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Boyfriend Series; Vernon/Hansol

- you’re his two-teens
- for your first date, hansol takes you to the arcade
- you both play a bunch of games to get as many tickets as possible so that you can trade them for something cool at the counter
- you both ended up spending the tickets on candies and little gifts for the other members. hansol suggested the latter and it makes you smile seeing how much he loves them all
- before leaving the arcade, hansol wins a stuffed bear from a crane game for you
- you exclaim “thank you, hansol!!” when he hands it to you and you lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek
- but hansol thinks you’re going for his lips, so in a moment of panic, he leans forward and surprises you by kissing you first
- despite the noise, it’s all just perfect, and that is how you both share your first kiss
- you eventually tell him you were going for a kiss on the cheek, and you laugh as you watch his whole face heat up
- you name the stuffed bear hansol because “it looks like him”
- after telling him this, he makes the exact same facial expression as the bear and says “i don’t see it” and you’re just like you fricking meme
- most of your dates are fun and competitive like laser tag, bowling and mini golf
- hansol always says “loser pays for dinner” but let’s be real, he stills pays even if you lost LOL
- “hansol i lost i can pay lol” “oh whoops my card slipped and i accidentally paid for everything”
- you always quote his videos from his pre-debut days and he’s always just so done with you
- “kidney function isn’t a right. it’s a privilege.” “……i am a changed man. can we not bring up the past”
- he gets embarrassed when calling you cute nicknames like babe
- accidentally called you “ice ice baby” once and it became an inside joke between you two so he calls you that when he’s teasing you
- your contact name on his phone is “sweet potato”
- you both have matching BEANIES and you wear it all four seasons
- he loves surprise kisses on the cheek!!! whether it’s giving them or receiving them
- he can’t control his blush when he sees you embarrassed because he finds it too cute how you cover your face with your hands
- you’re always the one who initiates skinship, but when he does…. CHERISH IT
- hand-holding is as far as it goes…… but he does like cuddling, and in those rare moments it happens, he holds you close to his chest while your legs are tangled together
- likes to send you pictures of EVERYTHING from pretty landscapes to ugly blurry pictures of the other members
- the other members like to tease you both when you’re together and hansol just apologizes to you like “sorry about these kids, they’re always like this”
- you both have tons of inside jokes and whenever one of you say one, you both laugh silently while clapping your hands like seals
- tickle fights and he always loses because he’s so ticklish
- you both bake chocolate cakes together and smear icing all over each other’s faces
- loves watching movies with you, whether it’s watching old movies at the dorm or going to the cinema
- you both like to make this huge pillow fort at the dorm and watch movies together inside of it
- the other members always try to butt in, they once all tried to fit inside the fort and it ended up falling apart and hansol gave them all the cold shoulder for two days straight
- he lets you borrow his headphones so that you can listen to his music during long train rides
- he lends you his jacket and/or mittens when it’s cold outside
- he lends you his baseball cap when he sees you keep covering your face with your hand because of the bright sun
- he lends you his clothes because he likes seeing you wear them
- he just lends you a bunch of his things all the time
- likes lying his head on your lap while you play with his hair, finds it comfortable when he wants to take a quick nap
- you’re in love with his sleepy voice, you usually hear these when you see him after a long day or after he wakes up from a nap and you just
- hansol how dare you
- he gets really shy when complimenting you, it’s charming tbh
- he surprisingly gets really jealous and stingy, especially when another member is involved or when he catches someone staring at you
- when it’s one of the members, it’s nothing bigger than a pout or a cold shoulder
- but when it’s a stranger, he doesn’t say a thing but just sticks to your side and gets super protective, like he wants to be with you at all times to keep them away from you
- “don’t go around looking so pretty….” “what” “what”
- your phone backgrounds are always horrid pictures of each other, whether they’re ugly faces or blurry disasters
- but it makes hansol’s day and it makes your day, so neither of you ever want to change it
- hansol’s i love you’s are quick and quiet, and not often said because he fears that if he says it too often, it’ll lose its sincerity
- but you always hear them and when you do, it makes you unbelievably happy because you love him just as much
- “(name)?”
- “yes?”
- “…..iloveyou.”
- “(laughs) i love you too, hansol.”

take this burden - part 6

[ happy accident - saint motel ]

‘You love me but you don’t know it yet’

Upon entering the apartment, Zhengxi and Mo Guan Shan learned that the other two had not followed Zhengxi’s instructions.

