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[漢字 배우자! 1 ] What is Hanja?

Welcome to the first post of my new “漢字(한자) 배우자!” I love Hanja, but a lot of Korean-learning resources don’t really cover it unless it’s a resources specifically targeted toward people who want to learn Hanja. In this first post, I’ll start by briefly introducing what Hanja is and why it matters to Korean, and then I’ll introduce a few characters.

What is Hanja?

Hanja (漢字) is the Korean word for Chinese characters. About 70% of Korean vocabulary is based on Chinese characters, so being familiar with Hanja could potentially make it easier for you to learn and remember new words. I personally find Hanja especially useful in cases where the meanings of two words are very similar. If I know what their component Hanja are, I can work out the little nuances in the word meanings using the individual meanings of the Hanja. 

While Hanja is no longer extensively used in Korean writing—it used to be the main writing form until Hangul was created, and even then it was used mixed in with Hangul for a long time—that doesn’t mean it has entirely disappeared. Names are one place where you can see Hanja. While some Koreans have native Korean names that are not based on Hanja, most have names that are based on the Chinese characters, which you can see on their identification cards. You might also see a few Hanja in newspapers or on the news, particularly to denote specific countries, and sometimes words in books will have the Hanja written beside the hangul if the word has a homophone with a more common meaning, or if the word being used isn’t a very common one. Just walking around the city, you can see Hanja over doors and gates in old historical palaces, on restaurant and building signs… There are a lot of places you might see Hanja!

Hanja are divided into levels, and there is even a test that one can take to determine their level of proficiency in Hanja. The most basic characters are 8급 (level 8) and the most difficult are 1급. There are also 특급 (special level) characters that are very rarely (or perhaps not at all) used in Korean. I’ve found that some common Kanji in Japanese and some common characters in Mandarin fall under 특급 or the higher levels in Korean Hanja’s ranking system!

Why learn Hanja?

A lot of the time when I tell Korean acquaintances that I study Hanja, I’m met with the question, “Why?” Many of them seem puzzled why I would even bother when Hanja isn’t commonly used in writing anymore, when the characters are so difficult to read/write/remember, when they say they’ve forgotten pretty much all the Hanja that they’ve ever learned and have no use for it… and I won’t pretend that Hanja is the most useful thing, because it isn’t, not anymore. However, I have a few reasons why I learn Hanja (and why I think others should too!)

I already mentioned one of the benefits I get from Hanja above, and that benefit is being able to work out word meanings easily. If I know the characters a word is made of, I can understand the nuances of meaning between words with similar meanings. This way of working out word meanings using Hanja also helps me understand words that I’m just encountering for the first time. If I hear or see a word that I don’t know, I can often infer which characters the word is comprised of and thus, can guess fairly accurately what the word means. Or, perhaps I see a new word and its Hanja written together, I can look at the characters and, if I know them, piece together what the word probably means. Of course, being able to do this requires having a decent mental storage of characters to choose from, but once you get there, the benefit is real! 

The other reasons why I learn Hanja are less academic but no less valid! I personally find the characters beautiful to look at and fun to write, sort of like drawing, so that’s a plus for me, and knowing Hanja gives you something cool (depends on your definition of cool, I suppose!) to talk about when you meet new Korean friends! Getting into Hanja can be daunting at first if you’ve never dealt with Chinese characters before, but I hope you all at least give it a try to see if it works for you :)

Let’s learn Hanja

Now that you know what Hanja is and how learning it could help your Korean studies, let’s learn a few characters. I think it makes sense for us to start with the two characters in the word “漢字 한자.”

The first character we see is 한수/한나라 漢 (한) (읽기7급II). 한수 refers to the Han River, which cuts through the middle of Seoul; and 한나라 refers to the Han country, or the Chinese Han Dynasty, people of Han descent, and China. Since we know 漢字 is the word for “Chinese characters,” we know that in this case, the meaning of 漢 is 한나라 한 and not 한수 한.

The second character here is 글자 자 (읽기7급), which is a character that refers to writing. Combined with 한나라 漢 (한), we get the meaning of “Chinese writing” or “Chinese characters.

Let’s look at a few more words that use these characters:


  • 漢江 한강 (한수 한, 강 강)- The Han River
  • 漢水 한수 (한수 한, 물[water] 수)- Another (less common) way to refer to the Han River


  • 數字 숫자 (셀[count] 수, 글자 자)- number
  • 文字 문자 (글월[writing, sentence] 문, 글자 자)- script, writing
    • EX: 무자 메시지 (text message)

Let’s write Hanja

Writing 漢字 is another fun part of learning the characters! While you don’t really need to know how to write them, I find it pretty fun, and they look cool too!

Each character follows a specific stroke order which usually goes from top to bottom, left to right. Try to follow along and write today’s characters!

Heavy; Yet Empty// Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You had taken a nap to awake to a delightful surprise.

