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of all the Kanas i’ve acquired through multiple game files, i’m certain that the Kana my Corrin has with Niles is probably the oldest and also the strangest


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You tagged the pirates idea in Shinee gets the treasure! 💖💖💖

you are a treasure, darling ❤️


  • captain of the sky blue pearl 
  • wearing a large hat with a skull and crossbones that contrasts starkly with his always smiley face 
  • people don’t know if they should be terrified or happy to see him 
  • looking at the very large and detailed map that he has in his captain’s quarters and is like “yup that’s a lot of water” 
  • but in all honesty he knows exactly where the boat is at all times 
  • fishing off the plank 
  • has fallen off the ship multiple times when they went over a wave so sometimes ot4 fishes for him instead with a giant net (minho: another onew fish / taemin: throw it back!!!!!!) 
  • refuses to stop tho so they tie a rope around his waist and someone has to hold on at all times like an onew leash 


  • insisted on getting a parrot 
  • it hates him and pooped on his head more than once which is not the reality he wanted 
  • claimed he stole it but the storekeeper saw him admire and coo at the pretty birdy with literal heart eyes so he gave it to him 
  • helps navigate despite his horrible internal compass bc he knows all the stars 
  • sleeps on a hammock on deck when it’s warm enough bc the sound of the ocean helps him sleep and if he can’t there is always that A+ view of the night sky  
  • billowy white shirt that he keeps open most of the time bC THAT’S WHAT PIRATES WEAR you’re just jealous minho  


  • eye-patch 
  • at villages sometimes he’ll tell stories to locals and crafts an elaborate tale about the horrors of his left eye and whispers “want to see it???”
  • flips it up and 
  • he has both eyes
  • just has a sty 
  • onew: are you wearing eyeliner again / key: nO / onew: you have your eye-patch on / key: … perhaps
  • ridiculously good at knots and will tie ot4 to the main mast if they irk him too much (tae: *wiggles out* / key: damn you taemin) 


  • bought a white shirt of his own when they docked to prove jonghyun wrong (jong: well we both can’t be wearing the same shirt) 
  • played rock, scissor, paper to see who got to wear it
  • he won
  • haha (jong: you CHEATED / minho: the game is if you don’t draw, you lose) 
  • making sure everyone doesn’t get scurvy (ot4: we really don’t need to be eating 7 oranges a day / onew: i think it’s giving me heartburn)
  • baby gold hoop earrings
  • at the helm doing KING OF THE WORLD 


  • will occasionally, both randomly and violently, get v seasick 
  • the lookout 
  • jong’s parrot helps him spot land too
  • keeps losing his frikkin telescope 
  • can climb up to the crow’s nest in an impressive speed that makes key a little ill to watch (key: omg be CAREFUL srsly that boy will be the death of me, one wrong move and he’ll FALL) 
  • his boots were made for walking 
  • also not allowed to have a pistol anymore bc “if you can’t keep it in its holster taemin you’ll probably end up shooting one of us one day” 
  • whatever, he’s better with a sword anyway 
  • occasionally likes to visit the treasure room below deck and just lays on the gold like a dragon 
You’re my Master Piece - Blind!Levi x Reader

A/N: This is a modern AU and it contains no reference to Attack on Titan. Besides, the character is a bit OOC, for he is only based off of Levi.

(Y/N) was a nice girl, she always has been. No, actually, she was the nice girl.
Yeah you know which one. The one that everybody is friends with because you just can’t hate her, she’s too nice. The one who has soft, wavy hair no matter what, and a clear skin, but once again, you cannot really jealous her to the point where you’d hate her. You simply can’t.
But she was also that girl that everybody took for granted and enjoyed pushing her buttons, to try her limits. The nice girl people underestimated and never took time to get to know, because what else is there to see? She’s just a nice girl.
“Hey, who’s that chick over there?” “Oh (Y/N)? I’m in her math class, she’s a nice girl.”
“I heard that Blake didn’t finish the night alone at your party last night! Do you know who it could be? Probably a girl from your class…” “Well, it can’t be (Y/N), she’s too nice for that.”
Isn’t is weird how ‘nice’ can go from a compliment to a bitter insult depending on who speaks?
That fact took a long time before (Y/N) finally acknowledged the fact that, regardless how she would behave, people would always find her nice. The spectrum went from the genuine 'that’s so nice!’ to the sarcastic 'huh that’s nice’. However, that period of her life was over, and today, in her late twenties, (Y/N) was a fulfilled photographer, with her own art gallery in Chicago, and a nice little apartment in an old brick building that she took pleasure in decorating.