‘How’d that go?’ He Tian asked.

Mo Guan Shan dropped his bag of clothes on the couch.

‘Fuck yeah!’ Jian Yi exclaimed enthusiastically.

‘You can change now, I won’t be a dick this time.’ He Tian teased.

Mo Guan looked down at his current outfit with a small smile.

‘I can’t even promise you’ll be getting this shirt back.’ Mo Guan Shan deadpanned.

Jian Yi laughed loudly.

‘Good luck with that.’

He Tian returned his smile.

‘Let’s consider it a loan.’

Jian Yi pulled his phone from his pocket, finding his boyfriend in his recent texts.

‘Should we leave?’

Zhengxi deliberated for a moment.

‘Not yet.’

Jian Yi looked confused, but nodded, dropping his phone on the chair next to him.

Reading the room, Mo Guan Shan knew it was because of the excessive amount of drama he’d single-handedly brought into these people’s lives over the last 18 hours.

He grabbed a beer off the table, grabbing He Tian’s lighter from a few inches away and popped the bottle open.

Always a good party trick.

He Tian laughed.

‘I never could do that.’

‘It’s easy. Come here, I’ll show you

He Tian joined him on the couch, swiping his own bottle from the table.

Mo Guan Shan showed him where to put the edge of the plastic lighter and how to hold the bottle so it wouldn’t slip.

‘It’s a foolproof way to impress the ladies.’ He joked.

Jian Yi leaned back in the chair, putting his feet on Zhengxi’s lap and twisting the cap off his own bottle.

‘Yeah, ladies.’

He Tian glared at him, giving up on his task.

‘It’s ok, He Tian. It’s a valuable skill all around.’ Zhenxi comforted him.

‘Fuck you both.’ He Tian supplied, taking a long drink.

‘Is that what I have to look forward to here?’ Mo Guan Shan inquired.

This time, He Tian did spit out his mouthful of booze.

All over Zhengxi’s jeans.

‘Oh, you fuck.’

Jian Yi made no effort to contain his laughter.

Mo Guan Shan marveled at the chaos he’d caused with a simple joke.

These people were fascinating.

They polished off the case of beer in two hours or so, watching some terrible movie.

Mo Guan Shan had been more than happy to watch them interact, only speaking when asked questions.

He’d never seen three people more comfortable with each other.

‘Wanna see your new room?’ Jian Yi asked after awhile.


He Tian left the apartment last…barefoot.

‘You’re not wearing shoes?’

‘We’re not going far.’

He wasn’t lying.

Zhengxi and Jian Yi lived several doors down.

Mo Guan Shan smiled to himself.

He’d never admit how relieved he was to remain close to the dark haired man.

The apartment was incredibly cluttered compared to He Tian’s, covered floor to ceiling with art and knick knacks.

And a beautifully full bar.

His new room was incredibly small, but lovely.

The walls were painted a light blue, adorned with hand painted seashells.

The large bed sported an excessive amount of decorative pillows and a soft comforter a few shades darker than the walls.

There were shelves of frosted glass vases and more seashells.

There was a light yellow dresser with a large tv and a matching desk.

‘Please excuse the absurdity of this room.’ Zhengxi said as Jian Yi plopped down on the mattress.

‘No, it’s great.’ Mo Guan Shan’s sincerity must have come across in his tone.

Jian Yi beamed.