Author’s Note: This is just a quick write so I really hope you enjoy~

xoxo Sara

You had just gone back to school, your spring break ending so bitterly and messing up your sleep schedule so horridly, that you had thought there was no other choice of things for you to do than to take a nap before you even attempted to star your homework.

Your heart felt empty for the longest time; it felt empty, yet it felt as if it weighed much more than anything else in your whole body, and you didn’t know why. Were you sad? Were you lonely? You didn’t know which fit your description better.

You took a nap, hoping it to only be a quick one, lasting an hour or two; but it ended up being longer than what you had anticipated. During spring break, you found it difficult to sleep at night, so you usually stayed up and slept in the daytime, and it seemed as if you had done just that, because when you woke up, it was the dead of night.

You decided to get something to eat quickly and maybe start your homework, until you heard a sudden knock at your front door.You were startled of course, because you hadn’t had the slightest idea on who it could be. You hadn’t invited anyone over and you hadn’t ordered any take-out for you to eat, so there shouldn’t be anyone at the door.

You got up slowly, making sure to tip-toe down the hallway to not wake anyone in your house. The moon had finally showed it’s pretty face in the dead of night and you were positive that everyone in your house was dead asleep.

You were afraid to open the door, unsure what lied on the other side of it, when it hit you. You felt your heart speed up, but not due to fear or nervousness; but due to excitement. You couldn’t help the smile on your face as you recalled the text messages that you had exchanged with your boyfriend only hours before.

Hey jagiya, i just wanted to let you know that I’m on a flight back~

you’re coming back today? that makes me so happy to hear! i really can’t wait to see you :’( i missed you so much

i missed you too, but it’s going to be very late when I get back. I’m not sure if i should go to your house, i might wake your parents.

No no, it’s fine, come over as soon as you can okay?

How could you have forgotten? You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in over six moths due to his promotions of his latest album and preparations for the new Japanese album that’s due to come out soon, and you missed him dearly, so much so you struggled to smile when he was gone for so long because you missed being in his arms.

Losing all regards and cares to if you woke up your family or not, you made your way quickly to the door and flung it open, so hard you were positive that it could have hit the outside of your house.

And there he stood, his child-like smile with his pointy canines, his beautiful eye-smile accompanying the other, with a small bag in his hand and his suitcase propped up behind his back.

Without another word, you flung your arms around him, taking in his scent. He smelt of airline food and his cologne, and he was still warm with sleep and he pressed you harder into his chest with his arms. You could feel him peppering kisses into your hair lovingly, as he gently swayed you both back and forth as you stood on your door step. No words were exchanged in that moment; they simply didn’t need to be. You could feel his love. You could feel how much he had missed you, just as you hoped that he could feel your love as well.

You could feel tears sting the back of your eyes as he hugged you so tightly , so overwhelmed by the fact that he was finally standing right in front of you that you could have simply broken out into sobs.

As soon as he arrived back home, you felt your heart fill again. It wasn’t empty anymore, yet it wasn’t a heavy dead-weight on your chest, either. You felt whole again. Maybe it was loneliness that took the space in your heart where Mark had once been, but now that he was back and standing right in front of you, a bag in his hands and a wide, but gentle smile on his face, he had kicked out the sadness like he had done many times before, and made you feel whole again.

He leaned back slightly, taking his hand from off of your waist and pressing to your cheek, bringing you in for a gentle, yet longing peck on the lips.

“You have no idea how much i missed doing that,” he chuckled softly, his breath hitting your lips, “You have no idea how much i missed being with you.”

“Oh, trust me,” you hummed, hugging him around his shoulders a bit tighter, “I know exactly how much you missed me, because i missed you at least ten times more.”

What are your favorite quotes from figure skating commentators?

Here are mine.

Lots of good B.Esp (especially Simon Reed) quotes:

Yuna Kim 2007 Worlds SP: “Mind boggling! I have rarely ever seen a single skater skate to the music as well as that.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2013 Worlds SP: “It is such a responsibility to have talent like he has. For me, I still say it…I think he has the potential to be the finest figure skater in history.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 NHK Trophy FS: “There’s no 10s there but it’s mighty, mighty close….Unbelievable, well done to the judges…I bet within the judges’ marks there are some 10s in there…and I’d shake their hands if I knew who it was, but they’re all in random order so I’d never know who it is…but brilliant!”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2016 NHK Trophy FS: “And it’s not just the Japanese who adore him. And yes, he did have a mistake…or two…but he is so adorable, I think people by now have forgotten that he made the mistakes and just concentrated on the magnificent skating.”

And Kurt Browning (CBC) is always a pleasure:

Yuna Kim 2014 Olympics SP (at her score): “I’m surprised…I thought it would be higher.”
Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 Worlds SP: “He claims moments out of nowhere, he’s in the spin and just by clenching his fists on the note, there’s so much ownership from this fellow, like a ballet dancer….It’s like he commands us. Show-off.”

