i have forgotten how to gif

I’ve been inspired lately by pixel RPG games along with watching the new walking dead trailer (more than once), getting extremely pumped about it, so this was born

it isn’t supposed to be good, I just wanted to do something fun aha

and fun it was not

props to pixel artists, I don’t know how you guys do this stuff

I miss this. The times Emma and Snow were hanging out, drinking hot chocolate. I miss their friendship and their relationship. I think the writers have forgotten how close these two were. In this season they barely showed us a scene with Emma and Snow. Snow is her mother and they don’t even seem to talk. I want the show to focus again in their story, the story in which a mother (and a father) reuunited with her daughter. :(

MORE NORA CAUSE SEASON 3 AND OH MY GOSH GUYS. I cant wait for more Nora. I’d almost forgotten how much I love her. SO HERE HAVE A GIF. The video I took the gif from was shot by @timmcosplay. (And @anyapanda-official made the gif for me because shes amazing and smart and knows what shes doing) Shot at Northwest Fanfest.


Ashley is ‘did I remember to call my mom on her birthday’. Ashley is if I lose my mail key. Ashley is if I do my laundry, if I give money to homeless people when I’m walking down the street, if I tip my waitress, if I clean my shoes before I walk into someone else’s house. That’s Ashley.

Halsey is the things people fucking care about. It’s all the amplified version of me. It’s when I’m wrong, it’s when I’m right, it’s when I’m at my worst, it’s when I’m at my best — it’s giving people, through music, all the amplified versions of me, immortalising all the high points of my life. If people choose to get to know Ashley, which a lot of the fans have done, and that’s really nice, that’s when they find out what kind of cereal I like, how I dress or whatever else. Fashion interviews — that’s Ashley. When I’m sitting here talking about what fucking shoes I like or what makeup I wear — that’s Ashley. Halsey is a protagonist.


Legolas + sea (requested by queenearwen)