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You think when Kuro showed up everyone pulled an Allura and kept their distance?

Even Shiro, who knew that they could at least kinda maybe trust the clone.

But before any sort of bonding- pr adopting Kuro into the family, they just shunned him.

Maybe he reacted equally, kept his distance and raised his guard around these people. Never look the princess in the eye, don’t look at the holt kid…to many questions in those eyes…even Coran who tolerates him the most won’t actively seek him out for anything, not even to clean…

And then there’s Lance.

Lance who upon hearing the news that they were “rescuing the clone and saving him form torture and other horrible shit” - whose first thought was “Ok. thats someone to protect.”

Lance who kept that going, who was the only one who would wait for Kuro in the healing pod after everyone slipped off. Who greeted a confused and obviously distressed man upon exiting said pod. (Did he tell anyone that the first words spoken were said through a hand on his throat pressed against the pods side? Never. It’s ok! You’re okay…I’m here to help…)

Lance grew up with adopted siblings. He knew the things to look out for. Sure he was used to younger kids, but the signs were the same. Despondence, hyper aware caution. Inability to fit into the family…

Making it his personal goal to befriend the dark version of his friend, no matter what stigma it carried. Refusing to address by anything other than Kuro Not like Keith, who wouldn’t even speak. Pidge,  the clone.Allura…it….

Lance who endeared himself slowly to Kuro. Who was the first to hear a genuine reaction  other than anger and fear. First time he got Kuro to laugh and it was a shitty pun and he was ELATED.

Lance who very slowly worked Kuro into the group as a whole. Who helped him fit in.

Who unbeknownst to himself, was someone Kuro was willing to fight for. Someone he was willing to live for.

And someone who he was driven to prove himself to.

Grover and Annabeth

Listen guys but we don’t focus on the friendship between Annabeth and Grover enough? Like other than Luke and Thalia, Grover is Annabeth’s oldest friend in the demigod world. They know each other so well

  • After Thalia becomes a tree, there’s a time when Luke becomes really distant and focused on training, shutting everything else out. Grover’s the only one Annabeth can talk to
  • Annabeth is the only one who’s always believed that Grover can be a searcher, since the beginning
    Like when the Council of Cloven Elders try and revoke his searcher’s license, she wants to throttle them, and she has to be stopped from doing so
  • Whenever Annabeth’s really, really upset about Luke during the titan war, it’s not Percy she goes to. It’s a complicated subject between them, but Grover understands, because who else would? 
  • Grover being the number one Percabeth shipper since the beginning, like I know Piper being a huge Percabeth shipper is funny and all, but let’s be real Grover’s the biggest
  • Annabeth going to Grover for advice when she first realised she had a crush on Percy because who else would she turn to?
  • When Percy and Annabeth start going out, Grover has separate talks with both of them making sure they don’t plan on hurting the other (even though he really knows he doesn’t need to, but he’s been waiting to do this for years)
  • Annabeth makes a super big effort to be friends with Juniper because she can tell he’s super important to Grover
  • Grover dragging Annabeth to wildlife conservation marches, and Annabeth getting super into it and creating big signs 
  • Annabeth and Grover having inside jokes from the good memories of their time on the run, referencing it 
  • Percy always rolling his eyes when they do so because why does he love these dorks?
  • When Percy and Annabeth sleep together for the first time, Grover totally realises and man, it’s mortifying for everyone involved
  • Whenever someone makes fun of Grover for being the Lord of the Wild because ‘he’s just a weak, runty, satyr loser!’ Annabeth goes mad
  • Percy usually stops her from getting into fights but this time he’s helping her
  • Imagine when Grover’s the best man at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, he not only tells a bunch of stories about Percy but also about Annabeth, because he has loads from when they were younger
  • Grover being the godfather of Percy and Annabeth’s child
  • Grover totally crying when he sees the baby for the first time
  • Annabeth working with Grover on how to make camp half-blood and camp jupiter greener 
  • Annabeth 100% making sure all the buildings she designs when she’s a leading architect are sustainable and environment-friendly, and you bet Grover’s so proud
  • Just
  • Grover and Annabeth’s friendship

can we talk about phil lester for a bit?

phil honestly fascinates me more than any other human has before. we only get to see a tiny fraction of his brain and every time we get even a slightly wider glimpse it leaves me wanting more. i’d love to just sit down and have a huge conversation with him because i think he has such an interesting outlook on so many things. not to mention he’s an absolute genius. dan is so lucky because he gets to do that every day and i hope he never takes that for granted because god i wish that were me. i love phil with everything i am and i dearly hope he knows he deserves the world because he absolutely does, no questions asked.