Johnny Weir (NBC) is sassy:

Yuzuru Hanyu 2015 GPF FS (on his quad): “It’s like water. Suspended in soup.”

Detailed plot of “Narratage” (novel)

Hey! So I just finished my first novel in Japanese, Shimamoto Rios „Narratage“. As some of you may know, this is the novel Matsujuns new movie is based on. Since there is close to no information about the story available (other than „a teacher has a relationship with a student“), I thought I could write a more detailed summary of the plot for the people who are interested.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  1. This is about the novel, not the movie! (The movie might and propably will be different at some points)
  2. This is what I remember from the novel. I might have forgotten things or even misunderstood them completely because Japanese is not my first language.
  3. More than a summary, I might write with too much detail and interpretation so…I hope it’s still easy to read
  4. There will be possible spoilers (of course), so I divided it up in parts, from „light spoilers“ to „severe spoilers“ as the plot goes on

Plot and review after the cut!

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Hi Emma, I am a HUGE fan of your account, and you've my inspiration in both the studyblr community and life. To start studyblr, I'm going shopping tmr 4 stationery. Sadly, Australia doesn't have adequate resources when it comes to aesthetic stationary, so I'm unsure where to go and what to buy. as far as i know we have a muji and a daiso and then typical super stores. Do you have any stationary recommendations/musthaves that I could find easily? Thank you so much! All the love in the world –anon

Hello! Thank you so so much, that means the world. I get what you mean haha! Australia sometimes seems to be a little forgotten. Have you checked out Kinokuniya, above Muji? It is super cool and has quite a large range of stationery products. The item you’re after really does determine where you can find them - and whether it will be easy or not. I tend to use the UK amazon and search for international or Japanese sellers. They tend to be able to get things here! x 

Hisashi Imai + Sayoko Takahashi interview translation

From Rockin’on Japan September 1992 or BT8992

Sayoko Takahashi was the vocalist and main lyricist of the new wave band Zelda. The name Zelda was taken from Zelda Sayre, they are famous for being one of the very first all-girl bands in Japan, and of course, the members wrote lyrics, music and played instruments themselves. In my opinion, they were one of the best in the 80s Japanese new wave scene. The band was formed in 1979, made their major debut in 1982, disbanded in 1996.

Takahashi was born in 1964, joined the band in 1980. She has also released works as a solo singer, now she is in a band named Sayokootonara.

Sorry for the possible mistakes in this translation, including spelling and grammar ones. All I can say is that my translation won’t create big misunderstandings.

I = Imai

T = Takahashi

Interviewer = Tetsushi Ichikawa

Hisashi Imai + Sayoko Takahashi

We are new wave fellows

B-T and Zelda. Man and woman. Science and primitivity.

Countryside and metropolis. Even with all those differences, they are still of the same race, an interview of “the two motherlands”.

—Imai, when was the first time you listened to Zelda?

I: 1st grade at high school, it was their first album.

T: I was 17 years old then.

—You are close in age.

I: I bought many Japanese new wave records like Ippu-do and Lizard around that time. I knew the name Zelda, but their records were not easy to find in Gunma.

—What’s your first impression of Zelda?

I: impression…their music was pop, but with a strong metallic feeling.

T: Ah, metallic.

I: I love every song on the first album.

—So you are a passionate Zelda fan.

I: I was a fan!

T: “Was”?

I: Hyahahahah

T: He let it slip. I once met him in Okinawa, he told me “I like your first three albums.”

I: I’m sorry.

—But Imai felt much regret after that, didn’t he?

I: Yes.

T: Please just tell us your true feelings.

—It was the “book girl era” of Zelda, so you like Sayoko’s lyrics?

I: I like them very much, such as the triple meter one with short lyrics.

T: Ah, “If you go to buy peace~”

I: Yes, yes, yes, yes, this one.

—”The development area is always in twilight”.(Note: It’s the name of the song, “開発地区はいつでも夕暮れ”) Many people say “the old Zelda was better”, it seems Zelda have a cult following, however, as someone who has already been making music for ten years, wouldn’t you get angry at those comments?

I: Ah

T: But when people says that…

I: So you did get angry.

T: No, no. I have thought the same about other bands. If we can continue making music, and make something even better, maybe one day we will return to our old sound. Times revolve, continue creating is the most important thing, we shouldn’t be defeated by the complaints.

I: I think your sound went through a significant change in the 3rd album.

T: Yes, it changed in Sora-iro Boshi no Hi. You like the 2rd album better, don’t you?

I: But the 1st album is still my favorite.

—He annoys people. Anyway, in 1981, Zelda seemed to be so innovative, the lyrics, the sound, the appearance all had that aesthetic feeling.

T: We have attracted the most attention because we are girls, but during that period, there were also many boys bands who were very innovative in both music and the way of being.

—But among all those bands, only Zelda continues to exist in the original form till today.

