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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters



Because of reasons after the revelation trailer for the DLC. Can you feel the rushed painting because I have no time btw

This is my personal version, because I just want to kick Daud´s ass into oblivion and be gone with him. And how awesome can it be seeing the Outsider angry and displaying his powers!

things i love about wayhaught

• there is So Much Screen Time. Like, holy fuck. They get so much attention and?? wow
• emily andras. holy shit i have never see a show creator so aggressively supportive of the main wlw ship. i love her so much.
• kat and dom?? they’re such good actors oh my god?? and they’re so supportive of wayhaught and have a good friendship and wow i Love them. they also go to cons and talk about the ship?? good shit
• it’s not perfect. they have flaws like any normal couple. for example, waverly being possessed by a demon,
• this is just me being gay but both of them are Incredibly attractive
• both of the individual characters have their own plots outside of the relationship and have their own thoughts and feelings unrelated to the relationship. like, they’re real people holy shit. neither of them are reduced to just “the girlfriend”
• wlw shooting guns????? and being overall badass??? good shit
• it’s not rushed!! and you actually see the first time they meet and their first kiss and their first time wow
• nicole’s bulletproof vest basically saying a fuck you to all the shows killing off their lesbian characters
• it’s healthy!! and good for both of them!!!
• the show it’s on is actually good outside of the ship
• theres other things, but yeah. feel free to add more

the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.


s3e08 - wizard battle

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Imagine Ryan and Jack waking up at almost two am to the sounds of half-stifled laughter and the microwave beep echoing through the penthouse. They’re used to hearing the lads fucking around so they just roll their eyes and go about their morning.

Of course, an hour later Jeremy comes running in with his hands full of some gooey liquid, giggling like a madman. But, to their surprise, Geoff comes in right after him, arms full of the same liquid and laughing just as hard. 

Ryan and Jack are torn between laughing at the pair, and being vaguely concerned about what exactly the liquid is.

Anyway, Geoff is a cool gang dad and is an actual fifteen year old occasionally and I love him.


SKAM 4.10

Yousef: Hey girl, did the party turn out well?

Sana: Awesome.
<picture of girl squad>

Yousef: WOW ❤️
I’ve been here today.
<picture of Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque>
One day, I’ll bring you here.

connor murphy headcanons
  • His hair is already naturally curly, but on the rare occasion that he showers and puts his hair up in a bun, he’ll take his hair down after a few hours and find that the curls have reached maximum overdrive and he looks like a poodle that stuck a fork in an electrical socket.
  • Has two playlists on his phone that he plays religiously. One is full of screamo/punk/emo/heavy metal bands for when he’s in his “moods”. The other has relaxing/instrumental/soft music that he saves for when he wants to sleep.
  • You have to look really close, but he has brown marbling in his right eye. He was teased relentlessly for it as a kid.
  • He doesn’t like eating in front of people, mainly because he gets a lot of flack from Larry about his eating habits and food choices. “Connor, eat something else. That looks like trash.” It was a Rice Krispy treat. 
  • He waits until the house is empty or when everyone has gone to sleep before eating.
  • It’s no secret that he comes from a predominately Irish family. If his mother’s red hair and maiden name (Callaghan) didn’t give it away, the canvas painting with the Irish Blessing in the living room and a framed picture of the Murphy family crest and coat of arms in Larry’s study might have raised a few flags.
  • Mainly Irish, but he also has Spanish and Italian in him from his father’s side. “I’m basically a piece of white bread with the crusts on.”
  • It was his mother who got him into tap. She originally had him and Zoe signed up for Irish Dance lessons, but Zoe quit after a year because she wanted to learn how to play guitar instead, and Connor switched to tap because he wasn’t a fan of keeping his arms “superglued to his sides”.
  • Raised Irish Catholic. He went to Mass twice a week, read his Bible, went through CCD as a kid, had his First Communion, the works.
  • When Jared told him “May the 4th be with you” once, Connor had to bite his tongue so he immediately didn’t reply with “and with your spirit” as he used to every Sunday and Thursday at Mass.
  • His mother took him and Zoe to confession every week since they were five and six years old. He didn’t think much of it at first, but after he turned 10 he realized that he was making up “sins” so he would have something to say when he “confessed”.
  • For a whole week, he watched what he said, what he did, and next Wednesday, he made the sign of the cross and said: “Bless me, Father, for I have not sinned.”
  • The priest went off on Connor. Saying that he wasn’t taking it seriously, that he would be lucky if he ever made it into Heaven.
  • Connor recited the 30 Hail Marys as assigned.
  • He hasn’t been to confession since.


