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hi can we talk about lance and how underappreciated he is?

um, always!!! Lance is my favorite character, like for a couple months i wasnt into voltron anymore but s2′s Langst brought me right back (i feel like my lance tag is 96% angst)

tbh i know its not gonna happen but i REALLY WANT black paladin!lance!!! probably bc that way he gets the most screen time, but at this point im not even sure if he’s gonna have his own arc next season D: i know most people agree that its being set up, but……im worried

at this point i dont even know if its a writing decision or like a bias, like from what we’ve seen of the first two seasons who do you think the fave characters are? (shiro, keith, pidge, and allura to a lesser extent)

Lance is impressive! he’s smart and tactical and an amazing shot!! his ideas are good and i want him to BE APPRECIATED

thanks for asking :D what do you think, and what would be your ideal season 3 arc for lance?

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Shy, I LOVE your characters, I know there are a lot of them, but it makes it feel like you have this cool little world and we get to peek in and I'm so happy you let me interact with them! My heart breaks when they are gone, I want to hug them when they don't feel well, I want to feed them cookies and watch them go about doing their own things. I want to be around when Linden gets big enough to start rolling and using words. so many thing and I dont have a character limit enough to list them all

Ehehe ;;3;; thank you… Okay for you then I will .. post .. a huge .. list of all - the ACTIVE characters then…

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Tbh I feel more confident about my animating skills because at least I can keep my characters heights and looks consistant

That’s good, at least this mess is giving you self confidence!! Cuz isn’t that part of animation 101? Having Model sheets and character consistency lol.

I can’t animate yet, but all my own characters have set heights and appearances now. It still really confuses me that a professional show is THIS inconsistent.

The thing that I admire about works of fiction about sports is that they have really deep bonds between athletes that are different from romantic feelings. I wanted to write respectfully about that world of theirs that’s totally beyond my reach.

The general outlines for the story were all finished last year, but as I fleshed out the drafts, the characters took on a life of their own much more than I expected, and I got the feeling things were just starting to move where the characters wanted it to go! A phenomenon occurred where the lines between reality and the will of the characters blurred, and when I talked with the director, Yamamoto, about it, we were like, “Well, we’re not drawing the story at this point. This is just what the characters want, so it can’t be helped!” (laughs)


Kubo Mitsurou, in November’s issue of Spoon.2di

Translation by /a/ on 4chan.

She thought she was writing a sports story, but she ended up writing a romance and went with it.

what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.

i really like the advice “write marginalized characters but don’t write about marginalization unless you experience it” 

absolutely i think cis people should expand their horizons and write trans characters, but they shouldn’t write stories about being trans. likewise i think allistic / NT authors should write about autistic characters! but not stories about being autistic. 

represent us. absolutely. but don’t tell our stories. let us do that.

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There's been a lot of solas negativity on my dash lately, so I was wondering if you'd balance it out with some positivity? A few thoughts on his character maybe, whatever you have time for

Here are some very positive canon facts about Solas from the game, pulled from the top of my head. Feel free to add more! 

  • When meeting Mother Giselle in the Hinterlands, Solas can be seen while using the flycam assisting some of the villagers hurt in the mage/templar conflict that occurred there.
  • Solas comforts Cole, Blackwall and Iron Bull with their trauma in their banters. 
  • During a banter with Iron Bull, Solas expresses distaste at killing their enemies and remembers that each individual has a history and family.
  • When finding the dead Inquisition soldiers at the Storm Coast, Solas will say in a regretful voice that their families will need to be informed. 
  • He wonders how Qunari get their shirts on 
  • He is respectful of the idea of the Maker, and admires the idea of a God that doesn’t interfere with its people (Cassandra banter)
  • There is some mythical ambient conversation that I have never gotten from Josephine that involves Solas being unshakably polite after a noble throws a glass of wine at him. 
  • The only time (afaik) he ever directly lies in the game is when he slips after Halamshiral and makes a comment about being at court. If the Inquisitor asks him when the fuck a wandering apostate was in court, he is forced to catch himself and lie, and it results in the only question you ask him that nets you disapproval points. 

My favorite quote from Kubo was what he says near the very end, “this was a happy story. But it certainly could have been a lot happier.”
I just love that. It sums up how he feels about everything, despite the memories he now has and the stories he can share, he still has that grief and sorrow but he isn’t going to let it hold him down.
It also sums up the movie itself, showing that, yes, it’s a story about death, but it’s also just as much about life.
And that’s a quote that I would love to be able to use in one of my own stories; something that can sum up the main character’s thoughts on everything, that can sum up the whole story in a simple line, imply that there’s more to this than you may have previously thought, and I absolutely love that so much. It’s so powerful and perfect.
I love it.