T: Hm, among the Tokyo Rockers, Friction and S-KEN have been active in their original forms as well. (Note: Tokyo Rockers = bands who played in S-KEN studio in the late 70s, “Tokyo Rockers” was the name of gigs they held in that studio, later they made a complication live album with same name.)

I: Here come the great names.

—Then Sayoko, When did you know B-T’s name?

T: When we were recording Sora-iro Boshi, our former manager brought us the self-made record, the one with black-and-white cover, on which Sakurai-kun had his hair put up.

I: Ah, ah!

T: He bought us that record, said, “Those people like your music.”

I: I’m very glad. It’s “TO SEARCH” from Taiyou Records.

—What’s your feeling about it?

T: I’m sorry, to be honest, I didn’t have much of an impression.

I: ……

T: But, but I bought many bands’ many records at that time, I’ve forgotten almost all of them, I only remember BT’s, the cover was so cool.

—Hahahaha. You are about the same age, and your musical experiences both began with new wave.

I: Ah, yes. For me, it’s Japanese new wave bands, YMO, The Stalin, we were a Stalin copy band at the beginning. (Note: I think everyone already knows that, but Stalin was the name of a band)

T: It’s absolutely amazing. For me it’s foreign music, I was obsessed with Patti Smith, listened to her again and again. When I was in middle school, I thought, “Someday I will surpass her as a singer.” Then one day I saw the special issue of Tokyo Rockers in a magazine, I realized that even in Japan, there were people using words and music to express what I was thinking about. They wore black sunglasses and thin ties, put their hair up, all looked so stylish. I went to Shinjuku to see them. Tokyo Rockers were the first Japanese groups to give me influence, they were the direct reason that I decided to make music myself.

I: I didn’t see them in real time, I knew their name before actually listening to their music.

—Do you consider Zelda as “Tokyo Rockers Children”?

T: “After Tokyo Rockers”, together with Stalin and JAGATARA, we are the next generation influenced by them.

—Isn’t new wave a very special genre? The sense is more important than technique, knowledge and pattern.

T: Yes, 99% of me is feeling, so I think I was born into a good time to make use of my talents. What we are doing is more than just making music, there is something artistic about it.

—You can take elements from other subcultures.

T: Yes, yes, yes, it’s so good that we can do anything, it’s the best for me.

I: I have thought the same. I found that in this genre it’s okay to do anything, so I thought “I can do it as well”.

T: Yes, people would think so.

—The core of new wave is that even someone who has never touched an instrument before can do it, because it’s a matter of sense.

T: Yes, at that time, everyone thought so, now we can say that way of thinking was truly an innovation.

I: Me too, I began playing guitar and started the band at the same time.

T: Therefore we have much more possibilities, it’s very important that you can make music when you are not a real musician.

—Don’t you consider yourselves real musicians?

T: No, no.

I: Hmm… No. What I make is music, but I don’t understand things like music theory.

T: Me, too! Me too.

—We were born with new wave, so let’s follow nothing but sense till we die! Something like this?

I: When we keep advancing, following the sense, naturally we will find things in music theory, like the scales, look more and more familiar.

T: I feel the same. It’s not about knowing the music theory, it’s about living with music, music is inside my heart, I can release myself into the world of music while playing it. I think it will be great if I can carry music with me in this way. Do you write lyrics, Imai-san?

I: Yes, I don’t write as many as before though.

T: What are they like?

I: What!?

—Just introduce your favorite lyric.

I: Introduce? It’s a song called “Brain, Whisper, Head, Hate is noise”.

T: Whispers of brain, sounds cool, it rhymes.

I: It can be explained in many ways, I described it in an abstract manner.

—What did you describe in an abstract manner?

I: Hmm…I got a suspended sentence for it. (Note: Oh I thought only Acchan wrote that kind of lyrics after it, Maimai bravo)


T: I can’t understand, what’s that?

I: …It’s like, in the midnight, doing something to make your mind so sharp.

T: Was it an awakening?

I: Yes, it feels like you are looking at something that shouldn’t be seen, suddenly you know the truth, you know too much.

T: This bad trip feeling could be experienced even when you are just writing lyrics or listening to music, when you are longing for something which belongs to a place outside normal every day life. I like that twisted feeling, twisted things are more beautiful, I can understand.

—In the early days of Zelda, Sayoko wrote lyrics about extraordinary things which were almost identical to daily life.

T: I wrote about my frustration, like “I don’t want to go to school”.

—But your expressions have a strong literature feeling, there is a kind of dignity floating around.

T: At that time, I couldn’t help hating lyrics about attacking others, but being blind to one’s own shortcomings. So I wasn’t interested in punk, which didn’t say anything about oneself, only spat on others, it sounded too selfish for me. However, new wave felt like being alone inside one’s own world, it wouldn’t cause trouble for others. Then I wrote lyrics not in a straight way, I made them warped, added a lot of adjectives, till I had added so many colors into the lyrics that they became incomprehensible.

