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One for the always lovely, @loonylittlemoony. You asked me to stop attacking you…I have a problem with listening, I think. ;)  Loads of love for you- Sar! x 

(also… I’m not sorry about the cliche title, you’ll see why.) 

You heard it before you recognized  it.

It was a week ago, over morning tea. Harry had been in his usual seat at the island in your kitchen, one hand wrapped around  his cup of tea and the other holding his phone while he swiped through his notifications.  You were standing on the other side, sipping at your cup of coffee and thumbing through a magazine that come earlier that week. 

Mornings were a peacefully quiet affair for the most part with Harry and you. After a good portion of it was spent with him whining and holding you hostage under the covers with him, you two would get up and get ready on your own pace.  Popping in and out of the bathroom and bumping hips, the occasional pat to your bum as he walks by. Yet you always made time to share a cuppa before you were off on your separate ways.

At first you think it’s your imagination, or perhaps just a coincidence. Your eyes pause in their trail across the words for a moment, corner of the page caught between your index finger and thumb as you listen closely. You wait for the noise to sound again, but instead you hear the sole sound of Harry sipping his tea. You bite your lip and go back to the article.

When it happens again, though, twice in succession you look up with a frown. 

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Okay so like NO one has heard of this musical before but like...


Okay summary time: It’s basically about this kid named Jasper [Who really likes diving and wears a kickass red sweater) has this best friend named, Agnes. They love each other, but Jasper thinks she deserves better. She confesses and Jasper unable to reincorporate for the reason mentioned above and doesn’t give her an answer. SO trying to get an answer, they say they’re gonna meet at this cliff (They’re hang out <3) but Jasper gets there a little late and Agnes tries diving off the cliff and fails….and also drowns. Oh no she’s dead. But Jasper, being the lovesick and selfless boy he is jumps into save her. Saying that he’d give his soul up too save her. And might also being dying too. And then BOOM we meet the ‘villain’ Mr. Lethe (Yes like that river in the Greek Mythos) whose basically argues with his boss (Psst it’s pluto/hades) about if this soul should be let in. He loses and let’s Jasper’s soul into ‘deadland’. Thus the title, after a dramatic opening sequence he makes it his mission to save Anges from the underworld and bring her back to life. 

Long story short: It’s a modern day Orpheus and Eurydice retelling (Kind of) as well as a crossover fanfic (musical) with various underwold myths. Some examples: 

  • Lethe is a River in the Greco-Roman Mythos (as mentioned above). It makes you forget things. 
  • Cerberus guards the front gate into deadland
  • OH Deadland is split up into ‘circles’ like how Dante’s inferno. 
  • The Chiron shows up too, the greek ferry man
  • Osiris shows up (though it’s brief) as a singer in a club in ‘city circle’ 
  • Said club is named Helheim (From Norse mythology) 
  • Speaking of Norse Myth! Loki and Hel show up as well for a quickie cameo as Lackies. 
  • The second gate is protected by Ammit, a demon from the edyptain mythos that eat hearts (She even has her own song) Sadly Anubis doesn’t get s shout out :( 
  • When he get too the most ‘hellish’ part of deadland it’s ruled over by a guy named ‘Little Lu’. A fallen angle aka Lucifer. 
  • Sisyphus gets a named drop as he is in the ‘hell’ part of deadland 
  • A little more less known Greek myth as well, the daughters of Danus are there too. As well as Brutus, that guy who stabbed Caesar a bunch of times.
  • Remember how I said this story was a retelling or Orpheus and Eurydice? The show knows this because Eurydice basically plays the part of a Obi-wan Kenobi in this and helps Jasper on his journey. IT’S  ALMOST LIKE SHE WANTS THEM TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING BC SHE DIDN’T GET ONE :((((((((
  • Elysium is one of the last circles. 
  • Pluto or better known as Hades is the big boss of Dealand with his wifey Persephone. They’re lethe’s boss.  

BUT THOSE ARE JUST SOME REFERENCES THAT MAKE MY MYTH LOVING HEART SWELL!!! I’m sure they’re are more (Since I sadly never made it to a stage production). But the real meat is the songs, I’ll give some of my favorites. 

  • Jasper Goodbye  (The opening song) 
  • What is Life (Cerberus’s ‘solo’) 
  • The Killing (Japser’s Answer to Cerberus’s question) 
  • The Forgetting (Sometimes your just start speaking in Portuguese when a magical river washes away your memories)  
  • Living Dead (A bunch of Dead people love being dead: The song) 
  • Hungry for Your Heart (Remember when I said Ammit got a solo. This is that solo.) 
  • Stroke by Stroke (Uplifting water metaphor: The song) 
  • Beat and Broken Spirits (The most fun song about internal damnation sung by Satan) 
  • Awful People (Undead man/Physical embodiment sings about how awful the world is, obviously.) 
  • Elysium (Everything sucks back home, maybe we should stay dead?: The song) 
  • Lifesong (Eurydice’s solo! Basically Uplifting life metaphor: The song) 
  • The Trade / The Swim (HAPPY ENDINGS ALL AROUND! Hello Jasper Hello)

REALLY I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT JASPER IN DEADLAND AND I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT. The whole album is on youtube and itunes. And you can find a lot of the workshops on there as well. 

