a lot to have shifted, changed, expanded, or vanished; for the second draft to be much different from the first, for some characters to be replaced with others, or have a larger part. In the end, it’s more external work (revision) than writing with Ni (I assume this revision is internal for Ni, where for me I’m working with literal words on pages) and it lacks a similar singular purpose, but it’s also great in that I can shift gears without pause, so no structural problems remain problematic long.

- ENFP Mod