I: I was influenced by your style.

T: Really?

I: Such as in the first album, the one with “father and mother have both turned into robots”.

T: It’s “Robotomeia”. (Note: I wrote it in Romaji because I can’t figure out its possible English spelling.)

I: It’s wonderful, I mean the mysterious feeling. But in our early days, when I was the main lyricist, I wrote a lot of embarrassing love songs. Writing straight love songs makes me nervous, so now I write them in an completely abstract way so that people won’t know they are love songs.

—But I think this straightness, this awkward feeling is one of the keys of Japanese new wave.

T: Weren’t those unorganized feelings part of our generation’s everyday life? The everyday life of shy teenagers like us.

I: Yes.

T: The appearance of new wave has freed many people from their emotional repression, including me.

I: In my case, showing my true self to others makes me embarrassed. Even the fact that Acchan is the one who has to sing it won’t help.

T: You are a bit too cold. I used to think “where is the good of singing about my real experiences”? However, 3 or 4 years ago, in Shout Sister Shout, for the first time, I wrote a love song based on my real experience, then people told me “Actually I have felt the same”. I began to know that what I felt could be felt by anyone, it’s not too embarrassing.

—You have overcome your shyness.

T: Yes, then I began to take pleasure in it, I tried to write lyrics more honestly, eventually they became too honest.

I: I have been embarrassed by music as well. It makes me want to disappear from earth.

T: I understand, our first album for me…

—Hey, sitting next to you is someone who has been enjoying your first album for 10 years.

I: Thank you.

T: But it’s our first recording, I felt repressed. I cried so much before the recording of one song, my voice was shivering, so I feel uncomfortable listening to it.

I: Which one?

T: Hehehehe, it’s “To Ra Wa Re”. (Note: it’s my fav on the album “Zelda”)

—So it’s not funny. Then, from the starting point of new wave, you went in different directions, Sayoko went for world music, Imai went for techno, it’s very interesting.

T: But if we keep going, I feel one day we will be back to the same road. Forms of our music are different, but we have the same roots. People from the new wave era have chosen the native direction, or the electronic direction, but the differences are on the surface, the basic idea of desiring to escape from the ordinary is still the same.

I: In my case, I took the guitar by chance. The digital sounds are what I have been seeking for from the beginning. I often get unsatisfied with the sounds I have made, I keep buying effects units, till I find the sound I want. No matter it sounds like a guitar or not, if it’s the sound you like, there is no need for self-control, just use it.

T: I’m different, in the end, the sounds I want are what come directly from human bodies, from a place without electricity. So we are the leading edge and the origin, but we have the same starting point.

—Imai’s “ignoring the schemes” is new wave, Sayoko’s “returning to the origin” is new wave, too, are there no such things as traditions or patterns which are followed in this genre? I mean, your ideas come not from seniors, but rather from your individual selves.

T: That’s right, it’s an universal genre dominated only by sensibility.

—I want to hear about your roots.

I: My natural sensations match new wave and techno, by coincidence. When I was in kindergarten, I got unusually excited when I saw metallic things like the vacuum tubes inside a television, one day I went to the garbage dump in a hospital, there were many plastic syringes, I felt very happy seeing those.

T: Hahahaha.

I: When I listen to music like new wave, a similar feeling comes to me. I hated listening to music before, but I began collecting records after knowing about new wave.

—For Imai, new wave is inorganic products like syringes and vacuum tubes.

I: Yes, I was attracted by the idea of turning human into machine at the beginning.

T: In my case, being born in Tokyo during the economic miracle period has a great influence. When I was a child, instead of mountains and rivers, I saw tall buildings, subways, high ways everyday around me, and I loved it! I found myself imagining doing things like diving from the skyscrapers, riding bicycles on the highways. The concrete felt like nature to me, there lay my playground, I was also very fond of reclamation ground (Note: on Zelda’s second album “carnaval” there’s a song named “Umetate”, which means “reclamation”, Sayoko said “I go to reclamation ground everyday” in it). But every place I had been to had the marks of city life, finally I grew bored of metropolis. I moved to Kamakura 2 years ago, now I live with the nature, but sometimes I return to Tokyo, find the sights to be beautiful again.

—Zelda is the synonym for metropolis.

T: People always say we are a band of Tokyo.

—It seems the glitz of B-T is not a Tokyo thing.

I: After all, we are a band of Gunma.

Fun fact 1: Kokusyoku Sumire have covered Zelda’s song Watashi no Orchestra. You can try Zelda’s version even if you don’t like Kokusyoku Sumire’s, because Zelda were not Lolitas, they were punk rockers.