Some just cool things: 

Really look up this musical. It’s worth listening too.

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But does it even need confirmation at this point? Literally everyone has talked about it. Its pretty clear there is an album. And the CEO of Columbia talking about it makes it pretty likely that he will /is signed with them. Him talking is not the same as Simon talking about it. At this point I don't even expect a confirmation tbh. I would love to have one but at this point Harry will just drop a single and be done with it.

I disagree. I don’t know how Harry and his team plan to release his music, but I don’t think he’s in a position where they would just drop music out of the blue without doing early promo. If they did do that, I personally think they’re missing a huge opportunity to get attention from new audiences and to get his own fan base excited. (That’s also another reason why I think releasing music after Dunkirk would make a lot more sense because he will be introduced to a new market there.) Maybe they feel he doesn’t need that, but I think that would be an odd choice and would rely way way too heavily on the loyalty of a fan base that has been ignored for a long time and could have moved on to different things by now. The Another Man shoot only required three posts on IG to sell out a few times over, but I think the album requires much much more because it’s not just about Harry and the numbers expected would be much higher. Maybe they have enough info to know that an album will be very successful among the current fans without putting a ton of money into promo, but I would assume that the label would want to promote not only the music but also that they were able to get Harry. And that label would also want that solo launch to be hugely successful for their own purposes. So…yeah I just talked in circles, but my opinion is still that there will be official promo leading up to the single to stir up excitement and that the way things are currently happening is strange for a reason. Just my opinion though. We’ll see what happens.


I can’t believe that I heard that masterpiece. Seriously it’s so beautiful, so mature. I’m so proud of him.


Meet me in the halfway is so beautiful and the sound is so weird, like alternative rock with an epic sound. Distortion and cool stuff. It’s very clear the Pink Floyd influence.

Two ghosts almost made me cry, I would cried if it wasn’t because I was on public with 30 persons in a quiet room. It’s like a ballad, so sweet and deep. Sometimes Harry’s voice is heartbreaking, and the lyrics are beautiful. It’s so explicit, like almost obvious that it’s about Louis and all the stuff they went through a couple years ago, and talks about that they are not allowed to be together in public and act like they used to act. It broke my heart.

Only angel has a beautiful intro and then WOW. Another great rock n roll song. Classic sound and the band is brilliant as always.

Kiwi is one of my faves, pure rock n roll again. The lyrics are so weird, I can’t remember exactly but I was like “wtf are you talking about? I don’t care but this sounds sick”. I imagined him dancing and screaming at the shows and I would sell my soul to see him singing that song live. Also I pictured Keef with his solo. The Stones vibezzz are everywhere. The beat, the drums OMG the drummer is pure talent, I love that woman.

Speaking of woman, Woman again another rock song. So cool. You can hear a bit on the Snapchat filter and it’s so catchy. Really good.

And last but not less, From the dining table. The last song, and the last beat of my fucking heart. It’s so sad, really sad for an ending, like SERIOUSLY HAROLD? Such a bad choice or a great choice if you want to end with MY LIFE. Again, his voice is heartbreaking and I almost cried (again). I would advice you to be prepared to cry and try to not kill yourself with that song. Very sad but also very beautiful and emotional.


So my veredict is that I cannot tell how proud of him I am. Because seriously, I met him when he was only a child, with his dimple and his curls. And now I feel like he’s a man. A beautiful man, a talented man. That band sounds amazing, they clearly know about music. The album is like The Dark Side of Harry Styles, in a good way. It shows his influences, his music taste, his capacity to sing and play instruments and to write such a cool lyrics. He’s brilliant. And I’m so proud of being his fan since he was a kid and support him then and now. Watching him grow up and grow up with him, because I’m getting older too, I’m changing too, and I have him in my life. I am part of all of this, and so are you. All of us. We are a team, like Louis says.

So I hope you all enjoy and love this record as much as I do now, because you can hear and feel how pure this boy is, and how much he loves to sing and play music.

I’m really proud of you, Harold.

“Have you ever thought about doing, like, a video tour of your house?”

“You think people would wanna see my house?” Dan asks as he fits the key into the lock. His front door swings open soundlessly. Inside it’s dark, with only a little bit of illumination from the kitchen to light their way as they step over the threshold. Dan still isn’t quite used to living alone. He always half expects Barry to walk around the corner, eating cereal in his underwear or otherwise doing Barry things.

“Man, I love your house!” Arin enthuses as Dan sets about flipping on light switches. “It’s got good, like- what’s the word? You know, when a place has good vibes?”

“I think you’re thinking of feng shui?” Dan preens a little. He likes his place, too. It’s definitely a reflection of who he is, so to hear Arin praise it gives him something akin to the warm and fuzzies.

He loops his arm through Arin’s, starts to lead him toward a door at the end of the hall. “I like to do my writing in here,” he explains. “It’s peaceful and stuff.”