This is his ringtone

Me when I post stuff on twitter

That feeling when you’ve heard/sang along to a song enough times to feel tempted to do a cover of it 

anonymous asked:

Could you do headcanons on how the Big three kiss their s/o?? Like how intimate, how often, where they like to kiss their s/o the most?? If u could make it poly that would be great, thank you so much, I love your blog!!

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it and that it is what you hoped for!


- It would take him a while until he grew comfortable and confident enough in his relationship to instigate kisses more and more on his own, or to get the courage up to ask for them. He loves and enjoys them, though his partner would have to be patient and give him some time to get used to all that attention bestowed upon him.

- He gives really gentle and light kisses; he loves to kiss his partner’s cheek or the corners of their mouth. When kisses get really intimate with him, he tends to cradle their face in his hands and he pays close attention to what they like when he kisses them and he does his best to ensure they enjoy it.

- The more emotional he feels about them, the gentler his kisses become and he just tries to show how much his love means to him and how much he treasures them.

- He isn’t kissing them overly often, though he always accepts the kisses they want to give him, as long as they’re not in public, or at least not in front of a crowd.


- She tends to kiss her partner more when they cuddle. She starts out pecking their lips and depending on how playful she feels, she would pepper kisses along their jaw and cheeks and against their nose.

- If they’re not hugging or cuddling, she tends to place rather chaste kisses against their cheek and mouth or, if they touch her face, she kisses their hand.

- Mostly, her kisses hold lightheartedness to them, something easy and comfortable. Often enough, her kisses can turn playful. If she gets more intent though, her partner knows right away, since she becomes more languid before deepening the kisses, firmly and hot.

- Nejire is always happy to accept and receive kisses from her partner. She likes sharing chaste kisses in public, though nothing deeper or more intimate. If her partner doesn’t like to kiss in front of other people, she respects it and if they are okay with it, she loves to holds their hand.


- He enjoys kissing his partner and he’s always aware of if they are welcoming it or not. Still, he’s no over the top kisser and while he instigates enough kisses, he also lets his partner come to him if they want one.

- His kisses are always very warm and often enough, with a hint of a happy smile. Mirio loves to let his partner lean or rest against him while they’re kissing, cradling them close and concentrating on just them.

- Intimate kisses can get a bit wet and sloppy with him, especially if his partner is reciprocating with just as much intensity. Aside from that, even if they’re kissing deeply, there is always that underlying thread of lovingness from him that never misses, no matter how they kiss.

- Mirio isn’t one to really instigate public kisses, though he willingly gives his partner one if they ask. He rather hugs or holds his partner’s hand, or gives them the occasional peck against the cheek.


- With those three, there are a lot of kisses while hugging or cuddling, especially when they feel very comfortable and just want to show each other and their partner how happy they are or how much they love them.

- Mirio and Nejire don’t push Amajiki or their partner if they are more shy and reserved and while they are both vocal and reassuring that they would always welcome affection, they also make sure Amajiki and their partner know they have all the time and respect and support in the world to grow comfortable in their relationship.

- Receiving kisses from all three at the same time can get a bit dizzying, since Nejire is very clear and capturing in her kisses, while Amajiki’s brush and lightly press along spots they love and Mirio’s warm them up from the inside out.

- While some of them tend to hog each other or their partner at times when kissing, they are all aware that everyone is together in this relationship and they do their best to keep everything equal or to extend invites for the others to join the kissing session.