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Sterek Loveless fusion

In a society where you are born with a true name which you share with your fated person and bounds you to them, you are also born with cat ears and cat tails and you lose them only when you lose your virginity and become a grow-up. Stiles’ true name is beloved and he is struggling to find the other half of it, meanwhile trying to hide his ears and his tail because he is ashamed to be a virgin at seventeen. And then his father takes in a new deputy and holy shit Stiles loves what he sees.

Very much so.

Derek thought he found his fated person in Kate when he was fifteen. She was a grow-up and lost her ears and tail already but Derek was enchanted by her. She would whisper sweet nothing in his ears and flick his tail playfully, and Derek would do anything for her. When she took everything Derek had to offer she tossed him away like a broken toy, saying she wasn’t his fated person and that Derek was a fool.

Derek swore to never, ever, look for his fated person anymore and ten years later he is working at the sheriff department. But the Sheriff’s son keeps showing up and Derek is sure he has the cutest cat ears he has ever seen.

And he wants to bite those ears, somehow.


Soooo… is the “Dr. Doom’s ears get bigger every update” joke still funny?

( @sparklecarehospital I adore the path that was taken for Doom, I’m in love with the idea of Doom twins~)

Also, my news is that we were given a piano a couple of months ago, a proper thing, I mean, all old wood and golden symbols and Let’s pretend we’re all in Vienna and the war is nearly ending, so my resolution for 2018 is to learn a few songs on it, but the problem is that I don’t know jackshit about music, and what happens every. damn. time. is that I hear a song somewhere and I’m like, Oh, that sounds easy, why don’t I learn that, and next I get my hands on the actual music sheet and the bloody thing is like -

- and uhm, why are you like this, world?

meanwhile in the void
  • color!sans: i guess your brain isn't that good after all those years old man i may have an energy between my ears but at least it's better than nothing....heh!
  • gaster: ha..ha...very funny and also you have one ear i guess you should make up your mind
  • color!sans: make up what?
  • *gaster suddenly throws some goop on color's face to make him look like he put make up*

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Something with a nervous and easily embarrassed Dr. Reid and a girl that giggles every time she purposefully (flirtingly) embarrasses him.

“Hey,” I said, leaning over to press a steaming cup of coffee on Reid’s desk. He shot me a smile over his shoulder.

“Hey, thanks,” he said.

“No problem,” I replied as I settled myself on the edge of his desk. I watched as he cradled his mug between his long fingers and brought it to his lips.

“Did you know that people who have hazel eyes make the best lovers?” I asked. He stared at me for a moment.

“There-there’s no…evidence of that,” he stammered. I smiled coyly at him and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

“Well, I have a funny feeling that the proof is right in front of me,” I said, and walked away. As I settled at my own desk, I chanced a peek at Spencer, and couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the flush that crept up his neck and into his cheeks, his beautiful eyes averted. I smiled to myself.

I ended up on the jet next to Spencer. He smiled at me as I sat down.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” he asked quietly.


“Wanna play cards?”

He beat me, of course, but not for my lack of trying. My sexual innuendos seemed to frustrate and fluster him, although not enough to throw him off his game.

“So, Spencer,” I began, leaning toward him, “why do you grow your hair long?”
He hesitated.

“Um, I don’t know,” he said. “I just…it looks better this way,” he answered. I smiled, reaching over to ruffle his curls.