Arin breaks away from him as soon as they enter the room, makes a beeline for the nearest stack of papers. Dan doesn’t think to stop him. He lets Arin look around while he searches for what Arin actually came to see- the beginnings of a new Starbomb song. None of them have done any formal writing for a third album but Dan was struck with inspiration. He figures Arin may be able to flesh it out, turn it into something tangible.

He’s still searching when he hears Arin gasp behind him, and then a muttered, “Whoa.”

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imagine that somehow, and none of the batkids know how, bruce has baby pictures of all of them. Albums full. His wallet and desk are full of them, and some are even framed around the house. None of them remember giving any to him, they just sort of started appearing

i feel like bruce is one of those people that likes these physical objects to remind him of the people he loves, that he can stare at and think about them and smile - but, at the same time, batman can’t catch feels, man. he’s just not allowed. so i feel like he’s someone who jumps through a couple flaming hoops to get that one essay dick was so proud of, jason’s deformed art project, etc, and he squirrels them away for safe keeping. he has one everywhere, even a picture of jason in his utility belt, YES THAT’S FUCKING CANON, I’LL LET IT GO WHEN I’M DEAD,

this has less basis in canon, because as amazing as the Jason Angst Tunnel is, bruce usually uses it to be sad in, because bruce’s primary talent after dramatics and foolishness is making everything depressing - but i like to think he eventually uses his stack of report cards and pictures and detention notes for good. like, turning to them when he’s Not Dealin, in order to be able to Deal, you know? you figured it out a couple decades late but you finally did it, buddy, good on you

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Hey! I really loved your answer about hey angel. I think the one of the main reasons behind it being so polarizing is the religious imagery it brings up. I remember at the time people joking about Harrys tweets being for a Christian Rock album lol

The more I looked into the phrase “Beautiful Noise,” the stranger it gets.

Apparently, there was a documentary in 2014:

From this website:

“Beautiful Noise is the first-ever documentary about one of the most influential, underground music movements of the late 20th century, a fascinating period when some innovative musicians mixed guitar noise into conventional pop song structures while maintaining a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself.

Although many of the people interviewed are notoriously press shy[,] they have opened up about their music and experiences from over 20 years ago, how they defied the rules and became sonic innovators that have inspired so many.

Featuring members of Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Swervedriver, Lush, Curve, Pale Saints, Seefeel, AR Kane, and Medicine. Also featuring Wayne Coyne, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan and Robert Smith.

The film premiered May 31, 2014 at the Seattle International Film Festival and Internationally June 8, 2014 at the Sheffield International Film Festival and screened in more than 20 festivals worldwide, including the Don’t Knock the Rock Festival in Los Angeles and as the Opening Night selection for the Sound + Vision Festival at Lincoln Center.

Created by filmmakers Eric Green (Writer/Director) & Sarah Ogletree (Producer/Editor) and their production company HypFilms, Beautiful Noise is a DIY, indie film and passion project.”

Review from Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone magazine: “How can guitar clang amped up to the point of pain feel so much like bliss? How can ungodly slabs of feedback become such an addictive thrill? That’s the question behind Beautiful Noise: the definitive story of a moment when a host of rock dreamers aimed for the sky and broke on through.”

So, the documentary, which came out before MITAM was written, is named "Beautiful Noise,” features bands that used layers of synthesizer and amped electrical guitar sounds to mix electronic noise into conventional pop songs.

And, the film features iconic ‘90’s groups with their singular, signature synth sounds– Cocteau Twins, Lush, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan. Not only that, but some of these bands have a signature, dreamy kind of frontman/ singer.

“Hey Angel,” anyone?

I admit when Harry tweeted the lyrics, I didn’t know what to expect. Christian Rock was the last thing on my list, I must admit. 1D was not about to pull a Justin Bieber– 1DHQ would never allow it. Even without considering Zayn, who is Muslim, religion is too contentious an issue for a boy band with an international audience.

But as Harry said in Another Man, just because they don’t sing about religion outright doesn’t mean they aren’t spiritual.

I was so pleased to see that some of songs on MITAM weren’t really about romantic relationships. Songs like “Walking in the Wind” have a valedictory feel, all the more poignant for being on MITAM, the last album before hiatus.

Could “Hey Angel” be about God?

Let’s look at the bridge again:

Yeah I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed
Backseat of my car, in the back of my head
I come alive when I hear your voice
It’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise

A beautiful noise. The god of rock and roll. But also just… God. Something or Someone who is with you, no matter where in the world you’re touring, no matter how sad, homesick, in love, drunk. No matter who drifts in and out of your life as a boy bander. A constant. A guardian angel. Home.

Thanks for the ask.

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People were saying Still Got Time isn't the lead single in Zayn's second album, and is what you call a 'buzz song', and that Zayn backed down from making it his lead single last minute, and that that's why the remixes are gone. Also, if it is a buzz song that would mean that the lead single off of Z2 is yet to come! Crossing my fingers it's true, but if not I love SGT, and Zayn, and cannot wait for this album

My thinking boobs are tingling with a real sense of deja vu this morning, because this feels kind of like last year, when I was Old Man Yelling At Clouds about the whole “Its You was a single, but oh wait no its not BeFour is the single,  oh just kidding now Like I Would’s been the second single this whole time” goat rodeo.  