Fun fact 2: Being a bungaku shoujo, Sayoko once had a essay column in the magazine Takarajima, which was a subculture magazine focused on new wave artists like YMO, Jun Togawa, etc. Later this magazine began to feature newer popular bands like Seikima II, Buck-Tick, Jun Sky Walker(s) and X Japan, then it turned into an adult magazine, became very successful. And I’m not suggesting BT is something lies between 80s new wave and porn, sorry.

(scanned by Tigerpal on Livejournal)

[TRANS] POTATO MAGAZINE 2014/02 - Interview

T/N: SUGA was ill when this photoshoot/interview was done!

“The shower is first come first serve! The room assignment is rock-paper-scissors”

Q: Since this is your first appearance please, compare the member’s features to animals and introduce them.

V: I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. I think it’s because of his eyes and his thin lips. Also, onstage he has a really cool aura but when we are in the dorm, he’s a little bit timid and he also worries a lot, a bit fox-like.

RAP MONSTER:  Jungkook maybe a fox that imitates a bear? He turns his head really fast and he’s trained in his conduct of life; on the other hand, he acts like he has no aegyo but, in fact, he’s as lively as a beagle dog and talks a lot.

JUNGKOOK: Jin-hyung looks manly and he’s chic like a wolf but personality-wise, he’s carefree so he’s sloth-like (laughs). He’s really nice and he’s also a good cook, so we call him “granny” between us.

JIN: J-Hope is like a beagle puppy. At home he’s really untidy and leaves things scattered around and he’s also clinging into people all the time.

J-HOPE: Jimin may also look like a dog? He looks really cute and he also has another side of him where he doesn’t listen to people.

JIMIN: In V’s case, whatever he does it’s always strange. More than an animal, he’s more like an alien from another planet (laughs).

Q: Rap Monster, J-HOPE and Suga; you’ve all participated in making songs/writing lyrics but, how do work?

RAP MONSTER: first of all, I receive the song from the producer, and then I think about how to write lyrics or compositions that will suit it; and then I’ll also talk to all the members and we decide it together. “There is nothing better than a good thing”, that’s why all the member’s opinions matter in the end and a good work will come out of it.

Q: The readers are from the same generation but, thinking about your student days, please, tell us what kind of student you were.

V: When it was break time I went to take a peek of all the classrooms, I also went to buy something to eat, I was a kid who couldn’t stop for even a second. When I was in elementary school I participated in a Drag Competition (he wore female clothes) and I passed the qualification so it’d became a good memory (laughs).

RAP MONSTER:  When I was in middle school I was an honor student, and I was also the type of person who wanted to be class president but I got into the company and my life as a trainee started so I just went to school to sleep (laughs). Before entering the company I also had a result to be able the enter the 1st of the top of the nation, but after I fell to 2nd~3rd.

All: Even so it’s amazing~!

JUNGKOOK:  In order to become a trainee I came from Busan to Seoul but I was shy and couldn’t make friends, so I was kind of lonely…

ALL:  Poor thing~!!

JIN:  I also have a dorky side but I listened well in class, I also ate well and when it ended I went straight to home. I was the so-called mediocre student.

J-HOPE: In middle school, while I studied I also did my best learning how to dance! I received various awards with my performances and I remember that was also pretty famous between my friends~ (laughs).

JIMIN: I entered an art school in Busan! But since I became a trainee I had lessons till dawn and I slept during classes (laughs).

Q:  What kinds of rules do you have in the group?

JIN: The shower is first come first serve. The person who wants to shower fast has to run up the stairs! Also, when we go overseas or to person to another city, we always divide the rooms playing rock-paper-scissors or by lottery.

J-HOPE: We don’t do it by seniority!

RAP MONSTER: Before, we had a rule that said that if you broke a rule you had to pay 1,000 wons but we kept on breaking them and the amount of money we had to pay was too much… so I abolished it with my leader privilege… (laughs).

V: I wonder if the money we collected it’s still on the refrigerator…?

JIN: You all!! You might have forgotten but,  I was managing the money and right now,  we only have 1,300 won left. The money was used mostly for the chicken an pizza I bought for the birthday party~!

Q: You are really like family.

ALL: Yey! (and the 6 of them did a high five)

Q: By the way, you held a showcase in Japan for the first time, how were the Japanese fan’s reactions?

RAP MONSTER: I heard that the Japanese fans were mostly quiet, but I was shocked seeing how passionate they were. And while I was talking they listened well quietly, and I thought they had really good manners~!

J-HOPE: We did a high touch with everyone but there were lots of shy people and some couldn’t even look at us in the eye…

V: I said “arigatou gozaimashita~” (thank you~) but I want to talk to all of you more next time!

ALL: we’ve plans of promoting in Japan in 2014 so cheer on us!!