“You look good any way,” I whispered, watching as he turned red again. I laughed.

“You’re easy to embarrass,” I said, standing up to go and get coffee.

The following week, we worked on a case. I got my comments in as well, though. Spencer’s reaction was predicatble and inevitable; he blushed and turned away every time.

We arrived back at the BAU and the rest of the team went home, leaving just Spencer and I to work on paperwork.

“Reid?” I said.


“You know you’re adorable when you’re so focused?” I asked, anticipating his usual response. But that wasn’t what I got. He held my gaze, a challenge in his eyes.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

“Doing what?” I replied, trying to sound innocent. To my surprise, he groaned in frustration and dropped his head briefly to his desk.

“You’re leading me on!” he exclaimed. “You’re trying to make me think things that I was already thinking, with no…no relationship!” he groaned. “I don’t get it.”

“Spencer,” I began, standing up and ambling over to his desk. I sat on the edge and looked at him seriously. “I’m not leading you on. I’m flirting with you.”

“What’s the difference?” he asked.

“When you lead someone on, you’re not pursuing anything,” I explained.

“Well, what are you pursuing, then?” he asked. I smiled and leaned forward, pressing my lips lightly to his.

“That,” I whispered.

This is a collab piece I’m working on with Deja-Lu on DA of their Ruby and Sapphire hanging out with Gosh!! I did the sketch, and they’re going to line and color it! These three are all little pranksters, and they seem to be having a good time! Also, I thought it would be funny to have Gosh doing the classic bunny ears pose on his short new pals!

I was listening to this song and got inspired to write this KuroMahi fluff

“C’mon, Kuro, it won’t be that bad.” Mahiru said as they walked down the street. He thought that it would be good for both of them to go out for their dates occasionally. So, he decided to go watch a movie with Kuro. “You better not fall asleep in the theater either. Ryusei said that the movie’s pretty good.”

“Couldn’t we just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it?” If Kuro could have his way, they would never leave the house. He preferred indoor dates but he had to admit that there were some things he liked about going out with Mahiru. Holding his hand while they walked was one of them. “Our couch is more comfortable than those theater seats and we don’t have to deal with people.”

“Kuro, I don’t want to fight with you on our date. It’s my turn to choose what to do on date night. Next Friday, you can choose whatever you want. Can’t you just bare with it for a couple hours? Will you do it for me?” Mahiru looked up at him and his large eyes silenced any further argument Kuro had. While he complained sometimes, he only wanted to make Mahiru happy.

Kuro mumbled an answer shyly. “Okay but don’t complain when I choose something hard and corny for our next date as revenge. Romance me with a candlelit dinner with ramen as the main course.”

“Candlelight and noodles it is then. You want to try re-enacting that Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene too?” Mahiru knew that Kuro was only teasing him and he couldn’t help but play along. Kuro wasn’t expecting him to and he blushed heavily. He scratched his cheek and tried to hide his blush. His expression was cute and made Mahiru giggle.

Kuro had to grin at the lighthearted challenge in Mahiru’s laugh and he leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Tease me like that and I’ll take you right there on that table.”

“Kuro! You can’t say things like that while we’re in public.” It was Mahiru’s turn to blush and Kuro chuckled at his reaction. Sometimes, it was too easy to tease him and make him blush but Kuro could never tire of it. “Behave yourself or you’re going to sleep on the couch tonight. Let’s go before the movie starts.”

“You’re going to make this poor kitty sleep on the coach?” Mahiru playfully hit his chest when he tried to use his cute cat voice. They both knew that his threat was empty when Mahiru hooked their arms together. He leaned his head on Kuro’s shoulder and they continued down the street.

“Do you hear that?” Mahiru stopped Kuro when he heard a child crying. He looked around the street and saw a child standing outside the store. The boy couldn’t be more than eight and Kuro wondered if he was lost. He certainly appeared distraught as he cried. Kuro wasn’t surprised when Mahiru immediately went to the boy’s aid.