If SGT isn’t the first single off of Z2, maybe someone should have told Zayn’s PR team that, because that’s how they referred to it in their official press release, which got sent out to media:

Even as absolute shit as Zayn’s marketing and promo campaign is  (lol “promo” and Zayn in the same sentence), money and resources still went into things like the press kit that got issued out to the media, the video that got made, the grassroots campaign that had the SGT clocks and billboards in major cities, and the iHeart premiere across radio stations. I would bet all my tuppence that there is no way that Zayn could just call up the record label and be like “You know what? Never mind. I don’t want SGT to be my single anymore - thanks baiiiiii!” Zayn does nahhhht have that kind of almighty contractual veto power. 

And now the PND unfollow has hit media outlets and is officially a real Thing™. I’m tired and I need the fortifying strength of Cheetos. 

Rant rant rant i need to rant

I love jt, i really do. God knows how much i do.

But you have got to be KIDDING me if you believe that he was genuinely the best singer in nsync above jc!!!!!

Yes, it definitely looks like i’m biased, given that i am team jc 100%, but listen to ANY of their songs (except gone, bc we all know wtf happened there) and i dare you to try and imagine justin singing jc’s verses and adlibs. Idk about y'all, but it isn’t working out in my head at all. And that’s not to say that justin can’t sing…he definitely can. He’s definitely above average. BUT. Jc has 4 octaves, and jt even admittedly states that jc was the best singer and could outsing anyone from any of the boybands of their time. Like. Y'all worship the dude but can’t seem to respect his actual opinion that jc was the better singer lmao

And honestly foh with all the “if jc was so good, where is he now” shit. Irrelevant. “Success” is not synonymous with talent. And we all know that in this industry, talent means nothing without proper management and proper marketing. Clearly jc got the bad end of the stick here because if talent was all he needed to be a successful solo artist, then i’d bet that this wouldn’t even be a question.

I just feel like jc deserves so much more respect than he is getting nowadays because the man is one of the most vocally talented people i’ve ever heard. He’s constantly overshadowed by his former bandmate because “his first album flopped so he clearly sucks.” Please take a step back and reassess why jt is on top (there are so many reasons, and only maybe one of those reasons is his vocal ability bc if that’s all it was, jc wouldn’t be “the other guy” from nsync).

I have so much more to say about this but i really should stop here before this turns into a 5-page essay. Might get tons of backlash but i firmly believe that jc outshines a LOT of people vocally. Just…please give jc the praise and respect he deserves -.-

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Hey friend,

I…. I miss OT5 too….. I-

I’ll completely sound generic right now but look at all the solo material floating around, just look. There’s this viral post about how OT5 have gone down completely different paths, w.r.t. their genres and it’s a wonder how 1D were even a band. The fact that we’re seeing Niall do the amazing things he’s doing or Louis really branch out and possibly model for Reebok and Zayn doing his music + fashion. We have Harry making a ballad as his single from a very pop rock sounding vintage feels album. AND THEN YOU HAVE MY MAN LIAM COMING FOR OUR WEAVES on May 19, 2017. Liam is a “man on a mission” dsjfshkjfskfs

Look at how diverse our babies are and the fact that they were held back by 1D’s branding and the minds behind it is soooooo unfair so yes, I do miss my boys together and OT5 need to get back asap, but at the same time, I am so eternally thankful for 5 amazing boys and ALSO EXTREMELY HYPE BECAUSE MAY 19 IS COMING /SOON/.

I’ll just end this on a very bittersweet note: I miss OT5 together, yes, but I’d probably be very sated had our boys been able to be more publicly interactive with each other, being supportive of each other on the whole, being the same 5 dorky goofy idiots that they always have been. :/

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The Photo

I think that what Steve says about strength in this story is applicable to everyone, not just the Reader. Each and every one of us is strong, even if we don’t believe it. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you.

Please enjoy the story, and as always, I appreciate all comments and feedback!




You sat on the bed in silence. You didn’t know what to say. What could you possibly say to justify the stress you had put Steve through?

“(Y/N), I’m not mad at you, I promise,” Steve said, trying to get you to open up to him.

“How could you not be mad at me? I’m mad at me,” you replied sheepishly.

“Why are you mad at yourself?”

“Because I made you worry. Because I have been pretending to be strong, when I’m not. Because I’ve been lying to my best friend.”

Steve looked surprised by what you said, but he smiled supportively at you.

“What have you been lying about?”

“I have been telling you for a while now that I am just tired. But, I’m not just tired. This life Steve, it’s draining me.”

You proceeded to tell him about the nightmares you had been having. The ones where Bucky was here, in the modern world with you, and disappeared inexplicably at the end, leaving you feeling confused and even more lonely than you were when you fell asleep.