Scans cr; 贺凝不是我真名@weibo

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans


anonymous asked:

Hello!! I'm so glad you opened up Anon asks because I've been following your blog for a while cuz it's so interesting, but I've had a translation question that's been bugging me for ages! I don't have tumblr tho so I can only ask questions anonymously :p Ok so here goes! As we all know, Sebastian cannot lie, because of the contract. And all of Seb's dialogue sticks to that (as far as I can tell). But in the cinematic record after he gets slashed by Undertaker, there is that scene where Ciel(1/2)

(2/2) where Ciel shouts at him from his window because of all the noise he’s making, killing the intruders, and in the English translation Ciel says “How many times do I have to tell you to keep one of them alive?” and Sebs replies “Ahh that slipped my mind”. And I’m just sceptical that Sebastian would’ve forgotten something Ciel shouted at him to do over and over? It just doesn’t sound like him? But then that would mean he lied there…What does the Japanese version say? Thanks so much!! :) 

Hi there!

I’ve never really thought about this scene carefully, but now that you’ve brought it up, it’s actually interesting. In the Japanese version Sebastian says 「ああ!つい…」. The word つい means “accidentally, by mistake, unconsciously” in this context, so this line can be translated to something along “Ah! It was an accident…”. Personally, I’ve always interpreted this line as “Oops! It (accidentally) slipped my mind…”, BUT now that I think about it, there’s also another possibility. It could also mean “Ah! I couldn’t help killing them (because I’m a demon and it’s fun to kill these little grasshoppers human beings)”, because the word つい in combination with the verb form ~してしまう can also mean “can’t help doing something”.

Either way, this scene clearly shows that Sebastian hasn’t always been the perfect butler, but he went through a lot of mistakes and efforts to become ‘one hell of a butler’. Yana commented on this chapter as follows:

Therefore, this month’s chapter wasn’t really a flashback chapter but a so-called “training chapter” in which the characters train themselves and grow up [*mentally and physically]. These kinds of chapters are actually inevitable in shonen mangas. Neither Ciel nor Sebastian were sassy from the very outset, there was a time when they have struggled in an uncool way. (Source & full translation: X)

Tl;dr: The translation of Yen Press is correct, but one could translate it differently, too. It’s just a matter of interpretation :D

kawaiiembassy  asked:

I noticed you talk about Yukio Mishima a lot, but I never really paid attention to him. I simply know him for being the guy that commited seppuku, and I know he produced some homoeroric works but nothing more. Could you enlighten me?

y’all, I have time to write this morning, so the floodgates are opening.  I’m finally able to articulate why Yukio Mishima has been so important to me during my time in Japan.  @kawaiiembassy, your message is the equivalent of asking a member of the #BeyHive “Beyonce’s the woman who did Single Ladies, but what else does she offer?”  and I appreciate it.

Let’s fall into literary bae

to put it simply, the life, words, and actions of Kimitake Hiraoka, or Yukio Mishima, have served as a good framework for exploring, experiencing, reflecting on, and understanding Japan.  Some of his ideas have also been good jumpoff points for this period of political development I’m going through right now.

His best and most famous work, Confessions of a Mask, is a good place to start for anyone interested in trying his books out or anyone just interested in a modern Japanese classic. ( i hope that’s not an oxymoron )

His works are interesting to me because they seem to be at a beautiful intersection of Western and Eastern tradition.  This sort of juxtaposition is usually a cliche, but here I think Japan and Mishima is unique because it has to do with this larger concept of empire.

The fact that Japan put up such a resistance to Western imperial powers is something that really amuses and interests me. As someone who is trying to develop my thinking and actions to do the same,  Japan is a really interesting place to be.   AT THE SAME TIME tho, Japan itself was imperialist as fuck, and trying to conquer a large part of the world.  This contradiction at a very point in history is one that really fascinates me.

Alongside anti-Western imperialism is some anticapitalist sentiment in some of his texts, which vibe very heavily with some other texts I’ve been exposing myself to.  This is superficial, mind you, because I think following the anticapitalist characters in Mishima tales leads to a place where one runs into pro-feudalism and we all know that’s just messy and ugly.


Sadness abounds in all of his books, and I think it’s connected to two main ideas:  1 - his aesthetic theory and definitions of beauty and decay ( something I won’t go into because I don’t want to sound pretentious AF )  and 2 - his feelings that eventually The West won out and Japan was basically castrated, the more refined darker elements of Japanese culture being forcibly tabled and forgotten about.  I’m not strictly speaking of the evaporation of the samurai class and warrior culture ( I always feel awk around niggas who focus so much on that and like have an unnecessary collection of swords they got off eBay in their bedroom hanging about their fold-out futon ), but even the darker elements involving art and literature and Japanese philosophy and their connection to strength.  I think about this a lot, and I wonder about what Mishima would think now that much of the world only associates modern Japanese culture with Kawaii culture.

obv a lot of his works go beyond homoeroticism and are just gay as fuck.  