liaroflesbos  asked:

I was curious about how you felt about the end of Dunkirk, the choice to end the movie with a Churchill speech about heroism? To me it clashed a little with the sense of randomness that determines life and death for the rest of the film. Like I understand how both the civilian boats coming for the soldiers and the pilot who kept going until he fell were unmistakeably heroes, but it just felt a little... reductive and sentimental for the rest of the film? Thoughts?

here’s the thing though: “we shall fight on the beaches” isn’t about heroism. it’s about, in Churchill’s own words, Britain’s ability to defend our island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone. and then there’s the very English coda to that sentiment: at any rate, that is what we are going to try to do

Churchill made that speech on June 4th, ten days before the German army marched into Paris. He was preparing the empire to watch France fall out of the war. He was preparing the seat of that empire for the specter of its own invasion and occupation. We shall fight on the beaches isn’t where that famous litany ends. Listen to how it collapses, telescoping inwards towards the possibility of disaster: brutal battle first on the shores of England as the Germans route the British navy. Then the landing grounds, once Britain is overcome in the air. Then the fields and the streets as the army moves across the landscape, into villages and pastures and cities and homes. And finally the hills, as places of last resort, where citizens will shelter and gather and bear down and fight to the final man. Never surrender isn’t victory. Never surrender is survival, and how the brutal machine of modern war doesn’t even pause to clean the flesh and gristle caught in its gears. Push back anyway, even desperate, even scared. Dunkirk has moments of self-sacrifice, which is heroism in its own way, but anonymous, and a thing unto itself. Bite down and do what your conscience dictates, this movie says. And the biting down is every bit as important as doing what’s right. Or maybe that is part of what’s right. 

“All we did is survive,” Harry Styles’ character says. The old man who’s speaking to him gives him a blanket and replies, “that’s enough.” 

The speech doesn’t conflict with the cold, passionless cruelty we see in the rest of the film, it presents that cruelty as the circumstance in which defeat and invasion must be fought. Survival is unlikely, subjugation is a possibility, and suffering a certainty. But even so: never surrender. Until a new world is bought enough breathing room to take up the battle and rescue the old. 

Some Things Your Local Librarians Would Like You To Know

It is not a stupid question. Even if it is a stupid question, we have been thoroughly trained to answer your question without judgement or second-guessing. Besides, we’re mostly just glad you’re not asking us about the noise the printer is making again.

There are probably (at least) two desks in the library. One is where you check out books and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Circulation Clerk.” These people can answer your questions about damaged or missing books, fines, and how many forms of identification we’ll need if you want to get a library card but your mailing address is in Taiwan. The other one is closer to the books and computers and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Librarian.” These people can answer your questions about spider extermination, how to rent property to the United States Postal Service, and the number of tropical island nations in which you could theoretically establish the first United States Embassy. We would love to answer these questions for you. It would be a nice change from the printer.

We probably own a 3D printer by now. 3D printers, are cool, right? Please, please come use our 3D printer, it’s so lonely.

We spent a lot of money to hire this woodworker to come and teach a class at the library which you can attend for free. You will probably be the only person between the ages of ten and fifty in attendance, but your presence will fill the librarian with an unnameable joy. They will float back to their manager in a daze. “A young person came to my program,” they will say. You will have made their entire job worthwhile.

Every time you ask us for a book, movie, or music recommendation, a baby librarian gets their first cardigan.

Somewhere in the library, there is a form. If you fill out this form with your name and library card number and the details of the thing you are looking for, we will find you the thing. Sometimes the answer is “the thing is in Great Britain and they will not send it to us,” but more often the thing will just appear on hold for you, and one day you will pick up a copy of that out-of-print book you never thought you would read and maybe you will say, “Wow, the library is amazing,” and the librarian’s heart will glow. 

Please bring back book #2. The rest of its series misses it very much.

Five dollars is not a large library fine. Believe me, before I started working in libraries, I too wondered how someone could sleep at night, knowing they owed money to the library. When we laugh as you sheepishly apologize for your $2.50 in overdue fees, we are not mocking you, we are thinking of the ten people we sent to debt collection already today.

We really don’t care why you’re checking out Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe you have a specifically-themed ironic bachelorette party to plan. Maybe you’re working on a thesis paper about mainstream media’s depiction of female sexuality. Maybe you just got curious. We will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Whatever you’re smoking in the family restroom, please stop.