‘How much is rent?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, slightly worried by his lack of funds and terribly paying job.

‘You have to do all the dishes.’ Zhengxi informed him.’


‘We make plenty to pay the rent.’

‘I can’t accept this for free.’ Mo Guan Shan insisted.

‘Of course you can.’


‘Arguing with Jian Yi is pointless. Trust me.’ He Tian piped up.

Jian Yi looked at Zhengxi.

‘Baby, can you get us some drinks?

Zhengxi turned, grabbing He Tian by the wrist and dragging him from the room and closing the door behind them.

‘Why?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, hating himself for the tears he was fighting back.

Jian Yi thought for a moment.

‘I’ve known He Tian for eight years. I’ve never so much have seen a single person he’s brought home.’


‘I’m serious. That sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear it’s true.’

‘I think I’m missing the point here.’

‘He brought you home. You slept in his bed. He brought Zhengxi and i both into the situation. Of his many, many, shirts you picked his favorite.’

Mo Guan Shan felt himself blush.

‘I still don’t understand.’

‘I don’t think he knows it yet, but he sees something in you. He feels something for you, and I’m quickly understanding why.’

Mo Guan Shan said nothing.

Jian Yi sighed.

‘If he is the unmovable object, I’m thinking you might be the unstoppable force.’

‘Oh, I’m the chosen one?’ He joked.

‘It certainly seems that way.’

The redhead scoffed.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I’ve been waiting for the final piece to this puzzle for eight years. I’m not letting you leave. Not until we see this through.’

‘What if I want to?’

‘Do you?

Mo Guan studied a colorful glass fish on the bedside table.


Jian Yi smiled.

The other men entered the room.

Zhengxi handed Jian Yi an absurd looking, bright pink, drink in a martini glass.

He Tian handed Mo Guan Shan a margarita.

‘I thought you might like this. It’s my favorite… and…’

He Tian looked as confused as Mo Guan Shan felt.

Mo Guan Shan took the drink, taking a sip and failing to repress his smile.


‘Say it.’ Jian Yi prompted quietly.

‘It’s my favorite too.’

(this is ending/chapter is subject to change or deletion. I was feeling unusually cheesy)

Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter4)

So I have a soft spot for Clint/Hawkeye so this little date night was one of my favorite to write. Catch up on the other date nights HERE.
I am loving how many people are rooting for Tony to end up with someone in particular! I love to hear from you guys so drop me a message/ comment/ or hit up my ask box!
I’m trying to tag everyone who wants to be tagged, so hopefully I didn’t miss anybody! Thanks for reading guys!


“What movie is this again?” Tony asked, pushing the seat back so he had more room for his legs.

“The Werewolf Returns 4: Summer Camp.” Clint said gleefully over a mouthful of popcorn and Tony groaned.

“Easily one of the worst movies in the world. Why they ever made four of them–”

“Because it’s at a summer camp and all the girls wear white tank tops while they splash around.” Clint answered, rolling his eyes. “Come on, Tony, you know that’s the only reason guys watch horror movies.”

“Well you’re not lying about that.” Tony dropped his head back on the head rest. “I just… when you said a movie I thought you meant–”

“What? Like an independent film where we all feel bad about ourselves for not caring about penguins? No thanks. This will be a good distraction for you, because honestly I feel like you need a break.”

Tony turned in his seat and stared at the archer. “Wait, this whole movie idea is because you think I’m stressed out?”

“You’ve got a lot going on, Tony.” Clint looked at him just long enough to hand him some licorice. “Just in your day to day life anyway. You think nobody notices how much effort it takes you to get through a day, to make sure everything’s running the way it should, how much effort it takes to deal with the politicians and reporters and all the crap that comes with housing a group of super heroes. But I do, Tony. I mean, we all do, but I think maybe I see it more than others.”