You told him about the strain of being an Empath. Back in the 40s, you were able to get a break from it by isolating yourself for a while, but in the 21st century, it was damn near impossible to get a moment to yourself, and there were people everywhere.

You considered telling him about your arm, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You couldn’t stand imagining the way he would look at you.

“(Y/N), you say you are just pretending to be strong, but that isn’t true. You are strong. You are the strongest person I know.

“Despite everything you just said to me, you still go out of your way to help people. You still smile at the barista every time you order a coffee. You still take the time to listen to people who need someone to talk to. You still hold people that need it, despite how overwhelming it is for you. You still put on your gear and fight for what’s right.

“Strength isn’t doing all of those things and not feeling the stress and strain. Strength is doing all of those things in spite of it.”

There were many things you admired about Steve. One thing that came to mind right now was that, no matter the situation, he always knew the right thing to say, and he always tried to see the best in people.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all this sooner,” you apologised.

“It’s ok. It’s hard asking for help, especially when you are the one that everyone goes to when they’re struggling. Including me. I’m sorry I dump everything on you so readily…” he replied.

“Don’t apologise. I think the reason I developed these Empathic abilities was so that I could help others. So I could try to keep them from doing what I did. I am truly grateful for these powers, and for the trust of others. It just gets to be a lot sometimes.”

“Then, we’ll put more effort into giving you a chance to recharge. Maybe we can take a holiday, relax for a bit. Somewhere remote.”

“That would be nice. Maybe Tony has a holiday home we could borrow,” you managed to laugh. Steve laughed back, though he was sure you were still feeling miserable.

“Where did you get the flowers?”

“A nice man was in the graveyard, putting flowers on forgotten graves. He gave some to me when he saw I was upset,” you replied, picking them up, and touching some of the petals delicately. You would never forget that man, and you were already considering pressing the flowers when you got back to Washington.

Steve smiled. He wasn’t really sure what he could say about that man, except that he wished he could meet him and thank him.

“They’re beautiful. Actually, I have something for you too,” he eventually said. “I don’t know if this will make you feel any better right now, but you would want it anyway.”

Steve pulled a package out of his bag and handed it to you. You carefully unwrapped it, and an aged yet familiar book was inside.

You turned it over, and the lettering you had embroidered was still there, if a little faded and dull.

Our Wedding.

It was your wedding album.

“Where did you find this?” you asked, touching the stitching gingerly.

“Peggy’s daughter found it in her attic,” Steve replied.

You opened the album carefully, and read what you had written on the first page. James Buchanan Barnes and (Y/N) Barnes, married October 5th, 1939.

The photos were a little worn, but you were still able to see them. There were photos of you getting ready, and of Bucky and Steve getting ready too. You looked through the photos of the guests fondly. Then, you came across the photo you loved the most.

It was of you, Bucky and Steve, after the ceremony. You were in the middle, smiling, leaning forward and looking down slightly. You had your arms around Steve, to your right, and Bucky, to your left.

Steve had one arm around you, and with his free hand, he held your bouquet. He was laughing as if someone had just told a joke, though you couldn’t remember exactly what it was, and he was looking at the camera.

Then there was Bucky. He had both of his arms wrapped around you, and was looking at you with bright eyes. He wasn’t turned directly into you though, so you could still see most of his face.

You smiled looking at this photo. You had always loved it, but now, it was even more special. The three of you were together, laughing, and you were all happy. This was how it was always supposed to be.

A bittersweet tear made it’s way down your cheek, as you reached out to touch the image of Bucky.

“Thank you Steve,” you said shakily, as Steve put an arm around you. You rested your head on his shoulder, still looking at the photo.

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hi! I've been reading up on your blog, as well as a few others, and I don't know what to think about harry (and 1d) anymore. I would love to believe that harry would never purposely write lyrics that talks about being with underage girls or that he wouldn't use queerbaiting as a tactic to be successful, but now I'm just confused? but I have to realize he's a grown man who has to take some responsibility for what's going on. I've been a fan since 2012 and I just feel lied to at this point

Hi! So many people, including myself, feel the exact same way you do. Up until about a week and a half ago I had a clear distinction between the building up of HarryStylesTM, the brand and the product launch of Harry.Styles debut album. I was highly critical of the brand roll out and impressed with the product launch campaign.

But after this last week and a half, I can honestly say I no longer care about Harry Styles as a fan but from a business perspective I feel like I’m watching a train wreck and I can’t take my eyes off of it. The very real fact is he has enormous creative control over the music on his album.

If he wanted to write an entire album about sex, I would have no problem with it. He could talk about how it’s the most important thing in his life, that he thinks about it 24/7, he could go into detail about his personal kinks. I literally would not care. What has crossed the line is that he knows his reputation and he’s choosing to get into specifics about enjoying under age sex. NO NO NO!!!