Somewhere on the library’s website, buried under “Links” or “Research” or “On-line Resources,” is a page that a librarian spent a month’s worth of work on. It contains many links to websites you thought everyone knew about, and one to a page that you could never have imagined existed that perfectly solves a problem you never expected to be resolved. 

Imagine the kind of person who would think to themselves, “Library school sounds like a thing I should do.” For the most part, you are imagining the kind of person who is now a librarian. We want very much to help you, but we’re not entirely sure how to do that unless you ask. You are not bothering us. Please, come and say hi.


Yesyes !

Two kids was my first idea so… here ya go ! Both with dark hair and blue eyes.

i finished yowapeda and cried a lot but also where are my imaizumi/onoda/naruko hugs??? ;_;

had a Good Talk with @wittyy-name today and got this Hot Tip™ for writing: make a goddamn conspiracy board. all i need now is some string and blurry photos of bigfoot. this is what writing is actually like. it’s all connected. cant u see

what you’re looking at up there is the plot of deepest shade – every event, flashback, meeting, and conversation that i know Needs To Happen so far. i’m hoping to find and patch holes so that i can write and share the best possible version of this fic with you all. it’s becoming my BFF (Big Fucking Fic) and writing it is going to be like birthing a child. i have never undertaken anything of this scope before, and i’m both excited and terrified. i’m hoping to have this bitch finished before season 3.

i hope u will all enjoy this self indulgent monster of a fic as it’s released, and humor me whining about it, and talK TO ME about it if you want!!! and thanks again wittyy, your secret ninja techniques are worKING. *rolls up sleeves* let’s go ny’all


@caspercassiecas okayy so this is what I came up with- he’s a loser adult dude (like ig young adult..? 27 at least-) He looks the same from when he was in high school but he changes the color of his hair every few months. He has some nerdy frens maybee,,

I feel like once he gets squip!jeremy it’ll take a bit to actually be successful in life n all w a business soooo ig when he’s like- late thirties..? or so..? is when he finally thinks about putting time into the AI projects for squip!jeremy.

He’s always been a tech geek and all but he never exactly knew how to use his.. talent..? To actually make monies and all so the squip will help him out with that..

But yeahhh his name is Kai! And he’s a Loser

Post where this all started n stuff


#This is such a big moment for these two #because for Snow ever since Regina split herself she has seen them as two completely different people #the Evil Queen reminds her of the past #reminds her of the Regina she so desperately wanted to see the good in #the Regina she craved love from #the Regina she separated in her mind from the one she’s known in Storybrooke #and the Evil Queen now feels all the love that Regina has grown for Snow over the seasons #so for Snow to get an apology that is actually meant from the heart #an apology that she never expected to receive from this part of Regina #it must be so shocking and overwhelming #because this act makes her only start to realise that this isn’t a completely different person - this is Regina #this is what she has always wanted from her

Hi I’m Alisa and I have low-key crush on a person I don’t have a chance with. So here ya go @bunny-yams! I drew you (featuring little emotional me-). I’m sorry if these drawings are not accurate to how you look now but I mean I used the pictures of you on your blog,,,

Quiet - A Hamburr prompt

My entry for the Hamilton Summer fic exchange, written for @hambrr who asked for A) Hurt/comfort, and B)trans burr. Smut was optional which is good because I don’t write smut. 

“Mister Burr sir!” Hamilton threw a hand up in greeting. “What are you doing tonight?” His smile was wide, eyes practically sparking with mischief. Hamilton was trying to be friendly. All Aaron could see was the grin of a shark.

“I’m going home.” Aaron said, refusing to rise to Hamilton’s bait- in the form of a riased eyebrow. Much had been said of Aaron’s apparent loner tendencies, none of it respectful.

Predictably, Hamilton’s smile turned to a superior smirk. Propping one hand against his hip, Hamilton gestured widely with the other. “You should chill with me! Have some fun for once!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “I have plenty of fun at home. With my privacy. Thank you for the offer, though.”

It was a textbook response, playing a game of manners even while visibly making it clear he did not appreciate the mockery. Hamilton huffed and muttered out a fine, as he always did, and turned back. It had happened a good half dozen times before.

Only this time, Hamilton’s arm swung wide, accidentally smacking his hand against Aaron’s. Instantly, Aaron’s head flared, something almost painful but not quite.