Mahiru made sure not to scare the boy and stopped a safe distance from him. The boy didn’t appear hurt so Mahiru tried to calm him down. He knelt in front of the boy and spoke in a soft voice. “Excuse me, are you lost? Do you know where your parents are?”

The boy looked hesitant to answer but eventually spoke. “I don’t know.”

“Can you let us help you? Where was the last place you saw them?” The boy pointed to the store behind him and Mahiru nodded. He knew that it was best not to take the child away but he didn’t want to leave him alone either. “Can you tell me what your parents look like so I can look for them in the store? My name’s Mahiru. What’s your name?”


“Well, Akebono, I’m going to find your parents for you. My boyfriend, Kuro, is going to stay here with you while I look for them inside. Is that okay with you?” The boy nodded and Mahiru turned back to Kuro. “I know we were supposed to be on a date but this should only take a moment. I’m really sorry about this.”

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that you’re not sending me into that crowded store.” Kuro shrugged and the smile Mahiru gave him was reward enough. He gave the boy one last warning not to wonder off before he went into the store. Seeing him so readily help someone, Kuro’s heart swelled with pride slightly. It was one of the many reason he fell in love with him.

Kuro leaned against the wall next to the boy and an awkward silence quickly settled around him. Lily had always been the best with children among the Servamps and Kuro wondered what he would do. Despite being the oldest, Kuro was helpless when it came to children and starting a conversation. He could feel the boy’s eyes on him and he tilted his head curiously.

“Mahiru’s going to bring back your parents so don’t worry. He’s a good and dependable guy.” Kuro assured him but he quickly trailed off when the boy didn’t respond. He continued staring at him so he wondered what the boy was thinking about.

Then he blurted out, “Why do you dress funny? You have ears and a tail!”

“I do not dress funny. I’ll have you know that I’m a cute kitten.” He thought children respected their elders and he wondered when they became so blunt. The boy didn’t look the least bit convinced and scrunched his face at him. Kuro wondered how long Mahiru would take and tried to think of a way to entertain him until he came back. An idea came to him and he pulled out his phone. “You like games, Kid?”

Like Kuro expected, the boy’s eyes lit up. He opened a simple tile matching game and handed him his phone. Kuro thought that it would keep him occupied enough without having him comment on his clothes again. He sat next to the boy and watched him play as he waited for Mahiru to return.

The boy was losing miserably and Kuro shook his head lightly. Every time he lost, the boy became more irritated. He almost threw the phone in frustration but Kuro quickly took the phone from him. “Woah, Kid, don’t break other people’s things because you’re losing. The reason you’re losing is because you chose where to place your tiles too late and you run out of time to place them. Be quick like this.”

He swiped his finger over the screen and cleared a few rows. The boy looked up at him in amazement. Kuro, who played games often, didn’t think anything of it but it looked like a masterful maneuver to the boy. “Teach me!”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro groaned but he pointed at the upcoming blocks. “You need to think of combos. If you set them up early, you can get a lot of points. Leave a little space for blocks that don’t fit into your combo. They’re a pain to deal with but at least they won’t block your combo. Just make sure you don’t pile them too high.”

“Okay!” The boy returned his attention to the game and tried to follow his advice. He was still a child so it was difficult to think of a combo as quickly as Kuro could. When it seemed like he would be too slow to place a block, Kuro helped him. He made sure not to do it too often so the boy could make his own strategy.

He heard the store’s door open and he looked up to see Mahiru walk out with a frown. From his expression, Kuro knew that he couldn’t find the boy’s parents. Mahiru sat next to the boy and said apologetically. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem like your parents are inside but Kuro and I will stay with you until they come back.”

“Do you think they left me behind?” The boy looked up from the game and Mahiru’s heart almost broke. “I had a fight with them in the store. Maybe they don’t want me anymore.”

“Of course, they still love you.” Mahiru took out a napkin from his pocket and handed it to him. He was close with his mother so he could imagine how the boy must be feeling.