Something the entire Throne of Glass Fandom can agree on

I know there’s a ton of disagreement about a lot of things in the Throne of Glass series, but I think we can all agree that the ToG ladies are the best part about the books, right? They’ve all been through so much and have scars both mentally and physically but they go out everyday and rise up to whatever’s thrown at them. They don’t take orders, they’re the ones giving the orders and they’re always several steps ahead of our ToG boys. I’m just so thankful that Sarah’s written such strong female characters that make me feel like I can go out and conquer my own demons and achieve my goals no matter what they are.

More Sober Reflections

So, I made a post with some immediate, off-the-cuff reactions right after watching. Now, I’ve been discussing this privately with a ream of different people, checking my dash every so often to see what other people are thinking, and mulling things over on my own, and I have some new thoughts. 

I think that one of my biggest issues with this episode is consistency of characterisation. It sounds ridiculous to accuse the men who created this version of these people of writing their own characters out of character, but it feels strongly that way to me. Let’s start with Mary: 

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do you take inspiration from yourself? do parts of ian/donnyboy/jules reflect parts of you? also applies to carl and your other characters (but mostly carl)

ye, mostly ian. i project a lot of my own fears & flaws & insecurities & anxieties & depression onto him (& my other characters to a smaller degree). they are all very personal to me! im real bad at expressing myself socially, i feel muted & fake & shallow. its best to keep everybody else happy & be invisible. therapy was a huge mess lmao. so having my characters around & thinking about them is comforting. i can separate the part of me that feels pain & emptiness & garbage and project it on them. ha ha ha.

(this is why i dont want my mom to find this blog)

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Hello~ Can you share your thoughts about the latest chapter Kuro?

Hello Anon and… I can but… read it at your own risk because /!\ slightly salty soup of feelings ahead /!\ okay?
Sorry in advance for the slightly annoyed tone sometimes. ;_;

So, about the beginning of the chapter:

I already talked about this panel here and here and I don’t have anything else to add for the moment. As for this panel…

(bye bye characters, see you maybe in another arc)

@erebus-cheslock did a great summary of my thoughts here and I’m, like, completely jaded about how convenient it is.

Next about Ciel’s investigation:

Personally it’s not something I was surprised about, but I have to admit it felt good to have something at least a little logical in this chapter. And about this…

Well, lmao, besides the fact that Soma is ten times less blind and naive than they are, this part was also nothing new for me. 

Also about Bravat killing the old Lords, nothing new yet again but from the moment he was already collecting people’s blood to the point of killing them before this chapter, I really am sure it wasn’t supposed to be a big reveal to anyone. 

Next, about Violet’s plan………… ( -_-’)

Besides the fact that I completely share @akumadeenglish‘s feelings about this being an utterly stupid and senseless plan, I also am searching for the entire subplot’s logic ‘cause…

1) Greenhill is the one who invited Ed

but yeah, I mean, okay, maybe Violet gave him the idea, that would wor–

2) But Bravat attracting Lizzie into the Sphere music hall was totally planned in advance because Bravat knew things about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb that he couldn’t have guessed, which means there is a mastermind who isn’t Bravat and who told Bravat about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb.

3) - So if Violet is the reason behind Ed coming to the Sphere music hall… 

- And Ed is the one who brought Lizzie because he had a good time which is how she met Bravat…… 

=> Then somehow that means that the mastermind behind Bravat’s actions had planned that Violet would plan to invite Edward and also that the mastermind bet the whole success of his plan to bring Lizzie into the Sphere music hall on the initial hypothesis that Violet would convince Greenhill to invite Edward (who then would need to have a good time in order to bring Lizzie with him, which would allow her to meet Bravat, leading to her running away from home 3 weeks later).


And I’m sorry but… what? So really, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the current subplot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, let’s say that the mastermind is UT, well, I love him and he’s a good judge of characters, but to say that he could see through Violet that much is going way too far into Nonsensical road lane. :/

4) Violet’s plan sucked anyway since it’s the Queen who ended up introducing Ciel to the Sphere music hall.

Finally about the Shinigamis…

This part kinda saved the chapter to be honest and Othello was funny. 

Once again, nothing new about what was going on with the old Lords, it’s something I and several other bloggers had theorized about when it comes to the blood transfusions being linked to an extended life span.

The mystery remains full about who really is behind Bravat’s blue sect getting such knowledge though…

Because Othello gave again the example of a demon…

But I still think it’s not crazy to imagine that UT could be behind all this so… For now, nothing changes about this part of the subplot.

Lastly about this little scene…

I saw many theories already about how Othello could have known Claudia/Vincent/the twin etc. but… here’s the thing:

  • Othello hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and I’m not sure he sees any humans at all when he’s not in the human world since Shinigamis like Grell only collect souls (and I’m also not sure Othello gets anywhere near those souls).
  • 50 years ago Vincent and the possible twin weren’t born and Claudia was 9 years old, so let’s say Othello met with Claudia 50 years ago, that means he would have somehow remembered her face until now? Why not but… still seemingly a bit far-fetched to me (but at this point, maybe Yana doesn’t care anymore about making sense).