–God, again-why do I keep tryi-it’s not like he hates me, rig-not asking for a date-but wouldn’t that be nice–

Then, blissful silence again. Aaron’s gaze shot down- Hamilton’s hand was drawn back, something almost sheepish on his face. “My bad,” He shrugged, turning sharply and walking away as if nothing had happened.

Aaron let out a long breath, one he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding. The thoughts had been fast and flooding. They hadn’t been his.

Not thinking, Aaron moved, stepping quickly around the corner out of the backroom and almost bowling over Peggy, just starting their shift. The storefront partition lay ajar, door to the outside world just swinging closed. Hamilton had already left the coffeeshop, ever eager to get on with the next part of his life.

People only ever heard thoughts projected from their soulmate. Sometimes, multiple soulmates- but they were still soulmates. And those had definitely been Hamilton’s thoughts. Aaron paused for a moment, considering the revelation. Then, he packed his bag, walked to the bus stop, and went home, resolving not to think about it.

After all, he’d been unable to speak with his soulmate ever since falling out of that tree when he was nine. They couldn’t possibly want Aaron now, after mourning his apparent death and coming to terms with it- and being a happy, active, sociable person like Hamilton. No, Aaron would do what he was best at.

Aaron would keep his mouth shut.

A week came and went, and Aaron was fine. His eyes kept flicking to Hamilton, no matter what Aaron tried. Thankfully, Hamilton didn’t notice, always busy with customers here, and throwing extra cookies in the oven there. It was fine, it was manageable. Aaron was doing Hamilton a favour, really. Freedom to choose your own partner, and all that.

Another week went by. His gaze still kept finding its way to his energetic coworker. Hamilton had always been interesting to look at, even before he knew-suspected. Only now, Hamilton was staring back. He’d noticed, somehow, though Aaron was careful to be discreet. Aaron couldn’t help it, picturing what it would be like if Hamilton really was his soulmate-of course he was, what else could it be, but Aaron would damn well hide behind the astronomically low probability and self delusions if he wanted to.

It would be terrible, Aaron told himself. It wouldn’t be nice, it wouldn’t feel like he could actually share himself with somebody again.

“Hey, Burr!” Hamilton raised his chin, a familiar challenge, but he wasn’t quite smiling this time. His lips quirked up, but he looked more confused than confident. “Do you want to hang? I have the new Mario.” Hamilton even spoke more quietly, less explosive and more tentative.

Despite that, a refusal was on the tip of Aaron’s tongue. Then, he remembered his staring, his repetitive, circular thoughts. Maybe he could get it out of his system. “You know what, fine, sure.”

Hamilton snorted. “That sounds enthusiastic. You know you don’t have to, I’m not actually trying to pressure you.”

“Oh, no,” Guilt spiked in Aaron’s chest. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just-”, Aaron flailed for an excuse, “I just like Mario.”

Hamilton stared. Heat flooded Aaron’s face. “Really,” Hamilton said slowly. “Mario was what it took?” He let out a sharp huff, finally grinning- warm and amused. “Well, I’m not complaining. Let’s go!”

Hamilton’s apartment was small and cramped, thought Aaron suspected as much, given he worked 40 hours a week on minimum wage. He could probably only barely afford it, too- not that Aaron could relate; for all they worked the same job, Aaron’s inheritance guaranteed a comfortable house without mortgage, if on the practical, small side.

“-Aaron? You good?” Hamilton waved a hand in front of Aaron’s nose. Aaron flinched back, returning to the present. He couldn’t afford to be absent minded.

“Fine, fine! Sorry.” Aaron scratched his neck nervously. Sweat was already gathering on his forehead. He stretched, as subtly as he could.

“I was asking what your favourite Mario was, since you like them so much.”

Aaron froze again, caught in his lie. His binder itched, discomfort that was normally nearly unnoticeable but suddenly unbearable in his nervousness. “Ah, Sunshine,” Aaron blurted. “I liked the overworld.”

Hamilton paused, then grinned. Aaron had somehow passed. “I love Mario Sunshine! Delfina plaza is so colourful, and the way you can just move around is so nice. Like, the jet nozzle of couse, but also that thing where you spray the ground in front of you, then jump on your belly and just cruise…” Hamilton trailed off. “That watermelon level is bullshit, though.”

Aaron only had faint memories of the game. But somehow, he did remember that part. “Yeah, that was the worst.”

“Hah! A negative opinion. I knew I’d get one out of you yet.” Hamilton pumped his fist in victory. It was cute, Aaron pretended not to think. “Now come on, there’s a coop level with our name on it.”

