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Tbh I have mixed feelings about the kacchako fight it was missing the feel the manga gave off like the composition and how the scenes were animated could have been more expressive. Also I feel like they rushed the “where do you see fragile scene” and left out that one line where bakugou addressed how dangerous “dekus” plan was for Uraraka like ._. And shipping aside its bakugou (and this is still in an early stage of his character) who was showing some type of concern for a character which imo is a big thing regardless of who it’s for well cause it’s HIM. I guess the fact that they dedicated a whole episode to the fight yet still left out some important character dialogue and lacked in some parts of the animation is what bothers me


them: lol. jjp me look so funny!

me [an intellectual]: from the way jaebum has his face scrunched to the front and jinyoung’s face is pulled backwards i can prove that they are meant to be because they always complement each other without even having to be told to do so. they are S O U L M A T E S

also me: i’m jjp trash lol

so I think I’ve worked out how Sensei is like. in his 20s in all the flashbacks to the serpentine wars but is like 10000000000000 years old now even tho APPARENTLY only 40 years passed

he’s Obi Wan. it might have only been 40 years but he was Stressed or something and 40 years turned him into the oldest man alive

All I really want from the Final Fantasy 7 remake is the ability to change the character’s clothing from the start & that there are a ton of unlockable outfits.

I want to be able to play the entire game with Cloud in his Shinra soldier uniform with his adorable scarf.

*squints* And maybe fight Sephiroth in a beautiful dress depending what it ends up looking like (because I wasn’t very fond of the dress and pigtails he ends up in from the original).

Let me have this.

Title: Past Imperfect

Summary: Ianto Jones knows that working for Torchwood means the impossible is always possible. It’s Christmas Eve, he’s chasing a Rift opening, and he shouldn’t be surprised to see Jack Harkness looking up him from the ground with a broad grin, but he is. Sometimes even Torchwood surprises Ianto Jones.

I wrote this in December, but am offering it in response to the @we-are-torchwood EC/DD anniversary prompt: Nanogenes. Because, well. Can’t give it all away, can I? Needless to say, they show up. Eventually. :)

Now I’m going to go back to finishing my open prompt story. Enjoy!

Smol life update

Exams are over, thank goodness! @_@ Finished this week.

I have a handful of small, just-for-fun things left to do for uni, which won’t take up much time, but a huge stack of scan work to do before I go to Japan. orz I don’t have access to a scanner while I’m at the parents over the holidays, so I a) need to schedule updates for that entire time and b) I want to get everything I currently own done before a huge influx of new books from the Japan trip, which will take a hell of a lot of time. DX

I’ve been through and filled up the queue, but my activity levels may still be patchy and the queue might dry up again idk.

Taking myself on a small hiking trip next weekend, move out of uni accomodation the weekend after, and flight to Japan is in four weeks tomorrow.

So, things are good, life is doing exciting things, I’m a little busy so not on Tumblr as much as normal but all is well.  (・ω・)b

Ok tomorrow is my second chance to take the exam so I can get to the university I want… I’m even more nervous than the last time.

The first time I applied and didn’t got in four years ago, I was devastated. Second time, just a month ago, I failed again but I think I handled it well. If I fail for a third time I don’t know how I’m going to react tbh…

But well, I’ll do my best tomorrow, that’s all it’s left to do now, and see what happens.

Please send good vibes, because I’m nervous and anxious af.

anonymous asked:

hey i saw your post about diverse characters in your original book? are you still looking for people to talk to and is it, like, okay if we don't follow you? idk i wanna help but the social anxiety is getting to me a lil sry

omg no you don’t have to follow me thats totally fine, nonny. my sister is the same way she has terrible anxiety when she has to talk to someone she doesnt know to the point where she’s in tears. but im super nice i promise so if you want to message me or ask me off anon i wont publish your asks. i’ll answer privately. your choice! 

and as for everyone else that sent me messages: im going to respond i swear! im getting to you guys and thank you so much for all the great resources and allowing me to talk to you 


finished my kenny wig!! it’s a little extra poofy, but the con’s in a couple of weeks and I’d rather have too much hair rn. also, i did not plan on wearing my ibushi shirt so i could take pictures of myself cosplaying kenny in it.

more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!