“Families fight. You can’t avoid it.” Kuro said simply and Mahiru was about to hit him lightly for his comment. He stopped himself when Kuro continued. “But you don’t want to let that come between you. Talk to them. If you wait and avoid them, you’ll regret it. When your parents come back, apologize and they’ll forgive you.”

“Akebono!” They looked up and saw two people running towards them. Mahiru gestured for them to wait as he ran to the parents. From his expression, Kuro knew that he was going to read the parents the riot act and covered the boy’s ear. He had to chuckle as he listened to Mahiru lecture his elders. While he was kind, he was also firm when he needed to be and that quality made him more attractive to Kuro.

“I think he’s done now.” Kuro said with a light laugh and let go of the boy so he could run to his parents. Mahiru returned to his side and they watched the family exchange hugs. The boy waved bye to them before he left with his parents and Kuro waved back. He could feel Mahiru grinning at him and turned to him. “What?”

“I was thinking that you would make a good father.” Mahiru said with a confident smile but Kuro looked more doubtful. “I’m serious. You were kind and understanding. I’m sure our kids would like you more because you’ll be the easy going parent. But I guess it’s still too early to talk about this.”

“I’m sure they’ll love Mamahiru too. Ow!” Kuro yelled a little when Mahiru punched his arm. It didn’t hurt him but he still pretended to pout. “Cat abuser.”

“You teach our kids to call me by those nicknames and I’m divorcing you. Where did you even come up with Mamahiru? I don’t act like your mom and you shouldn’t say that about your boyfriend. Let’s hurry to the theater.” Mahiru looked at his watch and knew that it was too late to watch the movie. With a disappointed sigh, he said. “I guess the only thing we can do is go home.”

Kuro took his hand but he surprisingly pulled him in the opposite direction of their home. “You said you wanted an outdoor date, didn’t you? Let’s take the long way home and walk around the park. We can look at the stars or something.”

“Really?” Mahiru’s smile couldn’t be brighter and Kuro was certain that it could light the night. He stood on his toes and kissed Kuro’s cheek. “You’re trying to be sweet and make me forget about those nicknames, aren’t you?”

“Is it working?”

“It might if you offer to hold my hand too.” They both laughed and their fingers naturally laced together when they held hands. Mahiru knew that he would’ve preferred to go straight home so he was grateful that Kuro was willing to take a detour for him. It was a small gesture but Mahiru could sense Kuro’s kindness in it. Kuro looked down at Mahiru as they walked. He knew he should’ve been watching where he was going but his happy expression captivated him.

Whenever Kuro thought about their future, he would become sad whenever he thought about their inevitable end. But Mahiru was able to replace those thoughts with something better. He looked forward to their date night every week. He wanted to make a future for them after the war where they could be a normal couple. Maybe, one day, they could adopt to have a family as well.

I headcanon that they have a set date night and take turns picking what they do. Kuro always chooses indoor date activities so Mahiru forces them out when it’s his turn to choose.

The Roommates UPDATE: Chapter Seven

Betty sat with Jughead in the kitchen.  She was perched on a chair beside him at the kitchen table, anxiously working at a hangnail on the side of her thumb as he unaffectedly ate a bowl of cereal.  Archie and Reggie were still asleep after the long night.  Veronica, after gleaning every tiny detail about the night before from Betty, returned home, but not before writing Jughead a pointed note outlining what would happen to him if he hurt her friend.

           “This is one of the most horrifying things I’ve read,” Jughead had said after reading it.

           “I’ll make sure to tell her that.  She’ll be thrilled.”

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“What do you have against Kasseelian opera?” the man asked, voice rich, amused.

“Nothing,” Paul snapped, “Your interpretation, however, leaves much to be desired, both tonally and rhythmically.”

“Are you a musician?”

“No,” Paul replied scathingly, “But I have ears and a functioning auditory cortex.”

“Funny,” the man said, “Me too.”