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so you said you were working on fanfic? will you be posting it to ao3?

yeah i’m working on fanfic. it’s shiro x matt ;w;

i’m also working on a few other things, two things for klance, one shance and quiet possibly shallura TTwTT

and yes, i’ll upload to ao3

As much as I hate to say it, reblogs really DO help me, guys. More than you know. ;~;

(Lame) Tears for Fears pen doodle, supposed to look like Roland but it’s like a mixture of different eras? Lyrics are from the song “Cold”

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So I am super curious about your dnd character. Do you mind sharing some info on Illya? She looks amazing uwu

Name: Illyusha “Illya”, meaning my god is he
Race: Half-elf, Chaotic Neutral, 26 winters old
Class: Cleric, Tempest
Patron god: Talos, God of Storms, Chaotic Evil
Preferred weapons: Shield and dagger
Background: Criminal, Hired killer

@cupcakelogic​ SPOILERS IF U DARE

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tired sunburnt mess™

My 5k run was interrupted by a message from my sister showing her enjoying a nice evening in London. So I’m thinking this is prime time to finally use the ‘my parents love my sister more than me’ card and enjoy a bit of that teenage angst people seem to like so much. I’m just wondering if the lock yourself in a room hating the world is necessary or if I can skip to getting drunk with the worst influences I can find.

You rubbed your eyes with a loud sigh, trudging down the stairs. The lights in the house were dimmed, the only source coming from the TV that played endless commercials that had been long forgotten. Having a one year old had it’s ups and downs, and to Luke and you, bed time was definitely one of the downsides. It usually took more time than expected to get her to fall asleep with her constant energy. but with much persistence and a fifteen minute crying session, your little girl was finally asleep.

Flopping onto the couch next to Luke, you adjusted the baby monitor and threw it on the couch cushion beside you, curling yourself into his side and closing your eyes.

“She’s finally asleep?” You felt one of his arm pull you into a half hug as you nodded your head.

The house was a mess; baby toys, abandoned Cheerios, unused diapers, and even her favorite stuffed alligator toy that Luke bought her at the zoo littered the floor, a constant reminder that even if you cleaned it would always end up to back to this state. Luke was equally tired next to you with his blond hair messed up from the little one pulling and playing with it (her favorite toy.) 

The absence of sound was comforting. Ever since your daughter came into the world, silence was golden; loud cries and laughs during the day echoed in your head constantly, mixed with the animated voices of whatever show she was watching with Luke as they ate breakfast together on the floor. The TV’s volume was lowered, illuminating light onto Luke’s tired but beautiful face.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Luke said, absentmindedly rubbing his thumb on your arm. 

Your head throbbed with the headache that haunted you for the past few hours. You buried your face more into the soft fabric of his favorite gray shirt, sighing loudly. “It’s just hard sometimes. Nobody said being a parent would be this difficult.”

Luke rested his head on top of your’s. “But you know what?” 

“It’s all worth it.”

You looked around your living room, the place where your new family spent most of their time in. Your eyes fixated on the stroller pushed in the corner next to the TV. Smiling fondly, you remembered taking your daughter out on walks in the park with Luke, taking turns pushing the stroller and feeding her Cheerios until she insisted she wanted to ride on daddy’s shoulders. Luke swiftly picked her up and carefully placed her on his broad shoulders like he usually did, bouncing up and down every so often as she giggled and laughed, running her tiny hands through his hair that much resembled her’s. She gurgled with her tiny smile, clapping her hands. “Daddy! Mommy!”

Your heart melted, thinking about all the memories you had with your family already. “You’re totally right.”

Luke rubbed his eyes and smiled. “I guess it’s our bed time now too.” Picking up the alligator toy from the floor, he placed it on your head with a laugh. “See you later, alligator.”

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can you make some prompts about cosette and eponine being bros , sleepovers, corny jokes, conversations about marius, movies, and it would've been totally cool and shit

Okay but bros???? Or bros with benefits??? #eposette4lyf. (Sorry I’ll stop being trash now)

  • Picture this for a second. Cosette painting Eponine’s nails and Eponine braiding Cosette’s hair. 
  • Every Sunday night they have a sleepover. No Marius’ allowed. They watch trash TV and gossip and talk shit about politics and celebrities and everything in between
  • Cosette loves sending Eponine selfies because Eponine sends her back filter suggestions and a wall of the okay fingers and the 100 emoji
  • Eponine sends Cosette really obscure snapchats but with the greatest hashtags. 
  • They have an inside joke that consists of them making a strange yodeling sound and then pointing to the sky. Not even Marius can get Cosette to tell him where it came from.
  • They do that thing where they pretend to look into the camera like they’re on the office but they do it to each other. 
  • Two words: Cocktail night.
  • Okay but Eponine making Cosette homemade skirts and dresses and Cosette insisting every time that Eponine should go on project runway
  • Sometimes Eponine finds random tupperware containers of Brownies or salads in her fridge with a sticky note that says “You need to get your door a better lock ❤”
  • The two of them constantly looking out for each other and being incredibly honest with each other
  • You just know that Cosette has scrapbooked Eponine at least 10 BFF journals. Eponine pretends that she thinks they’re lame but keeps them under her mattress for safekeeping
  • When Cosette and Marius get married Cosette gets down on one knee and asks eponine to be her maid of honour with a candy ring. Eponine pretends she isn’t crying. She is.

does anyone get mad when they do something and someone else does the same thing but it’s so much better than yours? and then you get irrationally mad and upset but you shouldn’t be? because it’s not just your thing, you didn’t copyright it so other people can do it too but you’re still mad? does that happen to anyone or just me?