On one hand we have him slut shaming, talking about one night stands, and enjoying sex with underage girls. And then we have him wearing a rainbow jacket. The most important thing when building a brand is consistency. Is he hoping his fans will just focus on the aspect of his personality that they are most attracted to. Does he want people to have blinders on so he can be all things to all people? Train wreck!🌻

Blurryface Reverse Theory

Okay, so I just kinda put this together.. but many people have been talking about the messages in Blurryface songs when played in reverse.. Mostly in HeavyDirtySoul, Goner, and Ride…

HeavyDirtySoul you can hear messages like “Oh sinners, they’re singing” and “we’ve lost the battle we’re on our knees” 

Goner is much more clear in terms of messages.. and I think this is the most talked about. Things can be heard like..  “give me my life…” chorus: “there’s no reason, why i sing, I’m toxic, I’m toxic. don’t deceive me, you are my world. (x2)” “well i must ask, whose gonna hurt me now? x2” “I’m on my own dear, if we start crying” which is clearly heard.. especially “Give me my life” 

In Ride you can hear “I’m a sneaky slither” which some say is saying that it’s a message telling us blurryface is the devil, a form of a snake… Familiar? also “God will be my witness” 

I recently did Message Man. Some have heard  ‘maybe this is who I am’, ‘no This is how we feel’, 'no I am just sad’ and 'my name is sad'

Stressed out -  “Can anyone help (or hear) me” 


I thought about this for awhile and this theory I saw a while ago popped into my head (I would tag the blog that made it, i would. I spent almost an hour trying to find it and i couldn’t) Where when you take take the cover to the Blurryface Album and turn it, all the dots are (at some point) tainted red by colored screen.

All are tainted and corrupted by “Blurryface” except the 5th dot in the middle… which was said to be Tear In my Heart.. The only song not corrupted..

 (Still haven’t been able to explain the fact his arms and neck are black and oil colored in the video, unless it’s like how his love for Jenna is the only thing that can defeat Blurryface..) 

Back to the fact it’s the 5 dot.. Tear in my Heart’s placement is also the 5th song labeled on the album.. 

What correlation does this have to the reversed songs theory? Well… While listening, the only song where you really hear nothing is Tear In my Heart.. all you can hear is probably “I can see your soul” Which is probably different for most people.. where as to some hear, “sell your soul” 

I was telling my friend the only reason you hear nothing huge in this particular song is because is pure of whatever Blurryface is. 

Now, this was all fun. It’s currently 1:17 A.M. and I got bored and looked this stuff up and did a bit of research because of the Heavydirtysoul audio.. and came up with this silly theory.. and decided to look more into it.. A lot of people might hear nothing but COMPLETE AND UTTER gibberish.. which is okay. this was just plain bored fun, nothing really to it. :) 

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I've never been able to pin down a BTS bias but lately I keep having lovely dreams about Yoongi. There's always so much cuddling and chilling and it's exactly what I feel like being in a relationship with him would feel like most of the time. Calm, quiet, and casual. I dunno man I'm so soft for this boy, especially because from everything he says to his solo album I get the sense he's a lot softer than he lets on and I'm INTO IT. Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me he's my bias XD

yoongi is definitely a soft guy!! he is such a tenderhearted person, and I love him so much for it. I also think he’d be very chill and really into cuddling. a relationship with him would be so loving and comfortable. 

if your subconscious is trying to tell you to bias yoongi, I say listen to it!! this man is amazing in every single way and loving him is a great life choice 

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A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! :3 -Admin Germane.

Summary: You and Suga reminisce about the old times while looking through old childhood photographs.

Word Count: 1328

I was sitting on the floor of my shared bedroom, an old photo album was spread out on my lap and other photo albums surrounded me. I smiled sadly at one of the pictures, chuckling in irony.

“Reminiscing?” I turned around and saw my boyfriend leaning against the doorway, a small smirk on his face. I gave him a soft smile and cocked my head at him, telling him to come over and join me.

“Look at this photograph. Does that bring back memories or what?” I teased as Yoongi sat behind me. He took the photo from me and chuckled, placing his head on my shoulder and wrapping his arms around me.

“How could I forget? Hobi’s wedding was the most memorable event in our lives.” I could hear the smile in his voice as he laughed again.

“What the hell were we even doing that night? And I don’t even want to know what’s on Taehyung’s head.” he said, handing me back the photo.

“I found your old photo album too.” I said, pulling it closer to us.

“No way.” Yoongi said teasingly, removing an arm from my waist to open it up. He flipped through the pages, stopping at one of them.

“Hey look. This is where I grew up.” he told me. I looked down at the small house in the photo, smiling slightly.

“I didn’t know at the time we were living without, before we moved. I remember always sneaking out of the house from the second floor to do stupid crap.” he chuckled, shaking his head. I looked back down at the album in my lap, and smiled at the other photos.

“And this was were we went to school.” I smiled, pointing at the photo.

“Nah. I remember it looking more like a jail.” he teased. I chuckled and shook my head.

“I always thought I had better things to do…than go to school. Y'know besides the fact that I “broke in” twice for so called vandalism when I didn’t do shit.“ Yoongi’s words were hard so I turned back and looked up at him; his eyes were glassy at the thought. I gently kissed his cheek.

“Its not to late to graduate you know. You can still go back.” I told him.