So, Vincent and Claudia aside, logically it could be interesting to consider that there is one other link between Othello and Ciel, because Othello is a Shinigami that hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and… that person is the Undertaker (because he was a Shinigami as well before deserting 50 years ago).

So… maybe this scene could be a hint to the grandpa!UT theory, but then again that would mean that we’re supposed to consider that Ciel looks like Vincent who looked like UT and… not only is it still far-fetched but I know that not everyone agree on this. :/

TL;DR  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are all my thoughts so far in exclusivity for you Anon, keep in mind that they can still change as always.

I hope it answers your question, have a nice day.

Ian and Emotional Suppression or Why Ian Hasn't Said “I Love You”

Most of the Ian posts I’ve been seeing lately are either that Ian is an abusive asshole who doesn’t deserve Mickey or that Ian is a pure cinnamon roll who has never done anything wrong and tearing down Mickey….

But here’s the thing, both of those things are wrong.

I’ve been making a lot of Ian posts lately but the thing is I feel like, this is a character that I loved and he is either being ripped to shreds or people are ignoring his faults. You can love a character with out blanking out or rationalizing all of the shit they have done and without demonizing another character. You can also be sad and pissed off about what happened to Mickey while not making a character into an abusive dick face.

Anyways, one big things on the “Ian is an asshole” side is that he has never said “I love you” to Mickey and I thought I might give my own opinion on the matter.

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I was a little angry at Mary, but then he said "my boys" including Cas and I forgave her ❤ 12x12 has me with my heart in my throat

I think there are a lot of mixed feelings about Mary after this episode. I still love her, and the portrayal of her in the show, because I totally understand what the writers are trying to do with her character. I have decided to use your ask to voice my opinion on the current “Mary debate”. Hope you don’t mind. 12x12 also had me choking on my own heart nonny! I am with you there.

Before this season Mary has always been this fantasy figure of motherly perfection to the boys - specifically Dean. They put her high on a pedestal as a symbol of the life they were robbed of. Not to mention the fact that she was framed as “Mother Mary” the holy mother of Christ prior to this season. She was always this perfect “ideal mother” who could do no wrong. Yes we learned of her back story as a Hunter and how she met John but ultimately the “young Mary” story is still separate from the Mary of the pilot and the Mary in the photograph that pulled Dean back from the brink among other things. She was always framed from Dean’s POV as the perfect mother figure. 

So to bring her back to life, to give a life and story and personality to the original fridged woman who has been sat on a pedestal all these years? Its fucking amazing is what it is. You NEED to tear down that “holier than thou” image of her. Of course she isn’t gonna be what her sons expect. Of course she is gonna struggle to adjust. Of course she is gonna make dodgy choices (because she wouldn’t be a Winchester if she didn’t).  She is FINALLY being portrayed a a real person with flaws and problems and I am lapping it up. Women aren’t fucking perfect. They can be a million different things but never perfect. Perfect is boring. If you’re character is perfect, then they aren’t really a character at all. 

If I was writing the show, I would write her pretty much exactly how they are writing her. I would write her struggle to accept that her babies are grown up, that they are still hunters, that her perfect life that she desired from a young age was robbed from her by the same demon that killed her parents. The only thing that pisses me off about the shows version of Mary isn’t even Mary’s fault, its the stupid fucking format of having to make side characters disappear every couple of episodes because for some reason having them pottering around in the Bunker whilst Sam and Dean work a generic MOTW case isn’t a good enough excuse. 

At the same time I get that she has turned back to hunting for a distraction to her pain. Because she is still a woman mourning the loss of her children. She missed them grow up, she doesn’t get to hold baby Sammy in her arms and kiss Dean on the forehead goodnight anymore. (My mum tells me she misses me all the goddamn time. She misses her little girl like she is mourning me because I am a 30 year old woman living away from home and see her every couple of weeks. My mum still hasn’t quite accepted that I have grown up. But at least she got to experience it.) Mary has been robbed of that. Hell, Sammy was only just 6 months old. She was probably still breast feeding him when she died. Imagine having that ripped away from you?

I wish they explored her pain in more depth, but I get where they are going with it. She has turned to the BMOL because they have given her a promise, to rid the world of the monsters that stole her life from her. They have given her focus, because clearly the shoving your problems down and ignoring them and throwing yourself into work is a genetic Winchester/Campbell Gene. Could she have done more to save Cas? Yes. She could have given up the Colt if it would have saved Cas’s life. It was their only shot, and she chose wrong. I don’t quite forgive her for that but I wanna see where they take her story. She is traumatised by what has happened to her, and not thinking clearly. She is our season 6 Cas parallel as well lets not forget, and in her mind she is doing the right thing. That doesn’t excuse her, but then Cas actively put Sam’s life in danger too… and a lot of people hated him for it at the time (and still do sadly).

