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Detailed plot of “Narratage” (novel)

Hey! So I just finished my first novel in Japanese, Shimamoto Rios „Narratage“. As some of you may know, this is the novel Matsujuns new movie is based on. Since there is close to no information about the story available (other than „a teacher has a relationship with a student“), I thought I could write a more detailed summary of the plot for the people who are interested.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  1. This is about the novel, not the movie! (The movie might and propably will be different at some points)
  2. This is what I remember from the novel. I might have forgotten things or even misunderstood them completely because Japanese is not my first language.
  3. More than a summary, I might write with too much detail and interpretation so…I hope it’s still easy to read
  4. There will be possible spoilers (of course), so I divided it up in parts, from „light spoilers“ to „severe spoilers“ as the plot goes on

Plot and review after the cut!

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About bleach 686 spoilers

Where is uryuu?
What about the black blob? Suddenly forgotten :|
Why the kids’ names sucks so much when Kubo always makes sure that the names have an important meaning?
Why is it Abarai and not Kuchiki if the latest is NOBLE and the first is well… nothing? Let’s remember that Japanese culture is not like western’s. They usually use the most Noble last name regardless of the gender of the parent, and we all know that byakuya wouldn’t approve.
Why the kids just met each other?
Why are they shinigami already?
Why so little info for a chapter that should be longer than normal?
Where are pics?
Why does it look like a bad written fanfic?
Why upset 90% of the japanese fandom to make a little part of the western happy?
Why throw away all the work of 15 years to make the unrequited canon?

Seriously this is too fishy.
Either this is a revenge of Kubo on Jump or it’s fake. But why ruin your masterpiece just for petty revenge?