“If I was them I wouldn’t let me back in.” he confessed. He pulled me into his lap, closing the photo album as I continued to flip through my own.

“Do you remember the old arcade?” he asked me as he peered over my shoulder to look at the photos. I chuckled and turned back to look at him.

“Oh yeah. I remember you blowing every dollar you ever made there with the guys, while I would run the counter.”

“So you noticed the bad boy even back then?” he asked teasingly. I felt my cheeks rise in color as he placed a kiss on the back of my neck.

“You were always interesting…besides its not like you liked the shy little class rep back then.” I said softly.

“Really? Why do you think I was always there if I didn’t have feelings for you? You and I both know that I beat every game in that arcade Y/N just so I could flirt with you.” Yoongi said. I felt the smile grow on my face as I turned the page.

“I remember the cops never liked you hanging out there with me in the late hours of night. They always told me you were no good.” I confessed.

“Well they were wrong about that.” he said and I nodded in agreement. I pulled out a photo and handed it to him.

“Remember that?” I asked, a small smile on my face. I felt him nod as he handed the photo back to me.

“Who’s bright idea was it to start a band anyways?” he asked.

“Who knows, but look where it brought you. I remember when you asked me to be lead female vocals though. I thought you and your friends were out of your mind, asking a girl to join your rapping boy band.”

“But you still joined anyways.” he mocked.

“Only cause you were desperate at that point.” I teased.

“That and you liked me.” Yoongi retorted.

“Mm…maybe.” I teased.

“You’d always sing every song that came on the radio whenever we had to drive to a gig. You’d always say that steering wheel always listened to you sing the best,” Yoongi mentioned, “However you never knew someone else was always listening right behind you in the back seat.” he added, placing his head in the crook of my neck. I just shook my head and flipped the pages to the album leisurely.

“Oppa, you’re such a softie. Whatever happened to the bad boy I grew up with?” I teased. I felt Yoongi nip at my neck and I yelped in shock.

“I can be bad if you want me to be babe.” he winked. I giggled and pecked his lips before turning back to the photos.

“Look at that. Junior prom…” I felt Yoongi’s head move up from my neck to peer over my shoulder.

“I went with Mark. Ironically, he was my first boyfriend and my first kiss.” I confessed. I felt Yoongi tighten his hold on me and I chuckled.

“Oh don’t be jealous. I haven’t seen him in forever since we moved to Seoul. He’s in L.A. now, I wonder how he’s doing.” Yoongi flipped the page and I could feel his smile widen.

“Now I like your Senior prom picture better.”

“Only because you’re in it.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“That and because you were absolutely the most beautiful girl that night.” Yoongi pecked my cheek and I swore he could feel the heat radiating off my cheeks.

“Thanks Suga, you were by far the most sweetest date ever.” I teased him, using his old high school nickname against him.

“Of course I was! Only a sweet man could hang out with a sweet lady.” he winked.

“Lady? You must be talking about someone else.” I teased.

“Well obviously your a lady. Otherwise you just have a balloon under your shirt.” he said, poking my stomach. I giggled as Yoongi rubbed my tummy, feeling the little person inside me kick his hand.

“See? Even he agrees.” Yoongi said.

“Or she.” I reminded him closing the photo album. I leaned back against his warm chest and sighed, Yoongi still rubbing my stomach affectionately.

“I miss everyone.” I sighed.

“Only a month left babe, then they’ll be back from tour. I was lucky enough to get to stay with you since you’re literally about to burst.” he reminded me.

“I know but I’m kind of tired of staying at home on maternity leave, not that I mind spending time with you of course.” I said. Yoongi hummed in understanding and we sat in silence for a while.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Yeah oppa?” I asked.

“I wanna add in another photo to the albums.” he said.

“Oh? Which one?” I asked, looking around on the ground for a photo. Yoongi turned me around to face him, his bright eyes shinning.

“The one of you in a white dress and me in a suit and tie.”

“But we don’t-” I stopped mid-sentence and looked at him in shock.


“So…do you wanna? Do you wanna get married and be my wife?” he asked, looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of his. I giggled and nodded, kissing him softly. He quickly returned the kiss before pulling away with a smile on his face

“You know what this means right?” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“That we have to kick Hobi’s wedding to the curb!” Yoongi said cockily. I just smiled and shook my head at his antics.

“Oh shut up you cocky little bastard and kiss me already.” I said, pulling him back down for another kiss.

“With pleasure Mrs. Min.”


Hey friends! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and write a little post about the top albums that have made a significant impact on me this year. These aren’t all necessarily released in 2016. Rather, these albums are ones I have stumbled across this year that I now consider in my top 20. And I recommend all of these. I hope you can take some time to try out at least one.

Listed (album title/artist):

1. Velocity:Design:Comfort - Sweet Trip
-So this album fell into my lap out of surfing online for things to listen to, and I gotta say how shocked I am to have never heard it before (let alone shoegaze). Now, it sticks to me like glue, and gives me melancholy feelings. It came out in 2003, which just fucking blows my mind, because it is 13 years old now, and I’m sitting on it as if it were brand new. In my mind, it feels like it was released just this year, even though Sweet Trip aren’t really around anymore. I listened to this in May and have played it casually since then. Unbelievable album.There are so many “good parts” on this record that bring powerful feelings. The band made many bold moves that have a large payoff in the final moments of the album, giving you a chance to really reflect on what it means to exist, in the worst year in recent memory.