Mary did indeed call Cas one of her boys at the end there. I think perhaps by that point the whole situation had sunken in more. She knows how much her sons care for him, how they view him as a brother (and spouse) and after recent events I think she has realised just how important Cas is. She connected with Cas, and also there is probably some residual guilt there from not handing over the Colt at the time.

We just need to see where her story goes. Honestly I see it going the way of 6x20 and beyond. But then again this is supposed to be a re-write of season 6 rather than just a hard copy with different characters. I expect Mary to come to her senses and do what Cas never did in season 6, because I expect that Dean (and Sam) would have learned from that mistake and make an effort to resolve the situation. Communication is a key theme this season so hopefully this will come into play in later episodes. We can only wait and see.

Sakura’s VA: “Our Sakura finally got a happy ending. I am so happy. Thank you sensei.”

Kishimoto: “Yeah, I don’t know for sure if they are really happy. They can seperate and go their own way, I still have not decided yet”

Kishimoto: “Sakura is addicted to Sasuke

Kishimoto: “I’ve deliberately avoided writing down the reason why Sakura came to like Sasuke. That’s because somehow, I had the feeling that it would conversely end up sounding contrived.”

Interviewer: “Who is your favourite character?”

Taniguchi: “It’s Hinata.”

Kishimoto: “You like big-breasted women?”

Kishimoto: “Hinata is the ‘sit-in-the-shadows-and-do-nothing’ kind of heroine.”

Kishimoto: “Sasuke is always in the corner of my mind. Naruto and Sasuke progress as a pair. So when I write about Naruto, I always have to think about Sasuke. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, like yin and yang.”

spot the difference.

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I feel like playboy!Yuuri is as real as cruel!Viktor. As in, Viktor's words were hurtful to Yuuri even though he didn't realize it, and Yuuri's actions have been hurtful to Viktor as well. They both exist in other people's reactions; how Yuuri sees himself isn't the only real version of him.

One of the things I love about writing umfb!Yuuri as it’s such an interesting experiment in writing a character who has absolutely no malicious intentions and is genuinely a good and loving person but through their own biased perspective still manages to become the antagonist in their own story


Hi dear web friend,

I hope everything is alright for you, and that you’ll spend Christmas around the people you love the most :)

About Sam, thanks to my friend Charlotte Hutchinson the backgrounds layouts are almost ready to be painted!! And I am finishing now some character turns :) I am working by my own right now and it’s also nice, I can allow myself to make little “mistakes” and if something isn’t so good - depends what of course - I can just decide to not care about it…but when people are with me on my short-movie, I feel like I owe them a perfect work and it’s a little bit oppressing. I don’t know how the directors I have worked with deal with that. 

In the next months hopefully we will start the animation, I can’t wait!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year :)


Salut chers amis internautes,

J’espère que tout va bien pour vous et que vous fêterez Noël avec les personnes que vous aimez le plus :)

À propos de Sam, grace à mon amie Charlotte Hutchinson les décors au trait sont presque prêt à être mis en couleur!! Et là je finis quelques turns de persos :) Je bosse seule maintenant et c’est bien aussi, parce que du coup je peux m’autoriser quelques petites “erreurs” et si quelque chose n’est pas super beau - bon ça dépend de quoi évidemment - je peux juste dire que c’est pas grave….mais quand il y a d'autres gens qui bossent sur mon court-métrage, j’ai l’impression que je leur dois des images parfaites et c’est un peu oppressant. Je ne sais pas comment ils font, les réals avec qui j’ai bossé. Sont très forts.

Dans les prochains mois normalement on pourra commencer l’anim, j’ai vachement hâte!

Je vous souhaite à tous un super Noël et une très bonne Nouvelle Année :)

i’m just so thankful right now. i’m thankful that i found this amazing show. i’m thankful to everyone that works hard on it. i’m thankful because i needed a show like this in my life, i needed to be distracted from my own everyday life and see characters that are just like me get by despite all the problems they might go through.

for so long i wanted a show with a muslim girl that kicks ass and doesn’t take shit from anyone, a show with girls that have low confidence and/or body issues and get complete support from other girls, a show with guys loving each other and talking about feelings and sending each other hearts via text, a show in which everyone’s bullshit is called out as it should be, a show that doesn’t hyper-sexualize gay couples, a show in which no one is perfect in any way, some are overweight or with acne and none of it is covered and no one is determined by their own imperfections. 

this show is about supporting and loving each other, finding yourself just as it’s about ignorance, teen dramas and losing yourself. it’s a show that talks bout life and i’ve never once in my life felt like this. i’m thankful because now i have something to look forward to each day. i hope you’re just as happy as me because of this show. 

have some winter sasodei