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they’re kissing for the first time with their heads outside of the water, where keeping their balance is easier and keeping their lips together doesn’t require as much effort, where contact and closeness are not as limited, where they can finally kiss and breathe, because they’re back to the surface, where their lungs can fill up with air, and where they can stay as long as they want. this is the moment when kissing becomes more than something that only happens underwater, like it just did, twice. water, a place where they can’t to be for long periods of time, both because humans can’t survive there, and because they don’t have access to it whenever they wish to

when they first kissed, they parted before resurfacing, and kissing was something that had only ever happened down there, and they had to go back down to kiss again for the second time, had to be completely submerged. but this time they don’t part. this time they stay joined to each other and bring the kiss back to the surface with them, where they can also finally look at each other, where their sight isn’t blurred, where their eyes are finally able to see 

and so even breaks away from the kiss momentarily, and takes a look at isak. and it’s the first time he truly sees isak right after he’s just kissed him. the first time he sees that look on his face, parted lips and half-closed gorgeous green eyes, the effect of even’s kisses all over his face. and he smiles, and it’s the most beautiful smile, like he’s amazed and in awe and oh, isak, you’re here, we’re here, it’s happening, and i see you and it’s real and it’s the most wonderful thing. right in this second, i can’t possibly wish for more than this. i’m filled with so much joy and i don’t know how to express it other than by kissing you again. and so he leans back in, effortlessly, only air between their faces this time. and now, kisses don’t simply happen underwater, they happen outside of it too. their kisses can happen wherever they want. and they do, from that moment on, again and again and again


Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos

An excerpt from the Star Wars celebration 2016

Addressing Ashley Eckstein/Ahsoka Tana directly, Filoni commented:

This was a confrontation I told you about.  This was a moment when Ahsoka was actually protecting the Holocron vault by impaling her lightsaber into this doorway to melt it shut, and Sidious was actually on the other side of this big door sending Force lightning up her lightsaber blade and out the other side to attack her.  So there was this… That was as close to a confrontation between the two of them that we got…there was a barrier between them.  That would have been a cool effect.  You don’t want to fight that.  You’d probably lose that one, so the door is good.  The door is good for you.

A very carefully curated list of Star Trek: TOS for my friend to watch.

 I have some faith that—if she was going to get into Star Trek:TOS—the following episodes will be her gateway drug. Posting it here so everyone can see my thought process.

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List of Thedosian pet names for writing and roleplaying, brought to you by Bella

We can skip trade tongue and go right into the big three: Antivan, Orlesian, and Tevene.

I’m going to start with Tevene, cos it’s my fave. The main thing to remember is that female pet names end in -a, and others end in -us. The famous amatus actually is amata if you are addressing a woman. Here’s a few more from Latin. It’s not a language with a lot of pet names. I did my best.

  • mellitus/mellita: honeyed one, aka honey (this one is my fave)
  • carissimus/carissima: dearest one, aka dear
  • deliciae: darling
  • venustus/venusta: sweet
  • lepidus/lepida: cute

Orlesian is easy. French is brimming with pet names and terms of endearment. Here are my faves.

  • mon cœur: my heart, my love
  • mon chaton: my kitten
  • mignon: cute
  • doudou: tricky to translate!! i had trouble putting this in english with my cajun ass lmao. basically it’s a security blanket or snuggle buddy. trust me on this one. it’s cuter in french. it’s also my fave.
  • ma moitié: my other half
  • mon loulou: another weird one. doesn’t really MEAN anything. it’s just cutesy.
  • ma chèrie: my darling (f)
  • ma chère: my dear (f)
  • bichette: little doe (f)
  • colombe: dove (f)
  • ma lutine: my elf or pixie (f)

Antivan is tricky. I prefer it as Italian, but most seem to prefer Spanish. Here’s a few of Italian anyway. Some of them are the same in both languages, which makes it easier. I admit i had help with this one, as I don’t speak Italian fluently.

  • caro/cara: dear
  • carino/carina: cute
  • gattino/gattina: kitten
  • cucciolo/cucciola: puppy
  • dolcezza: sweetheart
  • grillo/grilla: cricket
  • bambola/bambolina: doll, little doll
  • ciccia/cicci: sweet, tasty
  • streghetta mia: my little witch. personal fave
  • bonus: add -ino or -ina to a name to make it ‘little.’ example: Zevranino = little Zevran

These are just a FEW but I hope they are helpful, feel free to use.