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Hold On - Steve x Reader

Plot: Steve is severely injured during a mission. The reader helps him and must deal with the possibility that he may not make it, all while memories are revealed of the intricate past she shares with Steve.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 5684
Warnings: LOTS of angst. I am so sorry in advance.
Author’s Note: HUGE shoutout to my wonderful friend and beta, @lowercasedorito. She’s amazing, was super helpful especially with the ending, and this wouldn’t have been possible without her. 

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Present Day

“We got it, let’s get out of here!” you scream through the coms as you and Natasha sprint down the hall of the Hydra base. Your heart is beating as fast as it can, keeping you alert while debris flies around you. Explosions are going off, forcing you to take the longer route back to safety. You clasp the new intel you two managed to steal, guarding it with your life.

The team was trickling in and waiting by the open door of the quinjet. You had a half a mile at least before you were in the clear. You heard gunshots being fired left and right, but you gave it your all to make it back in one piece. The information in your hands concerns a new prototype for weapons of mass destruction, similar to the helicarriers back in DC, and you’ll be damned if you let anything happen to it before you let anything happen to yourself. Hydra needs to be stopped - and you’ll do anything it takes.

You and Nat are close, and you know the rest of the team will back you up to get you to safety. You reach the jet without any issue, finally allowing yourself to release the tension that’s been building up. Gunshots and blasts are one thing, but being stealthy is another. You have to constantly be on your toes and watch for what’s coming next.

The quinjet seems calm, which is unusual, given all the activity going on around you. Everyone makes their way inside once you assure them that you have everything you came for and are ready to go. You place the intel you managed to steal in a safe place before turning around and instructing Clint to get the jet out of here. Once the doors are shut and Clint is nearly ready to take off, you look back to the team and notice someone is missing.

“Guys, where the hell is Steve?”

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redhothollyberries  asked:

I took my sweet time thinking about which prompt to ask for because I WANT THEM ALL. So, Number 22 for MadaTobi, pwease? :3

Also for @kitsunesongs​. (I have severe trouble keeping these to drabble length.) It inspired interesting thoughts about what counts as “lies” in language.

22: the one where it’s impossible to lie to your soulmate.

(AO3 link)

(They’re never going to live it down.)


“You are a jerk!” Madara spits out, chubby cheeks flushed and short hair bristling as he points accusingly back at the white-haired boy even as his exasperated mother hauls him away from elementary school, Izuna squirming under her other arm.

Tobirama just sniffs, ignoring Hashirama’s hurt puppy-dog eyes. “Yell louder: I don’t think they heard your whining in Kumo.”

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“then what do you suggest?” Ziam please ~LA

Hi, Little Angel!!! 

Well, I combined this prompt with #2 from this post that @you-wont-zee-me-coming requested I write all of them. 

Hope you both enjoy this - it got a bit away from me, so there is a “read more”. It’s also crossposted to ao3.


Zayn moved through the flat to drop the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. He grabbed the DVD folder, thumbing through until he found The Avengers. He slid it into the player at the same time his flatmate, Louis, let himself in. He felt Louis’ eyes on his back as he stood in front of the player.

“Movie night with Payno?” Louis asked, his voice careful. Zayn nodded. “Still broken up?” Zayn nodded again. “You do realize how fucked up this situation is, yeah?”

Zayn sighed. “Don’t start with me,” he said as he moved past Louis into the kitchen.

“You guys broke up a month ago, and, if I hadn’t held your crying arse in my arms for three days, I wouldn’t even know!” Louis snapped. “You still have weekly movie nights. He picks you up for classes. He even walked you home from work the other night!”

Zayn grasped the edge of the counter, his chin dropping to his chest as his friend shouted everything that he’d already thought himself. “I know, Lou. I know all of that,” he admitted quietly when Louis’ rant ended. “Nothing’s changed except for the way he feels about me!”