I believe the concept/story is something about a man and a robot trying to come to terms with each other. The soundscape isn’t explicitly clear about this, but the general idea is there for you to gather. What I imagine is something similar to a white-collar worker in his crappy desk job staring at a CRT monitor sipping on his shitty instant coffee, on a summer day where he’d rather be outside. He is contemplating his life and his shit job, but he carries on to get the bills paid, while this album sits in his 2002 Chevy Cavalier baking in the sunlight. 

I listened to the rest of their discography and I have to say what a phenomenal band they were, despite how they never took off. It’s relevant as ever, and the name of the band describes the album better than the title does. If you get a chance, please listen to this album. 

2. Nonagon Infinity - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
-I listen to this album as I run and exercise, and it’s been the best album to do so. 
3. Congratulations - MGMT
-A peculiar listen at first, but it really grew on me. I enjoyed it at first listen as much as I do now. 
4. A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead
-Lots of backstory behind this perfect release, but I’ll save that for a private message if you care to hear me bitch and moan about a bunch of sad shit. This album rules my mind with an event that happened to me that will never go away.
5. Spiderland - Slint
-Hey, do you like splinter by spidermonkey? (hester that one’s for you)

Honorable mention:
1. Painting With - Animal Collective
2. Souvlaki - Slowdive
3. Feels - Animal Collective
4. Screamadelica - Primal Scream
5. Loveless - MBV

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I hope you guys had a safe holiday season.

My band took off, my family fell apart. My parents got divorced. It’s kinda good – no good marriage ever ended in divorce. If two people had a really good thing going on and they had to get divorced, that would be really sad. But that’s never happened once. That’s fine. That was a long time coming. December of last year I went on tour and they sold that house. I went home for two days to move out of my house, and I wrote and recorded Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?, the last song on the album, about that moment. So I left and I’ve not really been home since. But I’ve fucking embraced it, man. Because you take the good with the bad. I don’t have a home, but I have a thousand people come and see me, whatever city I’m in. If you can’t feel at home there, where can you feel at home?
—  Matt Healy
hearts made of coffee

summary: While working in a coffee shop, Dan continues to be visited by an interesting stranger who refuses to tell Dan his real name, only pseudonyms related to his interests.

genre: a fluffy coffee shop au featuring artist!dan (and plantboy!phil if you squint)

warnings: none

word count: 2.3k

a/n: Thanks so much to @paeracosms for being a lovely beta and helping to reassure me so I could post at a reasonable hour! I think this fic is really cute and calming so hopefully all of you would agree! If you read it, feel free to drop me an ask telling me what you thought, feedback is always helpful!

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Stories album by album of Alice in Chains

Facelift (1990)

The album was released on August 21, 1990. The album was the first grunge album to be certified platinum.

About music and lyrics

Jerry Cantrell stated the album was intended to have a “moody aura” that was a “direct result of the brooding atmosphere and feel of Seattle." 

Regarding the music for "Man in the Box”, Cantrell said, “That whole beat and grind of that is when we started to find ourselves; it helped Alice become what it was.” Cantrell also credited “I Can’t Remember” for helping the band find its sound. “It Ain’t Like That” came out of a riff that Cantrell cited as a mistake, however he called it “a cool mistake.” Cantrell called “Love, Hate, Love” the “masterpiece of that record,” adding about the song that Staley’s vocals are amazing and that it features one of his favorite guitar solos he ever performed. 

Regarding the lyrical content, Cantrell said he wrote “We Die Young” after “riding the bus to rehearsal and [seeing] all these 9, 10, 11 year old kids with beepers dealing drugs. The sight of a 10 year old kid with a beeper and a cell phone dealing drugs equaled "We Die Young” to me.“ In a recorded interview with MuchMusic USA, Layne Staley stated that the lyrics for "Man in the Box” are about censorship in the mass media, and “I was really stoned when I wrote it.” Discussing “Bleed the Freak”, Cantrell stated that the lyrics represent “us against the world, those people who put you down."Cantrell wrote "Sunshine” about his mother’s death.



“As soon as I get back home I’ll go out and start doing Spider-Man, which I’m very excited about ‘cause I’ve been wanting to break, you know, into a different space in the acting world for a long time. We’re probably gonna have another season of ‘K.C. Undercover’ which I love. I’m [also] very excited about finishing my album, which I hope to be finishing within the next few months; I feel like a lot of young people – specially who’ve ever dealt with, like, love in any form can really relate to. Balancing that with everything else that I have going on and the fashion world is a lot, but it’s great. My number one thing is, you know, all the charity and all the inspirational stuff that I get to do, which is really the reason behind all of this.”

Zendaya interviewed for ESSENCE Magazine | August, 2016