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does anyone else with a fucked time perception feel like its friday the entire week, but as soon as it gets to thursday-friday you cant register that the week is almost over 

  • okay i love Instagram famous Jack Zimmermann as much as the next person but like, 
  • can we talk about the possibility of Jack Zimmermann getting into film photography? 
  • and just like? 
  • falling in love with the whole process? 
  • like, he already loves taking pictures digitally and film is a huge adjustment, but he makes that adjustment surprisingly quickly and like
  • now he also gets to roll the film 
  • (which like- he does pretty much constantly .. like.. he gets a film changing bag and then just like.. netflix marathon? he’ll roll film. can’t sleep? he’ll roll film. just talking to somebody? he’ll roll film, because it keeps his hands busy but still lets him focus on whatever else is going on and it’s just great tbh)
  •  and then once the film is rolled he gets to develop it and just like?? 
  • the process is so calming?? like it’s always the same, and he’s never been super into science but these chemicals make sense to him because they all have a purpose and, yeah
  • once the film is developed, he’ll just spend hours in the dark room,
  • fiddling with prints to get the exposure right and to make sure everything is perfect and he just?? 
  • loves it?? 
  • like he likes being in the dark room because it gives him a place to collect his thoughts while actually doing something productive that he enjoys and like
  • it’s definitely different than being on the ice,
  • but it’s nice and it’s calming and it turns out to be one of his favourite pastimes??
  • (and like, whenever he spends a lot of time in the darkroom, bitty tends to bake, and then afterwards they eat pie and look at jack’s prints and it’s just?? really nice??)

19bloom  asked:

//suggests genderbends of Ivy Phantom Kaito and of (whats it called) the witch Meiko from PDX. So like- Ivy Phantom Kaiko and witchy Meito? Oooh or genderbends of Whistle Meiko and Genius Kaito?


I’ll be real tho..
I did not do Strawberry witch Meito. 
Mostly because??? he was the whole reason i didn’t post the rest of these sooner?? bc I have no idea for him whoops 
but  I have like 3 more asks about him???? SO i’ll get there eventually ;]

Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that Robert is going to sleep on Aaron’s side of the bed tonight. Breathing in his scent. Don’t think about how he is going to wake up tomorrow, expecting Aaron to be there and when he puts his hand out and looks…his stomach drops and his heart hurts when he realizes where Aaron actually is. Don’t think about him sitting at the table alone that morning, unable to drink his coffee because all he can do is think about Aaron and how much he misses him. Don’t think about how that next night he wears Aaron’s hoodie to bed just to feel close to him again. Don’t think about it :)))

Antivan Crow training meta based on historical assassination training, brought to you by Bella

Disclaimer: this loosely references several historical assassination groups, mostly the Israeli sicarii, the original bad mf’ers

Canonically, we know the Crows take children and infants from various sources, usually elves, but humans and halfbreeds too. Zevran (elf) was purchased from a brothel, Taliesen (human) was found in a shipwreck, etc. Considering they were the only two in their group to survive, we can surmise that training is, predictably, brutal, and perhaps punctuated with one large, very dangerous test before officially becoming a member. We also know, thanks to Zevran in the Fade, that they are tortured to prove their pain endurance. This implies that they were tortured often over a long period of time to accustom them to it.

We can safely surmise that they are trained according to their strong points as they manifest, although all probably dabble in every aspect of training. We know Zevran specialized in poisons and seduction, Taliesen was ‘muscle’ and Rinna was a planner. It follows that the Crows would view training, for example, Zevran to be something like the muscle was a waste of time as it wasn’t his strong suit, leading us to believe training was customized after a certain point.

The fact that Rinna joined up with Taliesen and Zevran later after training implies (to me) that they are separated either by sex or age or both in training, which would make sense if they trained based on strengths and skills and not a base training for all types.

Antiva is not known for a wide array of weather, which makes me think some branches would employ mages to recreate snow, storms, high winds, whatever weather for which they need to train, since they travel for assassinations.

I would also imagine they would develop immunities to certain poisons through slow-dosing to either avoid mishaps or to weed out the weak. Canonically, they have no problem killing young trainees if they make a mistake

Languages seem important too, especially for espionage and date gathering. I would expect them to be well-versed in most commonly spoken languages, especially since it’s easier to learn tongues in childhood. In a similar vein, they are probably schooled in cultures as well, since they might need to blend in with marks and victims. This would be greetings, faux pas, military ranks, noble addresses, prominent or notable people and trends, etc. 

Physically, endurance training would be crucial. Hiding, running, climbing, hot and cold exposure, swimming, breath holding, etc. Some assassins historically could hold their breath up to seven minutes to hide in the water or pull others under with them. (Fun fact, the world record breath-holder was a freediver and held it for 22 minutes. What the fuck.)


  • Stamina training
  • At least basic maths and reading

  • Weather endurance training

  • Weapon training

  • Cultural training

  • Language training

  • Herbal training (poisons and self care)

  • Tactical or strategic training

  • Charm school/sex ed (for the seductionz)