“Then do something about it!” Lou sighed, stepping up behind Zayn to wrap his arms around his waist, resting his head on his shoulder. “You can’t keep doing this, mate. It’s killing me to see you hurting so badly after he leaves without a kiss goodbye. Something has to change.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Zayn inquired, voice tired, tears heavy in his eyes as he turned to face his friend. “Tell him to never speak to me again? I can’t do that. Those three days he didn’t talk to me nearly killed me.”

The breakup had come out of nowhere. Liam had sat Zayn down, telling him that he just wasn’t happy anymore. He’d said he was afraid if he didn’t end things then, they’d end up hating each other. Zayn knew he could never hate Liam, but he’d come pretty close those three days that he’d cried in Louis’ arms, refusing to leave his room.

Then one afternoon, Liam had shown up at the flat, letting himself in with the key he still had. He’d walked into Zayn’s room, finding him staring at the ceiling. “I think we should still be friends. I really miss my friend,” Liam had admitted, settling himself on the floor next to the bed. Zayn had agreed, thinking that being friends with Liam was better than not being in his life at all.

Now, he felt that was the best and worst decision he could have made. He loved being able to spend time with Liam, but he was constantly stopping himself from hugging him for too long or kissing his cheek or even just letting his head rest on his shoulder while watching a movie. He was always super tense by the time Liam left, would end up crying to Louis again. So, he understood his friend’s anger.

“Tell him the truth. You know it would kill Liam to know he was causing you any pain,” Louis said, opening the refrigerator and pulling out two beers. He twisted off the caps, handing one to Zayn. They headed into the living room, settling on the sofa.

“If he was so concerned about hurting me, he wouldn’t have broken up with me in the first place,” Zayn argued, taking a long pull from the bottle. “Besides, if I tell him, he’ll just stop coming around, and I’ll end up missing him.”

Louis looked sadder for a moment as he sat the beer down. “If he stops coming around, maybe you’ll be able to get over him.” Louis was uncharacteristically solemn as he spoke, making Zayn feel even worse.

“Maybe I don’t want to get over him,” Zayn muttered, pulling his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around his knees.

“Well, it won’t matter much after next week,” Louis teased. “Ditching us all to travel across the pond for grand adventures.”

Zayn snorted. “You make it sound far more extravagant than it really is, mate.” Zayn had accepted an internship with a publishing company in New York. It would last a year, and he’d be leaving in ten days. To think, he’d almost turned the offer down, but after Liam broke up with him, he saw no reason not to get as far away from England as possible.

“Hey, you’re getting out of here; to me, it’s an adventure!” Louis told him, nudging him when the door opened behind him. “You know, Payno, you’re going to have to return that key when Zayn moves out!” he shouted over his shoulder as Liam made his way into the room.

“You’re moving out?” Liam asked, his face an eerily unreadable mask.

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LEGACY POST (On Hufflepuff Secondaries)

Most updated version of this post HERE

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves… And then, in that very moment when I love them… I destroy them.”

-Ender Wiggin, explaining why Puff Secondaries can be frakkin’ terrifying

The thing about Hufflepuff Secondaries is that they really mean it.

They’re not often as direct as Gryffindors, as precise as Ravenclaws, or as adaptable as Slytherins, but there is a stunning genuineness to Hufflepuff Secondaries. Where a Gryffindor has an outward-facing self, a Hufflepuff is open and straightforward with how they care.

Like all the secondaries, the Hufflepuff secondary can be co-morbid with any of the primaries: A Slytherin Primary whose favorite game is kindness, A Hufflepuff Primary whose drive to service and community informs not just why they act but how. A Ravenclaw Primary who has constructed Hufflepuff’s system of caretaking and support. A Gryffindor Primary with an intuitive grasp of the inherent value of every individual life.

At their worst, Hufflepuff Secondaries are bitter and passive aggressive doormats, or self-destructive caretakers who neglect their own needs to disastrous ends. At their best, they don’t merely bring comfort, light and warmth to the world, but build thriving, supportive communities that can accomplish amazing things.

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