i have full headcanon story about this but whatever

GoM + Kagami Vegas Headcanon

As I’ve been distracting myself from studying for my finals, I thought about a headcanon where GoM and Kagami go to Vegas. Akashi reserves a fancy ass suite at Caesars Palace and everybody just gets SO drunk. The next day they all get a really bad hangover, realize what happened and wake up to this:

  • Kise: Gets multiple piercings: on his ears, one on his nose, small rhinestones near both his eyes, one on his lower lip
  • Aomine: Has scars on his back (wink wonk); gets face and neck tattoos; loses his pants
  • Midorima: Gets married
  • Kagami: Has a lamp cover as a hat; has a bruised eye and face
  • Murasakibara: Has a tie tied around his head; has smeared black greasepaint stripes on his face; holding a crowbar and a big ass M&M decoration because he stole it and tried to eat it
  • Kuroko: Somehow makes it back to the hotel after being forgotten by everyone else; GoM + Kagami freak out when they can’t find him but discover that he’s been in the closet the whole time because he mistook it for the bedroom; has dark circles under his eyes
  • Akashi: Goes on a gambling spree and wins a lot of money but then loses most of it by paying for everyone’s shit like Kise’s piercings, Aomine’s tattoos, Midorima’s wedding; wakes up wearing an animal print robe, a gold chain, disheveled, and red lipstick kisses all over his body (ALL OVER); apparently GoM + Kagami went into a strip club at some point and Akashi loses some of his money there too (but was the BEST CUSTOMER. WINK WONK)


Midorima: I wasn’t that drunk.

Aomine: Dude. *points to finger*

Midorima: *looks at wedding ring*

Kise: Midorimacchi.. You were so drunk you got married.


Akashi: You made me the best man and I said, “Shintarou, don’t do this.” But you said, “DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO AKASHI. I’M PAYING FOR THIS WEDDING.” And I said, “But you’re making me pay.” And you said, “DAMN RIGHT.”

Kagami: We had to hold you up ‘cause you kept losing your balance.

Murasakibara: The reception was nice though. Loved the complementary cake.

Kuroko: At least you all went. I was stuck in the closet for crying out loud.


Midorima: Oh my god.

BTW: If anyone would like to write a full scenario/story about this or whatever, feel free to do so! Just give me credit & tag me because I would love to see it! 

I might actually come back and draw this out later. Maybe. If I have time.

I had nothing better to do. Except study. Yes, this was influenced by the movie The Hangover and the song “Hot Mess” by Cobra Starship.