Hamilton flopped on the couch- the only seat in the cramped living area- unless Aaron wanted to sit in the kitchen area of the room. He wasn’t that rude though, and so Aaron sat down, careful to make sure their skin did not touch.

He still didn’t quite know what had happened, but he was certain it was caused by Hamilton’s hand touching Aaron’s own. They’d never so much as shaken hands before, it had to be that. Cautiously, Aaron picked up the controller. If he could just get through this, get the Hamilton out of his system, then he could go back to his life. It was a good plan.

Hamilton started the game up immediately, cheerful music filling the room. Aaron was only passively interested in video games, but it was fun. Hamilton laughed with the successes, groaned at the losses, and made an inordinate amount of conversation inbetween.

It should have been annoying, but the commentary, the asides that were only tangentially related to the game, were actually fun. Aaron found himself responding back, never a lot, and never too loudly, but it was more than he’d spoken in one sitting in a long time.

“Ahh, for someone who likes Mario so much, you’re really bad at this!” Hamilton chuckled as Aaron let Mario fall down another gap. It was infectuous- Aaron couldn’t help but laugh too.

“You can enjoy things you aren’t the best in, you know.” Aaron joked, smirking at Hamilton’s immediate nose wrinkle.

“I feel you,” Hamilton agreed, “But I’m way too competitve for that. I guess that makes us a decent team, though.”

Aaron froze. “Uh, I didn’t mean that in a weird way,” Hamilton sputtered. “Sorry, sometimes I just say things awkwardly. I just meant we work out well like this, uh..”

They did work well together. In video games and in work- it was why they both covered the same shift, it may just be a coffee store but no one else worked so efficiently as a pair. Aaron was being an idiot. Soulmates didn’t mean they had to be together or anything, but it did mean something. He wouldn’t just ‘get over it’.

On the other hand, Hamilton was sure to hate him. It would be much safer to just wait for another time. If another time ever came.

“Hey, Hamilton?” Burr said, putting his controller down on the coffee table.

“You know you can call me Alex, but yea?”

Aaron reached over and grabbed Hamilton’s hand. “Um, wha-” Hamilton startled, and then stopped as if he was hearing something.

-Can you hear this?- Aaron sent out, tentatively.

-um- Aaron heard back. -ohmygodohmygod-is burr my soulmate-what the fuck i thought mysoulmate was dead- you fucking asshole what the fuck what the fuck-

Aaron grabbed his hand back. “I didn’t realize until recently”, he said, instead of explaining.

“Why didn’t you ever talk back? Why are you ignoring me no-” Hamilton cut himself off. “You need to touch hands, don’t you?”

Aaron nodded silently. Hamilton nodded, bouncing his leg in thought. “Of course! I touched your hand a couple weeks ago, and you’ve been werid since. Why do you need touch, though? I know I remembered talking to you when we were younger.”

That, Aaron didn’t have an explanation for. “I fell out of a tree when I was nine, got a bad concussion. We all thought it was a rare side effect, that I’d never be able to telecommunicate again.”

“Oh.” Hamilton said. Then, he swayed. “Ohhhh.” he fell against the couch. “Oh my god, you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry,” Aaron said, not sure what else he should say. “If it makes you feel better, I felt very bad about likely making you think I was dead.”

Hamilton didn’t speak for a long moment, resting against the couch, leg shifting up and down furiously. “I never thought you were dead,” He said, finally. “I always hoped. Everyone else thought I was being stupid, though.”

“Sorry,” Aaron said again.

Hamilton’s eyes snapped open. “No! Don’t apologize!” He swung upright again, arms flailing. “You know what this means, right?!”

“Uh,” For the first time in a very long while, words failed Aaron.

“It means this!” With one swift motion, Hamilton’s hands darted forward, clasping Aaron’s.

-We can talk like this now! Like I’ve missed for so long! I have to work on not projecting everything like I’ve always done though-

-I suppose so- Aaron replied hesitantly, not sure what to do. This wasn’t the reaction he was expecting.

Hamilton smiled brightly, as if Aaron’s single telecommunicated sentence meant the world to him. -We should practice more!- He projected. -Maybe go out sometime, since I finally found you and all-unless you don’t- I mean- if you want to you don’t have to-dammit im word vomiting- forget i said-thought-anything oh my god-

-yes- Aaron cut off the torrent of thought. -I’d like that. Really.-

Hamilton’s smile was wide. The grin of a soulmate. Aaron smiled back.