His books and his life helped me better adjust to socializing, dating, and exploring the Tokyo gay world.  Many Tokyo gays are living very similar lives to Mishima with regard to their relationship with their sexuality - many have wives and families and their orientation isn’t exactly a secret, but it’s not exactly known, it’s just understood that nobody asks.  I think this is a different social space than “DL” or “closeted” identities that I’m familiar with.  In a lot of cases, a closet doesn’t exactly exist because sexual classification wasn’t ever something to mull over or conceptualize or hide from someone.  Many may disagree with me on this. 

That being said, he actively bought into a lot of Western ideas relating to identity formation, so he still personally wondered if folks were actively thinking he was gay.

In my mind, there’s a Tokyo and a Mishima’s Tokyo layered underneath it all.  Visiting places of significance in his texts has been such an amazing path to explore the Tokyo that’s not listed in TimeOut or LonelyPlanet.  Everything from historic gay Ginza, Shinjuku Ni-chome, Kabukicho, the location of his coup attempt in Ichigaya, his grave in Tama, the Spring Snow-inspired villa in Kamakura, the town of Mishima, to the locations of small, barely-mentioned shrines and temples in Tokyo and even the Kansai region, etc  - I could go on and on.  Locations in his books help me with the question “Okay, where do I want to go next?”  Some folks do a temple pilgrimage.   Other people want to hike different mountains.  A lot of people want to try all different regional ramen or visit all prefectures.   It’s really nice reading a book of his, googling a name of a location, and then going straight to it the next day. It’s hard not to talk about it after.

It used to make me sad that his coup attempt and seppuku overshadowed much of his life and his work but honestly: it was his own fault/design, so I’m not pressed anymore.  It’s sad knowing that literally nothing went according to plan and it was a horrible and clumsy process.  


those are my main points of interest and why I stan for Yukio Mishima.  forgive typos.

kohaissenpai  asked:

I'm kinda new to tumblr, but i heard one of the admins on this blog went to Japan! So i have to ask, did you know any Japanese beforehand? I want to go so bad but im afraid ill get lost in Japan, or i wont be able to communicate at all with anyone. If you dont know Japanese, tips please <3

HEYY THERE~! I had Japanese classes before I went to Japan, but I pretty much forgotten everything that I have learnt when I went there. #genius. So I went there not knowing how to speak it yet I somehow survived because I remembered some super basic words. Most of the times the cities will have English translations. & if you’re afraid of getting lost you should get yourself a softbank wifi or something. So you can refer to the Google Maps? (Because I used that while I was there instead of a traditional paper map, HAHAHA)

(I even bought shoes there and the conversation pretty much went like this.
Me: Kono kutsu, size big? *hand actions*
Lady: Ahhh *hand gestures bigger size* Size up?
Me: Hai! 

Much broken language. 

~Admin Baka

It really upset me that Free! Hardly got any recognition at MTV’s Fandom Awards. I didn’t really expect Free! to win (Supernatural is clearly more of a powerhouse), but I at least wish that they would have given it some plausible screen time.

It also slightly pisses me off that SOME of the Veroncia Mars fandom are upset that people are saying that they shouldn’t have won. I know you all raised money to get a movie and I’m really impressed, but you really can’t be that surprised. Yes the hate you are getting is awful but you can’t be mad that no one expected you to win.

“Shut up! Veronica Mars is awesome!”

– So is Free! But I’m sure most of you haven’t even looked it up just like a lot of people have failed to look up Veronica Mars. Most of you are just as at fault.

“Y'all just hatin’! We worked hard for our movie!”

– No we are just thoroughly upset that we failed to get any recognition for OUR hard work! Just like you, we’ve worked hard to get Free! into production! Whereas you’ve had a series and enjoyed it, we had to build our series up from the ground with just a light novel series and a 30 second commercial! How easy do you think that is taking into account that Kyoto Animation is in JAPAN and had a very slim chance of seeing our support!? How disheartened do you think you’d feel if you were in our situation?

“Just let Veronica Mars have this one.”

– The same can be said about the anime community to be perfectly honest and if you are ignoring that please go sit down. Anime isn’t very accepted in America. Toonami is showed in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning not during normal airing hours and prime time slots. In order to watch it you have to go to online streaming websites. People are criticized and teased because they like “cartoons for children” or “perverted and twisted Japanese porno”. Anime is not completely for children. I dare you to show your child Higurashi or Mirai Nikki and see if they don’t have nightmares. Anime is not all porn. Take it from someone who’s been teased for these very reasons, it does not feel good! The Fandom Awards was the anime community’s chance to get some proper good publicity and they completely glossed over us which is very disrespectful. So we deserved to win just as much as you did. You’re fandom was glorified and praised while others were dragged through the mud and forgotten so excuse you if people are a little offended by that.

In short, you are not the only fandom that “deserved” to win so stop saying that. Everyone works for their fandom. For all we know Free! Probably did win and they decided to trash it because WE AMERICA WE BETTER! So Veronica Mars fandom keep that in mind before you start “yeah we beat supernatural and free! Fuck yeah!”